Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 27, 1949 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1949
Page 9
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Rep. Patterson Enlightens Constituent On GOP Philosophy Rep. James f. Patterson, in answer to a. letter from a constitu- ant. today pave his views on the difference between the Republican and Democratic 1,-arties. He states that he is unat>le to answer the question posed by the writer of the letter, but lists "fundamental statements upon which I base my mem- bershir in the Republican Party." The "text of Rep. Patterson's letter follows: Dear Mr.— Thank you for your most interesting letter of October 14, 1949. The contents were most provocative in th?-t they posed a question which I am unable to answer; to wit "Since the House voting on the new Social Security bill, it is hard to tell the difference between a Democrat and a. Republican — if you can find him. will you please point out a man for whom I oan vote who has some cotrsciousness of the welfare of, small b-.isir.ess?" You see. I hadn't guessed that a vote against Social Security dis- tir.guUhed a Republican from a Democrat because the platform adc -ted by the Republican National Convention in 1P4S called for liberalization of the Social Security Act. Having been twic« nominated** ar.d elected to the Congress as a Republican. I assumed that my legislative record, in the main, conformed to tenets of toe Republican Party. This would seem 'to be a desirable occasion to outline my beliefs of the differences between the two great American political parties. Hoth are composed of people who generally have been raised, educated, and who have earned their collective living in this country over a period of years. Newly naturalized citirwns of both parties usual ly assimilate most of these characteristics Tt.3 well. I believe it a sj presumption to maJce, therefore, that one of us -^OPS not diffei radically frim his neighbors in his desires for himself, his family, his country ar.d its future—whether he be Republican or Democrat. I assume that although we seek the same objectives; we have differing philosophy as to the road travelled in accomplishing the identioal end result. In my opinion, the Democrat party has veered more and more to the belief that the American YOUR PIES CANT FAIL WITH FIAKO PIE CRUST MIX Just, think! Every pie you bake with Flako Turns out perfectly at every baking. That's because the ingredients are precision-mixed. No guesswork, Therefore no failures. You simply add water, roll and bake. people are either incapable of s-^lf- :Teservation or so spineless that .heir es-ery action must be guided by a benevolent government Whether this attitude is founded upon honest contention that thij is true or upon the pleasing and anesthetic short range effect upon large groups of our population. I do not know. This policy has re- suUe<l in their retaining national political supremacy for an almost continuous period of twenty years. This has not alone been the answer, however, as the policies of neotativisin by vhe national Republican policy-niaJiers has been an estimable contributing factor. Expressly because of this lack of cohesive determination is it 5-omP times imposEible to "tpll the difference between a Democrat and a Republican." Never during my political life have I feared tolling the (people of Connecticut's Fifth District for what I stood. Never have I apologized for my support for legislative measures. Political cowardice based on "expediency" avaJls a public nothing. Life is far too short to compromise principles for the sake of sinecure. I voted for increased soci:.-.l security coverage because I deemed it necossary for the well-being of our elderly citizens. Various forms of old age assistance had been adopted by the individual states long before the Nev.- Deal. Many were initiated by Republican Governors. Thus.. so-called '"Social Security < is not within the province - of only the Democrats. I voted against the national Public Housing Bill, not because, it was ' : socialistic'/ nor because it was a Democratic administration "must" matter; but on the basis that the same Democratic administration 'should have taken appropriate action long: before 194R, three years after the war ended The bill itself was an administration monstrosity, costing untold billions without corollary benefits. I voted for an increased minimum wage floor believing that American living standards should never agaJn descend to the level under the lf!3S act. In this, as in other instances, Republican support was evident, and in conformity to pledges to the people by the Republican platform. All of us generally, Republican or Democrat, subscribe to •r/rinci- ple? of freedom of enterprise and of the individual. It is in the specific application of these principles that the great difference appears. I believe that the R^tlublican Party stands for a floor xinder security and no ceiling over initia.- tive. It is this type of government which has sustained and nurtured our nation until it has become the strongest, wealthiest, and most self-sufficient in the world. I further believe that the Republican Party must more .vigor ously pursue a positive program-—; A FISHERMAN'S dream comes true for Louis Spray df Rice Lake, Wise., as he proudly poses with his record-breaking catch, a muskie weighing 69 pounds, 11 ounces. The previous record holder was 67 pounds, 8 ounces, (international) that we can progress neither by "me-tooism" noi' by being "agin- r.ers." The dominant characteristic of the Communist party is that it i,s "against" everything and everybody. For this reason, it ' could never be successful as an American political entity. Nothing further need be said concerning the "principles" of this psuedo-political party. The welfare of all our people if of great concern to me, and so long as I .shall represent the people of Connecticut in Congress, this fact shall be of paramaunt importance. The whole American populace mus tprospei' if we are to progress, no special favors can be granted to any group or groups unless some other segment suffers proportionately. All the3e are, to me, fundamental statements upon which I base my membership in the Republican Party. There is no doubt in my mind but that the Republican Party can best serve the needs of -our children. You may very well differ with my views, but I offer them to you in all sincerity—believing that the ,T.bove represents more closely the opinions and desires of those who are affiliated with our party. .Very., truly j-ours, James T. TPh.ttsr.sbn, TOT. C. On The Air Today 5 :30—WATK— NAUGATUCK NEWS WTIC—Just Plain Bill WWCO—Capt. Midnight 6 :4. r >—WATK—Afternoon Caner* WBKY—I'vivt MHHHCy Time WTTC—Front Page'" Farrell 6 :00—All Stations—News 6 : 15-^ WATR—Sports ol the Day WWCO—Sportocopc \VRUV—Stay Tunert lor Music WT 1C—Strictly Sports C : 30—WATR—Von Tobel WTfTC—WrlRhtvllle Folks WRRY—John A. CHmey. 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Murrow WWCO—I Tjnve A Mystery 8 :00—WATR—Blonde WRRY— "Fm In Peace & War WTrc—Aldrich Family WWCO— California Caravan S :30—WWCO—Fishing and Hunting rtuh WTIC—Father Knows Best H'TfRV—Mr. Kpfn WATR—Date With Judy 9:00— WATR—OriRlnal Amateur Hour WRRY—SuKpenso WTIC—Screen Oiiild T'layars WWCO—Comedy Playhouse 9:30—WBRY—Magic Moments In Opera WTIC—Duffy's Tavern 9:45—WATR—Music by Guy Lorn hardo 10:00—WBRY—Hallmark Playhouse WWCO—News Commentator WATR—OSES News WTIC—Suppnr Club I 0 :ir,—WWCO—Ncwsreel WWCO—Newsrecl 10:30—WBUY—Pursuit WTir—Dratmet WATR—Someone You Know WWCO—Music You Want 11:00—All Stations—T7ews 11:1 n—W RR Y—NlRht Shift WT I r—Morton Downey WATR—Sports WWCO—I!. N. Today I1 :30—WTIC—Appointment with Music WATR—Gems Dance Orc'h. 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OPT I'll 5— I' \f~.r. •) YUGO BELGRADE SLAVIA SOFIA ECHOING REPORTS already widespread in Washington circles, the newspaper "Borba," mouthpiece of the Yugoslav government, has charged that Soviet troops and agents are now engaged in moves aimed against Premier Marshal Tito. Some dispatches have declared the Yugoslav border situation to be growing more critical hourly. The charges, as indicated on map, include the presence of Soviet ships off the Yugoslav coast (1), troop movements into Romania (2), and through Bucharest toward the border; fortifications being built in Bulgaria. (3), and determined eflorts to foment revolution in Albania (4). (Central Pres«) New Haven Driver Notified For Court- George jCarranzo, 23, of 99 Lamberton street, New Haven, was arrested yesterday afternoon by State Police Sgt. Theodore Strand on a charge at operating a motor vehicle while his license is under'sus- pension. Carranzo was driving a truck owned by the Garford Trucking Co.. South River, N. J. He was notified to appear in Borough court Saturday morning. GRANTED NOLLE William D. Cariello, 24, of 19 Baldwin street, charged with violating the rules of the road, was granted a nolle on payment of $9 when he appeared before Judge James R. Lawlor in Waterbury City Court yesterday. Polish National Club Halloween Ball Saturday The Polish National CUih of Union City will stage Sts third annual masquerade dancr 1 Saturday night at Polish Katior.a] Hall, 500 North Main treet. There will be dancing from R to 12 o'clock to muic of Gene Bednarski's orchestra, accordling In Bernard Kalinowki, publicity director. Prizes will be awarded following the grand march. Co-chairmen of the dance nre Edward Szymanski and Vincent. Sosnowski. GAME BIRD AREA North America has more species of game birds than any other continent. Thomas Edison was granted 1, 097 patents in his lifetime. Columbian Squires Win Quiz Contest An informal dance and a. "20 Questions Quiz" featured last night's meeting of the Msgr. Flannagan Circle, Columbian Squires, at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Girls of the St. Francis' CYO were guests of the circle and opposed the Squires in the quiz program, conducted by William H. O'Donnell. The score was Squires ve, CYO four. Prizes were award- d winning members of the teams. After the program, an informal ance was held. Robert Phillips ias chairman of the affair and 'hief Squire Thomas Owens wel- omed the guests. 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