Messenger-Inquirer from Owensboro, Kentucky on April 18, 2001 · 18
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Messenger-Inquirer from Owensboro, Kentucky · 18

Owensboro, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 2001
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4C Television MESSENGER-INQUIRER, Wednesday, April 18. 2001 NIELSEN RATINGS Associated Press Prime-time ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research for April 8-14. Top 20 listings include the week's ranking, with rating for the week and season-to-date rankings in parentheses. An "X" in parentheses denotes a one-time-only presentation. The rating is the percentage of the nation's estimated 100.8 million TV homes. Each ratings point represents 1,008,000 households. 1. (1) "Survivor II," CBS, 16.2 2. (13) "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," CBS, 14.8 3. (4) "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Tuesday," ABC, 13.6 4. (5) "Everybody Loves Raymond," CBS, 12.5 5. (X) "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," CBS, 12.3 6. (16) "Becker," CBS, 10.8 6. (9) "Law and Order," NBC, 10.8 8. (X) "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Sunday," ABC, 10.5 8. (10) "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Thursday," ABC, 10.5 10. (23) "Judging Amy," CBS, 10.1 1 1. (15) "60 Minutes," CBS, 9.6 12. (25) "NYPD Blue," ABC, 9.5 12. (X) "The Practice," ABC, 9.5 12. (12) "The West Wing," NBC, 9.5 15. (29) "King of Queens," CBS, 9.4 1 5. (1 8) "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Friday," ABC, 9.4 17. (30) "Yes, Dear," CBS, 9.3 18. (41) "2020-Friday," ABC, 8.8 19. (23) "Touched by an Angel," CBS, 8.7 20. (38) "60 Minutes II," CBS, 8.5 20. (41) "Dharma & Greg," ABC, 8.5 20. (27) "JAG," CBS, 8.5 23. "CBS Sunday Movie: Deep Impact," CBS, 8.3 23. "My Wife & Kids," ABC, 8.3 25. "The District," CBS, 8.2 26. "Friends," NBC, 8.0 27. "The Drew Carey Show," ABC, 7.9 27. "Family Law," CBS, 7.9 29. "Law and Order Special victims Unit," NBC, 7.8 29. "Primetime Thursday," ABC, 7.8 31 . (X) "Boot Camp," Fox, 7.6 31. "What About Joan," ABC, 7.6 Wednesday Prime Time P.M. Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer -5 Mr!iT"C riEci.r-s I EMiTH 1 WTVW O 7 iHewiiCC) j Friends A That 70s Show jBramdrt-tite jBoot Camp ;N) A ?(CC) iNmiGC) IHirty tfitlitli jAndy Sriffitli jStar Tret: Veyager Tuvix A ij WHIN Bj 9 iHctiwHactKMi Action toctiott Continiiw Slandarf-TV World New Charlie Host A (CC) WFIE 04 ewi (CC) Wheel-fortune j West Wing A ftllCC) Law t Order Whiplash (N) A ffl Weakest Link A ft (CC) Mews (CC) Tonight Show (10:35) N) ffi (CC) lute Night gj WAZE CJ;i3;Sabriea-Witcli Soddeenj Susan Dawson's Creek (N) A ff'CC) Felicity Girlfinht (N) A (CC) Street Smarts Change at Heart Star Tret: Voyager (N) (CC) Jenny Jones (N) A (CC) WEHT 6311 News Seinfeld MyWiMids jH) Wile-Kias Drew Carer ttl The JoTtN) iff Once and gai :N) ff(CC) News iDrew Carey (CC) wightlirte (11:05) Spi City (11:36) WEVV tD;10 wCC) fwHTH ff! Best Friends Movie: Fallen iR. '97) (Denzel Washington, John Goodman) A (CC) News (CC) Late Show (10:35) A IS ICC) ute late Show WKOH ID 1 2 Mewsrww With Ji Lehrer CCi I Mark Russell Icornersations With 6reqory Peck lArwrlcanHighiNI A ffiTO Worldews (People Count l0flir) VVZTV U7JI ;Frasler A iSemleld I That 70s Show 6roonded-liH Boot Camp (N) A ff (CC) INews ISpin City ffl 3rd Rock-Sun Spin City ffl Suddenly Susan WDRB gf) 70 Soil City ftj SeinteW That 70s Show IGrounded-Ule Boot Camp (N) A (CC) News ; Friends A Kg M'H'S'H 1-3 Cheers A (CC) Arrest t Trial WTSMTm Tjstar Trek: Deep Space Nine iCC) Candid Camera's SOtti Touched try an ngel Iff (CC) Diagnosis Murder A (CC) Arrest 1 Trial Cost, Show A Paid Program raid Program AMC 34 Hollywood Lira j Three Stooges Morie: Battle irl the Bulge ('65) (Henry Fonda, Robert Shaw) Movie: Brantl Theft Auto (9:35) Horrors of Hie Black Museum A&E 33Ut Order Life Choice 3 Biography: Carol Burnett: laugh American Justice Deadly Magnolia investigative Reports (N) ffl Law i Order Confession (CC) Biography: Carol Burnett: laugh BET; 45 106 1 Park Count Oh Drama! Comicview BET live BET News BET Tonight " Midnight Love CNBC 26 Business Center .5 30) (CC) Hardball Rivera Live News With Brian Williams (CC) Hardball Rivera Live CNN 17 Moneyline Nws CrosstiriiN) WoHBIiber The Point (CC) Larry Hing Live (Live Phone-in) CNN Tonight I Spin Boom (CC Sports Tonight I Money line Larry King Live COMEDY 42 ; Daily Show (CC) Stein's Money-Movie: Major League (Tom Berenggr. Charlie Sheen) South Park (CC) That's My Bush! Daily Show (CC) stein's Money Man Snow ffl South Park (CC) DISC 567wHd0iscoery Polar Bears FBI Files Iff FBI Files Unabomfaer !H teadline Discovery (N) justice Files Serial Killers FBI Files Iff DISNEY 21 Movie: Hounded (TahMowry, Craig Kirkwood) Movie: Up, Up and Away (7:40) ('00) (CC) Movie: Breaking Free (9:1 5) (Jeremy London, Nicolas Surovy) IZorro A (CC) MickeyMouse ESPN 5 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Eastern Conference Quarter Game 4 - Capitals at Penguins Major League Baseball Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners. From Safeco Field in Seattle. (Live) (CC) ESPN2 30 NFL Might iN) 5tanley Cup Playotts Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Game 4 - New Jersey Devils at Carolina Hurricanes. Stanley Cup Playoffs: Western Conference Quarter. Game 4 - Red Wings at Kings ESPNCL 18 We wl Kentucky Sportscentnry: John Elway (CC) (1990 Cotton Bowl Arkansas vs. Tennessee. Sportscentury: John Elway (CC) Sportscentury: Jim Brown (CC) FAMILY 60 Step by Step A Step by Step A Movie: Never Say Never Again (PG, '83) (Sean Connery. Klaus Maria Brandauer) A 700 Club (CC) Who's Boss? Who's Boss? FOOD 20, Cooking live Enter!! Live Ni Good Eats (N) Best Of Crass Country Cooking (N) Emeril Live Good Eats Best 01 FOX NEWS 14;Fo Report ,N)(CC) O'Reilly Factor (N) (CC) Hannity t Colmes IN) (CC) Edge (N) (CC) O'Reilly Factor (N) (CC) Special Report FX 61NYP0Blue A ffi(CC) M'A'S'H Iff IM'A'S'H Iff Married... With Married... Witt Worlds Sexiest Commercials When Animals Attack Kg (CC) Son of-Beach X-Files A iff GOLF 59 Soil Academy ifiolf Central N) Golf Academy Live (Live Phone-In) Viewer's Forum (Live Phone-In) Hal Sutton Golf Central Coll Academy Live Viewer's Forum HGTV 50 ; This Old House j Before 1 After Appraise It! A Appraisal fair Treasure Makrs Small Space Lighthouses A Appraise It! A I Appraisal Fair Treasure Makrs Small Space HIST0RY 49 Black Sheep Squadron (CC) Circus Freaks and Sideshows Hooked: Illegal Drugs More Engineering Disasters ffi Big House ff(CC) Circus Freaks and Sideshows LIFETIME, 27jlntimate Portrait Margot Kidder A Unsolved Mysteries A Movie: In the Deep Woods ('92) (CC) Golden Girls A Golden Girls A Design. Women Design. Women MSNBC 40Newsfront(CCl MSNBC Investigates News With Brian Williams (CC) Headlines t Legends Drew Carey MSNBC Investigates News With Brian Williams (CC) NICK 43 1 Hey Arnold! ?j Rugrats HiCC) Thomberrys Brady Bunch A Diff'rent Strokes Facts of Life A 3's Company Company II in the Family All in the Family Jeflersons (CC) Jeffersons (CC) ODTL 1 5 Hunting-Hank Day-Sportsman Men's Journal Presents Spirit ill Adventure Siberian rivers, irailside: Adv. Tn the Edge (N) Men's Journal Presents Spirit of Adventure Siberian rivers. SCI-FI 41 j Babylon 5 A Distant Star A ffi Crusade A S3.CC) Movie: Hellraiser (Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgms) Crossing Over Crossing Over Quantum leap A (CC) SPE ED 1 6, Sport Aviation Motor Trend Muscle Car Dream Car Ship Shape Powerboat Show Boats and Places (N) Sport Aviation legends-Air Planes of Fame 5R-71 Blackbird TBS 22 Fresh Prince j Fresh Prince Ripley's Believe It or Not! Movie: Uncommon Valor (Gene Hackman. Robert Stack) Ripley's Believe It or Not! Movie: Uncommon Valor TLC 57, Beware! Bad Drivers Monster Machines: Miners Robotica (N) (CC) Robotica (N) (CC) Monster Machines: Miners fP Robotica (CC) TNN 32; Miami Vice Red Tape A Martial Law Breakout (CC) Movie: Power 98 'MEric Roberts, Jason Gednck) (CC) Magnificent Seven A (CC) Miami Vice Red Tape A TNT 23:Pretender End Game A gjiCC) NBA Basketball Miami Heat al Orlando Magic. (Live) A (CC) NBA Basketball Utah Jaa at Phoenix Suns. From the America West Arena in Phoenix. JOON-DIS 196001 Troop TaleSplnA Lv Hercules A KlAladdin KI(CC) Timon-Pumbaa Bonkers ffi Darkwing Duck Gargoyles Mighty Ducks Adv. of Sonic Gadget Bow Blazing Dragons TVLAND 47 1 Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Emergency! Daisy's Pick M.T.Moore Dick Van Dyke Get Smart Barney Miller Hogan's Heroes Baretta USA 24JAG True Calling A (CC) Nash Bridges Hardball ff(CC) Movie: No Code of Conduct (Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen) (CC) Martin A IH Martin A Iff Bay watch Mirror, Mirror IS (CC) WE 48;Romance on the Orient Eipress Cool Women Great Romances Movie: Where Angels Fear te Tread (PG, 91) Movie: Strapless (R, '89) (Blair Brown, Bruno Ganz) WGN 1 46 'Family Matters I Suddenly Susan iMovie: Crossing trie Bridge (Josh Charles Jason fatnen I News A fCCI in the Heat of the Night A (CO Matlock The Fortune (CC) , , i i HBO 1 38 .Movie: Where the Heart Is (Natalie Portman. Ashley Judd)CC) Sei and the City Arliss tffliCC) Sopranos He Is Risen Iffit (CC) I On the Record (N) (CC) Question ot Miracles MAX 39;Ghost-Machine Movie: Anna and the King (PG-13, '99) i (Jodie Foster, Chow Vun-Fat) A Movie: Proximity (James Coburn, Rob Lowe) (CC) Movie: Secret Needs (Erin Marie, Lisa Comshaw) SHOW 37;Movie: Undercovef Blues (515) Movie: Foolish wf s (Eddie Griffin, Master P) Extras-Croc Soul Food ffl Resurrection Blvd. (9:45) (CC) Movie: The Collectors (10:45) a (CC) TMC 67Movle: Who Killed Atlanta's Children? (James Beiushi, Gregory Htnes) Movie: The Limey (R, '99) A (CC) I Movie: eXistenZ ( R, 99) A (CC ) Movle: Ned Kelly (11:10) 33. "E.FL," NBC, 7.4 34. "Frasier," NBC, 7.3 35. (X) "Will & Grace," NBC, 7.2 36. "My Wife & Kids," ABC, 6.9 37. "Dateline NBC-TUesday," NBC, 6.7 37. "The Job," ABC, 6.7 37. "The Simpsons," Fox, 6.7 40. "ABC Monday Night Movie: Final Jeopardy," ABC, 6.5 41. "Malcolm in the Middle," Fox, 6.3 42. "Nash Bridges," CBS, 6.2 42. "Three Sisters," NBC, 6.2 44. (X) "Law and Order," NBC, 6.1 44. "Once and Again," ABC, 6.1 44. "Third Watch," NBC, 6.1 47. "Dateline NBC-Friday," NBC, 6.0 47. "Dateline NBC-Monday," NBC, 6.0 49. "America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back," Fox, 5.9 49. "Ed," NBC, 5.9 49. "Titus," Fox, 5.9 49. "Walker, Texas Ranger," CBS, 5.9 53. "Gideon's Crossing," ABC, 5.8 54. "CBS Wednesday Movie: "Jesus, part 2," CBS, 5.7 54. "Kate Brasher," CBS, 5.7 56. (X) "The Simpsons," Fox, 5.6 57. (X) "Becker," CBS, 5.5 57. "That '70s Show," Fox, 5.5 59. "Diagnosis Murder," CBS, 5.4 60. "Boston Public," Fox, 5.2 60. "Cops 2: SeattleTacoma," Fox, 5.2 62. "The Fighting Fitzgeralds," NBC, 5.1 62. (X) "Malcolm in the Middle," Fox, 5.1 64. "Ally McBeal," Fox, 5.0 65. "Providence," NBC, 4.8 65. "Some of My Best Friends," CBS, 4.8 67. "DAG," NBC, 4.6 67. (X) "Dateline NBC-Sunday," NBC, 4.6 69. (X) "7th Annual Blockbuster Awards," Fox, 4.5 70. "The Fugitive," CBS, 4.4 70. "Police Videos," Fox, 4.4 72. "King of the Hill," Fox, 4.2 73. "Cops: SeattleTacoma," Fox, 4.1 74. (X) "NBC Sunday Night Movie: Mary, Mother of Jesus," NBC, 4.0 75. "Lone Gunmen," Fox, 3.9 75. "Whose Line Is it Anyway?," ABC, 3.9 77. "World Wrestling Federation Smackdown!," UPN, 3.7 78. "Futurama," Fox, 3.5 78. "Making the Band," ABC, 3.5 78. "Making the Band," ABC, 3.5 81. "Whose Line is It Anyway?," ABC, 3.4 82. (X) "Miracle Maker," ABC, 3.1 83. "7th Heaven," WB, 3.0 83. "Star Trek: Voyager," UPN, 3.0 85. "Fox Thursday Night Movie: High School High," Fox, 2.8 86. "Dawson's Creek," WB, 2.5 87. "ABC Saturday Night Movie: William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet," ABC, 2.3 87. "Charmed," WB, 2.3 89. "Gilmore Girls-Monday," WB, 2.2 89. "Special Unit 2," UPN, 2.2 91. "The Hughleys," UPN, 2.0 91. "UPN's Movie Tuesday: Interview with The Vampire," UPN, 2.0 93. "Jack& Jill," WB, 1.9 93. "The Parkers," UPN, 1.9 93. "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," WB, 1.9 96. "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" WB, 1.8 96. "Girlfriends," UPN, 1 .8 96. "NBC XFL Football: San Francisco at Orlando," NBC, 1.8 96. "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 2,"WB,1.8 96. "The Steve Harvey Show," WB, 1.8 101. "Gilmore Girls," WB, 1.7 101."Moesha," UPN, 1.7 1 01 . "The Oblongs," WB, 1 .7 1 04. "For Your Love," WB, 1 .6 105. "Angel," WB.1.5 105. "Popular," WB, 1.5 107. (X) "Diagnosis Murder," Pax, 1.4 1 07. "Doc-Encore," Pax, 1 .4 107. (X) "Doc," Pax, 1.4 107."Nikki," WB, 1.4 111. "Diagnosis Murder-Tuesday," Pax, 1.3 111. "Diagnosis Murder-Wednesday," Pax, 1.3 111. "The Jamie Foxx Show," WB, 1.3 111."ThePJs,"WB, 1.3 115. "Diagnosis Murder-Monday," Pax, 1.2 115. "Diagnosis Murder-Thursday," Pax, 1.2 115. (X) "The Hughleys," UPN, 1.2 118. "Candid Camera 2," Pax, 1.1 118. "Gary & Mike," UPN, 1.1 120. (X) "Gary & Mike," UPN, 1.0 120. (X) "The Parkers," UPN, 1 .0 120. "Touched by an Angel-Monday," Pax, 1.0 1 20. "Touched by an Angel-Wednesday," Pax, 1.0 i i ( V ) V Jvr I I ! i t ' , i ( r . I I I j El :mmm' i J f 1 ' , , i v . i i i i i I I IjUuLJ fe,,..:'p g TT T I t t I I I III .1. , v v ; t i vh. 1 i fa. i if 1 f md Waily Mains, Florence $22,500 v . i M ,S : Roger Morkum, Louisville $2,500 ( 4 4i -rrmnri Phyllis Vincent, Greenville $2,000 Rebecca Royse, Paris $1,000 Judy Nethery, Paducoh $1,000 KENTUCKY LOTTERY, For more Information go to: WDKA-TV SATURDAYS ftT 6:00 m ct WKAG TV-43 Saturdays at yo n WQTV SATURDAYS AT 11:30 unci WEW-TV SUNDAYS AT 11:30 mi ct - 7-- i 5ivc-iuvc off ,4 ".- nmmmm L ,FT. 70 Off T7 .tinJ.: Regular Retail On Select Groups of Flowers-Frames Pre-Made Arrangements Framed Art Pillows & Cushions & Dinnerware f ...unmatched savings on selected items and 7 . n. MWOn fw Regular Retail Furnitum WW Furniture 3-wick6x5&j Scented ( COUPON-COUPON-COUPON-COUPON i 40 Off Any 1 Item 1 I RCUlST RCt2ll 1101 ust' M 1'rcal'' l''scollntei' merchandise. Coupon excludes: premade florals, greenery arrangements, departmental custom 1 orders, any silk trees or framed art under $50.00. One coupon per purchase per 1 I customer and coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Expires 42101 i 8 inch varieties ... Lush ereen additions to ' your decor Outdoor! ry. rvv not .'Sirjncluded V 1 a " White-wash y . Lt. Almond or White V. IHtXf I "7 a. II lFlVi11 ;.;i ' v Save '250!! f ffllWIMM r RreMWfif i rour nana nenr cnairs, pained seats I I with gold ivory finish and beveled Ik t alass ubletop mm Tisssnltendsil Unique Home Decor Sale Ends Saturday, April t-m old Orchard Shopping Or.. Henderson, KY - 270-830-9335 Mon-Sat 9am-6pm Sun Noon-6pm 1555 Campbell Lane, Howling Oreen, KY - 270-796-6971 Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Sun Noon-6pm km - Sales Eicluded While Supplies Last QiuwUieslSelection May Vary at Store Locations H t Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities

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