The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 23, 1887 · 2
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 2

Los Angeles, California
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Sunday, January 23, 1887
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WOMAN'S EXCHANGE. THE FLOWKlt FESTIVAL SOCI ETY'S liATKST MOVE. A Worthy Enterprise by and for AVo-man, Which Seems Hound to Ho a Success and a Decided Beneilt- The Plan and Kales. The Flower Festival Society, which 1ms for two Reasons given the people of Los Augeles such a marvelous display of flowers, is about to successfully complete Its labor of many months in 11 building, completing and occupying of its elegant new home on Fourth street, near Main. Of the many pleasant rooms of this home, none, perhaps will be more attractive than those occupying the collier looking toward Main and Fourth streets, which have been designed and specially fitted up for the use of. the Woman s Exchange of the Flower Festival Society. Here are ample salesrooms with apHintments suited to the display of art work showcases for needle and fancy work cupboards and drawers for deposits in the line of cockery, and a line cellar-room for the best preservation of canned fruit, preserves and itlckles. It is the object of the Exchange to provide a place where everything that a woman can make well, for which there is a market, may be deposited for sale, and where orders for such work may be received-rwhere nicely prepared hui'liei can le had on order flowers furnished on order where ready pen-women can be engaged to write visiting cards and direct and send out invitations, and readers can be obtained to entertain invalids. - The payment of f 1 annually constitutes a member with the privilege of becoming a depositor, or of naming one. A slight commission will be'eharged on all goods sold or ordered and the rest of the receipts go directly to the depositor. Every woman anxious to do something for herself, or to help some one else in this matter, is Invited te send for a copy of the announcement and rules for depositors to Mrs. C. B. Wheeler, Woman's Home, Fourth street, near Main. Mrs. Wheeler, wife of the late Prof. Wheeler, of the University of Southern California, has consented to take the position of business manager, which insures the success of this department. An all-day reception will be held at the time of opening the Flower Festival Society's Home and Exchange Rooms, the 1st of Jhlarcli, and it will be for the interest of those who intend to deposit articles for sale, as well as those who will patronize the exchange, to see to it that the best display possible be made at tliut time. It is to be hoped that every lady who reads this will immediately interest herself and some one else In this enterprise, which promises so much of helpfulness to women. Following are the regulations under which the exchange will be conduted : KUI.E8 FOH DEI'OSITOllS. 1. The payment of f 1 entitles one person to place her work on sale for one year. 2. Ten per cent, wifl be charged on all sales, ami on prices paid for order work. 3. All work and prices are subject to the approval of the Committee on Admission of Work. 4. Eacn depositor receives a number representing her work on the books of the Exchange, which must be added in all business correspondence. 5. Every article must have number and price securely fastened to it, and must be sent free of expense to the Exchange, and at the risk of the owner. By inclosing a postal card the depositor will oe notinea when a sale Is made. 6. All depositors nialdnc fust deposits in the food department will be required to furnish samples, except m case or jellies, nreserves and canned fruit 7. The amount or size of consignment must be under the control or the exchange, and consignments of unwarrantable magnitude will not be received. 8. An invoice will be required to be sent in each box of nreserves. Dickies, etc. V. Every jar of fruit and pickles or". tumbler ot jelly, etc., must ue distinctly labeled. 10. When fruit Is discovered to have worked or spoiled, notice will be sent to the consignor, after which time the Exchange will not be responsible for safe keeping. It. There shall be an understanding between the head of the department ana the onsignorof cake or other perishable edibles as to the time when the article will be termed stale, and sold at reduced price. ' 12 floods cannot be withdrawn in less than one month and will not be retained longer than one year. If unsold at the end of that time they must be removed on notice being sent to depositor. 13. Consignors desiring articles returned .by mail must take all risks. 14. Persons leaving orders will be required to deposit 20 per cent, of the value of the article to be made. 15. ; Work from charitable and manufacturing institutions, fairs and church societies cannot be accepted. And no woman can consign goods to the Exchange who has a separate salesroom or store for the sale of such goods. 10. The Exchange does not hold itself responsible for losses by fire, theft or accident, having taken all reasonable precaution. - CHAMBEK CONCERT. An Entertainment in Aid of the Presbyterian Church. Following is the programme of the Chamber concert to be given at the Nadeau House January 25th. The proceeds are to be devoted to the repairing fund of the First Presbyterian church : PABT ONK. Trio, violin, llute and piano (Beethoven) Miss Meyers, Messrs. Mead and Kutner, : Polo, "Tho Diver" A. M. Hawthorne. Piano Solo, "Spinning-wheel Stories" (Carl Kolling) Miss Sturgc. Walt. Song (Gounod) Jennie McFarland Damerin, accompanied by the Misses Kent and Clash. PART TWO. la) Andautlno, b) Homance (Heller), (c) Taranteile, (d) Etude (Kubcnstelii) Bruno Oortatowskl. Lullaby (Carl Banck) Miss A. Francis George. Solo-Mr. H. Gillig. Piano Trio Misses Sturge and Wlswell, B. C ortMtowskl. Ladies' Benevolent Society. At the stated meeting of the Ladies' Benevolent Society, held last week, the president, Mrs. C. Ducommun, informed the board that the society had secured many donations at Christmas. Their appeal of last week has been generously responded to, three gentlemen (one of Pasadena) ottering to buy the invalid chair required. The chair was bought, and the unfortunate person using it now blesses the generous giver. Many clothes have been sent from every quarter, but still more children's clothes, blankets and comforters would be acceptable. Greatcasesof destitution were brought during the year to the notice of the ladies, and were relieved as far as possible. The ladies also decided to give a grand charity ball about the 17th of February. The meeting was closed by making a motion to thank their friends for their kind support and to the press for their unremitting favors. Court Notes. Thomas Dubois was sentenced to 20 days, for battery, by Justice Austin yesterday. The case of Jack Daizher, for battery, way set f or J an ua ry 2t 1 1. Charles Itaskin's trial for misdemeanor, was continued until January 28th. The examination of Vedani, for murder, was set by Justice Taney for January 28th t 10 a.n f Iilas. The gold of It star is folded up In a soft pink sheath like a suuaet cloud, Hut lot the sun come and kins its face, And the liiiK.'zes rock it with teudrgraoe, Ami round and fair as a erfH:t sphere, With a Htir ho light you cannot hear, It will lift Itn eyelids' rosy fringe, And round itn frail stalk's slender hinge Will ItH beautiful amlter-blossoms crowd. Each with Its perfect hollowed cup Of yellow gold, with a ruby brim, Mocking the gold of the orange tree, Shaming the crimson of the west When the suu steals down in bis brightest dress. And on the threshold of Night stands he, Looking with warm, impassioned eyes Out toward the deep of starry light. Where beautiful eve with her pale, sweet face, Cometh to meet him, oometh to rest. For one brief sniee in the twilight dim, By the western gates of the Day with him. Renutifiil flowers of crimson and gold, Vou open your eyes to our warm sun ; You bud and blossom and swift unfold . Jlefore onr winter days are done; Blossom like stars along our way, Light it like crimson sunset skies. And well from your golden goblet's lip The fairies might rarest nectar sip, Ami winged Perls lingering stay. Held by the light of your shining eyes, With never a wish to lure them away, hack to tho llowcrg of Paradise. Eliza A. Otis. "A GO" AT LAST. The Veririont-avcnue Car Line Now Assured. W. II. Burke, to whom the care of the matter was Intrusted by Mr. Hcllman, has been at work for a year to get subscriptions suflicient to insure the extension of the two-horse car line out Vermont avenue. He has had a good mariy obstacles In the way, but has knocked or worn them all down, and yesterday completed his work and turned the finished subscription over to Mr. Hell-man. As the section through which the new road or rather the extension of the old road is to run is at present thinly settled. and as the road is apt to be run at a loss for several months, Mr. Hellman required a subscription of 8T000, to be paid after ttie line is completed and in operation. This amount has now been subscribed, and the road is to be built at once. Starting at the present southern terminus of the two-horse line, it will run west on Washington street to Vermont avenue and thence south on Vermont avenue to Park Station, on the Los Angeles and Independence (Santa Monica) Kail oad. The service at first will probably be every 20 minutes, and this will be increased as the need for more frequent service grows. Some of the iron for the track arrived yesterday. Tins line will open up a large and desirable section, including the Hubbard, Urmston, Wiesendanger and other tracts; and the quick transportation afforded will have an immediate effect on prices of real estate in that growing part of the city. Incorporated. Articles of Incorporation were filed yesterday by the Los Angeles Abstract Company. The object Is to search records and make abstracts of real estate. The principal office will be in tills city. The directors are 11. S. Parcels, George C. Knox, E. W. Sargent, C. W. Lavng, of Los Angeles; Leslie C. Brand, of Moberly, Mo. ; H. L. Poplin, of (iarett, Kan., and Charles Charnock, of Los Angeles. Capital stock, $25,000; amount subscribed, $18,500. Articles of incorporation were also filed by the Lake Hemet Water Company and the Lake Hemet Land Company. The object of the former company is to acquire, develop and deal in water and water rights in San Diego county and supply water to the towns in the San Jacinto Valley. The directors are E. L. Mayberry, of Los Angeles; H. M. Johnston, of Los Angeles; w. F. Whittier, of San Francisco; J. S. Chapman, of Los-iVngeles, and A. H. Judson, of Los Inlna nl.lfnl Dfilb t) AAA Oftft nlloiiK. scribed. The object of the Hemet Land Company is to buy, improve, hold and sell land in San Diego county. The directors are the same as of the Lake Hemet Water Company. The capital stock is $1,000,000, and the amount subscribed $9!I8,020. Both companies will have their principal offices in Los Angeles. A " Kick." There is much complaint from some of the most respected citizens of West Los Angeles concerning the management of the Main street and Agricultural Park horse-car line. The overloading of the cars, formerly carried to such an extent, is still matter of comnlalnt. though the new rule of stoDbintr only at street crossings is expected to help the matter somewhat. It is a common coin-nlaint that suiokimr is allowed in all parts of the cars, to the annoyance of ladies. There was a great kick the other night after the opera, when, instead of running out to the end of the lino, the car stopped at Washington Gardens, leaving some of the passengers a mile or two from home. Polyhymnia. The Polyhymnia will give a musical soiree tomorrow evening in the parlors of the Hollenbeck block. Only classical music will be given, and as some of the best musical talent of the city will take part, the numbers will be well worth hearing. Amdng the performers will be Prof. it-..... ..h r..,e i'.. ,.i,.,..,i.i . j t:Ti.:.,: Bereman. lone Masquerade Ball. The lone Club will give a masquerade ball atTurnverein Hall on the evening of January 27th. It is expected to be an enjoyable affair. Eastern Prices Hare Come to Stay At McDonell's Drug Store, 271 N Main St. The enormous pretlte once realized by the drug trade are a thing of the past. We sell our goods at genuine Eastern prices. For instance, we will sell you one pound best gum camphor for 25c, regular price 60c; Colgate's Cashmere Boquet soap, Sao per cake, regular price 35c; Hoyt's German Cologne, 15c, regular price 25o; Warner's Kidney and Liver Cure, 41 per bottle, regular price 11.25, and all other goods at Eastern prices. Prescriptions compounded at the new schedule of prices. Remember, McDONELL, the Druggist, Rose block. Four A o. 1 Alfalfa Ranches, Ranging from $3000 to 15,000, 6 miles from 1) Angeles. These are gilt-edge properties, and our instructions are to soil. McCarthy's land office, S3 West First street. Hardens. Gardena is the name of the itow tract just coming on the market. It comprises almost law acres .of as fine land as can be found in Los Angeles county. Sate Your Honey. I can sell you a better cook stove for the money than any house in Los Angeles. Call and be convinced. Julius L. Viereck, 211 N. Los Angeles street. (io to U. 11. Matlock fern's, 111 West First street, for street-car passes to auction sale of the "Waverly tract," on Tuesday, January 25th, at 1 o'clock. Honsekeepera, Attention! The largest stock of cooking ranges and stoves at bottom prices br Julius L. Viereck, 211 North Los Angeles street. James P. McCarthy, Sliecial agent for owners of Waverly tract, says there is going to be an auction Tuesday next of the li beautiful lots. The Best Bang. The celebrated Monitor range, the best fn the world, for sale at Julius L. iereok,f 11 a. Los Angeles street. For Fine Candles, Jellies, larmalades, Jama, Ete.y Goto the store of the Barnard Benedict Fruit Crystallizing company, 40 soutn fopring street, near Second. See the B. B. Cart. J. F. Davis k Son, 101, 103 N. Los Angeles Street. 1 Take a wave toward the " Waver'.y" sale at 2 o'clock Tuesday. LOS ANGELES SUNDAY TIMES: JANUARY 23, 18S7.-TWELVJE PAGES. Excursions. JJOUND TRIP ' mo- LOS ANGELES, Only $3.25 FItOM POMONA, ' . ONTARIO, , COLTON and RIVERSIDE, Only $4.25, HEAP -TO SAN DIEGO, JAN. 28. Room for all. Inquire at offlce of SAN DIEGO CO. AGENCY, 115 W. First street. QALIFORNIA SOUTHERN RAILROAD COMPANY'. HALF-RATES TO SAN DIEGO RETURN. Holders of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe excursion tickets can get round-trip tickets TO SAN DIEGO AND RETURN x FOR ONE FARE, $8.30, With stop-over privileges, both going and coming. . H.B.W1LKINS, Gen. Pass. Ag't. C. T. PARSONS, Ticket Ag't. O. 8EYLER, Ticket Ag't OFFICES, 239 N. MAIN ST., or Union Depot. January S3, 187. Clotbina, Etc. GREAT 1 OUT Clothing, Boots and Shoes and Gents' Furnishg Goods AT COST ! NOTE A FEW OF OUR PRICES: '., Gents' Suit. .J7.50 and up Boys' Suit 6.00 and up Gents' Overcoat '4.35 and up Gents Underwear (each) 40' . Gents' White Shirts (each) 40 We will positively sell cheaper than any other house in the city, as the whole must be sold in 60 days. Call and inspect our stock. ; ' S. L. LAULER & CO. 208 South Spring st. Heal state. OR SALE. SEE THESE BARGAINS. $3000 New house on 50-foot lot, near First street, in the heart of the city. Will surely advance. $5500 New 3-story 9-room bouse; beautiful location; splendid bargain. $18,000 Magnificent place of 20 aeres, in the Vernon district, all in bearing fruit, oranges, lemons, peaches, pears, nectarines, grapes, apples, etc. ; every foot of it well improved ; good house and outbuildings; just outside the city and a great bargain. $1100 Beautiful lot on Angeleno Heights, $700 Beautiful lot in the Walker tract. $17.000 9 acres in the city; makes about 40 nice lots ; also other acres for subdivision. $8000 New cottage of 5 rooms, all hard finished, on splendid lot 60x135. $3500 Five-room new cottage on nice lot, splendid location; bargain. ' $3500 Lot on Pearl street, 60x155, genuine bargain. $3600 Beautiful 5-room cottage, splendid location, near street cars, neatly and nicely furnished; come and see it. $100 per foot Lot on Buena Vista street, 130x165; one of the best bargains offered. $3500 House of a rooms, bath and pantry; sliding doors, grates, etc.; on a good street, only a short distance from business center: certainly a pleasant and cheap home. $1600 Cottage of 4 rooma; good lot, 50x130; near church and school; Morris Vineyard. Several splendid bargains In fruit and alfalfa ranches; also ranches to subdivide. Desirable property in all parts of the city and country. Money to loan, houses to rent, eto , LAMB St .GRIFFIN, Real Estate Dealers, 19 West First St., Widney block. JpOR SALE. LOTS IN CABLE ROAD TRACT, Between Temple and Diamond streets. The dummy extension of the Second-street cable road is now being built past this tract. Positively the healthiest part of the' city. Level lots, yet One ocean view. Water piped to front of every lot These lots are as near the postofltoe as the corner of Washington and Main streets and selling for one-fifth of the prices in that locality. PRICE, from $.'50 to $400. TERMS, $30 down, $10 per month thereafter. These lots will certainly double in value when communication is established. Apply to PICKIT ft KELLET, No. 303 North Main street ?OR SAL-.. 5-ROOM COTTAGE, All new, and everything complete; baths, closets and pantry. In Boyle Heights, near Brooklyn ave: PRICE, $3000 ONE-HALF CASH. GILBERT ft ESTUDILLO, 104 N. Spring st CLEAR Ileal (Btate. IEDMONT HEIGHTS. Piedmont Is situated at Sierra Madre, 16 miles nortneast or A.os Angeies, about ll miles north of Santa Anita Station, on the L.A. & S. G. V. 11. II. : mid. as its name indicates, is at the foot of the mountains. It is a gently sloping ridgo, facing the south, about 20 rods in wiutn, and nas tne MOST EVEN-TEMPERED CLIMATE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. There are 5 te 8 difference here in less than 1U rods. This is not owing to thealHrude, but to the conformation of the mountain north of it. Persons with tender throats or weak lunge can here, to a great degree, escape the damn and chilly nights of the valley below and draughts of mountain cations east and west. . ' These FACTS can be fully demonstrated by any one spending a night or two here during the cool season. . Sierra Madre has LESS FROSTS, FOGS, MUD:OR WIND STORMS Than any other place I know of. The view from Piedmont is as fine as one could wish for. This place is above the Sierra water system, and has an independent water right of its own, and will supply each resident lot with three times the water of any othyr lands In this vicinity. There are only about 15 of these choice lots on the market, and happy will be the individual who gets one. For particulars inquire of the owner on tho premises. There is a hotel on adjoining lot Address, A. D. TRUSSELL, Sierra Madre, Cal. January 17, 1887. Q.AFFEY & MEREDITH, 120 NORTH MAIN 8TREET. $3,000-Furnished house, with lot 60t150; 1 block from Temple street cable road. 12.000-06x150, Sixth St., opposite the Park. 2.000100x117, York St., near Grand ave. 1,000 Lets 13 and 14, Williamson tract 4,800 House, 6 rooms, hard finished, Flower st., between Seventh and Eighth lot 60x165. 2,100 House, 5 rooms, hard finished, Los Angeles st, between Fifth and Sixth; lot 30x110. 6,300 Three lots, each 50x155, Grand ave. ,near Pico st. 20,00065x80, cor. Upper Main and Bellevue ave. lts.uuu euxiw, r irsc, cor. Aiameaa st. 5,000-40x155, First, cor. Geary st 2,50040x140, Geary st, cor. Georgia st 3,500 House, 6 rooms, latest improvements; lot 50x150, one block from Temple-st ' cable road. 900 each Five lots, Virgin and Yale sts. 20,000 Three acres.subdivided.cor.Washington and Grand ave. 2,000 each Two houses, hard finished, 1 block from Temple-street cable road, lots 50x150 each. 1,800 Five-room cottage, Boyle Heights, lot 75x180. 1 COUNTRY PROPERTY. ' $125 per acre 35 acres near Corapton ; 18 acres in alfalfa, 14 in corn, 3 of willows; half interest in artesian well, house, etc.. 130 per acre 38 acres at Savanna; 11 acres vineyard. 600 fruit trees, house, barn, windmill, etc. 700 Blacksmith shop, with lot 55x125, at Puente. 5,00018 acres, Eagle Rock Valley; 600 fruit trees, 600 full bearing; plenty of pure water. 35 per acre 164 acres, i mllos from Cuca-monga, ........ 30 per acre Two improved ranches, 640 acres each; houses, barns, artesian wells, etc. , And other desirable properties. L. H. WHITSON. JOHN W. FRANCIS. SPECIAL BARGAINS. FOB SALE BY THE CHICAGO AND CALIFORNIA LAND CO., No. 30 S. Spring St. 1 lot near Grand ave... $850 3 lots near Grand ave., each ' 550 Lot 50x155 to alley, east front, on Flower st; house of 5 rooms, etc.; beautiful lawn and flowers 4300 1 lot on Pearl St., bet. Temple and Belle-' vue, 53x136, cheap 1300 17 acres inside of the 2-mila limit, cheap; house of 5 rooms, lot 60x110, within 200 feet of Grand ave 2000 1 lot 60x131. in the Morris Vineyard tract, witmn i,w reet or urand ave iuuu House of 4 rooms, on Olive, near electrio street oar line 2600 House of 7 rooms. 2 stories, on Hill st 6000 20 acres near Green Meadow Schoolhouse. . House of 6 rooms, large barn, very cheap. 4500 1 lot on Pearl, near Tenth, 60x165, to alley. 2500 House and lot on Washington st 24O0 Also improved and unimproved acre proper ty, near city, at lowest prices. Call and exam ine our list Remember, 30 S. Spring st ' L. H. WHITSON ft CO. rpiIE WRIGHT TRACT! This flue property is situated, on the corner of Figuoroa and Washington sts., and contains 39 LARGE LOTS. 39 LARGE LOTS. , Two street car lines pass the tract. . All lots front on 80 and 100-foot streets. It lays from one to three feet above the street, and is as fine residence property as any in the city. Also FOUR LOTS fronting on Figueroa St., 60J4xl76, in the Judson Tract. Very fine lots. Also TWENTY-EIGHT ACRES at Santa Monica of beautiful rolling land, with fine views of the sea and surrounding country. WILLIAM WRIGHT, OwBer. LOS ANGELES PRINTING COMPANY, 231 N. Los Angeles street PASADENA! -A FEW MORE- ELEGANT VILLA LOTS FOR SALE On the Swiss Cottage tract, corner of Orange ave. and Columbia St., opposite South Pasadena postofflce, five minutes walk from RAYMOND HOTEL, On street car line to the Raymond Hotel and rasaaena. Apply to PARADISE NURSERIES.. South Pasadena, Or to agents. s PECIAL BARGAINS. 4-room cottage, 719 Flower street, between Eighth and Ninth, west side, finely improved ; lot 50x155. partly furnished, $4300. 3 lots on Bellevue avenue, near Montreal, north side, 50x150; $1250 each. 2 lots on Bellevue, adjoining above, 40x102; $900 each.; lots on Montreal, No. 1 and 4, block 5, 40x111, on top of hill, fine view; both $3300. 2 lots on Morris Btreet Morris vineyard, between Hill and Charity, 50x131: both $3000. Lot 4, block 3, on Yarnell street near Temple, 50x130, west side, $625. Lot 12, block 10, Cambria street Fail-mount tract $35. All these lots are much cheaper than othe lots same size arotmd them. Discount will be made for all cash payment Call or address the owner, JOHN N. GRIFFIN, 719 Flower street. OR SALE. -BY- RUDDY, BURNS ft SMITH. House, 10 rooms, lot 50x160 ft., on Hill st. ; a bargain: $8000. Four lota. cor. Oranare st. and Vernon ave $4000. . " ' l au U7 A . UUIHU 1 1 Mil, 1 1 V U . ' I . " " Dl l 'UW. 275 acres in theAxusa, with two water rights; easy terms; $100 per acre. 135 houses in all parts of the city, at prices varying to suit all. Land on Boyle Heights at $500 to$2000Qer ere. Building lots in all parts of the city. SoteU, etc. .AllO ClllOlUll llULOl, Pasadena, Cal. THIS NEW AND ELEGANT BRICK HOTE1. WAS OPENED TO RECEIVE GUESTS ON" JANUARY 4, 1887. It Is elegantly furnished and equipped with every modern convenience. Otis passenger elevator, marble floor In offlce, Lundberg ft Rhodes' electric fire-alarm and call-bell system. . -WOOD FIREPLACE IN EVERY ROOM.- TROPICAL GARDEN ON THE ROOF. ". v . ''''' The proprietors have been very careful in selecting oompetent cooks and other experienced help from New York city. Kitchen and dining-room service will be unsurpassed. T. GITTINGS, late of the St Nicholas Hotel, the personal management of E. W. ROOT, formerly one of the proprietors of the Grand Central Hotel, New York cityi Rates, $3 per day. E00T & Popular LONG BEACH HOTEL. PARTIES WHO HAVE VISITED ALL THE FASHIONABLE BEACH resorts in the world are unanimous in saying that the bathing and beach at this place are equal, if not superior, to any. . Tlie notel is now open lor tne winter season, Southern California for comfort and pleasure. the sun shines into the rooms on the ocean aunshlne and pure air trom tne racino tnat is not oiten iouna. The beach drive for ten miles in front of the breakers is one of the greatest attractions In the vicinity of Los Angeles. Statistics prove that during the winter months the olimate is warmer and more uniform than farther back from the coast. Trains for Long Beach connect at Long Beach Junction with all trains to and 'are, Kouna-irip xicitets, qix. COWLEY & BAKER, Proprietors. The Sierra Madre Villa Hotel. OPEN ALL THE YEAR. Acknowledged by all to be the most charming' resort in Southern California, And commanding the grandest view of the San Gabriel valley and Pacific ocean. Is located on the south side of the Sierra Madre mountains, in the midst of an orange grove. Sixteen hundred feet above the sea and fourteen miles from Los Angeles. The Los Angeies and San Gabriel Valley Railroad passes within IK miles of the Villa. 140 acres of oranges, lemons, limes, grapes walnuts, peaches, apples and fls; abeautiful lawn, flowers, eto. FOR COMFORT, GOOD LIVING, PURE AIR AND SPARKLING MOUNTAIN WATER which are so essential to health it has no rival. Five trains daily each way. Telephone communication with Lo Angeles. Trains leave Los Angeles at Downey ave. bridge, 0:21 a.m., 10:36 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 4:1 p.m., 5:36 p.m. Sunday 10 :lfi a.m., 5 :20p.m., for Lamanda Park, where our stage meets all trains WM. Address. Lamanda Pawk P. O. Cardaae CALKINS CABKIAGE COMPANY CORNER LOS ANGELES SOLE AGENTS FOR SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FOR ' Abbott Bnggy Co., Chicago, and their Steel-gear Bnggy and Runabout Wagon, The Cheapest Lightest and Neatest Two-seat Wagon Made, Buckeye Buggy Co- Columbus, 0.; R. F. Briggs & Co., Amesbury, Mass.; A.N. Parry & Co., Amesbury, Mass.; Hiram W. Davis & Co Cincinnati, 0.; Dayton Buggy Co., Dayton, 0.; Cortland Wagon Co., Cortland, N.Y . ,1 s I-1 V. mwuIm .n AjVnm 1a 41.M a tka InvA.t no .-I ta A M tarn anA fa t1,aM at )avh. prices than ever before named in Los Angeles. Positively the largest stock in the city end lowest prices. Carriage repairing, painting nnd trimming neatly done. All kinds of carriages and wagons made to order at lowest prices - - yncloaoifielr. W. T. COLEMAN & CO., San Francisco. New York. Chicago. Agencies of W. T. Coleman & Co. at London, Liverpool, Astoria, Oregon and Los Angeles, wit Agents and Brokers In every commercial city of prominence in the Union. Our Los Angeles Agency makes a specialty of handling the products of Southern California, WINES, ORANGES, DRIED FRUIT. . CANNED FRUIT, BRANDIES, RAISINS, Also agents for American Oil Company's WHALE-OIL SOAP. W. L Locke, Manager Los Angeles Agency, ; 715 North Snrina- st GAREY'S (Successors to the SEMI-TROPIC AND TEMPERATE mental Shrubbery. Hoses. Olive Trcf s. etc THUS. A. GAREY, Agent and Business Manager Angeles, Cat New York, In charge of the offlce. All under Rooms single and en suite. SMITH, Proprietors. Qeaovtft i ana is consiaerea woo oi me most aeBirame in The favored location of the house is such that side all day long, thus making a combination of from San Pedro. , G. COGSWELL, Proprietor. Company. AND ARCADIA STS. HONEY, BEANS, ETC NURSERIES, O. W. CHXLDS Nursery.) CLIMATE FRUIT TREESjORNA Tree Depots. 8S and 135 W. FIRST ST.

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