Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 26, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE 4—NAOGATUCK NKWS (CONN.), WKDNTC8DAV, OCT. 2fl E*obttab«o Bv«ry jcvvnln* iDxovpt Sunday) by NAUGATUCK NKWB CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. TMephonc* MM and tt» All DMMutmenta M Mcond claM matter at a>» port offlo* In Naugatuclc. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month ..-«UO 1 Tear ...tlB.y Member: American Newspaper Pub. AB»*D ft. K. Dally Newspaper Pufc. AWn Coon. Newspaper f>ubll»her« AM'P WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 26, 1949 Cooperation No less an authority than Chief G-Man J. Edgar Hoover takes time out occasionally to point out the value of good relations between the press and law enforcement agencies. An example of the benefits of that cooperation, as derived by the public, is the recent experience of state and Beacon Falls police authorities in the current campaign to promote safety on the new Beacon Falls superhighway. Last week, no less than 14 alleged motor vehicle law violations were subject of a single court session in Beacon Falls. This week there were only three. The road is being patrolled vigilantly by police officers -who.are •well aware of the hazards created by reckless drivers on a "speedway" through a heavily populated area.- That's the' campaign in one phase. The other phase is educational. Town officials have asked and obtained abundant space in our news and editorial columns, urging caution and warning of police vigilance. And in -the words of Prosecutor John Sulima: "Stories carried in The News during the past week" have spelled the difference between a heavy and light court docket of motor vehicle cases. The Kebels If President Truman doesn't rucceed in electing a flock of cheapjack, rubber-stamp followers to the House and Senate next year, he might as well go fishing and forget about his "program." Actions of his party leaders in Congress show what they think c* the mess he proposes in the rime of liberal progress for the United States. Senator Lucas, party leader in the Senate, is almost in open quarrel with the President, re- jlling over high farm support « ,-ders and the command to in• :all anti-capitalist Olds on the Power Commission. Speaker Rayburn of the House i3 ruffled by other Truman commands which look crazy to him. i.'enator Anderson of New Mexico, former Secretary of Agriculture in Truman's cabinet, is kicking over the traces, as is Senator Douglas of Illinois! Senator McCarran of Nevada v.-ill not respond to the Truman ;;ee-haw, and neither will Representative Vinson of the House Armed Services Committee. There ai;e many others. There is, for example, Dr. Edwin G. Nourse, who has resigned as chairman of the President's Council of Economic AdvSsers because he disagrees wholeheartedly with the Truman course. is trying to sell a bill of goods that causes the gorge to rise in the more intelligent members of his own party, in and out of Congress. It is only through Congress that the people can make their wishes felt. It is the guarantor of their rights and liberties. Few chief executives, from King Tut, Nero, Charles and Nicholas on down, ever were. Hoover M&kes Page 1 The truth is that the President Former President Herbert Hoover was in a perfect spot to deliver a table thumping speech on any one of a variety of subjects the other night. The occasion was a testimonial dinner given by the New York Board of Trade at which Mr. Hoover and Gen. George C. Marshall were presented gold plaques for "distinguished contribution to the American way." When Mr. Hoover rose to make his acceptance his audience got a jolt. For seven minutes he kept 'em laughing by explaining why none or the subjects he might have talked about would have made the front page. He said he might have talked about balancing the budget, but the subject hadn't made headlines for 18 years. The same went for foreign loans and for federal reorganization. He said he couldn't make page one, column one. with a definition of the welfare state because the President had the monopoly there. It was a slight variation of the old technique, "if I weren't too polite, and if it weren't against the law. I would call them so and sos." But Mr. Hoover was over-modest, at that. His slyly humorous comment on current affairs hit the front pages of many papers. " And he hammered home his points. Mr. Hoover, like Cicero, evidently feels that humor is pleasant, and often of extreme utility." Do You Remember? One Year Ago Postmaster Prank T. Green was in New York, attending the annual convention of the National Postmasters' Association. James Farren, Howard Thurston and Misses Mary Leary and Anna Nolde, delegates from Post No. 17 and Ladies Auxiliary to the national American Legion convention in Miami, Fla., returned home. 20 Years Ago John Burke, a member of the State Police force, was visiting his mother here. James Murphy was in Boston for the Dartmouth-Harvard football game. Household Scrapbook White Silk White silks have a tendency to turn yellow when washed, but rolling the garment in a Turkish towel as soon as washed will usually prevent this. It may be ironed in half an hour, or can be left for a day without harm. Costume Jewelry Gold or silver costume jewelry will not tarnish on the neck or arms if it is coated first with some colorless liquid nail polish. Dented Linoleum Oftentimes, dents in linoleum" can be effectively repaired by filling them with melted sealing wax of a corresponding color. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Should one write "Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Smith" on the inner envelope of a wedding invitation, as it is written on the outer envelope? A. Just "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is sufficient. Q. Is it all right to butter a whole hot biscuit at once? A. Yes. Q. Should gifts that are brought to a birthday party be opened by the recipient immediately, or left until after the party? A. It shows more appreciation to open each gift at once. Look And Learn 1. About what per cent of our population are in the age bracket above 65 years? 2. Which is the largest outlying possession of the United States? 3. Who was the first great Christian missionary? 4. During what years does a child jrow most rapidly? 5. Who wrote the poem in which recurs the line, "For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever"? Answers 1. About 5.5 per cent. 2. Alaska, with an area of 586,100 square miles. 3. St. Paul. 4. In early infancy, especially during the first year. 5. Alfred Tennyson, in "T h e Brook." There is a surplus of apples, but the government is sending the jobless checks which it will stop if it finds them selling the fruit on street corners. Anthony (Norman) Nardello is planning to fly to Buffalo, N .Y., Saturday to attend the Buffalo Hair Style Show at the Hotel Sherman. . . Mr. Norman will be there Saturday, Sunday and Monday ... all the latest styles in hair-dos will be seen at the Hho\v. Charles Fellows, local painter, was industriously employed painting the parking meter poles along Church street Monday. We were a little off on what you are supposed to bring for eats at the Playmakers pot-luck supper tonight at 6:30 in St. Michael's parish house...the secretary now informs us it's to be a vegetable, salad or dessert. .. girls are to bring bathing caps too. because there will be apple dunking... and everyone is to come in costume for the Halloween party. Gene Dowling- is the hero of the post office these days after his winning home run In the Community Softball Tourney . . . the home run won the game and championship for the PO. Members of the class of 1939 NHS are pleased with the reunion they had' Saturday night . . . the committee had hoped for 100 to attend and actually 110 were on hand for the affair . . . from all reports the reunion was a cpjnipSete success. Next month Is THE month for balls . . . Naugatuck Valley Detachment, Marine Corps Leagur observes the 174th birthday of the founding of the corps Nov. 10 with a ball Nov. 12 at Odd Fellows Hall ... the Legion is also due for an Armistice Day ball about that time ... on Thanksgiving Eve Gold Star Post, Catholic War Veterans will have its annual military ball and the Naugatuck Hose, Hook and Ladder Co. has Its annual ball the same night. Atty. Henry Marlor again failed to fulfill his claim that he can pick 'em. better than the NEWS football experts. ... Of the 20 games chosen last Saturday, Hank was right on 12. . . However, he didn't do much worse than the experts, two of whom turned in 13 winners. . . Two more had 12.and one 11. . : Tom Dillon, who also professes to be an expert prognosticator, was right on only 12 games. . . Thanks for the coffee, Tom. Russ Weaving tells us that he will be glad to throw a party with his World Series loot as'bill of fare—right after Johnny (The Smiling- Irishman) MacDonald and Roy Poust play host. . . 'TIs their hum to treat, sez Russell. Patrolmen on the day beat report that it's getting "hard to find" autos parked by meters which aren't ticking. . . Could it be that motorists are finally getting wise to the fact that it's much easier to shell out a couple of pennies than a dollar bill? Mr. and Mrs. Frank Patten, formerly of Scott street, left the borough this week enroute to California, where tneyl" make their home. Glenn Dans by, Naujratuck High HchooS (pridrtcr who niw- talnod a broken leg In a Jayvco game at Seymour more than three weeks ago, ID still a patient at St. Mary's hospital. Waterbury Glenn expected to be discharged last Saturday, but no soap. ...He doesn't know just when he will be allowed to return home. Austin Phillips tells us that about 10 musicians will be on hand to play with the field music band in the Legion Halloween parade next Monday evening.... the band was first heard a few months ago in the VJ-Day parade. Most MlllvlUe children will miss the Naugatuck Halloween celebration this year to take part In the party at the Mlllvllle LI-. . brary Monday night.... In Beacon Falls a big- party for the ypungsters will be held at the Community Club after the children parade through four sections of the town. There will be no session of the Beacon Falls Town Court next Monday night because of Halloween...all cases on the docket, at that time will be continued for a week to Nov. 7, according to Prosecutor John Sulima and Judge Edward Bea. That's a nice shiny new Pontlac Walt Norwash la cruising around town In....Glad to see Mrs. Pat McKeon about and ar.ound again. .. .after a selge In the hospital she was convalescing for several weeks In Norfolk. Twin birthdays were celebrated yesterday by Julia and Albert Youle. . .Congrats. . .Toffe Thomas, violin teacher, calls to tell us Marcia Baxter of the borough and a member of the Naugatuck High school orchestra, won first place last week in a radio broadcast contest.... Marcia played a very difficult violin selection. Our attention has been called to the beautiful hooked rugs made by Mrs. Caroline Grlgrg.s of CHIT street. .. .Her designs are all originals, and she executes these difficult projects without the use of a frame. After tomorrow Fred Lovine will be permanently residing at 121 Narragansett avenue, Narragansett, R. I...A1 Conn in his monthly Music Shop chit-chat paper has quite an item on musical organizations and activities, which shows the demand for music is growing in Naugatuck... he mentions all with the exception of the Philharmonics of Naugatuck, Inc., which with the Naugatuck News jointly sponsored the Pops Concert here in September.. .probably an oversight, because Al'3 a member of Philharmonics. THEY SAY CAESAR WAS TOO AMBITIOUS!' ist, who was "depressed" on being scooped by the secret merger: "Do you ectchelly mean," said the groom, "you would hev put it in groom, "you would hev put it in Sock Exchange.. .Cosmopolitan the paypahs before we could hev ializes Champ Hemingway's \ informed our femlchs?".. .Mrs. T. age in Feb... Local t-v stations WALTER WINCHELL In New York THE BROADWAY KXPBKSS , Bcnror (2) my houno seats, Sat. Celebs About Town: IS'<-\vly\ved» Mat. E. Plnza." Sarah Churchill and Anthony Beauchamp appalled at a column- Martln (Cyd Charisse) straightening out the seams on her ahems at the Eddie Condon ringside. Stole the show... Fanny Hurst, the novelist (who always featured the whitest un-rouged face, using makeup for the first time and what a diff... Celeste Holm, the Belle of the | Stork, at the Charles Gushing party for 100 of The Black-Tie Set... New Yorker editor H. Ross, whose house burned down... Irene Rich of "As the Girls Go" coming out of St. Pat' 8 ...G. Garbo on 5th unrecognized. Had her hair combed. Sallies in Our Alley: Wally Harrison, who built Radio City, was in charge of the cornerstone Ceremonies at the U. N. Monday... "How come," he was asked, "there's no copy of the N. Y. Times in the tin box?"..."If we use the Times," was the Retort Swelegant, "we'd have to include a copy of Pravda so skippitt!"...Tallulah Bankhead says: "My unwritten, unpublished autobiography is now in its third edition!" Mldtown Vignette: It happened in the neighborhood market.. .Ezio Pinza, the Matinee Idol of the Year was shopping for Mrs. Pinza.. .He bumped into a woman and said: "Oooh, I'm so sorry, moddom, excuse me please"... "Oh. that's all right, Mr. Pinza," said the woman, a cook in, the vicinity.. ."How did you know my name?" he inquired. ..."Oh," she said, "I saw you in 'South Pacific,' the only show I ever want to see again".. .Mr. Pinza tore off a piece of butcher pa per and on it inscribed, "Admit Mcmos of a Midnighter: If you're interested in an investment, they say there's a small hunk of Rocky Grazia'no being offered on The Sock Exchange.. .Cosmopolitan ser- word- extend their programs far into the night... Manny Sachs to marry Jane Wyman?... Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers are using daggers for eyes. New York Novelette: Two years ago Barney Ross (plagued by war ailments) was divorced by his lovely wife.-.. Heartbroken, the war hero (and ring champion) wrote a torch-lyric called "Crying".... Composer Jay Chernis married it to a contagious melody. . .Billy Eckstine recorded it—so did Ella Fitzgerald and other stars...It landed among the Big Hits... But the song did more than that.,. .It reconciled Barney and his wife.. .They remarried a few months ago... Now f full of happiness, they're enjoying the coin from a song born of their misery. Manhattan Murals: 42nd Street theater sign: "Al Jolson Not Larry Parks in Heart of New York".... The newsboy (in the Peter Cooper Village area) who delivers his gazettes in a 1950 cream-colored convertible .Those eyefuls running the Astor Hotel elevators— Wow!....The old-fashioned lamp posts at Chandler's ' on E. 46th kodak'd by tourists... .The blind accordionist whose wife reads the col'm to him near the Capitol theater marquee. .. .Sign, in Winston's Tropical Bar: "Not responsible for ladies Jeft over 30 seconds!" Times Sq. Ticker: The sassiety editor at the Times has the original passenger list of The Mayflow- _cr—on her office bulletin board. Tlin Mnyriowor bunch wcrr minim n.ppai'cnlly. Their llrnt nnd liutl nnmcs were Hated but only last nuniCH of their .wrvants. Hmf.... Wonder what actor A. K. Mnl- tlicw.i does about hiH laundry these day,?. When he was here last '15 years ago) hp sent it back to London. Rnld ho wouldn't trust "those- Amnddlcnn luwndrchH." Good actor, 'owevnh , Sam Goldwyn told the Detroit Times "Wlncholl started all the 'Goldwyn isms'." The story adds: "Sam says he never said, 'I'll tell you in two words, im-possiblc!' The fact is Goldwyn's English is, in two word;, im-pcc- catije"'. ...The Wilkcs^Barre Record front-pngecl a burglary in which the thief backed out the dooi- waving the stolon money, saying: "This is for charity. Ever hear of the Runyon Cancer Fund?" ....Several frightened folks have switched safety box contents to inland banks. Treasurer's Report: Yesterday afternoon the Runyon Fund Committee assigned some of the helpers and donors to distribute over $100,000 to various hospitals and universities J. DIMaggio presented an allocation to Harlem KADIO — B.C.A. — Admiral Television Sales and Service SWAN'S Electrical Contractor* Since 1925 28 CEDAR ST. TKL. J574 SEK THE NI... UNIVERSAL WASHER at Gerald's Appliance — New Low Price* — J07 SPRING ST. UNION CITY TELEPHONE 8651 Hojiplliil. K. Thoin|n<in (In New Orleans) to Tulune U M. Hrrlr ditto to Jpwish H<*f>ital. Bklyn K. HIHInif.iloy to Kutgrra t; . . r.. Lyon-s to the U. of ppnn. . Ty Power to U of Rochester I. It<. r lln to Notre Dame . .Total monlo« distributed by the Runyon Fund to dale: $2.380.000 Sound* In the Night: A» Al ami Dick's, "Don't look so sobfr pc<>- (Continued on Page Five) NEW ENGLAND'S- LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE HRMlNAi BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil ob^ per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal .<e Bridgeport, Conn. Phon« PHILCO R E V R IGERATOB $232.50 7 Co. It With Freezer Locker (25 Down — flJtS Week Enjoy A DELICIOUS SANDWICH at ROOKY'S WAYSIDE KITCHEN Waterbury Road at Platte Mills Op<m Dally, 12 Noon to 12 Midnight Sundays 3 P. M. to 12 Midnight 413 NO. MAIN ST. CNION CICT Phone M91 15 Church St. Tel. 6490 Open rriday TUI 8 P. M. OPEN THURSDAY NIGHT Of Our New 3rd Floor Drapery Dept. Plastic Material Patterns on white or col ored grounds. 54" '. 69cyd. Beady Made Plastic Table Cldths M" .... 98c_$1.49. 72 $1.98 Ready-Made Drapes BcautiFully tailored of florals, stripes or elegant damask-like monotones . . . lined or uii- $6.98 _ $25.50 New in addition to the same dependable service and fine quality merchandise you have been able to count on. we offer you a much wider selection in every line of Home Furnishings. OPENING SPECIAL Custom Made Slipcovers .. . 3-Piece Set... Complete Cut and fitted at your home from your choice of floral, plain or striped material. Past color. Cord trim and .snap closures. Guaranteed workmanship. wo Tailored Net Curtains Attractive eprgshell or multicolor patterns. 72" lonp. SALE $1.91 reg. $2.98 Cottage Sets Crisp organdy or marquisette with gay red, green or blue trims. SALE $2.44 reg. $2.08 Window Shades Replacii your dowdy, faded shades at this value. In light or dark ecru. SALE 88c reg. $1.20 Ruffled Curtains Organdies or marquisettes xvitli narrow or wide frothy ruffles $2.98 — $10.98 pr. Plastic Shower Sets 54" ruffled curtains and (>' x 6' shower curtains. Nautical, striped or floral. $2.98 — $3.98 — $4.98 inclusively Samarkand Rugs Symmetrical floral patterns in wine, green or blue. $4.98

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