Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 3, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1949
Page 8
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J'AGE 8—NAUGATUCK -VKW8 (CONN.), THURSDAY, NOV. 3, 1»40 Xvery Jcv*nl&g Sunday) by I-HE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. itZ8 mad ttM AH Department* Entered as second class matter*'' at the post office In Naunatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance I Month .. .tl-»0 3- Tear ... .$lB.y if ember: " American Newspaper Pub. AM*n N E. DaJly Newspaper Pub. Arfn Conn. Newspaper f>at>Biiber» Aarfn THURSDAY, NOV. S, 1MB Eebuke To Moscow By electing anti-Soviet Yugoslavia to the Security Council, a majority of the United Nations has administered a significant rebuke to Russian arrogance. Thirty-nine of 58 delegates voted for Yugoslavia. If they had wanted to avoid an issue—or perhaps an eventual showdown—with Russia, they could have voted-for the Soviet stooge, Czechoslovakia. Instead, they faced up to Russian pressure and threats, to the credit of their own fearlessness and independence. Russia has made a great point of a so-called "gentleman's agreement" as it concerned UN deference to the specific nominee of a regional group, such as Eastern Europe. Yugoslavia exposed that Soviet fraud by revealing that the Russians had excluded Yugoslavia from, the caucus of Eastern Slavic and communist states that had chosen Czechoslovakia. That's how "representative" was the regional nomination from Eastern Europe. What happens next is the question. Vishinsky received his rebuke with the expected declaration that the Soviet bloc -would not recognize Yugoslavia. There •was no immediate "painful effect" on UN such as the Soviet delegate had threatened. Nevertheless, United States support of Yugoslavia—Britain supported Czechoslovakia — removed all doubt that the feud .between Belgrade and Moscow.would become a major East-West issue before the UN. A showdown could be precipitated by Russia either when the Assembly takes up Yugoslavia's case against Rus» sia or when the Security Council holds its organization meeting in the new year. It's Russia's move. Revolutiod In Reverse Because it was passed by a two- thirds vote of Congress, members of which were elected by the people, over the veto of President Truman, the Taft-Hartley Labor Law represents th» -will of the people. Efforts to repeal or modify the act failed at tbe first session of the present Congress, although the complexion of tbe^body had changed back to Democratic. Leaders of his own party failed to go along with .President Truman in his determination to repeal tbe measure. Frustrated in that effort, he has taken the matter in his own hands, and has refused to invoke the law at a time •when strikes are increasing and the nation's industry and economy suffering. %Vhen tbe people rise and overthrow their government, that is revolution. What is it, then, when the government refuses to carry out the will of the people, as in the present case? Strikes are spreading at a time when the United States was well on the way to economic recovery. Merits of the Taft-Hartley Law are not at issue. The point is. a measure has been designed to solve the problems now confronting the nation. It is the only remedy at hand, and the powers that be refuse to apply it. This is, in fact,' revolution in reverse. Oysters In The Can Sometimes the Supreme Court of the United States is asked to adjudicate the strangest questions. Think of carrying all the way up to that august tribunal the question of how many oysters should be put in a can of a certain size! In sections of the country remote from the coasts many vacuum processed oysters are consumed. It has become quite an industry. Involvement of the' Supreme Court in the canning question had its genesis in the Food and Drug Administration's fixing new standards of fill for oyster containers. It set the content of the small car., known to the trade as No. 1. at 6 1-2 ounces, the equivalent of a doze nEastern Coast medium- sized oyjiters or from eight to 10 "extra select," depending upon the amount of liquid used. Western packers, who had been using a five-ounce can as against a 7 1-2 ounce can by Southern packers, protested the regulation. It was arbitrary, capricious and an abuse of discretion, said the Western packers. When "the lower court decided against them. they started certiorari. That ia how the case came finally to appear on the Supreme Court docket. But the other day, after the nine justices had pondered the issue, certiorari was denied, which means that the packers must henceforth conform to the regulation. Greta Won't Like It- To many of acquired maturity, the young Greta Garbo was the most glamorous 'creature the screen ever produced. She was a woman of beauty and mystery and grace. A fine actress, too. Her romantic roles in "Christina" are unforgettable. Her wistful loveliness in "Camille" and "As You Desire Me" is as memorable as her subtle comedy in "Ninotchka." But with all her talent and charm, the off-screen Garbp has always been a little tiresome. Her persistent demand for privacy has become tedious. If it is sincere, and not an oblique bid for publicity, she ignores the fact that if movie stars want privacy, their best way to get it is to retire to private life. Although Miss Garbo's famed yearning to be "alone" has lost its novelty with the passing of many years, she still dodges reporters -and photographers with elaborate provocativcness, and they pursue her with the zest of 20 years ago, Perhaps they ought to respect her wishes and pay no attention when she returns from Europe, as she has just done, or when she flits about the United States in her nondisguising disguises. Everybody should understand that no system of government will work unless the people do. Many of us would like to go back to those calm times when we were dreaming of Jeannie with the light brown hair. George Bernard Shaw seems to be disappointed by^the mess created by his socialist friends. He suggests the whole human race ought to disappear. There is nutrition in alfalfa soup, it is said, but alfalfa must be high priced, judging from the prices of milk and beefsteak. A successful American formerly was one who succeeded with his own money. Now the most successful are the politicians who do things with other people's money. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Rep. James T. Patterson, R, was reelected to serve the Fifth Congressional district for a second term, defeating his opponent, Vincent Kiernan, of Derby, by 4,762 votes; Adam Mengacci and M. Leonard Caine. Jr, Democrats, were 5. elected to represent Naugatuck in the State Ho.use of Representatives. 20 Years Ago Henry P. McCarthy, Jr., a student at Dartmouth University, was visiting with his parents at their High street home. Mrs. William Daly, of City Hill street, was visiting with friends in Hartford. Borough board meeting jottings . . Tony Monsante, town hall janitor, had a big moving job to do in a hurry, because the board of assessors was meeting In the court room rrjrht up to borough board meeting; time... ho found good assistants in George Roberts and John O'Donnell and two unidentified spectators. More board meeting. . .A group of high school boys joined the spectators during the session... Burgess Bill Rado had a difficult time finding out the spelling of the supernumerary he wished to ballot for...board members were buzzing each other concerning-the after regular session meeting with firemen.., n.11 very hush, hush. Rudolph Lltkc of Melbourne court is having a hard time trying to get an administration to correct a water condition on his property... he contends he's been tryirtg for the past 12 years... Warden Harry Carter says there's a legality that has to be investigated at this time. Warden Harry Carter tells us that indicative of the close watch being kept on parking meters by local patrolmen during the past month is the increase in parking meter receipts from an approximate S300 to $563 during October. .. .he's all for the campaign, and says. "If they aren't going to enforce parking meters I say they might just as well take them out." Many happy returns of the day to Thomas St. John of Falrchild stret-t, who Is celebrating a birthday today.. .Nice seeing Mrs. Hysell Brooks out and around again. . . .shfi's still suffering from effects of a severe case of hives. Action of the borough board to permit parking on only one side of Oak street may help out in pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic conditions nine months of the year... with cars parked headed up-hill on the east side of the street, what will happen during a day-time snow-storm when some 20 cars without chains try to get started up the hill at 5 p. ra.? Pat Kelley has accepted an invitation to be master of ceremonies at the State Convention of the Montana Transport Association to be held in Billings. Montana. Nov. 10, 11 and 12. . . Pat really gets around... Edwin WiRRlesworth, an army captain in the last fracas, spoke recently at an Economic and Industrial Mobilization Conference at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. . . .He discussed the Economic Potentialities of the Far East... Glenn Dansby, Naugatuck High school gridder who sustained a broken leg in a Jayvee game) at Seymour Oct. 3, was finally discharged from St. Mary's hospital, Sunday... Glenn's leg is still in a cast but he looks, and says he feels, fine. A meeting of the Philharmonics of Naugatuck has been tentatively set for Friday evening. Nov. 18.. .It's not too early to be thinking about next year's Pops Concert... indications are that there will be two concerts next summer, and before September, when the weather is so uncertain for outdoor events. From all reports, the victory banquet of the Beacon Falls Democratic town committee will be for residents ol the town... only a few "outsiders" will be on the Invitation list.. .guests will be voters of the town and the successful candidates. Andy McCann reports his backyard workshop has closed down until spring... he did enough work there the past two months to hold him through the winter. . . .he's anxious to see what manner of vegetation will cover the place come spring.. .enough has been planted to cover the yard if only 50 per cent grows. Charlotte Leuchors, and her mother, Mrs. William Leuchars, New street, recently made an all- day excursion to New Haven and Bridgeport. George Birdsall spent his day off from the post office taking his little ones out for an afternoon stroll... street department workers have patched cracks in the roadway at Maple and Oak streets. Our best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alexinski of North Main street, who celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary today. .. .Also to Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Spodola, of Homestead avenue, who will reach their 2Ist year of wedded life Saturday. Jimmy Murray, of Glendale Manor, celebrated bia seventh birthday Oct. 24... And Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thompson recently observed their 30th wedding anniversary. .. .They celebrated by having dinner at Wiggins Tavern, Northampton, Mass., with Mr. and Mra. Al Heavens. The tllpndale Manor Community club nominated officers Tues-, day evening... The election will be held at the next regular meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 8, in the clubhouse. Sherm Brown, Jaycees' prexy, driving about in a new car...The Glendale Manner tells us that the new roof of the Community Club's clubhouse has been completed .... Last month members worked on caulking, painting, etc., to eliminate leaks in the walls. .. .Two weeks ago construction ot a large fireplace In the building was started. COMPENSATION Aldo McDonald, 121 Hill street, will receive weekly payments of $32 beginning Oct. 11 for an Injury to his left hand sustained in the employ of E. R. LeManquais Co., Litchfield, according to an agreement approved yesterday by Workman's Compensation Commissioner Harry Krasow. OPEN SEASON MOSCOW SATflUTlS WALTER WINCHELL In New York REBEL Let others be resigned to team and trouble; Let them acquire noble brows and patient eyes. I had an uncle who could have been brother To Lucifer himself, once stripped of lies. He taught me all I know or need to know Of living: 'how to pick up losing: dice. Double the bet, let easy money go, Laugh at the world, and never take advice. Let others go the narrow path and straight, Well knowing what await* them at the end. I'll be there, too, perhaps a little late, Not having destiny to call a friend. Let others reap rewards and wear a crown— I'd rather wear my halo upside- down. —Eleanor Alletta Chaflee. The Moley the Merrier: Raymond' Moley in Newsweek (discussing religious bigotry in the New York political foud) says: "It has ot so bad in New York that if you tell a harmless joke in dialect, you will be accused of belonging to a murderous con-* spiracy." Mr. Moley means our quarrel of two years ago against a lew comics who included dialect gags that played Into the hands of the Judge Armstrongs, Fritz Kuhns and other Hitler admirers. Such as the harmful oldie: "Sam, how vuss the fire?" "Shhh, it's tomorrow!" We've been hoping to encounter non-scurrilous dialect quips such as the one Ethel iMenman submitted a year or so ago. to wit: "Mr. 'Goldberg, how's the new baby?" "Hizz a dolltnk. Already aay.s Mama, Papa and. Gabardine!" Ach,. Mr. Morley, us Ycnkehs zinzeerly hope, begorra, youall ftnalleh ketch opp mit dp idear Sho' nuff! "Four Senators see Bevln." Hope they took along an extra shirt. At Bill BertoiotUV ft group were chatting about Mrs. Hartley's natural display of beauty winning: Nice -'President Barkley's heart. "Shows to go ya," said one pun-chdrunk. -'As ye show, so *hall ye vecp." Life mag had a swelegant pun for the title about Princess Mar- How about "Her Marge-esty"? Overheard In a Broadway ticket brokerage: "I can get you four for 'South Pacific'." "No thanks, I'd rather send uiy boy through college." "U. N. to be Televised." The fcrhole thing: or 'just the feature bout? One of the Giveaway program* wm, ^i U £ tryinfr to compete with Jack Benny. Evidently Jack entertai "'n* than m * Duke of Marlboro met Garbo he reported that Winf on Churchill Waa .. mad » -J^ her During- the war, said the ?" kc ' Churchill saw only two W^nd" ",*» W3S ' <GonC Wlth the Wind (starring Vivien Leigh which he saw seven times. "But he '" ^notchka- eight "Oh," she modestly said, "Thott 0 's punchlines tapering head!" The funeral Is Friday. Curtain Calls: The thrilling Bike Races. Mllo Carrara of France ,one of the riders, owns a bike factory in Paris ..... "The Time ia Noon" editorial in The Reporter ---- Variety's rave on "Samson and Delilah" . . .Gil Lamb at the Strand :. .Cajrnf's new sizzjer, "Latin Magic" Gene Baylps al the Macambo here . . .Mary Margaret McBride's NBC sessions.: . . Screen Guild's Sq. Dance Jubileei" <a hffil-toilly- dllly... Paul Henreid in "Escape If You Can" ---- J Cameron Swayze's reporting via Camel's tcevee ....Ron Randell's nemoting- in "The Browning Version". ,. .The 3 Suns' Victor album of Christmas favorites for gift-hunters. Bill Callahan of "As the Girls Go" heard a five-year-old girl and other tots discussing religion. 'What do you think of the different religions?" one little thing asljcd her. "All religions arc good," was the reply. "All have holidays." Overheard In. an American^ home The children were given a choice of two desserts. The little girl nursery-rhymed: "E<jci\y, meeny, miney, mo. Catch a bunny by the toe!" ..In Lindy-s the other midnight, a notorious wife-burglar paused at a colyumiat's table and said- ''I knew you when—tout you never romebbor my name." "Gee, mlater," wa* the retort, aren't you Glad?" ..Here's, homing .the. Moscow- Washington story has a Hollywood ending. Buir» Eye Brave Hunters have a lot of fun 'Cause animals nevor tote a gun! —Jioy Hathaway 1 A s'slety gel was sipping a ".Martooni in El Storq when a friend minced over and fang'd: "I don't believe it, of course, hut there's an awful lot of gossip that you're divorcing Charley." "Don't bo seely," was the reply, "I hardly know the man!" Word-Wedding: The Times says Oran Root assailed tho Democrats "Copacabana Cabinet." In short, Copocabinet. "Russia clalnn Stalin was first to think oi United Nations." G-wan he was the first to think of dividing- them. Add thrills for Ktinyon Fund contributors: You probably read the stories in this week's papers about the encouraging results medicos obtained in treating cancer with new hormones. The Oct. 31 N. Y. Times noted that some of tho money which financed the hormone research—was- contributed by the Runyon Fund. A Communist is a guy who says everything is perfect in Russia but stays hqi;p because he likes to Rough It. Mash Note: John Martin in the N. Y. Times'. "Ballerina Moiru Shearer is as sweet as a peach dainty as the traditional fairytale princess, and with a fillip of Irish perkiness for floor." Ain't gonna do you no good Mr Martin, she's engaged." Dunno why those 11 convicted traitors .ire squawking: AT long as they're in the jug- they're eligible for one of those poetry prizes like Ezra Pound got. Broadway Confucius: Smart Cihorus Girl Like Young Mani-'s Kisst-s. Smarter One Prefer Old Man's Smackers. (Joke Over.) Look And Learn 1. What Is the surface area of the skin which covers the human body? 2. How old was Jesus when he began to teach? 3. How many times does the numeral "one" or the word "one" appear on a U. S. one-dollar bill, not counting the serial number? 4. What bird has the unusual ability to fly straight up and down? 6. What Shakespearean character has the most lines to speak? Answers 1. Approximately Z5 square feet. 2. According to St. Luke, about 30 years of age. 3. Twenty-five times. 4. The chimney swift. 5. Hamlet, with 1,569 lines. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. How are invitations to the second marriage of a young widow worded? A. In the same way as the usual invitation, in the name of her parents or nearest relatives, as, "Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Mary Johnson Smith, etc." You will note. of course, that the full name of the bride is used. Q. When writing a "thank you" letter to a relative who has sent a check as a birthday gift, should one say how the money is going to be used? A. Yes; it is always nice to do this whenever any gift of money is received. Q. Is it obligatory that a host or hostess meet their out-of town guests at the railroad station? A. Most certainly. This is their first dUty. REFRIGERATOR PARTS An average electric refrigerator has almost 1,400 parts. Mezzio's Offers:— Complete Brake Serrlec, Wheel AHfm- nent and Wheel Balancing, Front End lUoalrliw. IlBdbtor Keren* TlisklM. BsM« Bmt«<Ar*, Ar»*tr<>u Tir**. MEZZIO"S 118 BITEB8IPE DBITE. TEI, «37I KAIMO — TELEVISION K.C.A. — Admiral Television Bale* and Service SWAN'S Electrical Contractors Since 1929 26 CEDAR ST. TEL,. *574 BUTKTJ8 Vtlantic Service Station Fern and Chestnut Bt». NOW OPEN!! Atlantic Top Grade Oil Second-to-none 30c-35c New & Reconditioned Motor* FORD & MERCURY Budget Plan Available The NAUGATUCiK FUEL CO ITOBD DEALER ?h-»J!e 5231 SECURITY Does your Insurance give adequate protection today? DO YOU HAVE WT See / NAUGATUCK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Building cost* are steadily Increasing PHONE 2080 F. W. EATON, Mrr. Household Scrapbook Copper Coin Swallowed A copper coin swallowed may tie rendered harmless by a diet of bread and milk, giving nothing sour, as this would corrode the metal. Also give the raw while of an egg '.hree times a day. and a dose of castor oil every ni n -ht. Coff«-c Stains CoTfee stain.-, even where there is cream in the coffee, can often he removed with glycerin. Brush the glycerin on the spots, then wash them with lukewarm water. I'airit Brushes Seldom-used paint brushes should be wrapped in a piece of cloth and suspended in a jar of kerosene, or better, linseed oil. Geo. Wiggleswortb & Son, Ino PLUMBING, HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING MAPLE STREET 14 Hour Oil Burner Service TEL. CMS COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls Tel. 14SC Emergency C^U 6557 FOR DRY CLEANING and ALTERATIONS PHONE 3807 For Pick-Up Service r EMBRUSM NORTH MA IX ST. TEL S807 Open Fri. Till 9 NEW ENGLAND'S. URGES! PETROLEUM STORAGE TCRMlNAi BUNKEE "C" Fuel Oil fobC per cation F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone G-3541 tvt s\ F* WATERBURY AT P.L&TTS MILLS FflRffl r rr E L. WAT E R B U R Y 4- 96 3 Z FANCY MILK FED BONELESS ROAST VEAL FRESH HOME MADE ITALIAN SAUSAGE MOBBELL PRIDE — LEAN SLICED BACON FRESH SLICED TENDEK — BABY BEEP LIVER MOBRELL PRIDE — PURB PORK SMALL LINK SAUSAGE DUZ, IVORY FLAKES LUX, TIDE, RINSO 25c Just Received — Fresh Bulk SAUERKRAUT V. S. NO. 1 MAINE POTATOES Peck 49 C BO Ib. Bag *1«39 LARGE CALIFORNIA ORANGES LARGE SNOW WHITE CAULIFLOWER -LUC head LARGE BASKET GREEN PEPPERS MacINTOSH — BALDWIN — DELICIOUS APPLES Basket FRESH Sweet Cider 43c ga ,

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