The Argus from Fremont, California on May 2, 1970 · Page 16
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The Argus from Fremont, California · Page 16

Fremont, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1970
Page 16
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THE ARGUS Page 16 Fremont - Newark, California Saturday, May 2, 1970 Effects of fallout to be investigated in group W report SAN FRANCISCO - Almost half the children in the United Slates and England, who recently died in their first year o£ life, probably died because of nuclear testing. Since the early 1950s, an estimated 400,000 youngsters in the United States alone have died as a result of riuclear-expl'osion radioactive fallout. These grim statistics by the noted radiation physicist Dr Ernest Sternglass - as well a others equally grim by other scientists - are presented on the Group W (Westinghouse Broadcasting Company) special, "Give Earth a chance, Part H: And On The Eighth Day," which will be broadcast Tuesday, May 12,8:30-9:30 p.m. on KHX. One of the many scientists interviewed in the program, Dr. Sternglass, discusses his views on how even low-levels of radioactivity attack the genes in sperms an'd eggs and may result in deformed children. * * * DR. STERNGLASS further demonstrates in the program, narrated by Group W chief Correspondent Rod MacLefeh, that the changes in infant mortality relate to the rising levels of radioactivity. He believes that radibacbivlty attacks the reproducive cells and slows down development of the fetus. "Most of the increase took place Jn deaths due to immaturity -- children born strangely underweight despite our better food and medical care in this country. Nbrmally, if it's dry that many of the to-date minor earthquakes in Denver the well taken care of the child can live. But if you do this to millions of people, many of whom don't have good medical care, then those children die more frequently of infectious diseases," Dr. Sternglass says. "And On The Eighth Day" is the second of the (bur-part Group W series, "Give Earth A Chance." Part I, "Teach-In On the Environment," dealt with' the University of Michigan teach-in and .was broadcast April 18 on KPIX. Part HI is scheduled for the week of June 1. part IV will 1 be seen later this year. "And On Ths Eight Day," in addition to studying forms of air, water and thermal pollution often discussed and given considerable coverage by the media, probes generally unexplained earth tremors in Denver. * * * GEOLOGIST David Evans elaborates on the 'growing the' ory that many of the to-date minor earthquakes in D e n v e r ·have been caused by the storage, s i n c e 1960, of nerve-gas waste under the Rocky Mountain arsenal. "As the rocks were forced apart, the water c a u s e d a lubricating effect allowing the rocks to slHe past each other. 'And when they slid, there was a vibration and Denver felt an earthquake," Mr. Evans says. There is a danger, he adds, of such earthquakes bringing nerve gas back up from the ground, been caused by the storage, sisce 1960, of nerveigas (ion, utilizing expertise of Dr. Barry Commoner and Dr. Kenneth MeHanby, ecologists; Dr. Oscar Balchum of Los Angeles; L. J. Fuller, head of 'Los Angeles air Pollution Control; Or. W. Frank Blair, a zoologist; Dr. G. T. Goodman, a botanist; Dr. Robert Pendleton, a radiologist and Dr. Peter Met zger, a biochemist. "And On The Eighth Day" was produced tor television by Thames, Ihc. of London, 'In a review oif the program, Maurice Wiggin of the Sunday Times of London wrote: "It was very fine but hard to 1 lake. This was a hair-raising summary of the ha v o c which ·we are causing, and retribution which we are laying up for ourselves by our pollution of the enviornment." Pe'ter Voulkos, sculptor and potter, pours molten me'bal for a casting for a bronze sculpture at his foundry m Berkeley. The bronze piece was commis stoned for the Hall of Justice in San Francisco. This is Ms second yetir of work on the still untitfeSd pieCe. He is among eight artiste in the video abcu- menfJary, "Witfh These Hands: The Re- Birth of the American Craftsman," to ! colorcast at 9 p.m. Friday, May 8 on KGO-TV, channel 7. Phil Oclis concert BERKELEY -- Tickets are still available for the Phil (Mis concert tonight at 8:30 in the Berkeley Community Theater. An American songwriter and .politically oriented folk- rock singer, Phil Ochs has emerged as one of the most anguished observers of contemporary society in ail of music today. Ilis albums and live performances reflect the dissatisfaclion with the "old" America ad mjusteally exi- press the desire for immediate change. A graduate of a Virginia military academy who later attended Ohio State University, Fiiil Ochs underwent his own cultural revolution and musical genesis when he first came to New York City. There, 'living in : Greenwich Village, Ochs became involved in the great proliferation of social protest songs then being written and started iwriting songs himself in 198k Phil Ochs has recorded 1 six albums, 'three for Elektra and three thus far for 'ASM. The first three were generally protest; the fourth ("Pleasures of the Harbor") is a fragile excursion into poetry and away from polemics, ithe (fifth . ("Tape from. California") is a blending of the two, and the most recent ("Rehearsals for Retirement") is an agonized depiction of a confusing world. Mozart fantasies recorded WBW YORK ,(-UP!I) - By coincidence Lili Kraus and P e t e r Scrkin have both recorded two odd piano pieces of Mozart, the fantasis in C minor (K.475) and in D minor (D.397) which require both imagination and attenfiveness of i(he listener because they are not typical of the pianistic Mozart. Fantasia is a descriptive label for them. They have an exiploratory quality. Yet the composer doesn't seem to have been improving. The C minor seems ,to be concerned with discoveries in key relations while the D minor suggests an exploratory extension of personal emotions to find out where they might end. C ^----·--'·I · KeJe y- TM e bronze P ieee Was conimis- among eight artiste in the video abcu- KGO-TVrchknnel 7 Y ' Y ° n "nd ° U ' **" *** ' Winning Contract \m -m 9 "--~~~-f 1 elevision timetable 'i «eart Saturday Bas6ball;m · Saturday's best viewing S, 0 ?* 101 " 111 °® Green Acres: ^ 2 hearts . . Baltimore W CD I Spy Hank Kimball prepares to mi East Morning ncnir,*i. ' ^-KENTUCKY DERBY FESTIVAL AND PARADE: High- 36 Tales of Wells T 'w W carpenter. A K 9 8 7 2 Q J 2 J 8 -I 2. * Q 10 7 4 2 '" 1 J 9 5 * A Q 7 4 3. * A Q 3 2 0 9 4 3 2 4. * A 10 8 3 2 0 A 3 2 * A J 8 5 0 J 10 4 9 10 * K J 4 3 V 10 * A K 10 7 K Q J 7 6 3 BRIDGE QUIZ fiotli sides vulnerable, (he bidding goes: North '1 Heart 2 hearts East Pass Pass Sou* 1 spade ? West Pass What would you bid now with each of :the following hands? ANSWERS 1. Three spadeis. This tore- ing rebid is in line with the maxim that an opening bid opposite an opening bid generally produces a game. You do not really care whal your p a r t n e r says over three spades: he may raise to four spades, or rebid four hearts, or go to three notrump, and ·in each and every case your hand should be highly suitable. 2. Tiv'o notrump. This time your hand dbes not quite contain tlie full values for an opening bid and -- wilh a vdM in opener's suit - there is also the possibility of a m isf i t Accordingly, you select a bid which opener may pass if he has TM more than a minimum hand. ff you were to make a forcing bid of three clubs, which your partner would not be allowed to pass, you would be- asking for trouble. Admittedly, you may get it anyway, but there's no sense anticipating. 3. Pass. Since you have only 10 points in high cards- it is unlikely that the values for game are present and therefore you simply leave your partner in a pa-rlfal score. Admittedly, 'with a singleton heart you are not wildly enthusiastic about a heart contract, but nevertheless your partner can probably make eight tricks. If you were to continue bidding, partner would place you with a stronger hand and would assume that you were still interested in reaching game. 4. Three clubs. Partner is absolutely obliged to respond to three clubs, which is a better bid than three notrump for two reasons. Firstly, because Tour hearts may be a superior Contract if opener holds a six-cr seven-card heart suit and no guard in diamonds. (In line with this, you intend to bid four hearts if partner rebids his hearts once again over three clubs.) Secondly, because opener may be able to show delayed support for spades, or indicate a four-card club unit. Three notrump is unlikely to be the best contract unless opener has a bolsler in diamonds, in which case he can bid notrump over three clubs. 5. Three hearts. With 12 points in high cards and sow- erful support for opener's .major suit, the hand is almost worth a raise to game. The reason for taking a cautious position is that by bidding only Ihrcc hcarls you keep open !he possibility of your partner playing the hand at three notrump if he has undisclosed values in the uiibid suite, 6a.m. Q Across the Fenct B Agriculture Show 6:30 a.m. BE Campus Profile Q University of Michigan 8 Sunrise Semester (Q Voice ol Agriculture 7a.m. BOB Heckle and Jeckie B Superman BCD Gulliver Q9Sunrise Semester C0 Course for Credit: "Introduction to Art" 7:30 a.m. 8 The Lone Ranger QCDfB Smokey the Bear 03 Comstock Club Presents Chief Eagle of the Sioux Indian Tribe 03 Big Picture ... 8 a.m. BOB Here Comes the Grump 80903 Jetsons G(B The Cattanooga Cats B Sesame Street (Repeat) C0 Captain Delta 8:30 a.m. B Existence BOB The Pink Panther 80903 Bugs Bunny, Road Runner 44 Music and the Spoken Word 9a.m. 3 Oennis the Menace BOB Put 'n Stuff OfDCE) Hot Wheels 44 Voice of Agriculture 9:30 a.m. B BOB Binina Splits ODD© Dastardly and Muttley and Their Flying Machines QOHE) The Hardy Boys 44 Kathryn Kuhlman 10 a.m. 0 Cisco Kid 00903 Wacky Races OOfQ Sky Hawks 36 Festive Utlno 44 Baseball: Oakland A's vs. Washington Senators 10:30 :;s. O Movie: "Tin Big Bluff," Eddie Constantl;ie(I957) BOO The FllntitOMi GOD Scooby Doo OOtff) Ciorti of In* Jungle 11 a.m. BOO Baseball: Minnesota at Baltimore ODD Archie OfD Get It Together: Lulu, johnny Tillotson 03 Archie (B Focus on Education: "Placer County" 11:30 a.m. OfDfB American Bandstand 36 Festival Latino Afternoon Noon B Roller Derby: Bay Bombers vs. Northwest Cardinals 00903The Monkeys 20 Highway Patrol 12:30 p.m. B What't It All About? "Sports and Games" O Visual Girl 0903 Penelope Pitstop CD Spotlite on Speed (0 Skippy the Bush Kangaroo 20 Scene 70 36 Teatro Mexicano 1 p.m. B Islands in the Sun: "Ancient Isles" 809 Kentucky Derby Festival and Parade O High Road to Adventure (0 You and the Law 44 Movie: "The Fighting Seabees," John Wayne (1944) 1:30 p.m. B Adventure Calls O Movie: "Phantom ol the Rue Morgue," Karl Maiden (1954) CD Wagon Train 20 The Music Connection 44 Movie: "Divorce ol Lady X," M»rle Oberon (1938) 2 p.m. 8 Movie: "Suleiman the Conqueror," Edmund Purdom (1962) B Marvelous. Magnificent. The Met. ropolitan Museum. Mayor John Lindsay hosts a program saluting the centenary ol the Metropolitan Museum ol Art. O The Westerners BOD The Kentucky Derby Race B Movie: "San Antonio," Crrol Flynn (1945) 35 rrin fuiy 2:30 p.m. O Movie: 'Thunder Over Arizona," George Macready (1957. (D Wanderlust (0 To be announcid Saturday's best viewing 1 P.M.-KENTUCKY DERBY FESTIVAL AND PARADE: Highlights of the preliminary pageantry adding, a Mardi Gras ·flavor to one of America's oldest horse races. Peter Graves and Marilyn Van Derbur act as hosts (Chs. 5,10). 7:30 P.M.-HAUMARK HALL OF FAME: David MeCallum, Ossie Davis and George Grizzard star in the story of a mentally-retarded boy and his tutor, "Teacher, Teacher" to be repeated tonight on Chs. 3,4,8). 7:30 P.M.-LBJ: TRAGEDY AND TRANSITION: For the first time since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, former President Lyndon B. Johnson gives his own account of the tragic events in Dallas and his assumption of the Presidency. Johnson is interviewed by Walter Cronkit (Chs. 5, 10). 8 P.M.-CANDIDATES' NIGHT: Members of the press interview San Francisco, Marin, Napa and Sonoma candidates for U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate, State Assembly and County Supervisors (Oh. 9). 10 P.M.-ASSIGNMENT VIETNAM: A multiple-image look at South Vietnam through the eyes of three Western news correspondents: Peter Arnett, Dirk West, Mark Frankland (Ch. 5). 20 Movie: 'Tarzan's Greatest Adventure," Gordon Scott (1959) 3p.m. 8 Movie: ."Five," William Phipps (1951) Q CBS Golf: Gene Littler, Ken Still. Miller Barber, Onn'lle Moody 03 Movie: "Lisbon," Ray Milland (1955) CD High School Bowl 03 Wrestling C0 The Outdoorsman 36 Left, Right and Center: Candidates for 24 th Assembly District 44 The Bowery Boys .. .3:30 p.m. CD Movie: Tarzan's Desert Mystery," Johnny Weismuller (1943) 36 Upbeat ....4 p.m. B Alrted Hitchcock O Vojuge to the Bottom of the Sea B The Run for the Roses: Derby Day through the years. 03 Zane Grey CD :15 Baseball: Oakland A's vs. Washington Senators 20 Safari 32 S;:n; sad Csd! 4:30 p.m. B Sm Frandsco But B Movli: "Soldier o! Fortune," Clark Gable (1955) O rjj'ry mason O Sports World: Kemper Open Golf B Movie: "Raiders of the Range," Tom Tyler (1955) 09 Bill Anderson Q3 Land of the Giants 32 Deputy Dawg 36 Scene 70 5pm.. B National All Star Wrestling O Judd for the Defense BCD ABC Sports 09 Wilburn Brothers 20 Judy Lynn 32 Meet Mister Mitch 36 Opportunity Line 44 Wagons Ho 5:30 p.m. B Have Gun, Will Travel B Gilligan's Island Q Un Canto de Mexico 09 Porter Wagoner 03 Here Come the Grides 20 Sea Hunt 35 Movie: "Young Racers," Mark Demon (1963) 6p.m. B Stir Trek QCIBOOD News QSoul ZO Oattr Limit; 32 Upbiat 44 Debit Glllls 6:30 p.m. OO Huntley-brlnkliy O Candid Camera 0)1 Spy 36 Tales of Wells Fargo 44 The Addams Family 7 p.m. B Movie: "Gypsy," Roslind Russet (1962) O Speak Out B "on Mager's Electric Impressions: Variety news magazine Q Anniversary Game B Buck Owens O World Press 09 Death Valley Days 03 Family Affair C0 Perry mason 20 Defenders 32 Truth or Consequences 36 Mown 44 Twilight Zone 7:30 p.m. BOB Hallmark Hall of Fame: 'Teacher, Teacher," drama concerning efforts to teach a 13-year-old retarded youngster to read. David MeCallum, Ossie Davis and George Grizzard star. 8Q9G3 CBS News Special: "LBI Tragedy and Transition." Former President Lyndon B. Johnson gives his own account ol the tragic events in Dallas and his assumption of the Presidency. GO) Let's Make A Deal 32 Bill Anderson 36 County Carnival 44 Movie: "House on Haunted Hill," Vincent Price (1959) Bp.m. OOHB Newlywed Game Q Candidates' Night: San Francisco, Marin, Napa and Sonoma candidates for U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate, Slate Assembly and County Supervisors. 20 Movie: "Curse ol Dracula," Francis Lederer (1958) 32 The Square World of Ed Butler: "The Campus Revolution" will be discussed by Al Capp and Congressman Bill Brock B36 Porter'Wagoner 8:30 p.m. 803 My, Three Sons: The family tries to help Sieve with his courtship. iliTifSiTi Lawrence We'k 32 Movie: "Don't trust Your Husband," Fred MacMurray (1948) 36 Nllhville Cat 9 p.m. BOB Movlt: "Nobody's Perfect," i.poiig McClure · BQ9 Green Acres: County agent Hank Kimball prepares to marry a lady carpenter. 36 Wilburn Brothers 44 Movie: 'The Doctor and the Girl," Glenn Ford (1949) 9:30 p.m. B Movie: "Witness for the Prosecution," Tyrone Power (1958) 809 Petticoat Junction: Four friends are all named as candidates for a beauty contest. OfDfB ''mmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters: teslie Uggams, Vic Damone, Arte Johnson 03 Movie: "Daughter of the Mind," Don Murray, Ray Milland 20 Movie: "Creation of the Humanoids," Don Megowan (196Z) 36 Country Place 10 p.m. B Assignment in Vietnam: Report ol veteran newsmen on the situation in South Vietnam. Q Speaking Freely 09 Mannix 36 Bullfights 10:30 p.m. O One Man Show: Rip Taylor BJ Movie: 'Top Secret Affair," Kirk Douglas (1957) (Q Here Come the Brides 11 p.m. BO News OOIB News O World Affairs Council: Spiro Agnew 09 News, Movie: "Johnny Guitar," Joan Crawtord (1953) 03 Movie: ' City Beneath the Sea," Robert Ryan 20 Playboy After Dark 44 The Baron 11:30 p.m. Q Joe Pyne B The Avengers O Super Science Theatre B Movie: "The Pride ol the Yan. kees," Garry Cooper (1942) O Movie: 'The Wreck of the Mary Deare," Charllon Hcslon (1959) B Movie: "The Lively Set," James Darren (1964) (0 Movie: "Mix Me a Person," Ann- Baiter (1961) Midnight Q) Late Movie 20 Combat 12:30 a.m. 0 News B Black Ails Theatre CD Lite Movie 1 a.m. B News Q :30 Best of Hollywood O :30 News ,

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