Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1960 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1960
Page 19
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8,1960. JIHE PHABOS-TKIBUNE wd.LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT,,INDIANA PAGE NINETEEN Here Are Facts On BH Queen Entrants . ' BY ANN STEPHENS T DON'T PASS,,THE BUCK, GIVE US YOUR" VOTE—so say eleven attractive young ladies from BUNKER HILL AFB. Each ticket sold at the AIR BASE is a vote forgone of the young ladies. Vote for the candidate of your choice. This reporter has interviewed five of the charming candidates and will have more information in my next column. Stories of other entrants in next Sunday's Pharos Tribune • & Press. • Carolyn Brawner, daughter oi T/Sgt. and Mrs. Helen Brawner was bonTin Boydswlle, Arkansas • JACOBY ON BRIDGE FOURTH HIGHEST -" s i WAS.WHIST LEAD, ; " This week's articles-iwilL con- Kessler_AFB, Mississippi; Castlei ce rn themselves with - .opening May 18, 1943. This young lass of seventeen has, traveled quite a bit, starting with Scott AFB; Illinois; ^Kearney AFB, Nebraska;, McConnell AFB, Kansas; Molesworth AB, England and Suffock County AFB, New York. - Sgi Bra\vner is now assigned to 3D5th Supply. Sq. Carolyn's^ measure- meiits are 34-24-35, she is .five foot five inches and weights "110 pounds, hair-blonde.and .twinkling hazel eyes. Her hobbies include a stamp and coin collection. She enjoys : singing_and playing -the piano. Swimming, tennis and bowling are her favorite sports. Asked her choice of music, Carolyn stated, . "I-, prefer classical and popular songs -and enjoy lis- jtening to my collection of records "from musical shows." This .'young miss'is a senior a Bunker' Hill high school and i majoring 'in commercial .business Mary Ann Baskin, daughter o . M/Sgt. and Mrs. Joseph De Wit Baskin, .was born in Arkadelphia Arkansas August 2, 1944. Mary Ann started her travels at Foster Field,' .Texas. From Texas • she went on to Chenault AFB,' Louisiana; Itami AB, Japan; Travis AFB, California and -Bergstrom AFB, Texas. This attractive teen-ager is five foot, six inches and her measurements are: 36-24-36. Long brown hair and green eyes are combined with a' cute turned up nose., Mary Ann's favorite -hobby .is collecting model horses. She enjoys taking an active part in sports, swimming .or. watching baseball and football on television. Her special talent is making most of her clothes. When it comes to music she would like to combine Fabian^s eyes and "Ricky's style 'cause "Ricky Nelson's voice really sends me." v Sgt, Baskufis assigned to 205th OMS Sq. and Mary 'Ann is a junior at Bunker Hill high school^ where she is majoring in.English,' Math and Social Studies. Marilyn-Collins: Five feet two, eyes of'blue can best describe this petite miss, Marilyn was born in the city that made baans famous, Boston, Massachusetts; October 21, 1944. S/Sgt. John W. Wood, who i is assigned to 305th Combat Defense Sq., reported in to Blinker' Hill, from ;McDifl AFB,, Florida. AFB, California ,and then lived in Los Angeles while waiting /or dad to return from Korea. (This gal sure gets around), Carol's measurements are 3521-35-and, she is five foot four And weighs 110 pounds. Blue eyes and long brown ^hair-turned under complete the picture. Heir hobbies; shopping for» new clothes! Her falents 'include icook- ing and baking ,"anything' sweet"; Swimming' : and bowling--are her favorite sports' and she 'enjoys watching-football gaines.' - " ' Carol. Is .a rock' and., roll fan and her favorite'recording, artist is Fabian about -ivhom she comments; "he may not be the best singer but man, is he cute" , A sophmore at Bunker Hill rjigh, ^arol is majoring-in commercial business. - v * v CHERYL BROOStf-May 29, 1943 is tfie birthdate 1 of'our next young miss. Cheryl Broome, daughter oL Major and Mrs Harry Flook made her appearance into the world at Fort Ash- leads, For a starter let ,si8er the lead against no-trump when no one has bid_a' suit. In this spot we go way"back to whist where'the general rule nr M , . , aui.i? jiuv me WUilU ill r UrL ASH- few miles" having been "stationed at: Highland Radar Station New Jersey; Montauk Point, New dark brown hair. When asked what her hobbies were she replied, homework and-boys." NORTH V Q 10 2'i 10 •J \ +9.32 • ..' 'WEST , / EAST *^52 - ' AK1093- ¥"K 9l6 5 4 ¥73474 ' , * A93 + K.85' , +J1064- SODTK (D) , 4AJ84,, VAJ8 4 J 6 2 -' + AQ7 ( _ North and South vulnerable -South West, 'North E*st MN.T. Pass ~"2N.T. .Pass 3N.T.' Pass. Pass,,- Pass Opening lead — ¥ 5 ' '^B m. '- • '. -... % Cash in your old Spices ANY^BRAND atthenraaer is to. leadvthe fourth best of your longest and "strongest •suit. You lead fourth best •(Don't think : ishe 'meant them in that order tho.) She really enjoys bowling but excels • at, swimming. Her talent quite a few in her colection. When asked her.favorite recording"'artist 'she replied, Frankie Avalon fsigh), I think Jus style is, the most." , Marilyn,- a junior' at Bunker Hill: ligh school as majoring in com mercial business and has hig lopes of. becoming a secretary. Carpi 'Ersfcine:' July 8, 1945 i he birth date-of Carol Erskin and the place was Alhambra, Cal fo.rnia: Carols dad, T/Sgt. Ralp Grant Ersbne'who is present!} assigned to 1915th AACS Sq. start ed her-travels at Larson AFB Washington. From, the nations capital- the Erskines went 'on~to Jrentwaters AB, England; Nellis AFB, .Nevada; Sampson AFB York; Lackland AFB, Texas; York; Fayetteville .AFB,' North Carolina; Fairbanks AFB, Alaska; Ellington AFB, Texas; Mather AFB.'-Californiaf' MacDill.. AFB. is painting pictures and she has Florida 1 ; Hunter 'AFB; Georgia-""• - '*— " •-- '- " Barksdale AFB, Louisiana; Offut CROSSWORD PUZZLE *"««•*• Ye.t.rf.yi 'ACROSS 1-Twist S-Torrid S-Welght (colloq.) 12-Arabian commander 13-Anger H-Above 15-Fort . IB-Through l7-s»all openlnj: IS-Cuts of meat ZO-Feel'reeret for 22-Note ol »calo- 23-Weary 2i-Inylgoratel (colloq.) 27-Dance hills 31-Mohammedan commander S2-Shore birds 33-Knock 3<-Coj»paalOtt- able 36-Cautlot» 37-Snow nmnera x3S-Pronoun 39-Took unlawfully 41-Piecee of cut .timber 46-Roman trarment 47-Before 49-Cleanlns substance 50-Solar disk'- 51-Small cnild 52-Glrl's name 53-llusical Instrument 54-Ocean S5.Condescend-* Ing look DOWN 1-Wagers 2-Send forth S-BaaebaJl . team <-Fears ff-Paj^s-of body 6-Xative metal 7-Prichtful, S-Delivery: ,i.,,t» »-Cry of * -Bacchanals 10-Flow.erless plant 11-AUowanea for wasto 19-Kn.ockout (abbr.) 21-PerIods of time 23-Caudal appendages 24-Dance step 25-Th» self 26-Moccasln 27-Cupboards 2S-Period of time S3-Sailor (coUoq.) 39-Sacret asent Si-Garden implement 35-Land » , surroundsd by water HCSBS HQHIIl HO BEH OGIiiEI QHS HQEa BJSSSS3 am QQB aaa HO DfiHB ESS QQ H@BB BHQCI3 36-Carnlvorous mammal 38-Exclamatiojs 39-Heavenly -,body <0-Cany -8 <l-S-«hkped moldinff 42-Greek letter ,<3--Was bom* 44-Europeaa 45-Box -' <S-FIah ess* 12 40 26 22 35 37, 19 32 13 27 '47 23 14 17 36 49, 28 43, .' by United' Feature Syndicate, Inc. 30 45 AFB, Nebraska; back to MacDill and o"n to Bunker Hill. (I would say that was quite a few miles) Water-skiing, roller skating and horseback riding are Cheryl's favorite sports. Her hobby js collecting records from progressive jazz on to the latest hits. Sara Vaughn gets her vote for the best'female singer and-her favorite male _singer is Bobby Barrin. Favprife type music: rythem and^lues. Talent wise, Cheryl enjoys playing the piano and is sold on>inter- petive dancing. A'senior at Bunker Hill High School where- she is taking'the Academic Course, Cheryl plans on attending college^ and majoring in dramatics. - . Miss Broome's measurements are: 36-24-36 and she is five foot wo. "Brown hair, green eyes" and veight 115 complete this descrip- as to retain your higher cards for later use. You lead your longest and strongest suit because that is the "suit most likely to produce tricks for you. , Sometimes,' no lead will do the defense, any good. However, in today's hand, if South slips at trick one this particular fourth best, lead will beat him. South can win the trick quite cheaply, but his correct play is to use his ace. Then he goes after the diamond _suit. East will hold off until the 'third lead and his best defense will be to return a heart. Now, dummy's queen of hearts will be an entry for the last two diamonds. , South won't be entirely out of the woods. Four diamonds, two hearts and two black aces and he will have to "attack one of the black suits. If' he tries clubs'he will go down, but if he. tries spades everything will -be rosy. Deaths WENDLER Final sen-ices for- Mrs. DeHa Washington Bureau , o Meet Tuesday Nighf Washington township , Farm iureau will meet at 7:30 (CST) Tuesday evening, Oct. Hi at the chool,'for"election of officers. . There will be a film shown by a. epresentative of the Cass county :o-op Pet and Hobby club mem- ers will meet with their leaders, Irs. Frances Plummer and Mrs. ftlma Miller. Befreshmeuts'will te served. - Hoq Killed By Car West Of Royal Center A 200-pound white hog owned by^Harry P. Moon, Royal Center Rt 2, was struck and, lolled Friday night by a car driven by Ronald Lee Adair, Buffalo Adair's car was damaged an estimated $40. The accident occurred ,on State Rt."16 four miles west of Royal Center. Ann' Wendler, 76, wife of Charles Wendler, 922 Twentieth,-will be at jl-30 Monday -at- the • McCloskey' Hamilton-Kahle funeral home.,Th'e Reverend G. C Morgan will officiate and burial will be in the Royal Center cemetery. Friends' may call at the funeral home. ' '.*• •HUDDLESTON - ' Final rites for Victor Huddlesten, 52, formeV local resident, who died^ at Rochester, will be at" the Foster and Good funeral hom6, there at two o'clock this afternoon. The Reverend Ray Mills will officiate and burial' will be m the Rochestet IOOF ;cemetery.' _ Fnends may call at the funeral •Home. • t LOGAN Matinee Today Box Office Opens J:00 p.m. - 80c- 25c NOW THRU. TUESDAY MOST NOTORIOUS KILLERS- MUROKR, INC. .t.rrtn. STUART WHITMAN • .M HENRY MOR3AW . PETER FALK . .=,..„„., *, «v, TUNICK •/BOUT BALABAN • DWenO By »l)»T B*LA>AN ,«, ITUAHT M Second Feature' CROWNED QUEEN -_ VALPARAISO, Bid.. (AP) - A beautiful brown-haired sophomore from Forf Wayne, Carol iCoenem-' man, reigned'Saturday over Valparaiso University homecoming. : estivities. The, 18 : year-old coea was crowned by p,P) JKretzmann, university president. ^ -: ^ • '* • SZO'TARE - RICHMOND, .'Ind: (AP)-Mary 'M. Hathaway,, 45,-Seattle,'.Wastfr was put off a 1ms here' Saturday for a n n o y i n"g passengers and crawled into what she thought was a taxicab. It turned out to be a police,car, and she was fined $20 for public intoxication It has been estimated that-termites cause $25fl,00£worth of damage' daily in the'United States. Harrison Bureau To Meet For Ham Supper Hollis Moon' o'f the Indiana Farm Bureau tax legislation department-will be the speaker at a meeting of the Harrison township Farm Bureau to be held at 6 pm. Wednesday in the Lucerne schools f The meeting will be-in the form of a ham supper. Each Farm Bureau member is asked to bnng a guest. The Pet and Hobby club members will meet with their leaders. Show Starts at 7 00 (C.5.TJ " SUNDAY "HELLER IN PINKJJGHTS" J (Color! ^ Sophia Lor>n—Anthony Qumn x ^ - AJ.SO V Selected Short Sublets •< ' ,THI$ SPECIAL OFFER' EXPIRES NOVEMBER 5 . Spicea and herb* kx» tWt strength. Now, you out take an?' brand oif stale spksa to ow outer «xi getl<^credft<m«iyKfogBrfcaah8^io». or Herb for «fwrj old can ytm. bring m. WHEN ONES i Ths fragrant bouquet herbs and ipic*c brin grandmother's ofd fathioned :an't help but notice the reasonings make Save on Kroger Spices \" / V ( Gef f/iese and many others for 19cpr I aK.whe~n you trade in your old ones.' WithTr«d«ln Reg. Price % -or. can 19c Rubbed Sage. Reg. Price 1-ol. can 29c Ground Nutmeg. w . th . T » d . ii : Reg. Price 1 %-oz..can 19c, 19 Reg. Prke 1 'A-or. can 19c > i ' Poultry Seasoning ^. T ^i n Reg. Price 1 V4-oi. canJ9e Chili Powder.., Reg. Price 2-or. can 29c _ Keg. crice I '/<-oz..can ivc, A '. eg. rce -or. can Ground Cinnamon ?<**&* 7? Black Pepper Reg. Price 1 Yi-or. can 25c Pumpkin Pie Spice .Vt Reg. Price 1 'A-or. can 29e Apple Pie Spice Reg. Price 4-ox. can 49c Black Pepper.. Reg. Price l-oi. can 25c Stick Cinnamon IHE»*HAPPY,»WAY TO SHOP EASTGATE PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER

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