Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 28, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1949
Page 5
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N Mol Heimer EW YORK— In spite of efforts by the intelligentsia and the professional reformers to discredit it, it seems reasonably true that prizefighting is a glamorous pastime. Roughly and uncouthly glamorous, to be sure, but »till f glamorous. Because of the lure that the public finds In two aborigines belaboring each other until. O happy day, the blood runs freely and the bells ™Z sweetly In their heads, the entertainment palace that te Madison Square Garden is known to visually one and all as the world headquarters of boxing Ther e are other joints of similar proportions dedicated to the same gruesome didoes— the Cow Palace in San Francisco, England's White City Stadium, Boston's Garden and Chicago's outdoozv Soldier Field— but when you think of fighting on a big-league scale, you trunk of the Garden Maybe the movies are responsible. The reason this strange state of affairs comes to present mind is that Mr. Gene Autry, his Brahma bulls, his ghost riders in the sky and his 40 beautiful cowgirls 40 (as the Broadway dance palaces. put »t) just have departed from the Garden after having occupied it for nearly a month with their rodeo. As one sits back to await the normal return of the bully boys and their right jabs and left hooks, one realizes that it will be some time before this return is accomplished on any regular scale. If it is accomplished at all. The rodeo has gone, but in its place will be arriving assorted other spectacles— everything, in fact, but an international spelling bee. which may be just around the corner. What we are trying to say is that, if prizefighting is king at Madison Square Garden, then the king is down in the basement •hming his shoes and awaiting permission to come back upstairs. Next in line, for instance, is the National Horse Show, in which galloping gluepots of less trickshot stature than Mr. Autry's Champion but with more consistency than the dubious steeds which circle Jamaica eight times daily in these dying moments of the thoroughbred season, will jump fences and flex their withers muscles all during the first week in November. Th«y may sneak a fight into the Garden in the week after th* Horse Show goes, but the boys only will be hanging up their hats temporarily, because on Nov. 17 an ice skating show checks in for 13 days and no sooner has that strange charade disappeared than the college basketball teams and the hockey clayers will arrive. • • e> • AND SO IT WILL GO, ALL WINTER, with extravaganza follow* ing extravaganza, and the poor prizefighters virtually dying on the rine. Oh. they will be squeezing a slugfest in here and there and the new International Boxing corporation, or Octopus, Inc., will be offering an occasional world's champeenship bout, but the sad truth is that the Garden no longer depends on them for its revenue. Why this is so, I do not know; I only know that it is so. It ia likely that these days there aren't enough skillful boxers coming out of the woodwork; too many muscular juveniles have decided that it's easier to punch a timeclock and go on strike every so often to relieve the monotony, than to pick up a tin ear and a paraffin nose in return for a paycheck. . All in all. and without bothering to pick up the phone and check with Lillian Jenkins, the Garden's press agent '(yes— a woman already yet). I should imagine that the biggest surefire attraction the year round at the Garden is Sonja Hehie's ice show. Next, likely, is the circus, which has come a long way since the days not too far back when the management "papered" the house liberally to keep the seats filled. Free seats to the circus these days are found considerably less easily than six-year molars in the head of a Rhode Island red. The most steady money coming in from a sports attraction at a guess, stems from college basketball, which plays a full twice- weekly winter season and packs the suck— ah, the customers— in «yery time, even when Duluth Teachers may be playing Spearfish formal. . ..... * » » * HOWEVEB. IF THE POOR PUNCH-DRUNK ONES no longer are important in the life of the Garden, their casual glamor still surrounds the place and permeates the atmosphere, whenever you come within firing distance. . Up the street a piece is Lou Stillman's training gymnasium and the pug» and their handlers shuttle back and forth between there ' and the Garden the way the lifted-pinky set flings itself with abandon from the Stork to El Morocco and back. Ambitious young welterweights and old. disillusioned heavyweights always are hanging around the Garden. Panhandlers with bent noses and scrambled brains, who maybe once fought four-round prelims there, shuffle around in front of the joint, combing that t»th-to-50th-street block called Jacobs Beach, and always there seem to be a few kids around to whisper and point in awe when Rocky Gwziano or Ray Robinson appears on the horizon. All this has been going on at the Garden for nearly a quarter of a century ^ow.or-ever since it moved uptown from, logically Madison Square, where most people remember the old Garden only as the building on whose roof Harry K. Thaw shot Stanford White over the charms of Evelyn Nesbitt. The seating capacity of the Garden, incidentally, is listed in the almanac as a little, over 18,000— but that is when they put in the extra seaU for -fights . . . and they don't have many fights any more. Thi« may be 'sad. I do not know. My perspective ia neither Wide nor rietp enough. Gear Driven Electric Sewing Machine Equipped with Floating Gib Hook —Stitch Regulator — Forward and Reverse Sewing — Sewing Lamp — Floating Presser Foot — and many others. N«w Hoyw *l*ctric coitttU with th* rtyl«, quality atd ftnbh of the finest furniture. Servet equally well at end table or lamp rtond. Cleverly styled portable, with carry, ing cow of rich brown leatherette. COME IN—LET US SHOW YOU THE MANY FEATURES ON NEW HOME 15 Church St. 413 No. Main St. Naugatuck <Phone 6490—6491) Union City FREE PARKING FOR CUSTOMERS MTHOUGH more than a year has iapsed since she made her cele- arated lesi.p to freedom from the Russian Consulate in New York, Mrs. Oksana Kasenkina, 63, re- nembers the New York amfcu- ance driver who aided her. Re- lurning to Roosevelt Hospital tvhere she recovered from her injuries, Mrs. Kasenkina presents John Ingrassi with an autographed copy ol her new book, entitled "Leap to Freedom." (International) Jersey Woman )ies Of Crash Hurts (By United Press) Injuries suffered in an automo- >ile accident earlier this month lave taken the life of a Newark, . J., woman. Twenty-seven-year-old Mrs. Fannie M. Strong- was fatally injured n a two-car crash on the Meritt Parkway at Norwalk. field Responsible In Fatal Accident (By United Press) A sailor statio'ned at Groton is held criminally responsible for the leath of 67-year-old Mrs. Josephine oggins of New Haven. The coroner says that Cletus Blackwell had been drinking before lis car collided with another vehi- :le in which Mrs. Noggins was a. >assenger. File $1,500 Suit Raffalina and Nicholas DeRosa, faugatuck, ask damages of $1,500 n a civil suit filed in Waterbury Common Pleas court against Anonio Perugini, "Watortown. The ouple claims their car was struck y Perugini's car on Watertown avenue, Nov. 13, 1948. Four-Day Parley Set For Polio Foundation Group Mrs Thomas J. Spellacy of Hart- lord will represent Conriocsiprtt iu the fifth annual conference of Slate Advisors on Women',* Activities of the National Foundation for Infant!-:: Paralysis to be held at the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D. C., Nov. 7th through 10th, it was announced today by Basil O'Connor, Natonal Foundation president. Mrs. Snel lacy is co-adivflor and Mrs., Rus- E«l! Lee Jones, 80 Terry Road Hartford, is advisor on "Women's Aotvities for this state. G Women from 48 states, attending: the fourday meeting 1 , will be port on '.he financial crisis In their respective states as a result of the unprecedented polio epidemic whir.h summer exhausted the epidemic aid resources of the Na- tiona.1 Foundation and ita .2,800 Chapter?. The September emergency drive for funds to ansur« continued medical care for jpolio patients tWs year provided stopgap aid but more money is needed to meet the full needs of 1!H9 vie tima. • • Planning for the 195C March of Dimes, therefore, present a greater responsibility than in any other year, Mr. O'Connor pointed put The conference will consider ways and means of enlisting- ^fuller par- ticpation of women during the drive, when funds are sought to pay current polio bills for families who need assistance, continue aid to thostf stricken in earlier yeura! nnd provide for next summer's inevitable case-load, without curtailing the training- of medical personnel and research to nnd a preventive. Mrs Spel!acy, prominent leader civic affairs, is chairman of the Junior Red Cross in Hartford. She ig also a director of the Hartford Symphony Society and the Citizens Charter Committee, which introduced the cit.y manager form of government to Hartford two years ago. Her husband, the farmer 'mayor of Hartford, serves as "tato chairman of the March of Dimes in Connecticut. Mrs. Jones ha.3 been identified with the National Foundation program since 1939, serving as ar Executive Committee • member of the Hartford County Charter for many years. She is a member of the Colonial' Dames of America; Board of Directors of the Visiting Nun?e Association; the Union for Home Work; and a member, for the past 16 years of "the Board of Welfare Commissioners of Hart- 'ord New'Bikini'Suit THE CHINA INN 11 Harrison Ave. Waterbury Closed All Day Monday* Tuesday thru Friday Open iO A. M. to 10 P. M. Saturday 11 A. M. to 12 Midnight Sunday 12 Noon to 12 Midnight It's FREEf or the best cm PRICED 1946 OLDSMOBILE Deluxe Model "98", 4-Door Sedan. Radio, heater, seat covers. One of the cleanest used cars we have ever offered for sale. $1395 1947 CHEVROLET 2-Door Town Sedan. 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WTIC—Martin & Lewis 9:00—WATR—Ozzle & Harriett WTIC—Life ol Rilcy WBRY—Leave It To Jnan WWCO—Air Force Hour 9:30—WATR—TBA WTIC—Jimmy Durantc , WWCO—Enchanted Hour WBRY—Breakfast With Burrows 10:00—WTIC—Dr. I. Q. WBRY—YounK Love WATR—DeMarco vs. Saddler WWCO—News Commentator 10 :) 5—WWCO—Newsreel 10:30—WTIC—Sports Newsrcel WATR—Snorts Page WBRY—Capitol Cloakroom WWCO—Music You Want 10:45—WTIC—Pro nnd Con 11 :00—AI! Stations—News 11:15—WATR—Sporta /WTIC-News WWCO—UN Today WBRY—Nlto Shift 11:30—WATR—Gems ; Dance WTIC—Pastels In Rhythm WWCO—Damo Orch. 12:00—All Stations—News TEJjRV-IHtOlT WWI1C-TT Channel • : 00—Ted Steele Show :30—Tcletunes :00—Ncwsreel & Film Shorts :30—Easy Does It ' :4!i—Press Box fon—Kukla. 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