Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 3, 1949 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1949
Page 9
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MARCH OF EVENTS President May Request Johnson to 'Go Easy' Probe Costs Secretary Some Congress Backing Special to Central Press W ASHINGTON—President Truman reportedly may issue a private "go easy" warning to Defense Secretary Louis Johnson, whose unification policies are under attack by the Navy. The president has staunchly supported Johnson to date, and ousting of the Defense secretary Is not even remotely involved. Hi3 job is safe in return for the yeoman work he did in electing Mr. Truman in 1948. However the Navy's case as presented in the sensational congressional investigation s%vung many congressmen behind the sea service and lost Johnson some supporters. The president doesn't want this turn in opinion to persist for fear it might damage Democratic election chances in the 1950 congressional elections. Thus, it is reported, the White House will usk Johnson to tread more softly and not swing quite as big a stick in his effort to unify the armed services. » * « » • CAPITOL MILL—Busiest man during the final week of Congress was Senator Elmer Thomas Defense Secretory (t», Oklahoma. Next busiest was Democratic lowi* JohniOB Leader Scott Lucas of Illinois. Thomas was chairman of the conference committees handling military spending and farm bills, and also labored on the «uppleniental appropriation measure carrying funds for foreign arms aid. The silvery-hairsd Oklahoman r ':itcd through three committee sessions, all meeting on the same floor, fortunately. When he was absent from any one. no business of importance could be transacted. Lucas also was a farm bill conferee and was out of the Senate when Senator William Langcr <R). North Dakota, broke precedent by getting permission to speak while .seated. • RETURN OF BYRNES—States rights southern Democrats ar« overjoyed that former Secretary of State James F. Byrnes has decided to re-enter politics and, perhaps, campaign for governor or South Carolina. The states righters, kicked and cuffed by the Democratic national committee at President Truman's direction, believe Byrnes may be in a position to swing all of the south'for a States Rights ticket In Byrnesi the states righters believe they have found new Iffe and can be a tjireat to the administration. They don't figure to win any presidential election, but, they now feel that they can have the balance of power to decide one. Gov. J Strom Thurmond of South Carolina carried only four southern states in the 1948 presidential election. The states righters think Byrnes could carry them all. » 4 * * • BOW-TIE JUSTICE—Former Attorney General Tom C. Clark did not foresakc his addiction to bow tics when he ascended to the Supreme Court. When the court held its opening session, Clark was resplendent In his new black robes—and was wearing a conservative navy blue bow Uc with discreet white stripes. Clark looked into the matter of precedent before making his opening appearance. He found pictures of the court from the days of Chief Justice William Howard Taft in which three members ore wearing bow tics. • * • » • IRON CURTAIN—The recent devaluation of currencies by western European nations is hurting behind the Iron Curtain, notably in Czechoslovakia. Devaluation Czechoslovakia, which sends 60 per cent of its exports to western nations, suddenly found most of its trade contracts cancelled when Czech prices be- eame too high' in relation to devalued currencies. Czech exile sources say the Prague government has three alternatives- 1—To IpUow suit and devalue the Czech crown. 2—Order a cut in export prices. 3 —Decrease wages. Hurts Behind Iron Curtain PAVING WAY FOR BRIDGES' OUSTER Three Escapees Back At Meriden School (By United Press) The three youths who escaped early thtH week from the Meriden School for Boy.s arc now back at ho institution. The last boy was :.aken into custody at Warehouse Point after he was found hitting in burn. Police mild lO-yoar-old Allen Richard Thayer told them that the three boys stole an automobile in Meriden shortly after their es- cupc. The car 1 cniHhcul Into a pole nfler a UO-nillu-un-himi 1 pullcu chuuo lr, Norwulk anc. two of the hoys were captured shortly afterwards. PRESIDENT OF THE CIO, Philip Murray (top, right) is congratulated by delegates attending the CIO National Convention in Cleveland otter its members had voted overwhelmingly to bar Communials from membership on the Congress o{ Industrial Organizations' executive board. Below, after unsuccessfully battling to have the anti-Red amendment voted down by the delegates, Harry Bridges (center), president of the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union leaves the CIO convention door in Cleveland. Accompanying him are Bill Lawrence (left), nnd .1. R. Robertson, union officials. (International) Sprcoa it on thick . . . Enjoy »v»ry luicioui toil* of Ann Pag* Par* Raipbwry PrcMrveil That fieih-from- tto-b«ry-pateli flavor Cornet from >un-ripmed fruil, rimm»n<f with granulated sugar. You can always buy Aim Pag* Food* with compUt* confidence . . . they're topi I* quality . .. priced to lave you money) QUICK RASPBERRY SHORTCAKE Only lOc o ttrvlng Hi«nk« t« Ann f ao* nil l*dM4*al d«Mit iMb with AMI Pag* Ratefcwry PTVMVVM, <or spread > IOVMI). Tap wir* MILK SHAKE Ptoc* '/4 c«p AMI Poa* Ratpb«tr !• quart boMl*. |ac ot •lilt coMalnw. Add > cm coW "Ilk, >kok« w.ll. Ann Page-3 Ib. pkg 41c Chili Sauce 1 V° RZ 25 C WORK-SAVING FLAKES! *****~*~i-+H*^-ii^j~**r-^r~**.-^^~^f-*^~^r- LIBBY'S TOMATO JUICE CORNED BEEF HASH BEECH-NUT STRA1NED BABY FOODS BEECH-Nll]^ UNDERWOOD'S CLAM CHOWDER .16 OZ AQC CAN * ' 1 LB 3QC CAN "*« 39 C O 7-/ a OZ «QC * JARS *» ARMOUR'S TREET LUNCHEON MEAT CAN OLD MOTHER HUBBARD _ B1S cu, T 2 £ GB 35 C OLD MOTHER HUBBARD CA7FOOD LUX TOILET SOAP INSTANT AMPLE LATHER ** CAKES 3 REG SWAN SOAP WHITE FLOATING 2 LARGE I)-!C CAKES f>* IVftRY Fl AlfCC - LARGE «oc I * VI » I IS.«I\CJ SAFE FOR SILKS AND WOOLENS PKG *° CAMAY SOAP SOAP OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN «• CAKES 3 REG AAC CAKES ** /*AMAV CHAD SOFTER SMOOTHER SKIN A BATH A1C CAMAY SOAP WITH CAMAY Z CA) < ES 21 IVORY SOAP MAKES RICH SUDS WITHOUT EFFORT 2 LARGE OTC TAICES ff* WASHES WHITE WITHOUT BLEACHING PKG LARGE AflC *" CWFFTHFADT 9VYCCinCMlVl THE SOAP THAT A BATH AIC AGREES W | TH YOUR SKIN ^ CAKES *• <HAP JU«r THE SOAP THAT AG REES WITH YOUR SKIN REG AAC CAKES** Ail price* lubject lo market changes nnd eftectivo ai all A&P Self Sorvlc* Store* In this area 3ANTO8 GENERAL REPAIRS Radiators, Batteries Muchlnea, Baby Carrta|fe« Bicycles, Soldering; MOWEKS SttARPI3rEI> tOO Bnbber ATP. Fhonn BR77 If It's Anything for Your Floor Call ARKAY FLOOR COVEKINGS !0 Diamond St. Tel. 6019 NEWS WANT ADS BRING RESULTS CWIFT'C riFAMCFD 140Z 11° 1 *»" lrl * VfctMWJKIt INSTANT GREASE CUTTING CAN " • TIDE TIDE'S IN-DiRT'S OUT P&G WHITE NAPTHA SOAP CAKES Farmer Refuses To Tame Deer (By United Press) A Winsted farmer says he won't tame any more deer if they come around to his place. Roy E. Bowman promises he'll drive them hack into the woods Tor their own good. During the summer several deer lived around Bowman's farm and became quite tame. Birt recently, the farmer says he has found remnants of slain deer in the woods near his place. Bowman char; hnl dcer-jackers have killed the nlmnls. LARGE AQC PKG AAC ** WINE AND LIQUOR VALUES AT YOUR NEARBY A&P STORE GLEN CRINAN »6 ITH A nn BOTTLE O.Otf PROOF RODERICK DHU 86,8 PROOF 5TH A AA BOTTU O.O«I MALCOLM STUART 86 PROOF STH A AA BOTTU W.Otf THISTLE SCOTCH 3.99 868 PROOF 5Th BOTTU GLEN GRAEME 86 PROOF 5TH Q QQ BCTHE O.U«f KING GEORGE IV 86 PROOF 5TH A AA BOTTU 3.33 COAST TO COAST CALIFORNIA SWEET WINES PORT-SHERRY-MUSCATEL WHITE PORT-PALE DRY SHERRY 5TH CCn HALF 4 BOTTLI 3D GALLON! . GALLON JUG $2 29 MOUQUIN PETRI ROMA ESTATE NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). THURSDAY, NOV. 8, 1919—PAGE » BOT 5TH DOT 5TII 75 e 79° COAST TO COAST CALIFORNIA TABLE WINES BURGUNDY-CLARET-ZINFANDEL 5TH JlQc HALF An. BOTTLE •13 GALLON*!*! GALLON JUG $1.89 HAD GAL MARCA PETRI VINO ROSSO PASTOSO 1.18 JUG 2.17 COLONEL LEE BONDED BOURBON 100 in m PROOF BOTTLE I. DISTILLED IN KENTUCKY NELSON COUNTY STRAIGHT BOURBON 86 5Th A AA PROOF BOTTLE 4.3* DISTILLED IN KENTUCKY TOM MOORE STRAIGHT BOURBON 86 -,TH A AA PROOF BOTTLE Z.Sfif DISTILLED IN KENTUCKY •VII prlcou subject to murkut chunecti and uftectlvo ac all A&P t>tor«» In thin area GREEN RIVER BLENDED WHISKEY 86 STH PROOF LYNNBROOK BLENDED WHISKEY 86 5IH n PROOf BOTTLt Z MANY OTHER NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS AVAILABLE AT A&P STORES 175-A Naugfatuck, Church St. PRIEST ENTERTAINS NAVY SHUT-INS VI* AGAIN That nickel cup of coffee is fast disappearing. Since the wholesale price of coffee started to climb, mnny restaurants throughout th* state are upping their price. And Hnrtford retailers blame hoarding for increasing the shortage and causing the price rise. A SOUTH PHILADELPHIA PRIEST, Father John Positano hits a few high notes on his clarinet as he entertains servicemen at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. Onetime member of a well-known dance orchestra, the priest and his troupe of sixty parishioners are on a nationwide morale- boostine tour of servire rnmns and hosDital*. ilnttn-niMrmnl Smmdnhntnl EXPERT AND NOVICE ACCLAIM CUPLETS CUP CAKE MIX Cuplers for making cup cakes ot one nine inch layer delights all kinds of cooks. Convenient for the expert —just add an egg and milk, and bake. Sure results for brides becauseprecision-blended. REST A CUTAWAY KoK TBAT IMPORTANT KTB5T1 W« Can Fit KOM Ton Ml IMBIMBO'S roMAL Tbera All «t PHIOB St., SHOP or 8MB P»o»» S-MM U. S. NO. 1 SIZE A • MAINE* POTATOES For Winter Keeping! 48 BAG 1.29 How to store potatoes; Store In a dark cool place, temperature not above 40 degrees or below 35 degrees- ^ Buy Now At This New Low Price! . Snow Crop—New Reduced Pricel ORANGE JUICE 2 AS Dried fruits A&P PRUNES A&P SEEDLESS RAISINS /VPKICOTS CELLO WRAPPED MIXED GLAZED FRUIT 23' PKG 15 02 _ C C PKG 1 9 " AO° PKG 1" LB ~ftC PKG JTF Ideal For Creaming Vegelables Oven-Fresh Baked Treats! MARVEL DATED FRESH ENRICHED WHITE GOLDEN FRUIT CAKE 49 LAYER rAlfF «u FESTIVAL •** • *l% VMt\C JAIJE PARKER DEVIL'S FOOD CAKE CUPCAKES - ^Scw COOKIE STICKS DATED DONUTS Yankee fieans Grand Values Every Day! TUNA FISH CAMPBELL'S SOUPym™.** ANN PAGE BEANS «.£« SPAGHETTI WHITE CAKE MIX DUFFS SWIFT'NING CAN LB 81 PINK SALMON NUTLEY MARGARINE FRESH EGGS BLEU CHEESE PLAIN OR PIMENTO FOR EVERY CHEESE USE, READY-BAKED FOR DELICIOUS MEALS IN A JIFFY 28 OZ CANS Corner Customers 9 • Ouosfion; Does your ASP give you good food at low prices? Aniwen Y*s. That is why millions of American families do all their food shopping at ASP. Quesfion: 7s A&P a monopoly? Anawon No. W» do only a Mno.ll »haT0 oi 1h« nation's iood business ... a smaller share than, we did 10 years ago. • Question: DoesA&Pdriv* ccn:pc(j.'o. r s ouf o/ business? Answer: No. We have more competitors today than we had 10 years ago end many of our good competitors have publicly advertised thoir willingness and ability to compete with us. Why, then, do the anti-trust lawyers want to put your ASP out o( business? Canned fruits NEW LOW PRICE GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS-A^ IONA PEARS IONA PEACHES A&P APPLESAUCE CRANBERRY SAUCE ££" A&P FRUIT COCKTAIL CHERRIES NO. 2 CAN KO. Vf CAN NO. IV CAN 19' 23 C RED SOUR PITIED PACKER'S LABEL . CANS : ' L> 9O° CAMS fr NO. IVl t CAN NO. i CAN ' OT* kN Ai "Super-Right" Meats . . . Tops in Qualify! Frosh Nutritious — Whole or Either End PORK LOINS RIB ROAST SMOKED PICNICS LEAN HAMBURG IB Sunnyiiold Ready-to-Scrvo—V/hole or Either End 47 C COOKED HAMS ? 55 HEAVY CORN-FED STEER BEEF 18 LEAN,SUGAR CURED A TO 0 LOS. LB FRESHLY GROUND NATIVE—BROIUMG OR FRYING IVl 10 3'/7 IBS,-REG. ORESSCD LB 59 C Drawn, Ready-to-Cook Chickens LB 59° Graham Crackers PORK CHOPS LAMB FORES SLICED BACON LARGE FOWL BEST CENTER CUTS BONED AND ROLLED IF OESIRIP SUNIJYRUD SUGAR CURED FANCY MILK.FED— i LB. AV&. --REGULAR DRESSED L ,49 C LB 59 C u Drawn, Ready-to-Cook Large Fowl LB 59° 43 c EDUCATOR-LUSCIOUS WITH ANN PAGE PEANUT-BUTTER 13 PKG 27 C LUNCHEON MEAT 1202 y|/»C CAN 111 Premium Crackers "^ IT Nestle's Morsels ^ ^ 19' f B Wfl ° 2 COCOanUt Bars BURRVS PKG Blue Bonnet MARGARINE Woodbury's Soap LB nil PKG OI QATH lie CAKE I I ANN PACE 1402 BOT PINT 33 OT. JAK Heinx Ketchup Mayonnaise NftV LOW PR/CfS _ . IIA1IAS |NO Tomatoes simLn, One'Pie Pumpkin Pickles 25' CAN NO. 300 CAN WHOLE SWEET 3? OZ STANDARD JAR 2* 39 C Fine Qualify Attractively Priced! PEANUT BRITTLE PECAN DELIGHTS CREAM DROPS SOPHIE MAC WARWICK CARAMEL u r«c 25* A.II yrloea BUbJccl to market thuntt«» una elteollve ».t ull A«t J Self Service Stor«« lo thin «.r«».

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