Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 11, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1897
Page 19
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Te go Below Us in Price, is to go Below Us in Quality. Some Surprise for You We want to show yon a kind of clothing that you won't find in .another store m Logansport. Perhaps better than some of yon have ;any idea is made up, ready to wear. It's the kind that you would credit to the custom tailors. Ihe 'land you'd think would" cost twice as much as it will. The kind the most particular dresser will find satisfactory. Full of fashions whims, full of quality, full of bestness, 'til there's no room for fault nnding. We've got these up-to-date exclusive styles in Suits and Overcoats •because we make them ourselves. Our work rooms are manned by -the cleverest talent in the country. We have brought fit down to the •fine point of perfection. We import direct from the looms, the latest •weaves in the newest paterns. There Positively can be Nothing Better Than the Garments We Turn Out. And all this fineness is in our grades from §7.50 to $18.00. •We're not talking to your purses, but to your good judgement We're not talking a saving in mpmey, but an increase in the •quality and satisfaction that many will buy. We win patronage by deserving it. If you want •the best go to-^^^-~. THE HUB, Harry Fraik's Old Stand. 313 Fourth Street. for 50c Underwear, and White Body Fancy Front Shirte, with extra •Cufis, the best in Logansport at "THE HtTB." TRY Al Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR THIS FALL.. For jt\. Suit or Overcoat (He Makes Stylish Garments. All Work Guaranteed. 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Drug Store. w. R. HENING & co.(C. O. Heffley, Successor; to 1-hc Equitable Produce and Stock Exchanee. Capital Stook J100.000, fully paid. Members of Consolidated Produce and Stock Exchange, " we furnish our customers daily market ro- .port« over our private wires in this citf . We awipSctrully "olioit your tatrouiige through TJUT local correspondents W. W. Milner- tt. A. K. Building:, . Ind. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213, doiuranoe and Loans. All kinds of Insurance and Bonds written In first class companies. Money to loan 8 per cent, S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. Kroeger & Strain. or N ,.ht, TBMSPHONB - Offloe. liralo. M. If You Want to Borrow Money On City or Farm Property call on M.VBJUSRY, —904 Fourth Street.— you a Loan of $25 and upward over *500 6 per cent. GEORGE W. RODEFER. $eal Estate, loans. **%£&?* »w» of iMarket gtroet bridge. Of all Kinds "Written by GEO. GONSER. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth »Tid Broadwa^ -Central Telephone No Office 36S, residence 343 tiENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does flrst class work, Styllah andi well fit?£; Clothes made. Cleaning and repair- tog neatly done. See Urn. 324 PEARL STREET. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET OTOI Bruggtmtn's Store. Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. OITY NRW3. Dr. Crlsmond is in receipt of an expensive Viennese microscope. Charles Patterson, of Lafayette, is a guest of the family of D. W. Tom- llnson, Mr. and Mrs. James Dukes, of Wln&mac, are in the city visiting friends. John Conrad, the butcher, is now an inmaie of the soldier's home at Marion. Miss Kate Dolan has returned from a vslt with Misses Mae and Emma Mnrphy, of Marion. Misses Mamie Young and Lou Wetherrow are now employed by the Bridge Olty Candy company. J. A. Needham has traded for an 80 acre farm In Carroll county and will occupy the same In the spring. Prof. Moesta and family have removed from 1217 Smead street to the corner of Fifteenth and Wright streets. The horse which strayed from the Wilson & Humphreys plant, belonging to A. Duncan, was picked up by Patlolman Burch, William Hensley, father of Guy Hensley, arrived overland yesterday, from his home in Nebraska, and will visit here for some time. Mrs. W. J. Hughes and daughter, who have been the gnests of Mrs. A. J. Murdock and family for some time, have returned to their home In Omaha, Neb. Otto Tyner has returned from a a visit with his uncle, Dr, Plank, at Deer Creek. The doctor left last night for Florida for the benefit of his health. At the meeting, Tuesday night, the Marion lodge of Elks so far acceded to the demands of District Deputy Armstrong and Grand Exalted Ruler Detwiler that charges were preferred against Fitzsimmons It Is alleged that he was a non-resident; that the Initiation was Irregular, and a orlal will follow. Mr. J, J. Collins, manager of Clay Clement, one of the greatest of American actors, was in the city last night and today, a guest at the Barnett. Mr. Clement will appear here on the 19th in his new play, "A Southern Gentleman," which is meeting the hearty approval of press and public wherever it is presented. The supporting company is exceptionally strong. WASTE OF NATUKAL GAS SoTernor, Gag Inspector and Attornej General Confer. Will Await the Decision la the Injunction Salt Sow Pending; at Anderson. The governor, the attorney general and state Gas Inspector Les.cli held a loop consultation In the governor's office yesterday afternoon upon the subject of the waste of natural gas. It will be remembered that when oil was first discovered in Madison couty the gas companies and manufacturers became very much alarmed at the waste[of natural gas Incidental to the drilling for oil. Oil drillers permitted the gas to escape In order to get at the oil below and there was a general fear that the wholu field would be blown out in a short time. The gas men formed an agreement to take steps under the law to prevent this waste of gas and under this agreement some of the best attorneys in the state were employed aod an Injunction suit was brought In Madison county. A decision upon thl» case is expected from Judge McClure in a few days, aod after going over the whole ground yesterday the state officers decided to await Judge McClure's decision. Whichever way the case is decided it will be appealed to the supreme court and it was decided yesterday that the attorney general stall appear in the case when it comes before the higher court. The gas inspector has filed infoimatlon In twenty-eight different cases an<? has done all that is possible under tbe law to prevent the waste of gas. Farmers In the region where both oil and gas are found prefer to give oil leases as they are much, more profitable. In these they get a royalty of 25 per cent upon each barrel of petroleum, while the gas leases bring oniy II per acre per year. The oil men maintain that they have as much right to drill for oil as the others nave to drill for gas and contend that the gas men are endeavoring to drive them out of the field in order that they may have a monopoly upon it and drill for oil after the gas Is exhausted. PERU OIL SOTES. What is Going on in Indiana's Best Oil Field. Peru Journal: "Town lot drilling will have to let up soon as the territory on the hill is about filled and fewer wells are coming in daily... Operators are gradually^crawling out northwest. Shirks, who are destined to become the most extensive operators In the field, have 600 acres In that direction and have five rigs up and drilling has been commenoed at three of them The Swank well, three miles and a half south, Is a dead one on the hands of the Acme Co. The sand was found at 1,020 feet below the surface. Thirty feet in the sand showed nothing that resembled oil and the well will be abandoned." A Prond Record. N. K. Freeman, of Winamac, the oldest justice of the peace of northern Indiana, has married up to the present date 2,897 couples, and during this time there have been no iepara- rations or divorces granted. His civil docket shows 8,776 cases, and no cases have ever heen reversed by a higher court. Mr. Freeman, although being 94 years old, challenges any man of his age In the world to a wrestling or jumping match or a race. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. It Safed the Pern Marshal. Peru Chronicle: "The bullet fired by Charles Smith, the desperado, at Marshal O'Brlan, and which would have killed the officer had not some obstruction deflected It, struck a silver star, his insignia of office, in the marshal's pocket and doubled one of the five points. This cut and flattened the ball and caused but a superficial wound in the abdomen, while the concussion was enough to produce nausea." An Important Blcjcle Ruling. The attorney-general of the state has rendered an opinion that is of extreme interest to everybody in Indiana who rides a wheel. In brief, it declares that It is unlawful to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk under any circumstances, no matter whether city ordinances permit it or not. He also says city councils have no right to give authority for riders to use the sidewalks in muddy weather. Words Spelled Backwards, A man with lots of time .on bis hands has been searching the dictionary for months and months to find all the words that may be spelled backwards and forwards. His list is: Hannah, anna, bab.bib bob, civic, dad, deed, dewed, did, ecce, eve, ewe, eye, gog, gig, gag, level, madam, noon, otto, pap, peep, pip, pop, pup, redder, reper, reviver, rotator, sees, tot, tit, toot, tot and tat. Attend Walden's bankrupt sale. 25c for ladles' finest rubbers— ~&ew Otto. Mrs. T. H, Beal is at Fort Wayne, the guest of Mrs. F. Smith. Bring your prescriptions to Brennan, the Paarmacist, 409 Twelfth St. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Shroyer are entertaining Howard Powell, of New Castle. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Malone, of 117 Washington street, a •laughter. Will Porter has placed a hot soda urn in his store for the winter and will also run the cold soda. Thomas T, Whlttaker has been appointed postmaster at Kokomo and William W.McCulloch at Monticello. Frank Gottshall has returned from a fishing crip on the Kankakee. He brought home 200 pounds of fine fish. Miss Minnie Potboff has returned from a visit at Peru, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. F. A. Miller and hildren. The oil well at Wabash has turned into a sale well. It is said that speculators have concluded to abandon the Held. John Sullivan, aged 94, is dead at Kokomo. He had lived there 43 vears. He helped build the Lake Erie & Western railroad in 1854. The John Ray who was arrested for the alleged abusing of a horse Is not John Bay, the saloon man, but a teamster in the employ of William Fernald. Sidney Kaufman mentions baby shoes, lOc; ladies'slippers, ]0c; ladles' warm lined shoes, 50c and so on, to arrlTe Saturday.—The Otto Shoe and Clothing Co. Logansport will be represented at Huntlngton, neifi Sunday, on the occasion of the dedication of the handsome new school building a', the German Lutherans. Guy Heusley, the Panhandle train dispatcher, will remove from his present home, corner ot Ninth and North streets, to the corner of Fifteenth and Spear streets. The Order of Foresters will give a select social ball on nex'5 Thursday evening, Nov. llth, at Dolan & Mc- Hale'shall. Members of the order and their friends are Invited. Governor Mount says the shameful and extravagant waste of gas in the vicinity of Alexandria and throughout the state must be stopped. But be has said the same thing before. The funeral of the late Joseph D. Mclntosh will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence on Park avenue and conducted bv Rev. J. K. Waltz. Interment will be made In Mt. Hope cemetery Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stewart, Of Railroad street, entertained the members of Jewell lodge, Daughters of Rebekah, last evening. It was a mask social and a grand social time was enjoyed. Luncheon was served. The free social given at the First Presbyterian church last evening at tracted a large number of the members of the church and the'.r friends. A short musical and literary pro- gramme was carried out and light refreshments were served. The trial of ex-Sheriff Stoddard, of Porter county, for the alleged murder of Grace Crowell, whose parents reside at Burnettsvllle, was called today at Valparaiso. Dr. J. H. Reed, of Burnettsville, a witness, was in the city yesterday, en route to Valparaiso. It was learned today that the infant daughter of Conductor William Downs did not swallow any of the strychnine which had been set in the pantry for rats, neither was there a stomach pump used. Mrs. Downs was badly frightened, however, and called Dr. Jordan. The trouble at the Royal Center water works was caused by the ex pansion of some of the hoops of the stand pipe or reservoir. They did not break, but simply expanded to the extent of allowing the water to escape. The trouble was not serious and repairs were easily mad a. The Continental Fraternal union held another of their pleasant socials last evening on the occasion of the opening of a new charter, the meeting being held at the lodge rooms in the Musselman building. Chancellor B. M. Graves dpllvered an interesting address and a nicely arranged pro- gramme was carried out. Julius A. Haag, the Indianapolis capitalist who is backing the plan of putting in a second natural gas plant at Peru, announces that he has enough contracts signed by consumers to justify him in going ahead, and he proposes to pipe gas to Peru and supply it at ordinance rates, regardless of the opposition of the old company, welch is owned by the Deltrich syndicate. Hood's »«••••«•*•••' '»««•«•••••»+•••»* A re Cure sick headache, bad taste in the mouth, coated tongue, gas in the stomach, dinm* and indigestion. Bo not irMJcen, bat h»r» tonU ««•«. » Mat*. TM «nly Jim t» ok* wuk Hwxt'i g»n»p»rtlU- To close out our various lines of OTERCOATS in. j men's boy's and children's department. "We are OYER J J STOCKED, and to anyone needing a garment of this < > character, would say that we have made prices that will < • more the goods. We have a large variety in Beavers, ', I Meltons, Kerseys, Oxfords, Black. Brown, Elues,Ulsterg \', Reefers etc., of finest quality, and first class make. J; In Winter Underwear, "We are simply in it, and hare the largest stock erer ! offered before in 50c lines mp.Good heavy comfortable < crarments ior cold weather. O In Furnishings "We have a full supply. Railroad Men's Duck Coats, and Shirts, closest figures possible. Splendid wearing garments in this line. Do not forget our Children's Depf.. which is full of wearing apparel for the little fellows. We kave the best 25 and 50e Knee pants ever offered in this Market. Mackintoshes and Rubber Coats. A full supply at lowest prices. We have arranged to supply anyone with a correct garment.that we oannot fit » irom stock. Thanking you for past favors. • J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana « Wonderfully Artistic, Giieap. Will be the magnificent new stock of the New Furniture Store, that will open in the Pythian block, corner Market, Fifth and Erie itreeta about Kovember, 17th. Poems in Wood, Will be your exclamation when you see the beautiful new things we shall hive to offer. HOW CAN YOU AFFORD IT, will be your inquiry •when we name you the prices. The long connection of one of our partners with the great D. N. Foster Furniture Co., baring immense stores at Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Terrre Haute and Jackson, Mich., enables us to purchase' goods far below ordinary prices. We shall carry only the best made goods that money caa buy. A poorly made piece of furniture will never be permitted to darken our doors. Every article sold will b« guaranteed free from any fault of manufacture. MUELLER & RICHARDSON. TRiYESTf AN1> CO.UEDY. TUe Finest Exhibition on the Road at Dolan's Saturday Jilgbt. "The Gay Masqueraders," is the finest exhibition of travesty and comedy ever put on the '•oad, and contains three distinct shows in one. The performance opens with a bur- letta entitled, "The Sporty Widows." This Is followed by the following leading artists In their respective specialties: The real thing, The Electric Clark Sisters, national character and grotesque dancers and singers, presenting ao original specialty; Mason and Healy, the long and short of It, the funniest pair on earth; Baker and Lynn, Dutch comedy sketch artists; Nick Brown, the only rival of the great Liberatti, the cornetist; Frank Hammond, up-to-date monologue artist, and Lorenze and Allen, singing and dancing comedians, in the latest southern rag-time dances. The performance concludes with an original burlesque, "A Jay at Coney Island anr< the , Female Bathers," In which is introduced the following well known burlesque stars: Emma Manchester, Teddy Pasquelena, Minerva Healy, Stella Borland, Maude Clark, Nina DuBols, .Bessie Burns, Jennie Mason, Lydia Brown, Louie Lynn and Allie Ciark, Rene St. John. Hurled From a Train. Garry Haloes and Walter Wright, of Winamac, boarded a Panhandle freight train to ride to a small town to attend a dance. Upon entering a box car they were confronted by three rnen who ordered them to throw up their hands. After taking their money and clothes they kicked Wright and Haines from the running train. Haines was found unconscious the next morning, along the track. Nothing has been heard of Wright. Xitro-Gljcerine ftaaons. The wagons that haul nitro-glycerine from MontepeHer to the Peru oil fields are disturbing citizens all along the route. It is asserted that the drivers are reckless fellows,who often leave their teams standing while they go into orchards to steal apples. To the wagons are attached placards such as "Beware," "Hands oft ;i and the like. Attention Login Council So, 26, U. B. K. «f P. Thursday night, November llth, is regular meeting night for Logan Council No. 26. All Sir Knights should attend. By order of W. S. NKJT, Capt. S. P. AJTOEBSON, Recorder. Pills THR City National Bank. LOGANSPOKT, IKD. CAPITAL $200.000 JOHN GRAY, President, I. N. CRAWFORD, Vice Pres. F. R. FOWLER, Cashier. -DIRECTORS- John Gray, I. N Crawford, J. T. Elliott, Dr. W. H. Beli. A. P. Jenkg, W, C- Pennock, UaM SMdeler. Geo. w. Funk and John C. Ingram. Loan money on personal and security. Buy and sell Government bonds. Will pay 2 per cent per annum on certificate* of deposits, when deposited six months; 8' par cent per annum when left one year. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults, for lafe ket.-pl>g of valuable papers, rented at f ro» 16 to $15 per rear. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREh .f CHICAGO. J> FIRE PROOF. One block from C. R. I. tc P. and L. S. A: M. 8. Railroad depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 hive just been completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in any hotel, including hot and cold water, electric light and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner and Proprietor. THR First National Bank, I<or*n«port, Indiana. CAPITAL $250,000 A- J. MURDOCK, PRESIDEXT, W. W. ROSS, CASHIER, J. P. B.ROOKMEYER, ASST. CAJSHLKB. DIETJCTOKS: A.J. Kurdook, W. H. Bringbum, Dmnif Chi, B. S. Sice, B. F. Yantig. 1 M. Jinrood, W,T. Banking in all ite Department* promptly acd carefully done. Safety to Customer* aod nockhoUtan sought for. Btronx Reserve Fund Maintained. Smoke the Golnnbift cigar The only remedy in the world that will at once stop Itchlnen of the skin lii any P* rt of the body, that !• absolutely ufe aod neTer-falling, It DOM'S Ointment. S«t It :ro» TOUT dealer.

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