Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on October 28, 1981 · 58
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 58

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1981
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Wednesday, October 28, 1981 Austin American-Statesman E9 TV (E KMOL (NBC) S. Antonio (X) Cablt 11 KENS (CBS) S. Antonio GD Cablt i KCEN (NBC) Templt O CablelKTBC (CBS) Auttin (DO Cablt I KLRN-KLRU (PBS) IB KWTX (ABC CBS) Waco M Cablt KTVT (IND) Fort Worth IB Cablt 10 KSAT (ABC) S. Antonio OD Cablt JKVUE (ABC),AuKln IB Cabla4KTVV(NBC)Autln QD Cablt 10 ACTV Auttin Community IS Cablt 11 CBN (Religious) U Cablt S ESPN (Entertainment and i Sportt Programming Network) (B Cable t HBO (Homt Box Office) CD Cablt 13 SIN (Span. Int. Network) K Cablt I WTBS Atlanta Cablt 17 CNN (24-hour ntwi) Wednesday morning 5:00 CfjPecado Capital U.S. A.M. S:4S CD A.M. Weather :00 OCHogan'i Heroes fj) Morning Stretch O Town And Country (SOD Educational Programming IS Good Morning Central Texas CEEmilia (E Sports Center 6:10 O People, Places And Things B Cartoons 6:15 IB) Good Morning San Antonio 6:30 (DO Morning stretch OWake Up QD Nashville On The Road (D)News 6:45 Q9 Agriculture Today 7:00 GDCBC5 Today O News CD Good Morning America I) Slam Bang Theatre (UAgenda S.O.S.S.A. Romper Room QDCongresslonal Oversight Australian Rules Football 7:30 O Morning with Charles Kuralt CD 03 Sesame Street (CC) (DEI Chapulin Colorado (CGary Randall (SPaln And Hypnosis 8:00 CCD Comedy Capers (DEI Chavo CCD Faith 20 CfiPaintlng: Visions Through The Ages :30 CD D Educational Programing CO Hot Pudge CCComplicadlslmo (EWestbrook Hospital GS) Punctuation CD Sports Forum 9:00 ffiCB Donahue OlSl One Day At A Time (R) (TO Richard Simmons 83 Good Morning Austin IB Las Vegas Gambit CDMuchacha ttaliana Viene A Casarse 700 Club CfiAir Pollution CE) Sports Center 9:30 0 Alice (R) 01 Dream Of Jeannle CB Richard Simmons 03 Blockbusters CS Physics 10:00 (SQDCB Wheel Of Fortune OThe Price Is Right UGIJ Love Boat (R) CCD I Love Lucy 09 Donahue QSAuto Racing 10:30 GDQD Battlestars CO) The Real McCoys O) Days Of Our Lives QDHoy Mlsmo Another Life 11:00 GD Richard Simmons QD Password Plus O Bob Newhart 0) 03 Family Feud CO) Bewitched All My Children CO Independent Network News 11:30 CD CO News OThe Young And The Restless CD Midday 58 BD Ryan's Hope CD The Doctors MOVIE Wednesday afternoon 12:00 3)3) Days Of Our Lives CD D Educational Programming 03 All My Children (QtCQ News GDMundo Latino 12:30 OAs The World Turns CCO Krofft Superstars CO) Ryan's Hope 63 Joyce And Mel CE) Professional Rodeo From Mesquite, Texas. 1:00 CD GC 63 Another World H 63 One Life To Live CO MOVIE - "Red Dragon" (1967) Stewart Granger, Rosanna Schiaffino. A pair of American secret agents scour Hong Kong for a gang of smugglers. fXEn San Antonio CQ It's A Great Idea 1:30 O Search For Tomorrow CDEspejlsmo OS Faith 20 2:00 GD John Davidson GB 63 Texas (H) 69 General Hospital (XPecado Capital CO700Club C) Labor Unions 2:30 CD (D Here's To Your Health (R) (CC) CffiAIr Pollution This Week In The NHL 3:00 CD Password Plus CD I Love Lucy CD The Doctors O Carol Burnett And Friends CE 03 Reading Is Power 13)63 Edge Of Night CO Popeye 63 Cartoons CEEmilia (S Punctuation CD 1980-81 NBA Highlights 3:30 (2) Happy Days Again CD Woody Woodpecker And Friends GDThe Brady Bunch OSanford And Son ODODWhy In The World W S3 Afterschool Specials - "Tough Girl" A 16-year-old girl with a rough exterior meets a deaf student who helps her to accept herself and his friendship. (CC) CO Battle Of The Planets CS Chemistry 4:00 GDThe Waltons CD Good Times CD Happy Days Again O Wonder Woman CD 03 Mister Rogers (R) CO Bugs Bunny And Friends 63 The Brady Bunch CDY Ahora... Que? Children Of Theatre Street CDPKA Full Contact Karate 4:30 CD Entertainment Tonight CSSanford And Son (D 03 Electric Company (R) (TJ Here's Lucy COGilligan's Island M.A.S.H 63 Happy Days Again 63 Carter Country CDQulereme Siempre 5:00 CD CD OS 63 News CD M.A.S.H OAII In The Family (D03 Sesame Street (CC) 63 ABC News CO What's Happening!! CDMundo Latino 5:30 (DCS NBC News (DO IDS CBS News O Happy Days Again O ABC News 63 Barney Miller CSNotlciero Nacional SIN (H) Donald Duck Quacks Up Wednesday evening ' 6:00 CD CD CD O 39 63 News CD 03 The New Voice COLaverne & Shirley & Company The Pizza Bowl gang, the Fonz and Richie reminisce about the crazy times they've shared with the girls. 58 Family Feud 63Laverne & Shirley & Company (DEI Hogar Que Yo Robe (E Sports Center 6:30 CD Tic Tac Dough CD The Muppets CD Family Feud O The Jeffersons CBCSMacNell - Lehrer Report (HI P.M. Magazine CO Welcome Back, Kotter Barbarlno decides to become a priest after his grandmother requests It on her deathbed. 63 M.A.S.H - The 4077th finds a little bundle of oy on Its doorstep. 63 Entertainment Tonight (DRosa... De Leos GDAIternatlve Views "Nuclear Madness" Author and medical doctor Helen Caldlcott discusses the problems of nuclear power. CffiPaul Simon In Concert 6:59 63 Baseball Game 6 of the World Series. LOS ANGELES Dodgers at NEW YORK Yankees. 7:00 (D CD 63 Real People -Featured: a ghost town; a haunted church; a flying saucer on Washington's Mt. Rainier; a couple who have a wax museum at home. OMr. Merlin -Would-be rock stars Zack and Leo try to obtain a formula for success from Max. CD 03 Business Report 55) 63 The Greatest American Hero See Highlights CO Hawaii Five-0 CO National Geographic Special CD Sports Talk 7:30 OWKRP In Cincinnati -Bailey temporarily allows Johnny Fever to move in with her. 3)03 Art Beat CDLoco Valdez CfiThe Homogenized Nuclear City A look at how the growth of a city can neutralize its appearance and , Its character. 3D MOVIE - '! "Private Benamln" 8:00 CD CD 63 The Facts Of Life -V (Season PremXere) Tootle gets drunk while trying to prove she Is mature. O MOVIE - "Hide In Plain Sight" CD 03 Picasso: A Painter's Diary See Highlights 05)63 The Fall Guy i- See Highlights MOVIE - "Smash-Up On Interstate 5" 700 Club CD Baby Moon (BCFL Football BRITISH COLUMBIA Lions at HAMILTON Tiger Cats 8:30 CD CD 63 Love, Sidney -See Highlights (DEI Idolo 9:00 CD CD 63 Qulncy (Season Premiere) Qulncy takes a romantic Interest in an amnesiac and discovers that her life is in danger. fDNoche A Noche (B Bottom Line 9:30 (D 03 The World Of Fernando Botero See Highlights CD24 Horas Sing Out America Video Shorts (HlHBO Sneak Preview: November 10:00 CD CD OSS S3) 63 63 News (D 03 Dick Cavett CQ) The Odd Couple - Felix is tormented when he learns that his ex-wlfe is dating the brother of Oscar's girlfriend. Nashville R.F.D. CffiOn Location 10:30 CD CD 63 Tonight OAII In The Family -Archie's old Air Force buddy disturbs the household. C) 03 Captioned ABC News m 63 ABC News Nlghtllne CO Benny Hill -Benny decides to give his sidekick a holiday In the sun. (Q M.A.S.H - An outbreak of infectious hepatitis threatens the entire medical staff of the 4077th. CDMOVIE - "Los Ja-guares Vs. El Invasor Misterloso" GDAnother Life (B Sports Center 11:00 O MOVIE -"Blue Hawaii" CD 03 Nova- "Locust: War -Without End" Filmed in Europe and Africa, some of man's latest attempts to rid himself of the locust are examined. (CO A I rami nua Rnat A wi dower and his son fall for the same girl, and a bachelor develops an alleVglc reaction to his girlfriend. (R) Bob Newhart Bob finds Emily's choice of furniture uncomfortable, unappealing and hazardous to his health. 03 Saturday Night Jack Benny (BCollege Football WESTERN KENTUCKY at 1 EASTERN KENTUCKY 11:30 CD CD 63 Tomorrow CO MOVIE - "Go West" Life Of Riley (H) MOVIE - "Autumn Sonata" 12:00 03 ABC News Nightline My Little Margie m MOVIE - '!! "The Pride And The Passion" (Joined In Progress) 12:10 0 Mission: Impossible The IMF must sabotage a conspiracy that would imperil the future of American peace talks. 63 Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Impromptu Murder" A lawyer decides to murder one of his clients. 12:30 02 Love Boat A widower and his son fall for the same girl, and a bachelor develops an allergic reaction to his girlfriend. (R) CDLoco Valdez Bachelor Father 1:00 (B O 63 News Comedy Tonight 1:20 IB MOVIE - "Carnival Story" 1:30 CD La Matraca 2:00 CDMuchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse Jack Benny Sports Center 2:30 Life Of Riley Sports Talk 3:00 My Little Margie 3:20 (9 Rat Patrol Captain Dietrich masterminds a plot to discredit the Rat Patrol Involving the abduction of a revered Arab marabout. 3:30 CDQulereme Siempre Bachelor Father Professional Rodeo From Mesquite, Texas. 3:50 (H Mission: Impossible The IMF must stop a foreign power's plans to assassinate a scientist who has defected to the West. 4:00 CD24 Horas Ross Bagley - J 'I fi V Wednesday's highlights 7:00 63 World Series Baseball - LOS ANGELES Dodgers at NEW YORK Yankees (CC) (Will pre-empt regular programming, depending on weather In New York) 7:0009)63 The Greatest American Hero (Season Premiere) Ralph the reluctant hero is once again called upon to use his super powers when America's national security and national pasttlme are threatened. 8:00 CD 03 Picasso: A Painter's Diary Filmed on locations in France and Spain, a portrait of the late artist and his work features reminiscences by his daughter, son and many colleagues. (R) 8:00 01 63 The Fall Guy (Premiere) A stunt man moonlighting as a bail bondsman sets out to capture a bailjumper, the most powerful man in a small Southwestern town. 8:30 CD CD 63 Love, Sidney (Premiere) Tony Randall stars as a middle-' aged New Yorker sharing an apartment with a woman half his age and her young daughter. 3 ', jw" -""h10 Swoosle Kurtz, Tony Randall and Kaleena Kiff are reunited on 'Love, Sidney.' 'Sidney' strikes blow for human comedy Chalk one up for artistic freedom. The silly battle between the proponents of "Sidney Shorr," including its creators and star Tony Randall, and the opponents, namely backers of the Moral Majority and the advertisers they intimidate, has been won by the proponents. The uproar was created by Sidney's homosexuality, or rather by two obtuse references in the movie, "Sidney Shorr," to his then inactive sex life. Movingly portrayed by Randall, Sidney was a lonely, middle-aged New Yorker who acquired a family, in the form of Laurie and her illegitimate daughter, Patti. At the end of the movie, Laurie married and moved to California, taking Patti and breaking Sidney's heart in the process. It was a hauntingly beautiful story with as much humor as pathos and characters who would not easily be forgotten. Despite the howls of moral indignation, NBC battened down its hatches and aired the movie (on Oct 5, opposite "Monday Night Football") intact. But network entertainment chief Barndon Tartikoff quickly pointed out that the proposed spinoff series, "Love, Sidney" (premieres tonight at 8:30 on KTW-TV, Channel 36), would contain no references to Sidney's homosexuality. Randall, lured back into series television by a character he truly loved, insisted that his portrayal would not change. "Well, he doesn't take a pill and wake up cured!" the actor snorted. In the pilot episode, Sidney does refer to his former "roommate," Martin, as well as offering a curious shrug when a man queries, "Doesn't everybody like women?" These references are not important because a sitcom about a homosexual is a triumph for television, but because the deletion of the references would deny the intended nature of a wonderful character. Since the movie is such a tough act to follow, the series faces an uphill battle, but if the pilot is any indica tion of future quality, it just might e a winner. The episode opens with Sidney in his lonesome kitchen, writing Patti a letter. There's a knock at the door, and suddenly his life is filled with hope and happiness again. Laurie (now played by Swoosie Kurtz instead of Lorna "Private Benjamin" Patterson) is back in New York to work on her soap, "As Thus We Are," her marriage is on the rocks and Patti (Kaleena Kiff) is as adorable as ever. This is not laugh-a-minute, slapstick comedy. The humor comes from love and warmth, an oddball family situation and Sidney's "Jewish mother" complex. But the nervous network meddlers have Inserted a bothersome laughtrack designed to make us think we should be howling and slapping our thighs. rf ' "1 f Television 1 '-r Diane Holloway 5rV- ' : 14 J v ; Lee Majors tries to be just like Burt i Reynolds n kMt'iiam 'Hooper Kurtz is a fine actress but lacks the sweet goofiness and vulnerability Patterson brought to the part of Laurie. Kurtz also looks about 10 years older than when we last saw Laurie, which was supposed to have been a year ago. Nevertheless, the relationship between Randall and Kiff is special and gives the show its strength. Kiff is unusually gifted and natural, and Randall's tour de force is awesome. The two are an unbeatable combination. On a less lofty level, Lee Majors tries his darndest to be just like Burt Reynolds as "Hooper." He sets himself on fire, crashes into walls, leaps from helicopters, makes wisecracks about his advancing middle-age and continues to drive women wild. "The Fall Guy" (premieres either tonight at 8, KVUE-TV, Channel 24, or nexWednesday night, depending on the World Series) stars Majors in his first series since "The Six Million Dollar Man." He plays Colt Seavers, a top Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter and tries to teach his overeducated nephew, Howie (Douglas Barr), the facts of stunt life. He also has a pretty young girlfriend, Jodie (Heather Thomas), who worries about him. The two-hour pilot is probably the most expensive of the year, featuring outrageously complex stunts and a string of cameos by James Coburn, Farrah Fawcett (the former Mrs. Majors playing the former Mrs. Seavers), Paul Williams and Lou Rawls. Eddie Albert guest-stars as a greedy Arizona sheriff involved in a hit-and-run murder. Colt and Howie track him down and employ every stunt in the book to bring him back to Los Angeles The photography is fabulous, the country music is enjoyable and the stars are well known if not well trained. With lines like, "Everything always looks darkest just before it goes completely black," and "He's an egg-sucking ferret," we know we're headed for Country Corn. It will probably be a huge hit. if. fHr I AmmuM Mmma . I VntA 111 at" IT" W Ufl XI 11 " i ANY LADIES LONG IrSHtM StHVE BOUSE IN STOCK fflpEa T GIRLS MARCH I WSHI0N ' 1nW ft DENIM JEWS Vv W raiA fSWEWOFON 7 7 I t nv 1 ALL REMAINING I IN STOCK ( R 1 PlUSOTrER INITORE LI ANNIVERSARY VALUES ErOi I IWB5TBflN checks J iEHMlDSj Lakehills Plaza Cntr. f IK J Bn White at South Lamar Ji Movies 8:00 O "Hide In Plain Sight" (1979) James Caan, Jill Elkenberry. A stone mason undertakes an eight-year search for his two children, who were relocated by the government under a witness protection program. 8:00 0 "Smash-Up On Interstate 5" (1976) Robert Conrad, Buddy Eb-sen. A massive 39-car collision occurs on a California freeway at the close of a holiday weekend. 10:30 CD "Los Jaguares Vs. El Invasor Misterloso" Julio Cesar Luna, Fedra. 11:00 0 "Blue Hawaii" (1962) Elvis Presley, Angela Lansbury. When a soldier returns to his Hawaiian home, he takes a job with a tourist bureau against the advice of his parents. 11:30 e "Go West" (1940) Marx Brothers, Diana Lewis. Several zany men turn their sights westward, where they get involved with trains and railroads. 12:00(9 Vi "The Pride And The Passion" (1957) Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant. A band of guerrillas battles French troops for a cannon In 19th-centurySpain. (Joined In Progress) The only time Texas seems to have enough water is during a flood. However, many people including cjr Governor believe the future of our state is dependent on our future water supplies. Tune in at 10:00 this week when Kate Kelly and the 24 Action News team travel the state for an In-depth look at water resources in Texas, from the Rio Grande Valley to the High Plains. The solutions are often not as clear as the problem. "Water: The Next Crisis," tonight on 24 Action News. KVUETV

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