Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1960 · Page 39
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 39

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 1960
Page 39
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2, I960. THE PHABOS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE ELEVEN The WEEtiERS GUIDE BY EARL ARONSON CAP Newsfeatures) ' THE LONG LIFE ;of. the •chrysanthemum, now -at its pe'ak in many areas, is one of the principal reasons for that flower's popularity. And that goes for cut flowers, and .for the fairly recent summerVblboming- : variety as well as the faithful, hardy fall mums. We planted several of the early, dwarf variety last spring and their yellow and white flowers are- a pretty sight near the rose.s. TOOL RENTAL Refinish your own floors the easy way by renting our floor sender and edger for a professional-look-. ing job. i ' Wall paper steamers help you remove unsightly paper in a short time, >saves you hours of back breaking work. . ^ SAWS-DRILIS-SANDERS SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. 811 Burlington Ph. 2319 . The common mums offer the amateur"gardener a variety of colors, soft and bold, and a variety of shapes, including small, round pom-pom or shaggy. Plant chrysanthemums where they, will get full sunshine as long as possible. Plant them in a row or in small, groups. They thrive in southern exposure and in fertile, well-drained soil. Mums don't need much water beyond what nature provides. If there should be .drought, moisten, but do not soak, the soil. About four weeks after planting, give them a feeding of 5-10-5 fertilizer, cultivated and watered in. The most common mum pest you'll have to.combat is the brown chrysanthemum aphid. Aphids generally cluster on terminal shoots --and on undersides '''. "of leaves. They suck juices and disfigure and eventually may kill plants/Another mum enemy is-the Mexican'mealybug, a tiny white insect covered with a white waxy excretion. It attacks leaves, stems and flowers, causing stunting. For control of insects and sooty mold, spray with nicotine sulphate solution mixed with white oil. Destroy all dead or infested portions of the plant. To prevent diseases of chrysanthemums: 1. Don't plant in wet, shady places. : '•• 2. Don't crowd plants. They need air «circulation. 3. Water only during the early hours of day. 4. When the plant is., well -established, spray with Bordeaux mixture of zineb (sheen fungicide.) Also effective are malath- ion and nicotine sulphate. 5. Stake plants to keep branches off the ground. . Plant bugs have a tendency to continue eating, throughout their lives, the kinds of foods on which they were raised... . Researchers at the New -York faithful Lawn Mower Deserves Attention in ihe fall BY MR. FIX Written for Newspaper Enterprise Assn. If you. store your power mower properly this fall .you'll .find it ready to cut;at the first pull of the starter:rope next.spring. •• . ' If ; you don't you, will not only have a job'a'head of you but you will also find that the life of ; the mower 'is, appreciably shortened. Clean Clippings- Put the 'mower away clean. Knock out the clippings that have piled up under the housing of-a rotary inower. On 'a reel type mower- cut away the grass that gets 1 wrapped around the reel shaft. ' . ' . ' . : " Scrape away the dirt that's accumulated on blade adges. Brush debris out of cylinder fins, or wipe by wrapping a_rag around a screw driver blade. As you •finish cleaning metal parts, . wipe ; them with an oil- soaked cloth. Spread grease on cutting edges of blades./ • Drain Tank Leaving fuel in over the winter 'is dangerous'. If it exaporates it will leave a" gummy substance behind that can clog up carburetor' -:and, fuel line. Drain the fuel tank, line; and carburetor! You can run the ^carburetor dry .by running the mower until it runs out of fuel. Some tanks are removable for draining. Other mowers must be tipped or turned, over to permit Storing mower for winter should be a systematic operation. Important steps are cleaning, emptying and oiling. the fuel to drain out. '...,-. Next remove the spark plug and pour a teaspoon of clean oil into the opening. Turn the flywheel a. few times to distribute :6il on cylinder walls. While :you have the plug out, examine it> Chances are it can stand cleaning. Replace Plug If the plug is too badly worn, get a new one now. Replace, the plug and tighten after you've put in the oil. ~ Take the air filter off and State College of Agriculture say, for instance, that bugs that hatched from eggs laid on alfalfa prefer it to other' foods. Scientists are trying to determine whether there are definite races of tarnished bugs' that prefer certain foods, or whether the tendency to eat certain foods is acquired after birth. Tarnished plant bugs hit some types . of fruits and vegetables harder than others. They attack beans, cabbage, apples, peaches, corn, wheat, oats,, alfalfa and other crops. They can stunt, deform IT'S A GAS BOILER ...NEVER SAW SO MANY FOR THE MONEY! There's nothing like gas heat to make winter completely carefree...and nothing like .a Weil-McLain Cast Iron Gas Boiler for trouble-free efficiency and long life. Look at all the built-in , extra values... Compact design: Requires little floor space. 'Ribbon burners: !for quiet operation, easy maintenance. ••' Automatic controls: For safe operation.' High location on boiler protects against damage from possible basement flooding. Cast iron construction: Corrosion-resist- aiit for long, trouble-free life. Insulated jacket: Conserves heat. Finished in handsome baked enamel. Optional water heater: For a year'round supply of hot faucet water. Approved by American Gas Association; Weil-McLain Gas Boilers are made in sizes for homes, apartments, commercial and industrial buildings. For • sound "Investment in Comfort,** choose WeiliMcLairi! GIT RID OF OLD RADIATORS — modfrnize now with Weil-McLm* : Kodiont Coif 'Iron BattboarJt •Add new beauty, more'cojifort to yoOV home' with Weil-McLain Radiant Cdsflra* Baseboards. They replace the leguliur wooden baseboards...permit complete^ decorative freedom;.. provide clean, quiet, uniform heating. You can change overeat room at a time, if desired.,. CALL YOUR HEATING CONTRACTOR FOR A FREE ESTIMATE WEIL- mclAIN CAST IRON BOILERS Distributed by: Baker Specialty & Supply Co., Inc. Compact and handsomely jacketed-^you can.be proud of your Weil-McLain Gas Boiler. or kill fruit or prevent normal development of flowers. Best Materials Are Usually Cheapest In Home Improvement In home construction and improvement, ; as in other things, the best is usually the cheapest. Using materials such as copper plumbing, seasoned lumber and genuine" ceramic tile may cost a little more initially, but, in the long run the saving is going to be substantial. In many cases, first-rate ma- dean it. The filter'usually, consists of bits of screen wire and steel wool. Soak^ the pieces in gasoline (working, outdoors or in a' well-ventilated room) and reassemble when they ''are dry. Oil and grease all lubrication points. • Tighten all bolts. Q—What is the best way to remove rust from outside metal fixtures? A—Use plain steel wool dipped in kerosene. Then. polish with liquid • wax. terials never have to be replaced during the entire life of the home, while, in addition, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. Ceramic tile' on floors, walls, counter tops and elsewhere, such as are to be seen in many modern homes, is virtually indestructible; it never needs paint or other protective coatings and it requires no periodic special cleaning or re-surfacing. In relation to the total cost, th difference between really fin materials and cheaper substitute is often negligible. Home Modernization Protects Are Called Good financial Investments for Homeowners Millions of our homes are in need p( modernization/A home improvement' project can prove to be a good financial -investment-as well as sound insurance for happy family living. Home improvements can be practical and fun too, if tackled .properly. One of the. best ways to determine your modernization needs is'to make a survey of the home —from top to bottom—outside as well as inside. ' Make this checklist—How long since interior walls .and N trims were painted to give! fresh color and'sparkle to rooms? Have the requirements of modern electrical living outmoded your home's wiring system—making it a potential fire hazard? Is the kitchen up-to-date with modern appliances that mean less work (and better'meals)? Is there ample.storage room for out-of-season-clothing, bedding, household linens and occasionally-used gear? How old are the bathroom fixtures . . . wouldn't new, in-color fixtures be welcomed by the whole family? Now on the outside—when was the exterior last painted? Wouldn't new siding work wonders for the "old home"? Eemember too, that amazing changes can be made by removing seldom-used porches and outdated trimmings. And,, don't forget a professional inspection of your roof. These, of course, are only random survey suggestions. After your own survey is made, the 'next step is to. determine as closely as possible the exact cost of the : projects planned. Be sure to get estimates from reputable contractors .or dealers in your area if- the projects are beyond your "do^it-yourself". abilities. It is a wise idea to seek out established businessmen in" your community known to you and your neighbors. Remember that almost any major home improvement is ,apt to require some'kind of financing. If you plan to add a room, finish the attic or build a swimming pool, be sure to consult your local lending institutions. They will advise you on all phases of home improvement financing . ; .:,.direct reduction loans, time payments, refinancing of your mortgage, open-end mortgages, FHA Title I and other methods. ' n the opinion of the Home Improvement Council—the family's 'expenditure for home improvement is more "like money in the bank" than any other possible purchase. In terms of convenience and appearance, a modernized home will increase its value to the family far beyond" the financial expenditure for the improvements^ w»shing, bathing, cleaning, laundry »nd a total of 1« different household'tasks. Yet, the American Gas -association estimates that half the .homes in America are in heed o£ new water heaters. Putting up with "an out-dated water heater is not only aggravating, it's false economy. Overworking your heater takes years off its Ufe and adds greatly to the operating costs. With a fast recovery heater you can use a smaller tank, thus saving on purchase price, installation, maintenance and operating costs, with the added advantage that it will take up less space. Gas heaters eliminate the possibility of having hot water supplies cut off by power failure or delivery curtailments, thus insuring dependable service 24 hours a day, every day in the year. Adequate Hot Water Supply Is Essential Modern living requires an abundance of hot water. If remodeling or modernizing your home, be sure to check your water heating equipment. Is it adeguate for both your present and future needs? Is it conveniently located? Is it fully automatic? Is it economical to operate? If not, then, it will be even less so when you add new appliances, or if your family increases in numbers. The average family uses their water heater more than any other appliance in the home—for dish- FALL FIX-UP SPECIALS! large Bag Rock Wool Insulation, pour it yourself' Only 1.1 P bag Top quality caulking with ' clip-tip nozzle far an easy, neat job. Only 45c Tube ' Complete selection of Warp's Plastic Storm Window Material from 26c ft. We also have weather stripping kits for doors and windows. Your One-Stop Builders Service SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. 811 Burlington Ph. 2319 Read the Want Ads We Can Make it for you! If.it's'made of wood our experienced craftsmen can make it for you, to your specifications from quality seasoned lumber. NOW IS THE • TIME TO HAVE US MAKE YOUR SCREENS Trellii Cornice Modern built ins cabineti Custom. Windows CALL 3141 For Free Estimate FARM BUREAU CO-OP 108 East Ottawa Street 701 Erie Ave. logansport, ind. STEEL WE CAN SERVE YOU BEST WITH • Electric and Acetylene Welding • Special Steel Built Tanks • Galvanized Roofing • Sheet Metal Work • Corrugated Culvert Pipe • Beams-Channels-Angles • Fabricated Steel-Structural Steel • Bars-Sheets-Plates FARMERS: Bring your plow points, or, earn planter runners in for repairs. ; K if* made of steel we can furnish ft far you. LOGANSPORT METAL CULVERT COMPANY 220 Hanna St. Dial 5157 GTANT SAVE $£.00 on every gallon ON ALL PAINT Imagine, now you may decorate for the holiday* ahead at these great savings. Inside or our, you'll find the right Magicolor product to give you professional results-the very "first time. Use your "charge" or our convenient "lay-away" and take advantage of this special event. Need advice? Consult our experts, no charge —.of course. Bring the whole family. For Happier Holiday .Rooms- RUBBERIZED SATIN Miracle LATEX Paint Only 5.49 1.00 gallon; • Appliei .asily and quickly. • Dri« in 20 minutes. • Thoroughly washobl«. • 40 lov.ly colon lo choos. fi For Brighter, Gayer Kitchens, Baths etc. SEMI-GLO Odorless SATIN ENAMEL Only 6,95 1.00 gaflori Perfect for woodwork, furniture. • Woihes and wean lik«^ tile. • Beautiful sotin-tujter finish. • Creole and stain* resistant. • One coat o'otl it. * SAVE fit ON EVERY GALLON For a Gleaming White that stays White NO. 60 ALL WEATHER HOUSE PAINT Only 5.98 1.00 gallon PAhNT CENTER-ftASEMfiNT

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