Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1960 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 1960
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE, and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA . SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2, IMC, Bioks At Local Librafy ', The following 16 mm films are -on deposit from the Indiana Li' Ibrary Film "Circuit in the Logans- iport Cass County. Library during -the month of October, Ihforma- !tion on use of these and other "films available in s u c c e e ding •months may be obtained'from the .'librarian. " /• T 1. America The Beautiful, 20 win. color: A panorama of ihe •United States, the natural beauty, 3he farms, towns, cities, industries and people of our land. ; 2. Classic Scotland, 10 min. color: Depicts a Scotland of moving beauty, so steeped-in history ;and legend that "classic" is the .word to describe it. ', 3. Dangerous Stranger, 10 min. ;b&w: Produced in, cooperation •with the Los Angeles Police D&- ipartment. Designed to warn' chil- ;dren of the dangers of associating with strangers. '. 4. Declaration Of Independence ;By The Colonists: 16 min.:. color: '• 5. The Family-An. Approach' To Peace: 17 min. b&w: Contrasts ihe popular conception of-foreign •lands with' life-as. it is. actually lived around the globe. ' 8. French Revolution, 1 16 min. WINTERPROOF YOUR HOME NOVfr!' Comb. Storm Windows and Doors Residing A Mineral Wool Gien Reid A&A 511 Erie • Phone 3650; ENTER • . Every Month First or Third Monday, Courses Include Professional Accounting Secretarial — Comptometer Bulletin on Request Indiana Business College; Barnes Bldg. ph. 4276 Logansport Approved For Veterans color: Brief history, of Revolution from 1789 to Napoleon. 7.' Helen 'Keller In Her -Story 45 min. b&w:' This film, as narra 1 ed by Katherine Cornell.'is a fac tual'yet moving biography mad up of still" photographs, some earl movies-i and" newsreels-'of Mis Keller's 'active "life. ' 8:High Wall, 32 min. b&w Points outi x what prejudices is aric how it is transmitted. "• 9. Hunting With A Camera, T min.. color: In this film the- ani mals, fish and water birds were "shot" by a camera. (Loaned b; Canadian -Film Board) 10. Introduction To Skin Div ing: _27 min. color: A film on how to sfay alive under water. ' 11. Jerusalem, The Holy'City 11 min. color: Jhe'rpageantry o Jerusalem and its-historic*shrines 12. Our Changing Family. Life 22 min. .b&w:"''Coritrasts-the closely integrated' farm 'family lift of 1880 ' with'-' the -family 'life o. today. - ' ' ' • ; 13. Pantomines: Marcel -Mar ceau, : 13 : min.. color: vMarcel .Mar ceauj pantomimist in three of "his works, •< "David -and Goliath,' "Lion Tamer," and "Butterfly Chase:" • .•:'•• -14.- Turkey,'. Key to The Middle East, '20 .min. b&w: Considers the position of Turkey in-relation both to' its own' past "and the present- day, world. ' IS. You're In Charge, 11 min b&w: .Lessons,in safety practice for young people who serve as baby' sitters and for parents who employ them. ELECT .DOCTOR ANDERSON; ind: CAP) -. Dr. William .L. Baughn" of^ Anderson was re-elected Saturday as secretary of the Association of American Physicians and "Surgeons. The election took, place at' the group's annual meeting in St. Louis.. Have You Visited ' Our New GREETING CARD CENTER? , CARDS FOR All OCCASIONS SEND A HALLMARK CARD "When you sore (Rough " f8 send the very bejf . Exclusive At TIMBERLAKE'S "Griding Card H«odquorterf" ,JO 1f*J ky.NJA. Inc.- T.M. R*r- U.S. fa. Off/ "Dog catcher-must bs, a hard- office to get elected to. People are always saying they wouldn't vote for somebody if he was" running for it. Candidates On Leading Issues PLEASE NOTICE! Effective Monday, October 3, 1960 - In order to continue- the highest quality of service anef workmanship we find it necestary to submit this change in prices in Union Barber Shops. - By J. W. DAVIS WASHINGTON (AP)-The Pres- dential contenders 'worried this week about the high cost of living and the high cost of government. They pondered other things'too, did Democrat John F. Kennedy and Republican Richard M: Nixon —mainly the question of who's-gong to be'elected five weeks from text Tuesday. . • Both could- take heart. They were still being cheered, long and oud, by the amazingly large crowds this 1960 campaign has attracted and stirred. The cost of living: Kennedy—"I intend to mention the high cost of living every week of this campaign',-The American consumer and'.lhe American^house, wife may: have been forgotten 'by, the Republican leaders—but they Regular. Haircut Flattops A , rAs ., Children Shampoo Tonic Massage Shave 7th-grads and gldar .... Under 7th gradt Minimum . . Minimum . Minimum. .50 .50 .25 .00 .25.25 .00 PATRONIZE UNION BARBER SHOPS Owners of Barber Shops Displaying Union Shop Cards Are: l-WM. & JAMES BJSHOP, 1631 Smead St. 2-DON BONNEti; 424 E. Market - ™" 3-GEORGE BUfta, 436 Burlington 4-AIEC BURROUGHS, 525 E. Broadway 5-HAL €RISMAN; 318 Pearl St." 6-FRANK COBLE, 713 Fourth" St. 7-CONN & WILSON, 329 Court St. 8-HARDY & TOMUNSON; 707 No. Third St. 9-BERTEL HARMON/421 Fourth St. 10-GEORGE HILL, 308 So. Third St. ' 11 -LARRY HOOD, 313 fifteenth St. 12-NORMAN J. LEFFERi; n37 Eria."Ave. 13-SULLIVAN MAURO/1517 Erie,AV«. 14-^DONALD MICHAEL, 328 Wilkinson St. , , 15-KENNETHOLDHAM, 70S'Ni. Sixth St. 16-FRED OSBORNE, 501 'Bates St. 17-C. WALTERS-320 So. Third-St. 18-JOSEPHL. SMITH, 917 No.-Third St.t .- ' • " 19-UL 4 DICK WEBSTER;:! 226 E. Broadway' 2<M»AUL WEST, 309 fifflrSt.: , ^ * UNION-SHOP; HOURS-:,'•> MON., TUESl;THURS.-B-00'A.M'. TO<5:30.RM. ' FRIDAX-8SOOA.M. T07:00'P.'M. , ,• SATURDAY-B:00 A.M. J TO5:00>.M. - CLOSED 'Mi OA'YWB>NESDAY~- .' -- - THENEW-NEW HOMEOWNERS COVERAGE DWELLING-CONTENTS- CRIME* LIABILITY PROTECTION; in ~ 'ONE-POLICY CREE INSURANCE AGENCY 224 S. Third Stint Dial 3751 INSURE INJURE INSURANCE" • have not forgotten the promises those leaders made in 1952." Nixon—"I know what it means to, meet a'family budget.at the end of'the month and-what a "tremendous effort it is for most-folks 'to pay their'taxes and meet their bills.' 1 Cost of government: * Nixon—'T'counted out the cost of the' Democratic platform. It runs z. minimum of $13.2 billion a year more than we are spending at present to $18 billion a year more. This ,$13 to ; $18 billion .isn't Jack's-money. It's .your money he's.spending.". ;. Kennedy—"I:. don't believe in big'government. But I believe in effective-^governmental a c ti o n. And I !think : that's the only way that the UnitedvStates is going to -maintain its freedom. It's the only way we're going to move ahead." The great debates: The first.of the Nixon-Kennedy| debates, while not settling any is-1 sues,j3id make history. It pointed to- a growing ^use of television Grandstaff Heating VOU it VICTOR DEALER . ' - Chronicle Printins Co. » Phone 4362 FLORY'S FAMOUS FRESH CIDER APPIIS Jonathan—King David—Grimos Golden Storks Delicious' . HONEY JASPER FLORY & SON High St.'Road Phone 56438 JERRY'S PIZZERIA 1300 East Broadway ^" . Phone 5926. ' '' ' '' WliEK-END SPECIAL v FRIDAY-SATUlHDAY-SUNDAY,Sept.30; Oct. 1,2, SUBMARINE!; SANDWICH REG. 50c SPECIAL 35c You'll.- hqve'-fo see it.ond eat.it to believe it. The Greatest sandwich in town! , ^ '• ~", Spaghetti and'Meat'Balls Daily,. ', , French Fries. All kinds of Sandwiches .",.' ..Pizza to carry out OPEN Monday-10:30 a. m.to^:30,p. m. Tuesday and Wednes'day 10:30,a. m.'to 1:30 p. m. 4:00 p..-m". to, 11100 p. m'. Thurs., & Fri. 10:30 a.m. to^rSO'p.m., 4 p.m. to 12 p.m. Sat., 4'p. m. to 12 p. m. — Sunday 3-p.-m. to 11 p. m. PHONE 5926 CARRY' OUT SERVICE shows of this kind in future'years.' Both men^did-well, neutral' observers .agreed. And while -they said nothing they hadn't, said-be- 1 fore, muqh of it'was new to the television' audience. , A curious _sidelight was that a good-sized dispute arose over whether - Nixon .looked' peaked, and if he did, why?. There were even dark rumors of sabotage by make-up. Eating and running: Hard-running candidates are-notoriously poor eaters. Sen. Hugh'Scott, Jt-Pa., worried about Nixon: ""He looks thinner and some fatigue showed. I would advise him to eat a little more -.egularly." ," 'Mrs. Kennedy worried about her husband: "Two days in New York he had four hours of sleep each day and two bowls of soup." ' • 'But at one meal this week, Kennedy tucked away, in order: A glass of soda, a hot dog,-beef "tenderloin with mushrooms 'and onions,, wild-rice,-a salad,.of lettuce, and'tomatoes, two glasses of milk and t9mato' soup,with cream. Niece Sole Heir To Nearly Million CINCINNATI (AP)-Mrs.. Florence Weil of Indianapolis, a v niece was named sole heir of the $972,161 estate of Mrs. 'Rose Goldberg of Cincinnati, it was 'disclosed in Probate Court here Saturday. , Mrs. Goldberg died-Aug. 19. She was the widow of Louis Goldberg, Cincinnati real estate dealer who died L in 1943. .Harold M. Baron,', attorney for Mrs. Goldberg,/said the,'will named'Mrs. Eva Jaffe, mother of Mrs. Weil, as executrix 'of the estate. An inventory filed in Probate Court showed the estate included $803,791 in stocks, $56,724 in cash, $16,474 in bonds and" $69,523 in savings and loan deposits, i ' September Fees Loss Pees collected in the office of .County Recorder George Cline during the'! month of September, reached a new one month high for the -year, .according to the monthly report issued by the recorder Saturday. The total, amount was $1,036.25 despite the" fact there were fewer instruments filed than in the previous month. The previous high month was May when $888.35 was collected by the office. -^The 692 instruments filed during September included 151 deeds, 71 mortgages, five 'mechanic's liens, 114 chattel mortgages, 130 releases, six assignments, two articles of incorporation, one plat, 143. marginal' " releases, and' 69 marginal assignments. To most every -father a birthday means-the three s's:- shorts, shirts and socks. Three False Calls During September . The.Logansport fire department answered-18 alarms during the month of September, according to Fire ,'Chief Eugene (Pete) Schwering. Six'of. these were to put out fires in buildings and structures;-th'ere were- five automobile fires ;two trash fires; two service calls; and there were three false alarms. Round Up Writers -For Subversive Ads PARIS (AP) — French police rounded up additional journalists and university professors Saturday in an apparent new-step in the government campaign against persons who recently signed a manifesto urging Frenchmen to dodge the' draft rather than' fight in Algeria. Most were released after questioning but five were detained. THE HAPPIEST SALE OF THE YEAR! SPECIAL THRU WED. ONLY U. S, GQVT INSPECTED, TOP QUALITY WHOEE Fresh Fryer Parts Fryer Breasts & Thighs LB 59c Legs M .49c Wings M .23c CUT UP, SPLIT OR QUARTERED LB. PRICES BELOW GOOD ALL WEEK BONELESS COOKED—SAVE 1.80 QJPF REGULAR PRICE Canned Hams 44 .99 Mett's Applesauce 3 Gl ANT 35-oz. JARS Green Be a n s BECKMAN OR CANDY CANE 1-LB. CUT , CAN CASE OF 24 237 10 Grapes RED TOKAY LB. 10 HELD OVER! OUR SEPTEMBER FILL; PRICES ON COAL & FUEL OIL . ; Will be held over ' until October 10th ORDER NOW AND SAVE WOLF COAL & SUPPLY 314.H«ath ' Pkonv'39,90,or 2374 1 , J • ' ' * ' - . _ Ask Afa«ut Oor "Poy-Ai-You-Go" Plan FRESH' BAKED • ' • JT.1W&M1 J>AAJC07 , aeXO PURE VEGETABLE . A I •%• ^rtr Shortening 1* 59< Apple Pies..,..- 39 1 V • I ORANGE JUICE- jk ' $• fLf* Libby Beans 4^49' S ^ nk "-' 3 J -°° STYLE . , ' ' Corn 4 - GOLDEN CREAM STYLE V fOR * *V"*ltlC M* COtU'.tMf. T* J$earkets ni! DlPKBiBU looc UIKXIK < SPECIAL 40-oz; BOX 19c

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