Messenger-Inquirer from Owensboro, Kentucky on March 3, 1939 · 10
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Messenger-Inquirer from Owensboro, Kentucky · 10

Owensboro, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1939
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PAGE TEN THE INQUIRER, OWENSBORO. KY., FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 1939 DICK TRACY EF I CAN'T STAND IT... ;R FT IF WO-LEy WON'T K? pi ...I CAN'T SLEEP ; : W CHANGE HIS MIND 4, U THAT SALESMAN TIED -H TLL RELEASE THE jT 7 TO THAT BOARD IN THE fe oV UV MYSELF... TLL. .J . CULVERT HE'LL. (g9 fTT h L"l -llf THIMBLE THEATRE, Starring POPEYE JUICE I - OUR BOARDING O YOU sAN TO SAY VOU AREM'T ETTiNe UP? YOU'LL PiO YOURSE.LF ROOTED TO THE MkTTPESS IP YOU STAY FLNNTED IM lM BLDMUCM LONOt-R MM- IP ME WASN'T TREMBLlNa LIKE A, LEAP I'D SUSPECT HIAA OP USiNo THIS UNCLE BRUMO BUSINESS TO GET CAUGHT UP NOOHING BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ALLEY OOP WHAT A HONEYMOOn FOOZY, THE BBIDEGKCOM, FOR. S A PRISONER OU A CANWI&AvL ISLAMD WASH TUBBS ( DUINb-D UL I LUUH I LJ WJI!I ' Ifl 1 J x COB trt tY WE Sf HvtCC IWC T M BEG U S MT OFf. Ba .Lll-J- ikS. r'-T'1! r -. C . -. kJ t If V I It- J Copb. 13- sy mla service, inc. Y m. rec u s. pat, off J "FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Contpiracy By Blower mr. Nr Yes, but be brief v we wondered n T That is Y- Couldn't r Swing music Pepper's Gor Ef STRA2INSKI , U I GIVE MY RECITAL IN IF YOU WOULD PLAY A ) UMFORTUNATE; B YOU IS AM ABOA- HIM SNATCHIM If MAY WE HAVE TE-M MINUTES i SWIMG NUMBER. FOR. US DO NOT COME SQUEEZE S NATION J IT AT TH' BAIT: A WORD WITH J V TONIGHT ? WE HAVE A I Tt FOR. " IN JUST S IS A PLAY- WHEN HE FlNAL- Nw YOU? V'VLil- NV-' I SWING BAND, AND SYMPATHY J ONE LITTLE I THING FOR. LY TAKES TH' , TV jy fe,ftA" Y ' J3 SWINGERDO HALF-WITS' f COttK UNDER., ALL , tOTTT , vi-,5." r y c r-" ? AlTl we gotta do s HJ. V7,V" nVTPS fmm. ) frv -v MCW PULL HIM IN MA,-. , sl J Qr- rJ K ,ft.r . y CVIERYTHIMO'S SET, PAL. THAUKS, ROWPV. 1 1 M6HT HAVE KUOWkl UJAH MOULD NEVER ' I CALLED CA(?OL AND 6EE! YOU'RE A CEAL DECEIVE MC.DACPy. POOR EXPLAINED THAT VOU tx-TSV PAl1" " TAPLIM6 HE'S ILL. I MUST THERE'S TAILED TO COME BY f. -If I k-r-rvrf' -r 6EWp HIVA SOME 4 THE TOWISHT BECAU6E I I hi V----T FLOWERS, 1 PHOWE YOUWEeEILL.IT 5J I I V rj. A6AN. "A rWM J .W ' - r l1 Si i i HOUSE WITH MAJOR HOOPLE L"B' KNEW ONCE vvwO WAS A-BUNK WITH Irf AME SVAAP- MOOT isl THE. owls CluS feels ABOUT Y iHEYSTlTCMEO AS SKJAPPY HiM UP A A. A MI'ji-L.IP A Olo-WORKJ- V SAW AMD HE'S OUT i &E.EM A cjArterM Vj ever since; MYSELF -BUT (COL"D4,VJGED)LATF.aAWD SHE'S POOR. LITTLE Vc-AwN&AL5.V-SliCM A HELPLESS E BtlDE-WHATLLEED.-Vt little thiwg... so absolutely pepew- i. DENTON Howdy, Son Meanwhile, upstairs in the apartment. HEX BOSS, MCKEVS JUST PULLED UP.. HE'S COrvMNkS INSIDE . Imagine Seeing You Herel OUT OUR WAY A 5UY TMEY PULE Juat at Boot Thought Zrl to the Rescue ME.' Framed Again mr TH' PATENTS IS , APPLIED FER, SO j NOW X AIN'T AFRAID TO DEMONSTRATE i MY PICK IN PUBLIC I t OBSERVE THERE'S u NO BACK BENPINI, o LV AND ALSO y I SHALL TAKE A HATFUL OF THIS ) MYSTERIOUS ltfe OLIVE AND C - M1STFD , PAPPV HE'S 1NVENTEP A SELF-BENDING PICK, BUT X THINK HE'S A LITTLE LATE--PICKS HAVE KIN DA GONE OUT O STYLE TMEY GOT MACHINES FER THAT NOW--1 THIN L r ; . HE'S A LITTLE HES A LITTLE DIZZY, DON'T I c . DIZZY, DON'T YOU? . !!!! Xs8rT , V . i-a tju-x. . .y roa I -rOui.i tibMc w,i"!!;J!TS,"' HEY, TH' LISHT'S CHANGED? WTWUlF W OH.FOOZ.' DAMAGE -rTT tf l THAT ? jfcrA- . I COME ALONo " V THIS? NEVEB. f rOMDEaffS eWXElf ,rHWTH;7 4 THAT'S allth'V'; r f fJrsv r,y commotion?a V pTN ' J VJ ' . Y a . T M. BEC U. S. PAT OFF. . . w V ' " L, , ' - COPR. 19i9 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. j J VOU LL THS S THE POLICE DEPARTMENT, MP.Y THAWK YOU.SIK. JUST A COUTWE CHECK-1 6ET FIVE WiKEE. I& THEEE A PEP60M IU VOUB ) UP. WE 60T MTO A JOOK JOlUT BRAWL J BUOC5 FOB EMPLOY BY THE NAME OF TUBES ? T0M6HT WE'BE H0LDIM6 HIM M JAIL Tl THIS. JAKE. - . 1 ii '-' jlOt'TIL HE SOBERS UP. I ,. uaij By Gould IMlCKEV STARTS UP THE H WALK HE PASSES THE PINE I One moment ) rU f, fainU By Williams NO, HE'S IN THE SAME FIX AS TH' REST OF US" IT'S CALLED PR06RESS... I JUST LEARN ABOUT HALF THE TRAFFIC RULES AN' THEY CHANGE 'EM -YOU CAN'T BEAT PROGRESS YOU'LL ALWAYS BE A DAY LATE AN A DOLLAR SHORT By Martin By Hamlin By Crane Notice To Advertisers WANT AD RATES All Want Ad buaineu Is casb. Ada ordered by telephone are accepted from partie ILsted in the telephone or city directory on memorandum charge only. IN RETURN FOB THIS COURTR-Y THE ADVERTISER IS EXPECTLD TO REMIT PROMPTLY. One Three Six Time Times Times 1 to 23 words.. t .50 11 20 2 IX) 26 to SO words.. tl 00 12.40 S4.00 SI to 75 words. .11.50 13.60 6 00 This newspaper la responsible (or only one incorrect Insertion. All cancellations must be phoned In before 6 p. m. HELP WANTED WANTED AMATEL'RS TO AUDITION for big show, Daviess County High school. Dally audition between 3:00 and 5:00 p. m. Cash prizes given, night of show. MALE AND FEMALE HELP WANTED WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALARY 35.00 per week, man or woman with auto. ss'.l Poultry Mixture to farmers. Eureka Mfg Co . East St. Louis. III. INSTRUCTION LEARN DIESEL ENGINES LOW COST course with shop training. Many sn-glnea. Complete laboratory. Nationally known. Write for free booklet. 249 Hemphill Diesel Schools B.dg.. Memphis. Tenn. FOR RENT FOR RENT 1617 FREDERICA, 2 ROOM furnished apartment. Heat, not and cold water, janitor and garage furnished. Five room unfurnished apart-ment on Highway 54 Phone 2487-J. FOR RENT TfoNEW BRICK APART- ments. 304 E. 21st. One six room and one five room. Each apartment strictly private and modern. Phone 1209. Apply Whlttaker's Market. FOR RENT MODERN HOUSE, FOUR bedrooms, bath, gas, furnace, garage, at 531 Leitchlield Road. $30.00 month. See W. E. Couty or phone 1517-W. FOR RENT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL apartments fn Owensboro, now open for Inspection. Two unfurnished four rooms and one five room. Dam-ron Apartments, 322 W. Fifth. Phone 716. FOR RENT NEW MODERN APART-ment, 4 rooms and bath, large living room McCreary Avenue. Call 1827-W. ROOMS FO!l RENT FOR RENT NICELY FURNISHED rooms, with or without meals. Steam heat, hot water, private bath. Apartment 23, Bates Building, over Piggy- Wiggly. FOR SALE VARIOUS FOR SALE GAS RANGE IN GOOD condition. Price reasonable. Call 1173. FOR SALE ONE HORSE WAGON, ONE Model B Ford Pickup, one Chevrolet Ton Truck. Ed Whltaker's Caal Yard. 12C1 Hall St. Phone 1760-W. OUT OF PAWN WATCHES, D1A-monds. Unredeemed suits, overcoats. $500 up. Musical Instruments. We buy old gold. Wanted No. 1 shotguns and pistols. Cold's Pawnshop. 205 West Main. BANANAS. 10c DOZ. ORANGES, 25c peck. Tomatoes. 9c lb. Delicious apples. 40c peck. New cabbage. 4 lbs. 10c. Pig Trail Super Market, 1731 Parrish Ave.. Owensboro. WIRE FENCE BARB WIRE AND roofing. Field seed, garden seed. Hog Supplement. High quality chick mash. Feed of all kind. Priced right. Clarence Rowland. 1114 East 4th. RED CLOVER $10.00 BUSHEL. SELECT recleaned home grown. Korean les-pedeza No. 1 recleaned, 3',ic lb. Repairs and service for every tractor ever sold by the T. J. Turiey Co., In. corporated. FRUIT TREES ALL VARIETIES IN- cludlng the famous "Polly Eades" ap ples and Quetta Nectarine and other new varieties. Absolutely true to name and the cream of tree-dom. If Interested In a home or commercial orchard write for our new catalogue. Green River Nurseries. Dept. C, Ro-hards (Henderson Co ), Ky. FIELD SEED Red Top, Korean, Red and Alslke Clover, Orchard Grass. Blue Grass. Alfalfa and Sweet Clover. Also special plant bed fertilizer. . Tobacco seed and all kinds field fence and barb wire. Harralson Feed & Seed Store Phone 25.1 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO BUY COMPLETE OUT- fit, painters' ladders, blow torch. Will furnish employment competent man who knows how to paint and will work. Jim Rapier. Phone 1805. WANTED TO BUY USED, BELT power, hay press. Must be In A-l condition. Write T. J. Crume, Coxs Creek, Kv WANTED TO BUY GOOD USED ranges and heaters. Will take in trade old furniture for new. Gordon Furniture Co . 1016-1018 East 4th street. Phone 469-W FOR SALE OR TRADE OUTSTANDING MATCHED MARES and Illlles. odd mares and fillies In foal. Mules and colts. Apply 1811 West Ninth street. Wllllngham, across from Catholic cemetery. FOR SALE OR TRADE TWENTY-FIVE head of mares, geldings and mules. 18th and Triplett. Phone 882-J. Wirt Whltaker. LIVESTOCK FOR SALE TOP 3 YEAR OLD MULES PRIVATE sale, at moderate prices. Worked to plow, wagon. A top mule Is a top Investment. Financing available through Farm Production Credit association. Ewtng Galloway. Henderson. Ky. FOR SALE ONE MILK COW, 1 SOW with 5 pigs. 10 ewes with 7 lambs at side. Wm. M. Nantz, Maceo. Phone 2352 FOR SALE SEVENTEEN HEAD OF Hereford cattle. Call 11-J. Bjech Grove, Ky. FOR SALE OR TRADE A FEW PURE-bred Duroc gilLs. Livestock wanted. Call 279 dav. Night 2553 Stanley. E. B Wilson. Westside Stock Yards. SERVICES OFFERED SPECIAL PRICES THIS MONTH. TILE bathrooms, floors, walls, accessories. Visit my display room. 1627 Mayo Ave. The latest In real tile. C. W. Stone, phone 2127. CALL E. J. RHODES, 614-W. I AM NOW prepared to grind your feed and mix molasses with It. Have your aweet feed made at home FIX UP YOUR CAR FOR SPRING. WE specialize In body, fender and general automobile repairing. Sklllman's Garage. 711 East 4th street GUESS AGAIN Today's Answers 1. The 150th. 2. Iowa. 3. Whipping. 4. The Loyalists; the Insurgents. 5. Bert and Betty. 6. With prayer. 7. Fifteen. 8. Iowa rural scenes. 9. Edward VII. 10. The variations ir. atmcsp'.vric prefsure. 3! ANNOUNCEMENTS CHANGE or LOCATION COLLIER'S Watch Shop, second floor of Kreege Building. Elevator entrance on Allen street side. W. H. Collier, proprietor. Not affiliated with Collier Jewelry Co.. Incorporated. RADIO REPAIRING MODERN RADIO SERVICE OWENS-boro s cheapest radio repair shop. New radios $1X0 week. 1010 East Fourth street, phone 2617. AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING FIX UP YOUR CAR FOR SPRING Body and fender work a specialty. Radiators repaired. John Cambron. 210 St. Elizabeth. "I take the dents out of accidents;" BEAUTY CULTURE THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS PERMA- ments, 50c up. Regular steam oil wave, $1.75. Shampoo and Finger Wave, 25c each. Personal Beauty Sarvice, Hi Daviess, phone 1111. Mildred Walt, Mgr. MARCH SPECIAL PERMANENT wave. 75c. Regular $3.00 steam oil wave, complete and guaranteed. $2.00. Maure Beauty Shoppe. 120 Allen street. Phone 646. Mrs Nell Carson Duke. MgrJ MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS LASALLE GRAND MAHOGANY FIN- ish, apartment size. Made by leading manufacturer. Dealers sample. Easy terms. Special $249.00. Smith Music Co.. Incorporated. Phone 80. Rent a piano. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES APPLES 35c PECK AND UP. GANOS, Rome and Wlnesaps. Large pineapple oranges. $1.25 Bu. 35c peck. Fresh tangerines, 10c dozen. Sunnycreet Orchards Co.. 318 W. Main. WEARING APPAREL 25c SUIT SALE BUY ONE SUIT AT $14.75 and get another one for 25c. Bring your friend and split fthe cost. Hauger's, 2C0 East Main. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR SALE ONE OF THE BEST Business locatioas In the country. Tile block store. 40x65. fire-proof, rat and mouse proof, good fixtures, Frigidalre. electric lights, on power line, good stock general merchandise. Good gas station, good 8-room house, double garage, plenty water, 5 acres. This property Is located at Browns Valley. 10 miles south of Owensboro on Liv-ermore road. Catholic church and school, convenient to all other churches, school bus stops for all other schools. L. & N. railroad at back door. Really priced to sell. Reason for selling, complete loss of health. H. O. Knott, Browns Valley, Phone 2591 Utlra. OFFICE EQUIPMENT !H AW-WALKER. LEGAL SIZE, FOUR-drawer. fire-proof filing cabinet for sale at a bargain. See J. M. Vance, Trustee. Phone 1212 or 502. HOUSEHOLD GOODS FOR SALE LARGE OAK CHIFFEROBE GOOD condition, $10.00. Metal Roll-a-Way bed. full size, wood top. $5.50. Large double door, oak bookcase, $10.00. J. O. Sourbeer & Co., Incorporated. FOR SALE 3 PIECE VELOUR LIVING room suite. $45.00. New dining chairs set of six. $10.85. Wanted used furniture. Cut Price Furniture Store. 321 West Main. Phone 504. COAL DEALERS ORDER COAL NOW! TODAY'S ORDER FILLED PROMPTLY Call the KURZ COAL CO. Incorporated i Phone 96 or 1234-J COAL ANY KIND YOU WISH ! LOADED WITHOUT DELAY Good road all the way to mine. GEO. H. RUDY & CO. Incorporated Phone 306-J. Federal Highway 60. West of City. COAL All sizes on hand, delivered day or night. Guaranteed clean and full weight. Will deliver any amount. Call Day 1218-J, or Night 1502-.M. Daviess County Coal Co. COAL PHONE 305 PRICES REDUCED 9 Bushels Lump $1.00 10 Bushels Xut $1.00 12 Bushels Pea. $1.00 50 Bushels, per bushel 9c VANOVER COAL YARD PHONE 469-W OR ENSOR 2451 FOR good clean Bon Harbor coal. 25 bushels and up. Gordon Brothers. CALL 9173 FOR GOOD CLEAN COAL. Prompt delivery. Honest weight. Lump, 8c. Nut. 7c. CALL NATHAN SCOTT FOR GOOD, clean coal. Pick-up truck for small orders, $1 and up. Prompt delivery. Phone 400. FOR MOSELEYVI LLE COAL, CALL John Nation Coal Yard. Phone 138. $1.00 orders and up. COAL FOR SALE GOOD BON HARBOR coal Is what you want. Call Louts Wood. Courteous service, full weight. Phone 462-R. Residence, 2517 West Main street. COAL FOR SALE FOR COAL PHONE Wilson Ford, 2340-M. Moseleyville and Deanfleld. 25 Bu. and up. The two best coals that money can buy. Prices are right. A FRIENDLY REMINDER ORDER coal today and be prepared for a sudden cold snap Lilly Meade Coal Co.. phone 46. on Highway No. 60. west of Owensboro. CALL DOUGLAS HARRISON FOR good, clean Deanfleld or St. Raphael coal. Prompt delivery. Orders 25 bu and up. Phone 24P0-J. PHONE 1118-M FOR GOOD, CLEAN ST. Raphael and West Louisville coal; lump, 9c; nut. 8c; 25 bushels and up. Sampson Brothers. PHONE 9105 FOR BON HARBOR COAL. Delivered In city, lump, 8c; nut, 7c; 50 bushels and up. All orders cash. Kaslnger and Payne. 1824 West Main. NOTICE FIREMEN HAVING TROUBLE holding steam and an accumulation of clinkers. Order Deanfleld coal Hot. test coal in West Kentucky. No clinkers Alvey Bros. Coal Co.. Phone 2568-R. POULTRY & SUPPLIES PURE BRED PULLORUM TESTED chicks at lower prices, all popular varieties, sexed or unsexed, quick delivery, advance orders only. M. F. Thrasher. Iwlsport. Ky. SWIFT & CO. BABY CHICKS, BLOOD tested, full stock, live and grow. Start them right with Swifts Chick Mash. Piione 1761 -W W E Barton & Son. STARTED AND DAY OLD PULLORUM tested, U. S. Approved Chicks. Daviess County Hatchery. Feed ti Supply, formerly Sclienk's. 315 West 2nd street. Phone 497. BABY CHICKS. UNITED STATES Approved. Pullorum-Tested. Place order now and save big discount. Green River Hatchery, 502 West Main. Phone 276. HIGH QUALITY BLOOD TESTED Chicks. Big discount on advance orders. Poultry feed and supplies. Brown's Poultry-Ridge Hatchery. Phone 270. Ky. 81. Route 5. AUTUa AiNLl I KULilva j ' VALUES CHEVROLET'S 1938 Town Sedan, original finish - brown 1545 1937 De Luxe Coupe, ready to go $:i?5 1936 4-Door Spt. Sedan, built In trunk, original finish green 1395 1936 Coupe, practically new tires $321 1935 Coach, original black finish, low mileage $285 1934 Coach, motor completely overhauled, new paint $245 1932 Coupe 1145 1938 Plck-Up. good $445 FORDS 1937 2-Door. original black flLlsh .$365 1936 2-Door. built In truLk. radio, motor completely reconditioned. new paint $365 1936 Coupe $295 1935 2-Door, completely reconditioned $265 1931 Panel. A-l $ 95 PLYMOUTHS 1937 2-Door with an O. K. that counts $445 1937 Coupe, radio and heater $385 1936 Coupe, see this one $295 1935 4-Door Sedan, new paint, motor completely overhauled, ready to go $295 Terms to suit your purse. SHORT BROS. MOTOR COMPANY. Incorporated 3rd at St. Elizabeth St. OWENSBORO, KY. YOU TELL US THE DIFFERENCE Come, Swap Cars "You tell us the Difference," we'll deal fast during the month of March. 1935 Ford Coupe $2f.3 1934 Chev. Roadster 18'. 1932 Chev. Ccach 185 1929 Pontiac Sedan .... "75 1933 Nash Sedan 150 1930 Ford Coupe 323 1937 Dodge Fordor 495 1937 Ford No. 01) Tudor . . 395 1934 Plymouth Coupe 223 1935 Ford Coupe 215 1930 Ford Tudor 345 1937 Plymouth Coupe 395 1937 Ford Coupe 395 This is the month to buy a Used Car. HARRY HOLDER MOTOR CO. Incorporated i rr r-. i tf A rf. . r 1337 Dodge 4-door sedan, radio, extra nice $550 1936 Chevrolet coupe, heater, en gine o. k., good nmsn ana tires $325 1937 Ford tudor, completely re-conditioned $395 1935 Plymouth sedan, mechanically Al, new paint, good tires $325 1937 Dodge Pickup, high wheels, extra good $350 1936 Chevrolet platfoifn l1, 2-ton, Al $325 Other makes and models $50 up. Brodis Motor Co. 4th & Locust Your Dependable Dodge and Plymouth Dealer. LOOK '37 FORD SEDAN 2 door with trunk. Low mileage. Tires excellent. CQiA Bargain ipOOU '36 CHEVROLET PICK-UP 'i-ton. Motor nice. Good tlresi ' Body solid. QOQfC Paint bright tpLUO '34 PONTIAC SEDAN Motor smooth. Rubber good. Radio and heater. Priced to sell xpL-J NASH SEDAN, solid $35 BUICK COUPE, 1929 $25 BUICK-PONTIAC 3rd St Daviess Phone 303 FOR SALE 1937 Dodge, radio, heater. Looks and runs like new. Best buy In Kentucky at $595.00 1934 Ford Coach, new paint and new tires. A real buy at $195.00 1938 Willys Sedan. A real buy at $250 C0 1934 Plymouth Coupe, new paint. Looks and runs like new $225.00 Ford Pick-Up Truck at $45.00 1935 Pontiac Sedan at $395.00 Packard.. $90; Chrysler. .$50; Essex.. $35 Trades and Terms WILLYS SALES CO. 618 E. 4th Phone 753 FOR SALE 1936 CHEVROLET MASTER ' Town sedan with radio and heater. Bargain. Also 1934 Chevrolet sedan delivery truck, overhauled, good tires and heater. See Ert Stout at Lluco Station, Main and Frederics, street. I .

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