Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1960 · Page 45
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 45

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 1960
Page 45
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1960. THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE SEVENTEEN •Anniversary-Plauded ANN LANDERS Burgman Studio MR. AND MRS. ARCHIE HIATT, of Lake Bruce, formerly of Star City, will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with a reception Sunday afternoon, October 9,. from 2 to 5 o'clock at the Star City Methodist church. . • An invitation is extended to all relatives and friends to attend. The couple has two daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Cast, city, and Mrs. Marietta Roe, of Star City, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. ^_ ., 1960'Fiilton Tax Rates Established ROCHESTER—Fulton county's 1960 tax rates, payable in 1961, were established Friday, following a long day of hearings by representatives of the State Board of Tax Commissioners in the courthouse. All but three of the 12, county taxing areas will pay higher rates next year. Rochester city's 1961 rate was 1955 car driven by Ralph Allen set at $7.58 per ,$100 of assessed Kelly. 22, Delong, and a 1955 car evaluation. This is 38 cents Aubbeenaubbee township, seven cents from Henry, eight cents from Liberty, six and one-half from Newcastle, five from Richland, seven and one-half from Rochester township, eight each from Union,and Wayne nine from Akron, 19 from Fulton, 16 from Kewanna and 21.3 from Rochester city. ' WRECK NEAR DELONG Buch Thomas, a speqial sheriff's deputy at- Delong, investi gated a two-car accident at 11:3t p.m. Friday on old Ind. 17, near Delong. Involved in the accident-was a higher per $100 than the $7.20 which was in effect for this year's taxes. The highest rate hike/goes to Akron residents, who will pay $6.86 next year, $1.02 higher than the $5.84 rate now in effect. The three units which show decreases for 1961 over this year are Fulton, which at $5.48 will pay 38 cents less than this year; Richland township, down eight Cents to $150, and Liberty township, six cents lower^at $4.42. The state tax experts sliced five-cents off budgets that ^ affected' all areas. This was in the county general fund, reduced two cents, and the county welfare fund, cut three cents. Other reductions were made for each area, however. Almost all involved an upward revision of estimated receipts to be received from state sources in 1961. Late information makes this prediction appear more accurate than when budgets first were drawn.* The state commissions cut a total of five and one-half cents from the submitted rate for SOCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Boy Who Stuffs Self May Be Hungry or a Show-Off driven by William Carl Marks, 21 South Bend. The accident reportedly occurred as the Kelly vehicle was backing onto the 'road and starting to head north, when it was struck in, the-right side by the Marks auto, .which also was en route north.' After the impact, which shoved Kelly's car up the road Marks \ went into the ditch at the right'side of-the road and hit'a mail box belonging to L. L. Tousley,- route 1, Culver. Damage was estimated at $50 to the Kelly vehicle, and $110 .to the Marks auto. Drs. Verly and Laura Booher, chiropractors, 720 Jefferson street, announced Saturday they plan to retire from the profession and move to.Ehvood about the middle of this month.. It will mark the end of 39 years' service to Rochester and Fulton county citizens. ' ' Dr. Verly Booher is a native of "Shelbyville and his wife a native of Miami county. Both are members of Grace Methodist church, and Dr. Verly- Dear Ann Landers: I need your help again. This time .on aidiffer- ent subject. How-much should an 11-year-old boy eat? This may sound stupid, but it's a serious problem «at our house. Our son weight 90 pounds. He can eat more than my husband. It's nothing for him to. devour six or eight biscuits at breakfast. He never seems full.-He'll drink as many glasses of milk as we'll give film. I'm afraid if I take him to a doctor he'll develop a complex or worry that something' may be wrong with him. When he told me he ate three big hamburgers and drank five bottles : of pop' at a ichool picnic I decided to write to you. .-.'.'. Please advise me.—PERPLEXED ._ •; '••' • , Dear Perplexed: You might as well ask me how high is up. I can't tell you through the mail if your son is eating top much. You tell me he weighs 90 .pounds but you don't say how.tall he is, so I. can't, .even tell you if he's overweight. Take this boy to a doctor and let HIM advise you. He should have a periodic physical checfcup and Jhis coufd be part of it. Also, stop talking about what the boy .eats in his presence. Some kids would eat a basket of tacks dipped in axle grease to get at; tention. When he : brags about drinking five bottles of pop at the school picnic I suspect he may be overeating to show off. * * * Dear Ann Landers: I'm 16 and going steady with a boy 21. We've been going steady for six 1 months. Yesterday was our first big argument. He won't let me wear my hair up! My mother says it looks neater 4ip than down. I like it up because it's cooler and more comfortable. He says it looks cheap and sexy. He claims my personality even changes when, my hair is up. J asked him if it was 'all. right to wear it down with him and UD when he's not around. He said, "No, I want everyone to see you as I do—wholesome and lovely." I know you can't, tell me which way it looks best,_but maybe you can tell me if you think he's being too domineering. He claims he wants what's best for me. Please answer:—B.D. Dear B. 0.: If you were engaged to this fellow I'd. say you should wear your hair as he likes it. Under the circumstances I think He's, being unduly possessive and he should not make such demands.. '•••'.He -may mean well, but hair— up down or sideways—should not be THAT important. *. * # Dear Ann Landers: I'm going steady with a very nice clean-cut guy. He has a habit of tickling me and it just drives me nuts. I am more ticklish than most people and I have begged him to please not do it. He says it's all in fun and I should be a good sport. I've .tried tickling him back but he is not a bit ticklish and it doesn't bother him a bit. He also likes to wrestle with -me in fun; and I don't like this either. My father says it's "revolting" but he's old- fashioned and very conservative about everything. What are your i3eas on this? It's no laughing matter any more. —FRANCINE Dear Francine: Tickling and wrestling may look like nice clean fun on the surface .but they are attempts to wear down your resistance. Tell the big ape "HANDS OFF" and make it stick. Josephine Lowman Foundations Are Important Before, After Baby Arrives To learn how to keep your .boy friend in. line without losing him, send for ANN LANDERS' -booklet, "Necking': and Petting—And How Far To Go," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad in help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Copyright, 1960, . Field Enterprises, Inc. Pattern 320 Fourth Street OWc, Booher is a past president of the Rochester Kiwanis club and a member of the local Odd Fellows "lodge. HOSPITAL NOTES Admitted to Woodlawn hospital Roy Shireman. Births: Mr. and Mrs. William Owens, Akron, are the parents of a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Billie Summe, Silver Lake, are the parents of a son. • Mr. and Mrs. Eldpn Rogers, Chicago, are the parents of a daughter, born Sept. 27 in the Osteopathic- hospital in South Bend. .-The little'.girl has ; been named Debra Ann. 'She 'weighed 5 Ib. 13 oz. The maternal grandparents are Mr. x ,and Mrs. Henry IM. Cox, .Rochester.; Mr. . and Mrs. Estil Rogers, Rochester, are the paternal grandparents. The Newest In Gifts Everything For'Party and Weddings 617 No. Cieott'— Ph. 2460 Conn Party-N-Gift Shop 'CAMELOT' SET TRIALS NEW YORK (AP)-"Camelbt," the Jay Lerner-Frederick Loewe- Moss - Hart. show ; , starring Julie Andrews arid .Richard Burton; begins out-of_-town engagements in Toronto Oct. 1 and is almost sold out for its • three-week stay there. . . Seven railroad baggage cars were necessary to haul the heavy i scenery and ' lighting equipment I for the. new play. "Camelot"'then goes to Boston before opening on Broadway Nov. 1.9, The' show is already -almost solidly sold out through June for its Broadway run! Gold Ladies Plan For Fall Program •The Gold Ladies met t& the home of Mrs. Ellen Herbert, 23M E. Broadway, Friday to map fall program plans on "'the ' new fiscal year which started Sept. 1. Jessie Thompson was in charge of the meeting and roll .call showed 281 hours worked in the past month. ;. ' . Plans were made for a party for Ward F at the. State Hospital on Oct. 12 and a tea.is planned in the near future at the hospital for all persons interested in volunteer work." Reports also were given on the horse show Sept. 25 and the conference workshop at Indianapolis on Sept. 18. . , Needlecraft Revival Starts At Metea Church Today METEA—The week-long revival meetings at the Metea Baptist church will start Sunday,'Oct. 2, at 7:30 p.m., Rev. Raymond Skel- i ton and Rev. James Rhoades in charge. Services will be he'd all week, except Saturday, with Rev. Rhoades, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Rochester serving as guest evangelist. Mrs.' Wilma Metz and (he choir will have charge of the devo- jonal part of the service each evening. Whether or not you wear a maternity girdle during your pregnancy is an individual choice. Prcventative rather than cor-TMost of the physicians I have ask rective measures are more effec-ed feel that whether to wear a tive when dealing with any defects in beauty. This is, true what- girdle or not is unimportant so far as health is concerned. ever the cause, but today we Whether you are more comfor want to discuss the "ravages" of | table* with .one or without one is pregnancy. an individual choice. However, it Take the bustline for instance. You can greatly minimize the tendency to droop, which often follows pregnancy and is especially prevalent • when . you are I nursing ,your chilcL The bust be- may aid in sidestepping stretch marks.'" Naturally, the condition of the abdominal muscles .and other considerations play a part in the decision as to whether or not to wear a girdle during these nine comes heavier during the months'; months. Also, you should be guid- you are pregnant and, of course, much heavier during the nursing period. If you will wear brassieres which are planned for this time, it will make a difference for the belter. These are designed to sup- WRITER SETS MEETING NEW YORK (AP)-Playwright Eugene lonesco sends word he'll! be in New York for the opening I of his play, "Rhinoceros," star-! ring EH Wallach, Zero Mostel andj Anne Jackson. lonesco informed producer Leo Kerz he anticipates being here Nov. 1 for pre-production conferences. The French playwright currently is in Rio, where is 1 is on a lecture tour. "Rhinoceros" is scheduled to open on Broadway Jan. 5. ed by your physician. Take Exercises You no longer can blame the loss of your figure on your child. There is no permanent widening of the bony structure. You will have some stretched abdominal CLAUDETTE RETURNING NEW YORK (AP) - Claudette Colbert, last seen on Broadway in "The Marriage - Go -Round," has been signed to star in "Julia, Jake and Uncle Joe." The play is Howard Teichman's adaptation of Mrs. Oriana Atkinson's book recounting experiences she and her husband, Brooks Atkinson, had when Atkinson was stationed in Moscow as a New York Times correspondent. Miss Colbert will portray Mrs. Atkinson. port the-increased weight. Also liei muscles which can be snapped down whenever you nurse your back into form with special exer- baby. Avoid Marks Many women dislike the little white stretch marks which sometimes follow pregnancy. These usually are unnecessary. In order to avoid them do not gain weight yourself. Naturally you will weigh more because of the baby and its surroundings, but you yourself do not have to add to the strain with fatty deposits. It also,is extremely helpful in avoiding these marks if you will lubricate the skin of .your abdomen and thighs and busts with oil or melt.ed cocoa butter. This should be applied each night from the fourth month on. A maternity girdle also will case the strain. cises. Take them as soon as your doctor says.you can. This is usually about six weeks after delivery. If you would like to have my leaflet "Care During Pregnancy" and "Reconditioning After Child Birth" send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 21. Address Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Sorry, Pregnancy is No Excuse for Stuffing Self." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, I960) Read the Want Ads! 10TH ANNIVERSARY SALE AD IN NEXT SUNDAY'S PHASOS AND PRESS "The House of Music" 528 E. BroadSvay California is the only state which produces the -artichoke commercially. The winter vegetable was introduced in the state'prior to 1900 by Italian immigrants. For Larger Figures Flattery for larger figures. Team this slimming skirt with every-day shirts and ^dress ; up blouses — it's so useful, so versatile. Very easy-to-sew. Printed Pattern 9248: Women's Waist Sizes 30/32, 34, 36, 38, 41, 43, 46. Size 30 takes 1% yards 54-inch fabric. Send FIFTY CENTS (coins) for this pattern — add 10 cents for each pattern for " first-class mailing. Send to Marian Martin, Logansport Press, 365 Pattern Dept, 232 West 18th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SEE and STYLE NUMBER. . New! Send now for our I960 Fall -and Winter Pattern Catalog —every page in exciting color! Over 100 styles for ail sizes, all occasions plus school ... 35c Just Returned from Chicago with a Large New Assortment of Beautiful Fall Hats and Handbags in All Colors. Make Your Selection Now! RUTH DOUGLASS MILLINERY CENTER ' Across from Sears '..'_•- Phone 354* '•Nitiaaal Business Women's Week-Get. 3-»" GOSPEL MEETING You are invited to attend a special series of "GOSPEL MEETINGS'* starting on Monday evening, October 3rd, and continuing through October 12th. Services e»ch> eVening at 7:30 p.m. (CST) . Lord's day Morning preaching at 10:30 a.m. Communion 11:30 a.m. S P E A K E R Phillip A. Dunn—Ft. Wayne, Ind. INSPIRATIONAL GOSPEL SERMONS Congregational Singing. No collections taken at the evening services'. WELCOME COME "AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS ALONG. THE CHURCH OF CHRIST 200 East Columbia St., Logansport THE CARRIAGE BARN 217-11th St. . Phon*4681 Hours 9 to 5 daily, except Sat., 9 to 13 WALLPAPER LAMPS GIFTS CARPETS DRAPCRY Forrest J. R**d, Interiors UPHOLSTERY ACCESSORIES Colorful Pansies Use the bright varied coloring of pansies—you'll have a color scheme to fit any bedroom! Pansies are in S-to-the-inch cross-stitch. Pattern 549: transfer of 12 pansy motifs; quilting; directions; charts. Use singly on cushions—a lovely gift! Send Thirty-live Cents (coins) for this pattern — add 10 cents for each pattern for Isl-class mailing. Send to 'Logansport Press, 333 Needlecraft Kept., P.O. Box 16, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. Y. Print .plainly PATTERN NUMBER, NAME, ADDRESS and ZONE. JUST OFF THE PRESS! Send now for our ^exciting, new 1961 Needlecraft Catalog. Over 125 designs to crochet, knit, sew, embroider, quilt, weave — fashions, homefumishings, toys, gifts, bazaar hits. Plus FREE—instructions for six smart veil caps. Hurry, send 25c now! MARRIAGE LICENSES Applications for marriage licenses were 'received in the office of Cass County Clerk Elizabeth Bicker from Flex Parke- vich, 21, of rural route 2, city, and Mary Lou Wolford, 19, of 320 High Street;-Jess Michael Me- Clurg, 68, of 403 East Market St., and Helen Jane Grace, 56, of East Melbourne Ave. . Th* Height of Autumn Elegance ,. by David Crystal DAVID CRYSTAL'S non-itop oil occasion drew in chiffon- weight wool and rabbit hair with imort fur belt. An essential member of your Fall fashion wardrobe.- In Jade, Bfown, Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby or Black. Sizes 8 to 18. 326 East Iroaaway LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY

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