The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on July 4, 1965 · 63
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 63

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1965
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TACE Section D The Sandpiper' With Burtons By R. H. GARDNER T KNOW if heresy, but Eliz 1 abeth Taylor would look bet ter with higher necklines. The burgeoning female torso, o fundamental to our Awieri-' ran way of life, is in her case a liability since, when overexposed, it gives her the appearance of being fat. As her girth grows, however, so grows her talent. Unlike the ethereal young nymph of "National Velvet." she exhibits in maturity a robustness that, transcending the purely physical, gives body to her spirit and the "spectator the feeling that, in the right role, she might overcome the handicap of glamour and prove to be a first-rate actress. That she has not yet attained this level of competence is indicated by "The Sandpiper," her latest film in which she plays a roje that is anything but right; but. despite the trap it represents, her performance has a substance about it that implies depths other than those revealed by her decolletage. A New Treatment The movie, premier attraction for the recently opened Trans-Lux Reisterslown Plaza, is a new treatment of the theme of "Rain." It concerns, that is to say, a free-thinking, free-loving young woman who seduces an ordained minister, with un- AMUSEMENTS TRANS-LUX A Rich, Rewarding Entertainment Experience for the Entire Family Now! CHILDREN'S PRICEM.25 ' ALL PERFORMANCES MONDAY THRU THURSDAY GEORGE STEVENS THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD 1 v Jli lifjM K,ib, UNITED ARTISTS 2 PERFORMANCES TODAY 2 & 7:30 P.M. 2 PERFORMANCES TOMORROW 2 & 8 P.M. Ini Office Open Daily 10 t.M. P.M.: Sunday 1-t P.M. TICKETS AVAILABLE AT ALL KECHT It SEARS STORES rOR THEATRE PARTIES AND SPECIAL GROUP SHOWINGS CALL LE. 97139. ib conditioned fftuin LE 9-2994 11 NOW! A SUMMER TREAT MATINEE SHOWS DAILY AT 2 P.M. IN ADDITION TO REGULAR EVE. SHOWS AT S.30 P.M. 2 SHOWS TODAY 2 & 8 X v R IAT AVAILABLE roR TODAY AT BOX OrFICE AND ALL UK -CONDITION EDln'ppodrofne,2tE EXCLUSIVE MD. PREMIERE SHOWING Jill JIM, fihravemn :, ataittoflifa J that mad w for more! 1 1 ELIZABETH TAYLOR RICHARD BURTON EVA MARIE SAINT PSOC'-CAN nmm'W Ae nrr:oii DOORS OPEN I P.M. SHOWS AIB-CONDITIONED L Trans-Lux Keisterstown Plaza Th ntft met luxurious thcalrt In Balt(mer U Htr New, In Rclttarttewn Read Plata. The Latest In Trent-Lmury. iOO Rclitreewn RoetJ 1 V" ELIZABETH TAYLOR happy results. Richard Burton, whose two preceding films "Wight of the Iguana" and "Rocket" also cast him as clerics, plays the part as if he had been to the cloth born. An undiscovered artist inhabiting a picturesque shack in the spectacular Rig Stir country between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Miss Taylor meets the minister through a chain of AMUSEMENTS THEATRES 1 V if ' 1 fVw1J . CINERAMA Winner nft i ""a usi Al t. H Tl BE PFRHIHHA V JS HI TZI FR S ,TORFS J0" PARKING Itx. Mkl, G. 9 4775 EUTAW ST. 41 I I J I '.'is, AT I:S0-3:5O-5;SO-7;50-9:5O J8t-55' THE events brRinning when hor illr-gitimate snn, a small boy whom she has removed from school because the teachers were "filling him with a lot of nonsense," breaks the law by shooting a deer. As it turns out, it is the lad's third offense, and the local jude, concluding that he needs more discipline than he is getting at home, assigns him over the mother's strenuous objections to an Episcopal school presided over hy Mr. Burton. Life In A Rut The school is of the expensive, neatly laid-out sort that serves as a hobby for a country-club set whose members look upon the handsome minister and his charming wife (Eva Marie Saint as mascots human symbols of their own exalted status rather than as guardians of their souls, Mr. Burton's life has, in other words, fallen into a rut of social artificiality and crass fund-raising when he encounters the real thing (life, man) in the notable shape of Miss Taylor. At first .he appears unmoved by her beauty, in the same way that he shows disapproval of her atheistic philosophy and noisome, bohemian friends. But then one night, while visiting her shack and being confronted with a nude statue of her carved by the most noxious of those friends, we suddenly hear him blurting out "I want you. I want you," and we know his doom is scaled. And so is the movie's. It's not only that the story, which look five writers working on different levels with different credits to compound, is phony from beginning to end, but the character Miss Taylor is obliged to portray defies belief. Superficial Effect On the one hand she is presented as a woman of inflexible intellectual and moral convictionsa bohemian in the true sense of the word. On the other hand, she is depicted as a voluptuous child who, time and again, has been victimized by men. It is as if the character of Madnlyn Murray has been blended with that of the late Marilyn Monroe a combination that I found impossible to swallow. Mr. Burton's was more acceptable, because it is actually a cliche but even here, despite his considerable dramatic proficiency and immense personal charm, the effect is superficial. And the direction hy Vinccnte Minnelli is'as superficial as the story. Indeed, the only powerful thing in "The Sandpiper" is the scenery. AMUSEMENTS "WORDS THAT ARE STILL A LITTLE STARTLING FOR THE MOVIES... AND FUN IT IS!" Bosley Crowttier, N. Y. Timet ir$rkk I -Wmdi Nile, N. Y. Only New K "UNPRECEDENTED CANDOR!" Brendn Gill, Th New Yerker "A NEW FRENCH FILM TYPICAL OF THE IMAGINATIVE IMPORTS WHICH DELIGHT!" LIFE Miinne Premiere Wednesdayl B3 North at CHarln SUN, TULTIMORE. SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 4, r 4 r J ' " I "8 U4 Frank Rara, Alison Howard Savian are the stars of "See A Dream Job JARRIE CHASE has a dream assignment only woman in a cast of twelve male stars. At first "The Flight of the Thoenix" was announced as an all-male cast. To offset that, producer-director Robert Aldrich announced that trailers for the film would be made hy an international bevy of beauties speaking in their own language. Then came a scene where one of the male stars has a hallucination after a plane crash on the Sahara Desert. Aldrich figured that would be one way to get a girl in the adventure drama starring James Stewart, Richard Attenborough Tcler Finch, Hardy Kruger, Puniest Borgnine, Dan Duryea, Ian Batmen, Ronald Phaser, Christian Marquand, Gabriele Tinti, Alex Montoya and George Kennedy. The shapely Miss Chase, Fred Astaire's favorite dancing partner, will wear a scanty costume in the dream sequence. AMUSEMENTS He's a special kind "A WITTY SPOOF DH THE JAKES BOND FAD" -Wash.Post 25th tTiie.h,. look PJbybdll IS COMING DURING JULY TO THE Juy 20 25 Juy 27 Aug. 1 Aug. 3 8 5 Jaw John b j LEE 'Xrl LESTER fesl, REMICK W WBUBBLK Miil C'ert Writ! Pjinter Mill Vus.c flir, Owlrp MiHl, Ml Importint! Mart le Itimprt letf-irMresseil imrtlopi. I'tt i temi:i djte. PPICtS: Tue, T1tn , fun. S 30 m) .J5. tJ, $3 75. W25; Erf. (S 30 r") .T5, J3.50. U .; Sit. ( m) J?. I). J: Sit. (S 30 pm) J3. J3.75. J425, $4 95; Thirt. (2 tm) JL, Slid, 12. for Sit. 4 t"l rQ, tlti! 13 U B'fier It aiemttd fret aitlt pu'ct-ise ef i ticket t reju-ir price. TICKETS UN SHE: IHTIMW: Vulic HwiM In trt West;e J'0rti;r Cf'er; Tt HecM C. tf HowiK I Iffirrtoi, s:erc fo'i t.tri; Etfonon; Nrl'ie4; Hjmminn't Min S'ore, 20S N. liberty St TC$PNt Hwwrrmi' Vue Stt. Twin P.irt; PlnrSVIUEi f'' P-'inrj'r. ne.j NNPOltS: ilbrft PWKf, SO St! Cirt'fj GLEN I!'NIEi "fnnn i oct. Surf; Y0S:, r.t Jto 4 - rl I ?, and Nick Run" being How They Sunday at i fir v 7 Tgp, y " ' Lawrence Weber, Bob Holliday, Roy Monsell and Jane Morgan in scene from "Lady in the Dark" opening Tuesday for a week's engagement at Painters Mill Music Fair. AMUSEMENTS of spy... hs (toesn't krxm efxwgh to come in from the cold! DIRK BQBARDE - SYLVA KOSCIHA ROBERT MORLEY - LEO McKERN 2,4,6,8,10 louse wnm at Charles iOC33fIljL3BB I CfW Tir'e tiqr, Co;oi il Hot'!; riEi! ViNSIES.- I RMI1I Oajtj HAC.t. 10(55 ; it f f ' given Wednesday through. the Beaver Dam Theater. AMUSEMENTS 'flBEHT008 DIRK B06AR0E - SYLVA KOSCINA .4.6 8.10 frijPlavhoiise wv A3 -25th at Chrl 'ATRIUMPHI DON'T MISSITI 'AN EXTRAORDINARY MOVIEI" nobody """" waved goodbye,10 KAJ North at Oiarl "A BOLD AND EXCITING FILM1" -n r. r,m LOSTHRHRTOS a. 4, 6, a 10 I A3 North at Churles July 13 18 PATRICE MUNSEL Zht Wnrlliifarf iEhrntrwX in Cole Porter's Greatest Musical (Lady In The Dark' At Tent Theater T ADY in the Dark," starring Jane Morgan, will open a week's engagement Tuesday night at the Tainters Mill Music P'air. t'Lady in the Dark," by Moss Hart, tells the story of Liza Elliott, the editor of a fashion magazine who, through psychoanalysis, is trying to decipher the many facets of her intriguing personality. Though she has many problems, she is a woman of great charm, intelligence and beauty, and one of her problems is an inability to choose between three men in her life (played hy Bob Holliday, Lawrence Weber and Roy Monsell). With music by Kurt Weill and lyrics by Ira Gershwin "Lady in the Dark" has such numbers as "Tschaikowsky," "My Ship" and the "Saga of Jenny." Featured in the cast are Barbara Cason, Jamie Ross, Anne Francine, Richard Kendrick and Nancy Taylor. The production is directed and staged by Christopher Hewett, with choreography by Larry Stevens, musical direction by Herbert Ilecht, sets by Mischa Fctrow, costumes by Peter Joseph and lighting by Lester Tapper. Performances are given nightly at 8.30 o'clock with a Thursday matinee at 2 o'clock and a Saturday twilight matinee at 4 o'clock. Spotlijrriters Giving A Double Rill The Spotlighters will offer "Suddenly Last Summer," by Tennessee Williams, and "The Zoo Story," by Edward Albee, during July. The double bill will open at 8.30 P.M. Thursday and will be presented every Thursday through Sunday until August 1 in the theater at 817 St. Paul street. Appearing in "Suddenly Last Summer" will be Anne Belt, Sandra Shanrock, Alta Wam-pler, Allan Forman, Lynn Rust, Lillian Werden and Marlene Rosenbaum. It is directed by Roche Diorio and stage-managed by Brenda Cimino. Woody Moats will be seen as Jerry and Robert J. Dougherty as Peter in the production of 'Charley's Aunt' 'PHE Maryland Cabaret Thea--1- ter, ' a subsidiary of the Brooks Musical Theater, will present "Charley's Aunt" at 8.30 P.M. Friday, and Saturday and at 7 P.M. on Sunday at the Coachman Restaurant at Se-verna Park. Neil Love will play the title role. The play will be repeated the following two weekends. AMUSEMENTS FRANK SINATRA TREVOR HOWARD VON, EXPRESS UPTOWN 3010 r.rk Hriinli II. 2-20.11 COLO P1VOC LUC FRANK SINATRA VOtfRYANS EXPRESS Northwood HM-rtli' 5i. Ctr. w;; ; B;r-J FRANK SINATRA VON . RYANS rvDiJi?cc LI I I Lt XMl IUjUiT 23 n. ii. sv oe luc HQ WW LAST TIME TONITE 8:30 P.M.-HOWARD KEEL "SOUTH PACIFIC" OPEN TUES., JULY 6-11 JANE 1 J 1 & Tht brilliant musical play (TWW Call Box Office HUnfer 6-5500 Hurt. Mat I P.H.-I Sttwi Sat 4 I l.3f PJI. Note new Sat Show times Mail Oilers: Writs Painters Mill Music Fair, BiS Mills, Mt Iniertatt! Mist 1 5 seef slantes" self-aMresiel inelepc. List ilteriati it. I PUCES: Tts., Wei, Tinrs., St. (IH p a.) tin, ii, S3.7S, $4.3; EH. (I 31 .) 5 $J 75, $1.50, 4, J4.M: Sat. (4 l a.) it $1, $4; Sat (1:30 I a.) 11, J3.7S. $4J5, I UK: (2 pa.) St, JIM, $2. Eir Sal. 4 P. glut, cki'i 13 tr ft Htt-t itti4 free ntk pmaM at a tiet it re tulir tic. TICKETS ON SALE: B4LTIW0RE: Musit House in tr Westvit Shwoio Ctr; Tht I Hetnt Co. It Hoaid t Li"gton. Reistersltn Pnad Piaii; Edmonosoi; Nirtnwoed; f Hammann's Mmic Store. 206 h. libertf SL TOS0V Hammann's M 151c Stort, Tawwn -i T u; PIUESVILLE: Field s Ptijrmary, Inc.; ANN0LIS: 6ilbert'i PHamaCT, 50 Stiti i Circle; CLEN BURME: Robmwn s Oept.Sloie: YORK. PA : C-ntral Ticket Aeency, Colonial f Hotel; WESTMINSTER: Schmitt Reiall Drufs; HANOVER, FA.: Sink of Hanour, IrH Dept. 25 Cailolt St i wli',l,MBa TP r-f vjnryiMi3- - r v RANDY LEVIN "The Zoo Story," which Is directed by Vernon Belt, and stage-managed by Dana Ser-gies. Pickwick Players Auditions Slated The Pickwick Players will hold auditions for a new musical for children, "The Million Pound Bank Note," from 2 PM.. to 5 P.M. next Sunday at Wood-moor Elementary School. Tryouts for singing, dancing, and acting roles are open to those between the ages of 12 and 18. The group, which is directed by Sarah Marie Schlesinger, a faculty member in the University of Maryland's Department of Speech and Dramatic Art, performs in children's hospitals and homes throughout the State in addition to its public performances. "The Million Pound Bank Note," which is based on a short story by Mark Twain, has book and lyrics by Miss Schlesinger and original music composed by Michael Dansicker. Set in London at the turn of the century, the play traces the adventures of a young man who is suddenly given a large fortuno under strange circumstances. ROBERT J. DOUGHERTY Children's Musical ALICE IN WONDERLAND" will be the next musical attraction of the Children's Musical Theater at Painters Mill Music Fair. Produced by the Baltimore Actors' Theater, the show will be presented at 11 A.M. Wednesday July 7 and July 14. Randy Levin and Pauline Harris will alternate in the starring role of Alice. They will be supported by Don Mettee, Gil Cohen, Bruce Caudle, Virginia Robinson, Fran Mahr, Harold Stern and Neal Payton. A group of children will be featured as various fantasyland animals. "Alice in Wonderland" will have settings by Martha Anne Sherman and special costuming by George Gohel. The show will be directed and choreographed by Helen Grigal. AMUSEMENTS On Painter Mill Rd. near Reisterstown (Rt. :? 140) Owmis Mills, Md. Is mm MORGAN it -i MinK br Kurt Vein f'TlirH Pwny Ope rT t Book H Mm Hart ( (Bifecttr, "Hf Fair lm , t Irrtd IT In SersHrifl Note new Thurs. Mat low prices Jp J- ; 7 y p' Hinsvr. iri nenr . ? crin jt

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