The Logansport Press from Logansport, Indiana on October 29, 1957 · Page 16
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The Logansport Press from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1957
Page 16
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PAGE FOUR THE LOGANSPORT PRESS. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. TUESDAY, OCTOBER », 1WT Looks LikeIke Will Personally Attend Meetin Interested In More Closely Knit NATO Organization WASHINGTON UP) — President Eisenhower seemed certain yesterday • to attend an extraordinary meeting of the 15-nation North Atlantic Treaty Council in Paris Dec. 16-17. A final decision . is expected to be made early next '• week. A summit conference of the Western Allies, if it develops as indicated, will give Eisenhower an . opportunity to set the-stage for a •highly controversial proposal to Congress- to let this country share • its atomic weapons secrets wit .-Britain and in some degree wit! other qualified friendly countries It will also enable the Presiden to discuss plans for a revolution ; ary revision of free world defense ' strategy, by which the Unite States.apparently, aims at making atomic-'weapons and a variety o missiles more widely availabl ' throughout the Allied security sys tern. A possible purpose of this •would be to get ready to figh limited atomic war if this becomes , necessary. High Level Talks The status of Eisenhower'^ plans and intentions with respeci to a December NiATO meeting developed amid some international confusion but evidence accumu lated' that the session would be ai what diplomats call the ""highest level." At Ottawa, Minister John Canada's Prime Diefenbaker announced that he would attend. In Bonn, West Germany, diplomatic informants reported Chancellor Konrad Adenauer would go. NATO Secretary - General Paul - Henri Spaak, a visitor to Washington thii •week, is strongly behind the idea. White House and State Department officials definitely that declined to Eisenhower say and British Prime Minister Macmillan, who ended three days of conferences here Friday, would attend the Council session. Their iline was that the decision would be made later- after other governments were consulted. Privately it was learned that Eisenhower and Macmillan were (holding back from a commitment (because they wanted. 'to be" sure that virtually all the 15 countries would be represented by heads of government rather than by foreign ministers. Hagerty Denies It The confusion began when dip 3omats in Paris passed the word that TJ. S. Ambassador Amory Houghton had told French Foreign Minister Christian Pineau that Eisenhower intended to be at the Council meeting. Shortly afterward press secretary James Hagerty told. White House reporters that the situation was exactly what it had been Friday when he^had said ; that the President and the Prime/Minister would : have'to THRU TUESDAY Open 1 p. m.—50c Til 6 NOW JAMES CAGNEY DOROTHY MALONE JANE GREER "MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES" CINEMASCOPE Cartoon and Comedy wait and see what Spaak worked out. About' the same time French Ambassador Herye Alphand called on Asst. Secretary of State Burke Elbrick and reported afterward that the French government would be ".very glad" to join in'making the Council meeting a summit session but that it would have -to wait and see what other governments decided. Meanwhile the State Department put out a statement saying that Houghton had called on Pineau as a matter of courtesy and informed him of Spaak's suggestion that Eisenhower and other heads of government attend, the NATO meeting. The statement was not true that'Hough- ton had notified Pineau that Eisenhower "would attend" the meeting. Ike Wants to Go During all this the State Department and White House—claiming the need for diplomatic delicacy- refused to state what has been the central fatt, at least since Friday afternoon^ This is. that, Eisenhower .is very much interested in going to Paris to throw the weight of his'personal prestige behind a drive to modernize Allied security systems ' and obtain far greater pooling of free world resources for a long-term 'conflict with Russia. In this respect the argument over whether the President would or would not go to Paris served mainly to befog the central issues which were already reasonably obscure under the weight of wording in yesterday's Eisenhower- Macmillan communique. Major Achievements But key phrases in the com- munique coupled with .explanatory information from authoritative informants suggested that the major achievements of the two-power meeting are these: 1. A realization that the military defensive systems which were built up when .the IMted States had a monopoly in atomic weapons and' a broad supremacy in military striking power generally, are obsolete and no longer adequate. The weakness created by the outmoded nature of the defense systems has been intensified by some loss; of faith on the part of U. S'.' Allies that this country ac- ;ually would come to their defense •n the age of hydrogen-bomb war. The ansv/er apparently is to be more widespread disposition of the most modern American, Brit- sh and cither Western weapons in such a manner as to assure Allies everywhere that nuclear weapons will be available for their-defense f they sire attacked. 2. A decision on the part of the President to go as far as -he is able to restore the wartime co- THE WINNAH—The expressions on the faces of Brooks West and his wife, Eve Arden, tell you he's slamming'down a winning card to take the trick. Their children, 10-year-old Connie, left; •Douglas, 3, and Liza, 12, mostly take it in stride. Missing from the scene in their Hollywood homo is.4VE-year-old.son, Dunca'n. Eve, who won the hearts of millions of radio and TV fans playing .."Cur Miss Brooks" for 10 years, lias switched characters and is now Liza Hammond, •and liar fans don't seem to .mind at all. • Satellite Delay Ex Wi lefts'Idea, son Slates Ex-Defense 'Head Says They Suggested N< Speeding Of Program AiNDBKSON, Ind. UP) - operation between Britain and the United Sitates which produced the atomic bomb. This means that Eisenhower •• will request Congress to modify . basic atomic, energy acts ich -forbid him to share nuclear weapons- secrets with any other country so 'that he can arrange or what. he called "close and ruitful collaboration" 'between British and American.scientists. fense Secretary Charles E. Wilson said yesterday a group of scien tists advised the Army in 1955 no to complete its "advanced" plans to launch an earth satellite. Wilson said it was "not a de cision of the Defense Department' to keep the satellite project "ou of our missile business." He saic the scientific advisors, whom did not name, .wanted the satel lite developed in co-operation with allies and timed to coincide with the Interna tional Geophysica year. "The Russians played this thing a little different than we did,' Wilson told a news -conference ai Anderson College. "They mixec their military weapons- and scientific business together, using it as a cold war weapon." Wilson said he doesn't think Russia's success in launching Sputnik as the world's first man-made satellite needs to affect American defense spending, which he called "about right for the times we are in.' Asked about his successor, Sec- SURGERY LOGAN, Utah, versity forestry •Utah State Uni- students quickly applied tree surgery techniques when someone—possibly rival engineering classmen—crept up on a 14-foot-high, hand-carved statue' of 'aul Bunyan and chopped off his lead. ROXY Now—2 Features 35cTif6 Fun At Night Open 1 p. m. Kirk Douglas "Young Man With The Horn" WEDNESDAY MORNING ONLY 4.99 Chenille Spreads or Beacon Blankets On Sole Wednesday Morning Only • TWIN or FUUSIZE The SPREADS Beautiful first qualify heavy wavy line chenille Bed Spreads.— Rich, vibrant colors of aqua, yellow, pink, jjrey, rose dust, blue- and whit* 3. The BLANKETS Nationally advertised Beacon Nylon Blend solid color blankets. One group of 72x84 and 72x90 in blue, green, aqua and pink. All first quality -.. . 3. •retary McElroy, Wilson said, "1 was glad to see a business man ge the job." There for Program Wilson revisited Anders on, -where he worked for General Motors Corp. 38 years ago, to dedicate an Anderson College library named for him. He told reporters he has no plans to return actively to big business. His wife, who ap peared before news-men with him said they plan to spend some time on their Louisiana cattle ranch. Emphasizing liberal arts education, Wilson said: "Unfortunately you can educate, people without civilizing them. That's especially tr,ue in the technical field." In his dedicatory speech, Wilson said: ."The 'great economic and social progress made in our country during the last 50 years was not based on technology and machines alone. It was based equally oh our type of free society which stimulates the initiative of the millions and not the dictatorship of the few." "Millions and millions of people throughout the world are coming to realize -that-International com- munisni is not the path'to security, social justice or happiness for individuals, nor ..the road to independence,- prosperity arid -peace for any nation. : A sound', disarmament would not reduce the burdens.of the East and West, but "much morie. importantly would be pointed toward peace;" ' ," ' Wilson said the United 'States must be" on -guard against' communist, threats in military, economic, social and human relations fields. • • Read the Classified Ads FUMBLE STEALEE STOPPED — Notre Dame's back Frank Reynolds (27) clamps a foot lock on speeding Pitt back Dick Bowen in second quarter at South Bend, Ind., Oct. 26, after Bowen had caught a fumble in midair and ran it back far enough to stall Notre Dame's touchdown drive. Identifiable players: Pitt, back Ivan Toncic Avoid Quacks Especially In Cancer Thr eat By ALTON L. BLAKESLEE AP SCIENCE REPORTER MEW_. YORK m '-— Any person •with caiicer who goes to '. a .quack is /'turning himself over to certain death,-" the American Cancer/Society warned -Monday..; It declared "thousands of .'cancer quacks" have sprung'-.-, .up,, in thd£ country in the-last 50 years. It'said cancer quacks-, are aided by public, fears, by - their own salesmanship, and' even-.-by prominent - "citizens or - legislators who, without medical knowledge , themselves, think the quacks are doing good. „ .' : ,^-The -society -issued an unusual 36-page, report on cancer, -iquaick- ery'.-at^its annual- meeting'which' opeined.-. Monday. • Y .-. . '' Same-higpghts: Remedies offered by -quacks range^/froiri.' a- diet of-, poire -grape juice #0 sitting in a zinc-lined-pane box."' - ' ; ' - ..'-'•• * Authentic- advances.-, come from physicians or scientists who report their work fulfy,.proving it to. : their peers. • . -' - .... ,/ , "Secret". Stuff Quacks' usually keep fchejr formulas secret;' refuse to submit their, evidence to 'well - qualified scientists; rely on advertising and testimonials, .the • society .report, continued. The testimonials often come- from. persons ' who really -didn't have-cancer" in-"the first place, or who have since dded. Quacks charge that a "medical trust" is against them..-The society report said doctor • asid and ..their families get cancer also and so doctors are" interested in •finding -really" effective treatment. Quacks often^ are quick to 'sue fa, libel, and use publicity about themselves to ' further their self- advertising. . They thrive partly . becaus e of public .fears -that all cancers'are incurable, belief that quacks are less ; expensive; that surgery or radiation'- can; be avoided,- that regular doctors \ have given up hope. " 7 . ' -. , The Cancer Society said that in fact one-third of cancer patients now are ..being saved by /medically-proved;treatment, and 50 per cent: could.- : be • saved, if/ cancer were recognized early .enough and given competent treatment! Many Unnecessary "Some 75,000-.''.persons; died of cancer last year who could have 'been saved if they .had consulted in ".time"', and" stayed with 'a competent " physician," the society said. '-.Agencies, such as the National Cancer Institute, Pood and. Drug Administration, -American..;Medi:Cal Assn., and others are. readv and able-to investigate claims of .cures, .the report added. ; • It .urged stricter enforcing of licensing- laws, and creation of state/cancer; boards made up of competent 'scientists who .could investigate .and- test each claim and iiold hearings; •';'•' The public,: 'it. added, must learn enough facts. about cancer- - so as not to be easily misled. '"The only' really effective way of ending cancer quackery in the United States. . , is to find the cause and cure of the disease. To this end millions of dollars are being spent every year," the report said. EXTRACTION KILLS TREE Oriental lacquer is- a natural product, the sap. of a tree which dies-after the running, sap is extracted, • according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. (14), tackle Jim McCusker (78); Notre Dame, (55). Notre Dame won, 13-7. (AP Photo) center Bob Scholtz GET OFF MY BACK — Purdue's back Clyde Washington (45) is tackled after a 17 yard gaiirin second quarter by Miami end Mack Yohfr'(80). Miami's Hal Williams (20) is helping. Purdue won, 37-6. AP Photo) , US Feels Sure Ihakov Has Been i KfcJrerf Oafsirfe By JOHN SCALI ..WASHINGTON -(#)- — Some; to U. S. .officials.-concluded Monda that Russia's Marshal Zhukov has been.' demoted "--after, a backstay 3ower 'struggle .'involving' .part •hief Nikita Khrushchev.,," Zhukov's.. £u<ture-;role • in .the So /iet hierarchy, 'they said, probab y is -.being decided ait a hurriedlj 'ailed;meeting .of the -''125- : mem, >er Central .Committee 'now be ved in process at Moscow. • Authorities stressed these view, are based on what they "call "fail- weighty circumstantial' evi ence" that has piled up since ryptic • announcement that Zhu ADMINISTRATORS SALE OF REAL ESTATE 2 STORY MODERN HOUSE v - \ 4 Rooms Downstairs—4 Bedrooms, Bath Upstairs Fireplace—Well Arranged 2 Car Garage 331 Grove Street Logansport 2 LOTS Corner Clay and Grove Sts- Logansport Sale will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, October 30 at The Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Logansport, Indiana. Said properties will be sold for cash for not less tKan the full appraised value thereof to the highest and best bidder. Terms: Ten.per cent (10%) of purchase price down.on the day of sale and balance in full when deed and abstract are deliv- ed. Right is reserved'to, reject any and allbids. Further information may be obtained from/the Trust'Depart- ment of The Farmers & Merchants State Bank.' THE FARMERS & MERCHANTS STATE BANK Logansport, Indiana Administrator of the Estate of Greene C. Smith, Deceased. Charles K. Michael, Attorney for Estate I ikov had been relieved of Ms post as defense minister. Purtter reshuffles in $ie Soviet high command may be in. the offing in the wake-of the Zhukov excitement, they said. Kremlin.-: leadens undoubtedly are aware of the shock any demotion "of .Zhukov-would cause and probably would seek to explain it quickly to; their people, especially among army leaders.-May Be Appealing Some officials, speculated that Zhiukov might;be,trying to counterattack a Khrushchev move to oust-him; by appealing to; the full Central'.Committee : £is Khrushchev did'-after former foreign minister V. M. Molotov, Georgi Malenkov and others teamed up against him last June; . But; most authorities noted Khrushchev .is the one with, the most friends on the Central. Committee. If it is in session': now, it is undoubtedly because he suim- tnoned it to back up his action, they said.- President Eisenhower is reported to" have discussed the. Moscow developments with Secretary of State Dulles during a meeting at ihe White House today. Central intelligence' Chief Allen Dulles' is known to have been in touch with lisenhower about lihe Zhukov developments.. - •' Authorities checking for clues, said the .most important sign of Zhukov's decline in power would be if he were booted off the Exclusive Presidium Politburo. Attendance In Peru Grade Schools Down PERU—Attendance in the. Peru schools fluctuated .slightly Monday according to Fred Fechtman, city' schools superintendent. At- endance in the. high school in- reased from 'last week but -the xade school attendance went Ibwn. hoped that the flu is >n the wane; .' ; At the high school. Monday there vere. 14Q ; students absent along ith three high school teachers, bout -15-per -cent of the- enrollment • in the ; grade schools was absent Monday. . THE ONLY THING YOU'LL LIKE BETTER THAN, PftI S QUALITY IS ITS PRICE! NATIONAL pisflLLERmODUCTS CO., N. Y. BLENDED WHISKEY.- 85- PROOF. 65* GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIR1TS| 409-415 E. BROADWAY - DIAL 4166 we girdteorpanty girdl* * FABULOUS CONTROL * FEATHER-LIGHT COMFORT * FANTASTIC VALUE • Wide bands-of Leno power net are'criss-cross- ed to slim--your tummy and hips ... while permitting complete- freedom. • Hi-rise controlling band of- Helanca nylon stretch yarn hugs waist for. comfortable control;. . . won't wrinkle or-"ride up". ; • Up-&-down" stretch back panel of satin lastex for firming support and Cuffs of Helanca stretch nylon „ • Never. so ..much comfort; and value at such a low price!; -: -' - - -; - • ' Sizt Waist 5 • 24-26 M 27-28 L 29-30 TWO GRADUATE CORSETIERS GOLDEN'RULE CORSET DEPT.-SECOND FLOOR Congratulates the . APPRECIATION DAYS WINNERS and invites them to come in, identify themselves, a n d receive their gifts. Mrs. Floyd Persmger Logansport BOYS SUBURBAN COAT Mrs. Lloyd Strong Twelve Mile BOYS CORDUROY PANT Vera Spongier R. R. 1, Camden BOYS LEVI Mrs. Runnell A. Echerf Logansport BOYS NITEY NITE — t Rosemary Murphy Logansport BOYS LEATHER GLOVE Mrs. E. W. lowry Logansport BOYS KAYNEE FLANNEL SHIRT Sue Blassingharrr Logansport BOYS FELT HAT . Dr. J. F. Kirtz - Logansport BOYS BILLFOLD Mrs. Dale Zimmerman R. R 2, Rochester , BOYS LEATHER BELT Charles Spongier , R, R. 1, Camden BOYS CUFF LINK ' Dolphus F. Nelson R. R. -5, Logansport < MEN'S REMINGTON EtECTRiC SHAVER Mrs.'A. J Polonclc Logansport MEN'S'DOB'BS OR STETSON HAT Dean Warner togcJnsport MENS'ARROW "DALE"SHIRT Oca Hankee- R. R ; 3, Logansport MEN'S : ENG"ERKRESS BILLFOLD- ' : V Victor KJirte R.. R. 4, toganspoirf. MEN'S McGREGOR COTTON FLANNEL SHiKT Aaron Hlckman Logansport . MEN'S, 3 JOCKEY : UNDERWEAR SHO'RTS '.- . • - -.-.' Mrs. : Fred Sherman R R. 4, Logansport^ MEN'S 3 PAIR; v ESQUIRE SOCKS Mrs.,Vivian Grow Lpgamport . MEN'S 2 BEAU BRUMMELL TIES- Mrs. Mary Keller Logansport; MEN'S;H1CK0K INITIAL R. R'. MEN'S HICKOK: ELASTIC-WOVEN;BELT Mamie. Cleary Logarisjport^; ., MEN'S SUBURBAN COAT James* Hanserv Logamport ' MEN'S SATIN ROBE t Mrs. Claude Small R, R. 2y Logansport MEN'S STATE-OF-MAINE CASUAL-JACKET •*. ' Marilyn; Joh nson Galvestorr MEN'S OSHKOSH OVERALL J • t Doyne Walford MEN'S OSHKOSH WESTEMBRONKS JEAN

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