The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1931
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Served by tfie United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIII—NO. 34 Blytheville Courier, BljthevllJe Dally Ne<vs, Blvtheville Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTIIKVILLR, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS DOWN FROM AMBUSH 1 FILED Contests Are Also in Prospect for hvo Places on Blvlhcvillc School Board As Lone Cab Driver Greets Alfonos- More (hail ordinary interest it the annual school election -May 10 Is promised here and throughout Mississippi county with the filing of petitions to place six .names on the ballot to fill two vacancies on the county board ot education, and with contests for two scats on the board of the niytheville school district. The six county board candidates arc J. C. Chapin of Manila and' J B. Bunn of bsccola. whose peti- . tioris wc.-e filed with Mi=s Emma Cox of OsccDla, secretary of the county bo?rd of election commis signers, and K'.i He'.l. Bassott. R. H. Robinson, Reiser. Ed Wildy. E'.o- wah. snd John Beard°n, Leachville. whove petitions were Jlied with Mts^ Willie lawssti. conr.ty superintendent of schools, here. Tiiere are iwo places to bs filled. George Hiil. : resident of the Shawnee school dis trict. is not seeking re-election t: the county board, ant} one n»\ memb:-r niusl be chosen in accord- mice with tlie ncv. 1 state law increasing the size of the bMrd fro:i five to six. Those whose names will a:>p?a- on tiie ballot as candidates" for places on th: niyt-eville schoo' board are J. A. Leech and C. M Buck, incumbents, and J. L. Guard and W. D. Graveite. Two to bo elected. Petitions to have names o{ district board candidates placed on the ballot have been filed from only one other district, Shawnee. Six directors are to be elected there, and .petitions.have been filed in behalf "of six candidates. Leslie Speck. E M. Norton, J. A. Musick, Dr. n. L. Johnson. Dr. Is", li. Hosy. and W. D. Burkctt. At Osceola, where the terms of W. W. Prewitt. president of sir board, and J. L. Williams expire, no candidates have filed, and it wai said the impression prevailed thai the law did not require filing of petitions for district directors unti'. ten days before the election. This impression, it is believed, may have been responsible for tha failure of candidates from a number of other districts to file, although in most of the smaller districts it has been the practice to have no names placed upon the ballot but simply to write in names of those? favored for the offices. The new school code specifically requires that petitions to have names placed on the ballot may b? filed twenty days before the elec- - tion. '•Tlie county board of education," the law reads, "in preparing the ballots, shall place t'nercon the names of any Qualified electors as candidates for school directors, whose names are presented to the coun'.y bcuyrd by a petition signed by twenty or more qualified electors, residents of-the respective districts, anil ) presented at least twenty dv ; s before .the annual school election." Juarex Courts Koeogni/e Seven Kinds of Drunks JUAREZ, Mex.. April U7 (UP)— Ilic seven slaves of hubrlacy can ai:<t is acquired officially and legally n Juarez, border linven lor thirsty Americans. Police decide the state of Intoxi- cnilun achieved and the next morn- lii'i the Judge applies the appropriate fine. Tlie seven dllTi'rcnt ways ot becoming officially drunk are not described In a guide book. But a chart has been made to assist the Juarez visitor In determining, by the amount of the fine paid the next morning, how much he drank llie night before. The staccs of Intoxication: First — Ebrlo (Merely drunk). This costs but five pesos and U for the moderate ol inirse and | capacity. Scorned by the Imaginative Americans. POLICE EXPECT BELNI1T ID EDNIE THERE Retired Capitalist, Feared Swindlers' Victim .Believed On Way from -Jackson MEMPHIS. Apr|l 27 (UP)—Police announced before noon today they had discovered the whereabouts of Louis Belmont, 60, retired capitalist of Hot Springs, Ark., hunted for 48 hours after Arkansas officers expressed Hie fear lie had fallfn Into the hands of swindlers. The police announcement said he had arranged an appointment with a local bond house and was to call today for $9,000 in liberty Second - Ebrlo cscandoloso to '"> s - The report was veiled irtth '.sasra.s (sc: I a multitude of capers, raised to 10 to 20 pesos. Arriving as unobtruEi\cly as an ordinary traveler, Aifcnto XIII—a king without a kingdom—Is shown '.n (his Courier News—NEA Service photo ns he stepped alone from a rnther dilapidated public taxi- cr.b to enter n hotel In Marseilles, France. Tlie deposed Spanish monarch had jusl debarked from tlie cruiser Principe Alfonso, v:)iieh whisked him from Spain and landed him almost unnoticed on French soil. Nute the lines furrowing the former ruler's tace, evidence^ of the tense weeks which preceded his abdication. The bleak scene here gave no Indication of tho wildly enthusiastic reception v/hich he was to receive In Paris a few hours later. Two Drown When Boat I Upsets Near Texarkana 1 III PITV' TEXARKANA. Ark.. April 27 III] III I I j (UP)—Two persons -,verc drowned III U I I I near here late yesterday- when tin boat in which they d the were fis'ntn : overturned. J. B. Christopher, 30. T an- • - • r> . It overtuinea. J. H. unrisiopner, ou. ,uf lYiississippi Lountv Has I anu uiss Julia Wright, 21, bath of Surnlu". of Nhi, Census i ™^; c Report Reveals. iv-,.,, n n I IT !• Will lie Keleased Imnierh- Third—Ebrlo escandoloso and insulator los Mcxicanos. Telling the world that Mexicans me no good and lhat yon could lick an army ot them. The cost depends uuon the Mexican Insulted but is worth up to 60 pesos in court sometimes. Fourth — Ebrlo trla'do (dead drunk). A tow charge ot five or ten pesos is made'for hauling you from the gutter to the jail. mont had made appointment Church Approval of Birth Control Urged in Report They said he had spent the nlglit in Jackson, Miss., and was returning here today. When Belmont left Hot Springs accompanied by two strangers friends announced he had taken $30.000 In negotiable bonds with him. The police reports were unconfirmed by brokerage offices called by newspapermen and none said Jiad any transaction with " , ..ill,, uiey jma aiiy iruiisacuuii wuu FIf h-Ebr o immoral C mmorally thcy „,}„,„ m \ n B j P M t o- Tim'rl Tt'c truS linri If a Pn\\ -—••"• o J the time it capsized. Overloading was blamed for the accidtnt. WASHINGTON. D. C.—There nn more women than men i". Blyt-io- villc. according to the census bureau. Detailed statistics compiled from the 1D30 census show that Blyt'iv viile's population consists of 4,315 men ami 5,133 women. Of this number, 3.585 men anlj 3.720 v.-omcn are native-born '.vh^.D. i _ T Tl • I Tl • V Only 39 men and 7.3 women in Ely- ! LonceiTl )S 1 hil'd 1 hlS Ycai' ,eville are forci-m-born | j rj Suspended Be- The ne'jro population of Blytne- j ' ill? is 2.731. rmnhly 25 per cent | C3USC 01 Insolvency. : the total. Classified by sexr?. Or- i cero population consists of !,291 Tien and 1,440 women. ntely Following 2p.ce in Jonesboro Today d Ndther did the brokers re' . , . P 0 " seeing mm. drunk). It's loft bad If a <°P a^hTh^'noi; awcaVcV aT ihe catches you- kissing your wife. Us > whcrc hc ^cred Satur- Immoral. -,i n v Fix —- Ehrlo impcrtinentc. Con-! sists of telling the cop you don't j like his looks. Fifteen pesos. | Seven — Ebrio consuetudlnaro (Habitually drunk. The Jud?c fecl3 good if he lets you of! with |fl pesos. Funsral Services Today ; For Elmer D. Nevins! OF Birth control U approved In the re BUT BII jovcrnov Roosevelt Takes Charge of Prosecution 06 Diamond and His Friends ALBANY, N. Y., April 27. (UP) — i>ck "Lees" Diamond, one of the lost notorious gangsters In the east, ay near death today ,ln an Albany lospltnl, the victim ot an early nornliiK ambuscade In a Catsklll iiounlaln roadhouse. as Governor ioosevelt moved to clean, up.the mountain region. The amazing luck vvhlqh has saved Diamond from assassination wlce before in his unsteady gang- ana career came to his aid again and IIP emerged alive but dangerously Injured Irom. a terrific volley of cnrrny gunfire. A midnight ambuscade in a Cat- sklll mountain roadhouse near Dla nond's estate at Acrn was the latest trap *el for the New York underworld leader by the toes who long shi'.- had marked him. for death. ' Ten charges of.,. ; ~ " '.'- ) blazed from a sawed ?-, ; . ; as'th? young Broadway beer walked out on tlie porch of the Arntoga Inn about midnight last night. Four of'them tore into ht.> body as'hc reeled backward. The fibers which would have finished him.splintered the door through which he passed.' ' Governor Roosevelt' today superseded District Attorney Harrison I Gardener, Orcene county, In Inves- port Just made public: by a specla tlgntlon of activities of Diamond ^rttoa Crowdcr. former employe of the First National bank, against whom an indictment for .mbcnl* ^ ^clKk" Sal^day ^h,! ***ni*t tt-fie rAMirnfiM nv n rpnpral . . _ _ _ . _ Funeral services are being held this afternoon for Elmer D. Nevlns, 03-year-old timber worker, who suc- cumbsd at his home, 511 Park St., | ment was returned by a federal grand iury over a month ago In Mrs. Belle Holt King of Troy, Tenn., Is Deat grai.u iury uvci » iiiuii.ii i»5" •" . n t , h - „..,,,.,. -_ connection with the $50,000 short- "J* ? l '"f s - .£?*"' .... _. .-, ,i *-,_,n- will ce made at E.imuoix.1 icmcicij aee for which A Em ^/T^ j Funeral plans are In charge of th< CaSniCT, £j- D. lllUllidi) a U ' ''| pnUV, TTiirTflr-toVtiitr rnnimnv Pa'l Tho Rev. P. Q. Rorte Is officlat- intermciit .woxl cemetery. =h'pmn nl°o are awaiting trialj^ Undertaking company Pall- y ars ngo . OTS went to Jonesboro today In com-1*«™ "J; f?.^'™ Dif'^n' S " "* f""""' • n u- »» -«« u" f Aiov I iJonaio, Ar(*ii ijiiiosey, wihon iien- I ntirl shnt, ifnur pany with his attorney, E E Alex- • - ' , and sn,ot>oiir ander. and a United States marshal, to at range bond. . ry. Jimmie Roberts and W. C. Llg-1 sett. The deceased is survived by five Mr. Alexander said that follow- so!ls nnd ECVCral grandchildren. Ir.™ his appearance before the clerk In answer (o the indictment Cro-.v- der would be released on his own NEW YORK, April 27. (UI>)— , -„.,.. ( „ , West and Company, slock commis- l recognizance to give hliri the: op- Misslssippl county has more "" n | _,;„„ h raisc was"su5p"nded from Ih; I portunity to complete his bond. h *L'T™' «?«'S « S' »!!: i N«- York 'stock exchange to-lay for Indictment of Crowder, voted by gurcs being 35,725 and 33,534. Na-1 insolvency. oimty. and foreign born, only 143. 'he negro population of Mississippi ounty is given as 26,145. A cain of nearly 50 per cent hi hc population of the county in the The company hi 1 ? a grand jury at Helena, came as in Pennsylvania in a surprise here, ss Ills name had I addition to Its New York office. I not been mentioned in connection -2"jrssrss£ cs s^-i?^. .^?S rostrum shortly before II a. m. The ast. ten years is indicated by the market had been anticipating fur- cd shortly after the First National bank closcd'-last December. Crowder had not been employed by the Burke Gets Life Term For Murder ST. JOSEPH, Mich., April 27 (UP)—A career of crime and murder came to an end this afternoon when Fred P.. Burke, professional of Prominent Conn. Family Found Shot, Beaten to Death. HAMDEN. Conn., April 27 WP) —Pretty Smily Kirk, 21, dau;htfr of Charles Kirk, prosperous country genlleman and member of a famllv which colonized Hamdcn nearly 300 years ago. was beaten with a gln- ' "" criminally attacked times before a 50 pound boulder crushed out her life. Coroner James J: Corrigan, announced today. County, slate and Hamdcn police united in searching for her assailant today. A drenching rain which fell over the wooded scene of the slaying Sunday destroyed all helpful traces of her'assailant commission of the .'Prcsbyteriai. Church of the U.'s. A. irivestlgatlii marriage, divorce and re-marring. Rev. Ralph. Marshall Davis,, above ol Erie, Pa., Is chairman of tru commission, and Mrs. Charles R Roys, below, dean of.Wells Col'apr at'Aurora,*!* Y., is die ofthe ifcad' ing women members. The ropo.- vlll be submitted to the general assembly of the church In Pittsburgh May 28 to June 3. population of 09.289 for 1930. years, students attending school Poration. or assailants. Corrlpan. slate police sergeant Oene Lenzin. county detectives Stanley Olanclll and George Nlc- olarl, and Captain Harry Barrows of the Hamden police department questioned William Wetmore today. William Is a cousin of Clement Wetmore. the dead girl's brother- in-la»-. He told newspapermen he knew nothing of the murder and denied he- was Miss Kirk's- former sweetheart. Tlie autopsy performed by medi- Mis. Belle Holt King. CO, wife o J. A. King of Troy, Term., diet suddenly at tbe family residenci Sunday morning. The deceased, wh. had visited in this city, is a sister in-law of Mrs. J. D. Woodburn rmc Robert E. Lee King and an ami of Mrs. Marvin Robinson, Mis Carey Woodburn, Mrs, Leonard Ho: nnd Mrs. Samuel F. Norris. of t'nt city. She is also survived by he husband, or.e son. .James Courtlan ar.d four grand children. Although having been In 111 health for several months from high blood pressure she was feeling very well until an '.-.our before her death when ;hc v:as seized wltli a throat ailment. Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn, Jflss Wcodbarn, Mrs. Robinson and Mr. King arc attending the funeral at Troy today where burial will b3 made in the family cemetery. form but 62.5 per cent of the total , The curb Only 10.1 per cent of Mississippi i Ihe suspension of the compnnv | county residents between Ihe ages' shortly after action by the stock of 18 and 20. inclusive, arc going : exchange. Tbe suspension of West to school, the report shows. , and company is the third by the Illiteracy U on the decrease In ! stock exchange this year. Mississippi county. The total ' .••need ' Jon<15 boro the latter part of May. her of illiterates, according to the , Ealon Resipls Motor Appeals Court Judgment The Phillips Motor company has , _„„ .„„! .. tJ , 6 ..j, • aoDealed to circuit court t'r.e dcci- ^'.'nPl^l^, 3 . 7 ^, 1 "! CLEVELAND. April 57. (UP)- rio » of Social Jud 5 e V. G. Hoiriis S. Eaton, who made a spec- jland in common pleas court awivrl- ... jular rise from a divinity student ing W. T. Rhodes $125 on the corn- to one of America's leading finan- : plaint thai Russell Phillips fraudu- j dal ngurK> has rc5ig ncd ss the : lently obtained from him S25D on ;±K 'to S sus showed the county to be pcr cent ilhterntc. Therc are more married Two Fires, Delays Keep Firemen on the Jump A residence at the corner of 17th and Ash streets, occupied by a. Mr. Grover and family, was practically destroyed by fire of an unknown origin early this morning. Tlie fire gained full headway before firemen arrived. While police and a few firemen i cal examiners, revealed tho girl had been shot twice in the head, once in the upper right arm ar.d once in the palm of the left hand, fragment of a bottle were found cm- bedded In the girl's scalp. Death did not come, doctors reported, until a large boulder had been dropped on her head. Modern Economic Conditions Justify Contraceptives Commissioners Sa> PHILADELPHIA, April 27. (UP —Immediate approval of birth con trol by the general assembly of thi i Presbyterian Church In the U. S. A s recommended by a special com nlssion apiralnted to study marrl age, divorce and remarriage. The assembly will be asked to on record as favoring the use o contraceptives, but only "in fidellt .0 the highest spiritual Ideals o the Christian home." The commission's favorable re port comes after the Federal Conn :il of Churches of Christ in Amer lea, as well as the New York Acad einy of Medicine, has approve birth control, "Earnest Christian people," th report states, "are asking for tl church's guidance on the subjo of birth conlrol. This subject do mands attention today as never be fore. Economic conditions and worthy standard ol living clear make it wrong to bring childre Into the world without adequai provision for their nurture ar Held Sign of Prosperitvi P«>per consideration for the healt e 'lot the mother. "In expressing Its judgment o ; subject the church in no sen Police Court Activity Prosperity is well on the way Portuguese Troops Make Landing on Madeira Island LTS3ON. Portugal, April 27. (UP) —Loyal troops have landed on Ma- dcria and occupied, near Funrhal. after an artillery back again it police court may be used as a "business barometer". Pour convictions or forfeitures for public drunkenness and three for modifies its condemnation of s relations outside of marriage.' The governor directed Attorney, onpral Bennett !o supsrtede Garner "In all actions arising from' c acts of Diamond," the'victim of n earty'-mornlnj : attack, and of ernes "Jack" Dalton, who Is under dlctment with Diamond on cHarg- A- : -6f--assnuU- ftnd^Jilsw^g. t nd, anl Qnatrocchi. roadliousa pfopri or an<l Diamond lieutenant. The attorney general might take lersonal charge of the '-prosecution the Indictments against Diamond id Dalton or name a deputy. Voods Retires as Head of Hoover Job Group WASHINGTON, April 27 (OP) — ilialrmon Arthur Woods of the resident's emergency committee or employment today announced !s retlrtmcnt from active admin-- stratlve duty. He said simultaneously that tlie committee would be eorganlzed following the withdraw-. I of seven persons who had been ssoclated with him here this win- cr. Woods Is leaving next we.ek for Europe where he will' investigate unemployment insurance and conditions generally in Great Britain' and France. Whether he will re- irn to the committee later Woods said would be "dependant on conditions." Will Hold Services While Pastor Is Away Tfie I i: -: Christian church will continue .'.. ohurch services while the pastor, the Rev. 1'. K, Latlmer, is on his vacation following a r.ervv ous breakdown. Ther,- i-.lll !.2 services an Suniay mornir. • and next Sunday night w.-.en an old fashioned song service of famlliary hymns will te given. At the program yesterday, arranged by the choir, there were a m:"iber of visitors from Osceola av.d Manili: &nd throe from Memphis. i than married women in the county. persons living who do not engage In farm work Paving District One Files 1930 Tax Suit Foreclosure suit on 1930 tax dc- llnciitenl property In paving district number one and sewer and gutter Ing district number one has been , They have been supplanted bv on 1 Harrison. Smith and Taylor arc ""r 1 . s , om « delay was experienced In the court. i entire new board representing four counsel for Rhodes and Cecil Shan-I « a =hmg the scene o. t..e fires., of th; largest Cleveland bank;. Al-1 for the Phillips Motor company. Chief Roy Head could no. be reich- (Mif 0 , n : a though Eaton severed all relations «d for „ .i» f .m. n r. .M«- v-miiurnia advices to the government said to-. f,i ecl ln c i rcu j t cour t, day. | Delinquent taxes for 193C 1 to the Despite rebel machine gun fire,, amount ol S199.47 are listed by'the the troops destroyed the rebels' r.v | commissioners of the district In the dio station and then re-embarked, suit. C. M. Buck Is attorney for tr:C the. message said. [district. v.I'.h Continental he Is retaining his vast holdings. Will Attend Father's Funeral at Clarksdale Will Test Government Right to Seize Liquor WASHINGTON, April 27. (UP>- for a statement today. CITY IN TWO COUNTIES CLIFTON, Kan., tup)—Clifton Legion Pest Wii! Hear Driver Tomorrow Night W. J. Driver of Osceola, membar rom the first Arkan- wlll speak Tuesday regular meeting of it, American Legion, r. renounced Uxlay by George post's entertainment Driver has been an the American. Lc former service men an-1 has frequently on pstri-. oilc programs and .it other affairs sponsored by t.'.e ioc;- post. A bis "U'l-- Denies II" Health BrOHPIlt Him To SorinffS t:jrn -° ut ot'Lejiomu i Is expect- wiuiigiii mm iv vJiHiujjs.^ to hea rhlm tomotTm . nlght HOT SPRINGS, April 27. (UP)— Nevada Divorce Program: ~-.. 1^1,, ^a,... M,..-~ SACRAMENTO, Cal.. April 27 Secretary of War Hurley, here for now falls in the category of a clty : (UP)—California took steps toward a week's rest, said today there was divided against Itrelf. and hopes the Nevada "divorce plan" today nothing wrong with his health nnJ ! There was a light frost early to- the old saw Is all wrong. The 1931 which passage In the senate of the he had come here to be relieve- day with the official-thermometer WEATHER [The supreme court today decided legislature reapportioucd the con-j secret divorce bill of Senator C. C. from the strain of h!s work and showing 43 dejre's at 7 a. m. The . ' • to review the question of whether, gr.-^lonnl districts of the state, i Baker of Salinas. not for treatment In the army an . : maximum pesteraay was 67 degrees Miss Oolla Rinks will go to | the government may retain llquo-1 p ar t of Clifton Is In Washington 1 Under terms of ':'.e measure no navy hospital as first reported. .arid rainfall totaled .87 inch over ClarXsdale. Miss., tomorrow for funeral of her father, J. W. Rii the seized In violation of the search and i County, part In Ciay County, mention of special accusations The secretary of war Indicated he the week-end. Today a year ago .....t.n. «. ..v. .uv,.i., „. ... ...inks, seizure laws. The court made tin' Formerly both were In the fourth could be made In divorce com- would spend the remainder of th3 the minimum temperature was 53 of El Paso. Texas, who died Sat-[decision in a suit brought by John j congressional district. The revision I plaints based on charges of extreme week here unless urgent business degrees and the maximum 01 de- urds.y in that city. Strong. placed them In different districts. | cruelty or adultery. called Mm. back to Washington. Igrcu, cloudy.

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