Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1960 · Page 29
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 29

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1960
Page 29
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9/J960. THE GOLDEN YEARS THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT KRESS, 10GANSPORT, INDIANA How To Fix Things To Retire At 60 By THOMAS COLLINS Retirement at age 65, as you-have probably figured out. by now, is'not something thaf was. designed by," or for,.the 65-year-old people. . ..',.You could shut your-eyes and p.ick"almost'-''any other age,. . . and set up.a happier retirerrient time. Age 65,'is. a little too late for most-people to'start again! and a little too-soon J to stop. '.Mr. Arthur Williamson is going to do^ something about this. Not for you or for me. But for Mr. Williamson. .. ..-•.' • ' -.' .. •;'"•'" . .."-I am:'5¥.-M'y wife is> 57. We are both reasonably healthy. :And so'help me, I'll not let them, wring-me out until I'm 65; then give, me a" wa,tch and the air. 1 . ; . That is., his conviction. And'here is how he wi carry, it'out: ' .. ''''»'•' _ "On.my 60th birthday," he "says,, 'i am going t quit the company I have served for ,26 years. At tha time I can draw a bobtailed pension of $104'a merit for life. With .this $104 and ' ' '"" ' some sharp ^ f'guring my wife and I-,can have financial security Mr,.-:and Mrs.' Williamson own a good 'house,-, and think they can net ?16,00fl' if' they sell it. They have $7,200 in a savings account. Mr. Williamson, has $10,000 in life insurance that he can convert ,to paid-up insurance at age 60, with a cash value of about $4,-000 "WE ARE GOING to sell our house," .Mr. Williamson -says, "and buy a-$4,000 used • trailer, either in the 'Arizona-California area or in Florida. This will leave iis.S12.000 out of the house money. "We'll spend -this $12,000, in equal installments, over the five years until my Social Security starts. This .will average out to about $2,400 a year or $200 a and. savings,"' say§ Mr,. William son. "The $10,000 insurance, plus ti $7,200. savings, and accumulate interest, plus the interest acc'um lated on the house money, -shou give my widow at least $19,00 If she spent this at:the rate $100 a month—which is about a she'd need in addition to her $ Social Security and the trailer the S1S.OOO should -carry, her ft about 16 years. And this' doesn count-the interest, she would'1> getting each yefer on the unusf portion of the $19,000 .i. . "IF I DIED" at 66,' my wi would be 64. If she can have th kind of security for 16 years, o until age 80, we are .both willin to -gamble on it. After all, 'this more than 20 years down the roa month. The $200 added to my bob- from now.' Surely Social Securil tailed pension will give, us $304 a! and medical care for the aged wi month. In a t>aid-im trailpr in a be more crpnprnm: " month. In a paid-up trailer in a warm" climate we'll have security ..." Mr. Williamson plans to put the $12,000 in an insured savings am loan, association where he can gel 4 l /2 per- cent interest. He'll take out $1,200 every six months anc i leave the rest to draw interest. He'll let the interest accumulate and add it to his $7.200 savings. "WHEN I EEACH 65," Mr. Williamson continues, "the house money will be gone; but Social Security of maybe $100 .for me and maybe $30-for my wife will begin. '(Five years of idleness can cut down his benefits.) My pension will still be paying, so w'e'll have $234 a month." If Mr. Williamson should die at, say age 66, his wife will be left with only-her Social Security of $7? or so a month '(three- fourths of her husband's benefit). His pension won't cany over to his wife. "We've decided to handle that situation with the insurance be more generous . . . Mr./.Williamson concedes that h has not covered all bases in h plan to retire at 60. The seconu hand .trailer Will wear out afte a while, even if he parks it to keeps. There will constantly b the peril of disastrous medica bills for one or the other. "We have some fat in our bin get," Mr. Williamson explains "Also, there's a good chance tha the government .in a couple o years will have disaster medica insurance for older folks. An finally, you've got to have a littl courage in these matters . . '. Mr. Williamson, by retiring a 60, _ will be in search of somethin sweeter than a business career which he admits is a pretty goo< one . . .a position in the auditin c department 'of a large, good com pany. He'll kick a few tin cans smile at some pretty girls, walk £ few curbstones. "At 60," he says "I'll still be young enough tt care." He'll also explore the pos Everyone's talking about the NEW ACRILAN CARPET FROM THE LOOMS OF MOHAWK MOW! SEE FOR YOURSELF! LOOKS BETTER... Wears longer... . resilient longer wear care for Moth,Mildew Proof Breathtaking beauty in carpeting •:—plus outstanding -value! New random-sheared Marina, . . . by Mohawk. Right for any room . . . moderator period . ; . with rich, deep pile of ACRII.AN® ACRYLIC and MODACRY1IC. Resil ient, long wearing: And wonderfully easy to" care for. Stunning colors; -12':ahd 15' broadloom widths if.,, for custom- tailored room size rugs or ultra- smart .wall-to-wall installation. Now ; . . so easy to own on our convenient terms. ' ®H. 0 i,l.r«i Ch.milrand T.H. NOW! WAIL-TO-WALL OR ROOM SIZE RUGS as little a* Market At Fifth sibilitybf: setting up'in'the retirement, country wherej he's going an income ; tax service .for retiree folks.;, ... : 'Tin-of the opinion,'! says Mr. Williamson, "that there's some better purpose to Me-ffian"^ to 5. -rm'prepared to"swap''a;'good income 'for a •modest • one. to- hunt it. • "You, have just 'one life, don'l you? . ...":. . '. ' ! Tor a copy*ot_the ;new Golden Years ^booklet by Thomas Collins; send 35, cents ur-coin.--'(no stamps) to Pharos-Tribune a'nd Press, Bok 1672, Grand'Central Station, New York 17, N.Y. • ' JkeOnTY With Ladies WASHINGTON; (AP)-^President Eisenhower will sit dpwn for 'a half-hour nationwide telfevisjon discussion . Monday night .with 10 women volunteer workers for the NixomLodge ticket: • j. The women, all of whom have been • active volunteers in campaigns in 10 states, will ask the President questions on foreign and. domestic issues of concern in their home areas. ' ' - -' •'. Sponsored by the Volunteers for Nixon-Lodge, the, half-hour program will originate in Washington and be carried over the National Broadcasting Co. network (7:30 p.m. CDT). Volunteers for Nixon-Lodge is described as an independent campaign organization which cuts across party -lines to enlist Democrats and independents as well as Republicans in support of -Republican candidates Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge. Its national chairman, Charles Rhyne, announced the program Friday. The worsen participating come From Indiana, Illinois, California, North Carolina, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, West Virgin- 'a, Oklahoma and Virginia. PAGE FIVE Need Buildings At Hoosier Colleges BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) Hoosier colleges and universities should spend J372 million dollars on- new buildings in the next 12 years, the Indiana Conference b: Higher Education,said Friday. The group, comprised of Indi ana's 33 colleges ind Universities predicted enrollment by 1972 wil hit 149,000 students ;_ .comparec with 83,000 reported last year. At least 50 per cent of Hoosier colleges' are paying instructors less than public school teacher; earn in the larger cities, the con ference asserted. DDES IN FIRE VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) Smoking in bed was blamed for the Friday night death of William Blaese, 58. Firemen found hi body on the floor of his burned-out bedroom, a cigarette stub still clutched in his hand. MEN PAST 40 GIVEN NEW HOPE MIAMI, FLA. Oct. 8-(Special) . . . Prostate Victims can now look to a new, proven avenue of hope. Almost a half-million. dollars have been "'earmarked" to give the sufferer the advantage^ of the most'modern, scientific-examining and treating equipment recognized by. the country's leading doctors, hospitals and clinics. These facilities, supplemented by 'specialized techniques, discovered, developed and practiced by its doctors, enables the Coleman Institute to bring the prostate victim a PROVEN non-surgical method of treatment not to be • •-1 p'"e\vhere, • As a-health service, the Coleman Institute has prepared a valuable and authentic 24-page book on its specialization and will mail it without cost or obligation to men who write for it. L'earn what might be done for you. Send for a FREE COPY today! You may bless the day you did! Address: Dept. 1141 10800 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 38 COLOR! FUR TRIMS! TEXTURES! SHAPES 1 WHAT'S NEW IN COATS? . . . EVERYTHING IN PENNEY'S COAT FAIR 59 95 Wipe-clean vinyl plastic looks Jike leather, sports a pile lining! Black polished and ribbed zibeline — matched dyed fitch* collars! Button-up crash plaids, toriey tweeds! Fool-the-eye Orion® acrylic pile (cotton backed) simulates /ur! Rayon braid-bound chinchilla cloth, tweeds .i Come see every- 1 thing new ! Come save every cent you can ! * all for trimtlabeled to ,how country of origin can chargo ft at P«nn«y'«l I I 51Y1WERCSRV M vMMlu CELEBRATION ^•?X~';*~~. * - - *- ->v :•?" ?•-."'.. ; i~ »--;• V October 10 thru October 15 to CELEBRATE 10 wonderful years in Logansport, and by way of saying THANK YOU for your support, we are offering the BEST BUYS at the GREATEST SAVINGS of our entire 10 years of operation at this location. ~ ' ' *• i -" , - , 7 1 ONLY WURLITZER TWO MANUAL MAHOGANY SPINET ORGAN With Auxiliary Ton* Cabinet For BOTH $ Exciting found effects. By Wurlitzer, ' FOR the world's largest builder of pianos and organs. 1495 PIANOS JUST BARELY ABOVE COST Anniversary REG. SALE PRICE .00 Mahogany $720.00 $ 539 French Provincial $795.00 *585 00 Cherry .......'...$ 68 o.oo $ 529 50 French Provincial $ 8 o 5 .oo $ 600 Salem Maple "...' $ 6 8o.oo $ 529 .00 .50 RECORDS 20% OFF Our entire stock. Moth-' ing held back. EXAMPLES R«g. ( SALE 98c ............ 78c $1.49 ........ $1.19 $1.98 $2.98 $3.98 $4.98 $1.58 $2.68 $3.18 $3.98 TAPE RECORDERS Track 1 VM Model 720 Norelco Continental TAPE RECORDER REG. $189.95 $225.00 $269.50 Anniversary SPECIAL $ 154 85 1 ONLY VM STEREO CONSOLE $A*J V.45 2 Pieces Blonde REG. $317.45. 217 ~1 YOU CAN'T BUY ANYTHING FINER THAN of )^4usic The greatest values in the medium price field. Consoles of-superb beauty and sound fidelity. Model 582 3 PC. Cherry $365.00 815 $279.95 815 with Radio $379.95 Our Cut- Reg. Price .50 ,'299 $ 235"° ; S 325 M Also Other Console Models Priced from 199" 'TO '1025°° At comparable Sayings To'Yoiil. Also Portable Models' SOUND EQUIPMENT Here's your opportunity to own one of the .finest SOUND SYSTEMS made 'anywhere at a price you can't afford to pass up. Just look at these savings. These are all beautiful consoles in Oiled Walnut or Fruitwood finish. ANN. SALE PRICE MODEL LIST 1051 $469.50 1072 ... $615.00 1077 ; $639.50 1078 (with am/fm radio) ". . . .$789.50 Model 1060 Portable with sbve speaker and table stand. Reg. $269.20-SALE Mode) 1078 Curtain of Sound in Fruitwood. Total $1158.50 SALE PRICE $348.50 $336.00 $400.00 $500.00 $200.00 $758.50 BUY OF THE WEEK! 1 ONLY MAHOGANY >2I Gait Broadway Don't Miss This Greatest of All Sales Celebrating Our I Of h Anniversary! MYGRANT HOUSE OF MUSIC Logantport, Indiana

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