Naugatuck Daily News from ,  on October 24, 1949 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from , · Page 6

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Monday, October 24, 1949
Page 6
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PACE 6—NAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN.). MONDAY, OCT. M, 1949 Ivy Scores In Final Seconds To Tie Garnet, 7-7 Naugatuck Outplays Favored Opponents For Three Periods 44-Yard Screen Pass Prevents Apparent Victory A semen pass which went lor 44-yards and a touchdown in the dying seconds of the game, snatched an apparent victory from the hands of the Naugatuck High school Greyhounds and gave Crosby a 7-7 tie Saturday afternoon at Municipal Stadium, Waterbury. Th« locals were leading 7-0 with leas than 30 seconds left when Tom Araico faded' back to midlleld and tossed a screen pass to full- bj|ck George Blair on the Naug'a- tufk 44. Blair, behind fine interference and with in exhibition of beautiful broken field running, shook off four would-be Naugatuck tacklers and went all the way for the score. End Bill Fishang kicked tl>e extra point to give Crosby the tying point. On Defensive ..The Greyhound! had kept their fclgffer—and heaviSjy favored opponents—on the defensive for better than three periods. They went out in front, 7-0, less than two minutes before the half on a 26- yard touchdown pass from fullback Bob "Red" Whitv to end Jack Carroll. Carroll took the ball over his shoulder on the four-yard line and stepped over. -Charlie Alegi booted the extra point. Naugatujk missed a touchdown in the first and another in tha second quarter. They took over oh the Crosoy 15 soon after the game started, when the Ivy was forced to kick from its 20. Bob Rabto picked up eight yarcls" in. threp tries and then Alan Crosswait hit end Bill Mate; with a pass on the 28 for a first down. After one running play was stopped for no gain, Rabtoy scampered to the 18 for another first down. White carried to the 11 on first down and then Charlie Alegi went to the five. That plav was called back, however, when a Maugatuck back was detected illegally in motion, and the Greyhounds were penalized flvo yards to the 16 .Alegi carried back to the 12, but two more running plays were stopped and Crosby took over. The Ivy drove to the Nuu^atuck 44-yard line as the quarter end^d, sparked by a 26-yard run by Amico. On the first plav of the second quarter Naugatuck took over, when Blair, in attempting to pass, was dropped on his own 39 He fumbled and Naugatuck recovered. Rebtoy Sparks Drive With Rabtoy again sparking the drive, the local; drove for three successive first downs, the last coming on the three-yard line. Rabtoy went to the one on first down, but a mixup in a handon" resulted in Alegi being droplped on tbe four. Another running -play n*tted no gain, then, on last down. Rabtoy passed to Bill Matos in the ead zone. Bill was hit .-us he o«ught the ball, and it squirted out of his arms. AJegi pounced on the oval, but the referee ruled that Matos had not held it long enough and" that it had hit the ground he- fore Alegi recovered, so, Crosby took over on its five. Fishang kicked out to the 32 and Alan Crosswait returned it to the 25. Rabtoy, White and Crosswait alternated for a firn down on the 14, but then Joe Caulfield intercepted a pass on the goal line, ^"1'iTie *.he drive. He returned the ball to the 2O, but Crosby was penalized to the two when detected clipping. Fishancr again booted out and Naugatuck took over on the 29 with time running out in the half. A flat pass from White to Crosswait was good to the 26 and after another pass went incomplete, Rabtoy hit Carroll for the touchdown. Crosby almost managed to score in the final seconds of the half, when Blair took a screen pass on hi» 35 and raced to the Naugatuck 20 where Boh SePnske. the last Naugy defender, finally brought him down. Fumbles Hurt Fumbles hurt both teams in the third quarter. Naugatuck drove into Crosby territory early in the per- iog, "but lost the ball when Car- roll, after catching a pass from Rabtoy, fnmbled on the 31 after being tackled. Crosby came back to drive to the Naugatuck 44, where a fumble in their backfield put them back to their own 45. They were unable to -make up the difference and were forced to punt. Neither team was able 10 gain after that and the period ended with Naugatuck in possession on its 33. Shortly after the final period opened. Crosby took over on its 48. The Ivy drove to the Naugatuck 25 where <\ holding penalty halted the drive. Unable to gain, Naugatuck kicked out. The ball hit on the Crosby 30 and bounced back towards midfield, finally being downed on the Crosby 45. Crosby drove to the Naugatuck 33, where Amico fumbled and Naugatuck took over. Quick-Kick With less than a minute to go, Croswait quick -kicked on third down. The ball sailed all the way to the Crosby 10 where Caulfield picked it up and returned it to the 24. Two completed passes gave the Ivy a first down on Naugatuck's 44 fronr where Blair took off on his touchdown run. Crosby kicked off to Naugatuck with only 13 seconds left to play. Rabtoy took the kick on the Naugatuck 10 yard line and raced back to the Crosby 45 before being brought down, just as the game ended. One more block and Rabtoy would have gone all the way for the score. The locals, who had gone into the game two to three touchdown underdogs, gave a good account of themselves, completely outplaying Crosby for more than three periods. The game goes down in the records as a 7-7 tie, but in more than one way it was a victory for Naugatucsk. They gave evidence that their next four opponents "will be in for four 'very rough afternoons. Alegi Hurt Naugatuck was hurt by the fact that Alegi sustained a bad charlie horse on his right leg early in the game. Charlie played most of the game, but was unable to run as he is capable. Also out of action with a Charlie horse was Bryant Kirkendall, second string quarterback. Crosby had the edge in first downs, 10-7, but six of those came in the final quarter and all but the two made on the touchdown drive were wasted. Naugatuck tried nine passes, completing six, were penalized 30 yards, and fumbled twice. One fumble was recovered by Crosby. The Ivy tried 10 passes, completing five and intercepled one Naugatuck toss. They lost 45 yards on penalties and fumbled four times, with Naugatuck recovering two. Naugatuck now has a record of two ties and three losses for the season. Crosby's record is three wins, one loss and one tie. Rabtoy, with Alegi unable to run, was the sparkplug of the Gar-: net team, piling up considerable yardage through the line and more by his passes. The Nugatuck line, to a man, also played well. . The Lineups : CHOSBY (7) Ends— Fischans, Mango, Brayton Granato. Oliver. Tackles— Randall. Prilty, Sumran. Guards— Swilt. DIBiase. Cert* or — Genua. Backs— Sprano, Caullleld, Amlco, Blair, Bothroyd, Foell, Errichetti "SAUGATFnK (71 Ends— Carroll, Schiller, W. Matos, M. Matos. Monagan. Tac-l:les— Clvmer. Di.Maria, J. White. Guards— O'Brien, Mitchell, Passeck. Brndv. Centers — Fowler. John.son. Backs — Crosswait, Knbtoy. A!ei;i, 11. White. Selenske. Apostiahan. K~nre hv neriods- N'AVOATUCK ........ 0 7 0 0—7 CROSBY ......... .... n 0 0 7—7 Touchdowns, made hv Carroll, Blair. Points after tourhdowns. made by Al^p-' F*schanvf placements). Offffials: He'<"-"e— I-Iart : umpire— Knprht • hppd linesman Bray ; field jtidse— Vincent. RUBBISH COLLECTION Street Department crews arc collecting rubbish today and tomorrow on the east side. Superintendent of Streets Leo J. Brophy announces collections on the west side will commence Wednesday. MONKEY STARS AS PIANO VIRTUOSO v NIMAl FOURSOMS arrived on the liner Nieuu, Amsterdam Bt , N. J and,pu» on a litUe act for the shipnews photographers. na £- 13 -y«ar-oM rhesiU monkey, pounds out a hot tune for hi 3 »udi«»c« of three D int-«i2e chihuahuas. UntemaiionoU Post Office Wins Community Title On Dow'ing's Homer, 5-4 The Post Oflee defeated Plaits Mill.s, 5-4, yesterday afternoon, to win the Community Softball Leufrua championship, ID a game played at Recreation Field. Gene Dowling homered In the last half of the sixtt) inning to break a 4-4 tic and give the Mall Carriers the victory and the championship. The winners had won the first round title and Platta Mills the second round title. Post Office spotted Plaits Mills a 1-0 lead in the first and then came back to score two in the second. The Millora rallied for three in the top of the third to go ahead 4-2, but Post Office came back with two in the bottom of the same frame to tie the score. Bill Dunn limited the losers to five hits, while his mates were collecting nine off Galullo and Barre. The score r h e P. Mills 1030000—452 P. Office 02-2001X—592 Galullo, Barre (8) and Doollttle; Dunn and Healy. Sports, Adv. Top News Grid Experts With 13 Winners Sports Department and Advertising Department tied for weekly high in the NEWS collegiate grid poll this weekend, each turning in 13 winners in the 20 games, as for the third straight week a number of upsets kept the experts' averages way below normal. All experts were wrong on Rutgers' 35-13 victory over Colgate, Indiana's 48-14 triumph over Pittsburgh, Iowa's 28-21 upset of Northwestern, LSU's 13-7 -upset of North Carolina and Kansas' 55-14 rout of favored Oklahoma A & M. Sports picked up another game on second place Composing Room, and now leads the pack by seven. Composing and Editorial were each right on 12 games, while last olace Circulation picked only' 11 winners. The standings: W. L. Pet. Sports 90 30 .750 Composing 83 37 .692 Advertising 81 39 .075 Editorial; 79 41 .658 Circulation 70 50 .583 Garnet JV's Play Seymour Today The Naugatuck High School junior varsity football team will .seek to avenge an early season defeat and to gain Its second win this afternoon, playing host to the Seymour High Jayvees at 3 o'clock at Recreation Field. Seymour scored a 12-6 victory over the locals in their first encounter, three weeks ago at Seymour. Since that time the locals have beaten Shelton, 7-6, and tied Derby, 13-13. Uniteds Blank Hartford Booters Dick Davenport and C. Gonsalves booted home goals to give the Naugatuck Uniteds a 2-0 victory over ;the Hartford Italian- American club yesterday afternoon. The victory, one of the '.cst matches of the season, put the locals in third Ip'lace in the lenr'ue standii]?=: Next S-unday afternoon, the Uniteds will play G-lastonbury at 2:30 o'clock at Recioition Field. Set Date For 75th Anniversary Event Of Experiment Sta. New Haven—Celebrating its 75th anniversary next year, the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station has set Sept. 29, 1950, as the date for the official observance of the event. The Connecticut Station is the oldest institution of its kind in the United States, and its founder Dr. Samuel Johnson, originated the movement that has led to the establishment of an experiment station in each of the 48 states. According to Dr. C. L. W. Swanson, chairman of the Anniversary Committee, plans for the September 29 celebration include an Open House in the morning and a scientific symposium on "Science and Airriculture" in the afternoon. Scheduled for the evening is a speech by a nationally known figure, whose name will be announced later. All events will be open to the general public. Special invitations will be sent to representatives of other experiment stations in the country and abroad, federal agricultural agencies, nlant scientists in private institutions and industry, and Connecticut colleges, State agencies, and agricultural and other organizations, i. i While the official celebration is limited to one day, plans call for special events throughout the Anniversary year. Many State agricultural organizations and national scientific societies are being invited to hold their annual meetings at the Experiment Station in 1950, to help celebrate its founding-. MUSTANGS' MR. MIGHTY - - By Alan Mavcr M AN AGE OF foorBAt-i. , WHO <STARTE0 PA6<S/riG op RUNNING WALKER, S.M.V.'s ALL - EVEPyrH/A/G QUARTERBA CK, LOOKS AS /f HE'LL CLOSE BY ME Mi/STAA'ffS TO 7~#e/£? 3^0 STRA/0HT SOUTH We ST CONFERENCE .,. 6 SCORES MI.I. ONEOF WS GREATEST Rubber Co. Girls' > Bowling League In Action Today The U. S. Rubber Co. Girls' In- terdCipartment Bov.|(ln«3 League swings into its fifth weak of action thi.3 afternoon on the Pasho's Alleys. Due to the close race in both divisions, changes in the standings, can be expected after today's bowling: STANDING Monday Division Gem:; 12 3 Style Gaiters ....... 11 3 Keds ... 9 fi Streamers 8 7 Bluchers 8 7 Cagers 6 9 Cagers 6. 9 Wildcats 6 9 Cutups 4 8 Hopefuls 2 10 Tuesday Division Boo Toppers 13 2 Cub,3 . 12 3 Smoothies 12 3 Chargers 11 \ Invaders 10 5 High Spots 8 7 Fireflies 6 9 Pow Wows G 9 Charmersi 6 9 High Steppers 3 12 Racers 3 12 .800 .733 .600 .533 .533 .400 xori .400 .860 .800 .800 .733 .66ti .533 .400 .400 .400 .200 .200 Welterweight Bout Tops Arena Card New Haven, Oct. 24—A torrid ring duel is in prospect tonight at thp Arena when two welterweight champions, Lwio Minelli, of Milan, Italy, and Dave Andrews of Lowell, Mass., meet in the feature bout of 10 rounds. Minelli, an impressive campaigner in his tour of the United States, won the European weltci 1 crown by stopping Giel deRood in Aja, Holland. Andrews, a lethal Lith from Lowell, a'nnexed the New England title by stopping Johnny Cesarlo In • the Boston Garden. Begin Work On W^tirbury s Little League Stadium Work on ;thc construction of a Little. Baseball League Stadium in Waterbury was begun yesterday by more than 50 volunteer workers, aided by trucks, bulldoozers, steam shovels, donated by construction companies. The work of leveling and grading the Watertown avenue cite was approximately half finished yesterday. It is expected that next Sunday will see the remainder of the -work completed. Cub Pack 10 Plans Official Inspection An official Inspection of Cub Pack 10, Immanuel Lutheran Church will be held at tomorrow night,'s. 'monthly meeting at the church. All members of tlje pack tu'e askud to make the best appearance possible in order to secure a high rating in the inspection. A Halloween costume party will follow the 'business meeting: and parents are also invited to take part in the affair and dress in costuir.e. New members will be welcomed and leaders fcoint out the age limits are from 9 to 11 years, inclusive. . YWA Basketball HI-Y, Jr. b f p L. Hennessey, If .......... 2 0 4 R. Lengyel, rf ...... ....... 0 0 0 J. Best, c ................. 1 0 2 B. Lcngyel, Ig ............ 1 1 3 R. Packer, vg . . • ..... !... 0 0 0 Totals ................... » 1 9 Panthers b f p B. Ort, rg ................ 0 0 0 W; Gesseck, Ig ............ 0 0 0 A. Happy, c ............... 0 0 0 D. Sunbury, rf ............ 2 0 4 IT. Ore, If .................. 0 0 0 I Totals ................... 2 0 4 U.S. Rubber Company Employes' Activity Schedule Released The Hchodude of activities for emfcifoyeiji of the U. S. Rubber Co. during the coming week, is as follows: Monday, October 24 1:00-5:00 p. m. Girls Intel-department Bowling League—Pasho's Alleys—Naugatuck. 5:00 p. m. Men's -Inlet-department Badminton League—Y. M. C. A. 6:00 p in. M<m's Varsity Bowling Team vs. W. J, Mcgins, Njatl. Division. N. Y. I. C. League—YMCA Alleys—Nauptatuck. B Tuesday, October 25 1:00^5:00 p. m. Girls' Intcrdepart- ment Bowling League—Pasho's Alleys—Naugatuck, 7:00 p. m. Men's Intel-deportment Bowling League—Pasho's Alleys— Naugntuck. Wednesday, October 20 5:00 p. m. Men'.; Office Bowling League—Pash o'-s Alleys — Naugn- tuck. 5:00 n. m. Men's Interdepartment Badminton League—YMCA—Naugatuck. • Thursday, October 21 .. 5:00 p. m. Men's, Bowling League —Pashic>.s A3feys—Wajjgatuck. 5:00 p. m. Men's Interdctiartment Badminton League—YMCA—Nau- gatuek. 7:00 p. m. Girls' Varsity Bowling Team vs Wtby. Companies IRA League—Sena's Alleys—Waterbury. Friday, October 28 5:15 p. m.—U. S. Girls' Club Bowling League. Pasho Bowling League— Naugatuck. 9:00 p. i.-ni. Men's Varsity Bowling Team vs. Naugatuck Chemical N. Y. I. C. League, American Division —Pasho'^ Alleys. — Naui- (fatuck. Pro Grid Standings ALL.AMERICA COXFKitEJfCE Yesterday's faeBiilts Now York 24, Sun Francisco 3. Chicago Hornets 17. Baltimore 7. Hullulo 17, Los AllKelea 14. THE STANDING w N.Y. Yanks . . f, Cleveland H CMc. Hornets. •! Buffalo 2 Lios An. Don.s.2 Baltimore .... 1 L T Pet Pts I'ts 1 0 .833 110 Si 1 I .X33 .222 128 2 0 .750 284 H!l 3» 0 .571 147 171 T, 1 .280 1114 22] C 0 .-2RO }«8 240 7 " 0 ,125 124 2.'i3 'Nn.xt Week's Schi'diilf! Prlrlny—Lou Angeles Dons at Chir-.aRo (Ni K ht). Sunday—Baltimore at New York Yankees. San Francisco at Cleveland. NATIONAL I,KArtCK VostDrdiiy's H(>Knlts : ' Pliiladflphla 49, WashlnKtnh 14. PittslHli-Kh 24, N. Y. Bulldogs IS N. Y. Giants 3H, Chlc.-iKn Boars 2S. n«ti-f)lt 24. Ohti'air-> fard'-i 7. fjt>« AnKUI<>H .'1,1. (Iroen 13:iy' 7. THK Hl^XVOTNO \Vi^sti»i-n Plvininn vv I, T-o.s Anpnle.s . n .0 '""b'cjijTo T*.on»*T ... ^ j> Hlilca^o Cai-dinals . . ft ;t Buy l ^ Tiotrnlt I .) . i.non .(ion .4 on ,."nn .200 Krtstorn T>iTisl4in W T, T r>hllnilPlohia 4 j , Pittsburgh 4 ] f N. Y. Olnnts 3 2 f H'nyhln"-lnn ?. 3 f N. Y. BulldoRS 0 5 0 . .Ron .son . .000 Xcjr* SnnilavN S^lipilnlo ^hii^n°'o Tic: 1 rw at T,oq A^^^li^K TV\lrni»: vt. Orfl»n Bny nt. Milwaukee. , Washlnpton at New York Bulldogs. Industrial Council Election Tomorrow Officers for the coming year will be elected at a meeting of the Naugatuck YMCA Industrial Council, tomorrow noon at a luncheon- mfeting in the Y cafeteria. Thomas J. Dillon, president, has been nominated to serve in that capacity again. Other officers nominated ate: Otto .H. Jensen, vice- president; Harold McDermott, secretary; and William Swanson, treasurer. NEW TUBE SPEEDS REFUELING OF BOMBERS IN FLIGHT •Y MEANS of a telescoping, metal tube, a B-20 flying tanker (top) refuels a B-50 Superfortress while flying at a high altitude over Seattle, Wash. The "flying boom" enables long-range bombers and fighters to refuel faster and at higher altitudes than was possible before. The new. system, still in an experimental stage, is an improvement on the old "gravity feed" flexible hose technique. (International) PILGRIMS MARK FEAST OF FATIMA CREEPING OVER COBBIESTONES, a penitent pilgrim (center, foreground) makes her way slowly toward the shrine of "Our Lady of Fatima" during a special feast period observed in Lisbon, Portugal. Thousands of Catholics from all sections of the world came to the shrine, erected on the Bite of the appearance of the Vircin to three little «irls. (International) ACCENT ON FAMILY LIFE-MOT HATS BRITISH EMPIRE representatives exchange greetings with Princess Elizabeth (left) during a mothers' rally in London at which the Princess spoke strongly against the evils of divorce and its effect on British family life. The Princess draws smiles from the group as she remarks about the turban-tyne hcadaear worn by one of them.- (International) TUBS., WED. and THURSDAY "Keep'Em Flying" with Bud Abbott Lou Costello Martha Rny<> also "The Decision of Christopher Blake" Alexis Smith Robert Douglas — Today — "THE RED POXY" and "FOR, YOU I DIE" ALCAZAR NOW ri-AVING I^con Errol and Joe Kirkwood, Jr. as Joe I'alooUa in "The Counterpimch" and Joe Yule and Rcnic Ilianon as Jiggs and Maggi* in "Jaickpot Jitters" Peter Paul Inc. NAUGATUCK, CONN. >-»*•*«*••«•.» Manufactures of Nation's Largest Selling COCONUT CANDY BARS < TED'S AUTO BODY WORKS 57 HOTCHHISS 8T TEL. 6169 — Collision Specialist. _ fender* — Bodies — Auto Fainting Towing Service Glenn FORD Charles COBURN Gloria De HAVEN _ Janet LEIGH THEBOCTOI AMD THE GIRL 2nd HIT ALIAS the CHAMP •^ NEXT ru « SAT mm* CW SM« IM HMOW S-IIG ACTS VODVIL-t SoMii-"KIB riOM CLEVELAND- LEWIS CARROLL The Dealer OB tbe Square CENTER SQUARE - COttNEB PROSPECT * 1INIOS STRKETS Barel*} Tile Board Cbrom* Trlu Door Frame> Window Snsh * Frame* Palnti • Floor Sanders tor Kul TBIEPHOTJE S48* CHRYSLER ana PLYMOUTH G. M. C. TRUCKS J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 100 SOOTH MAIN ST. r<4pnli»ne 4O9« "FLYING BLIND" MAY BE ALL RIGHT FOR BATS "BUT" A Sound Business Calls For Good Judgment Efficient Employees Quality Products United States Rubber Company Naugatuck Footwear Plant

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