Naugatuck Daily News from ,  on October 21, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from , · Page 7

Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1949
Page 7
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- -LtSAL XOTICE »'tice in tfven of nearin*? in Ruun 5S>~>, 'State (Jiflcc HufldiiiK, Hartford. On >R>NDiy. OCT. 31. .19«. at 10:30 A. M. on APPLICATION A-940 o HAROLD WHEELER OLSEN ol Nau- Eatuck lor authoritj- to transport "milk in cans including the return of empty containers to point o origin" for hire as a motor common carrier over irregular routes between North Haven and MOfdbury. Southburv. lliddlebury Oxford; Seymour. Beacon Falls. Bethany Naugatuck. WoodbrklRe, Ansonia and Derby. PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION K. C. Schneider, Secretary. WAJfTED—3 or 4 room apartment by middle-aged couple with no children. Please write to *Box "K" care of The News. Notices ASSJiSSOK'S SO'i'lCK The undersigned Board of Assessors - the Borough o( Naugatuck hereby give notice to all persons, firms, corporations, companies and, partnerships liable to taxation In the Borough o! Xaugatuck. that they will be In session in the Court Room, Town Hall Building, on the following dates: Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. 20. 21, 22, 24, 25, 2fi, 27. 28, 29, 31, 1, 1949, 1949, 19-19. 1949. 1949, 1!M9, 19411, 1949, 1949, 1949, 1949, 2 10 2 2 2 2 10 30 10 10 m.-5 m.-5 m.-l m. -5 m.- 5 m. -5 m.-0 m.-S m.-5 m.-S m.-S m. m. m. NOTICE ttF APPLICATION Phis is to give noticii that I, Jonulili JO. AnHtett, ol 13(i Elm Htrucl, Wluatuil have- filed an application datQil 13 October, 1949, with th Liquor Control Commission lor a Tavern (or the sale ol alcoholic liquor on the premises, 4a South Main street, Naugatuck. The business is owned by Joseph V Anstett or 136 Elm street, \Vlnnted, ami will be conductor! by .loseph K. Anstett tie Elm HtrtJCt ' Wlnstcil, as permlt- JOSEPH E. ANSTETT Dated 13, October, 1949. For Sale Houses For Sale Jamea ;tioor« —Heal E* Uite— Phone 3568 FOR SALE—1 acres, hay land, brook, large iMirn, Jd'.UOU. MADORNO REALTY Oxford. Tel. 2891, Seymour Employment i MO-UKHX 4-HOOM bungal : condition. Large level lot, lor the purpose of receiving lists ••. ^.. property, real and personiil, subject to taxation under the laws of the State ol Connecticut. If any property owner shall neglect to file a list oa or before Nov 1 1949, same shall be filed by the Assessors and a penalty ol 30 per cent adde'J to the assessed value as required bv law. JOHN I. BROADRICK HOCCO MARIANO. ~ , Assessors. Dated at Naugatuck, Conn., this 8th day of October. 1949. 1 Help Wanted—Male T1IK JUGJIT MAA-26 or over, mar- ' ear ', can ""cure excellent 1 i'. " B "" K:ii(! - s llua "crviuc worn with fine opportunity for g,,od e»rnin K s Apply in person lor Interview 9 a m ""' Mttln '^ LEWIS CARROLL The Dealer OB the CENTEB SQUABE - COB.NEB PB08PECT * CSTION 8TBKETB Barclay Til* Board Chrome Trln Door Frame. Wtodow S,,h * Frames Palat* Floor Sanders tor BeW TELEPHOSE 14H4 WA3TTEB—2 capable women to represent Avon productB in Union City and Naugatuck. Our 63 years of experience In the cosmetic business can and will help you build not only a Christmas business but a permanent successlul business of your own F information phono Naug. 5928. low in A-l price only $b,yuu. 1'llOSP EOT—Just two miles from Union City, fl-room houae, all modern Improvements, ;l% acres ol land, pond. 11KACON FAILS — Pinesbrldge, vacant, brand-now modern 5-room home, large level lot. priced reasonable. Call A. SHEPLEY, 2438 or 5144. or l*nd for 8«to FOR SALE—Lot Ansonia, 4i69-' FOtt SALE—2 Ave. Size 75 Thurston, 07 H FOB SA&E New Haven water. Ph after C p. on - Qulnn St. Call lota on Hazel 40, Call 3740. P. P. tstcad Ave. • . irry building lots ol eaBonaW*. cltl Hcnmlta, ttxl For Rent Wasted To Bent PATSY I,A»tt,OI,A „., •«, Henl K»t»t» Phone Naug. 84 in « r w t |,T &.«(4» FOll SALE—] vamll.., 4-5-6-7 roo Situations Wanted—Female WILL TAKE CAKE OF OXE m my liorne. Afternoons only, 2 to 1). m. TeJ. 7172. For Sale Houses lor Sale «•. A. 8RAZ1CK1 — Real £Jatat« 174 PROSPECT ST. t PHONB C418 l "i? l ri S , AI '*,C". 3 room bun Balow, located m Union City, Prospect Rd. All improvements. Hot water heat with oil Genuine tile bath. Immediate occu-' pancy.nice landscaped lot approximately 200 ft. square. For details call George Garrity. Wtby.. 5-lSfiO. List Tour r ,or o Qu|c k Sale. NOHWA3H, Agy. _ REALTOR Phone 4784 K- WALTHH A INSURANCE 209 Church St. FOR SALE-New 6 room up'to dat. home, 2 rooms unlinlshed, all improvements, garage. Good home lor G.I. ALSO—8 room 1 family house, 16 years old. Sun parlor and sleeping poren Nice home tor a large family PATSY LABRIOLA Real Estate Phone Naue. 3468 or Wtby. 6-224!< MEAL ESTATE 48 Spring St. Te i. S - 2 681 Waterbury, Conn. Buy or Sen m BnHlnesg. JOSEPH HALPKHiJf, Broker Insurance, Luts, Real Ehtute 80 E. Main 8t. Tel. 4-58SZ Wtlij. FOR SALE—4 lamlly house on Orchan Terrace, in excellent condition. Ver\ good Investment. Prices lor auicii sale.' _ , „ F. A. BRAZICKI Real. Estate ^ ^ Phone 6425 JA " ' ~~^- ' Wanted to Buy IV'AJfTED— Gooa Z family house. 5 or I rooms on each lloor preferred I hav< fist? 311 custonler waiting lor such i HENRY M. MURPHY Real Estate and Appraisals Telephone 3-4032 Waterbury Announcements I la TO WMSPOKT, PA.-Oct ° r A 28 ' Hetl »™ng aubut a Week y ° ne " lt « <r " 8 '> ««" SODS yrivttt « r '> two . 3 a » 5 Road Fitzpatrick-Romano --Public AccounUn|» _ _PhoneWau,. '^ BiMine«i> Annpiincvmente Healers, «t e "=»"fS^^5 OARDHK1NO— . -J build stone Seymoiur, Inc. Insurance 4-31CI Wtby «0*IE FELLOW ON THE LAKE 1$ / THE FNE-DOLL/SR BILL THAT \ 667 FOR TURNING GAP5UUT CLIPPED r CKSH-S TAIL' ON THE AND HABITS OP PIKE! FRIEND PftTCHWORK BUT, SAHIB- WHO WflNTS TO BE KISSED BV fl VOUR IN THE MIDDLE CflBLGS THAT HE HfiS Receiyeo HIS H -OF PftTCHWORK TIES " MR.TVLER TH' SH1F'IE9S SKOWK ORTER 3E SOLD OUT BV WOW VlBit Open 7 ANDY'S SORRV TO KEEP YOU WAITINd" FOR OINNEtZ, FOLK*. A UTTIE MATTER TURNE9- UP. y QUITE ALL R1SHT, . ., . BARSTA1K. IT CTRANGE: YET NONE \S MI«!NG. YOUNG CHA1.LENGEO WESTViLLE YOU KNEW THAT WE \NELL (HAti-UMPH) •••; IT IS THE DBC-lSIOM OF 'THe SCHOOL BOARD ANO MV UNPLEASANT DUTV-TO PLACE vou- MVOLVED IN THIS EXCUSE ME. IS ATELESISAM irs \NHAT W/LL BS" AFPAwa, BESIDES CAH /r SAVE BS3/HK* UEST-2 ifebm hou . furidee FOB _____ Hill Rd., cor. Sternburg — 7fi4rt, 1 WANTED— Oarage. lor - on Maple Rd. Call A. ,, ' 1014 l«et high. or Waterbury ready-mix con.-.„ ...ugt be at least TrfemaBllo. Phone 66S1 -7|42, . , r.r. eran ' we & <=h»«J- Drastically In need ol 3, 4. or 5 unfurnished rooms. Call 6«1 alter 6 p; m IVAXTE»-Middle-a»ed working couple Cafl 2 e 6 S 38 4 ° r 5 unlurnls "^ rc2,m Se 7b Store* »or xtent FOR IlENT-Olllc man In NaugatucK. 98% lor professional STel. 3-9866. Wtby. HiMBM Tjo Rent FOH HE XT-Room, j en, also garage. Ph rtth private kltch- ine 4487; anytime. POR 11KNT — Furnt trally located. PhonJ St. shed room. Cen- 6805, 348 High ApartmenMt For Bent „_, I?'™". Union .-mn.wlth private r . Central location. ":0-Np: Matn St., Automotive u i Antu* For Bale FOB SALE—1937 blue Ford, 4 dr sell. $130. Runs good, has heater Have to Bell. Phone 7208 alter 5:30 p. m. Saturday alter'2 p. ra HA'i.Jij-lMl- CitUllUc HyUroma- llo Sedan. Kxcellent cundlUou llirouKU- T? Ut i A real b ^' Co « 1 Pl«tely rebuilt. Packard^ Waterbury, Inc. Packard Sales & aervibi j.. „. . •*• **** Place to ±>iiy" 48» Watertown Ave, Dial 4-6109 OF i n . T, 198 Rubber. flutlon 4847 available All Models and Sites '.: -i . ehtctaox MOTOUS 129 Rubber AVe. Phone 4«34 .._. — .Btaaebalier Cars A Trucita ~ SEA BEE MOTOB . 1»7S ThoBWBtuu Are:, Water rule Tel. 6.01«>-TJ9ED CABS * TBDCKS Cars Bought and Sola 8KIPPY MAUEJ! MOTOB SA1E« JM WATBKTOWJf AVE. T«l. Wtby. 4-8»81 or Watertowo 1M( Ite TraUera BEK. MODERN TRAILEK HOMBS complete with bathrooms, showers tub* it Hj-der. Reasonable prices' Time payment plan up to three yjarB. Bank,rates. Trailer B.les, aervip*. parts, acceasorlea. ODeu S ». m-'lo 9' n m. :«klly. Ry«er Trailer Co, Boat Road, Mil lord. Conn <1 "lie ««st ol Mlllord Center) Mid 2- 15 Auto Part* with W hi.7i, 'Wr B n. Phono . Mrs. Karl Oppo'rtuiiitle7 l-Mtl SPA PkoM Ran^e^ .TION '30 WAITER -OKOSKI , Electrical. Contractor Commerc ' a l ~ Domestic Phone 4606, . W« carry, a hill line ol Hartford, ExlSe Autollte * Armatroni Batteries. • '<>»'S TIRE SHOP I No. Main 8t TeL 3-1414 Wtby. KKH—Used A recapped tlrm; ~" and hard-to-cet slies—vlalt UNITED TTBB BALES. i? U « ^ A Royal Tire dlBlrtbuto? u. S. Rubber Co. employes discount S?- r , ,f ates for tlree, honored here 86 Jelleraon St, Wtby. Phone S-1141. ,., BOBT WOHK8 128 Watertown Ave. Wtby. 1-624) Body and FenUer Work - CompleU Auto PalnUMt - Whert AllgnlVui " R'h«el Balancing. Complete J.itti« Ol Seat Covers Joe's Service Station 178 Bridie St. Phone 4970 Large SeleetK* ' ol New and Used Auto Parts, also New and Used Tire.' > «.. r » » 639 No, Riverside gt. Tftl. 6-049t _ Open Sunday Mornings 17 Motorcycles—Bicycles FOB SAI,E-28" 'girl's condition. Call 5558. bicycle. Good Contractors^ Contr»ctlnj BVILDEB-Carpuutar. No lob >ou £ r £ e -* 0 Z. " mn "- Reasonable rate* Robert Prock, Pearl Rba«. Tel. 7«I M. V. SCHIAROLI — Building Contractor — _- Phone «047 Building Material* SenBoneil Wood Brick, Sand, Concrete Sand, Loam Phone GG48 or 3354 Marluno Sand A Stone R W » tb .« . R i? ay ' Mlxoa Concrete Co Benedict St. TeL S-4ifi!i wihw Merchandise 28* Article* Per Sato SPECIAt PURCHASE — Eyelet cotton 48" wide, as Is, 29c yd. or 4 yds ,, .1*."'* S, FABRIC CENTER ^8 farAhd^St., Opi>. Hadley'B FOB SALE—"Whitney Steer-O-Matic" " Excellent condition., Phone V—E—T—E—It—A—„—; Who need lurnlture. Electric Relriger- "2 rs . -Combination Ranges', Television „.. •'• WE TRUST'-YOUf! otart making, payments when you receive your insurance rebate Your selection delivered Imnicdi- atwly or at a later date. It you are go^ng housekeeping by all means see Albert'* O. I. Home Outlits Albert s V. E. Home Outlits Albert's V. J. Home Outlits 3 ROOMS BEAUTIFUL BRAND NEW FURNITURE COMPLETE WITH EITHER A NEW 19.4S - WESTINGHOUSE'' OR "PHILCO" ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR ONLY Ch u, - «8 Phone Waterbury 4-3H4, a s k lor Mr. rfSS i f a PP" i n"n«"t. If you cannot shop during the day, any evening appointment gladly made. "40 Years ol Honest Dealings" A—L—B—E—R—T's 266-78 So. Main St., Waterburv Closed Mon. Open Thurs. Eve Till 9 A2 Jof H / n ^ that opens ml ° a bed eg. »9S. Special J79;50. it-T u, R1 , C S A i? DO FURNITURE 467 West Matn St. TeL 4-6292 Wtby. ELOOll SAMP1E-4 It. Phllco radi Re fi * 19t3 ,K r J175 - G ' E »«« radio, Reg. J249.50 lor »175 Watt's Electric Straits Turnpike Tel. 3-4570 Wtby. BEAUTIFUL SILK CKEPE-For dr S sae | 5 ln a " the' new holiday shades, t? ;. wide .- Special G5o a yard. Mrs. Ruth Pllskln. Phone r,8<j5. FOB SALE—4 burner combination gas & oil stove. Complete with ABC r.burnar. Phone 5409. STAINLESS STEEL SINKS Double Bowl, «6 Inch, Below Cost ,-, ,, TOWER APPLIANCE 28« No. Main ^t. Phone 4-1294 Wtby. SPECIAI<r-On Cedar Chests, blonde mahogany or maple. RICCARDO FURNITURE CO West Main St. Tel. 4-6292 60-inch Pebbliiwcave. fast color and wasfcdble. tl.49 per. yd .. _ L. & C. FABRIC CENTER Grana st ' Opp lladley'a SOLID OAK.-Break(ast se'"»43LO Naugatuok Furniture Co. J6 South Main St. Phone 2711. w PABS-Embroldery, trlm- 5 ,? a ; Buttons. lArgest m state. Reliable Factory, 37 Scovlll St. Wtby. THIS HAEKKSS SHOP l " 1 5»- Tel. ».?»» Leather Handbag* A Shonder Dagu Jtl»cellanooua SWEET ClIJEK-Made fresh Oaily trom sound applOB'at Schildgen's Cider Mill new Haven Road. *1* Trucking—Mover* I WEEKLY TBIPS to New Tork Nen Jemey and Mew England. T V Van Ltnw. Vtb I-»',8I. Patntlna Soita Fnqntal* ,, •>• m - Except MPUS - Church strc«t Auction* • AtK'TIOJT SAtE^-Sat., Cict. 22 at 10 am. on premises.. To settle the >ea- rh,frr°v 5, e '"^ e W " l(am O'Connor.. »fis Cht-rry St., Naujratuok. Very Inraa oollDotlon of old elai»ware7 cbhfa CM M^""'° rn - anl1 ""t'lua furniture ??,"*,', , one 4PuWe dump; 4 H a<li nnn i? bullo ."W 8 'n Rood repair, over 1.000 Items in this'«ala. InTea»e Wed. Oct. 20. Franc"* • OII.BRRT-M ACCT10S a ar ASS BARN. Automotive Autos For Sttlfl Tel PAlNTISd—Protect and beautl/y your Naul. 60«3. a reasonable.-price. Call BEST INVK8TSIKMT In to paint your * RAYMOND J. HUOHES PA1JSTIKO p. PAPKJUIANOIKO _phono Juaeph San Arigelp — 71T8 MARIANO BROS. Cove raft. Pamtlng, Interior. ^w» ace Telephone t>«1 Merchandise 24a Poultry UNION CITY POULTRY MAHIfTJ'-p t'H JOKETTS-Frbsh killed " town PBE8H EGGS-Pree Delivery. 75 School St. Tel. 2591-B427 Feed ft Tutfl Becondttloned pfanoii. used only In ^"L I'A 1 ^ Come ln « nd »«!«• your pick *(iB.OO each. Well known makoe euch »» Hunllngton, MIHon, aulbran- men. Chandler and Oraber. „ .SIKCCA MTJ8IC COMPATTT 0a Bank St. Tel. 6-2*45 Wtby -»M Good ThTnffB To Eat ROMA PASTRY ^ BOl NORTH MAIN ST, Finest Italian-American and French Pastry .In all New England. Also Spu- monl, Gelat! and 10 cream. Every- thlnr hiude on premises. Special attention, given to wedding Parties, o-jr prices are the lowest, but our mer- chandlne definitely the best. We deliver nnd ship nny where In the U. 8. Tel Waterhury 0-2117. . ^M . Good Tilings To Eat ,tPPEES~|i- bushel- & up. Mac's, Co r r- lands, Delicious. 11 other varieties Also apple elder, 75c a gal. W. F. FRO«F.7T CHIOKEST-Roastera Broll- ers. Fryers. Delivered Naugatuck * vlcln. frfim farm. Call Woodhury J7S-2 Krtucation -- -^ - MMM.^^^Ki Business Service Business Services Rendered nn Jf OPQM **' of«l repaired b) of mason wm. Phone 6-0267 Wtbr HOLLAND PTIRNACB CO. i E. -Main°St. ""refT/i 0 03 Wtby. " RAY MELBOURNE RWO If iTfftt i- Uha •••»_!.. _ _ » ^1 . 147 " 7 r-Made fiklrts - |7 95 M.(? y ». Cleanlne Se.-vice Main St. P ^ Phob, *-I Asphalt Drlvewaya built «»"«• We a re equipped for an lob. Anywhere. Tel 4-64Z4. Wtby. COMPLETE CESSPOOLS-itpTIC Cleaned, IPKI.IM - DraU. KALAMAZOn Sales and Service s at. -rei /. H. TlfPT CO. J. * £.F^»s^wqRiai Mattress** Mattresses Remade 1 Day Sei vice—Work Guaranteed Blnnley's Mattress ServlcT InNtrtirtlnnr LKA11N TO 1)KIVE-^J1 Centrm Dual Auto Driving School, in. we-sf Main St Tel. 4-6262. Waterhury. Animals KJOp — Well seasoned hard itovB or llreplace lengths. Great Oak Farm < Phone 5049 OfHce A Other Equipment , or 4966 Naug, W«,v ^ fiCAMPi.IVE. SCT TO TWcE. A lRUTo A PCRMAL PAJ?IY AT SCWOC*. iEXT WEEK ...IT'S A G AFFAIR —we CAMT eo ID LI<E TO /SK > A QUESTION. J" WEU.....WHAT CO WE DO IKl'A CASE LIKE THIS ....WHILE I'M AT THIS AWKWARD AGE .. «/HE/?E I'M TOO X3UMG To SO 'ROUUO IM TAXIS .... AMD TOO OLt> TO BE TAKEM IM THE FAMILY CAR? ""UOW. __ BUS LIME.., TOO F/-WTO WALK „ AS MDU KNOW...! HAVE MO CAR 'OF My WHERE MV &JRLUVES; FOR A FCRMAL. MY I^TE wiu BE TOO 75RESSED UP TO RlOE HANDLE BARS on A\Y BIKE ... AWD i KNOW YOU TX*JT TAKING TAXIS MET. FELLOWS/ LOOK WHAT 1 SALVAGED FROM THt SMORGASBORD WITH A UFE WONT STRAISMT WILD WHAT'S THIS? EXPERT—Carburetor and generator service. Check now (or ' winter. 0 ,* B AUTO SERVICE Bank St. Tel. 6-1322 Wtby A GOOD GROUP Ol SELECTED CARS AT SKIPPY MAGEB MOTOR SALES 3»47 Chevrolet Cluv Conv.. 'Coupe, R&II. (This is a Beauty) Newt SPeCi< " Sedan . H*W (Like 1946 Pontiac Torpedo 6 cyl. 2 door R&H. Special ...... Ill 1 )-, 104B Pontiac Streamliner Sedan T RiH (Very Clean) 1848 Chevrolet Aero Sedan. R&H (Low Mileage.) 194S Dod B e 1-2 Ton PldtBji. R&H.' 1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster s"dan ... R* H - <23,000 actual' mileage). J947 Chevrolet Pleetline Aero Sedan. R&H. Special . /.. $1375 1939 Chrysler Royal Sedan R&H Special .... .'. .'. ...... ' 1 3TB "38 Buick Speclkl SedanV ri&H I 21 r 1939 Buick Special Sedan ' * 375 1037 Graham Sedan, Special '. '.' } 05 J9JJ Chevrolet Coupe R&H. Spec * 75 "" Packard Sedan. Speclnl .-. .$ OS iv i £"7' Tu<1or , Sedan.. Special. »l»r, 19J9 HuilHon 6 cyl. Sedan; R&H Special .......... , j 045 1937 Buick Sedan. • Special .." } ur, 1934 Dodge 2 door. Special ' }j 1936 Lafayette. Special .. '. . . ' f 1837 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan (with A Mercury Motor) ...... I 375 2fi« WATERTOWN AVE. TEL 4-8981 Member of Used Car Dealers Assn. . Waterbury , , OPEN' EyENH4'GS »r, HOTCHKISS ST. GARAGE DODGE J ? Phone 5727 —Cash registers (National). Latest styles. Big savings. Like new. One year guarantee. Solomon's Salea A .Service. 37 Cooke St. 18 Household Articles K S^TJJ-Walnut. with twTn a floor sample to close »0«.r«ALJB-whUe. porcelain Florence ranga >: conibination gas & oil, excellent lso 2oil drums. Tel. 6680. _ FOR. SALE-^Kitehcn set, combination « i. & f?1- ran K«. °" heater, bedroom suite, Uvfng room pieces. Tel; GS2S POB %A]JE—Combination good condition. Tel. 6382 St. Reasonable. . range In 39 Cherry USJSlKBteFRfGEBAToRS FOB TTTiim^S'SS* " AP™ IAWCE PHIOH qiTT _ TEL. V«net.tai Blind* (Cuetora-Made). . Slip Govern, Made to Order V ™ .J?"'"!**;, ; Phone E85«. BOSTON STORK "•i^A/f 11 * 0 " 1 """Pi* be-»; fl94.BO. Oakvllle Furnl- ii-^i r—•-• Walorbury' Branch. 535 Baldwin St Tel."•'C-1S2J. U»« our ,'L*y-Away Plan." 2to ~7; Clothing ; FOB SALE—Children's size housecoat nouserobe, rwinter coat, and 5 sklrtH Tel: B751.' : ' FOB SALE—Men's suits, size 3G to 38, in gdod condition, also several overcoats. Mrs. S. Groasman, 410 No. Main St., Union City. IfuH .'feint- at : . ";. JBVery Surirlge eATTDIED APPLES FILLED COFFEE CAKES WHIPPED CBBAM PIES - BIBTHDAV CAKES CIT¥ BAKERY MAPtE ST, TEL. S878 Open Dally' «;30 A, M. to 8 P. M. M Doe*. r.Ht« BB A UTIF t:L— Newfoundland puppies Ipur months old. Reasonable. Children's coropanjon. George Smith. Tel Naugatuck 4630. COOKEK PI/PPIES-7 6-1280. Waterburv. weeks. Cail MacDonald's Market WNK, SKEDLES8 GRAPEFRUIT O for CALIFORNIA SUNKIST ORANGES 2 do Z 55c MacINTOSH APPLES 6 ib S 29c It's A Fact — Marriage Is The First Cause for Divorce We Deliver — Anything! We Will Pick Up and Deliver Yomr Living' Room Suite *•.••• Expert Workmanship • • • i • SEAT COVERS CONVERTIBLE TOPS Custom Made • • • • One Day Service Open Evenings and Sunday Morning CABLES UPHOLSTERY SERVICE 44 GROVE STREET, WATERBURY TEL . 3.83,5 ERNIE'S Auto Body Works Wheel Alignment Expert Collision Dynamic Wheel Balancing Repairs Auto Painting 128 Watertown Ave. Phone 3-6241 Waterbury

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