Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 26, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1949
Page 5
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PhiDips To Play Field Music Band In Halloween Parade Xaugatuck's Field Music Band, organized and directed by Austin Phillips, official bugler of the NHU- I HANDSHAKE AT U.N. DEDICATION The al will be held Monday evening. imrado will Hlnrt nt (1:30 o'clock JClrrj Hlroot ami Itulibur iivcitui' and will proceed to the Tuttle Lawn for the contest. At the luwn.-cundy will be awarded each child In costume and prizes will be awarded winners of the contest. Michael Kiley of Post 17 is general chairman of arrangements. AUSTIN PHttLIFS gatuck Vetersiris ICauheU; will provide music for the/annual children's Halloween parade of Post 17; American Legion/ . The parade and costume contest NOW CAN BE BfATM! A Mr, Miatlfie treatment now attar, rial rdM to U» millioni -who suffer trom the mad- dcains ractal itch and other mberies caiued J>y Pin-Worm*. And expert* report that mt ieut en* nt o/ ewu three persons Is infected •ith *hm ugly pert.. Whole families may •»»« Pin-Worm* and Dover even know It. But BOW you can and-«AonM do something about this common condition Joyiw'i P-W V«>ilr«|i contain! a special, medically-approved iotredient that attacks Pin-Worms in tot intestine and remove* them from the body. Play it safe! At th« first sijpi of Pin-Worms, a«k your druniat lor r-W, the small, easy-total™ tablet! perfected by the famous Jayno Co.. specialists in worm remedies for ov«r 100 rear*. Destroy those Pin-Worms ... relieve. that itch.' »: P.W ® for Pin-Wormil Slight Increase In Jobless Claims Filed During Past Week After dropping ntcarlily pince a mid-July peak of 98,286, thu number of jobless claimants fjr uneuv ployment benefits in Connecllcu- rose to 46.836 for the week of October 17-22 from 43,105 for the previous week. A year a;,o, claim- •int. 1 ; numbered 23,192. Claimants filing under the curtailed GI law numbered 1035 iast week and 4,976 for the corresponding week a year ago. Exhaustions for the week totaled an estimated 1,775 making the number 42,000 since January 1 Somt. individuals may -have exhausted -.wice in this period. Initial claims, which slnrt. now periods of unemployment, rose to >,883 from 4,852 ' for tho previous week. Bridgeport initial claims totaled 1,469, more than double Hartford's 687 which was next foltowe 1 by New Britain with 559 and New Haven with 554. Layoffs were reported In the following industries: chains 30'1 dui•o a shortage of steel, hats -1*0 for one week plus another 70, ga.'menl 250. footlockers 240, metal product!! IS, elastics 50, an airline GO, telephone manufacturing 30, wcoleris iO, iron castings 20 and tape 20. Rehires were noted as follows "ilvcrwaro 135, bearings 50, rubber .foods 25, and timepieces 2D. Approximately 425 claims were attributed to secondary effects of the steel strike. uddrcs « at "remonie, In New anniversary of the United Nations President •hakes hands with Andrei Vishinsky, Soviet Foreign Cornmfssar ae mee on tne speaker's p| at fnrm. Next to the President™Tfien Car o Eomuio. wh o „ nrpsirtont of the O PnP ,,,, A «emblv fintcrnationa, It's Official Now The WATERBURY CIVIC ORCHESTRA MARIO DfiCECCO, CONDUCTOR PRESENTS SUNDAY EVENING CONCERT NOVEMBER 6 AT 8:15 P M. WILEY HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Soloist VIVIAN DELLA CHIESA — SOPRANO ADMISSION: ADULTS -31.50—82,50 — STUDENTS 75c—Sl.OO TICKETS ON SALE AT Lincoln Store — Mattatuck Museum — McCoy's — Mecca Music Co. — New England Music Shop — Record Shop. For Reservations or Information Phone -1-5500 Concert Sponsored by the Junior League of Waterbury FILM ACTRESS Emma Matzo—bettei known to her movie fans as Lizabeth Scott—smiles after her petition to legally, adopt her screen name was granted in Los Angeles Superior Court. I International') 1J ONLY MAINE TOUCHES BUT ONE OTHER STATE? 1. Fact. The Pine Tree state touches only New Hampshire. But you can keep in touch with anyone in any state with long distance telephone service. And it costs very little. You'll find the low rates on the inside back cover of your telephone book. Isn't there someone whose voice you'd love to hear right now? 2. Fiction. However, the quills are loosely attached to the porcupine's body and tail. They come out easily upon the slightest contact. PORCUPINES ^ THEIR QUILLS? ITS A FACT. LOWEST LONG DISTANCE RATES ARE IN EFFECT AFTER 6 RAV AND ANYTIME ON SUNDAYS THE SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND Walter WincheD (Continued from Page Four) ple'1.1 Cad; Moc.( :< "]-Jcri Here row!" "The think yr>i;';.'e drunJijj'. . . .At Madison: "Her secret.^ have •!• rating-)". . .At ChlniiHouae: '« a Toast to Democracy: Today—Everywhere Tomor. ..At Salle DC Champag-ne: real U. N. cornerstone isn't on 42nd Street. It's in Hyde Park" ....In Freeman Chum's: "Wonder how the punks in Moscow liked the way Medina handled the pinks in New York?".... Club Chantilly: "A deficit is what you've got when you haven't got as much as you had when you had nothing". .. .In the Stork: "A politician doesn't have to fool all the people. Just enough to get elected." Broadway RalnboWWs: The De- Marcos at the Plaza. .Mara Kim's dancing at the China Doll. . Micheline Prelle's magic in "Devil in the Flc:=h"..The Korn Kobblers klowning at Iceland .... on Broadway," big- time teevee leg-it shows. . . Wm. Tabbcrt (of "S. Pac.") at the Penthouse ____ Zanuck's "Evei-ybody Does It" at the Roxy. . ..And the disc Art Ford zings me with: "H'lve Got a Lovaly Bontch of coconetx!" The Late Watch: Margaret Webster inherited about $400,000 in England but (before she could g-et it from the courts) devaluation thinned it to 300 Gs .That's bad, liiuh? ...For yearn press agents paid the Trib artists for drama drawings in the H-Trib. The other day Mrs. Reid heard of it for the first time and was horrified. Ordered the practice stoprJed. Swell tral, Held ---- Tor.y Parrel) (who dropped a Fort Knox producing Mops) feels he must be connected with a hit. So he bought a chunk nf a musical Broadway-bound... The Uohirt Sweeney,, (former deb Joanne Connelly) have a new (homo- "Some Enceinte Evening" ...Mis. Neo.1 (Sweeveo) Lanr has a now mink coat— stands in front of the mirror all day... Zinc xillionaire 71. Cullop has" a dozen tix to the Army-Navy .Game (Nize Henry. Su-=h a fine feller) Bob Fredericks, the heir, is dating a Bai-bizon teacher of modols. Has that i-injf-thru-thc-nose look. COMPANY INSTALLATION On Sunday afternoon, October 30, at 4:00 o'clock the Rev. Paul Woy of St. John's Lutheran Church Meriden. will be formally installed as pastor ot St. John's Lutheran Church, Mjndletown The Rev. John Leininger,. Woodside, Long Island, who was confirmed by the Rev. Woy during his pastorate in Brooklyn will deliver tho installation sermon. The Rev O. H. Bertram of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of the borough will i-'erform the act of installation. ARCHITECTS MEET New Haven, Oct. 26—rUP)—The Connecticut Society of Architects will hold its annual meeting in New Haven on Thursday. Guest speaker will be George F. Denniston, managing director of a New York City architectural firm. PRIVATE SHOWING ~~ tinier Wheeler Sales Training Elton Hotel—Mon. Eve. Oct. 31st Call. \vrit« or nhone for ticket POST JUNIOR COLLEGE M Central Ave. Phone 4-S77Z \Vatorbnry EXPERT BODY WORK Complete Painting Facilities Wrecker and Towing- Service Estimates Furnished : Budget Plan Available The Naugatuck Fuel Cfc FORD DEALER Phone 5236 JL'UK PKICES TO A NFW LOW. Compare Price and Quality Established 1800 NO. MAIK ST. WATERBI7BY Local High School Students In State Music Festival TYn Niuigatuck T-Ilgb nchool stu- li'nlii nri! In Murtruril for the fourth ininuil AM-Stnlu Pimtivul of the 'onnocUcml Music Kducatorn tuuio- laMim, bainf? held today and to- Taking part in the All-State Cho- ia will be Barbara Burtnett, so- rano; Marilyn Carlson, alto; Anrew Davison, tenor; and Clifford wan.son, bass. Murcla Baxter and llo -Volta, violinists, will ^ake part th the All-State Orchestra. Hobt Hartwel) and Anthony Martinez, umpnt.'i; Bnrnot. Conn, 'Mnrlnnt; il Howard Wood, trnmbrmi!, will in the All-Stale Band. NILS ASSEMBLY Miss Esther O'Dell, director of admissions at the Bouve' Huston School of Physical Education, ad- Ircssed an assembly of Naugaluck High wchooj Sophomore, Junior ;tnd .Senior (,'Irln yesterday at the high school. Her subject was physical education- and physical therapy ns T. career. Realty Transactions The following documents hava been flled in the oflice of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John: Warunty Deeds Casimer A. Einik to George H., and Helen IS. L/egault, property on City Hill street. Arnotavlczula to Anthony and Mary M. Gedraltla, iproporty on Horton Hill roud. John Grlckia to the Connecticut Lumber Co., Inc., property on Maple Hill road. ucorge H,, and Helen E. Legault to NauKatiiS'k National Bank, properly on City Hill street. ^«»ruil,:iita of IMnti ll>ut|on Estate of Helen Bell to William W Bell, Cjludys Bcil Elwcll, Nina Bell Nelson, property on Lewis street. tjiill Claim, l»i;od Willlum T., and Viola A. Scho- tleld to Adrian and Margaret Maiato, property on Hill street.' r Espokihs No Nasty Tsil« . Tsbltl Form . Eny to Tilit NAOGAT«OK NEWS (CONN.), WUJbNESDAY, OCT. 26. 1949—I'AOK 3 CYO Girls Guetss Of Squires Tonight Oil-In of the St. Francis' Catholic youth Oi-Rnni/nfion will he KiiculH of th« MKJJP. FlmnnKfin Circle, Columbian Squlrn.1, nt t)i« weekly meeting of the tfroup. thin ftvenlnjr nt 7:30 o'elorl< in the Knights of Columbus rooms, In ihe Neary Building. A 20-qucstion program followed by dancing has been arranged by a committee consisting of Robert Phillips, Thomas Owens. Donald Williams and Robert Zchnder. Two Youths Fined In Borough Court Fines nmountlnc; to IBS wcrc«lni- poKed upon two Union City youth* whi-n they uppeitred before J<jd>c« Miirtln Is. Cnlnc In Horough Ccurt todiiy. on <-hiu>;e« of breach of, th<- ouneli iiru! Intoxication. ,, Walter Puwlowlcz, 20, of 7 Crown •street was fined $10'for Intoxication and $1!5 for breach of th* oeace. John Novacinskl. X. of Morris street, was fined $10 for tn^xi- wtion and was found innocent of breach of the peace. '• CHIP-WICH CATERERS Banquets Outings Receptions Parties Wedding8 Tho best tasty foods — served graciously — anywhere — anytime at moderate cost. Cheshire Country Club AviiilabK- for Your Affair SPEOAT-SMITH, INC. CHESHIRE*. CONN. Phone Cheshire 614 THE HANDY LAMP KIT is a packaged assortment of lix popular-size household light bulbs four 60-watt, one 100-watt, one 150- watt and one 100-watt free — sevin bulbs in all FOR ONLY 95* (tax included) FILL EMPTY SOCKETS NOW ! Empty light sockets ore useless sockets and wrong size bulbs mean poor lighting and eyestrain. Make it ashabit to keep all sockets filled with the light size bulbs. Always have a supply of assorted fresh bulbs on hand to replace "burn-outs" -when they occur. Check over the lighting in your home tonight. Look especially for old blackened bulbs that cheat you out of light and money. Look for empty sockets that have long since needed the right size bulbs. And while this sale is on, stock up with fresh new bulbs at worth-while savings. USE THIS COUPON FOR YOUR FREE BULB Print your nam« and addrm, tul our coupon at dotted line and take it to any cooperating dealor located in the areai served by The Connecticut tight and Power Company or to any of our A 1OO-WATT LIGHT BULB FREE! With Each Handy Lamp Kit You Buy /If light bulb dealers and of our sfore-NOW.' * COUPON * FOR ONE EXTRA 100-WATT ELECTRIC LIGHT BULB This Coupon, properly filled in with the customer's name and addrew, it redeemable under the terms stated herewith for one 100-watt electric light bulb upon the purchase of one "Handy Lamp Kit" — a packaged assortment of six popular household bulbs. Only Presidential electric customers of The Connecticut Light and Power Company are eligible and purchase*, muse be made in the stores of regular light bulb dealers located in the areas served by The Connecticut Light and Power Company or in the stores of The Connecticut Light and Power Company. This offer is in effect during the period beginning October 3, 1949 and ending November 5, 1949. THE EXTRA 100-WATT BULB IS PACKED IN THE HANDY LAMP KIT Customer's Name. / AJAre.ft (PI«Mt Prim) City or Town, Eyesight is Priceless- Good Lighting is Cheap! THECONNECTICU IGHT & POWER Co. A Business-Managed, Tax-Paying Company t

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