The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1931
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 27, CLASSIFIED ADS HtA'TIII?VI[,Mi!, (AUK.) COUtnttU NEWS PAGE ttVB Two cents a word lot flrtt Insertion tad oat cent » word, for etch iiibuqueat Insertion. NO advertisement taken (or less Uutn 60o, Count the words tod send tlie cash. 1'hone 306 FOR SALE FOB SALE—Baby chlcta. Pay t fall. See us about plan. Marilyn Hatchery. 8C-TF FOR SALE—Town lot, 50x140, }5Q Call 606. 23P-K28 FOR SALE—two months old colli pups. J. F. Tompkins, Durdette Ark. FOR KENT FOB RENT—Apartment In Ingrai building. See Parkhurst Com pauy. BC-T OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern LAURA LOU BPOOKMAN K _ asRvi F.y&Afir HUNGRY t 'e£ FOR RENT — housekeeping. Rooms 416 N. for light 8th St. 24P-K29 FURNISHED ROOMS — For rent. 512 North First St. 24C-K1 FOR HENT—2 apartments. 3 rooms and bath each, hot- and cold water, newly decorated. 110 South Franklin, Dr. J. A. Salta. 24C-K1 FOR RENT—Well furnished modern bungalow, 915 Hcarn. Call 46. ckl BEGIN HEKB TOOAT GB"|'SV HctJHlUI* 19-yeOK-old Kew Vnrk IrplBt, Mnrrlei JIM WAI.r,A('r: tkr Any uller «te •»<•'<• • !• II lk> kn« nf krr nrnllkr < 1XN T11OVV. HHUICR. Grp.y «0« tw» llllrd »7 AI.A-f CKOSJtr, la.I recurm-d from • yrnr nnd • hAlf !• I'atU • ludyliic orli Wnllncr'* Bancrr fca" bruken llu-jr rnsacrmrul to niarrj • rlrbcr ninn. .Jlru nnd lixpty Ro in I"orf-»l Clly \Tkrre Jim tin* n ItirlvlMK law prnrllce. [Ill relnllvei fenub Cytny. Alna CroBby writ** lo her but Bbe c-lurBH Ihe IfMrr unorirned. HAH€l/x I.OIIEMi. Jliu'« fnrmrr tlanrrr. mitrrim IllillCK I'llll.I.ll'.H, rull- Mon(b> pat« nnd Rrock I'hlllfii* l« killed In n fall from n hnr»e. jM*rrtn roruallft Jim ahuut Annn- rl»l nffnlr* KBd tiller IrllB lilni Hrr ninrrlnKe to 1'Mlllin vrnn n mU- 1Ake. Sbe dprlnrrM »hp mm nnl/ fur hl». Jli.. Irlrn lo remnU lojnl 1,i (•7V*7 !••! *ee* Sliirrla Iri-- ^urntlr Gypif irorrle*. Sbe • pralnK ker nnkle In nrt nulmun* bile cclllalvH and dwrlDK the day« nktlle tbe Mprnln IK fci-alln£ Jliu U BnuKunll^ nlfentlvr. Alan <'ru»l,y r,ime.% fo are <>7i"r nnj tell« brr he love* her. .lltn'M arrival Interrupt,. Ihe intrrUnv. (.}(>»; mreli Ainu 11 ftrenttil lime mid Brnri* blm niray. (fllliii: lilm »!ii- IB III luvr svllh Jim. Slir enr» Lnme In lei! JJm Hhe h:i« licrn eared ol lUe nlil Infnlunllon. lie nrrlteo nnd *Bk« Urr 1u <]lv,iri-e hltn. fi) i,n>- infirm, though nhr U fcrnrl-lirukrii. Next dny BUL- ttle- pliiinex lo CruRbj., NOW r,n ON WITH TDK STOIII Cl IA FT KK XL VII ward her cousin. "I'm so glad to see you! How did you set here! :lello. Pull. What a wonderful mir- prise!" "Wo weren't quite sure lliln wns the liouse," Trowbrtdgc said. "Quite a place you'vo got here. You're looking Sue. Gypsy." Stio wnsu't anil Anno Trowbrldge tiail nolctl tlio ftict, but &ho cchocLl lier liusbaiul's words, klsscil ( aud told lior tliey had run ovor lo Forest City especially lo see her 011 their wuy uaek from Q trip to tlio lakes. "Always told Jim that If 1 ever came anywliera itear hero wo'd drop !n to see him," Trowbridijo said "Ii's tlie I'rat llmo we've driven this ar west." •-'Jlui will ba dellslileiL Wh> on't you telcjilioriQ lilm?" That's an Uea. Think I will.' line for enlcrtntnlns. "1 know Jim will Insist upon It." Jim did Insist whtu h« arrhed 15 minutes later, lie wrung I'bll's mud and greeted Anne eagerly. He assured them they could not tliluk of starting on until lue next dar. ' "Wliy not star orcr Bumlayr ho asked. "LHIIs touch of tbla rural llfo would be good for you. Show you how much you'ro missing In FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 305 Dougan. 28P-K5 WANTED WANTED — Two or three room furnished apartment. Box "C", Courier News. 28P-K2 POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery. 210 S. Fourth St. DC-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora Mizell, S207 18th St. XI' WANTED—Clean rags, free of buttons. Courier News. POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St, west of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone «4. 24C-TF York — " They could not etop over the CUE directed Anne to tho mo6t f iforufurtablo chair in Iho HvliiB •com. Elioived I'lill wliero lo ftuil lio telciilioue aud wmil lo the :llclicn ro toll Matilda lo prepare coul retresliinenls. Then sho came lack lo llie living room. "Wliat a wonderful old bouse Ihis !" Anne 6atd. "And your furnl :ure's beautiful." week-end, TruNbrlilBO lold him. bul If thero was room tor them and U would not bo an Inconvenience the) would bo glad lo spend tbo ul and drlvo ou next day. • « • AT lhat It was Bellied. Gypsy '•' lind a liasly contorcnco wllh Matilda. Ufo wns suddenly stirring In Hie liouso nentii. Thero wns no llmo lo think of anything except the demand* of hostillallly. Dinner, CLEAR LAKE, DISTRICT NO. 4 For tlio school year 1931-1932, the following money will ho needed for school purposes: General Control $ Operation 206.00 Auxiliary Agencies * Capital" Outlay' .' ' ' Instruction 2,013.00 Maintenance 35.00 . Fixed Charges ^' -Service 1,266.99 II the «"„_-' money is secured a 18 mill tax must ue voted. J. P. MILLER, President of Board, W. C. SMITH, Secretary of Board. 27-4-11 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 27 (UP)— Cotlon closed easier. open high low close 1002 !005 935 1002 1027 1029 1017 1023 1060 1064 1052 1058 1082 108C 1074 1081 1095 1097 1088 1093 1112 1115 1110 1115-70 May July Get Dec Jan March Spots quiet at 997, of! 8. New York Cotton •n VIUESTLY the man at the other -^ end of the telephone connection had not understood. "\Vlio la I 1 you wish to apeak to, madam!" be asked. -Mr. Crosby—Alan Crosby,' Gypsy repeated the name. . Th'ere waa a cause. Then the Toico came hack crisply. "Mr Crosby checked out last nlglit." Gypsy put down tbo telephone After all. did it mailer greatly? I vould be hinder to Alan not even t write. Let him forget her as quick ly as possible. Two days passed In which Qyps moved nliout tbc house as tumis the were living in a daze. She saw j Jim each tcornlog and evening.' Meals were the most difficult part ot the day. As much as possible she remained ntone. Then there was no need to keep up pretenses. She did not weep. Except tor a dally airing with Pat she was never out of tho house. Jim bad lold her that he had wrilten to a lawyer in lleno. With- ID a week or 10 days, he said, arrangements would bo complete Everything would be taken care ol for her. It would only bo necessary for her to establish three monlhs' residence in (he Nevada cily. Jim talked aliout all this as impersonally as though sho • any client who came to his o!Bce instead ot his wife. E-ven for that sho could not hati him. Gypsy tried to tell herscl sho hoped he would be happy will Slarcla. Tho wish was only parti; sincere. She wanted Jim to be hop py— not with Marcla. She was upstairs in the cues room Friday afternoon when fill heard a car coming up the drive It was too early for Jim to he a riving. Gypsy glanced out tlic win dow. The car was a dark bin cmipa and It looked ^3 though had been traveling a long wbll Curiously the girl watched as tl car halted and a man stepped ou lie was a largo man. His suit wr gray tweed and ho wore a slra hat. Ho opened the other door the coupe and a woman appeare Anne! Anne and Thlt Trowbrldg Excitedly Gypsy ran down t stairs. Anne and Phil had Ju reached the porcb when she flu the door open. "Anno!'"' 9vr,ET tried, rushing "Do you like It? Tlie houso Is ages old. Jim's grandfather bull! It. This room \vas part of tbe origl oal farm house and that's tha same (ireplace. If you like ilia house wait until you see my garden—" Dili Trowbridije entered tlie room Mica and Anne turned so that sue did not see how Gypsy Hushed us sho said tho \vord»^"my garden." It would bo lust as well lo tell I'hil and Anno at onco that tlie marriaBO bad been, a failure. Better tuau to try to keep up false pretenses. "Jim's coming rlBbt out," Phil announced cheerily. "Say, Gypsy, 1 naiuly do like this place! This is real home. Miad It 1 look ound?" "Ot course hot. That's tbe irary across tbo hall. Jim Im3 s de:* llicrc aud keeps all sorts old ihlncs around. There uro mie books that belonged to his andfatber and soino old pic urea—" Anne talked about tlio week they ad spent at a fashionable resort, mentioned names of otlie uests tiiat to Gypsy meant noth ig but she knew they must bar oeial prominence or Anna vroul ot have been Interested. The oilier gtrl was wearing :ray silk ooe-pleco frock and gra elt bat pulled dowa' over her bead Jypsy noticed that In spite of th -acation trip Anne's skin was no irowncd. Her pink and white fai ness seemed as fresh as over. Ther was a decided air of Tarlsla ashiou correctness about Ann Hero in Forest City It was mo pronounced than ever. "Thanks. I'm really fagsed deatli. Honest, Gypsy, you have: minded being burled In a lilt town like this, have you!" No, slio badn't minded it. Sbe said tbls without so mucb as a quiver of her lips. Again she knew that she should .make things plain about tho divorce but Slatllda In- terrupled, .enleriug with tbe tray. There wero tall glasses with Ice cubes clinking enllctngly and a cool mint-flavored beverage. Phil returned, enthusiastic about a first edition he bad found oil tbe book shelves. "Ot course you'll slny with ua to- ntsht," Gypsy found herself saylnj, thoroughly awaro lhat this wag no the. exacting Anne ns a guo must display Mallldu'3 art as a cook. Gypsy, as she got out Iho lino Did silverware, lold herself that she mlslit jo a failure us Jim's wife but sho would show blm Ebo knew her duties as a hostess. Sho took Anno upstairs to tho 111 tlo Jewel-box ot a sucst bedroom and was pleased when the other tirl praised It. "You know. Anne," sba Bald, "1 was thinking of you when, we planned this room." . .* "Oh, you did it ovor?" "Tbe whole house. Of course, I didn't really do It mysolt. I found a decorplor' aud wo worked together.".| .' "You inado a splendid Job of It m goini; lo copy those curtains In y room at homo. Does your eeornlor ever come lo New York?" "1 suppose so. I can find out.' "Tell her lo como to seo mo the cxt time. 1 rulBbt give her a com' ilssloo." Gypsy went to her own room to ress. It had been decided that tier the dinnor they would drire clly formal tono before. They henrd Anne and Phil com- B down tus slnlra. Tlitre nas no llmo lo Buy anything further. Anno In pink laco and seemed unusually animated. 1'hll uoiisled ot Hie Improvement In hla golf gamo. Crntclully tlypsy let the others lalk and ent back listening. A UTTI.K Inlor llicr went In to '* dinner. Matilda btvl equaled Ibo emergency. Tlioro was no evl- dciico in ibo insly dlehes not before them that tho meal wns impromptu. It was toiler food than Gypsy had ever oalen at Anno Trowbrldiso'B ionic. Again there wns candlo lli;lit mid a say llovnl ceiitor-iileco. How lovc-ly Anno looked when Bbo smiled 1 . "By George!" Phil Trowbrldgo Bpokt ,i[i. "You knoit 1 novnr real- ised before bow mucb Gypsy looks like Auue!" "I've nlways tliouj;lit the-y looked alike," Jim Inlil "cscepl ut to the Colt and Tennis .Club where there wns dancing on Tbura- ays. Jim was eager tor hla guesta 'sco that hero and there Fores City uad a melropolllan touch. For some reason which the could not have explained It seemed erribly Important, tonight to Uyps look nor best It would bo tti ast time sho appeared with Jim Ot course they would clanca to- cuiirso tli;it Anno's lullcr and hor eyos aro blue." "And Anno doesn't bavo curly hair," Anno herself reminded lilm. "Aren't you slimmer than you wero, Gypsy?" She EaUl sho did not know. It ivns uulruc. Gypsy knew Ibat her foco had bccomo thinner wllhlu Ibo lost live dnys. "Well,' I'll tell you one thing." Anno continued, turning to Jlrn, "I had no Idea when you married hor mt Gypsy was golng'to turn Into ucli a perfect housewife. You two erlalnly must bo comforlable!" Jim's answer was sufficient If iliilly cvaslvo. Whereas Gypsy •ay quiet throughout tho meal Jim Id a grent denl ot miking, calcd fncls and figures about Forst City's gronlb uud dovelopmcnt mill the girl wns suro Plill aud \nne must be bored. Coffee vras served In tho living room nnd at nine o'clock tlio qimr- ct set out tor Iho counlry club. They drove In Jlm'n roadsler. with getber. The thought ot Jim's arm about her set her to trembling. Dressing became a- ceremony. St pill on her daintiest, moat trngl uudorgarments. The cliiHon gow was still a ruin. Gypsy had on; one olber that was sullable— while crepe. Sue allpped It ove her head. Tbo wblto silk contrasted with tbo Irory of her arms. She studied tha effect la the mirror «nd added n necklace of Ecarlet beads., That was belter. Sho touched the stopper of the perfume boltle to the nape of hor neck, her lips and tha palms ot her hands. Having done all Ibat she could to maV.o herself desirable she turned and went down tlio stairs. Sue was alone in the living room when Jim entered. If he was impressed by her appearance he Bald nothing about it, Gypsy went over to him. "1 haven't told them," she snid in a low voice, "Do you tbiuk we Jim shook his head. "Announcing a divorce is hardly a subject to put guests at case." ho said coolly. "I think tho announcement can vsalt." ^ ; o had never spoken in that NEW YORK, April 27 (UP)—Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close May 1001 1003 992 July 1027 1028 1019 Oi-t 1001 10C4 1054 Uec IOM 1087 IOT8 Jan 1007 "1099 1038 March 1119 1120 1108 991 1020 1056 1078 1088 1108 Spots quiet at 995, off 15. Bumper Wheat Crop Anticipated in Kansas TOPEKA. Kas, (UP) — Kansas has pris|>ccts of breaking all wheat producing records this year, according to the state board of agriculture. Its report, discloses farmers are lilanning to feed or pasture their wheat because Ihc wheat prices are lower than they have been in 35 years- '• The record-breaking Kansas wheat crop for all time was slighl- yl under 180.000.000 bushels. The crop report issued by the board estimates the probable yield at 177.000.CCO. bushels, showing that the farmers did not reduce their wheat acreage last fall when urged to do so hy the federal farm hoard. BOSTON. (UP)—Boston will he , as noiseless as a metropolis can be. ; !i[ Mayor James M. Cm-Icy has his vay. Ho lias instrnclcd Hie city ilanninj hoard to survey the sli- lation and make recommendations vith a view to eliminating unneces- ary din. FAY O.DAVIS Alwutcr Kent Dealer Fhonc 421 Invest With Safety 6% paid quarterly on full paid stock, ?100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on homes in Blythevillc. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec. AND HIS FRIENDS >Nfl.U,eTe£LC, 1TVIIN^ GOOD R5P. VoO-... -tuese FIVJ66R PRIMTS.'.' 1 JUST FELT THAT THAT CCUTCH \JJOOLD TO'CX3 WTH TU6 CEOOH \>1HO THAT THAT- FREClit£S , iwe POLICE FIV40' THE T6O. TALE THAT TRAPS CRAFTlESf Of CROOKS..,. WASH Til BUS ^"WcLll i.'JOT DC Vtt>S>; We ».M MMt 11 SAY. L«OS; ".RE VIE (jU^ER 0.6 tju'CNEtt irtROvu IN i\ir oU) euu OAWSM i.S f> fOP-CHUM. OR <MN"I VOU? 1 TQUST . .. MOO POUBlE- CROSSW CROOVC, AS 1 I'- • coULDrtY G&f BUS-Tb SLEEP iMTflA-r ROOM IHl A5UITOF ARMOR* WrruL AFI?A1D C.F -TrlA-r IS A BAM-fAM E & A P - Bo G"i £R , R1I.U WELL -MAT werfifeR MAM, BUT Tite "pEopue -TrllfJK ME. PAFT VIlfeM 1 5AV •ROOM, is COME SrlARS Me ' MAJOR 1 .? ifric> seep 2 BUT, Ari SAV •ROOM, is BEAR -1Q CLAIM-S MAKE t WrfG POUBT VOLi, To M VoUR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •By Mflrtiii ANXIOUS MOMKNTS! LOOK UP THE OM THIS OF YOURS AMD L£TS see vinc> 1^6 BIBD 1S...NUMBER. 062.35 DOUT FCRS6TTO IM... : Hy' Crane . ST£MN T^EBE. SHlPMMt 1 . 30 !/HOME.. «OES VT? StR KFEftREt) O TrtRT . Stow ^e if I-OOEWT TURN vou SWP.BS INTO t\ eft* of FIRST CLRSS INDUCEMENTS! fcuM:ietv M^E ME REPEMT THEM w»>v fttt COPS? WU COULD TELL 5>tfr41V fclfViT ~K)U! 60 RHEW —wilW VOUCMl'EM? BY THUMPtR, Vll T6UI MCHJ wttV. VOU WM1 60T TvV OF ft COSTIX Gypsy pod Phil tucked rumble ecat behind, agreeable arrangement Phil took tho conversation Into bis own hands and an occasional "yes 1 ' wns all Ibal was necessary from Gypsy. Tho crowd was already dancing when they arrived. There wero colored laulc-rns slruiiB about Ibo cdso ot tlie brand veranda aud swaying couples circled tlio floor. A few others wero dancing Inside. Some of tbo men wero In wblto llannels. Jim led Hie way up the slops and tho slrls left their wraps In u smnll side room. Tho two men wero waiting when they reappeared. Tho orchestra was playing a melody Ibat, for all Us compelling rhythm, held notes of plaintive en- ticaty. It was tha song ot a lover pleading wllb his sweetheart They went out on Jim's arms circled Gypsy and they moved away togolher. matched perfectly. Tho girl's bead was just abovo Jim's shoulder. Her heart pounded so that slio d.ircd not glance up. Tho glow ol tho lanterns, breeze touching her cheeks softly, ail inspired mad. ecstatic- longings. Sho felt Jim's arm pressing her more closely. courage Gypsy raised her head and met bis eyes. "Jim!" she murmured softly. "I had a letter today from llruce, ho lold her curtly. "Tho man wroto to In Reno. It you want to leare Honday."- (To Ue NO. GH TvM'i STRAifcHT , 8ULtT I 001 NO USt FOR NODR CROOKED RACKET. I dOT NO OSE TOR MOO, CM TO'btTTlESCOP.ES,

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