Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 4, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1949
Page 7
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(jarnet Chatter Hears Tragic News By KKWfY CtYMKB A pep dance will be held at the local high school (,-ym this Saturday evening, after the Naugy-Lcav- • nworth football Kame. It will be under the sponsorship of the Sunior class. It is hoped that this dance will be as Krtat a KUCCCKH a_s the two previous endeavors. The cheerleaders. Capt. Ann Rnthburn. Marilyn Carlson. Mnrcrotta Dirc^'un. Wanda Klimaxie^ki. Dinnnt- Spadola, Dor- aid Alrnquist, and I.sabel Czaplickl will be in charge. Th« American Junior Red CTOHS drive Is underway In the hiirh •chool, and all students are urged to joli:. Many FiludnntB nrc working hard on the "I Speak Kor Democracy" contest of late. Miss Dodge, of Albertus Magnus | College, will speak nt n, combined I Senior and Junior girls' assembly, | Monday, Nov. 21. She will talk an j entrance qualification!), etc. Our offloo Bccrolury IK back on tin- job ufl«r Hi'veriU wwkH vacation, und with a ehaiiK" of name. H'M now Mrs. Howard .TohnHon. Sho was formerly known us Mlns Murfha Gluner. The fir.Hi college entrance exams will be held Den. 10, with both scholastic and achlevemonl teHtn on that date. Seniors! 7>lunnlni< to take exams should fill out applications by Dec. 3. For further information contact the office. No trh.K.! n.-xt I-'rlday! Armistice Day! Ann Elise Erickson and Bruce Hoadley. members of the Junior class, will be guest speakers at the adult Pvcd OroMH meeting Nov. 17. They will K lve talks on their trip to the Red Cross conference In Washington earlier this year. Glenn Danxby, Fr<t,hnian, IK out of the honpiUI. He Injured hi* «nkle In a JV football game several week«i aco, and we're glad to »ae him up and around -.igaln. Justine Sanford, who was graduated lust year and is now attending Centenary .Iiinlor College In llaeliettHtown, N. .1., ban been »<•/- '•eplcd UN a nieinher of the r.holr of that school. •*J»T A CPTJWAY f»H THAT IMPORTANT ETENT! W» CM Fit !*„», Ton ),_. IMBIMBO'S All Seniors invltod to partlolputo in the Sub-Freshman Day at C'lark University in Worcester, Muss., Which will tukc place In the near future. All Seniors interested are nxlind to see M!HM Anderson. Members of the faculty and students have been invited to attend the Prospective Students Day at Albertus MagnuH College. It will Uke place Nov. 13, and anyone Interested Is ashed to see Miss Florence Anderson, Guidance director. We wlnh to congratiilutn the local NtiidentH, who took part In the All Stiite Miiwlr Festival In Hurtford last Thursday, for their excellent Anyone planning to take the NnOTC Scholarship exam, must have applications at the Naval Ex- OVSP.COME withci-iollnn. Mrs. Ccsln l.(r,vensi"in uses hoi h.'iruilcerc'iicl to strjn Ihp U'.'us nftcr )(.'wnin£: |h;il her runnel huslinnd, lamest Lowi-n- st.c'in. w;:s ninons llmsc killed In the cr:u',li «l tin Air Fi'iinrc ConslclUilion on nn Azores mountain penk. Her ex-rmitc was reported en route to New York City to effect a reconcili- iitlon with her. (International) amlnlng Section thin month. by the 12th of Mr. l.'dwln Mlllrr's driver triiln- K OlllKHI'H HIIW mOV'ICH OH lU'C'l- ntH and Jioiv II»'.y liupix-ii ut itn assi-mhly in the study hall Tuesday during IMiiHir period. Sunday Excursions to NEW YORK LOW Round Trip FARE (Tax Incl.) Going Lv. Naugatuck 8 :09 AM Arr. New York (GOT) 10 :02 AM Return Lv. New York (GOT) 7:35 PM Arr. Naugatuck 9:36 PM Tickets Limited to Train Capacity THE NEW HAVEN R.R. Bob Zehndor luis been namod editor of the Junior class's edition of Garnet. Glimpses which will come: out next month. Nr.w material on tho II. 8. Navy may bo obtained at the office. Anyone thinking of joining? The Naugaluck High School Football team will travel to Watorbury this Saturday where they will take on Leavenworth High at the Municipal Stadium. <Tho locals are rated a very good chance of breaking Into the win column for the first time this season. For The Best In Jewelry C.H.Tomlinson Neary Building Nuujcatuck, Conn. IWMTWUOHT PORTABLE for l.wina •«-«B*-ga.Fi>ll.tlz«Mwlnaun»c*m> atola wHfc • handy <arrying cat*. •NO TABLE MODEL f.olur.l out,- MHc hMd im. 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DOMESTIC BUTTONHOLE WORKER .' DILUXt DISK MODEL h.Mi ,.wl»« ••4 writing tvppll.i. Smartly MyU4 '•raftoT* pit** you l»k« arid* In. OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS CARLSON'S CLOSED MONDAYS ON THE AIR G:30— WATIV- NAUQATUCK NKWfc — WHKV— Hi Heluiol III ]-,lt<!H wric— .IIIMI riuiii JJIH ww<:o~ Turn Mix CMC-WUItV— Curt MttHHcy WTU:— Krimt I'IIKU Furrull 6 :00— All HtulluiiH— NUWH fi:ir>— WA'I'R— SuorlH ul the Day WWCO— SpurtHcupc WIIKV— lli.ii. Town Coinm. WTIC-Hlrliilly HJMII-I.M f>:'ir< -WIIKV ti WATIt— Uem. Town Cnmm. 6:30— WATIt-Vim Tubel ; Sparta WBliy— John A. Chmuy WWC()--Wlni 1 ii TnlkhiK WTH' WrlKlilvlllu Ji-oIkH C .-•Ili— WATIt— Hninrny Knye WTIC— a Htiir Kxtru WllllV— IXJWBII ThoinaR 7 :00— WATK— Headlines Edition WIIKV— Anthony V. Murtlno W'J'IC— l>lKht U|i Tliim WWro— Fulton I,uwl«, Jr. 7:ir>— WATK— I'lione Vour Annwer WTIC— NCWH wnilY— Adventures of Babe Ituth WWO- Hnmililm, Himellil 7 :.1«— WATIt— l.lMlnn LCI Ann (Ironler WUIlV-ClnIi If, WWCO— ciuiirlRl Mf<iLU«r WTIO— f}ii«Ht Slur 7 I'in-WATK-ninK Cnmby WWOfi— i 'ijuvu A Mystery WUIIY— Kilward R Murrow H'TIC— All/um ol the We«k 8 :00-WATH-The Fat Mnn WTTC—Hi'iiry Mot-Run Show WliKV— Tim UiildborKR WWCO-HniiM MurKiin SrSO-WATK-Vour VfST WHKY— My Fnvorltn Hlixtmnd WWOO— On tlm f.n-i-n WTTC— We. t)in People X Mil— WWCO— HnolllKht on a Stnr ft: Of)— WATK— Ozzlu & Hiirrlett WTIO-l.lli. nl Itlltty wnilV— T,i<avo U To .loan WWCO— Air Force Hour !l:30— WATK— TI3A WTIC— Jimmy 1>urnnt« WWC'r >_ Rnrhii nl <<i] I lour \\'H l{ V— Crlrm.' CoiTrMHondcnt -WTIf— THA WI'.KV — Vnnnif 1,0V., WATIl— MoxlllK Houts wwci )_.MewB Cominuntatnr — WWPO— NewMrnvi — WT I r'.-HnortH NnwMrncil WATIt— HlwirlH T':iB(. WllltV— f.'niiltol Clunk-room WW«<K-Mnrlrm Miller 10:4R— WTIP— Pro iind Con M -nn_AM '-iniiiinH— NflWH II :ir, WATK- Kport« WTir'~N«WH WWCO— UN To.lny W1HIY— Nlto Shift 11 :30— WATfl— C,,.mt< ; Dunce WTFO— PiiHlelH In P.hythm WWCO— Diiinn Orel). 12:00-AI1 Htutlonn— NIIWR WNIIO-TT Channel a nmn-.Tcci Ht««li! show ri : a»-Tcli,|iincH 6:00— Ni-WHi-i-cl ti Vt\ni HhortH «:HO— KHH.V FJonH 7t 6:jr>— Pn-HH lirjx 7:«fl— Kukla. Frun & 0111* 7 :;10 — Morton Downey 7:4r,_Ni-wHreel « :00 — Mama X .-nn— W<-. the Pennlp !l:00— Tionnv Mald.s Show !l :30— nijf Stfiry lOrdtl— Boxlnu I ": I r,— RiiortH TTlKMlKhtx 111:2(1 -Holler lii.rhy W(1 IIS Chunnnl S fi :00-Tut! Hloeln r, :HO— The Chuck Wagon 6:30— Tricky I'up f,Mr,— Hob Ilowuril Khow 7:00— Klrliy Ktoiic Uulnlnt 7:ir,— Trfl Hii-iiln 7 '.'to— CliH Ti'lcvlnliin N«Wfl 7:4rj-Himriy KolulCH Hhow 7 :f,r. — To Ho Announced R : 00— Mn mn S:3n_M:in Aenlnnt Crlmo « :.10— Man AKiilnwl Crlmu ll;Or)-"Hhe l.ovr'M Me Not" 10:00— Peonli-'H T'lnttorm 10:80— CaDltol Cloakroom ] I :00— NewHrool W.NIIT (hnnntl t fi : I r,— Judy Sp]lntnr« H:3fl— Howrty Dnocly 6:00— Wentern Film fi:3fl— 1'^afly po<!H It f! .-r.i" — Wenthnrman 7:00— Kukln, Fran & Ollln 7 : 30— Morton Dcwnny 7:45— NewH S: 00— One MIIII'H Family S -flo—Wo. H^hn People 9. 00— Bonny Maldn Show 5 -SO— Relievo Tt Or Not 10:00— Tioxlnit I 1 -00— OrciatoHt Fltun II :15— SportH Ml Liten New Navy Chief For Unification (By United Trews) The tough admiral who Is ^he new chief of naval operations Intends to keep the navy out of future squabbles with the army and air force. DeTonsc sources say Vice-Admiral Forrest Sherman served that notice in the first full day at his now post Vcstertliiy. Sherman killed operation 23 — a navy (froup which reportedly sparked the battle waged against the unlfictlon program by band of rebellious admirals. And these Informants say Sherman means to make the navy, from the lowly gob up to the 'highest brass, toe the unification line. BRIGHT NEW FACES! Let Schpero's give your old watch a wonderful ' now look' with a brand- new modern face, Selipcro'N lias smart, replacement watch faces for your selection. William Schpero 162 Church Street SAVED FROM DEATH IN BRIDGE FALL HANGING ON TO PILING at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge, New York, dock worker Michael Valentc keeps Patrick Ryan (arrow), 28, above water as a police rescue boat maneuvers to pick them up. Below, suffering a fractured spine and internal injuries, Ryan is lifted to landing following his 120-foot plunge into the East River. (International) Run On Coffee Will Cause Higher Cost (By United Press) The cu|p- of coffee you had Jor breakfast ,3<;ems to 'bo going the way of the five-cent cigar. A wave of false rumora about a coffee s<hlortage have Jacked up the price of coffee as much as 20 cents a pound in so ma areas and may even cause an actual cof fee shortage. A United Press survey o£ coffee dealers across the country shows t'hat housewives nrc hoarding not.- fee... ibuylng now to have It In when a shortagf! develops. But tha rumors of n shortage are not true at looat now. Hut the dealers say there will be a shortage if hotiHowlw-s keep buying it practically by the sack. The dealers call the hoarding "senseless." and warn that housewives will suffer In the end...-with name brands selling for MB high as 79 cents a pound next week unless the run on the coffee, shelves stops. KII.J,jEI> BV THKT Sharon, Nov. 4— (UP)— A 21- year-old man has been killed in a fu.rm. accident. Sta-te Police said Charles J. McDonald wa» struck by a falling tree while working on tbe Vanicky farm. MIUTA11V PARK Washington—Largest of the mlli- lury parks in the U. S. la Chlcka- mauga south of Chattanooga, Tcn- nossae, covering 5,500 tioros. NACGATUCK NEWS (CO7W.), FIUnAV, NOV. «, 1M8—PAGE WITHDRAWN Mrs. Gertrude A. Cable, Naugatuck, has withdrawn a divorce action, filed In Watcrbury Superior Court against Calvin R. Cable. Cruelty had been charged In tho suit. The couple was married Nov. , 1845. SANTOS GENERAL REPAIR6 Washing Machine*, B»by Carriage* Bicycle*, Soldering LAWN MOWERS SHARPT^TED ISO Rubber A»e. Phone BS77 NOTICE Our Ford Sales Room is open evenings until 9 o'clock Monday Through Friday The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH ST. __ NAUGATUCK NEW YORK At Th* C«ntar Of Activity JULIS t. ZIIP Olttttut THE FINEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO LIVE . . WATER POWER Our water power resources have been developed intensively, but the bulk of New England's electricity fnusi be steam generated because, except in Maine, there isn't enough water power to go around. — bttt there's too use pretending that u>e have EVERYTHING. We have no coal mines in the Berkshiics, no oil wells on Cape Cod. So the cost of shipping in these fuels by rail and boat is a factor in New England's electric rates. Even so, good management and technical skill are largely offsetting this extra cost. Right here in New England today, electricity is the Number One Bargain in the household budget — penny for penny the biggest money's worth of anything you buy. electric lighf and power companies OF NEW ENGLAND Including The Connecticut Light and Power Co.

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