Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 17, 1977 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 17, 1977
Page 1
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• Horn* Pap«r Of Communities Founded In 1844— WEDNESDAY RVENING, AUGUST 17, 1977 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA 46947 Phoni 219-753-75)1 1M4—J Pric-i P.r Copy, 4 ! w»nty C»nt« MEMPHIS. Tenn. lUPl, - Oriel- stricken Jans today maintained a.viglt ^f^ 6 ,,"* 8ft*s ot Graccland Mansion ***«&Ms Presley, the King ot rock -n' roll, lived as a virtual recluse and ° f hcar ° World Mourns Elvis The body of the 42-year-old £inger was found on a bathrooom door of the ornate IB-rotm mansion where he apparently coUit»ed *nd. died alter a vigorous game at racquet ban earllerth the day! His body was lo bemoved from a funeral nonve »t 11 :3o a.m. lo GraceJand where his (ana .were !o be permitted lo view ii from 3 Efu^^" 3 ' Priva te family services wilt be held Thursday aflernoon with burial at Foret-HIlls Cemetery where PresleVs mother Is burled. PoJlce guarded the gates 10 the mansion and two officers patrolled the grounds In a < ?Z. °* ?l - Bo * P° !lce sald 'here had not been any reportsof fans trying to crash the g*t« or sneak onto the mansion grounds o^^P?'?- hls road ma " a X". found ™»<Ts body on the halhroom floor of Gracelawl at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, but doctors later said the singer could have been dead si nee 9 a,m . °I: J f rry Francisco. the Shelby Countv medical examiner, said an autopsy indicated Presley died of "cardiac arryth- mla." which he described as a "severely Irregular heartbeat." "The precise cause of death may never be discovered," said Francisco who also .performed the aulopsy on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. afler the civil rlghls leader was assassinated In Memphis In I96S. Francisco said Presley suffered from hlgli blood pressure and "some coronary artery disease." and IJie Iwo diseases could have caused Ihe cardiac arrylhemia Both Francisco and Dr. George Nlchopolous, the singer's personal physician, said there were no traces of drugs other than the medicfne Presley was taking for hypertension and a colon problem. Fans began flocking to Graceland soon after the announcement of Presley's death. Many maintained an allnight vigil ' Tonl GInicr. 3G. Oklahoma City, and *• red Lalezarzadeh. 22, who were driving bacfc to Oklahoma from Florida, heard Ihe news about 30 miles from Memphis and -drove to the mansion. Tonl said she was hysterical. -| was in bad. bad shape. To think I u-ould never see him again." She described herself as a Presley "faratic" who attended more ih;in 100 of his concerts. Presley's former wife. Priscilla. ac- cording lo a spokesman for Ihe Presiev family, was being flown In on his private jet from her home In l,os Angeles Although Mchopolous had examined the singer and found him lit less than a w«rt; ago. Presley had been hospitalized five times in recent years. He had also be«n fighting a weight problemslnce his 30's. Although doctors found no evidence of drug abuse during the aulopsy Tuesday a former bodyguard told a Chicago Siin- nmcs reporter just hours before PresleVs death that his "drug habit is so severe that I m convinced he is In danger of losing his Delbert West, who was a Presiev bodyguard lor 10 years, said Presiev needed drugs to get up. sleep, perform and even to go lo Ihe bathroom. Presley, who catapulted to fame and fabulous wealth in the I95(h with such nil* as "Hound Dog" and "Heartbreak Hotel " had visited a denlisl Monday night and returned lo Graceland in play racquet tali with members of his entourage until B a m Tuesday Espoiilo found him Tuesday afternoon I) ing fully dolhed on a bathroom floor. "He was lying on his face on Ihe floor " said Niche poulns. "The people in the house- with him uere asleep and were not awat- 11 that anything abnormal had transpired.' New Cass Wage Plan Approved ByDONFREEHAFER City Editor Cass County employes will work under o new salary program. m< * sl 8iwd«o reward merit. v, and experience in counts- received a favorable the county council when It nl y Commlsslnner -- !nt meeting. ot , he and council in the countv highway garage Tuesday night Presently, all first deputies In countv ' . lhe res P*"«i»>llitk-s that e.. and all other depulles receive 15.700 per year regardless of their t . x . perjence or responsibilities . P SwTf?l Sa " ni " rel took omcp hL> «"" tended the presel salary- proeram wa-s both to the empliyls 3^/0 "he because new emploves were Furthermore, deputies with illtle t v were receiving £ lime ""^ lvith » real -' ,:'wid raises were being gii * Sabalini has been wo'rting for months on his proposed new salary program. He first collected job descriptions for all offices and employes in the courthouse. He then selected and ranked key jobs, evaluated the remaining jobs by "comparing them with the key jobs, and calculated lhe total value for each Job. Under bis proposal, county employes will be divided into n grades." based upon their responsibilities and work, with 'a minimum and maximum salary lor each grade. Goal of the new salary program is lo p;u wages equivalent lo rates for the- same type of work In the immediate area to maintain equal wage ranges for work of similar difficulty and responsibility in county government, and to recognize" jjomi performance by means of merit increases Sabatini said.. " " Employes will be evaluated each \v;ir by the elected county official for whom they work and when a new employe is hired, the salary will tx b'aKxi upon experience. Sabatini said a comniitttv nl L -um- missioners and councilman will meet next Tuesday lo draw up lhe minimum and maximum salaries for each grade The council will have final determination Because of their comparatively low salaries, twin the rouniy i-onimissionL-rs find the county councifmen have been placed in the lowest wage grade scale. The n wage grades as prepared liv Sabatini are; Wage Grade 1: Clerk. Auditor Treasurer and Shcrilt; Wage O;i<u< •'•' Recorder. Surveyor, and Couniy Assessor'- VJage Grade 3: Lieutenant. Sergeant". Probalkxi Officer. Superintendent of Park and Recreation. I'miniy Health Nurse Saniltrian. and Public Defender. Wage Grade 1: Palrolmi-n. I'ourl Reporter. Superintendent of Count v llnmc Clinical Nurse, and Shi-riffs Muirnn- Wage Grade Si Deputy Surveyor. Investigator. Judges of Circuit anrt Supi-rior Court. Veterans Service Officer, anrt Kcl Township Assessor. Wage Grade 6: First Dt-putici in offices oi Cpuniy Assessor, flerlc. Treasurer jnti Auditor, the Sheriffs Office Deputy fourl . Kirst txpuly in Countv K\tension Office. Health Department Clerk Court Bailiff, and Secretary of the Planning Comrr.iision and Drainage Bctird Wane Grade 7: Second- Deputies for C Icrk. Auditor. Treasurer and Assessor • Couniy Apenl. TB ClinicClerk. Courthouse Matron. County Home Cook. Regiitnilton Deputy. Surveyor's Second Dcputv Recordor's First Deputy. Para-leR^i AfKisilant. und Court Stenographer W.-IJJP t7rjdc 8: Third and Fourth Dopunes fnr flerk. Auditor and Trcasurvr Rccorrter's Second Deputy Kuclio Operators. Court Bailiff. Curoncr Weights and M ensures Inspector, and Eel Township First Dcpuiy Assessor: Waso Grade •i: Clerk and Auditor Fifth Deputies Cuunty Attorney. County Kxtcnsion Clerk Agricultural A sent, and Itnnu- Kconomic-i Agent. W B g t . Grade j U: Memorial Home tuslodian. Assistant Park Superinl^ndem and Health DfliL-er. Waco Gride !)•' Coroner's Clerical Assistanl. Ctim- misstnncrs. Councilmcn. Animal Hoard Clerical Assistant. Board Members Coun Conimixsioncrs. anrf P^rk Eiookkccpcr- Secrclar>' -I know the present prnccdurr has \*.-<.-n used for a great many years." said .Subjlim. "hut 1 bvltcve. like cveryllnne else, ihere is always a lime for change as long as Ihe changes arr bonclicial !n jll parlies "This may not be a plan Iliui will mrel everyone's approval. l)ul il is a Flan and can be modified." hu declared He expressed Ihe opinion it will result ir. a javinp to the countv and al the sair.o lime be ix-neficu! lo i-uuni\ I'mplnyes Health Office Plans Hypertension And Family Planning Programs Cass County will get Hypertension and Family Planning Programs. Plans for the development of lhe two health programs with federaMunds were explained to the Cass County council and county commissioners Tuesday nlghl by Dr. Lowell Hlllis. county health officer, at the beginning ot their four-hour meeting In Ihe county highway garage. Assisting Dr. Hillis in an explanation of how federal funds could be used lo expand health services in Cass Couniy were three representatives of the Northern fndiana Health Systems Agency. Tom Teehl- mcyer. James Bell, and Wesley Cinder Dr. Hlllis explained that an estimated 2.5W people in Cass County are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure and they need trea tment. He said present blood pressure testing in the county is entirely mBd«rja!e and there is no 'follow-up program to assure treatment for those who need it. Some people doing the testing do not have the necessary expertise to give accurate readings, he asserted. He and Cinder. Rural Health Planner said the program planned here will be a pilot project as a satellite of a similar program already in operation in South Bend df the 2.564 who have high txxxt pressure m Cass Couniy. only 321 ;ire hcme adequately treated now. 'Kinder .said Another :C1 are licirp inndeqoatclv treated while 541 others wlin are awari- they have hypertension prc not being treated at all and i.aa of the 2.5« dn nnl even know they have high blood pressure. Heart altaclu and strnjces arc .tmnnRthr frequent results of fiiRh blood pressure, il was pointed oul. and a check by tht- Nor- Ihjjrn Indiana Health Systems Agency showed the rates for heart disease, stroke and disease of lhe arteries arc higher in Cass than in the 24 counties of the region as a whole. , » The Cass Health Dcpartmcot plans to develop a coumy-wf,3e blood pressure screening program through Ihe utilization of a part-lime registered nurse ur Ik^.^ praciical nurse at various focal ions on j rejrular hasi?. Coordinatinc «°'Mt other agencies lhai condufl blnod pressure screening programs With clerical support frnm the health olfk-c. a referral program lor proper fntlnw-ups hy local physicians is planned t'osl nl the program was st-t al 54 6W including S4.uOo for lhe part-time niirse and Sfifil' fur iravol expense. The program is e.tpectcrf to resuli in .1 reduction m lhe Cass County mortality rile over a poriixl nf several years, il ivas poinu-d oul Coordination will be e-lablisfted with Ihe Specialised Center ol Research. Ihe Indiana I'nivcrsiiy Medical Center, and the American rlcart Association. Cinder saiti Or Hillis said -ho Kamily Planning Program Ih-il is bcmp planned hen: is not going to be limiled ir. birth control measures, but will also embrace a more thorough cancer detection program lhar. has been attempted here in thepaM. Harvest Festival At Kewanna Will Begin Thursday Afternoon KEWANNA— Kewanna's annual Harvest Fe»tlva! will open here Thursday for a thrce>d»yrun. \l~7:X-t:m: on opening "nlghl. lhe festival queen pageant wilt be held Eight girls from Ktwanna High School seek the They Include freshmen Lori Morgan and Cheryl James, sophomores Julie Marklcy and Kiren Bartram. Juniors Ann Wilson Jg.J«Jy.peWllt and seniors Kelly Good iflo Donna Johruon. The queen was selected July 17 during ?*7 H £ S " 0 !l nRa ' "*h««"rf M«. Kennv Coo*. Sjut lhe name w-ii) OQ. be revealed until th. flrrt night of the festival e 5 p.m. with n sltatehoard contest Dailv activities include bingo, food lent, caraiva'l 1^.1 artS a " d crafls show - antique exhibit, merchants tent, flea m.irkei country bazaar and drawings each nlaht a! .. Entertainment Thursday includes Kayo nawnport nnd Nina al 7 p.m.. , hc Nc ' w . n a> 'n SS Cre a! S:!S and a : eha "t <alk hv RonPrllllmsnal9:.lo. ; FrJtJay"B slate Includes a!Ic!dd!e parndc at a p.m., crowning of the festival princess and prince al 6. talent show at 7 snunre . of Ihi ! y«r, contest are dward Le«ienby and M n . Ala Tht .ctlviilea actually Jl y at On Saturday, there will be a micro tractor pull with three, fouriar.d five pound classes at u am. and JR police doe dtmonslraUonallrlSpm ! The Wg event Salurday Is Ihe Krwanna Harvest Festival parade, this ye ™ featuring senior citizens; of U* com- muntly. There will be a micro pull ol six and seven pound classes at A p m entertainment by the The Ifarvcstaircs- at S?rd nd ThC S ' nglnf Snpr "f at 9 p.m. Special parade entries include the Tippec.inoc Ancient Fife and Dram Corps which parade officials Mid just relumed from Connecticut where lhe group uon first place In the national contest of 100 entries The group was judged the most historically authentic. Another parade group will be the !2ih Calvary, company K. irnh regiment of Indiana volunteers from Plymouth. Officials said Ihe group is Ihe only fifficial Civil War group In the s.'.ate. The group recommlsslonedbyGov Otlj Howrnasan official Civil War militia to represent lhe state, will be In Ihe parade In their complete Civil War uniforms wllhartlllpry However, when Ksjas'ta founded lhe alarm, lhe mansion becsir.e a scene of "lotal confusioji." the doctor said. "Everyone was running around Irvine 10 call an ambulance." Esposito tried to give Presley moulh-io- mouth nsuscitation and .Mcho'pouloi look over when he arrived al 2:35 p.m. "1 am sure he was <te=d at that time, but we continued resusciiaiion because hi* pupils were small." Nichopouios said" adding that a dyine person's pupils usuallv dilate During lhe seven-minute i.-ip by ambulance lo Baptist Hospiial.' iv,o technicians tried tc revive Presley \mh a cardiopulmo.-.ary resuicMa;iar. mscntr.e "There was no response." said Hiarlic Crosby, one oi itw technicians. A leasj o: dociors El the hospital coslir.ued lhe effort but gave up 2! 2: :!0 p r. Nichopoulos rf.cmed to Graceland to" tell Presley's father. Vemon. ihst hi^ son was iiesc Vernon broke lhe news to Presley'? only chili Lisa Msne. «. the singer's daughter bv bis divorced ivifc Priscilla. Also at Ine mansion was Ginger Mde-n. 3 »-year-old Memphis beauty queen soon '.obe Presley's second wife- As word of Presley's dc-alh was n&shiv! to the world, radio slalions smund the nation beean playing the singer's re-cords News Briefs Local . A rural Kewanna! young woman is the new ilndiana Holstein Princess. PAGE 2 The preliminary damage report of vandalism done to the North White School In Monon this week is $10,000 to S15.000 PAGE 2 State A scJiedtUe of events for Lhe 1977 Indiana State Fair lAug 1828. is listed. PAGEH National Elvis Presley was * muKi- miUkmrnlr*, &ut he never forgot where became from. AcidtUonal stories about the slnger'k life are featured. PAGES | Sports The Lewis Cass Kings have a new coach and a championship attitude. PAGE 17 Pulaski County Reports Third Traffic Death Local Youth Wounded In Shooting Accident A Lopansport youth is m serious condition al Silcy Hospital in Indianapolis following a shooting jccidfnl here Tuesday. Fourtc-en-year-old Jeff Duncan. liS Eel River Ave . -Aas struck in Ihe mouth by a±2 caliber shell which was accidentally fired (rom a gun belonging in Jim Bnpancp. S2S \V. Melbourne Ai c. The acciden! occurred al aboul :i::ty p.m Tuesday at ihp Bnpance home According to Palrolman Homer Shafer 01 Lagansporl Police. Brigancc and Duncan were playing with a Winchester ±! caliber semi-aulomalic ride, which Jim Brigance. Duncan, and Tom Brigancc. Jim's brother had laXen squirrel hunting on Monday. Jim was in ihcbalhroomand.lelf was in lh<? kilchen. but the Iwo could noi have been more than ihrec feet apart. Shater Animal Control Board Wants Enforcement A:\iniii! <_T!-,' k rnl rr.lorcemenl problem Board ;hrt^ieni;;^ :o rwiLin bec.iuiM? i Control ordinance :hi- count staled. The gun. which Jim Brigance was holding, discharged when Jim pulled the trigger. Shafer said. Jim tuld Officer Shafer Uiat when he pulled lhe trigger he had forgotten that the rifle still had one shell left from the squirrel hunt.. The shell entered Jetfs lip. passed through his tongue, and lodged In his mouth. Jim Brigance told Sharer that the shooting was an accident and thai he and young Duncan were the best of friends. According to Shafer. Jeffs mother. Joyce Duncan,-said she was sure lhe shooting was accidental. After the accident. Jeff was Ujten to Memorial Hospital from which he was transferred lo Rilev Hospital. Johnson New FBI D/recfdr nsI •* as kji!«j none t>: here !tv:.-i m 1: el-'icle smash-up . -. t'ourv.i Depui-. i orory- B,i>. UinHcht ^;ri Terr;. Aile'- Davissc.i. '2i died of massu-e head and intrmal ir.ju.-w-~ in the •:!• 15 a re. 2CCitfc.it onl' S ^;i -us! south ot rounty Road 3«JS Countv police said fjavisiar; «-sj- rn route souih or. 4;; 1,1 his )-?7fiau!orooJjj!e His 5pee<1 Mas an e<;i.-T.j:e!j SiX> milo OPT hour, police staled '. After rounding an S cun-e. 'the auto wen' out nl cor.trnl. crossed Uw c^.iter iirw and h:i a fence on in* opposile si* of the road Officers sa:d the car c-sr.-.ir,oe-3 snti hi! z telephone pole, ,-oilec! oa its sfde i4o feet *er.\ through 3 soy .he^.i fieid. snc (inaliv strucS arnXhe,-iclcph,->ns-pole Upon impact uith the Wc-nnd p.i]o, ilw driver v--as thmvm ftn-r, r.iscs- :;s feei police stated. i The (Seath was the shird traffic fatulitv '.or PutasJii COOTIV this vear The lx>dv was taken to the querrj-.'L'ltricW Funeral Horn*. Francen-tile. | Davisson was a resident df S2si Stews;-. nri-.-e in Rensselssr ! com- m-.ssinr,cr> f.axv callpd :i incvlin« ol rneir.6ers 3! that c-rvarci. the proscx-utor shenif. and ci'.y p«-ihcv- Thc mcotiRp ».!li «K. held al in a m M.wd3». Sort [<t. m thi- mi jn!-. cnm- mi.W)nners caartroon; The coramiswoncry aurmg ihrtr regular meeting Monday heard j report (mm Kd Fcx of Boyd Pbelps eneineenng companv South Bend. or. Ihe South Third Sirtvi bndges. u-hich Lhe stale wants the enuntv to-rake over Upon >Jw motion of Commissinner Anthony Saijatmi. Ihe (ward re^uesteij (.tic stale lo install new sidewalks and new curbing and make repairs to the tfirricrs tx>tore the county accepts ihera Dick Horn. Lafayette, conn ;id. ministrator for juvenile services. Indiana Criminal Justice Planning Aeency. asked the county 10 appropriate £275 a year «i a juvenile delinquency evaluation 'program can be set up he.-e similar to the one m enecl in TippecanoeCounly. The commissfoncrs decided in have -i representative of the Youth Services Agency and Lt. James Jackson of the Police Juvenile Aid Division meet with the board at 10 a.m. Sept. 6 to consider Horn's proposal. r a n-h Carter * cho.« to hearf the FBI is ran M Johnson Jr a tobacco-chewing federal ludge from Alabama who authoreda volley of louc h desegregation. rulings a generation a S o. government sources sav n-»h, m h rislralinn orficia 's «*d Tuesdav night the mnnihi of searching itor a new airocior^.o replace Clarence IteJIev tad endca will, the naming of Johnson, i man George Wallace once- called an -|n- liar 1 """"' carpcIb;1 Sgin-. scillawagin' The official announcement of lhe election was expected laiertodav Johnson. 5R. is a rpgisiered Republican from Ihe same district in which Allornev General Gnlfin Bell once serx-ed as a federa; apprtlale judge He hails from the Alabama hill country, and boosted Dwlght D Eisenhower (or the presidenu-v in 1952 The Weotfeer F o r e c a s t Tuesday's high was 89 at 5 p:m. The 3-1 hou r low was 65 a 17 a .m Wcdmsd av. . Clcir tonight. Lou-s in toe upper Mr lo tower •SSs north tod sos to tower eoa south. SUffly- TtntrsOiy. Higks - A photocopy of this (rent page iras supplied 6y the Indiana State Uray. Kewanna Contestants Seven ot the eight girts who wii] compete for Miss Xemnzui HirvesJ FesOril Tbursd«y mgjrt *re, l-r, Jucjy DeWltt, Cheryl itmcs. DOBD» Jotoisoo, Lori Morgan, Ann WUsat, Julie MarUey. ud Ktily Good. Karen •B*rtr»m is not.pictured. (SUf{ Photo) Go to our website and comment on this and other stories from che Famous Front Page series. WWW.pharOStribime.com While Supplies Last! 50°/< HOME FURNISHINGS 421 E. MARKET LOGANSPORT (574)753-6397 OPEN: M-TH10 TO 5PM; FBI. 10 TD 8PM: SAT. 10 TO 5PM; SUH. 12 TO 5PM 'See Store For OeJails.

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