The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on June 16, 1970 · 22
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 22

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1970
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I PAGE 6 6 THE SUN, BALTIMORE, TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 16, 1970 Radio Highlights Look and Listen- An unprecedented situation has been established in Baltimore television, now that Our Street, a weekly series produced and telecast by WMPB-Channel 26 will be carried simultaneously on WMAR-TV and WJZ-TV. The half-hour serial about the adventures of a family living in East Baltimore will continue to be presented on Channel 26 through July, at 10 P.M. Tuesdays. It had its first showing at 8 A.M. yesterday on WJZ-TV, and will be seen Monday through Friday for six weeks. It will open on WMAR-TV at 1.30 A.M., Saturday, and be carriei at that time for 30 successive weeks. Since it is a public service series it will be carried as a sustaining program, without commercials. If the arrangement works out well, this may be the beginning of a custom which will do great credit to all concerned, and be of inestimable benefit to the viewing audience. Actually, "Our Street" has a 6.00 I Summer Semester. 6.05 Newt. 6.10 Sermonette. . Faith nd Life. 6.15 Operation Alphabet. 6.20 Down To Earth. 5.25 ) Education Exchange. 6.30 O Summer Semester. Q Learning To Do. ) Country Music Time. (g) Spectrum. 5.45 Consumer Checkout. 6.55 News. News. 7.00 Q News. CD Today- Lorenzo's Cartoon Festival. -!.00 0 Where the Heart Is. CD Jeopardy. News. CD Panorama. Cf) New. gg) Romper Room. .25 O News. CBS News. 30 Q Search for Tomorrow. CD The Who, What or Where Game. A World Apart. (D News; Sports. '55 CD NBC News. 1.00 Q Woman's Angle. I Love Lucy. (J) All My Children. (4) News; Sports. CD Dick Van Dyke Show. News; Editorial. (g) Evangel Hour. (g Money Movie. "Woman In The Window." Edward O. Robinson, Joan Bennett. 1944. Dear Julia Meade. '.00 Q) Duckpins end Dollars. EJ News. () Newlywed Game. Q Antiques. g Newt; Wthrt Sports CS3 I Love Lucy. O ABC News. (f; News; Sports, g) News; Features. Film. Patty Duke Show. g$ GutenTag. ifj Newt: Sports. '15 g Let francait chez vous. 30 Q (Tg CBS New.. 0 8J NBC News. ABC News. g) Smokey The Bear. Q) What's New? g) McHale's Nvy. (7) The Game Game. You And Your City. g0) The Munsters. (5) Joyce Chen Cooks. '.00 Q News; Sports. QJ Newt; Sports. (Jl News; Sports. gj) Scene 70. Q) Folk Guitar. f4) News; Sports. (T) Dick Van Dyke. (7) What's My Line. (f) Truth or Consequences. CBS News. (S) Film. (Jg News; Sport. 3 The Addams Family. g Newsroom. What's My Line? "'JO Q To bt announced. J WMAR-TV (CBS i Baltimore 3 WBAL-TV (?CBC Baltimore WJZ-TV ABC) Baltimore 3 WMET-TV (UHF) Baltimore 3 WMPB (Ed.-Cultural) Ealto. D WRC-TV (NBC) Washington 8 WTTG-TV Washington three-fold value, and is capable of running indefinitely, with new material and personnel, with a cumulative impact on the community. In the first place it is good entertainment, as a dramatic serial which is exploring new territory. In the second place it embodies a good deal of useful information and advice with regard to problems faced by many viewers. Finally, it fills a need as old as television: the formation of a company of players and technicians who comprise, to some extent a stock company. Furthermore, it should increase interest in WMPB on the part of those who have not yet discovered the unique aspects of public telecasting. This series is written by Ted Shine and directed by Whitney LeBlanc, Kenneth Corprew is associate producer and the executive producer is Walter S. Brooks. The eight regular members of the Robinson family were chosen from some 300 persons who Today's Television Programs Morning (5) Education. Bozo Cartoons. () Haratnbee. 7.39 ( Cartoon Playhouse. 8.00 Q Captain Kangaroo. (5) Wonderama. Sheila's Magic Door. () CBS News. 8.30 fB Our Street. H3) Morning Show. 9.00 Romper Room. QJ Steve Allen Show. Contact. (4) Frankly Female. CD Dennis The Menace. Mike Douglas. Cf) Mike Douglas. Afternoon 1-30 Q As the World Turns. CD Man On The Move. CD (7) Let's Make a Deal. (4) (D Lif wi,h Linkletter. ' 2.00 0 Lov. I, a Many-Splendored Thing. CD ) CD Days of Our Lives. Mike Douglas Show. CD Galloping Gourmet (7) Newlywed Game. Stock Market Report. 2.30 O The Guiding Light. CD Doctors. - CD The Movie Game. (7) Dating Game. 3.00 Q The Secret Storm. CD Another World-Bay City. Modern Math for Teachers. (D He Said! She Said! Evening (D OS) 1 Dream of Jeannie. Jeannle's confusion over credit cards forces Tony to put her on a budget. Re-broadcast. (7) Mod Squad. Pete, Line and Julie try to find the landlord responsible for ran-down conditions In a slum neighborhood. Re-broadcast. QQ Forsyte Saga. (5) Truth or Consequences. I Lancer. A Jealous outlaw mistakes , Scott for his absent brother and takes him hostage. Rebroadcast. (J4) Spanish News. g5) Beat the Clock. 8.00 Q Man to Man. UJ Debbie Reynolds Show. Debbie gets a free set of golf clubs from a TV spon sor and fakes. a burglary at her house so that the won't have to return them. Re broadcast. 23 A New Wind Blowing. (g To Tell the Truth. (H) News; Checkpoint 14, (16) To be announced. $ Of Lands and Seas. g$ Soul! 8-30 O Red Skelton Comedy Hour. Guest: Mickey Rooney, Tiny Tim, Audrey Meadows and Jackie Coogan. Rebroad cast. O Julia. An aggressive admirer of Julia's arranges to take care of Corey for an evening In hopes of winning the boy's affection. Rebroadcast. WMALTY ABO Wasnington WTOP-TV (CBS) Washington WGAL-TV (NBC Lancaster WFAN-TV (UHF) Wash. 3D WBOC-TV (UHFi Salisbury 3 WSBA-TV (UHF) York WDCA-TV (UHF) Wash. 'OS W ETA-TV (UHF) WashingD Donald Kirkley with SANDRA LAMONT ' Cathy of "Our Street" auditioned for the series. As time goes on, this nucleus of talent may be expected to grow, and find employment in other programs as the sta 36) Captain Kan. garoo. 9.30 Q News ) It's Your Bet. CD Trmn ot Consequences. 9.40 Q Dialing for Dollars. 10.00 Q To Tell The Truth. Baltimore Movietime. "Dial 1119." A homicidal maniac seeks revenge on the psychiatrist who sent him to prison. Marshall Thomp son, Virginia Field. 1950. Q) Sesame Street. ) CD It Take Two. (D The American West. (SO Lucy Show. 10.25 CD NBC News. 10.30 Q (g) The (2) General Hospital gS) Ultraman. 3.30 O Edge of Night. He Said! She Said! One Life to Live. (4) Bright Promise. (D Strange Paradise. C Movi 14. g) Fantastic Eighth Man. 4.00 Q The Flintstones. Another World-Somerset. CZ) Dark Shadows. The Best of Everything, Q) (JD Sesame Street. CD The Flintstones. Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. gO) li'l Rascals. 4.30 Q Twilight Movie. "The McConnell Story." Ad venture story based on the career of a pioneer Jet test pi'ot. Alan Ladd, James Whitmore, June Alyson. 1955. Perry Mason. David Frost Show. fJJ (7) Movie of tha Week. "In ' Name Only." Comedy about a young couple who run a marriage counseling service and learn that many of their clients were married Illegally by an actor posing as a minister. Michael Callan, Ann Prentiss, - Eve Arden, Ruth Buzzl, Bill Daily, Elinor Donahue, Herb Edelman, Paul Ford, Elea Lanchester, Christopher Connelly. 1969. Q) Quest for Adventure. Q) Soul! QD David Frost Show. () To be announced. 9.00 QJ Tuesday Night at the Movies. "Return Prom the Ashes." A woman returns from a concentration camp to find that her husband and stepdaughter are trying to steal her estate. Ingrld Thulln. 1953. gg) Bewitched. Movie 20. 'Keys of the Kingdom." Gregory Peck, John Stahl 1944. 5 The Forsyte Saga. 9.30 O -55 The Governor and J.J. J. J. splurges and buys her father an expensive watch for his birthday, but bis press secretary thinks It Is meant for him. Rebroadcast. g) Cinema 24. "Alias The Champ." Robert Rockwell, Audrey Long. 1949 Q) Efficient Reading. (T6) The Stan Hitchcock Show. 10.00 Q 3 CBS News Hour. I SPECIAL 1 "Recruiter." Film report 0Q the high - powered competition among American businesses for the top college graduates. The program focuses on Mike Hubbard, a recruiter for Bethlehem Steel, as he visits several campuses. CD Marcua ' Welby, US. tion continues to increase its own productions. The head of the Robinson family is played by Buddy Davis, a New Yorker with some experience in off-Broadway theaters. Mrs. Robinson is played by Barbara Mealy, a Baltimoreans who has appeared with the Howard University Players and the Arena Players. She is a dental hy-gienist af Fort Holabird, and has done commercials for local television. Anthony S. Davis is seen as a character known as Slick. He is a native of Richmond, Va., and a graduate of Douglass High School. He took part in Baltimore's Broadcast Skills Bank program and has worked as an intern at WEBB radio station. Howard E. Rollins, Jr., cast as the Robinson's oldest son, Jet, is a graduate of Northern High School and a drama major at Towson State College. The youngest Robinson is portrayed by Tyronne Jones, 12 years old, a student at Har-lam Park Junior High School. Beverly Hillbillies. CD CD Concentration. (D Steve Allen Show. (7) The Now Women. 11.00 Q Peyton Place. CD Galloping Gourmet. Sign Off. (4) CD Sale of the Century. , Girl Talk. Andy Griffith Show. Jack LaLanne. 11.30 O Love of Life. Q CD Hollywood Squares. Tna Girl. CD Queen For a Day. Our Gang. Q) General Hospital. Movie 4. "Apache." Burt Lancaster, Jean Peters, John Mclntlre : 1954. CD I Spy. (7) Major Adams. David Frost Show. Laurel and Hardy. O Dennis The Menace. gO) Speed Racer. I Love Lucy. 5.00 gj) The Best of Everything. g MisteRogers. The Saint. C News; Teenarama. (g) Hazel. ) Batman. 3) Beat The Clock. 5.30 News; Sports. ) The Dating Game. Hodgepodge Lodge. (D My Favorite Martian, 2j 'News, Sports. (Jg Perry Mason. 3) Leave It To Beaver. What's New? g3) Stump the Stars. Dr. Welby tries to hospital lze a young man who Is suf ferlng from the after-ef fects of LSD, but la opposed by the youth's father. Re broadcast. Q2 Our Street. (3 News; Sports. ' Q5 Stars Over Miami. The Toy That Grew Up. "Broncho Billy." Study of the career of Max Aaronson a middle-aged New Jersey man who became the silent screen's first cowboy star. 10.30 Designing Women. 11.00 Q News; Sports. News; Sports. News; Sports. Q) News. (4) News; Sports. ) Metromedia Movie. "Inside the Walls of Falsom Prison." Steve Cochran, David Brian. 1951. 2) Newt; Sports. (8) News; Sports. (9) News; Sports. Q News; Sports. (gj One Step Beyond. News. 3 News; Sports. 11-30 Q 3 Merv Griffin Show. - CD Tonight. Guests: Vie Perry, James Coco. Dick Cavett. The Late Show. "Bloody Vampire." Jalmt Fernandez. 1963. 12.45 Today In Your Life. 1.00 O News; Bible Reading News; Devotions. Newt. NJ.H. Reports. News. (2) News; Meditation. ,163 Newt. , 1.0) International Zone, 1 JJ Faith and Ufa. Sandra Lamont, who plays Cathy, the teenage daughter, recently graduated from Baltimore Community College. The problems encountered by the Owings Mills Family Robinson are serious but there is none of the sensationalism and heavy grief which crops up in the ever-present daytime serials on commercial TV. Because the children are in school, there are many opportunities for giving information, naturally and casually, about such things as the use of libraries, museums, recreational programs and other services available to students. o Soldiers on the way to Vietnam will be asked about their feelings regarding the war in CBS-TV's 60 Minutes tonight, 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock. They were interviewed by Mike Wallace while aboard a plane which was taking them to Travis Air Force Base in California. On the return flight Mr. Wallace accompanied soldiers just back from a year's tour of duty at Bien Hoa. A poll of the men was taken on both planes, asking if the soldiers were in favor of the war or opposed to it. The results will be revealed on the program. Another segment of 60 Minutes will deal with the increasing number of young Americans who are being imprisoned in foreign countries. on drug charges. This, segment was made by Harry Reasoner, Producer Jeff Gralnick and a camera crew, in Spain and Morocco. "Many American kids have been going overseas with the ta't but Carrier's in Provincial, -- J p M it 1 Htlil r i 1 - ; j "t mfy t,z , z;pz: szsjpsij sszjpsl srja r j , fe p g 3i )f.A S ''"'""yt,i '"""Tl ssaaaaaai innt Jq "" tj ' f ST ' '"r Ir-- ' J; V' Your husband probably already knows that Carrier invented air conditioning and is, mechanically speaking, the best on the market today. He'll want you to get a Carrier air conditioner if he wants an air conditioner at all. But, we don't want him to think we're getting cute by offering the women of the world a s5i J r m match your color scheme) and the attractive hardware (you can choose the Provincial, Early BALTIMORE ALPINE REFRIGERATION CO., INC. 2106 Gwynn Oak Avenue 944-6082 APPLIANCE TV CENTER, INC. 1008 York Road (2 blocks South of Beltway) 825-6085 CHASON SERVICE ENGINEERS, INC. 9611 Harford Road 661-3434 COMFORT SYSTEMS, INC. Div. Southern Fuel Co. 4107 Sunnyside Avenue 358-3450 CHARLES L. GREER CO., INC. 336 N. Gay Street 727-6988 HOWARD FURNITURE CO. 109-111 N. Howard Street 752-6346 LUSKIN'S All Stores 828-9000 Idea that life there is more relaxed, and that foreign governments don't care about drug use," says Mr. Gralnick. "They are finding out prett abruptly that they are mistaken. In Spain, for example, the minimum sentence for possession of marijuana is six years and a day. "We originally decided to go to Spain because outside of Mexico there are more Americans in jail there-58 at the latest count than in any foreign country. When the summer travel season reaches its peak, the number is expected to rise into the hundreds. "Drugs are cheap and incredibly accessible in Morocco, which is a quick ferry ride from Spain. During the three hours we were in Morocco filming, we were ourselves approached several times and asked if we cared to buy drugs." New Lobster Bred In India Cochin, India (P) Scientists at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute here have bred a deep spiny lobster in the laboratory for the first time. Institute scientists found the lobsters in the deep waters of the Indian Ocean off the coast of southwest India. The discovery that they can be bred in a controlled situation could mean the development of a new foreign exchange earning industry for India, a spokesman said. fell pi1 great air conditioner now comes Early American or Contemporary! handsome air conditioner that can actually harmonize with any decor. He might be afraid we're selling window-dressing, not great air conditioning. So tell him you're getting Carrier, period. Then, when he sees the smart louvered doors (you can paint them to CALL YOUR NEAREST VftTTW) CONTRACTOR KLEPSIG PLUMBING & HEATING CO. 3525 O'Donnell Street 675-4022 W. H. KRATZ SALES AND SERVICE 16S. Calverton Road 947-7100 ROSSI REFRIGERATION CO. 3205 Fait Avenue 342-1550 STEWART & COMPANY : All Stores 727-6060 Z AND A SALES AND SERVICE "Specializing In Room Air Conditioner Sales & Service" 327-7770 ANNAPOLIS ANNAPOLIS UTILITIES, INC. 89 West Street 268-5055 BEL AIR CHARLES L LUTZ, INC. 8 N. Main Street 838-7171 News Reports ON THB BOHR WAVE, WBAL, WCBM, WISZ, WISZ-I'M. WFMM. FM, WEBB, WBMD, WBMD-FM, WFBR, WITH. ON THE HALF HOUR - WFBR, FIVE MINUTES OT THE HOUR WITH, WITH-FM, WBAL, WAYE, WCAO. WWIN.- Ql'ARTkR 0 tND QUARTER after 1MB HUkJtt wihak-i .u. Fifteen Minute Newscast 7 A.M. WBAL, WITH. 8 A.M. WAYE, WBAL, WITH. 12 Noon WBAL. I P.M WAYE. 5 P.M. WAYE, WITH. 6 P.M. WBAL, WCBM, WWITH. 11 P.M. WBAL. Talk Programs bo A.M. WAYE Sports Call. 7.30 A.M., WAYE Allen Prell. y.4l A.M WCBM Dialing For Dol- 'ars 10.00 A.M. WAYE David Fentress, 12.00 Noon WFBR Conference Call. 1.00 P.M. WAYE DICK Ireland. 2.00 P.M. WAYE Sportsline, 2.30 P.M. WAYE Contact. 7.45 P.M. WFBR Sportsline. 8.30 P.M. WFBR Conference CaU Ruth Gordon With Toppa' "Where's Poppa?" the Jerry Tokofsky-Marvin Worth production starring George Segal and Ruth Gordon, completed principal photography recently after seven weeks of filming in and around New York. Carl Reiner directed the comedy for release by United Artists. In the irreverent, black-humored film, Segal plays the harassed son of Miss Gordon. Also starred are Trish Van Devere, as the girl who comes between them, and veteran New York actor, Ron Leib-man, as Segal's brother. Robert Klane wrote the screenplay of "Where's Poppa?" from his forthcoming novel. Filming took place on West Side sound stages, locations on Manhattan streets and Central Park and various Long Island sites. American or Contemporary look) . . . wnen ne s aooui 10 say "you call that an air conditioners , , ," just touch the hi-cool button. He'll see the flip-top open automatically, he'll feel that arc of cool air fill the room rather than blow a draught in his face. And he'll call it air conditioning, all right. Carrier: The air conditioner for men and women. We inventing air HAGERSTOWN ROBERT F. ZEIGLER, INC. 26 W. Longmeadow Road 733-6695 i Carrier Division (BhroAdra.-.t). 10 P.M. WCBM Joan Stupa. Sports 7.55 P.M. WBAL Baseball: Orioles vs. Milwaukee, Station Identification AM Rauio WAyE (ABC) 860 kc Newi D1 In formation WBAL i NBC) 1090 kc Btanaaro popular WWIN ABO) 1400 c ahytnm. WITH 1230 kc Quality music. WEBB 1260 KC Rhythm, blues. WISZ lswo sc. country Westren WFBR (CBS) 1300 kc. Pop standard. WCAO 600 kc. Popular music WBMD 750 kc Country mu.'lo. WCBM 880 kc Standard pop WBMD 900 kc. Popular music. tVSID 1010 ko Oospel. M7thm. blues, FM Radio WBAL 97.9 mo. Classical. WBJC 91.5 mc. Standard pop. classical, sem'-clapslcal. WCAO 102 mc Jlasslcal, eenil-oUf slcal. lazz . Wbmd 105.7 me Oountry and Western. WFMM 93.1 mc Standard pop in stereo. WISZ, 95.9 mc. Country, Western. WMAR 108 a mc. standard popular. WRBS 95.1 mc. Religious music. WLPL 92.5 mc. Top 40. Oldies. Un-ground. WITH 104.3 mc. Quality muslo la stereo. Give Father A Diamond 1.90 carat Kern diamond set in a 14 K yellow gold hand made. Florentine finish mounting;. $940 J. BROWN JEWELERS Cecil and Fred Brown 318 N. Charles St. 685-8010 Free Parking BankAmerlcard Closed Sat. 'til Labor Day V 4 keep on conditioning. TODAY mm, MAIL TODAY or phone 542-8500 from J UNITED CLAY & SUPPLY CORPORATION l 3000 Druid Park Drive, Baltimore, Wd. 21215 i Pleasa send me, free and without obligation, literature about the carrier home-comfort equipment J checked below. i Central Air Conditioning Room Air Conditioners Furnaces Humidifiers Air Cleaners I Nam J Address ( City 6tstS zio I Phon I

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