The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1931
Page 3
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1931 RI.YTHEV1U.K. (ARK.) COURIRU NEWS PAfiR THRRI BerlLngcr Wins Decathlon Again Mytheviile Mashic Wielcl- cv3 : Reoulse Invasion of Missourians, Score 44-27 ^s OLFERS of the '"I Blyt'i]?vllle country c'.ifi iiWrtJC 1 inter-club ,Dli;ion off a win >'3S- tir-lay, lakinvr ths . uam of the | i S'kesnn club t. tl .J defeat by !hc il-; ,,,'.! chive margin c' "—o-er Hi; Icca |course 'Sunday afternoon. Tlii; Sikeston brassle swln-jcrs invaded plyt'nevillc 20 strong an;l th? (locals were forced lo piesent r l.trong-front to the army fiom t'n • .fequri city. John Lent! of ih.2 lo- eiub was medalist of the dar tlth a low score of 17 for tin; t'.vc Eimis/of the nine hole course. Ear- BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufrv Sccrng a lo'.al ef 7735.G1 poims and winning five of the 10 events in the giuclllnj decathlon cham- plcnshlp, Bernard (Barney) B;rliager. University of Pennsylvania Irack star, again triumphed in the all-around feature of the annual Penn Relay Carnival, victory. While he succeeded in breaking the former carnival Delvoit Wins Over While S»x, Cubs T»ke R'v's: Oilier Games Rained Out Only luiir games were played In the bit! show yesterday with ruin preventing eight teams from taking the Held. The Washington S u- ators beat the Yanks and the Pirate.-, crashed the Cards. The Suialors won In rather unusual fashion from the Yankees, 9 to 7. Lou achrlc, hard-hitting first tascman, end Lary, Yankee shc-.tstop, wcr: (he victims o! a miscuc in the first inning. Gchrls hit a Ions home run smash Into the (.-enter field bleachers at Wnsh- ingUn. l.nry running from homo looked bacX just as Rice, Nat outfielder, caught the ball when 11 bounced out bf the stand. Thinking Rice had caught the ball Lary It was B:ri:njcr's third , successive wa n ;ci | to u,c dugout while Oehrlg record 1 for points Uiis own, also) the raced across the plate only to find husky Quaker missed setting a Amrrlcan recoid by slightly lly season scores '.vere in evidence •however,, many of the BlylhevUl" Tgolfers'aiid vLsito:s also turning i:i (cards above their average summev . Jhe D. Haltaci. pro of t*.e iBlythevllle club, and L. R. Bo-.v(man of the Mls«jurl<ms mad» om •round'of the course in par 37. Although'" Lenti failed to par the (course', he was taieiy above par on |both : 'rount!s. his card of 17 beinT |only'three strokes over par. Hal- Ibach 'was sacond with 78. The- BlytSevillc golfers, flushed Iwlltr'trttlr victory here yesterday, |v:iH 'pay the Missouri team a re- Iturn visit nl Sikeston on May 17. t-ySfr the lo?a!s were trounced ctilv- at Sikeston r.fl?r winning (here.- Wthe meantime the Jones- (boro golf team is expected to pby |here:Sunday. May 3rd. Results of the Individual matches (yesterday fellow, with paints nward- led one: each for match p!ay winner (on each round of the nin: Inlo (course and one point for total Isw • mc-da 1 . of the Individual matches, (allowing a possible Ihree points in leach match. The results: Joe p. Halbich (B) 37-41—78. |two rairits. defeated C. C. Scott (S) n,' one point. ' Von'ri'F. Lenti (B) 38-30—85, Ur:c» Wints.i'defeated Murray Phillips (S) ! 43-42-85. P. P!;Jacobs (B) 45-45—90. t.w polut>.'idcfeat;d L. M. Slallcup (S) 44-40-^92,' one point. L. R'. Bowman (S) 44-37—81, two '• opints.-' defeated B. A. Lync?i (B: 1.43-46—89. Paid Galloway (S) 44-42—30, tw< | : : points, defeated C. M. Baxter (B' V44-43-S7.' R.j F.. Kirshner (B) 44-4-1-88 '• three >virrt'. defeated Dr. T. C. Me lidurij (S) 40-50—98. R.lE. Bradhv (S) 43-43—8C. twc I po!n[s ( -.d,efeDtcJ H. T. Culp (Bl 45 44-30,,, K.:iT' Thomas (El 45-47—02, twi I rx>inK defeated P. it. Robins IS \ 50-41-67. C.j T,. LinUenlch (B) 45-4IJ-9: I two Ipoints. defeated J. V. Conra | (S) fin-41—93. on? twint. R.;N. Ware jr., (B) 47-47—91, tw I points, defeated H. A. Tro-.vbridg I (S) 52-r?—99. _ R.: L. Bannister (B) 41-43-3 |r.hrc£ noinls. defeated C. L. Milan I (S) J52-4S—98. Bnj-nard Gooch (B) 42-45—8 I two Jpoinls. defealed Monvos Rob |bl!isi(S) 49--I3-92. one point. Bill Pollard (B) 43-45—88, thn I points-.-defeated L?c Bowman (J 150-48,^98,. Ernest-Roe (B) 45-44-39. thr joinfs. ('"Ceated B. V. Forrester (£ HOW THEY STAND Southern nore than 100 |x>!nts. The above I tlmt Lary had been declared out photo shows Bcrlln;cr. c;nt.r. winning the 110-melcl- high hwdl-s race. | an ^ hl | llI<1x|rr ™t ^'^ {rom°ced' Chica-io White Sox 8 to 4. Vic Sorrell and Charlie Sullivan gave Up but three hits and the Tigers got 11 oft the White Sox pitching. Stone, Detroit gurdncr, pounded out his fifth homer to tie Rogers Hornsby for the major record' so far this season. The Pittsburgh Pirates Invaded St. Louis and turned . back the Cardinals 1 to 0 before ihe home fans. Mclne held the National L. Pet. C hamploris to four hits. The Bucs 4 .607 g 0 t cnly six oil Hallahan and Der- 5 .015 ringer with the winning run com- 5 •f* ins in the sixth with two bases 5 .515 on balls by Hallahan contributing 7 -- 17 to the lose. 7 - 1117 1 Thc Chicago Cubs followed tin league fashion by bumping olf the .364 [Cincinnati Reds, 3 to 1. Thc Bruin hopped on the Hed luirlers for 1 L. Pet. I h i ts mid Charlie Root limited Ihi 2 • 7 5 n Reds lo six scattered blngtes. 3 .727 3 .100 4 .600 5 .444 6 .400 8 .200 W. 8 8 7 G 5 5 Six feelj ot)e inch may not be championship jump, but that's the height 1 Barniy Berlinjer clearer! in th° above picture taken at the Penn Relay Carnival. Berlingcr woti tho event at the height, which 3ave him several hundred points to his record-breaking total of 7735.01 points in the 10-cvent all-around championship. Birmingham Memphis Atlanta Little Rock Chattanooga I New Orleans Nfobile ............... 5 Nashville ............. 4 National League W. SI. Louis ............. 0 Boston ............... 8 Chicago .............. 7 New York .. ......... C Philadelphia ......... 4 Pittsburgh ........... 4 Brooklyn ............. 2 Cincinnati .. .......... 1 American League W. Cleveland ............ 7 New York ........... 7 Washington .......... 6 Detroit ............... 6 'Philadelphia .......... 5 ,St. Louis .... ......... 3 Chicago : ............. 3 Boston . .............. 3 .125 Pet. .700 .636 .541 .545 .500 .375 .333 • .300 as 2ft? STARS Sir Lance-Lot O.IM. Buck (Bl 45-44—89. thr IpolnCs. defcaiei Joe Matthews (S i(—102. .O.JD. Matthews <S> 43-4G—<P points, dcfealed Harvey H (B) Bl-5!—102. : O'Hara (S) .43-43—96. tV«' [points, defeated G. G. Caudill <B' |52-51-102. Eddie Matthews (S) 40-49—03 |thre3 mints, rtefeitfd John Water- inKB) 49-55—1C4. Or. II. S. Davis (B) 51-S1—10? re» onlnU. defeated Art Walhaus |en (S) 53-58—111. Judge G. E. Keck (B) 50-52—102, Ithre^. nolnis. defeat;d J. A. McCa- |bce tS) 59-55—114. Jefe Miles (S) 52-50-102 an- 1 : Gocdman (B) 55-47—102,one n^ each. VJT. Barnctt (Bl 4!5-4(J-92, two Ipoinfe, defeated William Mann (S) (53-4^-101, one point. Wilson (S) 53-43-101. and Jamjs Guard (B) 50-55—105, one |polnts each. W.JH. Slkes (S) 47-49—95, three (poin£. defeated L. M. Chappjll (B) GAMES TODAY Snulhfrn T^aKne Chattanooga at Memphis. Atlanta at New Orleans. Birmingham at Mobile. Nashville at Little Rock. American League Detroit at Chicago. St. Louis at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Boston. New York at Washington. National Lta'Oe Boston at Philadelphia. Brooklyn at New York. Pittsburgh at St. Ixmis. Chicago at Cincinnati. Ciln-rrs Courageons Merit is generally recognized by baseball fans. Most fans, it seems, to me, are pretty wise people and know a home run when they see It. But bravery has been booed— ... and cftcn debate with the fans on the sub- A couple of southpaws who are ! ect:n R " olv : ed:l T |"». t . My0 *? m *? laboring for the Phils this year of- f wc "' ^haute beat the Phns and fer you examples. One U Jumbo'£"*- tlle , Rob f s lffi>inB strea1 ?' Jin, Elliott: the otter is Ben!^° c °"? lc of >™". OT " ln S)lclAi. Still •another example- I Cleveland, a southpaw, too—wears a uniform given to him by Uncle Robbie Joo mirrcd a lams doctor. Lnst year an operation Lc5 Linlzenlch (Bl _. I three, points, defeated Sam Gas- Iton (S) 50-50—00. I S.;Rogers (Si 48-54-102. two Ipolnte. defeated C. W. Atlllck (B I51-5S—103, one point. Bears Cootcr : In First League Game COOTER. Mo.—Cootel lost I (Warrfcll in Ihe opening game c[ (Iv Missouri amateur lea^u In Jrru, Joe and Ben Jumbo Jim was a lumbering . giant of 20 when the Browns gave him a trial 10 years rgo. He was sent to Tcrrc Haute for seasoning a:icl lor thrrw y?ars turned in some fine work for the Tots. Thence he v:?s shunted to San Antonio lor a .'f?son, but he returned to Terre him a tryout. He was sent to Seattle where he pitched great ball, innings. Biooklyn brought him back in 1927 and for two years he pitched gr.od ball for a second division club. Tlcn came the blow rtav while hclp'.n-; his bro'.hi electrical Imtallalion in Tcrre Haute. Jim fainted. His illness was A.PT KPF.Sfc fauus one to drive a ba Into the air off the t«? This Is another case of the Im- roper pivot. Too much of the weight, has been kepi on the right Georgia Peach Hits One DIXIE mm Robbie was skeptical, but gave him his chance. Try'nf to Come Back The third o fthp southpaws wit' which this piece is concerned, Bci bliielrts, has brrn fighting death for five years—and the Philadelphia fans hanrVd him the razz in roval fashion during the same series. came up with tlv? Yankees late In the season MTC years NO I. IKE TCP OF TUE MO' 2 rJOTE HOW • EARLY IN "WE • D6WWSWIWG THE LEFT FOOT MAS MO S, THE TMROU6H THE WEItHT WELL ou Ttf itrr Arid when the umpire shouted "Play!" old Ty Cobb stepped up to Ui plate and smacked one. Of course the hit didn't count in the score, fo it was just an Interesting feature of the exercises dedicating the Sa Francisco Seals' new 51,250.000 stadium In .the opening game of tl Pacific Coast League. The above photo shows Ty "laying" on OUR wl Police Chief Qulnn as the catcher. Shortly after the picture was taken, Mrs. Cobb surd the former big league star lor divorce. © P ltcneti foot as the ball is hit, causing the rlshl shoulder to drop. Remember the weight must be shifted over tc the left foot as the down swlnj is made. It is surprising at what position Ihe stars replace the left foot on the down swing. Note In the illustration of Virginia Van Wle that the left heel Is already replaced before the down stroke is a qnnr- w nnlng ter completedp Us) nol i ce the fol- ed one off his at him that bounced resulted. Then he was division , S( .,. crt by tllbcrculosl3 . ?„ „ ,?^ "° went to Richmond. Va., and >.ner wun ,..,,i,~..* _.-.. r,, n ^ P «MTT n I«K . of javelin throwers, California has [jagnosEd as collapse of the colon. first place points cinched in prac- V'ef.irr Horrors tlcally any track competition this country can offer. Churchill threw his spear 220 feet 9 Inches in the I him ^ and , 0 wh(ch man cvcr , vas Bub . For nearly a year. 1 think, Ca:iforn,a-Stanfo,d dual mod. Lat- i meals consisted of ground cr in an exhibition, he attained and carrots. Last year he slartcri back on the trail to health. distance of 226 feet. Both marks exceed the Intercollegiate record, while the latter surpasses the accepted American mark. sd Sox-Cairo Game Called OH After Rain Wet grounds iaused postponement of the game between the Blyths- ville Hed Sox, local semi-pro clhb, and the Cairo Independents at Cai- He dreamed of steaks and apple pie n la mode — nnd ale more prunes and more carrots. How he must have suffer^—with a frame built to houss 22S pounds, subsist inr on baby food! without any funds, took a Job driving a taxicab. Slowly the old strength returned..but Shields did not touch a baseball for two years. Last winter he asked Burt Shotton for a tryout wth the Phils— and Burt took him on. The other day when Shotton put him In a ball game he was hli, freely—nnd the fans roared, "Take him outl" Hornersville Beaten By Seminoles Sunday O5CEOLA, Ark.—The OscecJa Indians played air tight ball behind yesterday, score 5 to 4. Next Si;n- , ro Sunday, according to John Smith] Fusilcen day Oootcr will plf.y Dmton at Coo- ^ business manager of the local club. '. a ball g ICODiar ;rs Inlo bow" knots, winning game with a fine exhibition , Thc Red Sox were to have made f of pitching. R, H. E. their season's debut at the Illinois Strangely, during the same scr- 83 cltv. They are slated to play at Mo-1 les with the Phils, Joe Shaute. ° " '- : who for two years was booed every time ho*stuck his head out I of the dugout In Cleveland, fur- Durlng ail the time he was re- the steady pitching of Scalon, young covering Jim drew plenty of razz marine, to defeat the Hornersvllle, from the ferocious Flatbush fans.[Mo., team Sunday, score 3 lo 1. He kept going. Robbie traded him | The visitors got away to an early last year to the Phils. Thc other • lead, scoring their lone run in the day, as a reward to dear old Rob-1 first, inning with two men out. H bic. Jumbo Jim tied the Flatbush I was the Tribe's fourth straight vie 4 5 8 2 .nctte next Sunday. Batteries: Cooler, Ashcr and BEX- i — |ler: Wardell, Clayton nnd Hawkins.) Read Courier News want ads. lory with no defeats. Caldwtll, Foreman and Hower- YARBRO, ARK., DISTRICT NO. 20 For the school year 1931, the i knde, as Trustee, following money will be, needed for Witness my hand as cler* of said court, and the seal thereof, on this 13th day of April. 1031. R. L. GAINES, irst 1 Division Teams Triumph Over Those in Last Half of Standings. The Birmingham Barons beat the Mobile Marines to remain at Ui: op of the Dixie loop yesterday vlillc the Chicks In second place ion-ns did the third plnce Crack- TS nnd fourth pfiice Travelers. The Barons were forced lo ex- end themselves being carried 12 nnlngs before winning ovt-r the Mobile team 2 to 1. Bob Hasty, Baron luirler, limited the Marines b five hits and won his own gaine. n the lath when his hit scored Cortazzo. The Memphis Chicks coasted :hrough to a 6 . to 2 victory over the Chattancoga Lookouts with. Griffin, diminutive 'lefty, holding IhD Lookouts In hand. All the Chicks save Hutcherson got o:ie hit and Williams got two. Davis was the losing pitcher. Hie Atlanta Crackers pcunited the offerings of Pelican pitch ri hard to win 15 to 8 from the Bitd^. A total of 21 hits including a homer by Carlyle was garnered by the Crackers. Starling was tho winning pltclter. Leo Moon was In form yesUr- clay and .tho Vols failed to score oil his delivery while the Travelers made five .runs. Manager Harry Slrohm resumed control of the Pebs after a week's illness. The school purposes: Genera] Control Operation Auxiliary Agencies capital Outlay Instruction Maintenance Fixed Charges Debt Service If the above money is 5-10.50 | Reid. Evrard it Henderson, D.ISO.OOJ Attorneys for Plaintiffs'. ' 150.00 250.00 3.378.32 IN THE CHANCFRY COURT FOR Clerk. 13-20-27-4 secured a 18 mill tax must be voted. B. B. AKIN, Presidfnt of Board, Big Crowd Turns Out for Regatta At Barfield Sunday A large crowd lined the river bank sat Barfteld Sunday afternoon to wateh the water regatta planned by local motorbMt enthusiasts. The races planned were no' staged, due principally to the absence of one or two of the more powerful of the outboard motorboats, it was stated. Eric Bollard's "Baby Bootlegger" was easily the most powerful boat of the .group. Because of the apparent difference In the power of the several boats the races were not staged. J. W. Meyer, with a trim little boat, powered by a small motor, had probably the fastest craft on the. river with tlie exception of Bollard's boat. Ed Rice and Roland Wolforl had n boat as did D. Simmons. A "water bicycle" was also exhibited. Races wlU be featured again In MOSE Secretary of Board. 27-4-11 NOTICE OF INTENTION' TO APPLY FOR ORDER OF SALE. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as administrator of the estate of Catherine Royal, deceased, will apply to the Mississippi County Probate Court for the Chlckasawba District, on the 23rd day of May. 1931. for authority to sell the following lands belonging to said eslate. or so much thereof as may be necessary, towlt: Lots 3 and 4, Block B, Ban-on & Ulv Addition, to the City of Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Said sale Is to bo made for the purpose of paying the debts of the estate. W. H. STOVALL. Administrator. THE CHICK ASA WBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Mississippi Coiinty Building & Loan Association of Blytheville, Arkansas. Plaintiff, No. 4929 vs. Harry II. Brown. Annie Brown. Dr. .'. R. McDaniels, Jr.. and Miriam McDanMs and A. G. Little Defendants. The ' non-resident defendants, Blytheville, Arkansas, as per the recorded plat of said addition at page No. 4 of the Plat Book at Blytheville, Arkansas. and to recover judgment agains*. Harry H. Brown, Annie Brown and Dr. J. R. McDantels, Jr. Witness my hand and seal as Clerk of said court on the <th day of April. 1931. R. L. GAINES. Clerk, By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. First National Bank of Blythev:i:e, • Plaintiff, No. 4048 vs. Harry H Brown. Annie Brown, ur. j Ross Stevens, Et A!., Defendant. J. R. MiDanioh and Miriam Me- The defendant, Winnie Erdinan, Daniels are warned to appear In' is warned to appear within thirty Frank C. Douglas, Attorney. 13-20-21-4 ton led the Indian attack with ihe • about two weeks, It Is stated, when latter getting a triple with one on. Yesterday's game brought the Indians' total runs to forty- five to their opponents' twelve for the season, local mptorboat fans hope to have a number of boats and motors more evcnljr matched, ready for tt-.e races. Courier N«Wi want ads. WARNING ORDER E. M. Skipptr, Mrs. E. M. Skip, per and Hornersvllle Mercantile Company are warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chlck- asawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days from this date, and answer this court wtti'.ln 3D days and answer the compla:-<t of Mississippi County Building ,t Loan Assocla- days in the court named In th3 caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. First Nation seeking -to foreclose a mort-; tional Bank cf Blytheville. ga;e on Lot Eight (8) and the E-\st 8 feet of Lot Seven (1), and ihe West 8 feet of Lot Nine (91; all in Block F of the Rlcn- ards Addition to the city of Dated 4-25-31. R. L. GATNES, Clerk, By Elizabeth Blythe. D.C. Leon Smith, Atty. Ad Litcm. 27-4-11-13 Planting Seed For Sale Mis-Do! No. 2, @ SnO.OO per ton, Dolfos 911, @ $-15.00 per Ion. Seed guaranteed pure and germination test 98%. This Mis-Del is one year from breeding station. Staple 1 1-8 inch, thirds itself. The most satisfactory cotton I have ever grown. Prices F. 0. B. Grider. Maj. F. P. Jacobs .Grider, Ark.

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