Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 20, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1949
Page 10
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TAGE 10-yAPGArUCK NEWS (CONK.). TftPRSDAY. OCT. 20, 1049 i^BaOr^hw ?BbH*had Brery levelling ifizoep Sunday) by TEE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORP NAOGATUCK, Telephone* ttZ8 and AB Department* Entered aa second class matter a the post office in Naugatuck. Conn SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance t Month . 1 Tear (10.00 Member: American Newspaper 'Put. A»«*T> K. K. Dally Newspaper Pub. Aj Oonn. Newspaper Publishers Ass'n "THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1949 Congratulations Mr. Carlson Just 49 years ago, in October, 1900. an energetic and resourceful young man by name of "Joe" Carlson opened a store on Church street, exactly where the William Schpero store is now located. Today. 49 years later, the same Joe Carlson, more mature appearing, but just as resouroeful and vigorous as ever in his approach to problems of business or community progress, can look back -with pride in accomplishment He can also look forward, we hope, to many, many more years of good health and success beyond the Golden Anniversary 12 months hence. For Mr. Carlson nas prospered and grown -with Naugatuck in the past half century. Moreover, his leadership in business and great interest in government have gone hand in hand to the advancement of the Carlson Furniture Co. and the borough of Naugatuck. Aided by a wife whose influences have been evident, and by sons and daughters who have inherited their parents' natural fine qualities and abilities to get along in business, or socially, with neighbors and townfolk, Mr. Carlson has guided his firm from a mcdest beginning to its present large proportions. One needs but compare the two flourishing stores now operated by Mr. Carlson and the members of his family with records of his first operation, to be made keenly aware of what has transpired in 49 years. Hard work painted the masterpiece. To say that Mr. Carlson has been a major factor and Influence in the gradual development of Naugatuck as a thriving community is putting it mildly. His hardiness, business acumen and willingnfis to make the best use of the blessings of good mind and body would have made him successful in any endeavor of his choosing, a credit to any community. Naugatuck has indeed been fortunate that here he has lived and worked and prospered. The Naugatuck News and its publisher take this opportunity to express a personal message of congratulations to ''Joe" Carlson, and to give voice to the heartfelt wish that Naugatuck's good fortune, as represented in his active presence, will be continued for many more years in the future. tJN Possibility Britain's Labor government wants to recognize the Chinese communist government. The Nationalist delegates to the United Nations from China are under attack by Russia. When and if the communist government in China is generally recognized, China will be represented on the Security Council by a delegate favorable to Russia. Then the lineup on that important UN group will be the United States, Britain and France against Russia and China. That is still a majority for the West, but Russia will not stop there. A great drive was made by Moscow to put France in the communist ranks. It will be resumed at the first opportunity. France is a weak nation, and if it ever falls completely into the hands of the communists, Russia •vvii] have a majority of the Security Council. That counsel, ac- coiding to the setup in the United Nations, makes the most important decisions. A United Nations controlled by communists is something to consider. Would the United States and Britain, following Russia's example, exercise the veto on everything- Russia proposed but continue membership in a futile organization? Or would a Russian majority be the death knell of the UN? The possibility may be remote, but if it ever comes to pass it will be a pretty kettle of fish. Gold Rush, 1949 StyJe Gold, as aiiybne can 'learn by digging into encyclopedias and other dust-covered works ofrefer- ence, was once greatly esteemed as a standard of value for national currencies. Some backward countries still use it for that purpose. But in the United States, gold succumbed to a lethal dose of lead poisoning and now lies buried at Ft. Knox, Ky. Or does it? Rep. Carroll D. Kearns of Pennsylvania arose in the House the other day to suggest that a congressional committee go to Ft. Knox, open the grave, and make sure the corpse is still there. Rep. Clare Hoffman of Michigan indorsed the move, but suggested that the gold bricks be sawed in half to ascertain if they are gold through and through. It may seem unlikely that greedy ghouls have slipped into the crypt behind the Army's back and emerged with gold worth $22,000,000,000 (never mind the small change). But that much gold wouldn't weigh much more than 20,000 ordinary tons, and it could be melted down into a cube not much more than 10 yards each way. Stealing it wouldn't be as hard as making off %vith the Empire State Building, for instance. But before Mr. Kearns leads a congressional gold rush to ascertain whether this g-old has been stolen, he should ask himself one question: Is he sure he wants to know the answer? As long as people think the gold is there, everybody is happy, relatively speaking. They buy and sell, produce and consume, work and play in the comfortable knowledge that the nation's economy is fairly sound.. If a congressional committee looked for the gold and fountt it gone, what would happen? In an atomic war, would the morning paper contain the tidings that U. S. airmen were over Russia the night before and six of their principal cities were missing? f Do You Remember? One Year Ago Vernon J. LaFave was installed, for his second term as commandant of the Naugatuck Valley Detachment, Marine Corps League. Mrs. Raymond C. Wooster was installed as president of the Ladies Auxiliary. Mrs. Oliver Lorson -was reelected regent of Kennedy Circle, Daughters of Isabella. 20 Years Ago John White scored three touchdowns as Roxbury Prep defeated Connecticut Junior College 70-0. ' Frank Madden, of Coen street, was visitjng in New York city. Household Scrapbook Waterproof Fabric Ordinary fabric can be made waterproof by dissolving equal parts of isinglass, alum, and soap separately in water. Then mix the three, and brush (the mixture on the wrong side of the cloth. Bronze Ornaments Bronze ornaments should be dusted, then rubbed with a cloth moistened with sweet oil. Polish with a ,oft cloth until they shine and all tains are removed. Furniture Scratches Boiled linseed oil rubbed over the urface of a scratched table or other piece of furniture will conceal he blemishes. We've mentioned it before and now find it necessary to mention it ag-ain. ..Double-parking on Water street at 11 p. m . creates a definite nuisance and hazard. ...The south end of the street, where most of the double-parking takes place, is narrow.. .Motorists park their cai-s on both sides of the street while others double-park on both sides, making it darn dificult for other motorists to get by...Police did a fine job in putting a stop to a similar situation on Maple street and it's time they repeated the performance on Water street. Atty. Hank Marlor who was top man a week ago in his private battle with the NEWS board of football experts, slipped up this past weekend... He was right on 13 of the, 20 games chosen, one behind the Sports Department... However, he did manage to come out ahead of the other four experts who had 12, 12, 12 and 10 winners. Police Would have found the much-discussed radio system useful again Tuesday night—for a different reason...The police car was parked on -Cherry street when a motorist drove up close by to drop off a pasengrer. .. One of the officers left the car and walked over to the newly arrived driver, who, by the ivay, had _parked on the wrong side of the 'road... But it wasn't a reprimand. . .It was a request. . ."How about a push?" said the bluecoat, "our battery is dead."... Who takes care of the police batteries, anyway?... Karen and Nancy Ginty, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ginty, of Millville, will be-one year old next Sunday, Oct. 23... Glenn Dansby, Naugatuck High school Jayvee gridder who was injured in a game with Seymour more than two weeks ago is still a patient at St. Mary's hospital, Waterbury, where he is being ti-eateci for a broken leg...He expects to be discharged Saturday. Congratulations in advance to Bob Miller, commandant-elect of th« Naiieatuck Valley Detachment, Marine Corps League, and members of his staff, who will be installed this evening at Odd Fellows hall... Also to Mrs. Raymond C. Wooster, auxiliary president and her staff. We hear that Cliff (Doolittle) Warren, singer of Western song's has been given a very lucrative contract to appear on a television show in Texas, as a result of his apparance last week on Arthur Godfrey's "Talent Scout" program... Rumor also has it that Cliff was offered screen tests by several of the leading motion picture studios, but turned them down in favor of the TV show... Congratulations Clifford. WALTER WINCHELL In New York Don't hplieve public school children have to he reminded of the fact, but Friday, Oct. 28, Is a holiday for them... The annual teachers' convention will be held that day and all public schools In the state are closed. Top-coats are popular these past few mornings... among recent visitors at police headquarters was a parking mrtcr salesman... (hfi two meters in one style seem to be the most popular type marketed today.. .Andy McCann is learning landscaping the hard .way at his new Glen- daln Manor home... watch out for blisters, Andy. KOREAN RESOURCES Tokyo—Natural resources of Ko- ea include gold, iron and coal, but hree-fourths of the 25 million in- hafcitants are farmers. Occasionally our faith in humanity and its failings gets a big boost... Here's an incident that helped... Six months ago, or more, a rather tired (that's what we'll call it) fellow approached the desk and asked for. a small loan... He was a stran- Ker in town—he wanted, needed is a more choice word, several cups of coffee.. .He'd pay off... That was a promise. . . We didn't give him much.. .Chalked it up as a gift, or al03S.. .Forgot about it... Tuesday morning he was back...He'd promised to pay off. .. ,And he did... Speaking of Freddie, it looks like he is following in his fathers' footsteps. . .r»ad, Henry Daly of Elm street, was a standout frridder in hijfh school and scored the first touchdown • ever made at Recreation Field, alter it took the place of Firemen's Field as the school's home "stadium"... Later he was a member of the strong Naugatuck All-Stars. The U. S. Rubber Company's three Nausratuck factory managers are pictured in this month's US nrns?azine. . .they are Willard E .Bittlo of the footwear plant,' who started with the firm as a trainer, at the old Wllllamsport plant... Donald L. McCollum of the Synthetic Plant, who started with the firm at Mishawaka where he worked In the laboratories during his summer vacations from college... and Philip E. Rice, Naugatuck Chemical who started as a 40-cent an hour window washer during summer vacations from college. Tom Dillon, U. S. Rubber Co. publicity man, has finally finished paying off a wager made a month ago...The rotund Water- burian picked the wrong team in the NEWS softball tournament. . It's Kolng to be difficult getting used to buying our own coffee mornings from now on. .. .But it was fun while it lasted. ...Almost like getting breakfast in bed.. .How about that, Tom? Specially waterproofed wool shirts are featured in the current issue of US... on the cover is Len Baker of Naugatuck Chemical and his son, Len, Jr...inside are Bert Scullin and Sara Emery, fishermen Elmer Carroll and Mrs. C. and Robert Brownlee testing a shirt by wearing it as a lab coat...the shirts are waterproofed by a U. S. Rubber Co. product, Koloc. MAN PLAYING TYPEWRITER Gen. Elsenhower, prexy at Col umbia University, may dodge witnessing the Army-Columbia fracas (with the crowds) Sat. Prefers viewing it via teevee. He once played for West P^int; wants to remain "neutral" ... The Frank Sinatra-Dorothy Kirsten party slated Chewsday at the Stork (to get the press drone) was deferred unti this sundown... S. Temple's happy home-life is in the current Screen Guide... The N. Y. Hall of Science premieres tonight on B'- way (at 44th) with big fanfare a la H"wood. • -, A new thing— Science comes to Broadway — with showmanship ... Fritzi Scheff (the Met darling of the Mauve Decade and star of so many Victor Herbert hits ) opens at Coq Rouge the 26th. ...Geo. Abbott has $38,000 of his own coin in "Touch & Go," angels seing that scarce... Hasn't Jimmy Stewart been quietly signed for the magic lantern Version of "Harvey"? (A little wabbit told me)... But for f6.50 worth of gas, Buddy Clark would stlll'be alive. The Adirondack Arrow sleuth reported: "We are informed we can scoop the N. Y. papers (including WW) with the fact that actress Bankhead's next play will be 'The Rat Race' from the pen of the author of 'S. Pacific.' " ' Miss Bankhead will not appear in "The Rat Race," which was auth'd by Garson Kanin, who had nothing to do with "S. Pacific." Sudden Thawt: Isn't N. Y. the only Big Town where college football is minor league? Only time we get capacity pigskin crowds is when Notrn Dame or Army comes to town... Newspaper shop -talk says one, Guild unit would settle for a "decent security clause" and chuck other demands out the window. They may strike on the 24th, the day the gazette's annual forum opens at the Waldorf. .. They expect Jerry Wayne's (HarmonyV disc of "I'll Be Home for Christmas" to top the million mark... Sexiest thing about Marie Wilson in "Irma" (the movie) is the undressed photo of her in the ads... When Joe Frisco is asked what he's doing he says: "Selling used umbrella handles". . .Jerry Lewis is a pomlcal guy, but what makes him think walking (across stage) like a crippe is funny? TWENTIETH CENTURY ATLAS Undy's biggest window displays several books written by patrons. .. .Among them are Billy Rose's "Let 'Em Eat Cheesecake," Earl Wilson's "The Damon Runyon Story," Ed Weiner's "Wine, Women & Words." Lou Boudreau's baseball tome and "Everybody's Jokes" by M. Berle... Last night a passerby walked in and a headwaiter greeted: "A table for how many?"... "No, thanks," was the reply, "I just want to browse a bit." The January Holiday will feature J. Liobling's essay on Washington newsmen. Calls them errand boys and hatchet men for publishers... .Tell, a new mag due Nov. 1, will toe re-christened Dare. The initial issue has been deferred until Jan. 5 Christine Cromwell Williams (of the Dodge fortune) departs for a. Virgin Islands' 6-weeks residence... .Babs Hutton left Medical Center vowing she was through with doctors, no mat- :er what. .. . Lina Romay gets 1. d. phone calls at every whistle stop (on her personal app. tour)' from Ricky de La Vega, the Mexican nobleman It's a girl for Paul and Eva Reyes at Fort Lauderdale, Fla Melissa Weston, the post-deb ,is miffed with those who poo-poo her love for Peter Lawford. Sayts her heart gos Peter- Patter. Some bit-players were dining- In Riker's branch near Shufoert Alley ..The counterman (knowing how the colts of the shows watch their pennies) happily announced: "You know, the price of milk is beinjr cut!" * "How nize," said a lean-looking actor, "wo were getting- bored with champagne." Day Parafte never marches along Columbus Ave Several spurious $100 bills have slipped by local banks. (Got an asperin?)... . John Mason Brown's literary lace (in the Sat. Rev. of Lit.) on Mae West's "Lil": "She does .not bother about flowers when teaching about the bees." Hemember the item here that vitamin-pillionaire Carlton Frederick!* secretly married his Girl Friday? They'll do it again (for the families) at Hotel Delmonico Satdee... .They, say Barribuco. the Venezuelan danco (intro'd by Tony and Sally DeMarco at the Plaza), will catch on the way the Cong-a did. . . .Aida Alvarez, the Met's lovely galerlna, will star in "Cabalguta," the Spanish revue, when it tours next month.. .Flash! The Sue Andsos .married 12 years 1 , have reached a fateful decision Gonna try living together... .p. Costello (and fricndls 1 ) were in stitches reading in the gazettes (in Patio Bruno on W. 55th) that he'd been run out of town Telegram from G Weber: "Congrats on the Mayor's marriage beat Neat bit of O'Dwyer-tapping." Item: "Eleven convicted Communists complain that the Federal detention cots arc too hard and the food not good"...."Comes the Revolution, they xvill take hard cots and like them!" as the late Willie Howard might aarody it Maybe a jail sentence is just what they need. It might teach them how precious the liberty they'd take from all you really is.. They are now screaming about political persecution. What was that in Czechoslovakia—a crime wave? They all admitted they used' assumed nam«s. Prob'ly wish they could do time under an assumed number. ..They couldn't get alone with our capitalists; wonder how they'll get along- with our criminals?. .. .What a twist! Th<>v plotted to take over the whoie nation and now have to be content with one of our jails Judge Medina's patience was even greater than that of a Broadway producer's after a premiere, waiting for the notices to come out. I Tomorrow'.) gala col'm Is from George Jean Nathan's annual best-seller, "The Theater Book of the Year" (Knopf) ..The author delights me most when he !pouts: "If a crific rises to any eminence in his profession, the gossip columns -will let no opportunity (pass to mako him ridiculous in one way or another and to minimize what esteem people may conceivably have for him. He i s , in short, a black sheep in a pack of jackasses. To be shorter, Nathan, the Critic,, doesn't like being criticized. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Is it correct, when one has finished eating, to hold up the napkin into its original creases before placing it back on the table? A. No; the napkin should be placed back on the table as it was used, and never folded. However, if one is a house guest and expects to have several meals, one should not expect a fresh napkin each time, but should fold it neatly each time and lay it beside the plate. Q. Should the water glasses be filled before the guests are summoned to the table for a luncheon? A. Yes; the glasses are filled and the butter is placed on the plates. Q. Is it all right to address the envelope of a letter to a man without using the title "Mr."? A. Never; "Mr." must be prefixed. Heads New Regim Look And Learn 1. Which nation was first to grant complete suffrage to women? 2. What is injury by means of printed publication called? 3. Which is the only river in the world to rise in tb» vicinity of the Equator and flow into the temperate zone? 4. In what poem is the line. "What is so rare as a day in June"? 5. What, in law, is a tort? Answers 1. New Zealand, in 1893. 2. Libel. 3. The Nile. 4. "Vision of Sir Launfal," by Lowell. 5. A wrong done ag-ainst an individual or concern that -entitles him to take action in the civil courts. Face powder is used by about 90 per cent of American women. .NEW ENGLAND'S LARGEST iROLtUM SJOftAGi 7ERMII BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil 4'/2C per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 6-3511 W* BUCKLEY ^ BETTER SERVICE-LOWER FUEL COSTS NAMED Minister-President, 01 Chancellor, of the new Eastern German stato. Otto Grotewohl (above), co-chairman of the Socialist Unity (Communist) party, de- tivers a 21-point manifesto in Berlin. The new state, expected to become the newest of Soviet satellite governments, came into being when the old People's Council transformed itself into the Corr..-nunist People's Chamber. (International) FARMS HAVE KLKCTRICITY Columbus —About 200.000 farms in Ohio have electricity, the largest amount of rural electrification in the U. S. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH STREET Tel. 5236 Dealers around town arc offering $900 off list on high-priced cars Eette Davis will take only profltsgharing deals. No si'lly six- digit wages for her any more The engineers who sold RCA-Victor on that 45 RPM record have been let out. In Feb. RCA will announce the switch to L.P. (33-one- third RUM). The debacle cost them twc million toux.. .Humphrey Bogart is gonna make so much loot on "Tokyo Joe" that Lauren Bacall won't have to work any ZTA/- Tennistar Frapk Part "«and Mercer Beasley Made 'Up after a 10 yr. pout....Suzanne Gll- bert wonders why the Columbus FUR PRICES UKOPPED TO A NFW LOW. Compare Price and Quality Established »« NO. MAIN ST. WATERBTTRV SANTOS GENERAL REPAIRS Radiators, Batteries washing; Machines, Baby Carriage* Bicycles, Soldering LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED 150 Rubber Ave. Phone 6877 COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls Tel. 7430 Emergency Cill 8557 WATERBURY AT PLftTTS MILLS T=t FS: -E: nr ILLS T e L. WAT E R B U RY A- 96 12 of Par/t/ny tyatf Free Pumpkins for the Kids for Halloween FresH Made Sweet Cider 49c Oa , Indian River Large Head CAULIFLOWER 19c Macintosh — Baldwin — Delicious APPLES I O' Basket GRAPEFRUIT 3 for 25« ""SPINACH" pkga. U. S. No. 1 Green Mt. POTATOES 15 Ib. pk. 49 C 50 Ib. bag- $1-49 Waldorf TISSUES for SOFLOT NAPKINS 2 boxes EXTRA SPECIAL Morrell E-ZE-Cut all cooked HAMS ready-to-eat Ib. 59c Lean Tender RIB ROAST of BEEF ____5^l!!L____ Young Tender and Plump HEN TURKEYS 59c ,„ Lean Rib End ROAST PORK 49c lb Lamb or Veal ROULLETTES lb

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