Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 29, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE 4—NAUr.ATUCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY. OCT. SI. 1IHI> Big "If >T laS P^VFuture Of Naugy High Football Team i<T-Ct» * J A t . .. If" Adopted As Byword Of Garnet Followers "If," a word very frequently used in sporting circles, has been given a real workout by followers of, the Naug-atuck Hiffh school football team this season. If this had been done, if tha hp.dn't been done, if this had hap pensd. if that hadn't happened, if they had passed instead of run, ii they had run instead of passed, il they had kicked, if they hadn kicked, if they hadn't fumbled, if they hadn't been penalized, if, if if—if only games were won statistic?, what a record that team would have! Six times this season .the Grey hounds have taken the' field. Six times they have re-tired without having won. Four of the grumes. statisticnlly, wer e all in thnir favor, but three ended !n ti<« and the other was lost by one point. the grimes mig-ht easily have been four wins, if— Bitter Pill The bittestest pill of all war, Thursday's game with Wilbur Cross. Going by statistics, the New Haven club shouldn't oven have been allowed in the same park with the Greyhounds, who did everything but duck them in tha gurgling waters of the aromatic NauR-atuek river. The Garnet and Grey combine »"an up nine first downs to none .for Crojs. Completed three of 17 passes to one of eight. Gained 154 yarda from scrimmagel rushing to—15 and gained 34 |-ardg by passing- to 43. Nauipitiick's total net from scrimmage -was 188 yards to 28 for Cross. ..And yet. the Elm- City eleven somehow managed to come out with a 14-14 tie. A 73-yard punt return plus a 44-yard .leripl gave the visitors a tie which, should havs and would have been a '.vin for Nau;-ntuck, if Three games remain to be played by the Greyhounds, two of which should be victories. The third is •with an Ansonia team which is a far cry from that city's power- nouses of recent years. The tilt is "the" g-amc of the year for both schools however, and it's always difficult to predict the outcome.' The team as a whole has shown a very marked improvement since its opening game five weeks ago After starting off with two weak opponents in Derby and Wilby (n loan and a tie), thn squad wa« unfortunate In having Torrington and Shclton, two very strong teams as visitors at Recreation Field on succcsivc weeks. Last week at Wa- tcrbury it was Crosby's over-rated eleven and this week it was Cross. Improvement The improvement started with the Torrington game, despite the fact that Naugatuck lost. 19-7. A further improvement wan noted in the Shelton game, lost by a 28-0 count. Against Crosby the team put forth an exhibition which had many fans claiming that they played ovor their heads. Perhaps, but they repeated the exhibition against Cross Thursday. The Crosby game ended in a tic because oi u. mistake. The Cross game ended the same way because of two mistakes. Thirteen seconds were all that separated the locals from victory in the - Crosby game and the time margin was about three minutes in the Cross game. Both would huve been victories if— , A "winning" season can still be reached by the team, "if" they win their last three games. The games can bo won—if the backfield combination of Alegi and Rabtoy is given some blocking, if the line continues to play as it has in the past, if the boys can remember not to make the same mistakes which have cost them four games to date. No mntcp.r whnt may trunspive in the- throe remaining game:;, the Greyhound* have proved that they no longer are the doormat for every team on their schedule. They have left their mark on every team played, both 'physically and mentally, and are in there scrapping every minute. Naugatuck may not have "arrived" in the position they hold onj? otato football circles" under the late Peter J. Folcy, but Coach George F. Goodwin 'most certaln- y has them knocking on the door Pitt Provides Major Upset By Penn Victory r> ta In t " eonl Pro Grid Standings SATIOXAT, L AnKdOH 2r. Chlrngo Bears "•! rnon May 1C. Detroit)./ N. V. Glnms .11. Clhk-nKO* ?,« ™ „,,,"''"""" "• WaKhiiiKtnn 34 Philadelphia 3S. Tittwhurcli 7. Till'. STAN IH NO r.iixliTn IMvIsl'in . . . IMttslmnrh N"w Ynrli r; hints Pc-t. . .C,r,7 .400 .000 T.OS Western Ancelcs linn™ Chlc.'iRci Hear... OilraKf, Cardinals . O i-pcn flay .... Detroit ......... .33;3 .107 'o riiicft«o r:\rilinnlv :il Detroit Or"r. n T!nv nt Clil"n-;n T'.<>;u"< I,"-' A»i2dcx K.'imn at I'hllnilfli'iMn N'fiv York F!»:icIo K s at .Vow- York r'nl <4. .PittslnirKli al Wn.'!hini:lr>n. V«'.v V<- r'..V'.!;,' (Only t 1 (. Till? STA'XDTXf! \V 1 VankfpM . . I: Tlaltlrmr . .111 »xt Now York nipvrlnml ENTRY AT LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION Dinnony, If. 'ettit, rf. . . Wonahnn, c. Vlurphy, Ig. •Cloo, rg. | Totals . . . B. F. P. 1 1 3 . 0 1 1 5 1 11 .31 7 .306 ...12 4 IX I). T. Hourn.s O'Kcnfi inroy, <:. O'Nolll, r Marnello, Totals rg. IK. if. o in Score at half limo: 20-10 Dangerous 5. Referee: Carey. I'anthers Waitc, If Happy, rf Terra, c. ion ns Pet. .757 .714 .407 D. Sunbury, Ij? 2 D. Olson, rg o B. F. P. 0 0 0 1 0 n o 6 0 •1 0 0 WHIII HIS BOVINE FRIIND looks over his shoulder, Robert Bay less, 35 ot Boys Town. Neb, keeps up with his school work bet—on chores at the *- 1!. tOC o ExpOSition and Horse Show - San Francisco, v tlme ,. that ^y's Town has been represented in the show to JT "«,*?* en j ry WU1 sel1 tor enough mone y to p^ {or th « to and from th» famori Nphraslc-a Insfifiit;™ /• Intrr-nntinr,n1\ As Navy Took 40-0 Drubbing Knights Lose 13-7 Decision To Dixies The Naugatuck Knights dropped their second game of the year yes- bowing to th<i B'.ir.ker tcrcln.y afternoon Wcterbury Dixies, 13-7 Hill Stadium. The home forces pushed two first half touchdowns the same on ice. came on a diminutive Tony Evon, good for 22 yards Early in the Navy tackier Earl (13) is moving: In on Notjo Damo's" Ckij" who ran £"?!; S* i, V S C «, for 2 ° >ards early in 1h<1 K ame I> la >«' ^ Babe Ruth Stadium fn Baltimore. Thfe Irish had it their own way and Navy took the worst drubbing in the 23-yeur series. The score—40-0 <Int) over to put The ftrst score latcrnl pass from Mazuroski to Kd 22 yards and n score. Early in the second quarter the Dlxlns mnrchcd UT> yards in seven plays, climaxed by Ray Evon's touchdown .pilungt: from four yards out. Bill S~ronton scored: the lone touchdown for the knights, knifing over from the two-yard lino. Johnson plunged over for the point. Scrar.ton, Bob Lee and Bob Jonca were outstanding for the locals: Ths summary. DIXIES (13) Ends—Andradn, Brccney, Somma, Bottachiari. Tackles — Mclchiore, Anders, Murphy. Guards—Wal&iky, Colucci, Ver- ranglle. Centers—ChTnielinicki, Con way. Hacks -Gryniuk, E. Evon. Kearney, Dowlin.o", Sullivan, R. Kvon, R. Mazuro-='ki, A. Mazuroski. NAUGATUCK (7) Ends—Krause, Jones, Jackson. Tackles—Tripp, Brcnnan, Hol- cortib, Busch. Guards —• Bradshrjw, Limber, Rogers. Centers—Lee, McGowan. Back.5—B. Scranton, G. Scranton,, Jui-zynski, Johnson. Score by periods: — Dixies 760 0—13, Knights 000 7— 1\ Touchdowns made by E. Evon, R. Evon, Scranton. Points after touchdown, made "by Kearney fnlacemcnt). Johnson (Plunge). Field groals missed by Kearney from the 28 yard line'. Officials: Referee, Fratoddi; umpire, Sullivan; head line«roan, Moraz; field judge, Green. Total 6 o 12 GumlilcrH E. P. P. D. Llnskny, rg i i 3 W. Krode'l! Ig. J. Krayeske, c. ., L. HcnnosHcy, rf. T.'Gibbons, If. .. Totals Bfln mln"i 7° ?K m° ^^ "**** ^ iho tonitmtt -won th p££ZZ of 1'ltt defeut« n Hna minutes of a thriller played in Philadelphia. In the above action shot, taken In the -Tiv T , T Bh ° a<IS <15) ° f Peniv is show " ^'ssing a forward pass. Covering- I, m; l7pltt"' I^« (22) In left at rear, while James Kobi ns on Is grounded and Leonard Kalnor %3 a rig ht lato ,TOred " safety. The eventual score was 22-21. (International) ' (J. S. Rubber Company Employes' Activity Schedule Released The' schedule of employes activities at the U. S. Rubber Co. for tho coming week Is as follows: Monday, Octoher 31 1 to 15 p. m.— Girls' InUrrdepart- ment Bowling League, Pasho's Alleys, Naugatuck. 5 p. m. — Men's Interdopartmcnt Badminton League, Naugatuck YMCA. 6 p. m. — Men's Varsity Bowling team vs. Lewis Engineering Co. National Division, NYIC League, Naugatuck YMCA Alleys. Tuesday, November J 1 to 5 p. m.~ Girls' Interdepart- ment Bowllnfc League, Pasho's Alleys, Naugntuck. 7 p. m. — Men's Interdepartment Bowling League, Pasho's Alleys, Naugatuck. Wednesday, November 2 5 p. m. — Men's Office League, Pasho's Alloys, Naugatuck. (5 p. m. — Men's Tntordopnrtment Badminton League — Nuugatuck YMCA. Thursday, November 3 0 r>. m.— Men's Office Bowling League, Pasho'H Alloys, Naugatuck. 5 p. m.~- Men's Interdepartment Bndminton League, Naugatuek YMCA. 7 p. m.— Girls' Varsity Bowling Lnnguc ivs. Patent Bul'.ton IRA League, Sena's Alleys, Waterbury. Friday. November 4 S:lp p. m. — U, S. G:lrls' Club Bowl- In/r LiviKiip, Pn.«ho'H Allnyn, Nttti- gutiick. f> p. hn.— Men's Vnrslty Bowling Toam vri. Bristol Company, Amcr- Icnn Division, NYIC League, Panho'a Allnyn, Naugatuck. UConn Cagers Card 25-Game Schedule Storrs, Oct. 31 — (UP)— A 25- gnmn schedule is announced for tho 1919-1950 University ot Connecticut pkctball squad. The U-Conns will nQt play at MndiHon Square Garden as they have In recent, years, but will cn- tcrlnln Manhattan. Five home dates are still open, and Connecticut hopes to find opponents for three of them, * The schedule opens against Amer- Icnn International nt Storrn Dec. 1, and closes with another home game, against M-I-T, March 4. Gems, Boot Toppers Lead RubberCompanj Girls' Bowling Loops Standings of the U. S. *Rubbc Co. Girls' Interdepartment Bowlin League, which resumes action thi afternoon on Paatio's Alleys, ar as follows. Advertising Dept. Picks 19 Winners In News Grid Poll The Advertising Department came within 35 seconds of turning in the first perfect slate in the weekly NEWS football poll Saturday. That was the amount of time remaining to play when Pitt scored a safety which gave them a 22-21 upset victory over heavily favored Penn. The Admen Jia'd picked Penn by an 38-13 score. Advertising's IB winners in the 20 games, tho highest weekly total of tho year, rocketed the department in to second place in the. standings, displacing the Composing Room in tho runner-up spot. Composing had the worst record of the week, picking only 10 winners. The Editorial Department, fourth for the post several weeks, was right on 16 games, also moving alien d of the Composing Room, which is now in fourth. Sports I>odft Sports Department continued to lead the pack, although its first pl:u:e margin has been cut from nine to six games, Tho leaden wen; right on 1C games. Last place Circulation picked 20 winners. 11 the experts were stumped on the Pllt-Penn upset and all but Advertising were wrong on Duke's 2-1-14 victory over Georgia Tech. Editorial and Composing missed Baylor's 40-1-1 win over Toxns Christian. Composing waF< the only department to mish Fordham's -12-0 rout of Georgetown untl Sports. Editorial and Circulation were wrong on Alabama's 14-1' victory over Georgia. Composing missed Michigan'. 1 ! 13-0 victory over Illinois. Circulation WP.S wrong on Wisconsin's 30-14 win over Indiana, Composing missed Iowa's 34-31 victory over Ornijon. Missouri's 21-20 win over Nebraska, Ohio State's 2-1-7 triumph over Northwestern and Princeton's 34-14 rout of Rutgers. The standings at the end of the seventh week are as follows: W. L.. Sports .* 306 34 Advertising .... Editorial Composing Circulation Tommy Ciarlo In Top Condition For Title Boot With Cardell Waterbury, Oct. SI—Tommy Ciar- lo'is in top condition for his 12- round Ktato welterweight championship bout with Vic Cardell, Hartford, Wednesday i night at Mara's Arena. Winner over Irish Tommy Mack and Tommy Eazzano in recent starts after a long layoff, the Waterbury boxer is ready for his big chance against the Hartford titleholder. Carfiell i» tinted a 6-5 choice over Clarlo for the battle, but Tommy believes he will outpoint Vic and lift the crown. Promoter Rocco Mara will have tour semi-pro contests for the un- dercard with Meriden's Vic Rock and Fred Mango, of Springfield, n a return fh'e-rounder. The first bout is scheduled for 8:30 sharp. Y. M. C. A. Basketball DniiRcrous 5 Monday Division Gems 15 3 Style Gaiters 14 4 Streamers 11 7 Keds 9 9 Wildcats 9 o Bluchers 8 10 Cutups 7 8 Cagers 6 12 Tigers 6 12 Tuewlay ]>lvl»lon Boot Toppers 16 2 Smoothies 15 3 Chargers 14 4 Cubs 13 5 Invaders 13 5 High Spots 9 9 Fireflies ... 8 10 Pow Wows * (5 12 Charmers 6 12 High Steppers 5 13 Racers 3 15 .83 .77 .61 .50 .50 .44 .38 .33 .33 .77 .72 .72 .50 .44 .33 .33 .27 ! .16' Uniteds Blank Glastonbury, 2-0 Jimmy Woir booted in a goal In each half yesterday, to pace the Naugatuck Uniteds to a 2-0 win over Glastonbury in a National Soccer league tilt at Recreation Field. The win was the fourth in league competition for the locals. Next Sunday the Uniteds will play the Bridgeport Swedish Soccer Club, one of the best teams in the league. The Uniteds will show two new players from Yale in their lineup. The summary: Pnlteds (2) Glastonbury S. C. (0) Ferrclre Goal Cravo Sousa .... Johnstone Kernan ... Davenport Agaplto .. Weir RB LB RH LH' CH OR C. Gonsalvaa Jackacs IR CP OL Tucker .... Adams . T. Goudek Solars ... Emerick F. Goudek •.. Casscla .. . Monaco ... Canapa .. Krawloc BOSTON ANTIQUES EXPOSITION iV L , ttl ? .? ay l Ford of Bo »ton find* the primitive dolls a handful nt tho Boston Antiques Exposition which opens in Kan 4 n Oftn™n ld '^ 1NoVe -?? b1Cr \ 4 - 19 ' from 1 - JO:3 ° p ' m - daily More at the Exposition ALCAZAR NOW PLAYING Charlie Chan in "The Feathered Serpent" and Douglas Fairbanks. Jr., In "The Fighting O'Flynn" J. Cousalves DcGemmls IL Goals scored by Weir (2). Score at half time: Unltcda 1, Glaslonbury S. G. 0. Substitutes—-Stlno, Swyk, Mc- Ciain. Referee—Qulnlivian. Linesman—Fernandes. NKW UKPUBI.IC India will be declared an independent sovereign republic January 26, 1850. ' HOGS GET CORJV . Approximately 45 per cent of the I annual corn crop is fed to hogs. NET RESUT GOOD .... By Alan Mover PAMCHO GOMZALES, TWO- t/.S. WINK MAKERS Wine-making is one of the most important industries in Spain. upHte.1. TtfE S/AT/OA/ALS WOKTff AT 6Oi OOO To HE'S YSAR Ramblers Bow To Springfield, 4-1 New Haven, Oct. 31—(UP)—The slumping New Haven Ramblers arc In a third-place tie with Springfield in the Eastern Division of the American Hockey league. The Ramblers, who had been heading the league, were routed by Springfield last nlg-ht. 4-1. POPULATION RISES The U. S. population increased 28 per cent between 1924 and 1949. ATOM MEASUREMENT The nucleus of an atom is said to measure only one 2,500,000,000,- 000th of an Inch across. Fnd MacMDMAY _ Mureei 01URA , FATHER WAS A FULIBACK I _ Van JOHNSON MINE i_l' IL-., :°H.CRIME Gloria DcHAVEN Arleno DAHL _ • NEXT nu t ua • ON »MOI W HMON I «•««*<« WftWM MwftjMJ w«w *•*•* VVWVIfc" faSmM.'HELMUT TUBS., WED. aod THURSDAY "That Wonderful Urge" with Tyrone Power Gene Tlerney also "Tuna Clipper" with Roddy McDowell Elena Verdugo Roland Winters — Tonight — "CHICKEN 1 EVERY SUNDAY" and "Law of the Barbary Coast EXPERT BODY WORK Complete Painting Facilities Wrecker and Towing Service Estimates Furnished Budget Plan Available The Naugatuck Fuel Co. FORD DEALER Phone 5238 PLASTIC TOILET SEATS ifetlme Guarantee Assorted Colors S5.95 WEISS BEN FRANKLIN STORK CHDBCM ST. WAPOATUCK - -•• <s. BAMOS IRON WORKS n *" HI7BHBR AVKJTCK »«>»" WnliUnir ill All Typed— Korgiim. hfc.t Mel»l * Orn»in«Btiil HW«I Wor* - J'orl«hl,, WeWton Kqnlpnxml _ TELEPHONE 6t77 PBIVATB SHOWING" Blmcr Whcilcr Sulnv Traliiin K Elton Hotel—Mon. EVI-. Out. Jils) Call, wrlto or |ih«iic for *irk,.| POST JUNIOR COLLEGE; li Central Ave. Phone 4-8772 jVatcrhury «™ NEW ENGLAND SALES CO ALSCO *82 Bank St., Waterbury Phone 4-9219 The Perfect Gift!! 8x10 KASHMIR PORTRAIT and 12 Portraits on GREETING CARDS All for only — •. $3,95 THIBODEAD STUDIO Neary Building Tel. 2342 SAM'S SERVICE STATION and GARAGE t CO Robber Ave. TeL BM7 — Front End Work — Currier Electric Co. Residential — Commercial Industrial WIRING and REPAIRS WcKtfnghoiitu? Appliances Tel. Naiig. ll&J FRED'S HI-WAY GRILLE B01 Sou»h Main St. Reeiilar 7>ally Dinner 5»r «p CATERING FOR WEDDINGO SHOWKRS. STAG PAKTIKS, El* Banquet Room. Cocktail L Full Liquor IJccniie The MUSIC SHOP . . . records for children mttho wonderful year-round gifts . . . 88 Church St. Phone 5287 Enjoy A DELICIOUS SANDWICH at ROOKY'S WAYSIDE KITCHEN Waterbury Road at riatta Mills Op-wi Dally 12 Noon to 12 Midnight Sundays 3 p. M. to 13 Midnight SANTOS GENERAL REPAIRS Radiators, Batteries Washing Machine?,, Baby Carriage! Bicycles, Soldering AWN MOWERS SHARPENED «SO Rubber Are. Phone 8377 BOYS and GIRLS!! Stop In for a Free Copy of the Big "Billy and Ruth" Toy Book!! CANS, Inc. Maple Street Tel. 3507 or 6090 —^^"«^^^^^^i^ CHRYSLER ana PLYMOUTH O. M. C. TRUCKS J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 106 80DTH MAIN ST. Telephone «OM For The Best In Jewelry C.H.Tomlinsonj Ne*ry BuUdln* Naugatack, Conn. Hawiey Hardware 102 Church Street Moore's and Devoe Paints Glidden's Spread Satin Plasti-Kote Finish Boasters Electric Appliances Hotpoint Refrigerator and Stoves Phone 4086 Vge Deliver TEN CENTS OF EVERY DOLLAR paid to OTIC employees last year wont for Soc-ial Security taxes, paid vacations and holidays, retirement and disability allowances and other cmployc'e benefits. United States Rubber Company Naugatuck Footwear Plan*

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