Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 20, 1949 · Page 12
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 12

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE 18—NAtTGATUCK NEWS (COJTNQ; T1HIK.SPAY, OCT. 20, HMO State Police To Enforce Night Hartford—Slate Police Commis. sloner Edward J. Hickey today directed all state policemen tr rigidly enforce laws pertninint,- to night driving. He told them to pay particular atter.tion to cars ope*r- FIAKORH CORN MUFFIN MIX ALWAYS TURNS OUT RIGHT There is a way to assure delicious corn muffins at every baking— by using Flakorn. And the reason is that Flakorn ingredients are precision-mixed for sure re- suits. a'ting wi th defective lighting equipment and those failing to dim their lii!;idll(;hts when ap- pronehinK another vehicle. "Three out of five fatal motor -vehicle accidents occur at night," Commissioner Hickey pointed out. "Heavy traffic,and poor visibility during the early hours of darkness at this time of the year account for a large rhare of this increase." State Police patrol cars will he equipped with hu,-n<por strip:i reucl- ins- ::OI3EY THE I,AW— Dim LIGHTS" the Commissioner indj- Cfited. "We intend " to intensify motor Vfhinle law rnrorcfmunt olTurtx elurinj: the dunKur months ulicufl," OnmmUjiioner Hiokey declared when he issued the following statement: "When driving nights, reduce your .'fiocd , u nd dim your lights. Reduce »prcd ,v»> Unit you can stop within the range of your headlights. Lower your headlights when approaching vehicles and keep them lowered, even though the other driver neglects to return the courtesy. Th possibility of an accident is increased 100 per cent if BOTH of you are hlinded." MONSTKR EELS Some electric eels are eight feet long and weigh up to 50 pounds. "900 90M-T *AMT Mr AS VOUIt IXICUTOX, I'M UAmtt T9 Off 9tFO*f YOU 90." "SO THAT'S WHY YOU KteOMMfMO tt> 4 TXUST INSTITUTION!" Many men choose a trust institution like ours as Executor because its perpetual existence is assurance of readiness to act promptly at all times. The JVaugatucft National Banft • tabir Ftitr.l Dcpult Iitnrioce Ccrpoi.lloB . Fidenl Reierr« Syittn Jobless Claims Dropping Steadily From Mid-July Peak Jobless cliii'nrantH for unemployment benefits in Conneetncut clrqpped to 43,105 during the week of October 10-15 from 47,823 for tho provlnuH wi:i'k. During tho cr,r- roapondliiK week a year ago, theip were 21,485 claims filed, the lowest number for 11M8. Cl.'ilrnn in Connncl Ir.-nt hnvi dropped MtuMdlly from IL mid-July peak of 98,280, which established an eleven year record . Initial claims, which start ne\ perioilB of unemployment, decline to -1,852 from (3,700 for the prcvlou week when a new benefit yoa swelled the totals. A year ago, th week's initial claims totaled 310S the total 40,075 since January 1. Exhaustions for the week num bered an estimated 1,200 makirif Layoffs were reported in the fol lowing industries: Garment 350 for one week by one employer, stee boats 100 during reorganization 'Plastic toys 100, eli-.ctrical uppli ances 65 due to lack of parts, shoes 15 laid off and 35 part time, footlockers 40, hats 35, Billies 30 part time auto bodies 20, metal products 20 .boats 20, bearings 20 chromium 20 due to a steel shortage and 20 by a specialties flrm. Rehirings were reported as fol- >wls: Silverware 130, timepieces JlC. bearings GO, .brass goods 45 o? y u 25 as We " lls lh e hiring of 25 by a new (publisher in New London. By Area The Bridgeport office reported the layoff of 100 by a plastic toys firm, 65 by an electrical appliance company due to- lack of parts 20 by an auto bodies manufacturer and the placing of 30 on a part tr.™ schedule by an elastics plant An electrical appliance factory rehired 40. In the Bristol area, a timepiece manufacturer rehired 40. A Danbury hatter laid off 35. The Danielson oflico . reported I the layoff of 40 by a footlocker 1 concern. In the Merden area, a silverware firm rehired 130 and a bearings concern rehired 60. A toymnker in the Middletown area rehired 25. In the New Britain area, a -ar- ment shop laid off 350 for one week .and a metal product!? company 20. The Now Haven office reported that a shipyard making steel boats laid off 100 during reorganization. In the New London area, a neve publisher hired 25i-A shipyard laid A Norwak shoe manufacturer laid off 15 and put 35 on a part time schedule. _ In the Waterbury area, a. chromium firm laid off 20 due to a steel shortage and a specialties manufacturer laid off 20. Two watch firnrj rehired 70 and a brass goods plant rehired 45. BRINGS NEWS FROM FAR-OFF TIBET AUTHOR AND NEWSCASTER Lowell Thomas (center), using crutches, leaves plane at New York and is greeted by hiti father, Dr. Harry C. Thomas. At left is Lowell, Jr., who is credited with saving his father's life when the latter fell from a horse on a Tibetan mountain pass. Thomas said Tibet's religious rulers are gravely concerned with the renace presented by the Red sweeo thrpueh China. I International Joint Meeting Of Tri-Hi-Y Clubs Scheduled Tonight The Alpha and Beta Tri-Hi-Y 31uha will hold a joint meeting this evening at the YMCA, it was announced today by program secre- ary Wesley Cady. Members of the Alpha group will •neet at the Y at 6:45 o'clock for a short business meet before the oint session. Guest speaker at the ombined meeting will be Atty. Frederick C. Smedley, of Water- oury, who will speak on "How to Vin the Cold War." Club members have been asked o invite guests. Parents are also nvited to attend. Notices ASSESSOR'S JTOTIOE The undersigned Board ol Assessors I the Borough of Naugutuck hereby ive notice to all persons, firms, cor- orations, companies and partnerships able to taxation in the Borough of Maugatuck, that they will he in session n thu Court Room, Town Hall Build- ng, on the following dates: ' All maps of the world, unlike globes, have distortions. First Of Three NHS Parents Nights Planned Tonigbt The first of three parents' niRhtia to be held at Naugratuck High school during: the 1949-50 school year is scheduled for this evening from 1 to n o'clock. PnronlH of HludcntH ure invited to visit the school to meet teachers, discuss any problems which might exist relating to their chll- tlrcm or to tour the school. All triu!ht<r:t will bo In ihnir homn room. 1 ! to receive the parents und any other visitors. A number of high school girls will .serve an rocoptioni*I.K and guides. Those who will meet parents at the first floor door are: Lois Jennings, Ruth Ann Rice, Lucile Smey, Lucile ZuccarelU, Marie Sabia and Adelaide Marques. Second floor: Betty Hartwell, Barbara Stien, Margaret Hayea', Ann Hughes, Lois Romanousky, Jean Dillon, Rose 'Slgetti and Shirley Rentz. Third floor: Ellen Thurston, Patricia Dunn, Marjorie Saffran, Beverly Tuttle, Barbara Russell. Other girls who will serve as recff'tlorrlsts ihave not yet been named. Tucker'champion Johnson Recruiter For Army Enlisted Reserve Corps The Army Organized Reserve Corps today announced the Appointment of Major J. William Johnson, Naugatuck as recruiting officer for the purpose of adminls- I tering oaths for enlistment In the | Enlisted Reserve Corps. Alxo named were: Lt. Col. Phillip J. Connell, Darlen; Lt. Col. Edward B. Locke, Torrington: L*. Col. William M. Stramlau. Meri- ticn; Mnj. Paul J .Drfncoli. Norwich. ____^ B U T X U B \tlantic Service Station Fern and Cbentnut 8U. WOW OPEN! t Atlantic Top Grade Oil SecoBd-to-none SOc-SSe POPULAR STATE FLOWER Madison, Wyo.—The violet is recognized as a state flower in Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Wis- WINNER of the coveted, though unusual, title of "Pucker Girl" of the year, alluring and curvaceous Virginia Wilson displays her grade A pucker, for the benefit of New York cameramen. Twenty-two beauties were in the contest (International) U If* Anything far Your Can ARRAY FLOOR COVEKINO8 SO Diamond St. Ttf. MU New & Reconditioned Motor* FORD & MERCURY Budget PUn Available The NATJGATTTOSL FUEL CO DEAJLEB *tM» Mil Oct. ... Oct. 21, Oct. 22, Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. 2 Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. 20, 19-19.. "2 19411, 2 p. m.-C p. m.-5 |i. m. M, , liHfl, S, 11)49. 2!). 1IH9, 31, 1949, i. m.-5 p. m. 1, 2 2 2 p. .... 10 u. m.-8 i). 30 10 10 m. m. m. a. m.-n p. a. jiii-8 p. a. m. -8 p. m. m. Refresh... AM The The Coca-Cola Company brings you... Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy CBS Sunday Evening Ask for it either way . . i both trade-marks mean the same thing. SOITIED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF WATERBURY, INC. or the purpose ot receiving lists ol all rnperty, real anil persoiml, subject to ixution under tho laws ol the State ol Connecticut. II any property owner shall neglect to (lie a list on or hclore Nov. 1, I!i4!i, sumi! shall be filer! by the Assessors ami :i penalty ol 10 per cent atlcled to the itNsessi'd value as required by lav/. JOHN T. BROADRICK, ROCCO MARIANO,. Assessors. Datod at NauKatUfk, Conn., this Sth diiy ol October. 19-19 XKALRI) 1)11) yO'CIC K In aeconlanuc! with thu provisions o! Sfctlun 2r,2 ol tin. Ounoral .Statutes of CnnilL-utlrut, ItuvlHinn nl 1!M!I, sealud propnxalN (,,,. ihe materialw and/or HervicpH herein .spwlflt'i] will be ro- ceived by the Supervisor ol Purchases State ol Connecticut at Room -10S State Capitol, Hartford, until the tlmu anrl date herein set forth and thereafter Imnwd'J.VtJy opened and read in public. * Oct. 25, in-ia, at 10 a. m., EST— Supplying fresh, fresh-frozen and salted stalood to state aitencles for delivery week of net. 23. 294!). Cleared head engine lathe for Conn State f'rison. Laundry Equipment tor Connecticut Reformatory. Water Cooler for I^abor Dent FurniHlilnif feed fi K ,-afn to stale agencies for delivery during th,. month of November, 1!M9 Furrii.shlni,' appi-ox. 65.001) Kallons No 11 lui-l oil to the state comptroller. Hartford, as ordered from [late of award to June so l!ir,n !• urnlHhimr fresh milk and cream to the University of Conn Stnrrs Oct 2 r r tP .''il!T" n V'," f Xov ™'' e '-. 1S49.' Oct. ^o, IS49, at 10 a. m., EST— lr.00 tons ol 2 • crushed stone delivered , Hlrt^Dcpt 116 * 11181011 '° r 8tate 2,000 tons of processed gravel to be delivered tr, To wn of Newington or State Highway Dept n, estruetlbl,. mattres.s c./vcrs ,„,• .l^iiir li-ld Stato Hosnltal School 0 ''" ''"' Suutl > ljur y Trainlns Oct. 28, 19.19. at 10 a. m., RST-I nun ''' hytlrostrejitomj'cln for Tuberculosis Commission Printing "Competent Motor Veltl- hiclJf WS " '"'' • Del>t; ' f ' f Motor Vf) - U ' unlolttIe Nov. 1. l!)4!i; at io a. . 1. l!)4!i; at io a. m'., TCST-nrnr^ & first aid supplies for the Unl- vorslty of Conn., gtorrs Nov. 2. 1949, at 10 a. m., T3ST-T,ar K o \ -snowploH-s complete with , r-iu - im Jim! lifting ilevlce asscmbies ,0 nS ^T,? 1 ' 8 "' 1 , 6 --""'^Plows •includ- nc mokllioard, seml-circlp or id- ustable frame, pushframe elect.- c hyflrnullc lift „,„, lif,i nffm ,,e v ice a .s- ««mhlips. for State Hichway n n .,t "- 1 ™"-' Nov. S. 1949. at 10 n. m.. R<j T _ rrint ' U " '" P Nov Nov. 7, n * 10 u. m.. RST— & 1949, The Coca-Colo Company f, ,. ni ; e)si ; tlrp , 1 ''i tum| nous distributor «„„ ,„ I', e "'Bhway Dent. Specifications and nrnjjosn] forms will l>e smiplied by the Supervisor oT Pu, - r-h'"«f-s on reriuost "• l n? i '!r tr '""T iV< '' 1 h ' U ' T ' th;m t1 " 1 tlm " ii"te,l '° spccl "'' t ' will be re- The Supervisor of Purchases re- sepes lh,. ,-ight to rclect any or all bids wholly or in part. Bidders are Invited to be resent at »pcnln<* til bids. " ' STATR OP CONNECTTCirT, Edward G. ficlssler, Supervisor ol Purchases^ "Everybody in Your Family Benefits When You Buy a NEW Refrigerator!" Model DL-86P FRIGIDAIRE Lifetime Porcelain The Latest of a Complete Here it is — Frigidaire's famous Deluxe Refrigerator now available with gleaming white Lifetime Porcelain finish — inside and out. Lifetime Porcelain is made by Frigidaire in its own porcelain finishing plant — one of the largest of its kind in the country; that's your assurance of lifetime satisfaction. See it today — see all the exclusive Frigidaire features of convenience and dependability, plus the nev r porcelain finish that brings lifetime beauty to your kitchen! Yes, everybody from baby to grandma has a stake in the protection of your family food supply. All are the beneficiaries of one of the greatest guardians of health ever known to man — the Electric Refrigerator. .Year after year this amazing electrical servant has offered new improved services in convenience and economy. Today it is the number one requirement in the modern kitchen and a source of real joy to the housewife who prepares the family meals/ The DELUXE FRIGIDAIRE ALL PORCELAIN MODEL SHOWN HERE IS Line of Beautiful Frigidairos Frigidaire Lifetime Porcelain is Mode to Last for Life! • Cigarettes can't scorch it • Flames can't burn it • Fruit acids won't hurt it • Kicking, scuffing won't chip it • Scouring powders won't scratch It '' • Point can be scraped off it • Iodine won't stain it • Cleans as easy as a china dish • Stays snow-white for life • Inside of the cabinet is All-Porcelain, too, with Stainless Porcelain floor! • Aluminum rust-proof ihtlvu • N«w, tutter thelf arrang*m*nt • Cold-Slorag* Tray • D«penc!abl« M«t»r-Mi»r nuchaniim I Full-width Sup«r-Fr»»r • Exclusive Quickub* Tray* • Full-width, two-comparim«nt Hydrafor • Handy, sliding Baiket-Orawir EASY MONTHLY TERMS THECONNECTICU • Multi-Purport Storage Troy \ • Setting Col*Cantr*l \, t. • 5-y»or Protection Plan \ SMALL DOWN PAYMENT lGHT & POWER A Businets-Managed, Tax-Paying Company X \

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