The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on March 14, 1907 · Page 10
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 10

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1907
Page 10
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' 10 THE; INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, THURSDAY, MARCH 14, - 1907. sig:;s coiitoact. TO BECOME All IIIDIA gtar third - :aclman of. central LCAGUC IN FOLD. I THIRD CANDIDATE FOR BAG T'.:.;! - man V'.;:;e Hopke, drafted f .':. . f:nt.n, in t'.e j Central League, . . s f tHe l all O.uh - vlorj as to where he Is t j l;iy t ; . ; i i - fa - .ii, by i ndin in a netted c - rr i' t f. Lie I:; ! tij.Tj management, "i! a.! l:f.on of H. - .rke 1 makes the ' team 1 "'if t - 1 :i! formidable.. Armstrong. t' - .e Thn - f - I Lii. - iio ti,r. and Krug, the f' t i;; - i' truii the Ti Utf.te Leasrue, have I '" t . - .. I (".Murls, .arid, - With' II"ike i - i !'. !: I. it n; icjr.tilhat the Ind:an v. I.e. t - irr.i x fit tr.M third corner, inntt - a'i ! vk.iK. iiuj, - .tj i a t'ood man, having I - d tt. V'itr..l l.;'ST':e thlrd - hn.emett ! t n both In b. - atii'g and In fielding. li f r'!.t.!y w til be forced to do his best ' "til to win t; c j.i;M - e ov r Arrnntronif and 1 r - r, ." - - il tii" Hrur!: !io'.il (ifVf - iup one f t;. - t. itfj a aii'l Fwre man who in til t ' e l.r.t bin (i ui - rn vated the t;..if.(.fn.' - nt trid the fa.i. - s for so long. ACCUSTCEpI TO AIR. White Cox Becoming; Acclimated In f.'exlcei, Cm" O: Mr.XICU, March ll. - The Sox ft rr; .". wir, cnri.oidornhle improvement lri t! r pi.iy since twromlritf - ' accustomed to t: " l - . ; . " ! ulr, knake - ! the Judg - !;'. of .:':. tin re an 1 the: l.Ijht of batted i ;;:.",! sU. The xpr te - 1 difficulty in f"'"J. tuo physkul ejects of the Men ; . ! , ; 1 .n i.vt i.i - en ixj - erioneed. The t .""I ;ri - - - i! f.M ,iitin r.r the : - " nf! cm t iii'M, tiut Ted huillvan v. m in a ii - h 11 oig huiry to gt bark to ." t" - in t . t ), - rt'.A!f hotel - i : - i f - .r o'i'y t w r,t - f ,ur o' the party ' - ' i ' A ddltion. - il i accommodations 1 i - r i i i i; r i for ti.e ovi - rtlow. FARMER i:r CUTTING. AFFRAY i r u i 1 i t and Manager In Jail at Davenport. DA VKNI'OUT. l:t.. March 14 - Harry T M.'tt. t,f )'iotl,i. III., letter known aa ' ,r :? Kl - i J'ariii.T, a - ;litw!Kht juir! - ar. - l 2. is i:.tin;r. Jinn li:ion. are In J - I ji t!.i. (My for j n IX k! pa ting In a 1 1 i h. - ,;7i f: v. ' In tli.' fiai - aa James Ora - ; .H.i, id I.uvenport. v;im stabbed end e - r lv ).M t. It Is i ; i 1 tlliit Tlhhotta " . ' ' lUv ki:i'i I - artner nd Inllja I 1 i;ii.h - r i - ;o li Urttham Is In ii !.': J t ' ti 1 l:i.jy cut up. ; :atio;:al totals are small Are About Hlf Thcss at St Louis In Lach Ever.t. riIII.AIM:r.riIIA. - Man - h H. - Kntrles t r ti''. - liirt annuul tournament of the .N'UVnal ltowTfj; Acsoi kit ion, to be held i.t A t ! ,i ?i t : - City from Mnnh 13 to AjtII Lion 'luM.i, the 'i.tiy list uhowlr:g '.' ' i. . - t:,,n tf - nim, ii.j two - tiieti teams - l lndsvi.1 ;.'. - ' . t .tii4 I i 'fi( Vi evetit are about t! nt M. Ioula. i FOLO U TWO WEEKS. VVetrn Le.!r;ue to Open Short Sea - con March - 25. :r.i:iON. li.d.. March 14. AU - stur rlay - i - 's w ill ci. the four clubs which " ;il form tl. circuit of thir, rt"W Western K - ilii r I't 1o Leu; tie. The ' fciison of the t - v' l"iei: win cp - n XIaroh two day a ffs'T ti. c'o - .! .f flay In. the Interstate L.rt!K'.ic of Uhia. and I'enn. ylvania. Demurest tlil Winning. i:V VOKW. March 11. Calvin Dern - t, of Chicago, won hla fourtli ifame In i.ntlonal amateur 14:2 blil!ard cham - at the I.lederkranz - Club last t. II. - flofeatfd Charles F. Conkltn, i ! . ! i . i 1 1 from t lie Chicago Athletic !.it!oii. by the score ctf yQ to 1ST. - ! :. - :,t lvtimrcht will J.lay the final i? of the m r!i s with bMwurd W. Oard - ti i j r - s. nt holder of .the title. Dem - t !".!(. ! ke a winner, &n he has won : '! - .i.t K - irr.'S end b'bt none, but :Id i.ii iinT beat l':ni to - nlht IVm - t enl (iaror' - r would le tid for first ois ar.l a jUy - u.t wcadd be necea - t! e I i . 1 i A - I i f ii. n - r, r r i .' fl i . l "i, T 1 1 l.kf liiiood th.e tournament will be 1 t" i. ' t. Jordan and Csrgtn Capitulate. '!:V VOr;K, March 14 Tim Jordan v id j'i.iy f.tst - b.te for' the l!rooklyr.s this f( - .!" - - n. The r.ronx boy signed bin con - t: i ! 1 '.'t i b:',.t a:.l to - day id on Ids way t J.. h - r n - i . ; : on tl - .e fteamer Alon - V - rt. J'tIaii will Join the. other r!ayert JL ! iy. T.'.i.v liviTfii, the Ioli:crV f r'l .!. ',. t.a.s Hi.o cvrio to terms ',!.! t 1 1 . 1 II O'. '..!. ' W'il (1'lHrt f - r t i'r;.hiy. The l - rooklyn t '1 tv. Vc fir:: Lcr.a to mi!; (Iced old. i t' , V T. . , ' 1 - ' I: t:.r - (7 ... . . ( H r " I New Pitchsr Sanguine of Succsss as Indian 4 ; "BUTTON'S" ' EEIT BRIGG3.: Fonr.iEn HOOSIER LAD : nUIIS REMARKABLE MILE "DEERFOOT" LIGHTBODY IN GREAT FORM AT CHICAGO. :? . . . I . ; ' . ' BREAKS WESTERN RECORDS James D.. Ujthlbody, iworld Olympian long distance champion, .and former De - Pauw Ur.lverplty, Muncie (Ind.) high school and Chicago University, runner, ran the most phfenomenat mile race ever eeen on a Western indoor , track In the annual championship games of the Central A. 'A.'U., In the Feventh ,reyiment armory at. Chicago "last - night. , - He shattered "all previous amateur records for his favcrlte event and came vithln two seconds of the world record.' ' ' "Ieerf.xit" covered th mile route In 4:24. Tills i4urpaes even the best of Western oufoor - records. - Threes years asro In the conference meet he brought the fecord dawn to 4:26. - Ughtbody's work laet r'.ght will go. 'down In the history of" track performances second only to that of the mighty Melvln W. t - h - pnjrd, - of the Irish - American Athletic Club, who last year went the long route In 4:1'2 4 - o. Dizzy Pace of "Deerfoot.' It was. Llghtbody's nret American appearance since his great - Victory at Athens and his race 'was all the more remarkable as he had 'tiaken - only ten days in which to prepare - for the run. According to a Chicago story of the race he seemed in the proverbial pink of condition' and Jaunted - around the track lap after lap - at a pace 'that made the jpeotators di2z : Buochler. the Central Y. M. C. A. whirlwind. aJso had his eyo on the Central association record and ho stretched hla leys with amazing speed fis ho tore itround the oval. - He set out at a 4::;j chp and even increased his pace, but this was not enough for the appetite of JLightbody... Takea Lead Near End. Two laps from the finish the Olympian champion went 'to the front. Every bit of the athlete's fire was; spent on that long - to - be - remembered " final lap. He turned pn his speed - as ' If it had been stored in a ' battery arid up the home stretch blew along like j a 'sixty - yard sprinter. 'Behind him twenty - five yards came Buechlcr, came to the core, but burned out completely. - he third - man to finish was ComstoeK, of - the C. A. A. A. A few others trailed along far . in the rear. - , 1 ' ! . " - ATTELL AND SOLOMON. III !'! ill Matched for Featherweight Champlon - , ' ship Title. - .LOS ANGELES.. March 14. Manager McCarey has matched Abe Attell and Kid Solomon, a local featherweight, to box twenty rounds for the - ! featherweight championship. The bout will be put on after the Burns - O'Brien J33.0O0 . contest, probably the last Week In " May. The men will weigh In stripped 1C2'. - pounds', one - half hour before the battle. The boxers will receive W per cent, of the gate receipts, divided 63 and 4o per cent. Solomon has for a' year endeavored to pet a match tn with Attell. but Abe side - etepped him. until the newspapers here accused Abe vt being: afraid of the Kid. hol in.on is clever, fights every minute, en 1 can a.Kshrd'.ate a world of punishment. 1 he way Attell demands the division of tut receipts rhuwa that he does not hold boi'iiioir cheap. Coif Dead . at Columbus. tc - ' ial to The lnd!anpolJs News. COLi:.MBL'S, Ind., March 14. Golf rrotr.!. - ' 9 to bei a dead game here this year. For the last several years the Co - lumbus Golf and Country Club - has maintained one of the finest courses in the ft ate. .Little playing was done last year, howvor, and no efTort has been made to lease the Krv:nd on which the links is In . ted for tbi - year. The owner of the laud sirs tbat ti. club Will have to ilo something within tha next month, or he w ;i I plow up the links. . J Ti'.ai'J pii'!.:.H to b the most active TTt here thu Jar. The Racquet Club pel toK Within a few Uaya and anai.s? for the senon's work. Last year several toui r i nients were held by this club tnl visit msr teams were entertained (nd do feat fd) from.. India r.apolls, Cireen - wood, l.iito r ' Cciiege. Grer.sburg and fjther place. Flavor from here toot part in t; e tri.ttate tournament at Cincinnati and aroused a great deal of Interest In lh gutue. Sunday Dall at Muncie. riHUl ta Tl. Indianaixj'.ls News. - MUNCH!, lad.. Uareh 14. Pvegardless of ti.e fact that the Sunday baseball blil fatVd of jassags at the recent session of the I . - ir'at lire, local Viueba'il enthusiasts have ori. i - :'.2od a City l.e:i - ue', which Is to play, t - undiiy games exclusively. Six t' - are in ti.e - league, and there are two other pf V'ioinie. An all - city team r ay be (hosen from the to represent U.n' in contests with other amateur orraiiijutions of Ind. ana ard Ohio. - A new i.jiil park may be estabJ'uhed. Ctake Rsce in Four Counties. , Ul to Th Ind'.anar - otls News. ?Iir.LBY Vll.I.n, Ind.. turh Il. - Four cn'.!;:;c3 in ti.e Southeastern Indiana F.a !n Circuit, have decidrxl t - a hold stake rmvi at th.olr anial meetlnc - In August t - .. rtensber. Thse counties are Le - c - 'i.:r, i. iiood and rttieiby. North i t , i n and L.twr:Hvl urg are yet unde - (..:. - l ; - s to wnt . ..or 1'iey w:.i g;ve la of races or rot. Ti e stake races are h trot. 2'.' trot, ZAi pace and I iv". .' t f;tre Dis Expects ta Win. 1 - ,'eoial to The Indiana po'.:: News. fOUTii BKND,. Ind.. . March 14. Notre Dame'exrects to win the tag triangular r...(t i'i this c:ty noxt Saturday and Mrtth It tl - e chac.ri.nsl - .is? of . Indiana. The i tl ' - r r i - .test a ! - .! Indiana Vntverslty f - .. i Wi : - .i. - ri C..'.se. A co:ipte Ust of t . - erifi. - s wh received from down . - - t3 V ' a;t - rnx - n. Ttie .Not re Dame l: - t r. a.i o".t Ust night. There will i - j tie tveiits. TWO POLO LEAGUES ARE PLANNED FOR HEXT YEAR TWELVE WEEKS IN INDIANA AND TWELVE IN OHIO. SAME TEAMS TO BE USED If plans already formed materialize there will be tolo leagues next year in Indiana and Ohio that will not conflict with each other. Two organizations are planned, each to have a , schedule of twelve weeks. The season for one would not be started until that of the other had closed, however; and then the teams simply would be Bhlfted from one field to the other. The six best cities in In diana and the six best in Ohio are Included in the ptan. In Indiana. Marion. Lojransport. Koko - mo, Anderson. Muncie and Richmond are the prospet Uve berth . holders. The officials of the two leagues will toss a coin to determine which leajrue shall play its schedule first. It is probable that several changes will be made in the teams at the close of the first season, the purpose be - in? to strengthen the - weaker and make the second race as exciting and uncertain as the first. I , INDIANAPOLIS SPORTING MAN TAKES OWN LIFE t ISpecial to The Indianapolis News. NEW YORK. March 14. A man about forty years old, recognized by several poolroom habitues 1 as ' Joseph H. Hurd, a former well known Toledo' and Indianapolis sporting, man, race track bookmaker and gambler, committed suicide Monday by jumping from a high '. bridge Into the Harlem river, 130 feet below. He was well dressed. His , face was ' badly disfigured by the fall. . lie died without speaking shortly after being pulled out of the water. . He had (1 In change In his pocket. " - M'FARLAND AFTER HERMAN. Failing to MakeMatch He'will Challenge' Baldwin. CHICAGO.,, March 14. "Packey" Mc - Farland, the rictor, and .Joe Galllgan, the victim of the Davenport scrap. Tuesday night, returned, to town yesterday. "Packey's" decisive win entitles him to the honor of - chamnlon liehtwelsrht . of Chicago. fcxow, he says, he wants to hang "K - ia Herman s scalp to his belt, and if Herman does not want .his game he will go after "Matty" Baldwin, one of the best of the Eastern crop of lightweights. The Davenport promoters are in communication with Baldwin's manager, and the probabilities are the Easterner will be McFarland's next opponent. Galll gan claims he was - not in the best of condition. Balling Nelson and Malachy Hogan also returned to the city yesterday from Davenport. Nelson will ' remain here for several days and will then depart for Hot Springs, where , he Intends to remain for a. fortnight. - - Evansville Well Represented. ISpecial to The Indianapolis News. . EVANSVILLE, Ind.. March 14. - Evans. vllle will send out a large number of ball players this year to' various leagues. George Blttrolf, who formerly played with the Cairo team, of the K, I. T. League, will play this year with the Decatur team. In the Three - I League. He was regarded as one of the beet pitchers in the old K. L T. League. Pitcher Perrjy Wilder, who got his first experience In league ball with the Cairo team, will play with Dubuque, in the Three - I League. Tommy Copeland has signed to Iplay In the outfield with the Jacksonville team, of the Iowa State League.. - Eddie Brown, a local lnflelder, will also go to the Jacksonville team. Last season he played in the Kitty League. Dick Crozler, who claims Evansville as his home, .will play again with the Atlanta tcim in the Southern ' League. Charles Dexter, also of this city, has been offered the management of a team In the Iowa Btate League, but i probably will turn It down for a berth that has been offered him as catcher for the Milwaukee team. . I ' 1 1 i Northwesterns Desire Games., The Northwesterns desire games with any semi - professionals In the city or State. They j have ' Loftln, Montague, Sobbe, Murph - . Bartley. Bhookley, BiiB - hopp, . Firestlne, Bennett, Heckman. Osborne and Loftln in their lineup. For games address H. H. Sobbe, 35 West Six - J teentn street, innianapons. - . More Football at Harvard. BOSTON. March 14. The Harvard overseers have decided In favor of "a continuance of Intercollegiate athletics. Including football, at the university tinder certain restrictions, especially with reference to the professional coaching system and the management of - contests. ; harvard shows1 Value! 0F R0FESSQNAkC0ACH CAMBRIDGE. Mass., .larch 14. The Harvard undergraduate body strongly opposes the faculty on the question of - the professional coaoh - lng... - - - .... . . The Harvard Crimson prints a symposium three columns long of the views of the students on the subject. They assert that there ara ports, as baseball, rowing and track athletics, where professionals can defeat amateurs every time. When Tale employed Mr. Lush. Harvard had a long string of victories te her credit. Yet In one season Lush turned out a nine from poor material which defeated Harvard's nine of veterans coached - under the amateur system. "Let other colleges," they say, "abandon professional coaches and then all will meet on perfectly fair grounds. "Until then we demand that Har vard stick to the ' policy shs has adopted," AUTOMOBILING An Eastern commercial traveler, 'who Is covering his country territory in a runabout, fitted behind the driving seat to carry his aample cases, finds he covers more ground, sells more goods and paes a great deal of time since he laid aside the railroad method. American tourists who are interested in autoin? will f.nd plenty to interest them In Europe this year, no matter in what month they go abroad. There are thirty - seven separate international events, ihows, race and other contests, several of them lasting for a week or more. Motorists who intend cleaning out lime arid grease from radiators with cauetlc sod should be very careful rot to put their hands In the preparation. Should, accidentally, any of it get on the fleh it should be Immediately washed off in a copious f.ow of water. A self - eclipsing light is another imported novelty. Numerous citiea have ordinances against the use of powerful acetylene searchlights. From the driver's seat a switch operates the new lamr, reducing the strong direct rays, but leaving plenty of light for ordinary driving. Joe Tracy, the noted racing driver, who has been experimenting, Is not enthusiastic over denatured aicoool as a fuel. Dur ing a rec - ent rim over bad roads it re - cuired nearlv three times as much alco hol as uu.jer Similar cond.Uoas. THOMAS TAGG ART BUYS BIG AUTO I ' ' - - ' i i l: I - f - s '.. Thomas Taggarfs new 1307 White steam car with Pullman body Is one of the largest cars, in Indianapolis, and is capable of attaining more than sixty miles ah hour over country roads. Taggart .will use this car going to and from French .Lick' next summer. He is also planning an extensive touring trip across the continent with his family. This is the, second White steam car Mr. Taggart has purchased. The car "will seat comfortably eight passengers. It Is considered one of the handsomest cars In Indianapolis. - " MANY BUYERS AT CAMBRIDGE. CITY SALE AND BIDDING IS SPIRITED Special to The Indianapolis News. . CAMBRIDGE CITY. Ind., March It The disagreeable weather of yesterday, with hardly a break In the steady downpour of raln4 was not conducive to lively bidding at the twentieth annual Lackey tale, and consequently prices are running along at a moderate rate. - . The attendance was about LOOO, with plenty of buyers, the sales averagingabout J400. - The aales follow: Guy, Bcblcketanz. Indianapolis. $200; Julia W. J. - Btevens. Homer, III., $200: Dan, E. Paultg, Bloomlnrton. Ind., $250; Lord Harold. D. O. Clinger. OreenvUle. O., $230; Patty C, C Granln, Cincinnati. O., $200; Antoerton Etuoble. R. E. Simmons. Cincinnati. - O., $370; Mary 8., F. Bird; Chicago. $3&5; Moody, L. T. Trousdale, Birmingham, Ala., $225; Christ, Thomas Williams. Harrison, O.. $210; Handy Bill. Barnes & Co.. Buffalo. $250; Rex and Mark. Barnes A Co., Buffalo, $426; Black Director, XeGett Bros., Montpelier, Ind., $20; Hyita, J. Brady. Center. O.. $460; Miss SON WILL MEET STRONG BOY 111 DUFFY LATTER STOPPED WALTER PAR - KER IN THREE ROUNDS. GOLE HAS DIFFICULT TASK Ray Bronson will have one of the toughest Jobs of his ring career when he meets Young Duffy, of Chicago, In a ten - round bout at the Auditorium next Wednesday night. Duffy is little known to Indianapolis , followers of the boxing game, but his record commands respect and shows he is one of the best 136 - pound men in the country. - . He knocked out "Walter Parker, who boxed a draw with Jerry Murphy in this city, and who is regarded by many as the hardest hittlnir lightweight in the country. Other men he stopped are Willie Smith, of Fhiladelpnta. ana jack Madden, of New York, each In two rounds. He defeated Carl Walters and has a draw with Frank Carsey. He has been boxing at Minneapolis for several months, and has defeated all the men in his class in that - city. He lost a close decision to TToung Kid Farmer. Cole Has Hard Ta6k, Also. Freddie Cole will also have a hard task when, he meets Matty Baldwin on the same night. There is talk of a match between Baldwin and Packie McFarland. the victor over Joe Galllgan. McFarland and Galllgan are bigger than Cole. How ever. Baldwin will make cole s weignt, and that is all the friends of the latter ask. Hugo Kelly, the champion middleweight, who will train Cole, will arrive In this city from Chicago to - night. ' Baldwin won a fifteen - round decision Over Brooklyn Tommy Murphy, Young Corbett 8 conqueror, last January. ; THIRTEENS WIN STRAIGHTS. They Easily Defeat Antlers In Elks' '' - . League.' , . - The Thlrteens, of the Elks'., League, de feated the Antlers last night in three games. 'The best score of the winners n t '9 anA IllAV flVArfiCTA4 k'? Titan., no. wm, w.j a. - , v. u w. 1 1 . v . , of the Antlers, posted high Individual score, 201, and high average as well, 1S7. Elks' Alleys. : Thirteen. 1 Antler. C Bmlth 17 HI lS3!Dlener 801 15 198 Mettler... 157 181 185(Gundlen'er S3 165 113 Thorne.... 1 1W 14l!Wetsel 147 145 14.1 Dtllman.. - 17 148 lSl'Leppert.... 142 155 113 Crooks.... 148 1S8 14t:Bauer 168 liiS . 158 'Totals,.. S32 833 818 Totals.... 7tt 8 ' 720 : ' New Park for South Bend. ' - Special to The Indianapolis News. SOUTH BEND, Ind., March 14, - The South Bend team of the Central League will have a fine new ball park to play In this season. Terms for the use .of the old ball park at Sprlngbrook were s greed to last night by the Murdocks, of the local Btreet car corporation, and with the South Bend Athletic . Association. The grandstand wilt be rebuilt, so as to accommodate 5,000 people - and bleachers will be erected for the accommodation of as many more. The club was given all the grandstand and refreshment privileges. A new fence will be erected about the park, the diamond will be laid out anew and other improvements made to place it at the top of the list. Donlln Still Holds Out. CHICAGO. March 14. Mike Donlln departed last night for Rockford without coming to any agreement with McGraw reletlve to his returning to the Giants. McGraw telegraphed yesterday, asking whether Donlln would consider a compromise on the salary question, but a reply was eent to the effect that Mike was standing pat. Donltu'a wife, Mabel Hlte. is to appear In her new theatrical production at Rockford to - night. Donlln will return for the game Saturday against the University of Chicago. Cubs 6, Pelicans 0. NEW ORLEAN3. March 14. The Chicago Nationals and the Pelicans played the second of their series of exhibition games before affair crowd yesterday afternoon. The feature was the plentltude of errors. Schulte hit a three - bagger in the sixth. Score: ... . Ke Orleans ........... .9 0 4 0 0 00 Chicago - ..I 8 1 0 0 1 0 0 6 Hits New Orleans. 7; Chicago. .11. Errors - New Orleans. 2; Chicago, 4. Batteries Chicago, Brown. Pfieeter and FrMrr and 6ebough; iew Orleans, Manuel. Crlptail and Gultteres. Oleson and Pons to Meet Special to The Indianapolis News. HAMILTON. O., March 14. Carl Pons, the French champion, and Charlie Olsen. the St. Louis wrestler, whom Gotch failed to throw In two attempts, at Cincinnati, last week, will meet la this city to - morrow night. BR0I1 4 I Edith, C. . Bchellman, Dayton, $350; Lena Wilkes. J. Thomas, Cleveland. O.. $243; Wy - ona, R. W. Smart, Cincinnati, O., $796; BIJou. W. F. Granger, Connersvllle. Ind., $1,000; Reserved. William Bike, Chicago, $240; Mary 8. F. Rea, Wheeling - , W. Va., $400; Artists Model, It. T. Trousdale, Birmingham, . Ala., $415; Reserved, William Bike, Chicago, $270; Lottie M, William Belt. Chicago. $W0; Fashion. Thayer Bros.. Knlghtstown. Ind., $300; Missouri Bird, I. H. Mull, Manila, Ind.. $290; Crocus, H. Clayton. Pittsburg, Pa.. $220; Hardwood. F. Bird. Chicago. $725; Mariruerite. A. Scblcket&ns. Indianapolis, Ind.. $300; Kadam Rusul. Float Jolly. Indianapolis. $315; Nora a. Dick Rich, Buffalo, $280; Bandy Hornet. J. K. Flsher, Pittsburg, Pa.. $2C; Joe Taylor. A. Schlcketanz. Indianapolis, Ind., $27S; Gambit Boy, D. Rich, Buffalo, $330; Marechal Ntel. Oeorire Connelly. Indianapolis, - $525; Poetry, William Bike. Chicairo, $200; Ethel C A. J. Hickman, Baton Rouge, La.. $350; Monterey, Thomas Stuart. Cincinnati, O., $200; William Dare. A. J. Hickman. Baton Rouge, La., $250; Fred I. Thomas Etuart. Cincinnati. O.. $475; Reserved. W. J. Stevens. Homer. 111., $235; Bteve Black. Connelly 4c Ehotwell, PbUadei - phla. Pa., $250. ' . BILLETER BESTS BOTH PULLIAM AND LEWIS CHAMPION 128 - POUND WRESTLER GIVES GOOD EXHIBITION. BOUTS SHORT BUTEXCITING Johnny Billeter, of Toledo, the champion 128 - pound wrestler of the world, won both his matches last night at the Oayety, defeating both W. J. Lewis, of Shelby vllle, and Rans Pulliam, of Indianapolis. Pul - liam, the local man, was taken on first In a handicap match, by the terms of which Billeter was to win a fall in fifteen minutes or forfeit 125. Pulllara was in poor condition, but nevertheless put up a stubborn fight for five minutes. Billeter won the fall in that time by twisting out of a leg lock and f orclng - Pulliam to bridge. The rest was easy for the Toledo man. W. J. Lewis, of Shelbyvllle, was almost as easy for the champion. Lewis some time ago stayed forty minute with Billeter at Shelbyvllle, but the champion claimed that he had an Injured finger and could not do his best work. Lewis expected to win last night's match, and consequently was on the aggressive part of the time. i : Billeter. Has Great Strength. Billeter was as strong as a bull, however, and had little trouble in throwing his man, obtaining the first fall In seven minutes and the second In three. By the terms he was to win two out of three falls. "Here" Clark, the local wrestler and star football player, refereed both matches. Freddie Cole and Fred Laffen acted as time - keepers. Billeter and his manager are now going on a tour which will take them to the Pacific coast. On their return in a few months, they will in all probability stop In Indianapolis for a time and arrange matches with Pulliam and Billy Schober, both of whom are anxious to be tried out when In Condition. hen in tone . F. M. K, EADERS LOSE SERIES Crows Drop Three Games to Nearest Rivals, the Eagles. K. F. M. LEAGUE STANDING. . Won. Lost. Pet. ...... 36 22 .814 ...... 33 24 .679 81 S3 : .44 M 85 .$S8 Crow ........ , Eagle ........ Raven Owl , The Crows, leaders of the Knights of Father Mathew Bowling League, lost three games to the Eagles last night at the City Club alleys. The Ravens won two out of three from the Owls. The Eagles made high team score 743 and high average as well 724. Carson and Carroll, of the Eagles, tied for high Individual score 177 and Carroll made high average 163. . Cyiy Club Alleys. Raven. ' , )wl V E. O' Conor 128 115 : 12o!cjrtmn.... 14$ 148 183 T.Carson.. 122 1 50 lS3iGoory..... 12T 14J 124 Maloney... 153 133 l) Sh.... 13 liS 141 Cogrove 117 155 117Glbn.... 148 118 13$ J. Canon.. 117 177 1521 Newman... 11$ 132 lot Totals.... 38 730 (S3 Totals $71 87$ 870 Crow. t - sJton...... 148 144 114 Eagle. - OuroTl 177 Gale........ ISO D.Connor.. 120 147 164 135 O'Connor. . 114 llSjO'Toole.... 139 171 127 lffl 125 118 12$ 18 158 Gavin 153 Vf 121 J.Connor... 138 165 160 McCool.... T.Connor... 135 157 141 Totals 878 TB 888 Totals.. 745 720 708 Trolley League Dies A - Bornln. EVANSVILLE. Ind.. March 14. The proposed trolley league has fallen through. Several days ago Philip Veatch. a well - known sporting man, - proposed to organize a strong amateur team In Evansville to play with teams from Henderson. Ky., Mt. Vernon, Ind., Mt. CarmeL I1L. Princeton. Boonvtlle, Huntlngburg and other Indiana towns near Evansville on trolley or interurban roads. His plan was to play games at the local baseball pafk when the Central team was away from home. Fans in all the above mentioned towns were enthusiastic over the proposition, but at the last minute Veatch's deal for the use of the local park fell through. He says he will have nothing else to do with the scheme, but others may take it up. One for Mudhens. TOLEDO. O., March 14. President .Armour yesterday secured the services of Steve Regan, a clever outfielder of the Dubuque club, of the Three - I League, a player who caused more comment last fall than eny other Class B worker In the country. Kenan led the league In batting, with an Bveraee of .340. He should prove a valuable addition to the local outfit. Giants Win One. ' LOS ANGELES. Cal., March 14. New York Giants, I; St - Vincents, J. 4 .c d - ' i . . ' v. t r " H , ' . m' - THIELMHII MAY REMHI WITH CLEVELAND TEAM REPORTS FROM MACON SAY HE SHOULD BE A WONDER. EXPECTED TO MAKE GOOD Reports from Macon, - Ga., where the Cleveland baseball team s doing its spring training, phow : that Indianapolis fans are likely to' be disappointed m their hopes of having Jake Thlelman with them again In 1907. Thlelman was drafted last fall by the Naps.' but at the time Indianapolis and American Association fans did not take the move seriously. Of late, howeverj developments have shown that Thlelman may be kept. The last werd from Macon was to the effect that "pitcher Thlelman gives promise of developing Into a wonder."' ' : With such news as this, Indianapolis fans have cause to do some worrying. Thlelman was: counted on to be the mainstay of the local pltchlngt staff this season. His work last season, when he was in form, stamped htm as one of the best In the association, and he was expected to be at his best In 1307. Thlelman was well liked In Indlanapo - livand although local fans will be sorry to lose him, they will at the same time be glad to see him make good with what should be one of the greatest teams in the country1 this season. Cleveland has strengthened during the winter montns. and is expected by many to win the American League pennant. - Brlggs Trains with Boxers. Pitcher "Buttons" Brlggs," obtained by Indianapolis from Brooklyn, has been getting into shape the . last few weeks by working out on the road and the gym nasium with 'Cy" Flynn, the Cleveland prizefighter. Handball and long distance running1 have aided Brlggs ma terially. He has not played ball for two years, but with the work he has done, and the preparation at French Lick Springs next week, he should be In hla oia - time rornu - TWO MORE PURDUE GAMES. Basketball Team is Nearlng the Sea - ' j son's End. , ISpecial to: The Indianapolis News. LAFAYETTE, Ind., March 14. The work of the Purdue basketball team for tne season or 1908 - 07 was ended yesterday w - hen the team held the last nractlce. he - fore taking the Northern trfp when the final games of the season will be played. The team leaves early Friday morning for Madison. Wls.J where the University of Wisconsin will be met In the last of the "Big - Nine", games. The Badgers won from the Boilermakers at Lafayette by a close score, but Coach Jamison Is hopeful fori a Purdue victory, owing to the improvement shown in the team. On the return trip frm Madison, the five will meet Armour Institute at Chicago, this oemg tne nnai game or tne season. ' COLTS PULL OF TRIPLE PLAY S ' M . ash. wasningion ; youngsters uefeat Regu lars In Fast Game. GALVESTON, Tex.. March 11 The Washington "Regulars' ; and "Colts" engaged in a fast game of baseball yesterday. A double play from Goodwin to Smith and a triple play. from Hughes to Block to Heydan were the features of the game. Both or these stunts were pulled ore Dy me coiis. score: , Regulars 1 0 $ 1 0 0 0 0 S Colts 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 1 01 MANHATTANS WIN STRAIGHTS " ?: ! Only Team In Independent League . - Making Clean Sweep. INDEPENDENT LEAGUE STANDING. ." - "' .'.''" ,,:"' ' Won. Lost. Pet. Rellanos ...... 108 42 . 720 Royal ... . i. U 6$ - .831 Blue Ribbon $4 80 .881 Oregon ,. (7 - 81 .MO Capital $1 $ " .540 Manhattan 71 77 .487 Dewsy .... i... .t. 69 100 .$31 Central . ,.18 12 .121 The Manhattan was the only team that won straights In the Independent Bowling League last night, defeating the tail - end Centrals In six. contests. The Reliances won five games. from the .Royals, and the Deweys and the Capital. City s .won four from the Blue Ribbons and the Oregona respectively. The Reliances were In good form, their second division making high team score, 863.1 The second division averaged 921, the first section averaged 907, and the two together made high team average for the evening, 914. Rabe, of the Oregons. posted high individual score. 225. and Malsoll, of the Reliances, was second with 224. - Endslow, of the Manhattans, did the most consistent work, however, posting three scores of 202, and making nigh average at that mark. Pastime Alleys. ; First Division. Capital City. ' Oregon. Pollard..... . 211 190 159 Rabe 725 154 1 75 C Byers... 182 210 177 Randall.... 147 141 111 Keeter..... ltt 121 111 Schmidt... 19 145 1S9 Watson... 158 1" 17 Chrchmn.. 199 170 197 Borgrdng. 181 187 187 NlUus 191 130 182 Totals.... 887 7t 2l Totals.... 914 817 SSI Second Division. Capital City. I Oregon. Brooke.... 139 181 151!Hendrksn.. 114 157 184 Bars 159 15 1S Carmienck. 123 149 3 Metcalf... Veaper.. . Kehreln.. Wolleson. 130 158 192 Wallace..,. 160 157 169 94 ... ... 157 181 179 ... 121 133 Totals... 679 130 $17 Totals.... 41$ 463 898 Washington Alleys. i ' - First Division. . Reliance. - Royal. Ban worth.. 178 177 197 Brkmyer.. 1S3 M58 203 Klels 192 155 191 Wheeler.. .. 14S 171 129 Holtmea. 167 137 1 82 O. Seld.. 18 211 179 Geetlng.. . 214 lf5 IK Petersen.. 127 171 177 Fox. 1S8 175 213 Hendrksn.. 165 148 151 Totals... $44 820 1 957 Totlls.... 784 881 83S Second Division. Reliance. I Royal. Feeener... 187 199 l3!Ingersoll..f 194 137 145 Malsoll.... 181 224 16$jL&oime.... 169 173 123 Mliender.. 187 160 HUE. Brkmyr 168 1M ... mnne 167 . lM ls Klnna. . . 14a 171 Welaler.... 178 142 117 Resener.... 116 159 Totals... flO 8911 963 TotXJs.... 8U 111 M7 v . - Turner, Alleys. First Division. Dewey. ; Blue Ribbon. Rose........ Ill 125 190 FCnox. ....... 157 16$ 15$ uuck 174 lil U4 ipeicher. Cottora... 151 ...'Dunbar., jnrtlan 160' ...I Abel 161 141 1SJ 174 138 161 185 141 191 Wagner. . 121 13 143,Churchmaa. 16 160 lM VN tleeier.... ... 1.) n Laubart. ... li 141 Totals.... 809 808:868, Totals. 830 749 878 Second Division. Baron.w... 148 171 195Taylor.... 18 198 187 Boyle 187 147 145 Hidy.... 145 159 13 lordaa 164 X) 199 Meyer.. 187 1 32 129 Cottom 16 1S1 i 1W Black. 361 13 122 Bart let... - 138 111 ; 9.Brunswlck.. 121 130 148 Totals.... 801 821 : 83 TotaJs... 704 747 729 Columbia Alleys. First Division. Manhattan. ' - Central. Urnsllner.. 148 1S4 ; 15i:Bailey... 155 m 119 119 1A9 194 157 W7 1 - 50 Vii lil Rlckerts..;. 137 ... ' . .. 'Velker.wi... Dtekey..... 170 16S Miller Elndflow... 2"2 ! Rathbone... Faker 168 15 17 - Wycoff , Hoftmyer lie ,175 ;; TOUU..7; 83 909 872 Totals!.. Secend Division 164 lfi4 1M 142 823 8C - 1 758 reltman... Horan..... Daues Alexander. Rlckets.... jeruicil .... 170 165 142 Michel...... 147 ... 14T Uarkalow., ICS ... 1m f xwlittle..., 162 124 ...Blumeber.. Ii5 13 Ji'S - Soltan...... 119 17 Ifil 120 14$ 130 116 1T0 J4S 144 l?t 111 IV. U7 123 146 2 - M Totals.... 753 838 804) Totals.,. 735 881 862 Criger Joins Boston Team. NOTRE DAME. Ind.. March l4. - Lou Criger.. catcher for the Boston Americans, who has been coaching Notre Dame's baseball squad for the last two months, received orders yesterday . to Join his team at Little F.ock, Ark., and left last night for that place. Criger has regained much of his old - time form. WILLIAMS HAS NOT YEli' SIGNED HIS CONTRACT l ST. LOLT3. March Il. - Otto Williams will go to jlndlanapclls soon, but will not sign', his contract until he has had a conference with Manager Carr. "Therej U a dljter - ence between my club knd myself." said he, "but Carr ass - ires me 4hat he Will be fair with "Trie and I' jbe - lieve that he will keep jhls word; I jwaa well treated at Indianapolis Una t season and hope to be k membe of that team this year. I predict ,that Pickering will make gbod for ltc - Aleer. He was a star In the associ ation." LfMOH - TREE Although IndlArflnnH i.tX A not to open the season uttil next I week , , v . ... wwv vv t w ait; iiiu tiiacreei. wui noi lessen itneir valance i'i ten er Kella la llnff rvMVi V xt. tlonal League club to determine whether uig ecuuuie nruiaa on oniy a nnger There appears to be no betting around tne xact mat, Hopke s first name is iv 1 1 1 is i . . Maybe if he were not Llghtbodir his legs wouia not carry hin$ to so many wunueriui running recoras Hold - out players are no beginning to uiob&et uie ursi nome runs bf the eel as on. ' ' ,.'; A. Attell and Solomon should settle hivond dispute the real Uve merlta of phifsical aDiuiy ana wi&aom. It Is sincerely hoped that Thlelmaa will aeveiop into a wonder for tlndianapolls. .' ?. Hugo Kelly will have the ODDorfiunltv of his life to get sdiid with Indianapolis ugni xouowera. HEWS AIIO.I. A. 0. FIVES i v TO CONTEST FOR TITLE INDEPENDENT 8TATE CHAM PIONSHIP WILL BE DECIDED. f TO PLAY THREE GAME SERIES The Indianapolis News bisketbalf team has accepted the challenge! of the Indl ana polls Athletics for a se - les of games to decide the Independent championship of the State. The articles of agreement were signed and the forfeits posted! yes terday afternoon by Fritz! Nichols! sand A. W. Neer,. managers of the AthJttlcs ana Xsews lives respectively. May Play Out of the City, f . Two of the games will be jpiayed aie local Y. M. C. A and In the eveit a third game is needed to decide the championship It will be played n an out - Jf - town floor. The first game probably ;wlll be played Saturday, March fc, the eeond on the following Thursday; The 'third date Is open. V' These games promise to be the best ever seen in the city of Indianapolis, as the teams are composed of the best players In Indianapolis. The lineups oflithe respective teams as specined in the con tract are as rouows: News. .,'..' Wallers ........ .'....Forward...,. Malarkey Forward Hoffman Center...... Nutt Center McKay Guard W. Wellman .: Guard F. Wellman '. Ouard - ' - ' Athletic. ChUirchill ... Xlng - Bbury ........ Ptrong Hfirndt . ' Rad JUtes Wallace Relman will be the referee. Letter for Kid Rose. t kid There is a letter at this office for. lis Cjf Rose. I ItTtX - I 4 t I T " v. - L.. - , - J . - ' ' - ,'' , u oo: n 10 not Tooters and chimes, ttre& lamps and sparking coUs, carburetors and storage baiteries, speed timers and 'sound mufflers. Tn fact, everyihlng that you may need In the way of 8undrie8L No ratter - what make machine you drive, - we can supply yotxi 'wlth what Is needed. 1 0lB8v3fayT.o 238 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE GRAWD. VALERIE BERGERE tt CO. la the one - mtplsT, "A Bowerr Cmnllle;" FAVvjk T lf r, tbe favortte comedienne, with fcer - ImH.1 Bl HLr.SQrK;" frKAUL a: TIOLI T AMIS, present In r the farre, 'THE tltAl HJ f'' MAN:" and all other big avria. eit rrki Wm. V. rOWlIX and CO la Pale; M'K UHK TKOI f'K. Scotrh l lM - r and !... - ra. lEWl MTOKll end Co. lo The Last liflieraJ MA.HCf.SA, LVAlt and il.lhLi.A CLIFF GORDON j and a great bUL ' jj PARK THEATER 152 Mr - 1 T,,sCbArv COLE end JOIIIISOII ttVo nR2 Fly R::!.:::!" 40 People. - Great Singing Hali'.. HeH known colored f mfortiiTi. Eisrissgf gets Is Iks firk frits 1C, 20e, 0e. tii 75 njit tuk. 1'S ' 2: 8 ririll! is Mt:s Hr::r4 - Ail ths Best Burlesqua Shows . KfiSSfS I. IRWIH'C Cat Aboard, Tbis Is the t Scream ENGEISH'G TO - MCnT, FRIDAY AXD RATlTtD.VY THE L - IOM With the Original C blrago i Company Cel. Sis. MuitJ THalr "Hoosler Borne ef Iiurlr.iue,' TIICRSDAT. FRIUAT. EATtRDAT . iei I y pif - e T I n, v ' i yuLLI L. . l . . w J iiuwiiO tii Tl'E CIPiL I'I CCAaLET Price' 15c, :; - . VW - . 7: - e j Moatlnr Twenlleih ( rut iry I.tida. Amal'iui i rl.lay AUTO DEALERS PL' HClL"? CVIMPITir - V itcao CAtiiullli; PARADE MONDAY f .1 AUKG CT Z ING OF SPRING SCACO. PUBLIC TO 3E EDUCATE Indianapolis automobile dealeis t manufacturers will observe the "cpr : of the spring season, next wee' - with hig celebration.' Every auto c.. - rri - .y Xhe City will decorate and ti - li r house all the week, the purpose be; - , r feive the people a letter chance to f . larlie themselves wi - .h the' auto ar.d i auto Industry. The 1??7 mo.U '.j of f r tically all the best cars node end s Ir America are arrf. - lng, end' w.'".I be display at the various agem les. Fn ' bly the feature of the Wfek wt'.l be i big parade Monday. ! 1 The parade will be made tip entirely : autos, both those made and tlioso eo'.l Indianapolis. Dealers, manufacturers i owners are expected; to drive their r chines In the parade, and it slioul - i j a great success. The Indiana Auto Co pany will have the Wlnton, the Autoi the Peerless, the Pope - Hartfor 1 a:ii Locomobile: the rlshr company e.vr? to have In line a National, Mhxw - Mitchell and Stoddartl - Dayton ; the sey company will ahqw the Whiti etea er, the Ilambler and others, owners s makers will show ft number of t!i Including the Olds, B'lick, Marmmi, 1' mier, Waverley, Wayne, Jackson. K Lambert, Marlon, American. ini.debil Hftynes and Apperson. Ail th.e c will be on, exhibition all week. The d era expect the snow to be a great sure and to accomplish much for the Indus in tnia city. j - Wayne "Car In Non - Step Run. The Capital Auto Company w ill Jn tute a new feature In Indianapolis a Indiana motoring circles to - raorrow, wl j It starts a Wayne caif on a - 3,005 - m!le n ' stop endurance ruri. The car wUI i driven through the streets of Ind!anap and over the roads surrounding the c returning to the Capital company's r age at stated intervals to allow the mo i to be examined. Four expert drivers lv been engaged to drive the machine, t lng turns throughout the twefity - f hours. Mayor liookw - lter will crank motor at hiv'h noon Friday, and the t will begin. Much Interest Is already be evinced In the trial, j ... r GOTCH AND RQONEY READYj Big Wrestlers Meat on Mat at C eago To - Nlght. - j CHICAGO, March l4. The champl ! ehlp wrestling match at the Coliseum night between Frank Gotch. holder of t title, and John Rooney, the Chicago 'c. per," has all the earmarks of being 1: best match staged here In .years. Go! has been meeting al comers for seve j years and the only bout he lost was V. with Fred Beell at New Orleans seve : months ago. Two weeks later tVe' p met at Kansas' City and Frank was turned the winner. Should he be su ful to - nlght Gotch will accept a challer from Beell, but only on condition that t latter make It worth, while by betting least $3,000 on the result. The champion In excellent condition and Is confident winning. Uooney has put in all of i spare time preparing for the encojnt and will get on the imat fit to give : admirers a run for their money.. ;r 1. Holycross Is Jn Demand. SOUTH BEND, Ind - . March U - Pre dent F. R. Carson, of the Central Leagt announced at headquarters here to - daj that pitcher Holycros, who is desire ! l the South Bend club, lean not be a Bh. bird of his ; own free will, becai: Manager Cleary. of Clinton, la., hes nrevtous call on the former Kit League twlrler. According to a letter ii celved from Secretary Farrell, of t National association. Cleary bought t pitcher at the close Of last season fro. the Danville club, of the K. L T. clrcu before that league blew up. Holycro wishes to" play here.' ana nas accept terms. j Hynes' Stayer HelaV ST. LOUIS, March 14. After lo , wrangling for nearly 'two hours, a corf ner's Jury yesterday returned a verdict i! homicide In the Inquest Into the death ; Patrick J. Hynes, the baseball playe formerly with the St. Louts Browns, wl signed this season. with Milwaukee. j Hynes was shot in ia quarrel over t! payment for two glioses of beer ear. Tuesday morning in a saloon by Lew W. Richardson, the bnjrtender. j fi Be t'atSnco Every Day i . tli J i 13 P Mi Vh!ntrt"n rli New J'fy f:. ? I. IVIa ' Ot I7"l ..'." t;i4i POIH'I.AK WITH 'tlH'. ft C)iU; Th - Hi:&Y, fh;3AY ArD at: :.:at BSG GHGV7 s , - J K0X3AY CLASH'S ESV.VAT C ..S NIGHTS AM) SATCrDAV M ATI 1. IZ. rriceav :Sc tQ I. O. f t r.s - v i - - The rr.ot Import' t n r of t'.e I'.: ' '..'"I . 1.. ' - ' Toirilixir cii II : : 1 1 , ari - i ai c - - Mr.Uoi Trt e I ' '."' C - ' i 'III OT lp p"' - - - I un it uLiJ ui.m I.. - , i . .... i

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