Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 9, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1896
Page 5
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Celebrated Silk, Stiff and Soft. -Spring Styles.= DEW ENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Best and Cheapest. FOOTWEAR In Town at Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. L. G. PATTERSON THE FIRS! NATIONAL BANK -Of- 10GANSPORT. . - INDIANA CAPITAL «aeo,ooo. A. J. Murdock. fry. W. W. Ron, C J. F. Brootaneyer, AMt. CMh. DIBKTOB3: W. H. BrlngbDHt, Republican Day at Peru Next Saturday. The first Republican rally of the campaign, which will lie held at Peru next Saturday, promises to be a lilting opening at a'campaign which has at the end almost certain victory for the Republicans sat the polls. Half fare rates have been sec ured on all railroads; and Republicans will be there from all over central Indiana. Miaanl counry, formerly the sKimplnv •cronnd for central Indiana Democracy, and famous Sor -its barbecues and bis Democratic "doings," will this year pi-esent quite a different ifront. The Democrats of -tha>t. county, like .their fellows everywhere, are hopelessly divided on the money qwsrton, and t.he light between tlie silver and anti-silver factions is so bitter that they are knifing each otlier at every turn. The' Republicans then will not be slow to take advantage of this ami are coin? after victory with every assurance of success. Tliere will be a large number go from tliis dry. The twins could not b(.' arranged better if they had been especially ordered. Leaving Logausport at 0:48 In 'the mornJug, the crowd can re- t.uru leaving Peru nt 0:55 in tlie evening The fsipenker'oif the day will be the Hon. .James A! Mount, Republican candidate for Governor. In the evening the Hon. William E. Mason of Chicago will speak. The Republican, drum corps, which''made a .most 'excellent • showing •last evening on the streets, will lead the Cass cownity delegation. .''•v:vfEpOl^ 3 TTc- •• \ ''(ntti."."|j<WAK^ ) H. F. .Tox of Chicago iis lu^e.citj;.,. Scott Cra-wrord, the )>rinter,, :: js ittrfliu •My. ' •• • •-''"••'•"• "'"' 1 •'• • Harmon Wolf' of Watin*hUs .'hr'the c"y. ' ' •' '^,7' J . li ->' ; '£' Miss Olive Ke.ssllng jn.'.hei^.lfi'oin \\n- basli. • • M;;>'"" >!*'•••••••:• Frank Grit's returned ];i?J.ui;dU(£i'p.,ivi Wabasli. .•••'" ; ''-'" - IJ -•'* Rudolph' Moss oil MonttcoUo:lsi.yJi»M- ln« In 'tlie city/ '•"'"'''t "-'••''^ <• 1'. W. Moore went ro. J Cl3e|i^. ) 'yw^'r- day afternoon.'.' -i--. ,Vc>i; : •< .-Mrs. ,Toim TodO.and t'ainii'jj^ja.i'i.^ViS-U.-i Ing lu Chicago. • •• ni«iJ ";?: fc.c«'. •; Frank Depew of Xoblesvilk' jeca'UIt-: ling in 'the city.. --^ --\- c "'/''. ' Ml: . '". • 0. "\V. FierceOf iJi^ttj^t^ was ft ine' city on business. . . . ..... '.^•^^•.,-^fi i: Terence McGoyeivj. is lia$ffM'{'45->;tH c , Chicago convention. , s />.^i,.io--^ iiA'itwir!. Charles Grimes of DfUYfnvuw'rt^Jifcrt yesterday on, business. • jo^sa'"-"^'-""' Mr. and Mrs. Jiuneg TF l fir?$tti(! ! ''havo i rorurned to HuDtlugtou v ^.^ s . Ki . : ,, ; B. F. Ixnithaln came i ,hopi ( e ( JiJK_.t p ,pl.g]u t'rrom Clileago and the..iu;ena. ,.,- • aid. Judge Tiiiimnn F. Palmer o£ M.ontj- uello was ,lu tlie'ci-ty yesterday.*: ^••"'0. ?3. Sliiifor worn '-'to <3Kic!if!o ;ll -I:ist night to attend the conveiitfob.." Ml*s.Gertrude Kelly .-.'liiig.". ;i .r< from Wa-lxiS'h after a short .v in it - ,..,,;,Mr. and Mr.*. W. IV. Giffe, hiiye'.-.rCn- turned from a visit at- Portland-^; <• , Roy G-al'lowiy hus 'retimied^'to his" home hi Elwood a,fter a visit here. ., Deputy Prosecutor GeSi-'jje T^A'^K was at AVIn'ainac yesterday-oil.business,. Misses Olive Irn've returned from a vU-!t;ao Qb,'cu}jo. Mrs. Geo-rgt! Sevan ai Winifred, left Tuesday 1'or D. C. ' - -. Will Gra-itis, the mail .. Bariklne In ni: Us Depart merit* promptly and Stockholder. Fund m «lnUln.d. FOR ! •-. -~.f. I:; .-,;• ban 2>if»'.!' '• FINED FOR ASSAULT. Free! Free! Free! We will Give away this week one hundred Sample boxes [of Bragg's Blood, Nerve, Liver and Kidney Capsules. Call and get a sample, B. F. Keesling Druggist. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, JULY.'9,, 1S9C. Hammoclw at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. 50c waists, 25c; OSc waists, 4Sc; ?1.50 waists, OSc; duck skirts, 59c; lawn wrappers half price.—Trade Palace. What you want- when you- are-ailing Is a medicine' that will cure you. Try Hood's SarsaparMla and be convinced of Its merit. • An employe of the Johnston House who crawled out.on .the roof to sleep one warm nlfrht recently, caused,considerable excitement among those sleeping inside. 'Finally Patrolman Wl'rwahu and the nltfht clerk climbed to the roof and discovered the cause of the jiolse. . , . Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. CREAM MOST PERFECT .. > ww Crape Cream of Tartsr Powder. JFr« | , "rnmonia, Alum or »ny other .dultertnt. 40 Yean the Otto and Henry Becker Found ' Guilty. The case of the State agaicst Otto and Henry Becker charged wlffli assaulting Mrs. Louise r>usc!hen,.was heard yesterday lii' -the Mayor's court. The State was represented.!)?' iDeprity Prosecutcc George Gaimble 5 w'hife Attorney Frederick Limdls' represented the defense. After hearing the evidence, '.Mayor Me- Kce found tile-defendants guilty,,and assessed a toe of $3 aad costs upon each of them. The total of the fines and eorts nmonnt'ed to ¥31 which was .stayed. JUST REVERSED. How Bridget Interpreted th*,Dre»m *!»•» Went by Coutrnrlet. AJI old Irishwoman, who has received may benefits at the hands of a benevolent minister and hta wife, -Is -so shiftless' that occasionally the large-hearted couple lose nil patience with her; _but'she has such a nehse of humor, and such'a"begulllngr tdnffue'• that she never fa-ils to amuse them and finally to win them back: - -At one time when money was given her to buy worm underclothing 1 with, she wasted It upon a large photograph album. The minister spoke to her with considerable severity, ns did olso his'wife, und for some time Bridget received DO coJls from either of them. One afternoon, however, the minister relented and stopped at Bridget's door on hits way to see n sickwomaJi. "Slmre. and' it's meailf that dreamed about you last nolght. Misther Williams," -jaid Rridj-et, with a beaming' smile. "Oi dreamed that you an'd Missus, Williams came here to see me, and says you: 'How ore you off for toy nnd coffee. -Bridget?'- and W says: 'It 3 niver a drop of oyther Oi've pot in the house,' Misthcr Williams! 1 And thin you presinted me vvid a pound of tay, and 1 Missus Williams wid a pound of coffee on the shpot! Yis. sorr. That was me dream." - ."Well Bridget," saJd the miniRter, striving not to smile,"yen Itnowdreams are «nid to go by contraries." •"Shurc. and that's fwhat Oi said to TnesUf." exclaimed Bridget, triumph-' antlv." "Said 01. 'MUther Williams is the waj: that'll be giving me the coffee and Missis Willinins the .tay!' Thim wa» : my very thoughts; sorr." ' ••• '• Little Wood ID 8p»ln. There is Jo little wood in Spain that the' small boy knows nothing of th» Joyi :of • whittling, and; develops no nm- bition to : become a carpenter.; The re- nilt'la that'the carpentcra ore few, and their shops'noi well provided, with modern' tools and machinery. ' TU« irint ItallrMd. -The first American" railroad'.was laid In 18361" It' w'a» 'ihree^ inlleo long 1 ; from th« grt'nlte 'qu'arries" of Qutacy,'Mws., In-g a few days at. the Cli-icago tlon. . . • . . • v...:.'i;.i Earl Brown has returned: . In T'ern'ivburg after a visit«.wI 1 t]i:.tEieiid.s , " i£[u':;;<>3 '" here. Miss Aaiiy Rogers'of Mitffi«6h«.ie;'the ^'iiest of tlie MJsses Kogfe'i%.(;.V jl^ng' cuff. . . . ; :~',j :-..-,,....« Miss Nettie Ke-mplei' at tlils.^ltjt.-j; 1 ? visiting Miss Pauline SnmlheimW.flt Wiibash. Mrs. P. .1. Hooley yesterday to visit for a friends. -.- ;, .,r,-.-)'vi...n.i n Mw. -AVIlMaw Basschman..'.?^.^^??', City Heiphts is voting,-,Sii)?ft:/Ma.y!p, Hope of this city. • ..:i-.«"i3 ?o s.ji;->'i' Miss KJHtlc' Amin'on-'ihiie'-re'tiivneil 'to' licr home- at MexicO ; 'iifle;r-a ^isit'-wlth IjOgauspoi't frlenfls/ ", J.'_,.''!.... ,. , Sam Frank tais'renii ; iied:.to^liet-llng, W.'Va., after-a-pleasa-nt yl*j : t; -ivlth-hls parents .In this city... ..:-.;..'•. ,& :.'•• '•: '" Mr. Alva -Myers and -wife of T'1'.v- mouth are the guests of C. M. Eurit and- wife of State street. - ..- •.-:- •;;Miss Gertie Murdock is down from 'the lakes for a-few .day^sjt with' Miss Gleuora Beviin. ... ... -.--.-. ,,wu K .Mrs. .7. A. E'ranklin-aeCt.:for Gliicago! Monday for a uionth's'-'Ttelt-wHli-'.'^; moOier,' Ma's. Jane GODn.-" "- '-' "'' '~'''f^ Mrs, B. F. Wright of Michigan' aten- fin Coat 98e upi Too hot to live without it Tan Shoe^worth $3and$i cool and stylish choice for $198, 62c for White Vests, cod and Dressy. 62c for natural Linen Pants very comlortable. YOUR WANTS AT HOHEt Comfortably Clad i# go into the rush with your heavy Woolens- KRAUS "Of Course NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS 1|S. Q. GRACE ';•.-.•! to-; SELL YOU A SPRING TODAY EOR vj ue is entertaining M. Gbrreil of >*ew Ha.ven. r , Dr. and Mw,.M.ili^lsaji..h9 to .flielr home at CinclnnaihotoiD wilth Dr. and Mrs; Ed Taylor. Mr and Mrs. Charles ' turned to tflielr hbaie a visit with frlemls iu this.clfj :f Miss Matthews, daiiEliteji.j.jOX Claude Matthews, Is visitji##»MlJ? Bog^ra at the hospital at;Eoriir;£«ffj- "Prof. A. W. J Gaauble of?.-a»ftHV. t3Wo"-; ' Sveek's' lfAN.',ANY OTHER CLOTHIER LOGANSPORT. ' . • ^f • ™ • ^ ETE. , bn<: .returned Iwme ye; visit with his.nephew; G...W: .KIUnier-Av-Do- •.to tl»ls city, but who now gentilne, Knn., v da-y. . .Mrs. and Miss ing Mi's. F. S. Crockett Misa Bodlicster Mrs. Hoiter of U.. MeAlUs-ter o,f Mr. and Mrs.' Broadway. ' • ' ; ' :r -"^' •*-'•'• ' ';.' Asel Alexander ^^Mjrfon,;sliet.iff:cfr Gnuit couwty, was',l^r;g'^^nJay ; ; ; Tl<5. ^J^compniiiled his- inq3jher )/: -^hp.. ;w;n?, ."A her way to Deiiv.er, ; Col. ' !.--..-,...,-:•:.'•. $3-1 -.7. A.'Fmnklin nndifaJnHy-j.'have: niovcd to tliie'ciity Hie Hartford water' wJ3ftj";||jjlne'. .'Tie -will now'go, on tlie.^oad-i „,;; -.,-•.- •,.-,•.,--.. Brace YingllJig,-.formerlyof thlft-cityi' ••but for two years of Lftn$?GWfj.<t*'viSil- 'Ing hero: H-e •nrrive"it : 'yei^S : afi : i > ' wheel 'frcnn jiarioi^andjvJJ] leave the return.trip S. ,B. Knox. one 'of the koko-mo. base.^^!,.,,,^ ......,, city 'last .night. He. s.ij-ftvthe.;Kokonio. teiiin Avlir'be able to,l'lVe,.tlie Was a-u argument any d!iy; 1 nM* 1 -tt4*>pt;ca)flblf: another' series betw"eki.^li^{vttt". teams •will be arvnnged.- .- ; ^^,^:,^.-': ... Peru Jou-ninl: baughand Stella Loganspo-rt last.evenh^.-l 1 ^ Bberje and Miss.,§'_ " tlie stone-lionse STO Stella Key.' Mrl TowneyT"^ 017 and Mr. were among .the.plcnlc^ejjs^...,_, Hat and be up to Date Broadway. lf you want a Tailor Made Suit don'tjfor- -•••'•.'• 0 " , € of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing f jL/'Cha'm.bera&of'Oatveston the of .a Runaway,. . Chambers, a farmer living near \Vfls_« injured in a rns dlslo- is lie was month. . 'of iilH-d'eitthV -Hejwis T 'retii'rntiij; from KoUorao fieconipiiiiiMl''^'^ his ten-year-old' son. ;Xhe.horisfi? l^u-nie frlguieiied. 'lC'ontJiOHwkl* Chn-mbeiis for a Flnft'lly lro*-^S 1 -«.*5iSseil over Hit '}iIs head.' ' He d-to .his home and Dr. Loop' w!«suciSButC'."He gradually ' worse Ta't'o'nvulslous. He .. story cpnlwHAt'OofsCllnton to.wn- ' of a- -litfttlCBhiMP Wfeit nsurped a in the^Wfl 5 ^'^!^^ 1 ' 01 '- a respected fanner. aJffidSPcauslng .'that gentleman's ha!"u,**a»Wte.n with fright. "Heiwas wakst(*d*M^ serpent's sll-inj- " " . befog "xlriftFacroSs; his face.. He iqtta'cked It with 'a clubbed' -RriJi,'; and he Iwd demolished it. but In the niorulug iiotlilng was to be^fonnd but .the disfnrdwl.skln of the reptile, lying 'on the pillow. The snake, six feet long, was wilted onit from beneath tlie dresser by Mrs. CloOielter. The intruder escaped. Servant (In an Intelligence office)— How iastny ijl fMnlly? Husband— Sen-awl:-What do you pay? I—Five dollai-s. • Servant — do- you live? Hiisba-ti'l—Oil, don't-basher a'lwut tliat. We'll move anywhere you w!s>li.—Haa-lem. Life.. The boys-nod Idle me« of -Portsmouth. 1 O., are miiiiii^ a harvest wlrilo the c'.ty is clmuKiinjf the site of the Gaylord rol- Hbjr ini'lls. to a park. .-.-• Lai-ge deposits of Iran are ; be.taK turced up, which the l»ys'gaitlioi- a,ud. sell to Junk,.dealers. Many- real'tec as Mgli as $10 a day. The plnce 1ms been locally called "Cripple Creek." The drouth-nil* been so severe, in SouSi Devon, .England, .that 'many- birds; have been unable .to find.food. owing to tJie Bi'Oiind l>eins like iron. Tlie rooks have Ix^n, starving ..and could: be'seen sen'rcliine • the road for food, just as in a tad frost. TWO BURGLARIES. Reports of Visits From Rotifrenc at Two Places. Yesterday in tihe alusence ol ily, the rosidence of D. E. Piyor wa«^ tered by bui^lars. the ca« was n«t known' to the (ivmlty until they return* from a picnic,. and die j>olice were 0«m uotilled. Tlie head of the house prwnis- ed to r?i>ort the extent of flic loss to the police, -but had not dene so up *o aiM- nipht 'last night. . .... ' • It 'was also rcixn-tod to the police a. burglar had broken into .Toliiu McCullcu},')), the Panhandle sU- tioii agent, andJKUl stolen a. set of harness. 3J(hi?re was no clue to the RUSH-HUMPHUEYS. Miss MyriJe H.ja»j)In«.v*.and MX. ftt- vid'Rush were united In marrltt^e la*t evening at tlie tonic of. the''bride's T»- reiH*ln tflie Enstend, The brtde ta Om accohiiilsncd daughter of Mr. and MK. ,T. L. 'Humphreys and the Ktoom ,te tfce weji-known eoanposltbr at the Keport«r oflice. The ceremwiy was perform* liy .Uie-RcT.-Mr: Snyiler;. ' . - f *i An,

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