Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 29, 1949 · Page 14
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 14

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1949
Page 14
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PAGE »-JVAUGAIUCK.MEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, OCT. 3!, 11M» Every icvenlng tffiroept Sunday) by ITBE NATJOATOCK NBWB CORP. NAUQATUCK, CONN. tttS and All Departments Entered as aecond clo»» matter at the port office In Naugatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance IMonta ...HJCilYear^.^jmy Member: " American Newspaper Pub. A««^ N K. Dally Newspaper Pub. Ata^n Conn. Newspaper Publishers Ass'n MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1949 At Fiddler's Creek Research and invention have lightened the backbreaking work that has been the traditional portion of the farmer. But most of it has been concerned with problems of large farms, -which lend themselves most readily to mechanization. A majority of the farms in the United States are small farms, which need the /experimentation, and the resulting improvements, which have been carried on at the ISO-acre farm of Paul M. Mazur, New York economist and banker, near Lambcrton, N. J. There have been some remarkable developments at Mr. Mazur's Fiddler's Creek Farm. Soon after he bought the place as a weekend retreat, Mr. Mazur was struck by the economic waste involved in paying farm hands S1.50 an hour to feed animals. This led to thoughts about other conditions on the small farm which needed attention, and finally to a Rutgers College of Agriculture for a scries of experimental projects. The initial results have just been unveiled. They promise the farmer greater ease and lower operating costs. Included are new barns and silos with automatic devices which permit cattle to feed themselves. Hay is stored and cured and guided to the feeders mechanically. It has been found possible to reduce labor on dairy and beef farms 35 per cent. The time thus saved is put to profitable use by the development of additional activities, among them turkey raising and bacon and turkey smoking. Other experiments have shown that increased fertilization can expand the productivity of Eastern soils. Tc the man on the city street all this may seem not very important—until he remembers that without the farmer he couldn't live and work in the city. Anything that makes farm work less burdensome is added assurance of a stable food supply for the cities. Mr. Mazur and Rutgers and the industries which have cooperated with them deserve a vote of thanks. Nature's Balance Reports from Kansas are to be the effect that coyotes are getting out of hand. They're going into the barnyards and into the barns for their red meat. Farmers complain they cannot make a profit raising sheep because of coyote depredations. Farmers' wives are ,angered by the disappearance pf poultry flocks. All this despite the long war on coyotes, the frequent encircling drives and the bounty on their scalps. Is the coyote morj numerous than formerly? Farm, experts say not. He has been kept down by trap, poison and gun. But he has lost his food supply, the • rabbit, and to survive he has found it necessary to ^row bolder. His raids on shcepfold, calf- pen and henhouse 'make it appear that he is more numerous. The coyote now" reducing the farmer's profits would hardly have been in evidence 20 years ago when he could dine right out on the prairies. The plains country became convinced that the jackrabbit had to go the way of the buffalo. Armies of hunters, shotguns in hand, encircled vast areas and closed In. Sometimes, they got a coyote or two. Always they slaughtered jackrabbits by truckloads. In the meantime city hunters, seeking somehthing to shoot, decimated the ranks of the prolific cottontail. Kansas is about out of rabbits and the coyote is eating the sheep tand the hen. Here is a renewal of the lesson it seems each generation must learn anew. Unless man cooperates with nature by preserving nature's t>alance he pays penalties. When Kansas so blithely killed its rabbits, no one paused to consider that it is .difficult to make a vegetarian out of a coyote. Western Berlin "When Russia decked out the East German ''republic" in sovereignty, no matter how phony, the Soviets deliberately were playing with the fire of German nationalism. The danger was that the Western powers, in competition, would do likewise with their West German regime. But unearned concessions apparently are not in the books for the Western Germans. United States High Commissioner McCloy made that clear by announcing that the present Occupation Statute would stand as is. Three-power economic support for Western Berlin—both direct and through the West German government — cannot be considered an unearned concession. That once-beleaguered city has hcnn in an economic tailspin ever since the Soviet blockade was ended. Western Berliners should be helped now not only as a reward for having resisted communism, but also out of- Western self-interest. The West should not lose the Berlin foothold by default after literally having risked war to- hold it during the perilous days of the airlift. As for the Bonn government itself, there are reports of possible gestures, rather than concessions, on the part of the Allied High Commission. The principle among these would-be the ending of the formal state of war. This would not have the full influence of a peace treaty, such as Eastern Germany expects from Russia, but it would demonstrate Western Power confidence in the Bonn administration. Otherwise, Mr. McCloy has indicated that if the Western Germans want major operational changes they must merit them, not expect a further profit out of Soviet-United States differences. They can prove themselves by cooperating witn the Ruhr Authority. When that's been done, it will be time enough to talk about an independent foreign office and such other extensions of self-rule to the Western Germans. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Miss Justine Brophy, a senior at the College of New Rochelle, arrived home to spend a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Brophy, of Hillcrest avenue. Arthur Friend presided at a meeting of the Naugatuck Fish & Game Club, Inc., in the absence of Dr. Joseph J. Sitar, president, who was in Maine on a hunting trip. 20 Years Ago Wilfred G. Davis, of Cherry street, was attending the national convention of tire dealers in Akron, Ohio. Mrs. J. Brannigan, of Cherry street, was visiting relatives in Cleveland, Ohio. Look And Learn 1. On what date did Germany surrender in World War II? 2. What is the average temperature of pie «ea? f ,j , N/| 3. Who became President 'of the U. S. upon McKinley's assassination? 4. What is the average amount of candy consumed annually by a person in the U. S.? 5..What is-the average life of a horse? Answers 1. May 6, 1945. 2. Thirty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. 3. Theodore Roosevelt. 4. About 17 pounds. 5. Thirteen to fourteen years. |THE CLOCI Congratulations im> in order today for Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heucock okHJjjhland avenue, who are celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary. The Charlie Bengtsons had a strenuous weekend.. .they moved all their belongings from Walnut street to their new home on Scott, street... Chazz is getting his appetite up for a venison dinner and is anxiously awaiting the return of his pal, Bill Vining of Prospect, who took off bright and early Saturday morning for the Pine Tree State. The Harris Burke family really have artistic capabilities... The genial patrolman does excellent work with paint, brushes and easel... his daughter, Jeanne Burke Kune, now is making hooked rugs. We understand Mr. and Mrs. Harold Duume put on their puppet show gratis for any organization in Naugatuck that r«- qucnlH their -services. .. they did u fine joh Friday night at the first girls' rally of the YMCA, sponsored by the Y Women's auxiliary... mastering a puppet requires a good bit of time and patience, and Mrs. Daume does an excellent job with them. Tonight's the annual event of Halloween, with its many witches, (fhosts, goblins and what have you... wo hope the younff people In thi! borough will have a wonderfully guy time, without resorting to destructive pranks. .. .they'll realize people aren't old fuddy-duddies when they become adults and own property. Ed Clemmons and Bill Seigrist, both of Beacon Falls, have returned home with two doe shot last week in Maine. .. the two have 'made similar trips in past years, usually with the same results. BUI Patterson spent the. weekend with his son, Bill, a midshipman at the TJ. S. Naval Academy. . they saw the Navy-Notre IJame game at Baltimore Saturday afternoon, with Bill, Sr., returning to his Central avenue home Sunday. Seaman 1-c Jimmy Davis, now stationed at Bayonne, N. J., spent the weekend at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Davis on High street... he is now attending a storekeepers school. John Tatiglan of Walnut terrace and a Peter Paul, Inc., oT- ficial, is feeling rather miserable these days with a bod cold. ...Today and tomorrow are the last days to sign property lists at sessions of the board of assessors.. .don't be a delinquent. The field is wide open for candidates for Republican town committee ' ./airman... the GOPer's are trying to get new blood into their ranks. .. they'd like somebody like Conrad Ham or William Chittenden to head the ranks. It's helleved that Thursday's Nuiigatuck-Wllbur Cross football game set some kind of a rec- brd...We don't have all the records, but can't remember any other Greyhound eleven which tied three games in one year... There may be others, but we don't know of any other schools in the state which have duplicated the feat within recent years. Naugatuck had a fair turnout at tlu; high school game Thursday, considering it was a week-day game... Norm Wood was among those who thought NHS would come through for a win... Will Clark and Dick Pis- tarelli were as disappointed as the rest of the fans when the 14-0 lead blew out the window. Veterans, who for three years had "team-work" hammered Into their minds during World War II find It hard to understand how the top military brass can curry on childlike squabbles over unification... too bad the service heads can't practice what they preached during the war when all branches of service and civilians Joined In for one cause, with everyone on the same team. Dot and Hans Nissen of Manners avenue visited relatives in Putnam yesterday.. .Among those attending the Yale - Dartmouth football game at Yale Bowl Saturday were Mae Rooney of Neagle street and Wendell Page, West Haven. Mr. and Mrs. BH) Fainter and sons, Richard and Paul, of Washington, D. C., are expected in the borough the Latter part of this week or first part of next.. .they aren't particularly definite, and say arrival may be Nov. 5, 6, 1 or 8...well, It'll be nice to see them again anyway. The Andy McCanns were among those at the Yale - Dartmouth game at the bowl Saturday... Borough Boy Scouts are looking forward to attending the Yale- Brown game at the bowl this coming Saturday...a large number of cars loaded with Scouts will leave from here. Joe Aukstolls, Scott street, headed for Maine during the weekend. . .he is on a hunting trip and all of his many friends are awaiting his return to see If he will get that deer... good shooting, Joe. John Donat reports that visitors are welcome at his Wallingford fur ranch... the beautifully coated mink and fox make a big hit with the youngsters... John has been handling the animals for the past 25 years. * All politicians ought to be for the American system. In defeat they get along all right here. In some other countries off come their heads. When interplanetary rockets are perfected, the first explorers ought to look for a place where there are no high tax-dictator- minded politicians. HALLOWEEN $', - lB^aair*^feM4s*4--:2v<r *. WALTER WINCHELL In New York MAN ABOUT TOWN The Chas. Lindberghs are rumored loslncf altitude They say Whittaker Cham'bon-:., the ox- senior editor at Timo (and Soviet asent), is very ill. . . "LA. Glenn Davis (ex-Army grid star) adores a WAG... .Count Alfred de Marigny's new uh-huhney works behind the counter at ,a Broadway 5&10 ...Is Deanna Durbin's next groom A. Prontor, her agent. .. .We hear Bill Corum got the Kentucky Derby throne because it was in Matt Winn's will.., .Paulctte iGoddard and Gilbert Roland's romantics Below the Border have the natives completely agog .. .A short, dark and handsome traveling companion was well hidden (she thought) when Doris Duke landed at La- Guardia from Paris Ironic that Frenchman Marcel Cerdan should be killed on the eve of the Statue of Liberty's 63rd birthday, France's grandest gift to Jthe U. S One of Our Town's goofier rich grels toured the Bistro Belt in male attire (just for a lark) the other night. It ended very un- comical when she got into an argument with a hackie, inheriting two black orbs. (J. F.) Ex-Tammany Leader Clarence Neal and other Tammany tribesmen (denounced often by Mayor O'Dvvyer) are blamed by him for having photogu at that dinner, so pix would show gamblers consorting with Lehman and himself. .If true, it boomeranged in the Mayor's favor....And the newspaper (including Republican opposition gazettes) featured the fact that O'Dwyer snubbed them. ...The Broadway gamblers (their only wrongo wais Truman last yeur> report that the odds on O'Dwyer are 4. to 1, The odds on Lehman to win are 3 1-2 to 1 "and growing-, daily." We witnessed Keith Piaf'H performance (at the Versailles) right after the news that her friend, Marcel Cerdan, w&3 killed The radio reports that eihe choked u.p, etc., are bunk.... She was the artiste throughout—goin^ through her delightful repertoire of sad songs (about lovers who die) with great poise .. .In her familiar plain black frock, no jewelry (just a charm dangling around her throat), very little make-up and no nail polish, La Piaf Went On With The Show. ...A concrete exan-|pile of personality, talent and class. Dissident sections of the Democratic Party are working on a behind-the-scenes coup which they hope will make Ike Eisenhower their 1952 Man. Ike's just as GOP as the Kansas City Star....Gendarmes are probing- vandals who scribbled obscenities about Eisenhower on doors at Columbia U. ....Latest B'way gambling fad is wagering on the color of the gumball that drops out of the machines fcr_ the centime... .Best Crack of the Week: "They kick out a fighter like Admiral Denfeld and keep a 'General' like Vaughan!" John L. Lewis and brother Denny are said to have divorced over a terrific tiff regarding different union administration theories Insiders think the brother of Eyebrows will campaign openly against him... .Francine Emory, Mont cattle mint, prefers Tommy Bishop for midtown hand-holding ....Shipping heir E. Luckenbach, Jr., .and tilian-haired Hannah Johnson are Looks Like!...An ax- quisite Austrian Embassy in Washington hasn't an Amba.ssa T dor. Its decorator (L. Hutton of N. Y.) cannot take the bows/ until a three-power Peace Treaty gives it a tenant. . , .Mimi Laurie is reminiscent of Helen Morgan with her bluesiining at the 'Monaco on 56th... .Judith 1 Coiplon'a husky friend almost wrecked a camera and cameraman at Johnny's Keyboard.. .Truman's 'hands-off policy in the coal and steel stoppage la Two Strikes Againot Him. Overseas Ticker: The Jap Emperor's dghtr and her groom (Moriatsu Hiashiuni) reconciled on her poltcr's orders. They may second-honeymoon here .. Medicos Star Wins Divorce SINGING FILM star Deanna Durbiu is shown in a Los Angeles court where she was granted a divorce from her second husband, Felix Jackson, a movie director. The couple was married on June 13, 1945. The singer was granted full custody of their three-year-old daughter, Jessica, (International) have warned Lucky« Luciano to cut do%vn on the rugged dept. Excessive smoking and imbibing will damage his heart more... .Vasily Stalin, Mr. Big's hammy son who Iheats people ,uip (including sdl^ diers) when he loses his screwy temper, may become a political colyunmist in Moscow. .. .Nehru taking a bride soon?... .Prince Felaal of Arabia has fallen for Mrne. Pandit's pretty dghtr Rita ... .New outbreak of political murders in Cuba...The address of the Kins of Yugoslavia (when he arrives today) will be tile .same hotel as Maggie Truman's—the Carlyle. In G. Jessel's next film, "Oh, You Beautiful Doll," the singing tones of Mark Stevens will ba those of the late Buddy - Clark. .. .A big surgeon in town is being sued for $100,000 by the family of a patient who allegedly died because of a 7- inch clamp left in him. Attorney handling the matter is Harold iGlaifier... .They assure you the Jane Wyman-Manny Sachs merger report must be malarky, since his heartbeat is a Philadelphia doll, already "Spoken For" Milton Reynolds, who flies around the world again this week, will be elected director of an Eastern railroad Newest thing in Hollywood i,5 phony television aerials— so neighbors will think you own a set, too....If Delense Secy Johnson wants to help war vets, let him contact Harold Russell, Nat'l Commander of Amvets Regarding a Detroit disabled vet. Ash the Detroit Times. .,:.Judge Armstrong, the AH-Amcricnn Heel," will never do with 50 million dollars what Hitler couldn't do with 70 million Germans. Aviation people expect a <log- flght between Eastern- and National Airlines for Florida traffic Latter has set ulpi a "coach 1 flight that almost cuts the fare in half ...Miami hotelmen laughing- at crepe-hangers. (Reservations way ahead of last season. .. .Sudden Thawt: You'd think the N. Y. Times.' late religious editor would have bequeathed her $S,000 to the Times 100 Neediest Cases... The day "Walter's Boy" came in practically last (we .said it would) at Pimlico, all local daily experts (and the Consensus of 13 leading expert in the East) made it the f>-2 favorite!.. .",Mule Train" by John Lang-e is.the first song ol' a new firm, started by Fred Raphael, who becomes wealthy on his first try. Every firm is recording it twice. .Headline: . "Russians Claim They Can Sew the Fastest." Why, the doyty sew-and-sews... Jt the New York Reputes are so unhappy over the gambling here (allegedly because of Democrats' indifference), how do they explain Repub. Gov. Dewey'a to the wide open dice-shooting every Summer at Saratoga? FIRST U.S. WOMAN AMBASSADOR AFTER TAKING THE OATH of office in Washington as U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, Mrs. Eugenie Anderson, 40, Red Wing, Minn., shpws her commission to Sen. Hubert D. Humphrey (D-Minn.), and her husband, John (center). The flrst American woman to hold this top diplomatic rank, Mrs. Anderson will be in Washington for three weeks of "briefing" before leavine for her nost in Cooenhaeen. (International Soundphoio) CAMERA TOPICS "by T.JT. Holden* Effective In black and whlt*7thl« teene would be even lovelier in natural color. New film* make color photography^eaty for every one. Speed Graphic photo by Philip Gendreau. ~ "" " FALL WONDERFUL TIME FOR COLOR PICTURES ( The gorgeous vivid colors of autumn make any photographer's fingers Itch to record the beauty around blm. on • nlm,>The availability -. of color film In standard roll sites' as well .as In sheet film arid packs makes virtually any camera an Instrument for color picture*.^ ""'• _, If you have nerer used coloT'fllm'. you,will be delighted to discover bow easy It is to capture all the lovely shades of fall foliage. If your lens Is f/5.6 or faster you will have no trouble with exposure'. Even a slower lens can^be '. used satisfactorily on bright'sunny days. Full shooting • instructions icomeiwlth each package of film. "* InTpiannlng T color7pIctures." T use some restraint In the variety of colors you Include in one sbot. If your scene Is a red barn surrounded by white birch trees, don't Insist on adding a subject in a green skirt and brown sweater to complete the rainbow. Too,many colors together clash lust as too many main subjects will la a black and white pic- " "'~• Unless you are after sunsets'ofl other special effects, you .will do well to confine your shooting to the' hours from 10 a.m. to about 3 p.m.! Earlier and later the light bum a' tendency to be quije red and wj|lj throw a reddish-orange cast on your, subjects which U not pleasing. "Since you cannot do much^ar-" ranging'of details in an outdoor*] picture, you must choose your camera position carefully to give the effects you are after. Often by mov-' Ing a few feet you can remove an* objectionable object from your pic-' ture or balance details for better composition. You will find, for ln-j stance, that low camera angles are useful because the sky IB an excel* lent i unobtrusive » background * for most pictures, giving emphasis to the main subject; Color snapshots~are~an~even greater'source of pleasure"than' black and white one*. And If you care to experiment, you will find that color photography has all lie; excitement of painting in the many; Interesting effects you can Acetate with jrour.earner*.^ ^ MODERN ETIQUETTE Q Should a man hold the arm of a woman companion while walking along the street? A. No; and neither should she cling to his arm. However, a man should assist an elderly woman by taking her arm, unless she appears to resent such attention, and he may guide any woman companion in crossing streets or assist her in ascending or descending steps, by laying his hand lightly on her arm. NEW ENGLAND S LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE. Tt RMIN Q. When passing your plate for a second helping of some dish, what shoud be done with the silver? A. Always leave the silver on the plate. Q. Is it all right for a divorcee to have a maid-of-honor and two bridesmaids at her second marriage? A. No; she should have no more than one attendant at her second marriage. BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 6-3541 ^^ r* BUCKLEY /- •BETTER SERVICE LOWER FUEL COSTS Household Scrapbook Reducing Hints The following are some health rules for reducing: Eat but one serving at a meal. Eat slowly and masticate thoroughly. Eat nothing between meals, and especially I avoid the midnight "snack." Eat' but one starchy vegetable at a meal, it being better to avoid even that one. Eat butter, cream, pastries .candy, salad oil, cakes, and all things containing quantities of sugar very sparingly, or better, not at all. Storing White Garments Use brown or blue paper for j wrapping white garments to be ' stored. The chloride of lime in white paper is apt to destroy the color of the garment, causing it to yellow. Bananas Sliced bananas that have been dipped into pineapple or grapefruit juice for from 15 to 30 seconds and then removed, keep their natural color for several hours. SEE THE NEW UNIVERSAL WASHER at Gerald's Appliance — New Low Prices — 107 SPRING ST. UNION CITT TELEPHONE M61 cull Line of Fresh Bakeries •Every Sunrise CANDIED APPLES CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS ASSORTED ROLLS BIRTHDAY CAKES CITY BAKERY MAPLE ST. TEL. 8678 Open 'Dally 6:30 A. M. to 6 P. BL RADIO — TELEVISION R.C.A. —' Admiral 4r Television Sales and Service SWAN'S Electrical Centractora Since 1825 2g CEDAR ST. TEL. 1574 SCHPERO'S BANISHES DIRT! Dirt and oils stop many a fine watch. Let Schpero's watch repair department prive your watch the thorough cleaning it needs 1o gi\f. you perfect lime jit. all time. William Schpero 162 Church Street CAESAR KRZYKOWSK1 Painter — Decorator 19 BRENNAN 8T. TEL. Free Estimate* Full Insurance Coverage Geo. Wigglesworth & Son, Ino PLUMBING, HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING MAPLE 8TBEET tt Hour Oil Burner Serrta* TEL. 626S

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