Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on November 23, 1982 · 30
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 30

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1982
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C6 Austin American-Statesman Tuesday, November 23, 1982 Tuesday TV O Station numbers on white backgrounds can be found on UHF and VHP channels. Station numbers on black backgrounds can be found on Austin CableVision chanrels. Austin CableVision stlocts programs from San Antonio Jta- tions KMOL, KENS and KSAT to toleviso on cablt channels 12 -and 15. Programs on Channel 12 are shaded in gray, and ' those on Channel IS are Indicated with a diagonal line. I KTBC j KVUE I KTVV I ESPN KLRU I SIN I CINE I WGN I USA I NICK I CBS I CBN GALA I WTBS I HBO iKMOLl KENS I KSAT I KCEN I KWTX CBS Austin ABC Austin NBC Austin M-hcdr sports PBS Spanish Clnemax Chicago USA Network NlckalodtonArts CBS Cable Christian Oalavlslon Atlanta HBO NBC San Antonio CBS San Antonio ABC San Antonio NBC Temple ABC CBS Waco GD" O O SB O O IP 9 IB O (B CP (D (B 0 ffl ffi 'tB GD ' (E ' BT (& (Bi 7 AM Morning . Good Morning Today Sports- Over Easy Vanessa MOVIE: Bow Alive Special . MOVIE Cont'd My 3 Sons , MOVIE: Today Morning Good Morning Today Good Morning 30 News America " Center Sesame Capulina "Horseman 0) " & Weill Pinwheel MOVIE: That Girl "Father n6ws America " America 8 AM " " " In, Baseball Street El Chavo Apocalypse" " Calliope " "Rocket- MOVIE: Figure" " The Moppets ' " :30 " " ' Vic's Lot Faces E. Polivoz Cont'd Bewitched " " ship X-M" One - " " , Here's Lvcy " 9 AM Pyramid Austin - Oiff. Strokes Sports- ITV Programs Lo . MOVIE: MOVIE: Sonya " ,700 Desire" MOVIE: Donahue Pyramid HourSM; Donahue Pyramid 30 Child's Play Donahue Wheel Fortune Center' Faces imperdonable "The "Nora " " Club " "The Great " Got Troubles? ::Mg!tripS " Child's Play 1 AAM The Price " DaysOt " ITV Programs " Intruder" Prentiss" Woman's Day " " Perry Adventure" R. Simmons The Price Love ' Texas Love I U :30 Is Right Millionaire Our Lives " Faces Hoy MOVIE: " Anybody? " Another Lite - Mason Consumer Rep. OtftSlrolies if Is Right . . Boat " Boat 11 AM R.Simmons Family Feud Doctors College ITV Programs Mismo "The Last Big MOVIE: " MOVIE: People MOVIE: : Doctors Young And .Alt Mpsfcii? Doctors Family Feud I :3fl Young And Ryan's Hope Search Tom, Football Faces " ' Time I ' Valley "Loser " "City Now ' "Foolin' CNN News The Restless XhridrgfrPfS Midday Ryan's Hope If) PM The Restless All My News Rutgers ITV Programs Mundo Saw Paris" Asked For It, Takes All" " That Never MOVIE: Around" . Days CH News News Days 01 All My , L :30 As The Children Joyce & Mel At Faces Latino MOVIE: INN News " Treehouse Sleeps" "Don't V OurUva As The ''. Ryan's'Hope Our Lives Children 1PM World Turns One Life- Another . Pittsburgh ITV Programs E. Polivoz "The D. Van Dyke. Coronation -, Special Jack Benny Give Up HBO Another World Turns One Life Another One Life 30 Capitol To Live World " Faces Infamia V.I.P.s" Andy Griffith You Mag. Think Next? Family Chef The Ship" Magazine World Capitol To Live '' World - To Live S 2 PM Guiding General Fantasy College ITV Programs Andrea " Jeannie Sonya Matt & Jenny - 700 Funlime MOVIE: Ttayilfi Guiding General Fantasy General T 30 Light Hospital " Football Faces Celeste MOVIE: Bugs Bunny Spread Wings : Club Flintstones "The Great Wallow :Jmk Light Hospital ". Hospital i 3 PM The Edge Of Night Cartoon Notre Dame , Discipline Luisana "John And Super Friends Alive Tom. People Another Life Senorita Munsters Adventure" Carol Burnett Pe(jpl'i C) Edge Of Night Search Tom. Edge Of Night :30 Waltons Eight Is Corner At Writing Mia Julie" Scooby Doo And Sp, Delivery Signature Bullseye Andrea Beaver Video Jukebox Happy Days Wwtff g;f si Porky 8. Brady Bunch Tom i Jerry ( 4 PM Carol Burnett Enough Laverne Air Force Mister Rogers XETU Hunted In Pink Panther Well! Black Beauty. Mixed Bag Reaction MOVIE: Brady Bunch Two Of Little House Good Ilmt-;J Popeyt Happy Days Andy Griffith : :30 Sanford&Son Barney Miller Day At Time " Electric Co. Extranos Holland The Muppets " Think Next? Kennedy's Make A Deal "ElPegueno Bewitched Hearts On Prairie Jeffersons M,A,$.H;1;S Happening! Here's Lucy ' 5 PM All In Family News News Future Sport Sesame Mundo Latino MOVIE: Kotter Cartoon Matt & Jenny Children Tic Tac Dough Robin Hood" Carol Burnett 'Bushmen Of News Bewitched News M.A.S.H News :30 CBSNews ABC News NBC News SportsForum Street Noticiero "The Laverne Express Tom, People " MOVIE: La BobNewhart The Kalahari NBC News CBS News ABC News NBC News CBS News 6 PM News News Little House NBA Week Bus. Report El Derecho Drowning Barney Miller Bowling Sp. Delivery E. Farrell "The Man Who Sucesora Gomer Pyle HBO News News Fjmiiy Fend News News :30 Jeffersons 3's Company On Prairie SportsCenter MacNeil Chespirito Pool" Jeffersons Brunswick Black Beauty Signature Died Twice" " A.Griffith Magazine Asked For It The Muppets PM Magazine Asked For It PM Magazine 7 PM Bring 'Em Happy Days Father College Perspective " MOVIE: Smiley's Memorial . Livewire Quiz Kids I . Caballos MOVIE: MOVIE: , Father . Bring 'Em Happy Days Father Happy Days :30 Back Alive Laverne Murphy Football Lawmakers Iris "The People Open " Dance: Spy MOVIE: "Land "The Murphy Back Alive Laverne Murphy Laverne 8 PM CBS MOVIE: 3's Company Gavilan Rutgers Nova Chacon . V.I.P.s" Part) NFL Hockey Long Day's MacMillan's 700 "Principe Raiders" Howling" Gavilan . CBS MOVIE: 3's Company Gavilan 3's Company :30 "Country 9 To 5 " At " Vanessa " " Montreal Journey Mayerling Club DeLa " MOVIE: " "Country 9 To 5 " 9 To 5 9 PM Gold" Hart To St! "Pittsburgh Mystery 24Horas MOVIE: " Canadiens Into "' '' Ciudad" . News "Foolin' St. Gold". Hart To St! ' Hart To - :30 " Hart Elsewhere " " " "Lipstick" " At Night Signature Star " " Around" Elsewhere " Hart Elsewhere Hart 1A PM News News News Sports- DickCavett MOVIE: " News St. Louis " Quiz Kids Time Diagnosis All In Family " News News - News News News U :30 All In Family ABC News The Best Center Doctor Who "Julieta MOVIE: " Blues Dance: Another Life MOVIE: MOVIE: The Best Jeffersons M.A.S.H The Best ABC News 11 PM Quincy The Last Of Carson College Sound Engana A "Body Twilight Zone Sports Probe MacMillan's Burns 4 Allen MOVIE: "Kiss Of "The Of Carson Rockfortf Charllt's Of Carson The Last I :30 " Word D. Letterman Football Festival Romeo" And Soul" MOVIE: NFL Hockey Mayerling Jack Benny "Albur Death" Wild : D. Letterman Files Angeis D. Letterman Word 1Q AM McMillan A, Hitchcock " " infamia " "Anastasia" Montreal At " Married Joan DeAmor" " Geese" " fiaretta ABC News : " fission i. :30 & Wife Overnight " Chespirito MOVIE " St. Louis Signature - Little Margie " MOVIE " Overnight s " last Word Overnight Impossible Sleek 'Remington Steele' saved for season Movies As anticipated, NBC has announced two more additions to its list of 1982-83 season survivors. Joining the classy comedy "Cheers" and the warm-hearted "Family Ties" and "Silver Spoons" on the list is the sleek and stylish mystery-romance, "Remington Steele" (Fridays at 9 p.m. on KTVV TV, Channel 36). Lest anyone accuse the Peacock Network of trying to corner the market on sophisticated programming, however, "Knight Rider" (Fridays at 8 on Channel 36) also got the nod from chairman of the board Grant Tinker. Viewers will recall this as the series that stars a talking car, made possible by a computer named KITT (played by the voice of "St. Elsewhere" star William Daniels). Supporting players in the James Bondish action-adventurer series are former soap heartthrob David Hasselhoff as agent Michael Knight and former ghost from "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," Edward Mulhare, as his mentor, Devon Shire. As car-starring series go, this one is hoods and roofs above the tacky goings-on over at CBS's "Dukes of Hazzard," but "Knight Rider" suffers from taking itself too seriously. Maybe the vote of confidence from the network will lighten its mood. If ever a series warranted encourage- ' ' ,,.L v Television 1 Diane Holloway The exploits of Laura Holt (played by Stephanie Zimballst) and Remington Steele (Pierce Brosnan) shadow the old Thin Man' movies. . ment, "Remington Steele" is It. Some shows just deserve to be on the air because of their careful attention to production values, carefully constructed and lovingly presented stories and delightfully portrayed characters. "Remington Steele," which springs from the superior talents at MTM Productions ("Hill Street Blues," "St. Elsewhere" and "Newhart"), comes under the category of such a deserving effort. So does "Fame,", but that analysis so far hasn't lifted the series off the bottom of the Nielsens. But "Steele" is still new, and many viewers simply have not found time to take a look. It airs opposite CBS's "Falcon Crest," which hasn't gotten a whit better this season, and the newly added movie fare on ABC, replacing "Quest." Attractive stars are a dime a dozen this season, especially tall, handsome men who have taken an Iron grip on prime-time entertainment, but Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimballst certainly are the most attractive couple to come along in years. Zimballst, as private Investigator Laura Holt, has a charming combination of spunky wholesomeness and cool sophistication. Brosnan, as the con man who assumes the identity of the male boss Laura invented to head her agency, strikes the perfect balance between savoir falre and endearing klutziness and vulnerability. Viewers who have not yet sampled "Remington Steele" should find it refreshing, snappy and strongly reminiscent of "Thin Man" style romance-mysteries of the 1930s and 1940s. If you're going to be home on a Friday night, and perhaps reluctantly so, this one is guaranteed to cure the blahs. 7:05 V2 "Land Raiders" (1969) Telly Savalas, George Maharls. An Indian-hating town boss is held responsible for a wagon train massacre In Arizona territory. 8:00 (DO "Country Gold" (Premiere) Lonl Anderson, Earl Holllman. An aspiring singer Ingratiates herself with a popular country entertainer who gratefully accepts the young woman's quiet, undemanding companionship. 10:00 09 "Julieta Engana A Romeo" German Cobos, Gloria Osuna. 10:40 B "Kiss Of Death" (1947) Brian Donlevy, Victor Mature. A captured robber refuses to bargain until he discovers his fellow thieves didn't give his share to his family. 11:30 03 "Anastasia" (1956) Ingrld Bergman, Yul" Brynner. An amnesiac girl In Germany claims to be the only surviving heir to the Czar of Russia. 12:40 QD "The Wild Heart" (1952) Jennifer Jones, David Farrar. A lusty and lovely gypsy girl from Wales lets her heart rule her head when a handsome stranger comes to town. " . 2:25Q) ' "The Fabulous World Of Jules Verne" (1961) Louis Tock, Ernest Navara. A band of pirates kidnaps an atomic scientist to probe his mind for ways to control the world by means of atomic energy. ;t ' 1 3:00 'Beauty And The Bandit" (1946) Gilbert Roland,. Ramsey Ames. Jim Henson 's new series to be on HBO 11 Best bets Knlght-Rldder News Service NEW YORK The next time you see a new television show by Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, it will be on cable. The guiding genius behind "Sesame Street," and "The Muppet Show," Henson has sold his next series, "Fraggle Rock," to Home Box Office. It premieres Jan. 10. The Fraggles are furry and funny, Just like the Muppets, but they are a whole new set of characters with names like Gobo, Wembley, and Marjory the Trash Heap. Among the Fraggles who seem most likely to be adopted by long-time Henson fans is a chronic pessimist, Boober, who is obsessed with two overriding concerns: death and laundry. Henson said he took "Fraggle Rock" to HBO because "cable is an area of the future." But he conceded that he has sel dom had much luck with the commercial networks. Henson first brought his creations to the little screen in 1955. On a local station in Washington, D.C., he presented the original version of Kermit the Frog on a five-minute, late-night spot called "Sam and Friends." Another puppeteer named Jane Nebel, a fellow art student of Henson's at the University of Maryland, worked with him back then. Later they were married and now have three daughters and two sons. One of their daughters, Lisa Henson, recently distinguished herself by becoming the first female president of the nation's best-known college humor magazine, the Harvard Lampoon. The first Muppet to find steady work nationally was Rowlf the dog, a regular on "The Jimmy Dean Show" In the 1950s T1 ,. lL , and 1960s. But it was not until "Sesame Happy birthday music Street" began in 1969 that Henson and his most famous associate Frank Oz, the creator of Miss Piggy made their big breakthrough. Henson vainly offered "The Muppet Show" to all three networks. But ABC, CBS, and NBC all told him they thought It was only a children's show. Henson was unable to convince them that adults would like the Muppets, too. Henson had to go to England to find financial backing to produce "The Muppet Show" as a syndicated series. Henson has another foreign partner for "Fraggle Rock": the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The series is being videotaped in Toronto. The Texas Capital Chorale, under the direction of Dr. Morris Beachy, will present a concert in honor of Zoltan Kodaly's 100th birthday tonight at 8 In the Concert Hall of UT's Performing Arts Center. On the program will be "Jesus and the Traders" and "Psalmus Hungarlus," with Leonard Johnson as tenor soloist. Admission Is free. HITACHI 19 COLOR eSs TV CT 10yr. Mrrinty .oo lrnwt , . . .2 vr on (He tub ind 1 yr. on hom Mrvict luUyulomttlc. Sokduiti or RENT 30m. Price '449.95 CASH 405.00 Tkm II you llko, you un ronl, Buy It. 22340utdalup...47e-352S 4930 Burnet Rd 454-6731 BIRKMAN'S NO COVER H HAPPY HOUR 'TH 11p.m. II i AERIEL M THRU THURSDAY I 14 K FRI 8AT. WITH I .38 SPECIAL TICKET ; GIVEAWAY : I ll907Ritrnd443-l695 A lost grand duchess Ingrld Bergman made her Hollywood comeback and won an Academy Award with her title-role performance In "Anastasia," which airs tonight at 11:30 on cable's Channel 16, station WGN out of Chicago. The 1956 movie adaptation of the hit play centers on a German amnesiac who claims to be the sole heir of Russia's Czar Nicholas II. TUESDAYS all Prime time 7:00 (7JO Bring 'Em Back Allvt Buck becomes the target of a deadly group of terrorists when he tries to help an old friend and his lion. IS) Q Happy Days Fonzle risks losing Ashley forever when he lets an old girlfriend spend the night in his apartment. (CO MO Father Murphy - After the birth of John and Mae's daughter, will runs away and falls in with an elderly woman who teaches children to survive by stealing. (Part 2) Smllty's People - Alec Guinness returns In the role of British Intelligence agent George Smiley in John le Carre's sequel to "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy." As the series begins, Smiley comes out of retirement to "clean up" a murdered Russian expatriate's aborted plan to damage Soviet intelligence. (Part 1) D Llvewlr - "The Voice" Guests: Howard Hesse-man, actor, "WKRP In Cincinnati"; Slyy, rock band; June Foray, voice of Natasha on "Bullwlnkle." 7:30 S3 O Laverne a Shirley - Laverne, facing the death penalty, desperately hopes for a pardon from the governor. (Part 2) (CO OS O The Lawmakers Correspondents Linda Werthelmer and Cokle Roberts oln Paul Duke for an up-fo-the-mlnute summary of Congressional activities. ID Dance "MacMillan's Mayerling" Lynn Seymour and David Wall discuss their roles In the two hour documentary of this acclaimed production with excerpts from the performance at Covent Garden. ' 1:00 a Three's Company - Jack, Janet and Terrl's foreign houseguest mistakenly gets the Impression that Jack has proposed marriage to her. (CO 38 O Gavilan - Gavilan Is held captive In Cuba by a Russian scientist as part of an Ingenious plot to get his daughter Into America. (HO Nova "The Cobalt Blues" An examination of U S. dependence on foreign sources of strategic min erals- vital to the aerospace and steel Industries Is presented. (CC) (D Long Day's Journey Into Night - American playwright Eugene O'Neill's brilliant autobiographical drama depicting the love, hate and passionate conflicts which ensnare the members of a middle class family of the early 1900's. 8:30 ISO 'To 5 Mr. Hart, Judy, Doraleeand Violet turn a disastrous situation Into a wild conga line when It Is rumored that they are going to be laid off. 9:00 CS O Hart To Hart - Jonathan, Jennifer and top company executives are held hostage by criminals scheming to secure Hart Industries funds. (CO 3$ o St. Elsewhere A bag lady and her bewildered mate confound Dr. Morrison when he suggests a life-saving operation, and Dr. Beale decides what to do with a terrorist under his care. OB! O Mystery "Father Brown: The Secret Garden" While visiting Paris, Father Brown's powers of detection are tested when a decapitated body Is found In a garden. (CC) 9:30 03 Signature Guest: Arthur Ashe. Look who's talking 9:30 33 O Donahue Guest: Richard La Martina, former Moonie who was married with 2,000 other couples, discusses his disillusionment with the Unification Church. 10:00 mo Dick Cavott - Guest: David Nlven. (Part 2) (R) 11:30 05O Late Night With David Letterman - Guests: film director John Sayles, comedian Harry Anderson, Grat Tinker. DAVID HALLEY Emma $$z: "Job, . tonight let's listen."1 Emma joe's 3023 Guadalupe 477-7044 Tonight THE VINCE BELL BAND m Night U 405 W. 2nd WEDNESDAY- ERNIE SKY & the K'TELS 2Qi5 (uoMute 474-534 ! Dine by the Pool j i IT ... t t .Irt.l.rtA i Have lunch with us between 11:30-2:00 and with this coupon we will give you an hour of free pool. . 4 I I ljM.f ffiav , : Umil' Sixth Strew Kiulwn j The Texas Capital Chorale (Austin Choral Union) In celebration of Zoltan Kodaly's 100th birthday presents Jesus and the Traders Psalmus Hungaricus Leonard Johnson, Tenor Performing Arts Center Concert Hall 8 p.m. Tuesday, November 23 Free Also appearing The University of Texas Symphony Li Thli Offer Valid Until Nov. 30, 1982 Mon.-Frl. I J MESSIAH Hear Handels Messiah ; u Tuesday Dec 14, 8 p. m., at the . PAG Concert Hall at UT ?; Tickets cost $5.6,78. Gall Charge-a-Ticket, 477-6O60 Celebrate the holiday with ' the Austin Civic Chorus, ; Austin Symphony ; ? & UT music faculty soloists. r T

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