Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1960 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 1960
Page 10
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PAGE TEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE ancMOGANSPORT PRESS, IOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, OCTOBER-2,1960. Ike Unlikely To Yield To Demand He Meet Khrush But TheRefusal Poses Question Of Real Importance - By JOHN M, HIGHTOWER Z 1 WASHINGTON (AP)-U. S. officials strongly discounted Saturday any possibility that President 'Eisenhower will yield to heavy neutralist pressures at the United 'Nations for a .meeting between him and Soviet Premier Khrushchev, Should Khrushchev agree to Eisenhower's conditions for 1 a.par- lay it might be speedily arranged, these authorities said. But .thsy saw no prospect of -that develop 1 'fflent in "view of the Soviet lead- .er's persistent hostility . toward try and each committed an equal crime. In- the case of the U2, pilot pilot Francis Gary Powers of Pound, Va , was tried for spying •arid sentenced to 10 years. < As for the-two RB47 survivors, Khrushchev says it is up to the Soviet investigators and prosecutors to decide Kow should be handlad. The United/States their case .claims the RB47 was shot down by the Rus- Bowling LOGAN BOWLMOR THURSDAY NIGHT LADIES Myers Florist Keilzers Gossard Wolf Construction Logan Bowlmor Kroeger Funeral Wheelers Lunch Hilberls Real-Estate Quillens Electric — A J. Olsen W 10 8 8' 7 7 6J4 5 ' 5 3 1/2 Team Summaries^-Wolf Construction, won three from Quillen Electric, Logan Bowlmor won .three from 'A. J Olsen- Keitzers won three from Wheelers; Myers Asians in international waters. The I won -two from Hilberts, Kroeger U.S.S.R, said the plane invaded Soviet air space.' • On "''another important issue, •the United States and '.the ".Vest- [-Khrushchev declared he expects •ern powers in general. won two from Gossard 500-Series—Leo'na Holt 507 (170, 177,160) 450 Series—Betty Kingery 471, The chief specific condition Ei-j mand that-Red China be admitted to win'U.N, approval of his. de-1 Barbara Clary 468, Ruth Sundy •senhower has: laid' down is. thai ^two'American airmen held by the Soviet Union should be released ;The men were members of the icrew of a plane which the U. S ;says • Soviet fighters: shot dc I .m •over international waters July 1, in addition Eisenhower .wants ;some evidence that a talk between •himself and Khrushchev. - migh •actually ease world tensions. ; The United States is caught in •something of a diplomatic trap ion the •Eisenhower-Khrushchev is;sue, officials acknowledged. The •problem of how to meet the pressure for a conference without appearing to close the door'on worldwide hopes' for improving Soyiet- !U. S. relations is recognized a's a [delicate-and embarrassing one. • A final determination "of the ,tl. S. position awaited the return :of Eisenhower to the capital from •Denver and probably his meeting* Sunday with- British 'Prime Min- .ister Harold Maonillan and .Prime Minister "Robert G. Menzies of Australia:" • • • • • "• • ,.,' •. -Macmillan has long' been 'an ad- vpcate of summit diplomacy-and' . there seems to be no .doubt that he would like to see Eisenhower and Khrushchev get together. U.S. and British diplomats agree, however, that he would'not-press Eisenhower to agree -to such a session. to the world body: " •.-. • Earlier in the day.'he had..personally, delivered a vehement speech to the' General Assembly calling for 'the : admission' of Moscow's chief Asiatic ally. The U.S. strongly opposed'the .move. Khrushchev.was unaware of a bomb scare .until his security chief,-Gen. Nicolai Zaharbv, told him. after itwas all .over, A Texas woman sent an apple pie' to the Soviet premier at the Soviet U.N. delegation headquarters in.Manhattan, A police fluoroscopei: spotted something suspicious inside'the wrapped package. ':e police gingerly took it to a bunker at Ft. Tilden only to find that the suspicious item with the pie was a locket and chain with the Ten Commandments inscribed on it . COVE, N:Y. (AP)-Sc- \5et- Premier Khrushchev Saturday night strongly indicated he would not. meet with President Eisenhower unless .'Eisenhower apologizes for the U2 spy plane flight. "Furthermore, Khrushchev - said; the Soviet Union would not release the two survivors from the U.S. RB47 plane shot down July 1 in return for an Eisenhower apology on the U2. Khrushchev took this stiff stand in a brief meeting -with newsmen .at the Soviet Long Island estate •where he is-spending--the weekend. ,. Heavy pressure for an. hower-Khrushchev get-together, to ease world tensions was sparked at the United" Nations -Friday by five neutral nations' plea for such a meeting. Eisenhower'has been cool to this / idea ever since the blowup of the Paris summit conference last May where: Khrushchev • demanded an Eisenhower apology for the U2 Teconaissance-.craft downed inside the U.S.S.R May 1. Eisenhower, has said he would not meet Khrushchev unless the Kremlin boss, among other things, releases the two surviving crewmen of the RB47 shot down in the Arctic area July 1. No* Trade, He Says Khrushchev was asked whether he would trade an apology on the U2 flight for release' of the two American fliers.: "It is not a reciprocal matter," Khrushchev said. , 'Both planes came to our coun- Miami 4-H And FFA Teams To Participate In District Contest PERU—Miami 'county.4-H.and FFA -.-teams from Mexico and Gilead will participate in the Lafayette, 'district contest in Montgomery -county on Oct. 8. Mexico- won -first place -in. a land judging contest held in White county last week while Gilead placed second. :Lester Youmans coaches the Mexico team while Larry Straley is coach of the Gilead group. Deedsvflle came in third. Other schools/participating were Chili and Bunker Hill. • The Mexico team won first place with a total score of 610. Members of the teani include Conner, Brian Eikenberry 470, Sylvia Lubbert 484, Jo Wermer 457, Thelma Goodale- 470, Edna: Randolph 486, E. Shanks j 495, Betty Va'n Meter 474, Kate Pasquale 455, Phyllis Buskerk 461, Claudia Layman 461, Phyllis Smith 484, A. Savini 459. 160 Series—B. Kingery 172 B Clary 161-165, R. Sundy 171, C Schroeder.167, S. Luhbe'rt 191, J Werner 167, T. Goodale 175461, 0. J:,Hupp 160, B. Holton 179, E Randolph 165-176, E. Shanks 168•183, B. Van Meter 178, K. Pasquale 189, L. Holt 170-177460, A Shafer 167, L. Centers 166, P. Busfcerk 175. P. Smith 162-166, C. Layman 165, S. Gaby 163, A Savini 166. > ' -•''.: COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL . - W L K of C No. 10 ... 9V4-2J4 Lowe Roofers 8V4 $A. Barnett Bargain Barn 8 4 R-Bar . • •- : Team No. 9 Surnettsville -. Jones -Auto Service "arm Bureau Quagh'o Sub Tavern Shafer Hardware ledde.Readv Mix President Of Plant Af Peru Succumbs PERU-Victor J Mueller, 62, president of* 1 the W A Laidlaw Wire corporation died at 145 p m Fnday at'Rochester, Minn A resident of Peoria, HI, lie was admitted to the hospital on Sept. 25 The Laidlaw plant in Peru will 'be closed Monday out of respect to Mi. Mueller. Mr. Mueller was also president of eight subsidiary corporations throughout the midwest v 7 &A 6 6 6 3 MueHHausen No. 5 6 6 6 9 2 10 l J /4 1014 1 OVER AND OVER—This picture, taken from the highway, shows how far the car rolled after crashing off U.S. 24 early Saturday morning. The distance'is 345 feet. Two of the four persons 'in the car were injured. The" accident-occurred a mile and one-half "east of Logansport.- (Staff Photo) P Davis 591, C Quillen 553. 200 Games—W. Reitemeier 214, P. Davis .225,' M. Lococo,201, K. Rudig 214,-R. Jfethercutf-200, S. Wagner 220, V. Spencer 208, J Hammon 201, L. Handschu 204. Gilead's team includes Jim Coffing, David Damron, Dennis Nestleroad and Carl Miller. -They'had a team score of 598. -Eldpn Conner's score of 210-was high for the contest 4 Candidates For Class Office At Peru PERU — Four candidates are McCloskey-Hamilton Kahle 10 seeking the" officer body president at of student Peru high school. They are John Wolf, Jim Gothard, John Atkinson .and Mike Reinhardt. The candidate receiving the largest vote will serve'as president and preside over the student council while the candidate with the second, highest will serve as •vice-president With Alaska and Hawaii in the union, the geographic center of population has a westward shift. It was last placed in South Dakota, at a point 17 miles west of Castle Rock in Butte County. This point is 14 miles east of the junction of the borders of South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. In the early days of Bermuda^ Team-Summaries — R-Bar won three from Team No. 9; Quaglio Sub won three from Jones Auto; Burnettsville won 2 ] /4 from Muehlhausen No. 5;'--Harrietts': won two from Lowe Roofers; Hedde Ready Mix won two from Farm Bureau; K "of C won .two '. from Shafer Hardware. 600 Series — Art Bririkruff 643 (238-224-181), C. Quillen 633 (173226-234), H. Smith, 641 (208-224209). 550 Series-S. Kalb 572,- R. Holloway 554, C. Albright-550. C. Rodgers 554, J. Campbell 550, W. Fowler 582, L,- Rivers 596,- Sheets 570, Martin. 569, R.-Green .653, F. Lannelly 578, L. Handschu 562, T..Poduch v 556, S. Corso 582. 200 Games—J,.Quillen 214, C. Albright 210, C. Rodgers 220, J. Campbell 202, W. ..Fowler .202-233, L. Rivers 222. C. Maxwell 204, ,Sheets 212, Martin 210-227, R. Green 236, L. Handschu 204-201, T. Poduch 232, J. Gilsinger 202, S. -Corso 223, FRATERNAL-COMMERCIAL W Rendezvous 9 Barney's Bar ' 9 Western Tire 9 Berman's Supply 8 D & K'Body Shop 4 Coca Cola 4 Kroeger Funeral Home 4 Spencer-Marathon 3 Team Summaries — Barney's Bar won three from Coca Cola; Western Tire won three from A. J. Olsen; McCloskey-Hamilton-Kahle won three from D. & K. Body Shop; Rendezvous won two from Spencer Marathon; Kroeger Funeral Home' won two from Bermans Supply. •• 600 Series—R. Gallaway 615 Candidates In Midwest On Saturday .By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The presidential campaign thundered back, into the Midwest'Sat- urday with Sen'.- JofurF. Kennedy criticizing GOP farm policies and Vice President Richard -M. "Nixon accusing his opp'onent of a "reckless and^irresponsible" attack on president Eisenhower. Kennedy also called for American economic aid to Tielp Poland restore its independence-from' the 'Soviet'system. The Democratic nominee fired his criticism at Republican farm pledges during s Minneapolis speech. His call for aid to Poland was made during a Chicago address, to the ' Polish-American Congress. Nixon, campaigning through Ohio and into Indiana,: kept hitting at a foreign policy speech Kennedy made Thursday night at Syracuse, N.Y. Ignore Khrushchev Among other things, Kennedy told his Syracuse audience: "I am tired of reading every morning what Mr. Khrushchev is doing or what Mr. Castro is doing. I want to read what the President, of the I United States is doing ... We have been hypnotized by the glare of the headlights from the-oncoming car instead of looking at the road ahead ... I think we can do better." Nixon said Saturday, "I cannot allow this attack on the President's leadership and his prestige to go unanswered when it carries with it the'hopes of the-,entire world at this crucial jH&3ent. "The senator owes it ^o his party and to his country to 'erase these irresponsible attacks on; the (181-224-210), H. Pashong 616 (199203-214), H. Smith 675" (225-224226). 550 Series—W. Reitemeier 563,' Chiropractors Honor Gary Man LNDIANAPOLIS Fred H. Maisel (AP) of Gary Dr named "Indiana Chiropractor of the Year" Saturday night" at the Indiana , State . Chiropratic Assn. convention here. Dr. Maisel -has been • practicing since 1914. New officers and directors of the association will be named at Sunday's session. Sammy. Boulmetis, who has campaigned successfully at New York; race tracks-this season, last year rode the winners of 19 stakes Iracas, Irish Lose Heavily, 2 Players Injured SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — Notre Dame lost, two regulars.for the season Saturday in addition to suffering an unexpectedly lop-sided 51-19 defeat by Purdue. Left halfback Bill Mack, j troubled by an ailing knee last season, hurt the other leg in a desperate attempt to stop a pass from Purdue's Bernie Allen to 6- foot-5 Manzie Winters in. the Irish end zone. The pass was allowed on the 1, setting up one of Purdue's seven touchdown's, and Mack was carried off on a stretchr er. .-'•-. •'"•'". ; Weather Elsewhere By, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. Albany, clear Atlanta, clear Bismarck, cloudy Buffalo, cloudy ?oston, clear Chicago, -cloudy Cincinnati, clear Cleveland, - clear Denver, cloudy Des Moines, cloudy Detroit, clear Fairbanks, cloudy Fort Worth, cloudy Honolulu, cloud} Indianapolis, clear- Jacksonville, clear. Jiineau, rain Kansas City, rain •"Los Angeles, clear Memphis, clear Miami Beach, cloudy Milwaukee, rain . , •Mpls.-St. Paul, cloudy New .Orleans, cloudy New York, clear Omaha, cloudy Philadelphia, . clear Phoenix, clear Pittsburgh, clear Portland, .Me., clear Richmond, clear St. Louis, cloudy San Diego, clear 56 83 67 55 61 68 70 60 81 75 61 45 90 85 69' 85 51. 86 76 84 89 61 -63 M 61 75 63 93 60 58 66 77 74 44 62 4 1 ) 40 53 48 43 34 49 44' 53 29 67 78 42 68 46 53 60 56 76 35 '42 60 49 46 50 71 38 49 52 49 61 01 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .18 .. .. ,, .46 ., ... M .. ., „ f r .07 .02 .. " > ( | NO SPACEWOMAN"— Mrs. Sandy Waldrop goes about | her Mtchen chores iii : Dallas, j Tex., -wearing a space suit specially designed, for her but not for space. Mrs. Waldrop had been suffering" blackouts caused by a circulatory, condition. 'The suit, designed at Carswell Air Force 3ase, forces blood to flow •normally in ner veins, enabling; her to move comfortably and/safely. Right end John Powers also suf- fered'a leg injury that will bench him the rest of the season. San Francisco, clear 62 Seattle, cloudy 68 Tampa, clear • 89 Wsahington, clear 64 Winnipeg, cloudy 59 U.S. South Pole Stn. M (M-Missing) .10 W.est Virginia's coach, formerly George King, new. basketball starred in "the National Basketball Assn. He played for the Syracuse Nationals. Truck Hifs Bike, Killing Boy Of 14 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS : Danny Banner,. 14, Seflersburg, was killed Saturday/-when 'Ms "bicycle was hit : by; a 'truck on Interstate 65 about one fourth mile south of Sellersburg. The truck driver, Ralph W. Dodson, 21, Doyle, Tenn., told state police he struck the boy as he tried to pass n two youths, .jading bicycles.along the superhighway. Dodsoh was-.arrested on- a reckless, driving charge. The .. language' a tourist hears when he visits Wales today is very much the sam^ one that the Romans-heard when they invaded Britain in 54 B. C. they may look alike...but mere'* a DEMOCRATIC Fish Fry -Rally LOGANSPORT NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1960 FISH SfRVIO: 5:30 to 8:00 p. m. BYJHE ' FAMOUS AKRON JONAH ClUB HEAR SENATOR MATHEW E. WELSH DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR Cass Co. Democratic Committee President of the United States."If he Kennedy — wouldj talk less and read more, he would have learned that the President has heen 1 giving dynamic" leadership in this situation to the causa of peace and freedom. He has been applauded by the entire world.' In his Minneapolis speech, Kennedy contended that GOP promises to farmers are just a reissue of Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson's farin program decorated with "slick new delusive slogans." On Ag, Program Kennedy said there has .been a "performance gap in agriculture" iunder the Republica*n administration and that if, Nixon is elected "it is a gap which will continue ,to grow," ' He said, "We wiE not raise farm incomes and reduce, farm surpluses'until we accept the hard fact that we must sell less to earn more," > In his Chicago speech/earlier in the day, Kennedy offered a seyen-point v 'plan"'for"helping,"-to restore Polish independence.;,. In 'additioa.to the economic aid ior Poland, .Kennedy proposed.ex- panded 'frade^and^tourisE^sthe' i/sning.of.U.S. doors,io;"refugees from the' terror of- tyranny,", increased- exchanges j jo£,students' l and' teachers, ^.and" 1 -efforts,-, top restore Poland's identification withjWest- -erri Europe,iriste'ad-of"the Soviet '• empire.- 1 -" 11 'V 1 ' ^ .'••'.'":, Is the one that dries clothes... FASTER No other dry'er can match the speed 1 of a Gas Clothes Dryer. It's the one that will dryyour clothes as fast as yogr' automatic washer washes them: BETTER Because a Gas Dryer dries'faster, it is better for drying woolens ... especially blankets. Towels come out fluffier* too.'And remember, speedy.dry ihggives clothes longer life; CHEAPER You can dryyourcfothes for just about a penny a, load with\a Gas Clothes pryer.This is only aboat one-fourth as much as it costs to operate otrwr kinds of clothes dryers. LET PROVE IT'S THE ONE FQR YOU! NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICEC O M P A,N Y FRED A; .HAUSS, District Manager,

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