The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on February 17, 1984 · 72
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 72

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, February 17, 1984
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E20,, THE SUN, Friday, February 17, 1984 m mr M issing teacher, in interesting was to be a witness By Milford Prewitt " A Howard county schoolteacher who disappeared four days ago had been expected to be a witness in an auto theft trial that was scheduled to begin yesterday in Baltimore, authorities reported. Police said there was an "interesting coincidence" between the teacher's disappearance and the trial, but they said there was no evidence linking the two. City auto theft detectives said the missing man became a witness when he innocently purchased a used car that actually had been stolen but later allegedly was replated with new serial numbers by auto thieves. In a related development, Baltimore county police said another car belonging to the missing man Oliver Wendell Munson, 39, of the 600 block Orpington road in Catonsville was found yesterday ransacked and parked four blocks from his home. Mr. Munson and his 1980 Ford Pinto had been missing since Monday night, when au thorities at Ellicott City Middle School, where the teacher had maintained an excellent attendance record during the 18 years he worked there, told Mr. Munson's family that he failed to come to work Monday or to call in to explain his absence. Mr. Munson's brother, James, visited the Orpington road home that afternoon, but no one was home and he could not get in. The next day he returned and discovered that the house had been broken into and that video equipment was missing. 1 1 Mr. Munson's car was found yesterday morning on Braeside road after residents called police to complain that an unfamiliar car had been parked there since Monday. Police said Mr. Munson's car, which had a flat right front tire, had been ransacked and the stereo system ripped out. Officers found the driver's door unlocked. Police reported that the flat tire apparently was the result of a slow leak. Mr. Munson was last seen Monday morning by a neighbor as he worked on his car in the driveway of his home. While his car was being impounded to search for evidence, Baltimore city auto theft detectives informed county colleagues that Mr. Munson was expected to be a key witness at a trial relating to an auto theft "chop shop." Deputy state's attorney Stuart Simms said last night that the trial had been postponed yesterday and that a new date had not been set. He declined to say whether the postponement was related to Mr. Munson's disappear-ence. Lt. William I. Kearney, of the auto theft squad, said a detective in his unit called him late Wednesday night after reading about Mr. Munson's disappearance in the newspaper. "There are other witnesses in the case, of course," Lieutentant Kearney said, "but he Mr. Munson was my detective's main witness." According to Lieutenant Kearney, Mr. Munson last spring bought a1973 Datsun that he said he found from reading the classified section of a local newspaper. What Mr. Munson did not know, Lieutenant Kearney said, was that the Datsun had been stolen the year before and replated with serial numbers taken from a car purchased from a junkyard. Lieutenant Kearney said Mr. Munson was an innocent victim of an old auto theft trick called the "salvage switch." In the scheme, auto thieves buy a junked car of the same model and make as the stolen car. Once at the "chop shop" a hidden garage where stolen vehicles are stripped for parts or are replated the serial numbers from the junker are stamped onto the stolen car. When the buyer goes to the Motor Vehicle Administration to register the vehicle, there's no way of telling that the car is stolen because the vehicle numbers match those in the agency's files. Lieutenant Kearney said detectives learned that Mr. Munson had purchased a stolen vehicle when they raided an East Baltimore chop shop last March. The garage, located in an alley in the 2200 block Mullikin court, yielded the parts of numerous stolen cars as well as licenses and other papers. Sifting through the evidence, police came upon documents bearing the new identification number of the stolen Datsun and traced it to Mr. Munson. While he was never suspected of being involved in the theft, Mr. Munson's car was seized as evidence and, after being processed, returned to the owner, a Texas woman. As a result of the raid, Dennis L. Watson, 34, of the 4000 block Mortimer avenue, was charged with several counts of theft and unauthorized use. Sgt. Paul Waclawski, a spokesman for the Baltimore county police, said Mr. Munson's disappearance still is being investigated as a missing persons case, although foul play now is suspected. Sergeant Waclawski said it was an "interesting coincidence" that the missing man was to be a witness in an auto theft trial, but he said it was "just one of many things we're looking at." Drug raiders knock down wrong door By' Roger Twigg ' 'As 80-year-old Mary Wilson sat at her sewing machine in the living room of her Northwest Baltimore house Wednesday afternoon, she heard what she thought were children at her front door. - Within seconds, however, the door went crashing to the floor and several police officers announcing a drug raid stormed up the stairs to her second-floor apartment in the 3500 block Towanda avenue. But they got the wrong apartment. . .Yesterday, Police Commissioner Frank J. Battaglia ordered a "complete investigation" of the raid after calling Mrs. Wilson, who has heart problems and arthritis, and asking her what occurred. "I'm sorry it happened," Commissioner Battaglia said, adding "but, we do have to make raids." "I know they police had a search-and-seizure warrant for the premise, but what that covered I don't know," Commissioner Battaglia said. He said he will not ask for complete details of the incident until the internal investigation is com-, plete, since he ultimately will make a final decision in the matter. After the raid, Commissioner Battaglia ordered around-the-clock protection at the house which Mrs. Wilson shares with her 33-year-old granddaughter, Virginia O. Peguese . ftlk : ' 1 I 7 f! - .H Hi itVAY y. NT A h mil ili SUN. -aBP 1)- -7w- POLICE 0 I. The SunWalter M. McCarrtoH Police watch Towanda avenue home pending repair of smashed door. until the city could replace her frontdoor. Maj. Joseph R. Bolesta, commander of the Northwestern police district, said the raid was the result of an investigation of a man whom police had seen entering the Towanda avenue house after selling marijuana to an undercover officer a week earlier. Based on that information, Major Bolesta said an affidavit for a search-and-seizure warrant for the building, which has two apartments, was taken before District Judge Mabel H. Hubbard. "The judge saw fit to sip it," the police official said. .When three plainclothes officers and one uniformed officer went to the row house at 3:45 p.m. Wednesday, Major Bolesta said, the officers announced themselves several times anf. waited a "reasonable time" before crashing in the door of the second-floor apartment with a maul. He said they are careful not to wait too long, since the suspects might then dispose of the drugs. . Based on what police now know, the district commander said, it is "obvious that they the two women had nothing to do with the guy they were seeking." "It's unfortunate. As you know, things like this happen. Anytime something like this happens we feel badly," he said. "We have a lot of support out here for drug enforcement We don't want to lose it." Police said they also searched the first-floor apartment which has a separate entrance after they were admitted by one of the occupants. Major Bolesta said police found a picture of the suspect they were seeking in the first-floor apartment and alio seized a small quantity of white powder that is being analyzed. Major Bolesta said it now appears that the man they are after lives nearby, and said a warrant will be obtained for his arrest. Meanwhile, Miss Peguese has voiced her displeasure over the police action with City Councilman Michael B. Mitchell (D, 4th). "The police officers said they had a right to come in here," she said. "I say we will find out. "They should never have come in here on what they thought . . . you don't assume," she added. DeFrancis holdings detailed in report By C. Fraser Smith Annapolis Bureau of The Sun ' Annapolis Frank J. DeFrancis, secretary-designate of the Department of Economic and Community Development, has given the State Ethics Commission a financial disclosure statement which shows he owns or shares ownership of real estate holdings valued at about $27 million. Mr. DeFrancis, 56, who on Wednesday won Senate committee approval of his appointment, co-owns many of the listed properties with various partners and stockholders, according to the report. John E. O'Donnell, executive director of the commission, said, however, that the reports are not accurate guides to a person's financial status and are not intended to be. The reports must be submitted by all cabinet officers soon after they are appointed and then annually as a way of guarding against conflicts of interest, he said. The report submitted by Mr. DeFrancis will be evaluated routinely for completeness and any potential conflict, he said. His report, covering calendar year 1983, lists various commercial, resi-. dential, industrial and office property in Virginia, Maryland, Washington and St. Louis. The largest single listed holding in which Mr. DeFrancis has an interest is an office and commercial property in Washington, valued at the time of purchase in August, 1982, at $11 million. The report does not specifically identify the property or its location. Also included in the list is Free-state Raceway in Laurel, which Mr. DeFrancis bought in 1980. It is valued at $4.8 million. The report also lists a farm and residence Mr. DeFrancis bought in Clarksville last summer and which he values at $1 million. A residential property in St. Louis, valued at $6.4 million, also is listed. The report says the National Bank of Washington holds a mortgage on the Clarksville farm, which is called Walnut Grove. The same bank holds a mortgage on the race track. Senator George W. Delia, Jr. (D, Baltimore) asked Mr. DeFrancis during the hearing why he would "walk away from such a worldwide business career to take a position like this - for $62,000. . . ." Mr. DeFrancis answered by recalling that the legislature and the governor had helped the harness, tracks with favorable legislation in 1983. "When asked by the governor to help I didn't want to give him the 99 reasons why I couldn't help. I wanted to give him the one reason why I could," he said. ' SPECIAL NOTICES "W Buy Diamonds, Old Jawalry, Old Gold!" ' ' We Make Loam ' Livingston's Loan Office, Inc. 601 E. Balto. St. (corner Gay) ' 727-0262 " Wo Buy Oionwndt, Jewelry, Old Gold! Metro Broker Ltd. 4N. EutawSt. 752-1233 OPEN'SUNDAY 6 A.M. To 1 1 P.M. 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