Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1960 · Page 33
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 33

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 1960
Page 33
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER t, I9fl». THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGEFTVB This Changing World By WILL BALL, Pres. Cass Co. Historical Society Interstate Oil, Gas Ruling Up To Court PART 625 The writer has in his posession, as a loan, a scrap-book with pages 11x14 inches, which is probably th'e most highly cherished bit of property he ever held. When he handed the book to Press photographer Bob McKee to have copies made of some of the pictures therein, he remarked, "Handle with care! This book is worth a 'million dollars!" The title-page of the scrap book is hand-lettered: "CHRISTENING ' Pf U. S. S. FITCH BOSTON NAVY YARD JUNE 14, 1941" This precious volume is the property oE Mrs. Madeline Fitch Thomas, of Salt Lake City, Utah. Mrs; Thomas, grand-niece of Commander LeRoy Fitch, after whom U.S.S. Fitch was named, is a native of Logansport, born in "Aunt Mollie's" house, the former St. Joseph's Hospital, where Todie Fitch used to feed cookies to the paper-carriers when they collected for the papers they had delivered during the previous week. AUNT MOLLIE was Commander Fitch's widow; Todie was his daughter. Aunt Mollie was the daughter 'of Polly Stout Smith, whose father, Elihu Smith, founded the first newspaper north of the Ohio river, in Vincennes, in 1804. Does that bit of information connect Logansport with the rest of the United States and its history? Commander LeRoy Fitch, .for whom the destroyer was named, was born in Logansport, October 1, 1835, the son of Frederick Fitch. He was the half-brother of Dr. Graham Newell Fitch, native of LeRoy, Genesee county, New York, who was born there December 5, 1810. The commander was therefore 25 years younger than his^'-lf-brother, the doctor. The Fitch .amily came to Logansport July 4, 1834. THERE WAS another Fredei 1 - ick Fitch, evidently a full brother of the commander, for he was also a half-brother. of the doctor. • . >' This writer.has seldom, if ever, come across a family, as badly ' "scrambled" as the Fitch brothers. Helm's History of Cass County gives the name of the doctor's father and mother, but mentions no othef member of the family. Officials biographies of the Commander say he was born in Logansport; neighbors of the family, who remember them, say the Commander and the doctor were half-brothers. Fred Fitch, the younger, was an officer in the Union Army during the Civil War; his son, LeRoy, was a lieutenant in the 160th Indiana in the- Spanish- American War, and claimed to be a nephew of the doctor. PRESENT ..DAY-relatives, of • whom there are still several hereabout,, aren't able to help unscramble the tangle. There are two men'inamed Fred Fitch buried in Mount Hope Cemetery: one is the doctor's father, the other his brother, or half-brother. We don'bknow where the doctor and his family first settled when they came to Logansport in 1834, but the doctor built the fine brick house at 711 -East Market, now occupied by the Kroeger Funeral Home, about 1840, according to a member of'the family. LeRoy was appointed to the United States Naval Academy on his sixteenth birthday, October 1, 1851. His. half-brother, the doctor, 25 years, his senior, was. at the time a member of Congress, so it is easy to understand how the young man got his appointment. He was made a midshipman, just as such appointees are today. He first served aboard the sloop St. Marys as a part of the Pacific Squadron after graduation. He was promoted to Master in 1859; to Lieutenapt, aboard the steamer Wyandot, in 1861. With the Mississippi Squadron, engaged at Island No. 10, Fort Pillow, capture• of Memphis, 'Tennessee and destruction of rebel fleet, Fort Donaldson, Cumberland River, February, 1863. ,0n the morning of July 19, 1863, Lt. Commander Fitch, then in command of the steamer Moose, intercepted the flying rebel guerilla, General John Morgan, who had crossed into'Indiana from Kentucky a few days before, frustrating him in his endeavor to re-cross the Ohio at Buffington Island. THE ZEAL, energy and ability displayed by Lt. Commander Fitch called forth complimentary letters from Generals Burnside and Cox, and also congratulations from Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy, in which he says: "Your pursuit of.the flying guerilla Morgan, intercepting him and frustrating him in his attempts to re • cross the Ohio, capturing his train, a portion of his guns and routing his band., all of which materially crippled his strength and led to his final capture, gives evidence of .your zeal and activity, .and reflects' additional credit on the service and yourself." During the latter part of the Civil War Fitch defended Johnsonville, Tennessee from the attack of the rebel General Forrest, participated in the engagement before Nashville, Tennessee during the operations of Hood, took part in numerous minor engagement with guerillas .on the Mississippi, Cumberland and Tenessee rivers, was in several land expeditions with the,Army. Commissioned as Lieutenant .Commander on September 21, 1862, assigned to the Naval Academy as Instructor, 1866, in command of the steamer Marbiehead, North Atlantic Squadron, 1867-68. HE WAS commissioned Com- mlmder in 1870. He died at the South Side home in January, 1875, aged 39. The cause of. death wasn't given in the rather lengthy obituary which appeared in the Logansport Star. He had evidently retired from the Navy, probably because of ill health, and had been at Mint Julep Spring, the South .Side home of his father-in-law, Ben Smith, for some' time before his passing. His picture appeared at the head o£ this' column a week or two ago; a small, bearded man, not in uniform. THOSE READERS wno can re-' "I guess the days of the one-cent lemonade stand ar* gone foreyer!" call the Spanish-American War will remember the man in command of Admiral Bewey's. flagship, Captain Gridtey; the man to whom Dewey said at Manila: "You may fire when ready, Gridley." Gridley. was ,a native of Logansport, born on . the west side. ., • " , Well, he wasn't the first Naval hero to cbme from the banks of the Wabash. , Lieutenant Commander LeRoy Fitch, preceded him nearly a generation. A' perfect signal for hanging up the phone is when the person on the .other end says, "Guess who's palling." WASHINGTON (UPI) - Inter-i state oil and natural gas companies have a big stake in a case before the Supreme Court which convenes Monday for its fall-win- ler term. The question to be decided is whether the Census Bureau can | be forced to turn over to the Federal Trade Commiss on and the Department of Justice confidential reports on operations of interstate businesses. Congress, in arming the bureau with authority to require filing of the reports, specified that its intent was to bar use of the documents for purposes other than compiling business statistics. On this ground bureau lawyers held, over strong FTC - Justice Department opposition, that this banned them "for purposes of' taxation, investigation, or regulation^" Part of the FTC's business-policing job is to block monopilistic mergers and halt price discrimination and other dubious practices. Thus, it claims the-legal right to dig into the reports of companies under antitrust investigation. On the same premise the Justice Department's antitrust division contends some of the reports contain information not available elsewhere and hence are pertinent in gauging marketing competition and other aspects of big business for use in possible antitrust actions. If'the Supreme Court decides against the Census Bureau, which is backed firmly in its stand by President Eisenhower's Budget Bureau, confidential reports of every interstate corporation would be fair game for antitrust investigators. The Federal Trade Commission sought access to the census records after losing a lower court anti-merger test case against Beatrice Foods, Chicago dairy products company which in 1956 took -over more than 100 other concerns. In this decision; which the FTC is now appealing to the Supreme Court, 1 the U.S. Court of Appeals at Chicago refused to order Beatrice to turn over copies of reports it filed with the Census Bureau in 1954. The tribunal held that under the census law the government had pledged that the reports would be kept secret. It said that.in going to' the Census Bureau the FTC was "trying to. do indirectly what it could not do directly." It added that "we cannot believe Congress intended that result." FTC and Justice Department lawyers challenged this. Burlington Pupils On Field Trip By DELORES HANNA BURLINGTON — The Junior Class has chosen blue and white as class colors and blue\ and white carnations as flowers. The class note is "Life is a picture, paint it well." It has been a busy week for the Senior Class. Individual pictures were taken and adds were sold for the 1961 annual. The class will present "The Perfect ' Idiot," " a comedy in three acts, on September 29 and 30. Mrs. Core St. Amand, Home EC teacher, . Burlington, took 22 Sophomore and Junior girls on a field trip to the Del Monte Canning Factory at Frankfort Tuesday. This was a very interesting and instructive tour showing the processing of tomato products such as sauce, catsup, and tomato juice. Harold Morrison was driver of the bus.; Three girls of the Burlington Tip-Top 4-H Club presented their demonstrations to fhe Burlington Home EC. Club Tuesday p.m., Sept. 20th at the home .of Mrs. Hoag. Marily' Grain showed a new way to bake a cherry pie. Cathie Stephens in "Mr. Sode ^Solves Serious Cases gave many uses of soda in all our living. Jane Ann Long in "H&S" "Painters for Your Kitchen Korners" pointed out several health and safety pro- I cedures to follow in the kitchen. Food and Drink Antwtr to Pravfou* Puuto ACBOM- 1 Be*t, tat instance S Vegetable* S Son food 12 Heraldic bend 13 Region 14 Falsehood 15 Heavy predpiUtion IT Oriental plaint 18 Bar leolly 19 Hotel attendant 21 Impolite 23 Point,'as a (un 24 Correlative neither 27 Plateau 21 Obtain! 32 Egg dish • 94 One of the Fates 36 Contrive 37 Soup container 3* Ireland 33 Chamber . 41 Moinea, • Iowa 42 the table 44 Drink 4« Dried frapes 49 Devlin India » Landed 4 Sinjlnr voice JLump of butter 7Air(pnfix). • South Pacific islands « Fell straight down 10 Opera by Verdi 11 Mexican worker 22 Restrain 24 Lump 29 Hebrew It Alteration 28 Thespian SO Biblical pronoun, 31 Mala children 33 Rule* 39 Light ' measure* 40 Interect unduly 43 Roman river 41 Tab)* beverac* 46 Grade 47 Yean of live* 4t Roman emperor 50 Glacial ice 91 Food regime 52 British prince*! 55 Legal matters 54 Malt beverace container 58 Number 97 Gaelic it Worm 60 Flag maker 61 Network DOWN 1 What Oliver asked for NEWtPAPlVt •KTBBniUB 4MB. Blue Cross-Blue Shield Opens Membership to Everyone In Indiana INDIANAPOLIS—Everyone in Indiana, regardless of age, physical condition or place of employment, has been declared eligible for membership in the Indiana Blue Cross- Blue Shield Plan during a special enrollment campaign from September 23 through October 3. The special Non-Cancellable Individual Membership will be, offered again this year. Since it was first introduced last year, more than 30,000 Hoosiers have been enrolled in this jbroad hospital, surgical and medical care plan which provides the following benefits: ' , HOSPITAL SERVICES—Blue Cross Jlospital Service will provide payment for the following services, not to exceed a total of 55,000 each Certificate year for each member or dependent: Up 'to $12.00 per day for room accommodations for 30 days and $6.00 per day for 30 additional days during each Certificate year. In addition, full payment will be made for 30 days and 50% payment for additional 30 days for the following hos : pitaland professional services: ' - Operating and delivery room service, drugs* dressings, oxygen therapy, administration .of blood and blood plasma, x-ray examinations, laboratory and pathology services, electrocardiograms and Basal Metabolism tests. '..'.' Also, payment for emergency accident out-patient hospital services will be provided when received within 72 hours after an accident. SURGICAL-MEDICAL BENEFITS—Blue Shield will provide payments to Physicians for operative and ( cutting procedures according to the Standard Schedule of Indemnities. Anesthesia will be paid according to a schedule of $10.00 for surgical allowances up to $50.00 and 20% of surgical allowances over $50.00. Medical services in the hospital, for non-surgical or non-obstetrical cases will be provided through payments to Physicians of up to $10.00 for the first day, $3.00 for the next 29 days and $1.50 for each day thereafter up to a total of 60 days per Certificate year. Blue Shield will also provide payment for x-ray services in a Physician's office for possible fractures and dislocations in an amount not to exceed $15.00 per person each Certificate year. WAITING PERIODS—Maternjty care and obstetrical services will be provided if the Family Certificate has been in effect for 270 consecutive days. Tonsillectomies and adenoidcc- tomies will be provided for after the Certificate has been in effect for 180 days. . Services and benefits will be provided after 270 days for any condition which existed prior to the effective day of the Certificate. BENEFITS NOT-PROVIDED— Blue-Cre«—Blue Shield will not provide; services for occupational accidents or diseases covered by Workmen's Compensation Laws and like laws, extraction of teeth, blood- or blood plasma, ambulance service, rest cures, 'physical examinations or observation, or conditions for which care is received in a veteran's, marine or other Federal Hospital or from a governmental agency. This is only a brief outline of benefits and exclusions. When a person makes application for membership, he will be provided a membership certificate outlining completely all benefits ind exclusions. This will be sent on approval and can be returned within five days for a refund. • OFFER ENDS TOMORROW! Mm mm mM aaaalaaal • PRINT 4 NAME f § ' PRINT 4 ADDRESS W I t OUR ± EMPLOYER V ( SPOUSE'S 4 EMPLOYER W •• •»• CUT ALONG DOTTED RULE •• | MONTHLY FEES-CHECK TYPE DESIRED: • BIRTH DATE • MONTH DAY YEAH D 0 H ALE D SINGLE D MARRIED EMALE Q OTHER , ' SINGLE DJ7.00 FAMILY D LOYCEJ •LOVIM— H?4fl Have you previously been issued a Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Certificate which is still in effect; . p YES Ifyss, 0 NO Certiflc 1st ale No. I FOR FAMILY CERTIFICATE LIST BELOW HUSBAND OR WIFE • AND ALL UNMARRIED CHILDREN UNDER ACE 19 • FIRST NAME ' 1 wish ta tnroHin tht MM* Creu and INITIAL DATE OF BIRTH MONTH DAY YEAR Bin* Shjild Flint. 1 will fimit t« Miittiil Hei»it»l Iniurinci. 1 ne.. Iht im CHECK RELATIONSHIP |' £ ac * z o 1 DO NOT WMTI LMLOW IDENT. 10-10-60 10-09701 "'"14141 24141 T MSB WIFE 1 run. KIND [ DATE ACCOUNT KM mil FF. PAID TO nthly ft* rewind for th» C*xtlftcM.w 1 hm MJ«d*4. 1 tmlbi wrin Mtk» ef innutlmHtiniiolthicorDOfiHonsnotconlilnidin my Ctflrtkilts of fthmbiflfcip. WiUiwlMlrpitu lolimt wbllt I am • Mwnfctr, I cmstitaU th» B«Kdl of DirKton e* thi nrven- Kent my prexy to vots In ill miitinn of Ihi Mimbifs unlus I am praient in patten. I htftby auiin all paymMti undar my Blua Crou Md Blui Shiald C*rtiAc«l« It «ay tatftiUI OT; D«et*f •! Madidna, rnpaclivaty, »upolyini tha tarvkai provided ttiariiiL DATE SIGNED.., _SI6N HERE.. CUT ALONG DOTTED RULE •• wm* mm mm mm MAIL THIS APPLICATION TODAY-BE SURE TO INCLUDE CHECK OR MONEY ORDER This special enrollment expires at midnight, Monday, October 3, Be sure your application is carefully and completely filled out, and Is mailed by that time with check or money order for one month's fee of J7.00 for a single membership or. $12.40 for a family membership. (Family membership includes spouse and unmarried children under age 19.) Membership becomes effective October 10, 1960. Mail to: Blue Cross-Blue Shield, 110 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis 9, Indiana. everyone in Indiana can join BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD Don't miss this special offer! Now, for a limited time, everyone, yes everyone— regardless of age or physical condition, or whether you' work or not—is eligible to join Blue Cross-Blue Shield. " More than 1,500,000 Hoosier members know the tremendous value, dependability and security of Blue Cross— 'Blue Shield. Take their advice—join'this famous health care plan before the special offer closes at midnight; October 3rd. This is a non-cancellable certificate... Blue Cross—Blue Shield cannot cancel it because of age, condition 'of health or number of tunes you use the membership. It has Blue Cross hospital benefits (not to exceed $5,000.00 per year for each member) plus Blue Shield allowances for your doctor's bill. See the column at left side of this advertisement for more information on benefits and exclusions. There are easy budget payments, too. Instead of quarterly payments, membership fees may be paid by th« month. Or, if you prefer, pay as many months in advance as you like. Fill in the application above* attach-your check or money order and mail it—before midnight, October 3rd—to Blue Cross-Blue Shield, 110 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis 9, Indiana. You'll receive your Certificate promptly. Read it thoroughly. If you're not completely satisfied, return it within five days and your money will be refunded. // you're employed in a group of five or more, ask your employer about the advantages of group memberships. REMEMBER, OFFER ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, OCTOBER 3rd! •BLUB CROSS-BLUB SHIBLD MUTUAL HOISPITAl INSURANCE. INC. MUTUAL MEDICAL I N 1 U R, A N C f. IMC. HOME OFFICE: 110 N. ILLINOIS ST., INDIANAPOLIS », INDIANA ' MID-CONTINENT SPECIAL ENROLLMENT' This special enrollment Is now on In these state* If you live outsldi of Indiana, pleasi send application but no check or money order. Your application will be forwarded to your own Plan.

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