The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 4, 1882 · 2
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 2

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1882
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LOS ANGELES DILY TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 4, 1882. X t LOS ANGELES DAILY TIMES. YARNELL, CAYSTILE & MATHES, Prop'rs, OFFICE HO. 9 TEMPLE BTBEET. NOTICE. The Loa Ahoelxs Daily Time will be aold OB til the trsins of the Southern and Central Pacific Railroads; a loo on the Atchison, Topeka k Baiita t'e and Texas k Pacific road. TBI Times office ta connected with the tele hone system of this city, and those desiring advertise in or subscribe for this paper can do so by this means. The Tmtes can alao be fonnd at the newsstands of the Pslace and Occidental Hotels and bliss Boose, Ban Francisco. Notices of msrrlages, births and deaths are published gratuitously in the Times, and friends will confer a lavor by handing in or ending to this office such notices. 1 AGENTS. B. N. Rowe is the authorized agent for the Times st Santa Ana. Fbane Et is the authorized agent for the Timkb at Anaheim. PRICE REDUCED. On and after April lt the sub-crip-tion price of the LOS AXGELES DAILY TIMES will be as follows: Per Week (delivered by Carrier) $0 20 For Six Months (by Mail) . . 4 00 For one Year (by Mail) 7 50 DE20CBATIC DIST0ETI0H. H0TES. LAST NIGHT'S DISPATCHES NEWS OF THE MOKNING. Another Nihilist shot. Minister Ilurlbut is dead. Rain reported from vurious quarters. A report says Jesse James is killed again. Hanlon beats Boyd in a boat race at London. Diok Fellows strikes for liberty, but is recaptured. Attorney-General Brewster says the Chinese Bill will be vetoed. More lynching reported from Pueblo, Col., and the report denied. Two vessels collide off the Spanish coast. A large number drowned. Three vessels unloading railroad ties at Guayiuas and three more expected. The Dakota insane asylum destroyed by tire. Four inmates burned to death. General Sherman's party is visiting the Indian Agencies and forts of Arizona. Three persons killed and several in jured at Beading, l'a., by the falling of a wall. Spring & Co.'s flouring mill at Stock ton burned. Loss $200,0110; insured for $80,000. A SUBMERGED CONTINENT. It would be sad times with the average Democratic editor if in conducting his" paper be was obliged to stick to the homely truth, instead of distorting liistory and uttering1 'falsehoods and forgeries. We are reminded to say this by reading in a Tulare County Democratic sheet the following: '-Its the Republican party's strongest footholds and largest majorities are found in great money and manufacturing centers where the wealth of the country is aggregated in the hands of a few individuals." We wonder if the astute writer of the above ever heard of Tammany Hall and New York? He must be sadly short in historical and statistical information if he does not know that .New lork City is the money center of the country, and that there the slums and stews breed the villains and repeaters who dominate at the ballot-box, and threaten destruction to the country at every general election. It must be a very verdant young man ho does not remember the New York riots gotten up in aid of the rebellion, mil the patriotic and virtuous Sammy Tildcn, with his '-bail" of money, and hose chief recommendation for a can-idate is that he is unscrupulous in sing that money as a corruption fund henever an election cannot be carried without the use of it. Why, the fact s, if the great money center should be isfrancbiseel, and the bullies and re peaters therein be kept at home, the intelligent yeomanry and mechanics of the land weuld have a walk-over in politics, and the Republican banners would wave forever over the laud of the free. This is what the Herald says regard ing the enforcement of the Sunday law in Los Angeles : "In the first place we deprecate all ittempts to control people by any other agency than moral suasion." This is what it says in the same issue rcL'ardinir the enforcement of the law in Arizona: "The majesty of the law should be asserted at once niiu cuectively. at is too much to expect that such rank and radical departures from law ami order ilumld be tolerated for any great lengtn of tune." Ignatius Donnelly has recently published a work in defence of the story that a continent known among the ancients as Atlantis was sunk in the Atlantic Ocean by an earthipuikc. He is himself a firm believer in the story, and supports his belief in a scries of ingenious and skillfully contrived arguments. He attempts to demonstrate the proposition that Atlantis was the home of a populous and mighty nation, from whose overflowings both America and Europe were inhabited and civilized. Egypt he supposes to be the first colony founded, and that the Phoenician alphabet, parent of all tho European alphabets, must have been derived from the Atlantcans. When Atlantis perished a few persons escaped in ships and on rafts, carryiug to the natives cast and west the tidings which have survived in the flood aud deluge legends of the different peoples of both continents. riato gives tin account of Atlantis in his dialogues, in which is shown reasonable history of a people who built temples, ships and canals; who lived by agriculture and commerce who in pursuit of trade reached out to all the countries around them. In the presence of geology, it is not at all dillicult to believe in the total submersion of a continent. It is evi dent that at one time the entire area of Great Britain was submerged to the depth of seventeen hundred feet. What is now Sicily once lay deep bencat! the sea, but subsequently rose 3,000 feet above its level. The Desert of Sahara was once under water, and its ; now burning sands are a deposit of the sea We have history for an occur rence that easily satisfies the mind as to the possibilities of an earthquake sufficiently extensive to swallow a con tinent. At Lisbon, the point on the European coast nearest the supposed site of Atlantis, in 1875 an earthqunke occurred which in six minutes swal lowed up sixty thousand persons, great concourse of people had assem bled on a new wharf built of marbl which suddenly sunk with all upon it and not one of the dead bodies ever came to the surface. The water at the same spot is now six hundred feet deep. But we have no need to go abroad for evidence to reasonably substantiate the supposition of the loss of a conti ncnt. We have on the Pacific Coast many witnesses to speak of the changes going on between the ocean bottom of hundreds of thousands of years ago and the mountains of to-day. The Indians now living at Calicnte Springs on the Colorado desert have a tradition of the time when their forefathers sailed in canoes across the present valley to the mountains on its northerly side. In San Diego county, far inland from the present sea-beach are seen the bones of marine monsters, undoubt ed! J stranded there when the waters subsided. Hundreds have seen the remarkable beds of oyster shells in San Luis Obispo county, twenty miles in land and several hundred feet above tho sea-level. We have in our posses sioii'a shell taken from sand-stone the mountains near Fort Tcjon, at elevation of some three thousand feet. These evidences are conclusive that our hills and valleysjwere once far below tho ocean1 surface, and prepare the mind to give credence to theory that when they arose from the depths, other hills and valleys went down int the vacuum thus created. And these thoughts and facta will give a plausibility to the arguments of Mr, Donnelly, and help to make interesting a perusal of his work. in an CIRCUMSTANCES ALTEB CASES. The dispatches this morning arc very meagre. 1 here is no news irom Washington except the hint Attorney General Brewster gives that the Cln- a bill is to be vetoed. The hope that Arthur would sign the bill has come to be forlorn. The ground on which he has based his objection the twenty year clause is no ground at all. Our laws are not like those of the Medes and Persians, but may be alter ed as occasion demands. 1 he twenty years may bo reduced at any time if it is demonstrated that the interests of the country demand it. A great wrong will be done the people of the Pacific coast if the presidential signature is withheld. Astiionomy says it requires thirty years for the light of some stars to reach the earth, moving at tho rate of 192,000 miles per second. There is one at Sau Luis Rey that does not take quite so long as vide its issue of April 1st: "California will be called upon this year to elect one or two congressmen at artre. J Ion. Geo. r , Jiakcr, ot Ban Jose, is in the field for one of these po rtions, at the hands of the Republican party." Baker was a pretty good man and it is more than probable that the Repub lican party is in full blast up there, but then being such a new comer he would hardly be a candidate this year. The country is saved again. If there have been any doubts as to the season since the last great ruin they are now dispelled, and the most bountiful crops California has ever known must inevitably result. The fall up to 8:15 last evening was 1.1-1 inches, and enough has since fallen up to this writing, 3 :30 a. m. to bring the record up to 1.50. Every want has been sup plied so far as water is concerned, and the end is not yet. General Fkemost's claim to Alca traz island has been supplemented by a petition from Mrs. Jessie Benton Fremont to the Senate for twelve acre in the north of San Francisco, which she claims was illegally seized during her absence in 1863. If the Fremont family have any more claims let them trot them out. It was reported yesterday that Min ister Sargent would pass through the city en route to the East this morning on the way to the scene of his labors in the German Empire. The telegraph brings no information as to the cor rectness of the report. Tue San Diego Sun thinks it would be no more than justice to put the Earp party at the head of the law and order clement, and commence a war of extermination upon the thieves and cut-throats. Correct. A dog recently went over Niagara Falls and through the rapids to the whirlpool, where he perished. ' There is a bill before the New York Legislature for the purchase of a copy of Webster's quarto dictionary for each school district in the State. The Chinese authorities, to induce the people to use the telegraph and familiarize them with it, have made the use of new lines free for one month. In France parcels not exceeding six and a half pounds in weight, are conveyed throughout the kingdom for 6d, if called for at the station, and 8d, if delivered. Charles J. Means of New York has designed and patented a new danger railway signal worked by electricity and the moving train. It is asserted it is infallible. The Kezanlik valley, in Roumanio, is entirely given up to the cultivation of roses. The essence is sold in Paris from $150 to $200 per pound, while it is retailed at $500 or more per pound. Recently a Russian locomotive on the Polish frontier was found to be a recep tacle for smuggled goods. Suspicion being aroused, the engine was taken to pieces and there was found secreted ithin it 123 pounds of cigars and several parcels of valuable silk. Wolves are still quite abundant in France. The killingof them is deputed to certain officers known as " lieuten ints de loubetarie," and the rewards for killing range from one to three dollars per wolf. It is charged that the wolf-killers fight slow, not desiring to lose their offices, as they would were the varmints exterminated. The telephone aud the electric light are fast working themselves into gen eral use in Austria. In Vicuna a tele phone exchange has 300 subscribers and 00 more in prospect. The charge for instruments is about 40 per year, The famous Rmgstrasse, Vienna, the finest avenue in the city, if not in Europe, is to be lighted by electricity, 130 Brush lights being required. The Lehigh Valley Railroad has a relief fund from which employes draw when disabled. Each employe who sires contributes one day's work, if not getting more than $2 a day, aud the company doubles the amount so raised. When the amount is exhaust ed a call is issued, and thus the fund is kept up. During the year ended November 10, 1881, $24,994 was rais ed, aud $22,536 65 expended, leaving a balance on hand of $2,403 93. In a prosecution for adulterating milk the prisoner explained the pres ence of water in his can by saying the cover was accidentally left off, and "there was a right smart shower'1 all the morning. The prosecution showed by inflexible calculation that no rain ever heard of since the deluge could have got more than a pint of water into the can in half a day, while the test showed that six quarts had been added. An old anecdote comes to the front a 'aim : "John," said a deacon, "have you sanded the sugar?" "Yes, sir." "Have you put the chalk in the milk 2" "Yes, sir." "Have you watered the rum?" "Yes, sir.". "Well, then, come in, its time for prayers. A colored janitor of Philadelphia, named Joseph H. W. Cathcart has curious library, which may eventually be useful to historians. For twenty-five years he has assiduously collected in scrapbooks whatever especially struck his fancy in the newspaper press, until now he has one hundred large volumes, which he regards with affectionate pride. Three of these are devoted to "China and Japan." "Incidents in the Life of Jefferson Davis" fill two vol umes; "the t reeainen's Bureau" ana 'Slavery" claim each five volumes One of the most interesting collections "Poetry of the Rebellion," which contains about a thousand war songs. The Isthmus Ship Railway bill, re cently favorably reported upon by the Senate Committee on Commerce, pro vides for a guarantee by the United States, of a dividend of six per cent per annum, for fifteen years on $50. 000,000, in return for which the Rail way Company shall transport gratis for ninety-nine years the mails, war vessels, and all other property of the United States, and shall transport American merchant vessels for one- half the rates charged by the com pany on all other commerce except that of Mexico. It is further provided that for any advances made by our government under its guarantee the company is to give its bonds, payabl in fifteen years, without interest, which bonds, in the event of their non-pay ment at maturity, are to be receivable for tolls on any American vessel, with ten per cent, added to their face value, The Mussel Slough Settlers Have an Adverse Decision. Jesse James Killed AgalB-AUorper-Gciiera Brewster 8ajs the Chinese Bill Will be Vetoed. The telegrams this morning say that Jesse James has been killed. Jesse is like a cat; he has been killed a great many times, only to as often enjoy resurrection. General Grakt is at Washington lobbying for the restoration of Fitz John Porter to the army. A new process of preserving meat has been introduced in England, jn which instead of steeping the carcass in an antiseptic, the preservative chemical, boracic acid, is introduced into the live animal, and by the action of the heart is sent through the blood vessels and capillaries into every part of the body. The animal is first stunned, whereupon its left iuirular vein is laid bare and the liquid injected, after which it takes about two minutes for it to go through the whole vescular system. Meat t res tea in this way can be preserved at ordinary summer tem perature lor nve or six weeu. - tssocltted Press Dispstches. Against tbe llauford Settlers. Sav Fkancisco. April 3. Judge Sawyer, of the U. S. Circuit Court, this morning rendered a judgment in favor of the Southern Pacific Railroad in the action brought by that Company against Doyle and others, the Mussel Slough settlers, in ejectment. Jesse James Killed Again. San Fraxcisco, April 3. A Kansas City dispatch says: "Jesse James has been killed. No particulars received as yet." Afternoon Stocks. Sax Francisco, Cal., April 3. California. 10c; Curry, 2 J; Union, 8; Nevada, 5; Eureka, 22; Jacket, 95c; Best, 4J; Overman, 20c; Belcher, 45c; Utah, 34; Diablo, 4; Belle, 8; Mex ican, Oj; upnir, xt; savage, vc; Bodie, 5i; Mono, 1J; Tiptop, 3J;, 16J. BrcwMter Says it Hill be Vetoed. AVasiiixgtox, April 3. Attorney- General Brewster, since the Cabinet meeting adjourned this evenintr, has said he thinks the President will veto the Chinese Bill. He declines to answer direct questions, but is understood to mean that a veto has been positively determined on. Aud Xow it lMMt So. Denver, April 3. Advices from Pueblo deny the report that the mob Friday night lynched three men ten miles from town, and say there is no foundation for the report. Ilaiilim Heats Itoyd. London, April 3. Hanlau beat Boyd n the boat race by four lengths, this ninrning. SOT SATISFACTOKT. The Salt Lake Tribune declares that the selection of Senator Teller for the In terior Department will not be satisfac tory to the non-Mormon residents of Utah. In the Campbell-Cannon con test, Teller has said that in his jud ment there was nothing here to call for the interference of the Government that Governor Murray's refusal to give Cannon a certificate of his election was an outrage, and that if he were Presi dent he would cut off bis official head without a day's delay. In a competitive trial between two butchers at Fresno, the other day, one of them killed and dressed a sheep in five minutes and twenty seconds, and a beef in ten minutes and twenty seconds. Another butcher who was prea ent, but not one of the competitors, killed and dressed a sheen in three minutes and twelve seconds. A Decision 'Interest to Odd Fellows A decision has been rendered by a New York f judge that will interest members of secret benevolent societies. Action was broughtj against a lodge of Odd Fellows by one of its members to recover "sick benefits'" to which he claimed to be entitled. The plaintifl had joined the lodge years ago when its by-laws provided that in case of sickness every incmler should receive a specified sum weekly "during his sickness or disability." Another section empowered the lodge to alter or amend the by-laws whenever deemed expedient. After the plaintiff had taken sick and while he was in receipt of the weekly sum allowed him, a by-law was passed reducing the amount of the payments from four dollars to one a week. The Judge decided that the lodge is bound to continue paying the plaintiff the full amount to. which he was entitled when he became sick. The right of the lodge to change its by-laws is not denied. But the court decides that whatever sum any member is entitled to when he is taken sick must be treated as a fixed amount, which cannot subsequently be reduced during the continuance of the sickness. PERSONAL. T DONT FORGET to drop me a line V igreeu to. you Am wsitiiig patiently. J. . apr l-3t SM. Am Roing oufof town for several dsrs. , Will notify you of niy rrturn, and we will then attend to Mist matter. s2-.t P. T The rain yesterdsy prevented me from X'm seeping my agreement. first line day. Will be on hand P. A If yim we this in the next three days . call st once. al-Jt H. NEW TO-DAT. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. THE partnership heretofore existing between Barker snd Mueller bss this day been dissolved by mutual consent. O. T. Habkeb. Otto Miklleb. Los Angeles, April 3, 1882. apt-lni MME. PRAESENT'S MILLINERY PARLORS 76 Spring St., I.os Angeles, In the best place to secure the latest styles of F"enrh llounets. Hats and other novi ltiea of the season. Present stock will be sold at greatly reduced prices to make room fo Spring importations. ap-iir MISCELLANEOUS. A little girl sent to hunt eggs came back unsuccessful, aud complained that "there were lots of hens standing around doing nothing." When one of the Sultan's body guards comes late in morning parade, Ins head is always struck off with a ciinetar to teach him a lesson. WANTS, FOR SALE, Etc. Advertisements nnder this head will be charged Five Cents per line for each insertion. MONl Kpl A FEW beautiful vacant resident lots for 1. sale. -U'KSISHEl) ROOMS and board: also board I1 by the day or week at No. 3, First street, be- Comntou. A liquor saloou was opened at Comp- ton yesterday. The people of that berg were not thirsting for strong drink, to any great extent, and a remonstrance against licensing the saloou received between four and five hundred sigua- ures, nearly every voter in the pre cinct having sigued it. the saloon keeper has declared it to be his inten tion to close up Bununys, ana nor to sell to minors. The people of Compton think they can drive out the unwelcome intruder by letting it alone. 1 1 fASTKD A sullk-ient number of individ. V V uala wishing to go east by southern ioute to ioriu an excursion party, leaving about April 10th, for which apecial arrangements will be provided. Address, W. E. W'illmore, Los Angeles, or call at no. n, unaer uiock. ap-31 SALE 2 mowing machines; 1 horse rake; '25 wheetbtirrows, and I'm) bird cages. t w . Moody s, Mtring street, near i irst, Los Angeles. aprn-lw V TASTED To rent about live acres of iin" f proved or unimproved laud within city limits, which can be irrigated. Address P. O. Uox lU-iO, Los Angeles. a pr'.'-lw Pnssover. This ancient Hebrew festival began last evening with the going down of the sun. It is the commemoration of the Israelites of their deliverance from Egyptian bondage. To-day all good Jews eat uuleavenea Menu anu miter herbs, and services will be held in all Synagogues throughout tho laud. Excepting the day of atonement, it is the most sacred least. AT THE HOTELS. COSMOPOLITAN. P It Ilanley, El Paso; J T Cable, C A Bieo. a Eimluuer, P A Murphy, A K McCull, J II Prinke, S P; O W Mansion, C S Hamilton, nan Diego; Bbunth, hue; C O Sweet, Mich ; H P Uridger, St Louis; S Karnes, II Hancock, Col ton; J lorbett, Monte; H H Sims, Tombstone; J Titus, Sun Gorgonio; H Alvorde, Dewing; 11 S Kirkmun, N Y; V H Pease, Nevj M Crews, Sae; J E Selleek; A H Boswell, It II Preston, Scotland ;Q M Braj ton aud wife. S F; A W Lamanter, (J Broailbeek. wife and child, Miss M (rates, D Felsen- ld. San DicL-o; W H Keys, H A Swa- ncv, W S Vail aud wife, J Shelby, SP; A H McDonald, Toronto; M A Poster Las Plures: It Euan. Sau Juan; A B Chiumiau. Sau Gabriel; J o Mitchell, Las Vegas; M J Sun; B F Bloa, Sau Bernardino; r t ltzgerald, MJ i A .Miller, ltiverside: E liice and wife, P E Carter, St Paul; W S Curtis, El Paso, PICO HOUSE. H Woodruff. J J Kanuer, W S Srins felder, II C Ghent, 11 Maedonuld, J Steiuer. A M eruro, P A Murphy, L Macaulev. K Miicdonald, 11 C Ghert, Vt B Hunch, Mrs Simpson, San Francisco; A Perreire. Guavmas; .Robert Liidard, Santa Barbara; F Kampling, J Dem-niore. J G Daniels, San Diego; Frank Wmfield and wife, Orange, Cal; J L Cm-lev. C E Curley, St. Louis, Mo; G M Bittmaun. Leavenworth, Kas; T Wilson. San Gabriel; Theo Lynill, Geo B McAllister, Wm Kockford, Jos Harrison Anaheim; D Irvine, San JoiKiuiu: S P Whiting, Chicago; J G Dasheil, u M Uollister, Texas; Jianey, J Culliu, New York; J Dominguez, Mouterev: Copt E Lobrano, E Gnohno, C Squittaee, P Y Buour, G Patin, of the Italian man-ot-war Vuhtmo. ST. CHARLES HOTKL. Cant G Falk, Louis Moleno, Wilming ton; J Grosofor, Uakersheld; i Colton Tucson; B W Marshall, Centinela; Mrs Brown. L Sheet, San Bernardino; J Teinkev. C L Clare, S F; T Alic, Wil mingtou; lh08 Gannon, r collon, aiiss Collon, Newhull; E E Earnst, Mo; K B Warren, Orange; Geo D Kowan, city J D Shenck, San Jose; F Chambers and wife. Savanna, 111; J S Eice, wife and sou. Tustiu City; M P Anthony, River side; J B Hume, S F; C B league, J X Teugue, Pomona; John Pureell Arizona J D Jarvis, Plymouth, 111; J Richardson, New York. EXITED STATES HOTEL. Isaac Johnson, Santa Monica; L B Richardson, Santa Rosa; B D Rowan & w, Kirklund, Ills; A E Beebe, city; Wm Crow t her, Anaheim; T H Putnam, Or ange; T Wadhani, J F Wadham, Mrs A Hovey, San Diego; Geo Pray, S F; J Arkells, J H Moesscr, Santa Ana Z Gardener, Bakersfield; Chas Fergu son, A G Patton, San Fernando; H E Williams, 8 F; J A Gray & w, Lewis- ton, 111; M Farnsworth & w, Muscatine, Iowa; X Rapptey, Kalamazoo; Charles Pitcher, Hneneme; P D Bell, Bishop Creek; D Wood, Belfast; Chas Howard Riverside; W Bnbcock, Aznsa; J Shields, S Diego; T F Davis, Berkeley J P Jarvin, Plymouth, 111; M Welch Mojave; Jos Elton, Tulare; M Miller, T R Purdy, J W Marshall, U Uriswold, Azusa. An Ina-eulons Answer. The foreman of the jury which tried a shop-keeper for violating the Sunday law, having reported a disagreement of the panel, was askea by Judge lux, "Do you disaijree on questions of law or questions ol fact?" replied, "It s pretty hard question to answer. Some of the jurors are all right as to the law tind facts, but it seems to be question of interest and principle with them." Subsequently, after tno jury naa ocen discbarcred. a iuror being questioned as to the meaning of the riddle gave answer: "I guess it s to their interest not to apply the principle of the law." This brings to mind the speech of w Toodlcs " in the farce : " It's against mr interest to PV principal, and against my principle to pay interest." San i rancisco i ou. A little daughter of Chris Dangberg, of Carson Valley, was choked to death last Friday while eating nuts. KYSON k Sl'ITLLY bsve some seat cottage residences on sale at a bargain. aprl ONEY TO LOAS- itley. -Enquire of liryson k aprl apl UllYHOM & S1T1LEV. lOH SALE BY THAVEIt & UKAHAM-Keal 1 Estnte Brokers, 211 Spring street $ I O.OOO-" ai res in city; highly improved, Two lull city blocks near Minn;house 7 rooms, o'ju bearing fruit trees, estimated croc $1,500 this yttar. $1,1 OO 'J acres, improved, just south of city; house, well, windmill, trees, etc. $ I f550 House, 4 rooms, Court, nr Temple, $ I ,200 House, S rooms; Bunker Hill Ave., near 2d. $525 House 4 rooms, Washington Garden tract; well, etc. $2.400 House G rooms; Bath, cor. Gth and SHn Pedro; large lot, tret -3, etc. $529 House 4 rooms, on street car route, near 1'niveriity. $ I I OO-House 4 rooms. Charity near nth. rASTEP 1,000 men at the Palace Coffee f House, o commercial street, to eat pal akes or eggs with eonee for l. eta. uiUllw O MANGE GROVE Foil SALE Eighteen acres of bearing orange orchard, beauti- ullv situated at San Gabriel, Los Angeles county, with individual water right and new tmildmgB. Price, yio.lHH). inquire ol Charles E. Yager, on the premises, or of his attoruey, Will D. Gould. Temple Block. Los Angelea, Cal. mll-liu For Sale Cheap. KIrt BfDPED Orange trees, six years old OyJyJ will be sold cheap if applied for at nce. Apply to HOltATIO MAltTEEN, martini No. S Aliso street, LARGEST AND BEST STOCK Stereoscopic Views, Artists' Materials And materials for Cameo Painting in Southern California can be found at J. A. Valder'S Picture Store, 42 Spring St., Loa Angeles, az-im NEW TO-DAY. V. B. T U L L I S - UKAl.KB IX- SILVERWARE, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, WATCHES". Spectacles & Fancy Goods. A practical watchmaker. Engraving a specialty. Coods sold engraved free of charge. Wo. I O Spring tos Angeles. sprt-im MISCELLANEOUS. J. H. STEWART & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN CIGARS&TOBACCO White House Block, IDS ANGELES, CAL. N. B.-No Coods sold at Retail mrl2-lyr DILLON & KEHEALY'S Spring Importations of Dry Goods & Fancy Goods. 33 and 35 Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, Cal. HEADQUARTERS FOR Buggies, Farm & Spring Wagons, Header Trucks, Mowing Machines, Randolph Headers, Wagons Repaired, Trimmed and Painted at Short Notice. Horse Rakes. Mowing Machine Extras Always on Hand. ar-r.s-.iiu 8. Spkkuv, M. Uodswoktii, sisson, Wallace & d. 10S ANGELES PACKING CO., 3QQ to 310 Hoif St., East Los Angeles MANUFACTURERS PEALKHS IS SALTED AND SMOKED MEATS, BACON & HAMS. Lard In Tierces, Cnns and Cnddles. Hmoked and l'lckled Tongues. SI. DOUSWOKTH, llusineas Manager. nirl3-lm We take pleasure in informing the Ladies of Los Angeles ity and County that we are now receiving a large and well ssoited STOCK OF DRY GOODS in the various Departments. n every instance we have purchased this large shipment for Cash from the best markets in the World. We are in a osition to give our customers the advantage of buying first-lass Dry Goods at the very lowest prices. DILLON & KENEALY Corner Main and Requena Streets, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. WOOD. HAY AND COAL T. "V. Davis lias nnrrhsseit Hie Wnnrl nnil Hny Ynrd of R. Rogers ou Sl'UlNCi KTKEET, between First sml Second, Hid will continue the business with a full stock of Hay, Wood and Coal. The Feed Stnble has been discontinued, but parties wishing to rent stall room can be ac commodated at reasonauie raies. iunt-u NEW TO-DAY. STUDEBAKER WAGONS S. W. LUITWEIEEE, Agent, Corner Los Angeles and Requena Sts., Los Angeles. Farm Wagons, fl, .,!,,Lgr 4-Spring Wagons 3-Spring Wagons do Platform Buggies, .Phaetons. Freight Wagons. Header Wagons, Platform Trucks Dump Carts, i-1 'Jf WIT-"- 31""yirH Do not buv a farm wason until von have seen the iron truss axle and slope shoulder sioke used on the STUDE.BAK.tR. carrf i ri H aryesi Kit) . K in suuLiiuifi wai vi iiih. Warranted. work auri-iui NO MONOPOLY ! Carpets, Furniture, AND UPHOLSTERY GOODS To arrive in a few days. Body Brussels, Tapestry and 3-ply Carpets Ingrains, Kidderminsters and Extra Superflnes, consisting of the latest designs in East Lake, Queen Ann and scroll patterns in beautiful shades of Old Cold and Ecru, and In fact all the latest colorins will be ODened for linsoection in a few days. No trouble to show goods. Don't foreet the New Store. 134 MAIN St., Los Angeles, Cal SHARP, BLOESER & ULLMAN, Proprietors 1882 spring. 1882 We Are Kow Prepared to Show New Styles in Half-Hose, New Styles in Underwear, New Styles in Gloves, New Styles in Suspenders, New Styles in Handkerchiefs, New Styles in Scarfs, New Styles in Windsors. fcThe Public is most cordially invited to inspect.1 JAOOBY BROS., The Popular Clothiers, - Temple Block apr2-lm BEST AND CHEAPEST STOCK OF Stoves, Ranges, Gas & Water Pipe, Pumps, Valves, Rubber Hose, Tinware, Sheet Ironware, Pressed Ware, Baskets, Tubs, Pails. Bowls, Trays, Brooms, Brushes, Lanterns. Clothes Wringers Sad Irons, Graniteware, Bath Tubs, Coffee Mills, Curry Combs Wash Boards, Garden Tools, AT MERRILL & BABCOCK'S, 27 Spring St., opposite Court House, Los Angeles. Manufacturers of Well Pipe. Practical Plumbers and Casfltters Coal Oil Stoves a Specialty iuur;to-liu FOR THE BEST ASSORTMENT OF feu Watches, go to Clocks, go to Jewelry, go to Plated Ware, go to Spectacles, go to Watch Repairing, go to GOLDMAN & CO. GOLDMAN & CO. GOLDMAN & CO. GOLDMAN & CO. GOLDMAN & CO. GOLDMAN & CO. EVERYTHING Spvinsr Street, WARRANTED. Los Angeles, OtU. THE ARCADE! SIEG-EL, Gents' Furnisher and Hatter, . Cor. Main and Commercial Sts.,- LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. nirl'Mm LA ESPERAtlZA STORE. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, WINES, LIQUORS & CIGARS. GOODS DELIVERED TO ALL PARTS OF TUE CITY FREE OF CHARGE. ORDERS TAKEN DAILY AT RESIDENCES. Highest Prices Paid for all Kinds of Produce. 130 MAIN STREET, - - LOS ANGELES, CAL. 'mi-am. FISHER, RICHARDSON & CO.'S DISSOLUTION SALE We have a fine lot of budded nud seedling orange trees tbat will be sold at prices which defy competition. Xow is the time to come and select your trees aud haTe them marked. Trees bonght ot us can be left in the nursery till the last of May if desired. All stock not sold before the 18th of April will be closed out at pubiic auction on that day. Also the horses, wagons, harness, farming utensils, two houses, stable, sheds, corral and outbuildings belonging to the company. tTrees at Private Sale till day of Auction. FISHER. RICHARDSON & CO., Near Washington Gardens, Los Angeles, mCal. CLEARANCE SALE! OS BARGAINS ! K5 BARGAINS! J TROCONIZi hiving hni nofi flrd to remove from bis pnaent locsUnti, to mike room for new building, ht is therefore compelled to sell out sil his stock within thirty days. Special Bargains offered in Hats and Lace Goods, such as Ties, Collars, Fichus, etc. Remember the Place. J. TROCONIZ'S CHEAP STORE, Corner of Soring and First Streets. Los Angeles, Cal. sub 31-1 a 1 N...

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