Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 2, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1949
Page 7
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For Sale House* for Sale FOK SA1.K — I lamlly house on Orchard V Q Terrace, in excellent condition. Very good investment. Prictu (or QUICK Ml*. F. A Real Estate BRAZICKI Phone 542; F. A. BRAZJCE1 — Re»T Estat* — 174 PROSPECT HT. PHONE 61JB Tour Proi^rty lor Quick Sale. The A. R Mnrtino Co. Real Estate And Appraisal* *0* E. Main St. Phonft 3-3286 Wtby Root Realtors 174 GranJ St. and Boyd. Inc. Insurance Phur.e 4-31i;i wtoy Huy or S<-ll a llusinrss KVn HAl.PKKIV. Jiro.Ver la-uranrr, Lou, Km I F.atate *» E. Mate St. Tel. 4-5813 Wtbj. BVKOJ.LY'h MEAL J3NTATK 48 Spring St.. Tel. 3-HUS1 Waterbury, Conn. Wanted to t'uy For Sale llouncH lor Sale James ofoore —Real Estate— Phone 3568 A. NOIIWASH, Any. 209 Church 8L 1U3AJL.TOR Phone 47S4 N»v*. FOR SALE —6 room house, bath, furnace, laundry, fireplace hard wood floors. 60 ft. x 200 ft. lot in Soullibury. $7,500.00. MADORNO REALTY Oxford Tel. 2691, Seymour l/'OR SAI^K — 40 acruH, liny land, brook, lar^c barn, $6,000. MADORNO REALTY Oxford Tel. 2691, Seymour KOU HA I,/;.-New r, room UD to da;.' home, I rooinu unlinlMhcU, all Improvu- uient.s, garanc. Uood home lor G.I. A I..SO—8 room I family house, tfi veat'H olil. Sun parlor and HietiplitK woven. Nice home lor a largo lamlly, PATSY LA lilt 101, A Jlual Ji.iiato Phone NauR, 3458 or Wtby. 6-2245 FAJ1ILY—li roomK on Highland Ave. Tel. uU3J JOU.N 1IEAJ..Y, 118 Church St. ood 2 tamny 5 or I rooms on each (lour proferred, 1 havt a caali customer waiting lor uuch t listing. HE.VRT M. MURPHY Real TSHtate and Appniiaaln Telephone 3-4 03 2 Watorhury For Rcnt_ Land tor Hale FOR 8AI,K—4 lots on No. Spring .St. Call (J1S3 .aier •! p. m. FOIl HAliK—bevoral building lota u! Now Haven Ha. tfunDonahle. CIO water. .Phone Harry Submit::, .iliST, alter « p. ro. For Rent 7a W».iitetl To Kent VKTFllA.N. WIKK AM) ONE Cllll.l) 1 J"i.f)<;i-iiU'ly iii nmiil i,l 1-r, ronni n-tit. ]'hone 302fi. 'I) SUireM For Kent t'Oll 11E.NT—Offices lor proli-HKlonlil man In NauKntuck. Ti;l. 3-U8«r,, Wtby. 8 HooniN lo Kent I-'OK KENT—2 furnished romiiH wllb board. Nice lor couple. I'bonu lill.SS. FOIl III-:.NT — FiirntHlHul room. <>n- Irully locatcil. Phono (180S, 3-18 lilKli St. X KOUIIIN t<i Kent KOH KH.VT— WJIIHI !,„• £ people, wild twill beds. CMC of kilchen il il«Hireil Call ut S7 So. -Main Kt. alter ,'i p. in. KOH KH;\T—3 room furnished apartment. 5 minutes Irorn IIUK lln<>. ln- cludes i-let:irl<- range and n-lrlKiTator Write Uox "JS" earn <4 N'-WH. Announcements Personate MASSAUK—Given in yi.ur liomc liy Scandinavian masseur. Well rocommendeil. For Appt. Wtn. -I7W. lib Opportunities All Fermi* o; IiiMuraiii.-e WKjlSTEU'H I.NHTJIIATICK NKKY1CE II Wont Main St., Wlby. Tel. 8-0481 HUMOJIYI THIHHTYt Htnp At Tllu STHAITSVILT.E Rl'A Haven llonil I'll,,no 4854 Announcements 12 BiiHlnciis AnnotinccnienU Fitzpatrick- Romano — Public Accountants — Phono Naug. 2805-G007 RUIJV-H <BfMDAL 5HOP' 1 S51 No. Main Kt. Tel. 3-1S34 Wtby. Gowns—brides, bridesmaids, flower girls NOV\ OPKN JOHNNY',", HIIOE REPAIR. Expert shoe rebuilding. 529 S Main St. "WAFCU- 1IETTEK D8KT> CABS THK WAUGATUCK FUEL CO. U. K. Riilrlgi-ratorn. Wiinh.,-rn, lungev Wati-r Ih-ntors, <-tc WAl/l'IOit'K KUKlllfJl'illATION lioaroM Falls Thone 7-IHO NilllK. Frank Asiihalt Drlvowayii — a Venrs to Pa\ !»4 Roynmrid Bt. Phone 3-944'i IIKKKHMAKI'M; ami AitoraTkmH <iun, r«ttHonnble. I'hone CS-ll. Mrs. Loiiisi McOuIro, 47 IJInghnm St. LANKHCAPK OAHDHNINO— Ixiam lor H.-vle--Also liulld stono walls J Paul Allirtln, Ki-ymour. 2IHIO. \VALTRR OKOSKI Eleftrli'al Contrualor '' Industrial — Coinmnrrlal — nomestli IlB/ioon Falls .f'hone 4(106, Niuii; A'isit Our Huila Fountain Open 7 a. m. to (1 p. m . Except Snndas ANDY'S CAMPUS — Church Streel Automotive 14 Autos For Sule I-'Oil. SA I, ll*U. n itnvt imp. l-'Oll HA LK—1:1:17' Chevrolet sedar (•'inch, completr-ly ovi-rhaulod 2H1 No llondlcy Kt. Tnl 07711. FOIl HAI.K—ia:a bin,, Fo,.,], 4 ,lr sell. $13(1. Kini.H Rood, ha.H lioatur Have to Hull. Phone 7208 alter 5:30 p in. KuLnrdiiy alter 2 11. m. HXI'UHT-f.' nml Kcni-riiloi Hervli-u. Clu'i-lt IHIW fur winter. A K I) AUTO SKUVITB «14 Bank Kt. Tel. G-1322; , hnatern. IN THE F.B.I., WE NEVER PI5COUNT THE LUDICROUS -nut PROVED TO PE LET'S BEACH OUR BOAT HERE, FROSTV! I WANT 70 HAVE A PREVIEW PEEK AT 1 SETUP.. .SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SITUATION INTRISUE5 ME! A FEW /MINUTES LATER I T 6EE I'VE SOT DUCK-BUMPS! IMAGINE! VJORKIN6 i -WINK so, FROSTY.,.BUT THE CHARACTER THE TUggW INTERESTS ME. PHIL , COULD THAT FAT FISH1NS ON THE DOCK BE All?. SMITTS? ! TRYIN6 TO TELL AIE THAT A DIAMOND i THAT me> COULD YEP-SHE HUGGED KISSED ME, AFTER I ET SHE •SLIPPED ME THREE 6XTRV. HELPIN'S O' PUDD1N 1 BUT HOW ON fllRTH DID ME GIT BUNGED UP? THIS PATCHWORK TIE SHORE IS ROWflCNETlC, i TVL6R--i WORE IT IN i A REST-RUNT, ftW TH 1 WHY, CONFOUND TtWT BARSTAIN! HE'S GETTING OIL (NVOLVFP IX) A (TEVOLUTlON. TM GOING TO TELi. T1JAT GUY OFF, I'VE feOT TO STOP HIM* YOU'LL WASTE YOUf? BREATH, TALKING, BUZ... ANP YOU'RE LIKELY TO GET SHOT, AT IEAST I CAN TRY TO STOP CAN'T 1? 5UKE, GO AHEftP. BUT IF YOU PON'T WIND, I'LL STAY HERE AMP KEEP YOU COVEREDl HALT! WHO 60ES? AMERICANO- BUZ SAWYER; AND 1 PEMANP TO SEE BAR5TAIN. SAWYSRl IMPOSSIBLE! I LEFT HIM IN HIS ROOM! LETS SlTHSEE ) AND WATCM.? J TWB COACH < WILL BE OVER ] SECC5T STUFF DONT MUCH ABOUT TV* GAME. WESTVIU.E GAMS knows BltLMjW SOOn sa.a tfiasn c/avsfTt. Know/s t/iat (SEE, WHO *wsnec> r FEMDEJ?. WHAT HAPPEMED USUA. C LEt> FO RIGHT TURM...WEMT ....AUD THE R BEHIND WHEU YOUR GRMIDWOTHEI? HAMD AOCIOEX1T XO*W1DWM TODAY Automotive Auto« For Sule Winter AcccHuorlea BALDWIN ST, OULF STATION 'os. Ctrlello, Prop. Tel. 3-094S Wtby or 4966 Nnug. KOJl StALD—luM UodK«, good running condition, Kood tlfoH and body, m. cuii oatio. DID FOJtU— Convertlblu, R&H, spotlight. Completely overhauled, B:t- roiitlonally clean. J6UO. NIUIK. 0873. IS 5 (I A & n AUTOMOTIVE HlCnVICIC 14 llnnk St. Tol. C-I!!22 Wlby. Hody And Fonder Iteuutr HOTCHKJS8 BT. OABAGE DODGE Job Ratod •'-'V^'VIAJ Trucks Phone 6727 '•'°» SA^K-im Cadillac Hydromn- tlc Sedan. ^Excellent condition throughout. A real buy. Completely rebuilt. Packard Waterbury, Inc Packard Sales & SAvlci ... _ " A s *'« Place to Buy" 189 Watertown Ave. Dial 4-eiOl, MEMBER OF WAMA ,„. „ Hubbeir* bervtoe Station 195 Rubber Ave. Phone 494V — Wuuhlng— Polishing—Waxing — iTUDJEBAKKB THUCKH available, All Modela and Sixes ,,- „ ISBICKSOJf HOTUHS I2» Jlubbor Ave. Phone 4KJC — Studebake'r Cam & Truuka — Merchandise NAttOATPCK NEWS (CONN.), WEPNEISDAY, NOV. 2, 1M9— PAGE Ma, Poultry—Kgga UNION CITY POULTRY MARKET l!IIU'Ki:>,«—Froah killed or Iroi'jii FUESn Boas—Free Delivery. 15 School St. Tel. 2591-S427 Feed Jb Tuta WOOD — WofI veauoiied hard vtoocl, stove or llrcplaco longthn. Great Oak Farm Phone C04I) 27a Of nee 4k Other Bqdlpment IS XISEW — Coah reglBtera (National). LatoHt Htyles. Big savlnga. Like now. Onu year guarantee. Boloolon'n BulOH & Horvice, 37 Cooke Ht. Houwrhold Articles h'OK HA1/K—IloiKir «an Htovo will K&H healer built. In. Phono 4708. KOK .HA'LK— Olio Maijlc Clllel «a« range. One wardrobe trunk, uhoiu- •1280 or 150 Fairvlow Ave. KOM HA Mf—side arm KUH 'huater, .10 Kul. tank, like new. Tel. U771I. $15 lor both. H'OH NALK— 10x13 1-oMe colored velvet bruailloom 1'Ug, excellent ccindl- tiorj, and Ozlln pad. A!MO 'i pair grey & roue colored dranoB & ornamental nxlH. Blgal, Ulonbrook Udri. A part- monts, No. 1-N. FOR SAI/M — Helrlnerator. 33 No Houdley St. Phone 2020. , SEA 1IEJ3 JIOTOB HALES l»7g TkamaHtab A»«i, Watervllle Tel. I-DIID—USED CARS * TBUCKf> Cam Bought anil 8»hl SKIPPY JfAflBE JIOTOB SALES Z6« WATEKTOWIf AVE. Tel. Wtbj. 4-88S1 or Wutertowu lilt FOB HAI..E—i!Ml. Htrettinllne<l Punllai nvdunotto, raillo and hoftt«r. Call 3IOK, Trailer* •IKE MOWKBM THAII.HH <!<»,U;il IIOMKH—C'ornuliitn with ImtlirooinH HhoworH. tuliH. Famoiw Liberty Trail-' er ConuhOH now available on 0 yual !i'& Miutnue plan. Other well known makoH like VaKabond, Trotwood. American. National and Pralrli Hvhounur on r«a«onal)l« t«^m». ODOII H u. m. to II |i. in. dally, llviler Tralhir Co., Pout• Itoail, Mllford, (Tonn (1 mill eiiHl o( Mllford Center) Mllford 2-20;t!t Trailer* UONDKlJ THAILKHS AHTIIUK J|. 1)1 VUIl-( formerly will, I he Dlvor Trailer Sales) in haw» to announce that he IB now Sales Manager of the Eastern Trailer Sales Inc. ; and cordially Invites all hl« former patroii.s, customers and IrlmiilH to vlHit him at hln new nlace of bu«- InenH ; where ho will continue to give excellent outntandiiif, values and efficient and courteous service. Here ari> ' a few Trailer Bargains; UltANU NKW Pi-ttlrln Schooner 33 lool houxa trailer. HJeeuw UD to Hlx iwoiiUi private bedrooms, ahowcr, toilet, larire refrlgcratdr and cook stove *un price complete, delivered anv where In New England. Insured, oniv t.l,47r, i-omploto, no oxtcuw. Compare thl« prli.e with clealorB anllln K thin l.iiTii vi.'if'/. 1 ?'."" 0 than * <oa h'Kher. IIHAWI) NEW 1)49 "M" ayntom Venn t "^ '°°t t« iler - Sle y e DB ™lx with r . t KaHtorn at tlL" ' S " I|J - H " V| "K» asmir«(S uu to nnit Snvn """"' M<iW modBlH - B »V N «w LIKE NEW — ThlH beautiful 28 loot OWOSHO trailer. GoHt over - J3.800, Our ''' C ' lp " ll " 0nly Sl ' S7 ' i ' Wimlirn Ready to BO »I.7GO FOB HALE—Small electrlu boater & 4 burner Florence Oil Stove, ovori attached. Call ilfiOl. A NEW LOVE SKTTEE—Upholstered in leather. Thiu is a Uoor .sample valued at $H!>. to clone out" at $7D.t).1. HAUI^EY ANNI5X, 103 Meadow St., Wtby. U8KI) HKFIinJEllATOKH FOH 8ALK-I50 AN1> UP . ANDnOi-UY APPLIANCE UNION CITY — TB1,, ««»! Venetian Ullnda (CuNtom-Mato). Slip Covei-H, Made lo Order, Free B»tlnV)U-M - Phone 58C<. BAFFBAN'9 BOSTON 8TOWE I PIECE—Solid Termonl maple boil- room nulte, I)H4.fill. Oakvllle Furniture Co., J«4 Main St., Oiikvllle, Tol Win 824. Wnlerbury Hranoh. 63r Baldwin 8L Tol. E-2S22. UM our "Lay-Away Plan." ClotliliiK I'OB HA LE— Ijidle sultfi, si'/eB 10-11. 7-A. Tel. 5332. ' raincoat and 'i Also HhoeH, H !0a Article* Frr Sale ICIoctrlo ItanRan »10 and up, alHO, uned Washing Machlne« $10 and up, Watts Electric StraltB Turnpike Tel. 3-4ri70 Wtby Article* For Sale rerRt-rntnr. bntkeB. -hot and coul hanf' ", l i" h1l '; ll « t . Hnack'bS?! Two tone hand rubbe Inter or. real ., Pr>«t Ttonrt. Wennort TBADK iy YQirn fee ™Aor a new pli.i'trlc rnlrlKOrator. doort trad- ,,1- hti ! ' i ? '""' c '""Bleto-llno of car hflnnr- BtirlngM, hot water ntc. We havn, every nr-fOB- fnr 1 " 1 ' tl -ttll"r.'' Wne trntler for for two per, , o th , 50" Upholstery and Drapery Fabric Regular $4.98 and up. Special $1.98 per yard. Final Haiti. an IH, L. & C. FAUniC C15NTKH IS Grand St. Opp. Hadley'K New New FURNITURE New New «.|:H> $43!) $43!) $439 $439 M3'J $439 n ROOM ANNIVI2I1SARY OUTFIT IMirltiK November, 1!(10, 1. N. Albert «tartcd_hl« Hr«t llllle Htore. Today lh( Albert H Furniture Co. in conHldared "Connecticut 1 H LnrKOHt Furniture Store" with stores. anil display rooms IhroiiKhout the slate. Mr. Albert ban :ilwiya Klven n, bi*iuilllul Kilt to all III" i.MiKtomerH who made a nuruniiHo ol an Hi'flt durlnK-hfn annlvorHtirv nalp. i\m. A1..B RHT'B T31 ItTHDA Y Ol FT TO YOU IB A 1»4B "PH'f.OO OR "EMERSON" RADIO Mure IH what you not with every Complete Modern Medroom Kiiltn with /ill trlmmlnitH Complete Modern LivInK Room Suite with oil trlmmlnKs Complete Dinette Set land iftH* but not l^iml ,-t * BRAND NI3W NATIONALITY KNOWN COMBINATION OTTj AND GAB . RANGE TSverythlng listed above for onlv S4.M "In.- Mr. Alberts (;l(t of a "Phlleo' or "Emerson" radio. YOU BAVB ALMOST $200 ON THIS • PURCHASE TAKBJ IS I,ONG MONTHS TO PAY Thla^furnlture^ Hhown bv nopolntment. Mr. Albert. Evening appointments glad. iv arranged.' Free trnnHportntlon li _••• <,-~ m ,„,,. ^'^-^ "--no delivery Free storano until wanted, 1 I . '! ...f i ' 'i'._n Main Store Wttterbury Closed Menu. Open ThurM Till (i n — T^SO »<;i!i $«n *<3|» --tan »«» , Y nr otherwise will rcv^r he imilerxoltl— Befor= vou tret our nrico- ' " low '" r '"" < "" rrst O™y1 "» r ,, , CRRANK- llE8IHTlN«-aabarcllnes at Pr ' CeH ' Ca " MF8 ' Ruth ^'taX IINITEAHAL GAS BASGE-And Blair power mower, latent model, never used, cull 85ES. Vacuum BOSTON TOftT un— wv>y»',Vt' Conn Tnl. Fnlrlleld !)-37Sn Auto Part* Bear. Wheel Alignment ( Axel and Frame Service—Welding Axel Palnllng — Collision Revialrs ERNIE'S AUTO BODY WORKS 28 Watertown Ave. Phone 3-0241 Wtby. ec sc S w a • 90 vS P b ALL EYES WATCH THE "WAITER A5 IT ROLLS FROM THE MOUNTAIN VJITHTHE DAY'S RATIONS • THE ODD CON.TRIVANC.E bUMPS A MEAGER SUPPLY OF ODDS AND ENDS • 1-2. • FROM BEHIND THE 5MOR6AS BORD CIBCLE , BRICK THROWS A SCOOP OF DRY, DUSTY SOIL INTO THE AIR • • ANdTHEN RACES THROUGH I TME CLOUD TOWARD THE OAt? ' , ' f& 7^ GOT TO GET TO^ jL IT BEFORE IT ®p>-XCLOSES...'/ ',^W^? r •*&&'" A>1 -; s_ y/' \ ,. . j"^. carr y • •"!' Hne ol Hartford. Exlfiip. Autollte * Armltroni Bajterles. JOE'S TIRE SHOP 841 No. Main Bt. Tel 8-8414 Wtby. Larire Relecltun o| New and Used Auto Parts, aim New and Used Tirr>» Kvorybody,, TJ.ert Cura and Parti. 030 No. Riverside Rt. Tel. 0-0492 Open Sunday Mornings OESfEHAI, KIKCTJIIO Cleaner for ts».(ir>. ^, R . I , CCAKDC J FURNITURE CO. 407 W. Main St. Tol. 4-6292 Wtby. Animals Dog*, Cafe • Pete )'OH 8A1/E— Dachshund puppies with excellent |>edlgree. $45. Also female In whelp. Von Vogel Kennels, Seymour. Phone 3R72. ekinese pupplcu. $50 each. Call Nauft. 4496. FOB HALE—German Shcparu hupples and grown nogs. Champion blood liner*. $75 unil up. Von VOKOI Kennels, phone Seymour . 3872. Business Service A«r «o»d old MATTRKSH remade InU an lnu«m|irlttg ixiual to NEW to I !»«». Superior Mattremi, »-8SJ». Mattresses Remade 1 Day Bei vice—Work Guaranteed Stanley's Mattress Service Phone 4-9279 Water bury THB HAHNEHS SHOP (ItttlKl St. fill 4-7JXB Wfliv »"«y Leather Glote»-I)rc«it. Hrlvliig At 46 THK TOY HOUSE Selection Now At Its Best , W1 ? e Tl> Sho » EilTlv leasant Avo. Tel 3073 felt base rugs at Complete l,ln« Ol Scat Govern Joe's Service Station 178 Bridge JK. PMone 4970 NKW—Uaed fk recHppeA tlreii; 7i"i"™2? > ' 1 lind '""•''•to.-ltet .Kl«*«—vUlt OAHE-S TJNITF.D 'TTB* flALtSS, U, S. Rnyal -Tire distributor. _, ... Rubber Co. «mploy«« dlnnount oertHlcatea for tiros, honored here. Jefferson St. 1 Wtby. Phon* »-114t. Con tractors 19 arpHiitnr; No tob 'oo large or »man. Reasonable rat»n. Robert Prook, Pearl Road. Tel 7161. 20 M. V. SCHIAROLI — Building Contractor — Phone 60«7 MntorTaliT HeaHoneil Wood Brtck, Sand. Concrete Sand, Loam Phone 6548 or 3354 Murlapo Hanil t Htnne *j°!,V, ^'-K NAUftATUCK FURNITURE CO. 25 ho. Main St. Phone 2711 TRACY STAINLESS STEEL SINKS Double Bowl, lili Inch, Below Cost TOWER APPLIANCE 286 No. Main 81. Phone 4-1294 Wtby. 8110DL«KIt i>Ann-Embroidery, trim- mlngit. Buttons. Largest >n state. Reliable Factory, 87 Scovlll 8t. Wtby. FOIl MAIjK - Ladles white figure skiiles, • sljio 8, like new. Federal condKlon. Call " oal * r «< !r ' 8WT!ET (lltlKli—Miule lro«h dully Irnrn wound Mipl«M at Rnhlldgon'B Cldor Mill, New Haven Road/ SOh Musical MEGOA Mtmic SCHOOL Buehlnnluim HlilK. Phone li-2845 Wtby. InNtrunionlH Furnlnhod 30d Good Thlnga To E»t The Wtby. Ready-Mixed Concrete Co. 94 Benedict 8t Tel. .S-418S Wtbv. HED1CRETE — Strength — Beauty 21* Trucking—Movera WEEKLY TBIPM to N»,w Tork. N*w I*r»»v »na New Wnirtand. T. W. ltol)imir£_Viin Lines. Wtby. 3-3083. a- Painting MARIANO BROS. Palntln*. PaporhanKlnc — Bzterior A Interior. Full Insunnce Coverage. Telcohone 15«1 nF,8T INVK8TMBNT 1> to point your property. C»l) 4011 lop (re« estimates. W. F. Cota. RAYMOND J. HUGHES Painting — Papurlia nglnit 16 South View Rt Phone Z901 IJITEniOB PAINTING ANJJ PAPKHHANdlNO Phoue Joseph San Angelo —71TO ROMA PASTRY (101 NOltTII MAIN RT. FlnoMl. llnlln-n-Aniurlciin niiil French P»»try In all N«w Jlnglum). Aim, Sim. monl, Qeliitl and Ic cream. Everything made on premlsou. Special H t- tention given to w.eaaing Partiea, o'lr prices nre the lowoot; but our merchandise definitely the beat. Wo d«Hver and nhlD anywhere in the U. 8. Tel. Waterbury 0-2117. APPLES— Jl bushel & up. Mac'x, Cort- l"na«, DulluluiiH, ) | other viii'letloM. Also apple elder, 7D<; n Kill. W, 1<% «illK. HIIIIHUII 1I<1., MUMeb'ury. 7V if 4-«2SO, Wtby,, PROZEtf CHIOKKN-Roasters Broilers, Fryers. Delivered Niniuatuck * vlcln. from larm, Cull Wooilbury m-Z. Education "2a InatniotlonH WOMEN! HJSLP FII^ TH10 NEKD FOIt PRACTICAL NURSES KAHY TO I.KA11M nt home, mmrc time. Good piiy. Mnny earn while lojtrnintf. No liljrh -school required. In- rormatlon FRT5E. Wayne School of Practlual NurHliiK, "II". cure o( New«. I.KAHN TO DRIVE—Call Central Diml Auto Driving School, 219 Wont Main HU Tel. 4-6262, Waterbury. 37 BunltittMH BervlcnH Rendered Oil, IIIJIINKH AMI Vl.F.CTHICAl, WOUK ED. DUKETTE. ' Tlil> 4ST,7 IIAVK—Vour fur coatu niiulo & r«- lialred by Watflrbury'H expert lurrlers We call for & deliver. Call 7546. Nauc. CHIMSIjys iwlnted and repaired lu expert. All typeu ol muson work. JOHK OUOM Phone 6-0207, Wtbv HOLLAND FUKNACE CO. .. _ Hot Air Furnaces. 7<8 E. Main St. Tel. 4-1003 Wtby. DKKHSMAKINO. UOWNN. OIATKHI- AI.S—Minn A. Lumparelhi. 11 .Manle Terrace. Phone 2925. OHDKItN VAKKX for .Slip Drapery, Spreads, Material samplei shown. Tel. KTclyn MoBdlcb, 4tHt. Buaincsv Service »7 Service. Rendered CK8SPOOLS-8EPTIC TAXM Cleaned, lB«t4Uled — Drato. '-'"^* AnythlDE, Aayirhrrc, PI SCOTT 8ANITATIOH Plal CARMK.VS CCNTOM TAII,O» Tallor-Made Wdru - |7.« ... _ 3-Day Cleaning Service 147 ». Main Bt. ph on . SOI1 J. & M. ELECTRICAL WORK* _ Houee Wlrlnr and Repair Barnum Court. Phones 3294-Bill OOMl'LKTK landscape n*r7lc« Li»T» • verin-enn. ir«o removal KlMrH «no«d mi-n. Kully uiiiurod. Aluo Jrtr,. ways. J. BeHetq Tel SC4». H»KM. l>ra|i«» nnd Slip D«-llv«ry Service Kr«,« KIBVMAN CLEANERS ^LL^~™- == ._ = ___ Pl ! oo « 2M » |* Beuphotetortiig~ PIIOMITKRISO, «LIHCJV»;». ISU. NEW CirimiM MAItK LIVlA . CABPRTIB* CKWTKB «T WTI?T. KAUG. Hunter'. Aluinliinm Corolilnalloo Sturm Wlnaewi lB»ula(l»n. Rooting, MliUnm DI1HX1.K11 CO. Wtby. «.tCM Oil Burner. Cleaned and Uepulrel Purln For All Mnkit* ol nnrnrrn Harry Clinrchlll, iH 1/roHpnet HI.. 3011 RAY MELBOURNE ~ KV 1 !, ™ (>w « r MiarpeBlBg * Weldlni, «» ll.bber AT*. Plioae Itli l->«lco, Homy nnd Autollte Snrvlva ,-,« * h ' t " 11 B»«'«>-y A Electric Co. 130 Rubber Avo. Phone 3713 GUARANTEED «KPA1RA~AII ma*. machine*, vacuums. Usi"1 machine, bought Singer Hewing Maohlni c? WaUrbury 4-4SOJ. XA LAMA ZOO , Sales and Service ^Savings 81. Tel. 4-tB33 Wtbv /-.. Cleanln7~Co! Clifton Ave «*t«rbun Phom ,-«T8S Special Prlco» O«i 411 McnortaH W. RICIIAnnS —ft* ».xtli Mkta 8* NtlgatKk - Dial t!87 I. It TIXFT CO. B7 Church St. Phone 37!IO Plumtilng-H«atliw-on Burner These cars arc exceptionally clean and arc i>HceU low considering previous owners' cars ar.d carry our unqualified 30- day warranty which goes with euch car. 1946 Pontlac "0" 1-door Sedan Custom R&H, 19,000 miles $1295. 19-17 Biiick 4-door Sedan RH 12,000 miles, $1395. JiMO DeHofo Convertible, RAH, 29,000 miles, $1295. 1941 Pontlac "6", 4-door Sedan slreamllner, RH, $695. HUNT BUICK, INC. 8082 So. Main St., Naugatuck Phone Naug. 5600 Open Evenings Till 9 p. m, Special Sale 50'' Upholstery and Drapery Fabric Beg. $4.98 and up per yard Special — only $1.98 per yd. Final sale, as is L & C FABRIC CENTER 48 Grand St., Waterbury Opposite Hadlcy't TO ADD CHARM TO YOUR HOME WE ARE DISTRIBUTORS POR CAPE VENETIAN THK VEBV BEST IN 8TEKL 0 FI.EXAI.UM A WOOD COMPARE BEFORK VOU BUY EXTRUDED ALUMINUM COMBINATION STOBM AND SCREEN WINDOWS WE ABK SELLING AT DISTRIBUTOR PRICES IN GREATER WATERBURY EVENING APPOINTMENTS PHONE 4-8498 Estimates »nd IiiHtallatlon One »«y Service American Shade & Blind Co. | 142 CHERRY ST. WATERBURY, CONN. WANTED 8 to 10 Acres Of Land Suitable For Housing: Development (About 35 Units) Write NAUGATUCK HOUSING AUTHORITY P. O. Box 87, Naugatuck, Conn.

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