Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 5, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE 3—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). SATURDAY, NOV. B, 191!) • DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Secret Plan Is Hatched To Impeach Truman; Feuding Supreme Court Justices Get Mixed; John Foster Dulles Has Paradoxical Record. Washington—Mum. is supposed to be the word, but a secret resolution has been drawn up authorizing impeachment proceedings against President Truman — in case he lets the coal strike continue to a national danger point. The resolution was drafted by a handful of Republicans and Dixjecrats just before Congress adjourned and then locked in a safe deposit box. They plan to introduce it next January—if tho national economy is seriounly jeopardized by strikes. Ringleader of the impeachment move Is Congressman Ralph Gwinn, New York Republican, with an assist from Gene Cox, the Georgia Dixie- crnt. Specifically, the secret resolution charges President Truman .with "nonfeasance" of offlce. It is alleged that he neglected the economic welfare of all the people in order to help a tightly organized ininority—the labor unions. • The resolution further points Out that the President could have prevented "economic disaster" by invoking the Taft-Hartley Act. This constitutes neglect of duty, the resolution charges. 1 Now that the steel strike is being settled, the wind has been taken out of the impeachment plan, but it may still be revived in qase John L. Lewis's coal strike jets worse. -NOTE 1 —Should the resolution ever reach (he floor of the House of Representatives, it would stand almost no chance of approval. . NOTE 2—Gwinn is the congressman who mailed out 900.000 franked letters last year contain- fcig 2.250.000 copies of speeches ap-jiinet Public Housing,. Federal Aid to Education and Rent Control. He has been the chief congressional megaphone for the Foundation for Economic Education, financed b'y some of the nation's lartrcst corporations. Feudln' Supreme Court In AVashinsrton, where hostesses keen careful tab on who's feudinp with whom, it would be an unforgivable boner to confuse the identity of the Supreme Court's two feuding justices, the Honor- ables Hugo Black aod Robert Jackson. Yet that's exactly, what happened tho other day at no lo'ss an occasion than official swearing-in. Justice Black got the assignment of administering the oath to Federal Trade Commissioner John Carson. As the ceremony reached its climax, FTC Chairman Lowell Mason announced solemnly: "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Carson will now take the oath, administered by Mr. Justice Jackson." The assembled dignitaries howled at the mistake. Chairman Mason turned a sunset crimson. Later. ex-Senator Jim Mead was appointed to another vacancy in the Federal Trade Commission. Mason got on the phone to ar- rango the ceremony, invited Justice Jackson to give the oath. Jackson agreed, then added: "By tho way, this will gi vc you , a chtnee to ^call me- Mr. Justice- Black." Aid-Collision v Lawsuito- A $250,000 suit has been ifted by the widow of an air-crash victim that may pave the way for suits against the Bolivian government for the mid-air collision of a Bolivian P-38 and an Eastern Airliner. This is the tragedy that killed 55 victims when the head of Bolivia's Civil Aviation rammed an Eastern Airliner over Washington's National airport. _The test case win be a $250,000 FLOWERS For All FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED EVEBTWTH5BE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 1*0 RUBBER AVKNtTE IW. BXU BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 suit under the Tort Claims Act against the United States for the death of rfoward S. Le Roy, killed in the crash of an Eastern Airliner with a Navy Hellcat Fighter over Chesterton, N. J., last July 30. The action hais been brought by tho widow, Mrs. Emily Le Roy, and will set a precedent for air- trafllc accidents. Keeping the Record Straight Here are some interesting quotes from the life and 1 works of John Foster Dulles, famed Internationalist: SPEECH BEFORE DETROIT ECONOMIC CLUB MARCH, 1936 — "Only hysteria entertains the idea that Germany, Italy or Japan contemplates war on us." War started five months later. STATEMENT, OCT. 21, 1930— "Germany has made great pr6- gress under the Dawes Plan. Her national income and government income have grown to a point where the reparations charge constitutes a readily bearable -percentage." One year later Dulles was retained by Brown Brothers-Harriman to salvage something out of the German bond -wreckage. Ho could salvage nothing. STATEMENT ABOUT GER HARD WESTRICK, The Hitler agent who came to New York in 1940 after the war started: '»! (don't believe he has done anything wrong. I knew him in the old days and I -had a high regard for Ms inteirity." PAGE 690 OF WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA states inDulles' self- penned biography tHat he was "Secretary of the Hague Peace Conference in 1907." The records of the Hague Conference list ">Q secretaries, but .Dulles' name !, ™' "* W Who's Who also states that r±*iT " Member - Reparations Commission and Supreme Econ- proofreading , GarnetDetmninecI To Make Dance Tonight A "Victory" Ball Leavenworth football game at WJ terbury's Municipal ftad? um noT'^'T 00 ^ Baid that "'• d '" not exect any help from the fact , "Thp" 1 ,, week ' s game w They'll probably be at fi-n strength against us," he said _ The Greyhounds will have to bo tZir « l f e Fi!" 8 t0 brln * home their flrsl victory of the year Coach Goodwin said. There has been no love lost between the two schools since they began their series several years ago and the game is expected to be as rough as the Garnet and Grey combine has been in this year. "If the boys con t play heads up ball every minute we can very easily lose," the coach said. . The Starting lineur> for the game was announced by Coach Goodwin' who said that it will be the same as in past games. Jack Carroll and Bill Matos will be at the -ends Ken Clymer and Bud DiMaria at lackles. Jack O'Brien and George Mitchell at guards ami Don Fowler at center. The brickfield will show Charlie Alegl and Bob Rabtoy at halfback, Alan Crosswait In the quarterback slot and Bob "Red" White at the fullback post. In case Naugaluck kicks off, Clarence Schiller will start in place of Matos and do the kicking-. Manny Matos, Bob "Link" Seltn- •)ke and Jimmy McCann will also be available for baekfleld duty with Eddie White, John Brady, Pete Passeck and Alan Johnson ready to slip Into the line. The game is slated to start at 2 o'clock. Tonight a "pep" dance will beheld in tho high school gymnasium. Team members are \detcr- mincd, and feel confident that they can, turn it into their first victory dance in over a year. MOKE StIGAK GROWN Havana — World sugar output for 1948 was an estimated 34,147,000 .ons, nearly 10 per cent more than the 1947 total. Trinity Favored To Remain In Ranks Of Unbeaten Today Other State ll's In For More Rugged Afternoon (By United Press) Undefeated Trinity is favored to remain in the select ranks this weekend, but other major Connecticut collegiate elevens appear to be In for a more rugged afternoon. The high-flying Hilltoppors, who boast the .highest scoring average In tho nation, hit the road to tangle with twice-beaten Am- hcrst But although Trinity is favored, even its most ardent fan doosn't expect it to maintain its nvoraffe 1 cf 5S.O IpointB per gumc. Yalo football followers arc hoping that tradition will not pro- vail when the Bulldog tangles with tho .Brown Boar at New Haven. Since 1041, the Ells have won this game only In evun-numJicfiHl years. This time they will have to go all-out to upset the sequence since the invaders have been licked only once this season. Wesleyan at Mlddlctown ;•? faced with the tough task of upsetting Williams, which it must do in order to stand a chance of retaining its "Little Three" crown. The Cardinals already have lost one leg of the competition to Amherst which has yet to meet Williams. On the basis of record,?, it appears that the University of Connecticut is a cinch to pin back the cars of Us •traditional rival. Rhode Island, which has lo'st all six games this season. But thf- Huskies aren't taking- this one lightly. For one thing-, they want to (put on a g-ood show since today is Alumni Homecoming Day and secondly, they recall that in the past little Rhody always has comn up with planty of punch in this vital conies*. About the only advantage Coasl Guard has over Worcester Tech is that the game will be played at home in New London. Each team has lost two this year, and the contest is regarded a toss-up Other Connecticut teams in action are Arnold at Northeastern, New Haven Teachers at Montclair Teachers, and the University of Bridgeport at Hofstra. New Britain Teachers has open date. The great source of America's strength: lies in Our Economic System which ive call individual competitive Free Enterprise. And—that iti why each and every one of us must intensify our individual efforts to Preserve and Defend United States Rubber Company Naugatuck Footwear Plant Veteran Conn. U. Lineman Quits Team Storrs, Nov. S—( UP)—When the University of Connecticut takes to the field against Rhode Island this afternoon, a veteran tackle will be missing from the lineup. Carmen Abate, a 190-pound tackle from New. Britajn, quit the squad last night because Coach .T O, Christian told him, to work out with the scrubs. "That was the straw that broke the camel's back," said Abate. Christian explains that Abate failed to show up for practice this week until Thursday. He said his varsity had worked out with tho second team on Rhode Island plays on Wednesday. And 'since Abate had missed the day's practice, he assigned him to brush up bn the Rhode Inland piays with the ncrubn. Second Arrest 'Made At Rockingham Park In Alleged "Fix" New York—Another arrest has been made aa a result of an alleged attempt to fix a horse race at Rockingham Park in New Hampshire last month. The Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau ways Forest Wilson has been arrested in Hollywood Calif., on a fugtivc warrant. The Protective Bureau, the FBI of racing, says Wilson was implicated by William Weaver, an unemployed groom who already lo under arrest. Weaver la accuned of entering the barnn the night of October and Inserting sponges In the nostrils of seven horaos. The next day the groom is -charged with telephoning Wilson In Hollywood and telling- him the "fix" was all sot. 100 Tickets For Little League Banquet Available Russell Weaving-, chairman of the Peter J. Foloy Little League player's banquet committee, announced today that approximately 100 tickets for the event will be placed on public sale today. Tickets may be obtained by contacting Mr. Weaving at the Naugatuck Sport & Auto Supply Go. The banquet will be held next Saturday starting at 6:30 o'clock In the YMCA. Raymond K. Polcy, acting principal of Naupatuck High school, will bu the master of cere- :nonles. Sammy Snead Wins North-South Open Plnehurst, N. C., Nov. 5—(UP) The leading money winner of the year In golf, has won the North and South open golf tournament with a total score of 274, 14 under par. Sncnd posted that score early, before all the field was In. The hillbilly from White Sulphur Springs West Virginia, led after 54 holes' today, and made a hot six-under- par 66 in the final round. Shoulder Operation Santa Monica, Calif., Nov. ,V<UP)—The veteran golfer Lloyd Mangrum will be out of action the rest of this year following a shoulder operation. A piece of bone about the size of a silver dollar was chipped from Mangrum's upper arm and driven into the shoulder .socket in an automobile accident on Wednesday. Dr. Daniel Llvlnthal of Santa Monica, Cnlif., who performed the operation Thursday, says Mangrum will i suffer no lasting effects. 1:00—WBRY—Stars Over Hollywood WTIC—News WWCO—News WATR—American Jazz Concert WLCR—Canaan News 1:15—WTIC—Farm & Home Hour WWCO—Melody Matinee WLCR-^Guest Star 1:30—WBRY—Give and Take WATR—Campus Music WLCR—Platter Parade 1:45—WTIC^-Clemson-Boston College WATR - Michigan State-No- Irc Dame 2:00—WBRY—County Fair WATR—101 Ranch Boya WWCO—Football Game WLCR—News 2:30—WBRY—Football Roundup WLCR—Just For You WATR-••Campus Music 2:45—WATR-S. Methodist vs. Texas U. 3:00—WLCR—News; 990 Club 4:00—WLCR—News; Your Serenade 4:15—WLCR—Your Serenade 4:30—WWCO—Melody Matinee WATR—101 Ranch Boya 5:00—WLCR—Muwic; News 5:15—WLCR—Birthday Club 5:30—WBRY—Star.dusl In tho Afternoon WWCO—Matinee Quiz WTIC—Music for Today WATR—Tea and Crumpets 5:45—WTIC—Confidential Close- ups 6:00—All Stations—New* 6:13—WBRY—John A. Cluney WATR—Sports; Mualc WTIC—Strictly Sports V/WCO—Sportscope WLCR—Sports 6:30—WWCO—Naug. Indust.; Lithuanian Memories WTIC—Symphony Orch. WBRY—Red Barber WATR—Local and World News WLCR—Supper Serenade 6:45—WATR—The Harmonaires WBRY—Rep. Town Comm. 7:00—WATR—Rep. Town Comm. WBRY—Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 7:15—WATR—Bert Andrews 7:30—WATR—Superman WLCR—News Just for You WWCO- 20 Questions WBRY—Vaughn Monroe WTIC—Star Theater 7:45—WATR—It's Time for Music 8:00—WBRY—Gene Autry WATR—Chandu the Magician WWCO—20 Questions WTIC—Star Theater >N JHE AIR TODAY 8:30—WBRY—Philip Marlowe WTIC—Truth or Consequences WATR—Super Man WWCO—Take a Number 9:00—WTIC—Your Hit Parade WATR—Slngin' Bill WWCO—Meet Your Match WBRY—Gangbusters 9:30—WBRY—Jazz Band Ball WATR—Hollywood Byline WTIC—Den n la Day WWCO—Lombardoland 10:00—WATR—Barn Dance WTIC—Judy Canova WBRY—Rln K It .Ajwln WWCO—Chicago Theater .10:30—CJrand Oln Opry WATR—Barn Dance 11:00—All Stations—News U:15—WBRY—Kite Shift WTIC—Morton Downey WATR—Tops in Sports WWCO—Dance Ork 11:30—WTIC—Surf Club Oroh, WATR—Dance Ork. WWCO—Dance Ork. 12:00—All Stations—News TELEVISION P.M. WCBS—Channel 2 1:30—Music, Pgm. Preview, Weather l:-t5—Sports Film 1:50—Navy VH. Notre Dame C:1B—Music; Progrnrn Review; Weather Report 6:30—Red Barber's Clubhouse 6:45—Lucky Pup 7:15—Film Shorts 7:30-.Qulncy Howe 7:45—Bluas by Bargy 7:55—Ruthie on the'Telephone 8:00—Winner Take All 8:30—Comndy Kilm — Premier Play- houae 9:30—6 Day Bike Races P.M. WNIIC-TV—Channel 8 1:00—Teletunea & Sports Newa 1:35—Sports Film 1:45—Pro-Game Color 8:00—Yale-Brown 5:00—Football Scoreboard 6:30—Red Barber'9 Clubhouse 6:45---Lucky Pup Resume 7:00—Lone Ranger 7:15—Film Shorts 7:30—Hollywood Screen Test 8:00—What's the Word :00—Who Said That 9:30—Film Shorts; Wrestling A.M. WNBT—Channel 4 P.M. 1: ;30—Army-Fordham 5:30—Children's Sketch Book 7:30—The Nature of Things 7:45—Leon Pearson 8:00—Meet Your Congress 8:30—Mixed Doubles 9:00—Who Said That 9:30—Film Feature iO: 00--Meet The Press Greyhound Jayvees Veteran Cleveland End Season Against Derby Here Monday Naugatuck High School's Jayveo football team will Heck to make thelr's a winning Heanon Monday afternoon, when they play host to the Derby seconds In a Naugatuck Valley Junior Varsity Football League game at Recreation Field. The locals have a record of two wins, two losses and two ties In their five games to dale. Monday'n tilt with the Red Raiders will mark the final league game for both clubs. In their previous meeting, ' th<? Greyhounds jumped off to a 13-0 lead over the Derby crew, only to havo I wo late last period touchdowns tie the score. Highlight of that game was a second half which lasted for more than an hour. By agreement bn- tweori tho coaches, the perloilM were to be seven minutes in length. A good number of the npoc- tators felt that the game Hhoukl hnvo boon over long before Derby scored Its first touchdown. However, all of that Is now Jus!. so much water under the bridge. The Greyhounds outplayed the Raiders most of the way and didn't give up a touchdown until Derby found them to have a weak pass defense, going 80 yards for a score via the aerial route. The second Deby score came when they took over on the Naugatuck seven after a blocked kick. Ramblers Play Pittsburgh Tonight The New Haven Ramblers, back on victory row again after shutting out Indianapolis on Indiana ice Thursday night, will strive for 'two in a row on the road tonight at Pittsburgh. The Ramblers return to home Ice at the New Haven Arena against tho Buffalo Bison» tomorrow night—and they'll be scekinir number three In the Sabbath con' test. Currently the Ramblers are fighting for top place again in the Eastern Division of the American Hockey League. Work Session At L L. Field Sunday A work session, to prepare the Peter J. Foloy Little League Stadium for the winter, will be held at the Hopkins Park site lomor, row morning starting at 10 o'clock. Volunteers are asked to report at that time. It is believed the session should complete all necessary work. BOWLINO RESULTS Results In the U. S. Rubber Co. Men's Bowling League are as 'follows: Harvard 2, Marines 2; Northwestern 4, Dartmouth 0; Army 1. Cornell 3; Columbia 3, Princeton 1; Boston College 1, Penn State 3; Tufts 4, Navy 0. SUNDAY and MONDAY "THE SIGN OF THE RAM" with Su.s;in Peters Alexander Knox Peffgy Ann Garner also "Rhythm Hits The Ice" with Vera Ralston Jerry Colonna Ellen Drew — Today — "THE FAN" and "THE LAST BANDIT" SAM'S SERVICE STATION and OARAGE B9 Rubber Ave. Tol. BM7 — Front End Work — The MUSIC SHOP . . . records for children make wonderful year-round gifts . . . 88 Church J3t. Phone 5287 Trainer Succumbs Cleveland, Nov. 5—(UP)—The veteran trainer for the Cleveland Indians, Max "Lefty" Weisman, is dead. Weisman, who Mpont 28 years wilh the Indians, died yesterday of a heart attack at Ma home in Cleveland. Lofty h:is been sick since the nnd of the last baseball campaign, but was doing- his usual off season job of selling season tickets yesterday. SCHOLASTIC FOOTBALL Wllby 7, Seymour 0. Crosby 2B, Wilbur Cross 0. Abbey Prep 10, Junior Republic TONY'S Poultry Market 100 JOHN STREET Tel. 2691 Finest Live Poultry, Fresh Killed and Dressed to Your Order. BROILERS, FRYERS, BAKERS, ETC. In All Sized. FRESH EGGS at ALL TIMES •HHHl«IMlmllll»»llalmmm»«IMMM»»l»lml^|fflmnJjJJ|^J BENT A CUTAWAY VUK THAT IMPOBTANT BVBSTI "'-- "" Too Btf IMBIMBO'S For The Best In Jewelry C.H.Tomlinson Neary Building Naugatuck, Conn. Farmlngton 21, Simsbury 0. Canon 7, A. S. D. 6. Collegiate School 13, Ft. Trumbull 6. COLLEGE FOOTBALL .. Potomac State 18, DavlH IClldnn 12. St. Vincent's 52, West Vu. leyan 0. Miami 27, Detroit C, The Citadel 27, PronV>yter!an 7. Vlllanovu 29, Georgetown 14. Findlay 34, Huntlnf?ton 0. Westc'hesler 47, Moravian 0. Wofford 4, Northeastern (Okla.) 0. John Carroll 27, Case 0. Wayne 20, Doanc 13. 8. C. State 21, Morris Brown 7. TOD AY-SAT SUM Enjoy A DELICIOUS SANDWICH at ROOKY'S WAYSIDE KITCHEN Waterbury Bond at Platts Mills O!>»ii Dally 12 Noon to 12 Midnight Sundays 3 P. M. to 12 Midnight RANGE BURNERS STOVE and FURNACE PIPES PITTSBURGH PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 118 MAPLE STREET Free Delivery Telephone BOM Currier ElfeCtric Co. Residential — Commercial Industrial WIRING and REPAIRS WeBtlnghouae Appliances Tel. Naue. 4164 SKK THE NEW UNIVERSAL WASHER •*• Gerald's Appliance — New tow Prices — .107 SPRING ST. UNION CITY TELEPHONE 1651 FRED'S HI-WAY GRILLE 001. Sou*h Math St. Regular Dally Dinner MR up CATERING FOR WEDD1NGO SHOWERS, STAG PARTIES, Eta- Banquet Room, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor License If It'» Anything for Your Fbor ARKA'Yi -^f; FLOOR OOVZKINGW SO Diamond (St. Tel. COlt TED'S AUTO BODY WORKS , 57 HOTCHKI8S ST. TEL. 6150 — Collision 8p«clntlflt» — «T«nderH — Bodies — Auto Fainting Towing; Service PLASTIC TOILET SKATS Lifetime Guarantee Assorted Colors $5.95 WEISS BEN FRANKLIN STORE CHURCH ST. NAUGATUCK Full Line of FreshlJakerlcB Every Sunrise CANDIED APPLES BANANA CREAM PIES IIONKV PECAN COFFEE CAKES BIRTHDAY CAKES CITY B4KERY MAPLE ST. TEL. 8878 Open Dally 8:30 A. M. to 0 P. M. "JEW 1949 PHILCO REFRIGERATOR , r $199.50 7 Cn. Ft. — 5 Year Warranty ' $2 Weekly $20 Down 413 NO. MAIN ST. UNION CITY Phone 6491 15 Church St. Tel. 6490 Open Friday Till 8 P. M. 1 Today — Tomorrow Fred MacMURRAY Maureen O'HARA FATHER WAS A FULLBACK -2nd HIT- Van JOHNSON SCENE H. CRIME Gloria DeHAVEN Arlenc DAHL IMCXT mi . SAT . SUM! M<WM* OWUM I Om. UtfCffWf JAMAICA) THE INN (BEACHCOMBER, ALCAZAR NOW PLAYING "Family Honeymoon" with Claudettc Colbert and Fred MacMurray and "Henry The Rainmaker" with Ka.v Wullmrn and Waller Catlett SUN. — MON. — TUKS. Burl — Yviinne DcCarlo In "Criss Cross' and Roddy McDnwall In "Tuna Clipper" SCULLY, Florist Flower* for Kvery Occunlon 480 BALDWIN ST. W»tert«jry IEO T. 8CCLLY, Prop. PHONE WAT. 5-7280 Elmer Wheeler Course In TESTED SALESMANSHIP Start* Mon. Nov. 14th POST JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Ave. Phone 4-8772 Watcrbury EXPERT BODY WORK Complete Painting Facilities Wrecker and Towing Service EHtlmatos Furnished Budget Plan Available The Naugatuck Fuel Co. FORD DEALER Phone 5236 CHRYSLER ana PLYMOUTH 0. M. C. TRUCKS J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 106 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone Peter Paul Inc. NAUOATUCK, CONN. »+++*+** **o Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling COCONUT CANDY BARS BOYS and GIRLS!! Stop In for a Free Copy of the Big "Billy and Ruth" Toy Book!! CANS, Inc. Maple Street Tel. 3507 or 6090 ANOTHER SMASH STAGE & SCRtEH SHOW AOE snows] AT 2: SH (1:11(1 0:00 irc™ ACTS ON STAGE-IN PERSON KEYE LUKE FAMOUS SC«£N SrA* CHAKUf CHAN'S NO. J iON DAVIS SHOWING DESPERATE MEN • DARING WOMEN HELLFIRE IN TJtUCOLOR *•"*-, WILLIAM ELLIOTT MUlt WINDSOR • FORREST TUCKER SKATING MACKS fffflt HAYPON TOMMY TRENT 3 EXTREMES MUSICAL JOHNSTON'S Johnny LANDER MIKf 01 VirO ANP HIS BAWD HAMILTON Sunday Night PAfiK PAVILION' HIS SAXOPHONK and Connecticut')! No. 1 Band 17-Miiftlrlanft-17 KRKIC PARKING DANCING STARTS 8:15 PICCADILLY INN HITCHCOCK .LAJiE. ... An Ideal Spot to Hold That SIUK. Shower. Wrddlnir BroakfiMt, Reception and Banquet . OUR RATES ARE VERY MODERATE Orchestra and Entertainment on Saturday Night BIG HALLOWEEN PARTY AND DANCK Sn'imlny, October 2!>, 15M9 Dancing, Entertainment and Prlzm No Cover Charge No Rmcrvatlirin Music By AGIO HIGH MELODIICRS FULL LIQUOR PRIVILEGES Phono »-fl738 Phil BertrnnfJ, Prop. "FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS" DUTCH DOOR INN BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCHEON Served Dally Our Specialty — Full Courno LOBSTER and STKAIC DINNERS Served Dally CARLTON JONES •«* At The Solovox and Piano Your Favorite Tune Played AH You Like It. Shufflehoard and Television 7 BROAD STREET SEYMOUR TEL. 2809 WAVERLY Cheshire INN Diorio Restaurant Waterbury Luncheons — Cocktails — Dinners Banquet Facilities

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