Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 24, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1949
Page 4
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FACE 4—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). MONDAY. OCT. ?*nblUfc*<i Every Kveninc Sunday) by (HE NATJGATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephones KB8 and VO» AD Department* (Entered a» second class matter at the port office In Nangatnck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance I Month ...$1^0 1 Year tlB.60 Member: American Newspaper Pub. Aaa*n N. B. Dally Newspaper Pub. Ass's Ctenn. Newspaper Publishers Aas'a "MONDAY. OCTOBER 24, 1949 Commiinity Service Community service benefitting Naugatuck has been recognized by the State Grange with the presentation of first prize in its annual service competition to the Beacon Valley Grange of Naugatuck. Last Friday night in Foot Guard Hall. Hartford, a representative of the Beacon Valley Grange was called forward to receive th» award, .a $200 U. S. Savings Bond. What does it represent? All Naugatuck knows. The Beacon Valley Grange Park and Recreation Center has been dedicated as a community area with facilities for swimming, baseball and softball, pic- nicing. and all the outdoor attractions city folk travel miles to appreciate during the summer months. The 20-acre tract, well-seeded and abundantly set out with trees, provides Naugatuck. under Grange jurisdiction, a much-needed recreation area. It has been made available entirely through the civic-minded and community-conscious members and officers of the Grange who first provided the land, then •went to work to carve out the facilities. The State Grange, has chosen wisely in naming the Beacon Valley Grange project outstanding in Connecticut. Naugatuck has long known its value, but .his fine, higher echelon recognition serves as new inspiration lo the Grange and its boosters. Humors In The Balkans The Balkans appear . to have fcacome an area of coincidence : 3 well as conflict. No sooner t'.aes the "free" revolt expire in Greece than an equally "free" revolt is reported in the offing f >r Tugoslavia. In both cases the a Ijective "free" may be defined c.3 ''pro-Soviet, i.e., that which E.TVCS the policy of the Kremlin." Russia's interest in the Greek insurrection seems to have ' iminished in proportion to her titter involvement with the recalcitrant Tito of Yugoslavia., ^ .Tien Moscow agreed to a UN conciliation committee for the Creek dispute, it was generally rccepted that the steam had been •.aken out of the Communist. ; ressure against Athens, despite the fact that Russian demands till complicate the work of that committee. Hence it was no surprise when the "free Greek government*' announced that "for the time being" it intended to quit fighting after three and a half years of military action against the "monarcho-fascist" and the "Anglo-American imperialists". Simultaneously the State Department disclosed and thus gave some weight to rumors that a revolt against Tito would begin within 60 days in Tugoslavia. Reports reaching Washington indicated that the guerilla warfare which had harassed the anti-Sovie^ Athens government would now be shifted against the anti-Soviet regime in Belgrade. The "free peoples of Yugoslavia," it -was said, would draw their support from the familiar pro-Soviet sources of Rumania, Bulgaria and Albania, with perhaps an assist from Hungary. But Tito is an old hand at this game, having himself provided refuge and reinforcements to the Greek rebels in other days. So it is doubtful if the Yugoslav dictator, with his considerable army, would have the same compunction for foreign frontiers that was shown by the Athens regime. Therein lies the danger of international conflict in the Balkans today. No sooner la the Greek threat averted than there arises another even more dangerous. Rivalry Must Cease When the present shooting is over in Washington and the issue decided-as must be the case ««neti»e-the Army, Navy and Air Force wUl owe it to the country to buck!e down to business and g,ve the nation in fact those strong ramparts It needs in its hour of possible peril Perhaps it is too much to expect that a,l the old animodo" can be cast aside and the wounds quickly healed, but certainly the ««ort shou ld be made. To £l t0 Weaken the At the moment there is no evi- oence that the unification voted t» Congress has resulted in cither unity or military efficiency. Leaders of both the Navy and the Marine Corps have testified that their services are being slowly destroyed. Certainly this does not reflect the will of the American people. The duty of Congress is clear. It is to determine the rights and wrongs of the caee and to take such measures as may be necessary. In these times the country cannot afford to let its military establishment be a house divided. The Harvest Year Good harvest weather has provided the nation its second largest crop year in history, with a record supply of corn. And ideal conditions for wheat seeding are general in the Great Plains area, promising another record small-grain harvest in 1950. Heavy current yields, added to substantial carryovers, has resulted in a marketing (problem. Under price subsidies the government is- buying and storing crops as never before to sustain •prices. The second largest harvest ift history provides ample supplies of food for the American people, although not at lower prices, with many boatloads of government-bought staples to be shipped to other countries. These blessings are the result of application of brain and brawn by American farmers. Those who share in the bounty should give thanks they are citizens of a land where all this is possible. SHmLEY'S DIVOKCE Shirley Temjple's tearful plea that she meant to make her marriage work, but that it was impossible, would be better received if it came from an area where divorce is the exception rather than the rule. The country has become convinced that Hollywood people don't mean to or haven't the capacity to make marriage. So Shirley sat and tapp.ed her foot in night clubs while John visited hU friends at other tables. That's undoubtedly mental cruelty to a girl who's been spoiled from babyhood by too much attention. But scores of millions of wives in this country have undergone mental cruelty that makes Shirley's feeble plaint resemble happiness. They didn't rush to the lawyers but suffered while they tried to work it out, being mindful of their children and their family responsibilities. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Joyce Ann Kanehl was elected president of the Methodist Youth Fellowship. Mrs. Richard Ostrom, president, entertained members of the Past President's club of the Ladies' Auxiliary', Crusader Post, V. F. W, 20 Years Ago Miss Clara Campbell, librarian of the Whittemore Memorial library, was guest Speaker before a meeting of the Naugatuck Rotary Club. Clarence Smith, a former resident, was visiting with friends in the borough. THE CLOCK Talk of police radio cars has caused some policemen to give thought to the possibility of a ipolice photographic department similar to that of the State Police and larger cities, but scaled down to size for the borough. Police Chief John .1. Gormley, talking about Naugatuck's pleasant situation in the present state water shortage, recalls working one summer, several years ago on construction of the Bethany reservoir. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wood have returned to the borough from Whitefield, N. H., where they attended a conference of the Bank Association of Connecticut...the return trip was made through Vermont. Don't forget the monthly meeting of the Playmakers Wednesday night. . .there will :be a potluck supper before the business .in fact, such, suplpers will be the routine each month.... Jan Free suggests members •bring the substantiate. . .meats, potatoes or vegetables. • Belated congratulations 'to Mr. and Mrs. Otto Messner of Manners avenue, who observed their 27th wedding anniversary Oct. 19 ... .and to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Knapik of Laurel avenue, who recently celebrated their 17th anniversary. It'll be J6 years of wedded bliss for Mr. and Mrs. T. Rex Behrman of Glenbrook Garden apartments come Thursday, Oct. 27....Rex is industrial relations manager at the U. S. Rubber and also is head of the local housing authority. Joyce Blombcrg took advantage of the pleasant October weather to take her young son, Gary Robert, out for a stroll.... Her husband Bob gave her a ride up-town with the carriage ....they live on Osbornc road, quite a hike for pushing a baby carriage. Bill Leuchars, New street, has learned that instead of being stung by a bee as first believed, he was bitten by a banana spider. .. .as a result a severe infection set in his Jright little finger. Members of the Methodist church are making elaborate plans for their annual Country Fair to be held at the church Nov 3 and 4. . . .all sorts of entertainment is being arranged along with a turkey dinner, card party and various booths. Have heard some nice comments on the attractively arranged buffet table at last week's meeting of Kennedy Circle, Daughters of Isabella, and thought perhaps the following: ladies, who arranged refreshments, might like to know their efforts were appreciated . . . Mrs. James Healy, Mrs. Henry Bchl- man, Mrs. Nellie Scully, Mrs. Oscar Wirth, Mrs. Rose Flanigan, Mrs. John J. Malik, Mrs. Bernard Sullivan. Harriet Brooks is a medical patient in Waterbury hospital, where authorities say she's being treated for a severe case of hives . . . golly, that must be quite unpleasant, and we hope she'll soon be back in circulation. Congratulations will be in order for Mr. and Mrs. Bill Painter of Washington, D. C., when they observe their eighth wedding anniversary Tuesday. . . Bill's secretary to Rep. Jim Patterson. . . Mrs. P. is the former Florence Skibinski, Waterbury. Bobby Burns, son of Mr. and Mrs Bob Burns of May street, will be three years old tomorrow ... .Norman Anderson, son of Mr. and. Mrs. F. O. Anderson, Mill- vUle, had his eighth foirthday Saturday. Charlie Ludolph, public relations chief for the Chemical plant hastens to point out that those Koloc-treated shirts we've been saying so many nice things about are shrink-'.plroof. . . .But they are not water-proof as one ot our items alleged.... First wedding anniversary congratulations were in order yesterday for Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Truelove of May avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. W. Graig Barber, Waterbury Mrs. T. Is the former Jane Thurston, and the now Waterbury resident formerly was Susan Chittenden. Jackie Thibodeau, son of Phtog John Thibodeau, is bemoaning the loss of his pet dog. . . .The pooch, a white hound, is about two years old and answers to the name of "Trixie". .. .Anyone finding the dog will wake a youngster very happy—and secure a reward. Many people are wondering why police permit so many sales firms to come into the borough without a thorough check of their character and credentials . . . one family reports having an in- toxicatftd coupon-premium salesman come into their home and make himself right at home . . . high pressure salesmen who claim not to be high pressure salesmen are often annoying with their tactics. First wedding anniversaries were in prominence yesterday, congratulations were received by Mr. and Mrs John G. Doback, she's the former Stella Sytnik of Wilkes-Barre, Pa.. Mr. and 'Mrs. John Einik, Mrs. E. the former Elena Tiso, Water- 'bury. .Mr. and 'Mrs. John Thorp of. Middlebury, she's the former A-da Klein Mr. and' Mrs. Sam Harper, 3rd, Mrs. H. being the former Mary Migani, Ansonia. DESERT AREA The world's deserts cover an area of approximately 5,000,000 square miles. ' TAILLESS DOG The only naturally tailless dog is the Schipperke poodle. /WORKERS' PARADISE' AND THE HORRORS OF CAPITALISM —.-—•• — ^ ^ --.^'' '•"' ' '-"•" '•-- -"-:^.-^_£:^^SiSfvl'-^v** FOUND GOUTVOF Piorrmo A6AIM^TWE GOUERNMEMt- CONVICTeO AND5£NTEIHCEO : t-IVI«-HP«OI IWC UUVCKWnCW* 1 CONVICTCO AND5ENTENCEC I mFORrypive MINOTCS I WfllSTAHD QH AMD DEMAMO T**AT (T GOES -«>T«E SUPREME . COURT OP TrtE U.S.A! TOUND GlilLTV OT PLOTHCtG A<5A(M3T IN MINE MONTH S WALTER WINCHELL In New York MAN ABOUT TOWN The Father Divines' sltcheeay- ahun is the Talk of Harlem. . .When Ginger Rogers gets the final decree Jack Briggs will middle-aisle it with Caroline Butler.. .Gen. Bennett Meyers (now in the clink) will have added woe when Mrs. M. files for a legal sep.... Yankees' pitching ace Joe Page spent his Series 5Gs on a 4-day wheel... Jane Russell and Bob Waterfield have denied it many times, but the latest coast gab is they are confabbing with attorneys. . .Axel Wenner-Gren, Swedish zillionaire, keeled over at a Paris poddy and is en route here for medical care... Katei Hepburn and her new romance rented bikes near the Park over the weekend. It's the backstage topic during the "As You Like It" rehearsals... You never heard such hand-clapping as Judge Medina gets in the news-reel temples... Voyagers back from Italy say director Rossellini pounds his head with his fists and screams: "I never thought she'd take, me that seriously!" Item: "Princess Elizabeth before the Mothers' Union denounced divorce for causing 'some of the darkest evils in our society today'." Fine way to talk about you_r uncle and great-grandfather. Isn't the Rev. Sean Reid (reported merging the Mayor and Sloan Simpson) t a distant kin of Hizzoner?.. .Looks like a trend for Britishers to wed American gals. Latest is Norman Laski, cousin of the top British economist. Blends soon with Chicago's Viola Marshall... If a top s^ng-writer doesn't quit that guzzling, he'll wind up on a Lost Weekend... Ed Paulcy (the President's friend), who has 6 million invested in Mexican oil fields, started drilling his first there last week.. .A Texas cattle man is wooing Raymond Clapper's widder with planeloads of pozees...A would- be suicide (fished from the East River) is a direct descendant of the Czar. Had six cents In his pocket. Local Russians are caring for him now... Emily Hahn, the novelist, cables the rumors ain't!... Description of elder statesman Baruch: 'The faithful old Saint- Bernard. From Life mag (Oct. 17th issue) page 49; "So Admiral Bogan wrote a sizzling letter.. .The document was classified 'confidential,' but Capt. Crommelin slipped it to newsmen. This surreptitious act guaranteed him a court-martial." From U. S. Naval Regulations (1948) Chapter 15, Classified Matter, Article 1509, paragraph 2 '(b)— Confidential Matter: "...Confidential matter shall be disclosed to persons not in the Government service in special circumstances when such disclosure is to the best interests of the naval service." Kay Thompson's new act premiered ^ at the Beverly Club (New Orleans'), and we could hear the applause up at this desk. "Better than the old act and she wears dresses for the first time on stage"... Joe DiMaggio's Runyon Fund check is in for $2,738.69—from DiMaggio Day... The J. Kahns of the Post (Lenore Ferber) are in- fan-two-cipating... . John Marsh (Margaret Mitchell's widower) was visiting kin in Delaware, which started the erratum he was ailing. Feels honky-dooley.. .D. Bru- guire of the Newport Set and Delia (Barbizon Model) Harmon are an. Item Bomb...Loyal Edge, the Ambassador's boy, and Nancy Patton (of Finch) 'Ave a Lovaly Bunch of Cocanuts!... John A. Armitage of the U. S. Embassy (Prague) weds Pat Weiss, dghtr of the Don Lee gen. mgr. They met four months ago when she took a State Dept job in search of excitement and romance. Prince Oonstantln (of Liechtenstein) is rushing Gary Grant's uh- huhney, Betty Hensel... .'French actor Henri Bidal ihas gone berserk about Yvonne de Carlo in Paree... Gloria Vanderbllt'fi mater and Robert Crotty prefer The Nightcap for their rendezvoodling. . . Typical Hollywood miscasting: In his next flicker Buster Crabbe (the swim star) drowns A renowned millionaire has hired a Wall Street public relations outfit to add blue and white to the charges he's reddish. . . .Erdal Inonu, son of the President of Turkey, has pop's nod to wed a L. A. coed....The DeCastro Sisters, once snatched by Cuban ibandits, tell their story on "We, the People" any broadcast The Stork's newest bartender la named Gary Lov- eragood. The new edifice for the United Nations is practically up. One of its features will be the maintenance of exact temperatures of the homelands in the rooms of the delegates. For all the seasons... Rire Stevens (for the first time in'Met history) will sing the first three leading roles in Nov The famous, historic Round Table (at the Algonquin) has been replaced by a circular bar Bevin's dghtr and her groom haven't rifted. Had to dwell in separate places while their new apt. was readied... .It',3 twinfants (boy. and girl) for the Gordon Akeleys (Frances McCabe) c-f Miami...Howzabout calling the Veep—Nice-President Barkley- The gambling lid's been extended to include Broward County just north of Greater Miafil... America must feel like it just broke its Shirley Temple Doll. Last June the col'm Interrupted the plans of a big, private affair which Merwin K. Hart (Franco's friend) planned at the University Club, 1 W. 54th. Scared away the "names" invited, so it was cancelled. .. Hart gathered some of them a week ago and with his staff tslptped walls, looked under tables (for hidden mikes) and acted like At Memorial Dinner ADDRESSING the fifth annual Alfrec E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner in New York is Francis Cardinal Spellman. At left is Secretary of State Dean /Ccheson who told the assembled guests that the United States is granting other nations only "marginal assistance" to help them reach recovery by their own efforts. < International •> folks afraid of something. The Univ. Club was "alerted" to give maximum security but neglected to warn members not to talk in their sleep—haw!.... 18 attended the two-day session, including Bill Buckley of Pantepec Oil (Caracas, Venezuela); Geo. Montgomery of Comlert .Bros. (Wall St. law flfm); E. A. Kracke, accountant; Ex-Sen. Hawkes (N. J.); John T. Flynn and others. .. .The meet was quite a bore... .Sorry we have to siperl their drate big seekwit. When they preview M. Bcrle's "Always Leave Them 1 Laughing" (in Lindy's at 3 a. m. soon), Sara Vaughan wonders if the crltic'll give it four Bagels. . .Connie Mack has signed with Knopf to' do a tome for young people. Publication's March, '50. .Few people have had more iplublioity than Tommy •Manville. So a reader just inquired how she could contact Tommy Mansfield.. ..If you missed "In Defense of America" by (WW) in the Oct. Coronet, you can get it for free now. Senator Magnuson read it into the Oct. 14th Cong. Pvecord .Jerry Lewis' pop and a comic almost came to blows in Lindy's ....James Cannon (thanking a reader *or supporting him on a contriversial issue) replied: "Thanks, Doc. but there isn't too many of us." James, plizz watch yer gramma. The word isn't isn't, it's ain't There'll be 87,000 -bulbs in that signery over the Astor to plug "Battleground," retorted one of the screen's greats. .. Nehru's nerves were shattered by those shrieking Jpralice sirens. Kept covering his ears...It took nine months to convict those Communists, but the result was really a Blessed Event. KAMOS ffiON WORKS 4SO BtTBBEB A.VWUB Experr Welding ol All Types—ForgiB* Sheet Mclal * Ornnmental Steel Wor5! - Portable Welding Equipment _ TEtEPHONB «77 RADIO — TELEVISION R.C.A. — Admiral Television Sales and Service SWAN'S Electrical Contractors Since 1925 2g CEDAB ST. TEL. 8574 . FBED'S HI-WAY GRILLE 601 Soufh Main St. Regular Dally Dinner 50n np CATERING FOR WEDDliNGO SHOWERS, STAG PARTIES. El* Banquet Room, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor License NEW 1949 PHILCO BEFIJIGERATOR $232.50 7 Cu. Ft. With Freezer Locker $25 Down — $2.25 Week US NO. MAIN ST. UNION CIT5 Phone 6491 15 Church St. Tel. 6490 Open Trlday Till 8 P. M. The MUSIC SHOP . . . records for children make wonderful year-round gifts . . . 88 Church St. Phone 5287 Enjoy A DELICIOUS SANDWICH at ROOKY'S WAYSIDE KITCHEN Waterbury Road at I'latts Mills Open Dally 12 Noon to 12 Midnight Sundays S F. M. to 12 Midnight CAESAR KRZYKOWSK1 Painter — Decorator 19 BRENNAN ST. TEL. 8785 Free Estimates Full Insurance Coverage MODERN ETIQUETTE Q .What are some of the expens es of a bride's parents for her wed ding? A. The invitations, the bride's trousseau, decorations for the church and house, soloists and organists at church, transportation for the bridal party from house to church and back, the wedding reception, dinner or breakfast, the bride's presents to her bridesmaids, and a -wedding present to the couple. Look And Learn 1. .How many different surnames are there in the U.'S.? 2. How many times his own weight in food does the average moderately active man consume in a year? 3. Who was the first President to ride to his inauguration in an f automobile? 4. What are the most popular card games in the U. S.? 5. Which animal weighs the most and which the least at birth? Q. Should the used silver be gathered up before removing the used plates from the dinner table? A. No; the silver should be left on the plates, and all removed from the table together. Answers 1. Approximately 125.000. j 2. About ten times his own I weight. S. Warren G. Harding. 4. Bridge, pinochle, poker, and rummy. 5. Whale and opossum. Q. Does a man who is traveling alone prefix "Mr." when registering at a hotel? A. No; he merely registers as John B. Green, Chicago, 111. Household Scrapbook Hot Dish Marks If hot dishes have left marks on your furniture, try rubbing with hot milk. Apply comphorated oil or furniture polish; wipe off excess, then wring a clean cloth out of clear warm water. Put three or four drops of arr.monia on the wet cloth and rub the spots carefully. Follow immediately with another cloth containing furniture polish or wax Pastries Use a tablespoon of milk, to which a little brown sugar lias been added, to glaze your pastries and cakes. Candle Grease Candle grease and wax can be j removed from table linens, by placing a piece of clean blotting paper over the spot and pressing with a. hot iron. Keep shifting the blotter to use a fresh portion until the spot has disappeared. SECURITY Does your Insurance give adequate protection today? DO YOU HAVE VTT See NAUGATUCK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Building costs .are steadily Increasing PHONE 2080 F. W. EATON, NEW ENGLAND S URGES.! PETROLEUM STORAGE TERMINAL Mezzio's Offers:— Complete Brake Berrlee, Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing, Front End BeoKirliiK. Radiator Reverse FlasblDg. EsMe B*M*V!<«», A?B«tro»K Tlr*<- MEZZIO'S M8 HITEUSIDE DBIVE. TEI, «3J» BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone *' 6-3541 ^totto BUCKLEY /« BETTER SERVICE LOWER EUEL COSTS F.Goodrich FIRST IN RUBBER TIRES LOWEST PRICES — ALL SIZES $1 DOWN $ FREE PARKING AND TIRE MOUNTING IN REAR OF OUR STORE PAY ONLY A WEEK Lincoln © Store WEST MAIM THE NEW OFFERS YOU THE FINEST IN RYE AND PUMPERNICKEL • DELICIOUS PASTRIES • FANCY ROLLS • CAKES FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS 122 School Street Union City Dial 3985 Baleor Television OAK STREET NAUGATUCK, CONN TEL. 7211 — 7135 ROCCO E. LABRIOLA, Prop. (Graduate Television Technician) •WE CAN CHANGE YOUR SMALL TELEVISION SET INTO A NEW LARGE SCREEN TYPE! — MOTOROLA — TELETONE Television Sales and Service SEE OUR LARGE- DISPLAY OF Plush Toy Animals FOR CHRISTMAS USE OUR LAY AWAY PLAN VIC'S SMOKE SHOP CHURCH STREET — NAUGATUCK

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