Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 27, 1949 · Page 11
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 11

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1949
Page 11
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MARCH OF EVENTS ftusiiont Unable to Locate Ntw Large Uranium Deposits Soviet Musi Largely Depend On Mines in Czechoslovakia Special to Central Press W ASHINGTON—Reports on Soviet Russia's atomic warfare potential reaching the United States indicate that the Reds, like the United States, have been unable to find any sizable new deposits of uranium. This was taken by intelligence officers to mean that the Soviets will be largely restricted in their use of atomic energy to the. uranium they can take from the mines at Jcachimsthal, Czechoslovakia. Historically, the Joachimsthal mines rank a poor third behind the Belgian Congo, whore the United States gets most of its uranium, and Canada, a secondary United States source of the mineral. Pitchblende, the ore for uranium, is also the major source of radium. It was originally mined in Czechoslovakia, but the Congo mine, discovered in 1915. proved so much superior that it gained a world radium monopoly for a time. Later, the Great Bear Lake mine in Canada managed to crowd into the radium market, but Czechoslovakia never again was able to compete with the Congo ore. Washington , . . . .• RUSSIAN ANSWER TO THE B-36 — The N*vy°s charge .that Russia has guided missiles which could knock down-the B-36 is not too seriously considered in top level United Elates defense thinking. Allowing all credit to the German scientists who reportedly have built the- Soviet rockets, most American military leaders do not believe the Russians^ have-reached a point where they could launch any considerable nunfber of anti-aircraft missiles with any degree of accuracy These leaders base their conclusions on American experience In yocket development, work which has had the benefit, also, of outstanding German scientists. To date, the United States has not been able to build into its rockets any. highly efficient means of guiding them to their targets Even with tne proximity fuse incorporated to insure explosion of the missile when it reaches the target area, American rocket experimenters think broad-scale rocket defense against air attack would be so "hit andTTiiss' as to be economically infeasible * * * * • TRUMAN AND THE NEW YORK ELECTION—Do not be surprised if President Truman reverses himself and decides to make a tpeech in New York on behalf of former Gov Herbert Lehman's •enatonal campaign. The President told a news conference that he has no current plans for such an address, but the experts anticipate that Mr Truman is ready to step into the off-year campaign the moment it seems strategic The Democratic national committee privately is conceding there Is a tough fight ahead for Lehman if he is to succeed in his drive to capture, the seat of freshman John Foster Dulles, Republican appointee to the post Thus far. the President does not agree, and some of his aides are advising him Lehman can win without White House help. However, present indications are that the distress signals will go up as the campaign waxes hotter late this month. Dulles is expected to run extremely strong in the GOP stronghold, upstate New York. Lehman is expected to get a heavy majority in New York City and its outlying suburbs. However, indications are that Dulles may come down to New York City with a majority of several thousand votes. That means Lehman must be an extremely top-heavy winner in the metropolis to land in the Senate. CELEBRATE. U.N/s FOURTH BIRTHDAY N. Y Slat* Versoj N. Y. City? NEHRU VISITS 'HONEYMOON FALLS' ABOARD THE FAMED VESSEL Maid o] the Mist, India's Prime Ministei Jawaharlal Nehru (center) gels a close-up view of Niagara Falls, America's traditional honeymoon spot. He is escorted by Canadian official! L. B- Pearson, Secretary ot State for External Affairs, and Robert H. Saunders. chairman of the Hydroelectric Commission. (International* Bristol Co. Instruments Described To Rotary Club Products of the Bristol Co., and their uses were described' yesterday noon by Frederick A. Foust, sales education director of the firm, at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Naugatuck Rotary club at the Y. M. C. A. In a brief resume of the company's history, Mr. Foust said it was founded in 1889 by Willium Henry Bnlxtol at Plaits Bridge. and three years later was located at its present site in Platts Mills. Mr. Bristol, with his brother, Franklin, began operating the plant by patenting a devise for steel fastenings. He later became an engineering professor at Stevens college. In 1D22 he turned the factory over to his nephew, Howard H. Bristol and in 1930 Professor Bristol died. Bristol Co. Instruments are known UH a standard of accuracy throughout the world, Mr .Foust said. Personnel of the firm totals about 800, fairly evenly divided between Nau- satuck and Waterbury residents. He told of the Quarter Century club, which has a membership of about 100. Statistics of the firm show that since its founding 200,000 recording pressure gauges have been NATIGATtJCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, OCT. «, 1MB—PAGJ5 II made and 140,000 recording thermometers, besides other instruments. The company handles 6,000 different kinds of charts to satisfy its customers' demands, and 90,000 different parts have been required in the development of various instruments, although at present some of the parts are obso- lute. Mr. Foust stated that during the war the Bristol Co. furnished pyrometers, which indicated the temperature of diesel engines in LST landing craft. The firm also developed the thermograph, a self- contained recording cylindrical instrument, which measured the temperature and depth of "water, and also assisted in underwater radar calculation. As a sideline the plant manufactures socket screws in the amount of 2,000,000 a week. During World War I the company made air speed indicators, and had its own wind tunnel. The speaker pointed out that besides industrial instruments, the plant handles an aircraft instrument line, which controls temperatures in airplane motors. He said the Bristol Co. is the largest of the industrial instrument makers to become employed in the aircraft instrument line. He spoke u£ the barometric pressure instrument, which records weather condition. He said with each 900 feet of altitude, barometers drop one inch in mercury. Barometric conditions have a great deal to do with one's physical feelings, he said. Mr. Foust told of artificial fever cabinets, for which instruments are made by the Bristol Co., and he said many years ago such a cabinet was ordered for Dowager Queen Mary In an attempt to combat her British asthmatic condition. He discussed the part the plant's instruments play in pasteurizing milk and sterilizing canned foods, as a safety measure. ARKANSAS COTTON Value of the Arkansas cotton crop in 1948 was more than 300 million dollars. HANORN CORN MUFFIN MIX HAS THAT HOME-MADf FLAVOi "Best I've ever tasted." That's what folks say who try corn muffin* made with Flakorn. The quality ingredients assure the flavor. And precision-mixing' assures the same delicious results at every baking. DOCTOR DIES Death has taken a well known Torrington physician. Dr. Emcv- son E. Hill, \vlio -V.-B.S about 50 •ears old, died suddenly yesterday at his home. He was on the staff at the Charlotte Hungerford hospital at Torvington. INDIA IMPORTS New Delhi—India imported $20.25 million worth of machinery a month during the 1948-49 fiscal year, mostly from the U.S. CREMATING THE FOURTH birthday of the United Nations, youngsters under the guidance of Mrs. Carlos Romulo, wife of U.N. General Assembly president, blow out cake candles at the International Nursery School, Lake Success, N. Y. The children, born when the organization itself came into being, are (L to r.): Evalina Correa, Chile; K. Nathur, TnHja t arid Rita Jimenez of, the Philionina Iilandr. ' International) NEHRU RECEIVES COLUMBIA DEGREE AT A SPECIAl CEREMONY at Columbia University, New York, General ot the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, president of the university, hands a scroll designating an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (right), Prime Minister of India. Later, the Indian r ta»P CT "F'7 r" 11 *"* f"t aa * *° world armaments race, (international). 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SIZE CLEAN STOCK APPLES BOSC PEARS YELLOW ONIONS MUSHROOMS SPINACH TURNIPS PUMPKIN 4 6 5 LB CTN FO« Z7 C 29° 39 C REGALO BRAND P. E. I. YELLOW LB BAG SNOW WHITE LB 49 2 1002 ^ AC CELLO JLTF . 3 us 10 c 3 C NATIVE LB . Customers'* Comer Is it wrong for us to give you more good food for your money? Is it wrong for you to shop at our stores if by so doing you will make our business grow? Apparently the antitrust lawyers, who are trying to put A&P out of business, think so. Apparently the American people don't agree with the anti-trust lawyers, for many, many thousands of them are writing and saying: "We like A&P, and we don't want them put out of business." Pork Prices f Joint! 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