Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1960 · Page 30
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 30

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 1960
Page 30
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PAGE TWO THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, OCTOBER I, ISM. JM GOLDEN WARS At 65, Sir The Thing To Do Is "Incorporate 1 By THOMAS COLLINS You are somewHere. out beyond age. 58 and facing i compulsory retirement. , ' . You'are beginning to add up your prospects on Social Security' and pension. You are self-conscious as most other people your age, and you really - don't want to talk to anybody about what your situation will. be when retirement comes. But golly, how you'd like to be heading into something .important -instead of oblivion! Here's how you can— .. . • 1. Start looking up other men or women of your age who are in, your name business. Salesmen, lawyers, buyers, engineers, newspapermen, accountants — it doesn't matter what. 2. Send these fellow retirees. to-be a postcard, qp.phone them, and invite them' to your house next Friday night, telling them you want to set up a Society of Retired Accountants—or whatever" your business .is—in' order to have somebody to 'talk shop'with, and make a bit of money. 3. YOU'LL NEED at least ten charter members (20 would be better), and in the group you'll need at. least, one extroverted R'o- tarian who'll pick 'up your ball and start running with it. In brief, a guy who'll organize your guests. Step aside and let him, while you help your wife serve the lemonade and cookies. 4. The organization, at least at the start, will need a social handle. Every Friday night at some member's house, with the wives and the spinster sisters along and with lemonade and cookies. 5. Give the organization a positive name, like Salesmen, Inc. or Plumbers, Inc. or Tax Accountants Protective Society.,This may take some legal steps, but by this time, if you're smart, you will have found a company lawyer who is going to be retired like ordinary mortals are, and brought him into the club. home of some, designated member of your group. 7. As charter members of the organization pass over the threshold into retirement, they become officers of the company that has been formed. Each one who takes the title of vice .president, except the Rotariap, or whoever is running the "show, takes the title of executive vice president. 8. When as many as six members of the organization have retired, business starts. The six vice presidents—say the organization is Salesmen, Inc.—sit down and decide who in town needs some sales help./Maybe a department store. Maybe a filling station chain, maybe a used car company. The vice presidents study .the problem, work out a sales program, then send one of their members to call on the company and offer the services of Salesmen, Inc., for a fee of a commission. 9. MEMBERS OF THE organization still not retired would be ', valuable assets. They would , be ' expected to .send in to the group good leads on businesses needing the group's specialized services. 10. Income of Salesmen, Inc., would go into a pool, and each member of the organization would share equally in it provided each member did his share of.the work. With the. collective wisdom of all the retired men poured into a pool 6. THE ORGANIZATION, once 1 to solve some particular corn- it gets going, .will need a business '~ --'-'-- "-- '" -'-'- "--• address and a. business phone number. In most .office -buildings in most cities, there are small business operations (such as public relations firms) that will provide this for a small fee ... .answering the phone in the name of your organization and accepting the mail, for referral on to the pany's problem, the odds are that the company would benefit, and that ..the feel COULD "be substantial. An organization such as the one described here . would probably' seem way, way out to any good School of .Business Administration. But. in- the -oddball circumstances of .modern retirement in business it is as natural as the hen and the egg. ' There is no business house, that would not view ' with concern . a competitor' that hired the services of all the retired experts in its field. There is nothing more hopeful for a man forced into retirement .than a chance to capitalize on what he knows best . . -and retire into a,vice presidency 1 . For a copy of the new Golden Years booklet by Thomas Collins, send 35 cents in coin (no stamps) to Pharos-Tribune and Press, Box 1672, Grand Central Station, New York 17, N.Y. (COPYRIGHT 1960, GENERAL FEATURES CORP.) Citv Planning Jo Be Discussed A delegation from Logansport will attend the east central -district meeting Tuesday at Kokomo of the Indiana Community Resources Association. Topics to be discussed include zoning, subdivision, industrial development, administration and enforcement. Those attending from here include Mayor Otto Neumann; building commissioner John Anderson; his secretary Ellen Reap; city engineer John Rinehart; county highway dept. .Supt. John Burrough; county commissioners John Conn, Allan I Shaffer; Chamber of Commerce executive Cled Lloyd- Jones; Plan commission and board of zoning appeals members Donald Felker and Clay Morris; Ted Morris, and Conrad Baumann. The building commissioner's office will 'be closed all day Tuesday. CROSSWORD PUZZLE Aniw " '• ,»«*«r«f«y> ACROSS 1-Goal 4 -Athletic ' groups •-Turkish commander 12-African antelope l3-Eskimo'» abode 14-Pall behind 15-Finishinr 17-Pruit JS-Arid . 20- Moving part of machine 21-Kind of fabric 23-Armed conflict 24-Clamp 27-Employ 2S-Fondle 29-Clans 30-Mountain (abbr.) 3]-Drunkard '. 32-Possesses" 33-Printer's measure 34-Girl's name 36-Communtst 37-Baker's product 38-GLve.up SS-Vigor ' 40-ShlUow.. vessels 41-Country oC Asia 43-Obese 44-Plundered 46-Eyplusion 48-Skill 50-Wa.nts 52-Silkworm 53-Possesaiv« pronoun 54-Frogs 55-Knock DOWN 1-Mature 2-Hostelry 3-Con fusion 4-TVee R-TJrge on 31 32 35 ft- (-Man'i nicknfone . 7-Engine " 8-Chimney .. carbon -Visigoth king -Ship .channel , -Tim* gone by. -Irritate .-••-. -Departs - . -Rodent -Poisonous ' shrub~ . -Fiber plant •Damp •Beer mug •Slaves •American essayist . Mournful Aroma, Dress border Stupid persons Inlet oaan naa SOB annan sao ana taaaaa ana I HUSO QnEHl arjsaa sansa asm saga 57-Idle.ohatt«r 39-Ttlevision- 40-Danc« step • 42-Depression 43-Pother 44-Burma tribesman 45-Worthless leaving ifi-Unusual 47-Verlod of time 4S»Tear 51-Babylonian deity 34 20 32 10 II 37 Di.itr. by United Feature Syndicate, Inc. / Memorial Hospital Gray Ladies To Meet The Memorial hospital Gray Ladies will meet at the hospital Monday night. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m., according to Mrs. Mary Weaver, chairman of Gray Ladies service at the hospital. Read the Want Ads! Red Cross Classes In Home Nursing And First Aid To Begin Two Red Cross classes, one in home care of the sick and injured and the other .in first aid, wi!l begin .this week, according to Mrs. Alice Sayger, executive secretary of the local chapter. The home nursing class will meet from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at the local Red Cross office. The instructors will be Mrs. Mary Oppenheimer and Miss Mary Galloway, both registered nurses. The first aid' class will meet at the" office at the same time on Wednesday night. The instructors will be Othello Wince and Charles Hanley. By Friday 11 persons had registered for the home nursing class and 15 had registered for the first aid class. Anyone still wishing to register may still do so at the office or register at the first meeting-of city class, Mrs. Sayger said. "'--..•' Each course consists of seven periods of instruction. Red Cross certificates will be presented to persons who successfully complete the courses. Other Areas In Scout Fund Drive Boy Scout_ fund drives will be lacked off this week in most area communities in localities not covered by United Fund or Community Chest campaigns. Goal for these communities is approximately one third of the 544,723 budget of the Three Bivers Boy Scout council. The budget is for the year beginning Nov. 1. The Council includes Cass, Pulaski,'White, Carroll, Fulton, and Miami counties and consists of Kenneth Cooke; Cutler, Robert McCarty; Yeoman, John Barlow; Leiters Ford, Balph Stayton; Burlington, Cecil Rhine; and Deer Creek, George Marcellino. The Delphi campaign includes Pittsburg and the Flora 'campaign includes Bringhurst. Independent Boy Scout campaigns will also be conducted in Winamac, Wolcott, Francesvile, and Rockfield. The independent campaigns will! be conducted by district and coordinated by the Council's finance I, j. . .. ., _, . uiuiimLeu uy uie v^uuiitii a iiiidjicc three distritcs, the Eastern, West- committee. George Watrous, of ern, and LAnguille. Winamac,. it the Council finance , The target date for the campaign kickoffs is next Tuesday, according to Tom Hatter, of Monticello, Council campaign chair- lan. Drives, are already underway in Fulton and Kewanna. Robert Lea- veil is chairman of the' Fulton campaign, and Kalph Stayton is chairman for Kewanna. Other . communities in which there will be independent campaigns and the campaign chairman for each community follow: Idaville, Leonard Mittchell; Monticello, Tom Carter; Reynolds, Sam Bardonner; Buffalo, Mrs. Mable Rickly; Monon, Robert Overton; Medaryville, Frank J. Wappel; Brookston, Webb Har- chairman. Finance chairmen in the three districts are John King, Eastern; Clyde Halstead, 'Western: and Tom Williams, L'An- guille. Name Woman Of Year Yesterday Announcement of the recipient of the Woman of the Year award will be made at a reception at the Capt. Logan hotel next Wednesday evening. The event highlights the annual Business & Professional Women's Week. It will come at 8 p.m. following the reception at which all nominees will fee honored. The judges, who are distinguished young men of the community, are now evaluating the nominees whose names were suggested by clubs, sororities and individuals. The decision will be based upon leadership, service to the community, and personal or business progress. (The Sunday picture page in this issue of The Pharos-Tribune and Press is derated to the observanca by the B & PW.) Most of' the community cam --){CVIV9l paigns are expected to last for. 'about one week, according to] Council campaign chairman Hat-! At ter. Training meetings for campaign leaders in the Western district were held last Monday at Reynolds, last Wednesday at Delphi, and last Thursday at Monticello. Eastern district training meetings were conducted previously. The Homestake gold mine in Lead, S.D., produced $20,119,988 SC STUDENTS . PARENTS.. . . Take Advantage of This HOOL SPECIAL NOW! For The Full School Term Pharos Tribune .••• Daily & Sunday .•In State Only 7.50 Out of State 12.50 Logansport Press Daily and Sunday . In State Only . 7.50 Out of State .. 1,2.50 Keep Informed of All The News At Home Just Dial 4141 Circulation Dept. Or Mail In The Coupon Below We Will Start Your Paper Immediately D Pharos Tribune D Logansport Press . Students Name ., Adctresi ; Mail With Your Check Or Money Order To Pharos Tribune or Preis, logansport, Ind. Start Tuesday Night Revival services at the Pilgrim Holiness church will begin Tuesday evening, October 4, at 7:30 p.m. Thev will continue through Oct. 16. The Reverend Harry Black of Los Angeles will be the evangelist and the singers are the Paul Davis family of Columbus, Ohio. An invitation to everyone to attend the services is extended by Reverend 0. D. Williams, pastor. The church is at Sixth and Linden. man; Delphi, Bud Darby and cochairman Wayne Eickenbery; worth of gold last year, a record Camden, W- 0. Pettinger; Flora,- 6 o'clock welcome... ana all's warm! •' GuarantBed VC«.dH.ujiV«pta ! For unfailing comfort, 'round-the-clock, get Standard's Complete Comfort Plan. Call your Standard Oil Man for a fill of new AMERICAN Brand Heating Oil with improved STA-CLEAN*. It's clean burning! Wonder-additive, STA-CLEAN, prevents rust. Your entire fuel system stays clean. Your burner keeps working at peak efficiency. And new AMERICAN Brand Heating Oil has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. Get insurance protection at no extra cost—pay for AMERICAN Brand Heating Oil on Standard's Insured Budget'Pay- rnent Plan. Get insurance protection that keeps heating bills paid in case of prolonged disability due to sickness or accident, or in case of death. No extra cost. For full details, call your nearby Standard Oil office. erican Brand Heating Oil with improved sta clean* •STA-CLEAN is Standard's trade- mart! for the additives.used in AMERICAN Brand Heating Oil. IN LOGANSPORT CALL 3881—Other Communities, check your local phone book. CALL NOW 3881 DON B ASHORE Your Standard fuel Oil Man At Your Service CALL New Waveriy Logansport, Phone 4-0940 KOLLIS BLACK Your Standard Oil Agent for Twelve Mile and New Waveriy CALL Walton 4495 JOHN NATION Your Standard Fuel Oil Man New American Brand Heating Oil

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