The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on September 13, 1924 · Page 21
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 21

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Saturday, September 13, 1924
Page 21
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f.l - I LEGION AUXILIARY NOTES : r furs J. C. Clackman, of Rockport; Appoints Committee Members for National Convention at St. Paul. i US. J. C Glaekman, Kockport, department president of Indiana, !, I appointed the foLowmj I 1 at the national ccnrent!on. which opens Monday morning, Sep - ' tenter 15, at t. Pan), Minn - Mrs. Hazel L. Workman', depart ment secretary, Indianapolis, credentials and roles; Mrs. C.T. AMs, Salem, .Third district committee - woman, resolutions and recommendations; Mrs. B. S. Rose, Eransrilla, First district committeewoman, JeisIatiTe; Mrs. Charles E. Combs, Eloomfield, rice - prtsident, cbnsti - ana amendment; Mrs. ImcIII A. Downey, . Wabash, national committerwoman. finance: Mrs. A. Exton - Porter. Whi fir - American ism; Miss Esther Harris, V,'abah E!eTenth district committeewoman, rthatnitaticn; Mrs. Glaekman, child welfare; Mrs. IL E. Farmer, Terrc Haute memorial; Mrs. Neva Feller. La Grange, Twelfth district corn - m.eewenan, co - cpcraUon; Mrs. Mae DurJap, Franklin, heredity; Miss Edna. Txhrrft MtrV!"an nfr fntfiirn .f.t't - .'. 1 f T - 1 T - ii 'Other b will ffo on the Indiana pecjal are - Mr;A. S. Mcllvalne, 1J star tnotfcef ef th Mcllvalne - Kothe Unit, and Mia Mabel Wtit, candidates h yon in; the recent H O - S content of the American ,L - rlon; Sire, Norman Kottir, winner of he r.atlonal pair eon teet: Mrs. Georc Molvor, touth Bn4; Mr. Word The mas, of the Funkhouscr I'nit No. . Evantville: Mrs. C'alr i. Thurston, department onhllcitv director: Mm. ntnsrer. cold stsr - mo'her, - of Indfanapolta. end vrl tiurwi from the American lotion Fort - The special will arrive In i t. Paul at 11:39 o clock - !' - "fay rrornlnr. '' - The orve'Mrrsr of the combined convention. c f th Legion and Aaxil - itry will b - celebrated with a re - ceptJon fcr 11 visitors at the etate apl? - .l on toiiday erenlnar, fertem - hr 15. An e!rte prorram cf en - f r(ainm - nt ham beon planned for I - lvn ard Aux)Ury visitors. I'a' in the corridor of the rarUol will be one CI the features. 1V1!1 Kepreeeat 3IUe Desert. 5l!s Hleanor Mitchell. fortner preidnt of the t. Taal Utsl'of the V,onien"a Overaeaa League, wijl convey ti e greeting of the league to the American Lgton and the AtjilJUrj - . Fne wl!J Vepreaent: Mlaa Mary A. Lcgart. national preeSdan who wilt be unabla t attend the cofrventltn. 'arloe aide tripe are belnfc planned for the entertaln - rr,rl. One rlll b fo the Interstate park at Tarlor fall, fifty mile from Jit. f'kul. After the convention there will r trfpe to the Iron ranne rovtntrr in. the northern part f the , atafe. . ; Kpecial r2afte for th entertain - .rirn' v in riMuiin veterana are "ing r - int - . Various orjtanlratlona ' rm providing epecla! funds to In - 1 ' 're ipe romrort er he men.' A I peciai rvlenr stand la being arranged by the KnUhts of Coium - bna on the steps of the St. Paul cathedral, from which the veterana will be nM'(i view the parade TueiJsy afurnnon, Th local offi' - ea f th tVited Klatea Veteran' E. reair will pv' - le for the rtgltf ration fit the dlMd veterans and for eourtey privileges for them. - Ca'AMMt Dtaplay. ' Th auxiliary convention will con - " In the. Central rresbyterlan ' church, "Monday afternoon. Exhibit of ll kl4 will be on display from th T,rioua Xf partment. These will be set uj in the park near the a'i!i - ;. f ftum, liorld will rv a - dl. Pay of fruits. and nuts, Kintii will brlntr miniature acka, filled with w ti The officers of the Gary Unit. No, ''. are; Mr. C'hrt Jtut. rrs. nt; Mrs, J C Dornan, cretry, and Mrs. S j. Voung. treasurer. The .unit meetings re held In the !. glon Hut. which Is entirely free from dht and was - built and fur - nlfhd fey Legion and auxiliary rmbrs. The uit ha a "Mck com. mltiee." bh !ook after all local disabled oIitr and members of tha legion and ausiliarv who ar 111. Th t - nit welfare committee has sent frult,; cn4y, bik and fiowera to the diatled soldiers. - Tho nit lted the t - atvation Ar - y on Ta rlav, wh'n a mil of ll.'s'' win rafted. The men;.rs have adapted two fury dfeabled eoldlfrs, iianr enteri ainmem r eivn foe the henpflt cf the welfare . ftind, wh'rh ia r.o'v more tbao $o. The auxlll. mrv In tJary co - oprate ttliu the pot, the. local r.ed t 'roes Society and t all cvlc afflr. 5ir. Ar. . thur t'arnduff. ervd prtst - dnt drlrsr 15J3. died recently. "n kiting t alt ratertales. Mr. Ttter OuUcr, president - of 'tha.Vhlttnr t:nlt. In the Tenth dl. 1 trtct, is chairman cf the prison com SEPTE.V.CEH ; U::5 v.eV A J.v 111,2 h J IinnH'S rest about tookir in September, which no other month r'sVses. There are to many wonderful vegetables and if one Lies to experiment, there are unlimited' possibilities in preparing them." i " lily Telly Sackettl "Oh. you're so complacent about a.l this experimenting. rolly. t caa't kelp fecltr; cross at you aome - tlmet. Interrupted Marie "I don't know how tt l wlih the otuvr lrla, but I can't afford to experir. - iiu anJ bav things turn oat , badty. anl Cisarlca doen t like to be use! aa an etperlmeit i!t!na, unvnar,' Yei. h did say that the last time 1 tried , to f;X up om lettorers a l.ttle dif - .ferently.1. tf course the gir'i ll taushed. but rvilv t'C',ne eriott in a tn. - tuect. " (in:'t expect ait Cf u to be a eitbitaii wli a a 1 ", but 'realty, Marie. I think ru can't f - fori not to s;lve t hrl varif'y in the things tnat are sooi forhtt. 14 I ab)i'l to attar cf r.f Aou tn - CiC'Jlion, tii'i you pw thi vecf. tabic r the very be.t f. - !.da foe blm. . Take crrot, f. - r Instance. I think every diet ltl for pror af - f ; i r t e 1 with nerves t - nciudrs ihrv liut bow many men like carrots rr weu' i willingly choose to eat t em? iave you ever trtel serving rr - rots and ce!rj - tccther th crra uce. or crrt ami beeta romMf .;i. l - atf s n any carrot" as t beets. ri w P'tr aui iyi - i tar IrsK Y - 'i proUaMv have ud carrot and v ' s cr o - irr'ts and oi ; - t,f l a rnch f c! - !vt J rr r.uiw? tft Uif crean muc rr th"t?Jt : I v e s a fie fiavcr. "Z be A'"trian? etaie or rmUt carrot. They cut them irsto - . thin pieces a - i cock tSem ah' - st f. t - teen tr. inctf? in bciiirjf eite - i wifr. Ne it - try - drain then. j;i fijrar, butter and a 1 it of r - ?int levii nr jst enouch ".iifr so they wi;i 7ot Vurn. l5to the saa - epan the "co to become c!i1 an.i jft. "fhe I tst like orinary carrots t ! ai. - " T,!'. t tried craroe.l crrxtJ a r. j . . . ' j v. . - - . . . - . . - c.iea cf toasted brea - l. on w h - h 1 ba - 1 nr&U J tt;?f. ni T " - thouc r t t ti awfully soo - J." contr.. utei Ar - , proud ly. 'v. j o.l work. C, I don't treia to bv rs cranV, g!r!. but when ere t ! ct t. - - y - fs 4est l;e tteetashr f - 'rur'M rice, tontatoe and ttiery wni - . - ;j the aerag fa : - 1 delegates to serve on committees mlttee for th state auxiliary. Mrs. A. Exton - Porter, newly elected Tetth district contraitteewonaanj ta "ratr of the Whltln - Unit. WBitlns;. entertained the dlatrlet nferene recently, donated flO to the child welfare committee; - grave money - to the, Infant child of a former service man tBedr paid - a vlalt to the Speedway Iloeoital In Chicago: .aem more than 10 bo - xea of dainties t, disabled men In hospital, anddurina - the last month ha added considerably to the welfare fond through - different , Bales and card part ice. About $ waa raised it th Leelon nicnle. where the - merahtri had a refreshment jitand. The unit participated in the dedication - of the con - .rrjunlty bclld - Ing. , ' . , A check recently waa issued by the Indiana department of the auailiary for the purchase of a tallc - ing machine for the bor In the Iwon Springs Iloxpltal. No. - 79. The department a1o helped to pface In the hospital a complete radio set for the patieAt. . . C , A Girls aa.D7s. The Hay P. Harriaon Unit, No. ft, of Columbia City, ha forty - fir member. : The welfare committee ha adopted a girl who is under - i golng treatment for tuberculosis In the Irene Byron Hospital at Ft. Wayne, and five local' boy In various hopital. . The unit! has re - sponded to all YaJls " from the de - partment welfare and child welfare committees, and hat been tnetru - mental In distributing many flag pamphleta to the school chlMren. The unit eooperate with the G. A. Tt. and W. C nd other ratrtetic orgnlxatioria. ilra. J'eva Fellern. district cornmltteewoman, eaya thia unit Is on of. the most active In the Twelfth rtiotrl' t. lt irran K e l.'ntt. No. 21. has forty mem ter s and l as adopted two boys in the Irene Iiyron Hoapltal. The unu is seaintina; ttie poat in tn our - chae of .a rernanent - home. liarrett Lnlt, No. i;i, which It very arnall. hm only twenty - five members, but ail are active and the unit accomplishes much . welfare work. The relief "work Is centered aroun'l the Irene Eyron Hospital at Kt. Wayne The membera recently organized ft unit at Auburn, which la active In welfare work , Ft. Wayne Unit. No. 47. bas fifty - six members. It pas not adopted a boy in any of the hoepltals because of the close proximity of the Irene Bymct Horpltal. which Is only nine mile out of R Wayne. The unit has a regular visiting committee, the duty of which is to Keep In close touch with th management of the hospital, and supply the many small luxuries and necessities. Give Aid te Sick. 1 The Fifth district ha ten ctlv units thi year. AU of the con - tribute to the comfort and welfare of the ex - ervlce men at the Hock - vilJe Tubercular Sanatorium. Thli hoepltal ia so well cared for bv th various unlta In the dlntrlct that the welfare committee doe not Und It nceinary to call f.r outside help. However, th Oanville Post of the American legion recently presented the dihled aotdlere at riockvllle with a billiard table, which the Stat welfare committee repaired. . The Clinton I'nit furnished a room In the new legion bom, and planted tree around the War Memorial Hon - pltal. rnvl!le and GreencaMle hav both atarted membership drives. . Ta. Give Sllter Tea, Charters S and O. of r. . O.'. will be bote?ea' for th - "silver" tea. to be given Thursday afternoon, between the hour of 3 and S o'clock, at the homef Mr. II. S. Leonard. The hoete committee Include, with Mr. Leonard, Mrs. ill fa Johnaoa and COOKERY lly never triea. if ta wonder on get d up on the f am old din - tier.'" , . i l"or luncheor Polly erved: Toavtiti ToeH US Poacbe - i . Kic .! Olery Crotuettes Crrta a Uue - lea - r ' tHt.Lss rtKccirrrs. v - . Tetuat Teaat Uith reached Cera. ... j tFour roruota. ) O - ie cv :e - fvl tomato. ' " t':ia h.f ;aV - - i"u n;i(v - e - t or.soe. t'ne I:! tirp.wn nuueed greea ieper. t'ue lt t."wtHun tHttc. - t's. - e t3 e - wMMi Hjur. . , iinIourtlv tup ouxi'xxl ham.' . ' sr . rt fm. v lour a toast, Cuok onions, pepper and t areata in butter.:.; Add . flour dissolved m tittle wUr and ham. loaeh egg, p!ace me tomato mixture on each due of toat autl jut eg on 1051 A grating tf cfceeie is a nic a3ui ucn. - j ; . i - - ' ' . . , - x : SUre sad Celeyy roeaettes. r trour rwifonij rit riokd it - - f, tw - 'urtH rut titKiy r - (ctel celery ifm M'tiwfwoi oi.'tier. , im t : ,u.n ifim ie tou a ovon 4tt. i " t - ; - er. . ".w tnln in butter f.r two ':ni.te. atJ rhui eawce and celerv ilet thorv. ?hly. tio eifr tnl.i lh rife witri siit and perper l:tn with a little cf U.e ks:. Ppread smoothly on a p!t. cmk - I, cut into four criuettes. crush over with rm! - iir es, roll in bread crumbs. Cock - tn. d - "c; fju ,frrt - .. with or wllhout celery ?ajce. (arrea de Leve. . . Fu." I - wimt - .i I T - - :. i r - l rnrrm. v. ; B.:f ..! - r ra. o t t f t4i. cpoon butter. tk - v t - .ivv Si.cee. , : '! tr : - i f. - s:t. ' C'ise t - tro - Mx m,r..t jr;ey. Melt butter, aid nlon and fry ly until r v: ie n brown; then aii crr - .ts s J mjir, cover c!oae!y a - 1 eirr - ier rently for thirty mtn - a - I it. rarvley aai cream, heat r.i terrs at Mr. Mind Haves, of Clurttr 8. nA Mri. William K. Crairle. Mra. A. H McUonall and i Mrs. II.' C UcKlt - mc. ci napter u. Th proa - ram will be zirtn by Mr. Jamee. JJ Clar ion, soprano: Mia Mildred Smith, pianist; Mrs. W. O. Romcni?, reader; Betty Williams. violinist: miii Ufit wrijht. put; Mlti r n r - mri. monoioarulat. and little imam i v - raigie. reader. Alumms Club Has " Luncheon Party President day was observed by the Alpha Chi Omejra Alumnas Club today with a luncheon at the home of Mrs. E. H, Jenne and Mrs. Hobert TTolf. Varicolored garden flowers were used oa: the tables, which were laid for forty quests.: Aesiatlnr th hotese wera Mr. Jw. E. Lancet. Mr. C. E. Cot - tin rh am and Miss Helen Morray. lollowlng the lnncheon. a buai - neea aession. waa held. Sir. Don U. Ksnon talk on the National Alpha Chi Omega convention ew officer installed were: Xra. Jenne. president; Mr. Pernor Can. non. vice - oresldent rm i ir - t Tobin, recording secretary: Mrs. John . nm - correepondlna; cra - t?1 r If' 0rr.i'L,,Hon - tfeaiirer; Mrs. Is.iav Wdd nr - l - r rMw'"T - AJtT!obrt' Btorlan. and ivuo voiweiu panneiienfc delegate A gronp of ongs wis sung by the sorority quartet, composed of Mr. Jatne M. Ogden. Mr. Clau Best, Mr. Bridge and Mia Twaaettc Nutter, accompanied by Miss Henrietta Wood. Committer chairmen announced were; Mrs. Kenneth Davla. publicity; Mr. T. M. Rybnt. program; Mr, ieorge U Clark, tele - phone, and Mrs. Albert Keep. Tiit - IDC. - . r . Miss Mary Ann Cross, of Roach - dale, waa among the am eat. She is the houae auest or Mrv J.. Vori Tobin. Service Star Legion Benefit Card Party The June and September' com - mittees for relief, of the IlamUton Derry : Chapter, Service Star Le gion, will join in girinj a bene fit card f party September 28 at the Woman's Department Club. Arrangements . will be made : for fifty Ubles. '.Mr. Herman Munk Is chairman of me September committee, satiated by Mrs. Fthel Ttathert, Mr. - II. IL Hadley, Mrs. S. K. Ruick. Mr Oeoree Warmouth, Mr. Harry Verier, Mrs. Alexander fttewsrt, Mr. W. W. Wlnalow and Mr. T. IL Richardson. The June committee with mm. jienry coerper, chairman, con - aiats of Mra. Will H. Brown, Mr. V'. Horn. Mm. O. U Watklna. lira Walter Hubbard. Mr. Leroy Mans - flld. Mr. James V. Hturgla, Mrs. Nclle p. Winlngi.. Mr: U. S. Lesh and fr. D. M. Varry. r W.C.T.U.Ndtes ;Th Meridian W. C T. U. will hold a bualneae meeting in the parlors of the Kle tcher - American . Bank. Wednesday, September It, at 1 p. m. A full attendance is desired., All local publicity superintendent are requeated to mail their publicity to Mr. Lula Jordan, county publicity superintendent, not later than Wednesday of next, week.' .. t IrTington Union will hold tt regular meeting Wednesday afternoor at 2 o'clock, at the home of Mrs Myra IMaa, 41 North Irvlngton ave. nue. 1 Election of of ficer .. will - be held. - '. , , - Mr. Luis 'Jordan. S0 Caft Raymond street, will be th hostess fr the Mary C Balch Union at an all - day meeting at IS o'clock Tueaday mornlrg. Election of officer will b held. 1 Edgewood - Longacra Union will meet Wednesday afternoon at 2 n clclc. at the hom of Mr. Molll Terklnn. Election of officer will b held nd delegate to th stat convention will be appointed. Guernsey - Short Mr. and Mr. Chrle V. Khort en. tertalrj - d Thuraday evtntng, announcing; tb engagement of their daughter. Dorothy Edith, to burn Guernsey, Th ocaaion wa also ia celtbration of tha birthday anniversary of .Mis Short. Th room war decorated with flowery carryina cut a color chm of pink and white Th ice wr decorated with pink flower. In which were concealed th engagement n. houncemcEta Tblrty - f It goeat wer entertained. A delightful mu - alcal program wa during the evening. ' - . V ' Committees Are Selected - Irs Cuslness Women's Club Miaa Lojis A. Ro. chairman of th buaineas women' flepartraent of the "Woman' Department Oob, th flrt meeting f of which for th clob year will b held at tb dnbbou. Thursday, October S, ha announced tha, following committees for the coming yer: Pror - am Hits Idors STeIer. rhatr - rn - Jiary Fenier ocha iX - . el. tVarl lioowny, I "vara f?on - er. laabeia Xru - m"d and rao - - Hotirr. . I.cvv;jt3e lai - T M. Hotmea. fhau - rwaa: Alt a Cvjir. . Nettl rmhenrv. Joeerlire T' - oV. A1l Haebf. Piy X - J.)M y. Xm:i B - oarie. rm Jane Fow. Alsce istaruey. Iwrotisy S j - h. iirt. !ahcl Atfei - oa. .Mrs. A. It. MrDonald. Vra. C' - aee UlTJor. Wra. Catherice presion, Mr. Lar Ji. . Ureea and Mr. E L Cvt: M - wirkie nure. chair - nun: Kin Iuioe Cot Anrey ienmeen. F.wia - beti li - !o V Ifa Wi:;jmop er lio..o - w et.l Mrs. iJlIisn r:te Hmon. KcerarO Mi S4ric Hnef - tIKl. rOairwaw: Litt lrryd. Hanrufi wearicr - r. . r.aaabeth Batoey. ran" - e v. Paine, t - ra Ma u1e U are. AM'e rv;ht. ta Ryno 4 and Mrs. SiePa Caiman. tou f ranren ltrl. chairman: OLxa I1. !era, Bnec". K'nttia Jne Hose. Ada J iieorr. Ana MoCnn.' I"ulaii MorcH. liaity J - " - a. K. f - ueum. Mrs Ia art B. t,r - n. vn. V AvSeoa ard rs. Eer - Da''" f - rl HfUia. . ' . K';uimbV Ma bla M. r AmVrvon. rhatrtnan: lm F - atetnan. TTma A. ti:e 1. Marl a a I .erkmr. e Wi.ltf. tV. N" B. Kart. Cier iiurt ie. Era !s - ia. ( mint C"ntn. Ahna Ikwwji t."m t.orr f Un. - Mr - ry. MlVI E. Mrs, Pearl Far fxi Mrs. 'tH Majc Ary. Vrti G' - a D A nrtrraon. T'ria n : Ai. - wr. Katkr.e hwt f rtna t'viefj - . S.'itetl ywx. Mhm h " r. n. i.ucy 'wt. X " - U A""' a tk.p - p Winirr.i lijwi and Ir ' t. !! - YCr aM M Q 1ra M. trkftl. i - fximus; Marrret E. HanW. v .,., C - 1 - S Xm.t. SwuH M. i rp - n. A. Wiin. EW t api - nc - r. Arwu ioi! - r. V:a Ooaoe. Kane Tu - Jor ar 1 M - . Adah O. Frost. Lcfie atj ' ntlahet! R?y. rv TtQ - : .for ha W"rflel Lrula Gryo. Anrf'wV be A!':emf. fa .MwiVi roe C. X - Kerfith. Mme . D. l - n a - v! Ka' ie McNeil. f i ! - M tee Sa - 5urt. sairtnaa; Kk'f Pw - klt Pttl n:mea - Mco!XTJi Miae Et C Storcti, Tr - inn. - - Kaeruti - ys Coaro - ed r of the rt - trtT - T.t. ,1k!! - t X. Rm, . chair - Nrv N Kayee U!rtrira. no - rtntnnan - 'ucy E - 0hom. l - anrer - Franoe Eey. eecreiary: Anwba ltcmr. it - I f - on. Jor - a I - nfaa and Jc. - . L. ,ia fctooe Hamaoa. The advteory board, which ia made up of former chairman of the department, lEciuiea. Mias Lena Jfeehan. v.ev 2,arrle D. larth aa - l lira. &.1 Harry JJiiler. ' MORE PRIZE - WINNING BABIES IN - CONTEST HELD AT - . TVILLIAM DUXCAX KEOUGn. v : . - v.. - PATniCIA ASJT SCXTXET. , Here are six more pictures of durimj the Indiana tat fair under the direction of the child hysriene division of the state board of health la' co - operation with the Indiana board of agriculture and The Indianapolis News. Charlotte R. Lamber - son, of Strauffhn, with a score. of class of twenty - four to thirty - six months old, and also in Henry county. Wilbur Witte, of Lawrence, was the highest scoring' boy in'the rural division in his class of taventy - f our . to thirty - sir months. His score was Si33.671S3 points. In the twelve to twenty - four months class in the rural division Donald Caw - rill, Greeneastle, .was the highest scorinff baby with 003.806S3 points." Virginia Louise Kigsbee, of Vrlington, Rush county, was the highest scoring girl baby in her class of twelve to twenty - four months in .he rural division. Her score showed 993.14373 points. . . - v ' T 1 . Patricia Ann Sentney, Indianapolis, is the highest scoring baby in her class of from twelve to .wenty - four months in the city division, - with a score of 933.7875 points. William. Duncan Keough, In - i anapolis, is the winner in his class of twelve to twe'nty - four months in the city division, with a score tJf RANKS OF DEBUTANTES ARE BEING FORMED RAPIDLY IN WASHINGTON . (Special to The Indianapo'ia Kewal . S , " ' ' ASIIINGTON'. September 13. The ranks of the debutantes for the season 1924 - 25 arc rapidly taking form. The croup will make a formidable showing" and will be representative of the 11 army and navy, concessional, circles. The flrat bud of ! Thankaclvin; day will be Jklisa Katherino Dunlop. whose parent. Mr. and Mr. Thomas O. Dunlop. will present her at a tea In their home in Chevy Chase. Miss Dunlop will then continue her studies at Vaaear, On her return for th Christmas holiday, her parents will give a dance In ber honor. Captain and Mr. Ridley McLean will present tnelr - daughter, ill Beatrice McLean, at an afternoon tea in th course of tha Thankag - lv - ine holiday. Another Interesting - sub - deb I Mis Elisabeth Sutherland. dan;h ter of former - Senator - nn4 Mr. Howard Sutherland, of .West Virginia, who will be presented to society early In the season. Ktll! another debutant of. this season who also flans to return to college, is Mia Pecffy AVest. daugh ter 01 iirs. William II. Welt Jier - coming - out party will be November 2J. and like the others who ar planning to continue their Atudies, many parties will be given for her during the Chriatma holiday. M:ss Carolyn Chamberlain. iaush - ter.of Major - General and Mr. John L. Chamberlain, will be vresented in th course ef th Thanksgiving period. Among others who will b introduced are: Miss Lelitta Daw. on. daughter of lire, phiuine so - yes; Mins Anne Covington, daughter of Mr. and Mr. J. Henry Cot. inpton. and Mies Louie Clayton, daughter of Dr. and Mra Thomas Clayton. ... - Few F rsaat Recevtieaa. Few parents this season are planning formal receptions for their debutante daughters, afternoon teas followed by dancing - beintr the most popular form of presentation parties. Th first entertainment of any kind In the White House since early summer wa given this week, when the President and Sir. Coolidge en. tertalned at t - a in honor of Senorita 0neha Oranell and Senorita Leonor Oranello. popular daughter of. th tiuatemalan president. who. "are If'ieMs of Arthur H. Oeisaler, United frtates minister to that country, and of Mrs. tielsler. They are accompanied on their visit by their uncle. inr Victor Morale. The reception In the Whft House tok place In the Blue room, and after Mr. and Mrs. Gcisaler prent - d their Kueata. tea wa served 1 the Ked rom. ' Jlra. Colidjce received Informally this week the ladle of tha cabinet, who ar - In town. ' The Women's National Press Club held Its firet weekly Itmrheon of the season Monday. Irofesior David Todd, former dean of atronomy at Amherst College, who has been In Washington spending - mush time at the Naval Observatory f "r th stody of Mare, waa the pueet ef honor and the speaker. v - ; . Wllfevrs im aaiaarieau , Mr. Curtis Wilbur, wife of the secretary of th navy, accompanied by het son Donald end daughter Edna, returned to Washington from New Hampshire .'Wedne jajr. - The Secretary and Mr. Wilbur will move November 1 from the home of Major - GeneraJ and Mrs. John le Chamberlain, which they leased for a few months. aio ThoIr r.ames. Whit ; . ; ; .1 . ; . 1 - 1 JS virgixia Louisn RiGsnnn. - 'WILBUR WITTE. prize - winnlnr babies in 'the Better' 933.83 points was the highest scoring diplomatic and prominent resident House aid, ha left Washington for Ft. r.iley, Kana., to take the field of. fleers' course at th cavalry school. Major Barn served aa Whit House aid under three Presidents, having heen detailed a aid under former President Wilson. In addition to hi duties at th Whit House. Major Barnes served on the war department general etaff and with th historical section of th army war college. Rear.Admlral and Mr. Cary T. Grayson and their cnlldren. who hav been spending th summer On Lonsr ieland, will return to Washington September 21. Dr. and Mrs. Wiiliam - Bowie left her thi week for & two - and - on - half months' visit In Kurop. Colonel and Mrs. T. Q. DonaMoa hav arrived In Waahlnrton alter a motor trip through North and South Carolina. They will upend a week at their home in Sheridan Circle befor leaving for Colonel Donaldeon' new post at Ft. Mcintosh. Laredo, Te. Kear - Admiral and Mrs. Thomas J. Cowie bava returned to Washing, ton from their aummer hom in New York state... Dr. L. S. Howe, director - general of the Pan - American I'nlon. haa also returned after conducting a round - table conference of Latin American relations at th Institute of Politics, Wiliiamstown. Mass. J. Walter Drake, assitant secretary of commerce, snd Mrs. J. Walter Drake returned from their home in Detroit the latter part of tMs week following" a crun on th Great Lake. They will be joined ahortly by - their two daughters. Roali and Barbara, now visitLag In Philadelphia. . t - Th director of th ConeulJr serv. Ice. Wilbur J. Carr. hav returned here from Ienov. He will he joined later y 5In. Carr and Iter mother, Mrs. Lara Koon. . PotUls SlLnUter'a DUaeV. ; Tb Toliah minister, Dr. Wrotlew. ski, entertained a company Informally at dinner this week in honor of Jule Henry, of the French embassy staff, who if as been ' decorated wita th medal f honor - of the Polonla Restutla. ' . Mrs. Thoma F. Walsh and 3rra. John Allan . Dougherty, arrived In Washington this week after a five montraf visit to KuroM. The char d'affaires of Rrassl. finu d ."ous Leao Gracie. entertained membera of the emi - amy etaff at dlnrr in celebration of the Indo - pedenc day of BraiiL ' The commercial eecretarv 'of the British embaesy and Mrs. liric Bat. tn have returned to their home In Bancroft place followirp month's motor trip through Pennsylvania, New England and Canada. Mrs. Frederick Dnt Grant has returned to We.hlnsrtn. after epnd - Irg some tl?" In California wit h h - r nn mnii dauzitr - iri - Uw, Mi j - r snd Mra. TJlve - s H. Grent lit. Mrs. Grnt bas been wlh h - r dausrhir. prtneeas Speraneky - Cantacutene. who arrived here from her tome in Florida. . Joseph Grew, undersecretary of state, and Mr. Grew will retnrn t - - tha national capital next week and reopen their home, Beauvolr. Ftear - Admiral and Mr. Jor - h Eirauss have returned from Wiiiiamstown. Mais., where they attended ,the la - - - ', of for - a he - th of a r - T the H. . are Mr. and ton STATE: FAIR CnAltLOTTE LAMBCR.SOX. to ... .. , x - am. s x .yar ".''. - S Si ft try - DONALD CAWCILL, Babies Contest held last,1 week baby in the rural division in her stltut of rolltlcs. t'Mis Helen Strauss will not come to Washington until October. - Mntlcetla Fund Beaeflt. Keit month Mrs. Mlnegerode 'An. tfrews will lend j her home In Sixteenth street for n exhibition - of family ' trees and genealogical charts, coats of arms, old portraits. Jewelry, , stiver, shawls, documents, newspapers, t samplers - and othr needlework, shown for th benefit the - fund in the Interest of the purchase of Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. The exhibition will include a collection of Mrs. Andrews' silhouettes of famous reople. John W. Weeks, secretary of wsr, returned to Washington Monday after a visit to New York, where h welcomed th round - the - world flyers. Sunday afternoon Secretary Weeka waa a g - nest at 1'incfteon given by . Mrs. Henry P. Davison. Others, ia th company Included llear - Admlral Charlea P. Plurakstt and hi ataff, Ma3r - Ge.nral F.onert Lee Bullard and hl staff and. Hep - reentatlve Robert L. Bacon. Th ranks of the diplomatic corp are rapidly growing with the return of many from vart!or. The minister f Uruguay and i - enra Varela closed their cottage at lle - hobeth, DeL, thts week end re - turned here for th winter. The minister of Denmark, Constsntln Brun, who has been at. Bar Harbor. Me., the summer, will return to Washington late this month. The counselor of the British em - baaey, lienrv O. Chilton, has recently returned to his home In it street after, epemilnir the summer with Mrs. Ciitlton in Hr eland. The counselor of the German, embassy. Dr. Karl von ' Lewtnski. arrived In New York from Lurope this week and came directly to Wash - Ington. Prau von Lewlnskl and their daughter, Fraulin von Iewin - skl. wiil not return here until September 2?. Jseraal Retaralas. The de?n of . the diplomatic corps and Mm." Juaserand. who have spent the summer at .their hom In Trance, will sail for this country la few weeks. 1 C L Lewis, interstate commerce commissioner and formerly cf Indianapolis, has returned to Washington from th Pacific coaof, whre held hearings for rSx weeks. Mrs. Lewln," who accompanied the com - mlssO'mer an1 stopped over in Indianapolis on the return journey, returned here toy with th chllJren. Stanton J. 1'eelle. former chlf Justice of the United f'ates court of clalme, and Mrs. Peeiie have returned tror.x Peto.'kev, Mich. f - incn Lyon and - Mrs. Lyon, for. meriy cf Indianapolis, wjth their son Richard. - after apenirsr a few week at i' ikmac Inland. Michigan, have hen iolned by their daughter. Miss Plor I, yon. and ar no at AMantic City. 'before rturnlnsr to - fr home in Washington. Robert La n' r rv former secretary state, aid Mra. Lanelng, who is former Uransville (Ind.i woman, have it the!" - rJats at their eun - :er borne. HenJ - 'son Harbor. N. Mrs. John W. Davi. wif of Democratt pre?Ment!l c - - ""Ii - date, and her s',str, Mrs. Phil Watson, of TndSanapoH. T.lrs. .Davis ard Mrs. Wateon went from Ltock - brilir. Ma., where they were guests Kundav of former Under - .er - tary cf fate and Mrs. Norman Davi. at Onoooue. Dr. and Mr. Harvey W. Wiley entertaining a hou partv at their home. Graeaiand, near Blue - mont. V. Ariong their puests) are and Mr. C.ab - t Ftevews and Dr. Mrs. James Rrown. ' Mr. and Mrs. Iferbert R, Ilyman recently ral through Washtngr - on their way to Canada, , Mr. , and Mrs. Thomas R. Ehlrp, formerly f Indianapoli. after spending - a week la New Tork on return fmm m. tlx weeks honeymoon In Euro? , arrived In Wash - STATE FEDERATIO! I OF CLU Opens Year at Mrs. Wccd - ym'a H:rr,3, - " tHy Saa SleWhlrter ctrt - l . . HE WOMAN'S CLUD, cf E:oer.:. - - t. - n, ul c:tn tl ;;: r ir: ; a, meeting next Saturday tftcrr.o - tn'kt U.ts'h: - : r.f - llt - .u J; Voo'db - arn wheti.the rarer of tho day. er.t;t!cd "Tcr: ..hrxl t - be read by Mrs. K. P. Williamt. ' T - .!s club has r - .t cr.Iy r::v its quota of money to the Oil Fatar.tleroy IT erne fund cf t! Federation cf Clubs and to tha - fcr.l cf this G . eration but iu addition has contributed and another Z0 to the upkeep cf the Hospital, which home is owned by Eloomington. Although the club helps in. civic ar.i j!:::r.t': prises and raises - raoney - f or such purposes by erscr.: rr.ts holdirj cf rummage sales,' the. pre entirely to cultural pursuits. Members ar asligned to aubjects and either make a talk or read a paper ' and tha programs for tuest day , usually ar lectures by professor In - Indiana University. Among: th members of the TVora - an'a Club are 2 - Ir. Charles J. Scm - bowtr, member of the Authors Club, anJ Misa Aanes Wells, dean of women of Indiana ' University, both of Ihont are, listed In "Who' Vho in raerlca"; also," Mr. T. J. Louden, president of th Indiana Council of Women; Mrs. J. K. Beck, ex - presl - dent of th Indiana W. C. T. U.; Mrs. jSacford Teter, first woman trustee of Indiana University, and Mrs. Guldo IL StempeU corresponding secretary of th Indiana Federal ion 1 of Club. The membershlo is Iim - Itea 10 lorty ana is inviuuonii. uo officers this year are: President, Mrs. IV. E. Jenkins: fsrtt vice - president. Mr. William Burrows; eecond vice - prealdent, Mrs. IL Ij.mith; secretary. Mrs. Jledwijt Leser; treasurer, Mra. A. Y. Kuereteinerj f edera - Uon eecretary, Mrs. 11. K. Kamaey: progTara committee, Mrs. T. C. Karsell, Mr. T. J. Luden and Mia T.ydia Woodbrldpe; membership, Mr. R. E. Lyons. Mrs. W. A, Itawle and Mr. W. N. Culmer. An enthuslaftlc all - day meetint: of the Marlon AVoman's Department Club was held Tuesday when, plans were 'completed . for the, season a prog - ramand ix new member were received . The Current Club, of yappanee, held it first meeting of the year last Monday at. the summer home of Mrs. Frank Coppes, t Pickwick Tark. Lake Wawaee. After a buffet luncheon served by the bnste?s th program was given,, which in cluded a W' or Th t tudy of Nature and ulrd. read ty xirs. James Tilman, end a rarer entitled "The Current Club Gossip." whirh wav read by Mrs. J. .W. Stelnebach. The Book Lovers' Club, of Darlington, observed president's dvat the h"me cf the new president, tr!. Iva Custer, September 10. whn membera responded to roll call by answering: the question, "What Po I Gain From Club Work"? After Kreetlngs by the president, the constitution ' and by - laws of the club wer readby" the secretary.1 Mra. Nell Peacock, and routine business was transacted. ? At Fanntleroy IJswt. September SO th sixth annual meeting - . of the Dauchters of Minerva, will be held at th old Fawnt - leroy home, at New Harmony, which Prc - N uptial Party Ona parties of the " pretty . prcr.urtial in lienor, cf Ilisa Louise Ilumston afternoon was a tridG this - given by ' 'is s IIe!; - n Ward. The bridal color?, pink and orchid, were attractively carried out in the appointments. , A feature of th afternoon was an apron and handkerchief shower, the gift being - suspended from a clothes lin stretched across the dining room, Th guests included Mi?s Rllsabeth FUher, M! i:! Carpenter, Mlas Mary pleener, M! - Marie Fild, Mrs. Robert Me;irfl. Mra. Henry Morran, Miss Ho'iita Cox Mia lone - iilnsham and Mrs. Hoy banks. The hostess wivb. listed by her mothrr. Mrs. John 11. Ward, Mrs. Krank Heeler llumslon, ani llrs. Harry t:. Lister. TO DISCUSS METHODS OF ; Bnir:Gi:;Q out the vote - . - ' - ' Directors f ladlaaa Leaa Wemea Vters Held All - Day ; Jleetins ITiarsday. Method being - used by lo - al leag - ues of ; women voters in their efforts to brlnr out. a - reccr vote! at - th election, vvili la the chief toplT"of discussion at C.s all - day meeting;., of the board cf directors of the Indiana League of Women Voter .Thursday at t?.e r - Ink - Arms hotel. Mrs. Walter S. Gceenou - h, - state chairman - of - th sct - out - tha - vote campaign, will outline the functions of the committees appointed ' list week, end will tell what is fcelnsr done by the state organization. L!. - trlct chairmen wilt report on the. prcres of th campaign in their districts, and a "Joint statement cf Co - operation of the Repubijc in aai Democratic Tartles and the lnl'.aaa Leasue t . Women Voteis" vcill be read. The statement, which appears In a current number - of t.te Women Voter, the league's monthly bulletin, is signed by Mrs. lriora Chi Fiynn, vic - chalrraan cf Iemocrvi.T state committee; Mr. Vivian Wheatcraf t, vice - chairman 1 1 the Republican atate committee, and Mr. Creeno'jgh. A letter from Miss : Anne V.'il - liarns, pres secretary for tv - s N - i - Iea'je of V,'cmn Voters, coromendinj; a sloran which Is L'. - Incr used by the Id . .ma leane, end wbicli was written by Miss Iauline Holme, of Indianapolis, also will be read - For Recent Bride Mrs. IL E. Eirdaelt entertained with a miscellaneous shower Fri liy evening in honor, of Mra. K... Gordon .Veal, who was Miss Jessie Erown, of Lafayette, before, her recert mar - riase. A blue and . sroldi color echeme waa carried out in the deer - ration. The . - truest incHd - ! Mr.; Minnie Ff.ley. Jlr. ITakel Tn - nt llnson, Mra. Louj Wcrley, . Mrs. Walter IUkets, Urn. Fred per. Urn. S. J. Dnffner. iilss Ji 'na Kline - ?!i.s Dorothy Overly, . - ; Marie Ksgert. - Mie Aim M' Mi Catherine Lanr and Mla Mid - ileton, ... . .' . iff, Jane Iferton this week, and are row eisatliabed at their home In Chevy Ilobert Tracy, formerly cf Indianapolis, and now of Philadelphia. pent he week In Washington witri Mra Tracy, who baa been resting at sanatorium. They havo returned to HhiiadelpMa. Mra - Mable Gant Murphy ret'irned here last week from IriMarpolss after a three weeks vfit with her rarenta. f'n waa accompanied to Washlnston by her !ter, Mra. William G. F.rr.ith, who Ister was joined by tier husband. Mr. ar1 Mr. ErnliJj hav left for lUnslon, N. C. C, , 1 ral :1V e i nurse ut l ;rr 2 t:.? r:: - .. the Lc .1 Council c c.n - ci l y t! grams ct th.3 rr.:;iir.s trs d;v - .tr. recently 11 11 bee - , t - - - "t ty tl i In - cla:;a i - . - .iratia cf Glut to i preserv - fi fer Its Mtcricat vl .. iti pr - ram for th: t - . e t r will honor .' ji Mary n - 'on, CHarlott Daren an t ; - . .' v heatoicft. as each ya.r eral tnember cf th ririnal :''.rr,t Club, frsranl2ed it Mi.i, are f. ; - - . t arsi skt - ?. - hes of 'their lives ani .: work Kiven at this annual frti - : At this time X'liss Marr j;. 1'aunt. - my is pi - esi.iet of h - r - a. t , ,,f Minerva. - .ind Mr. Arnle Mu'er .T - son Fecrrtary. Mrs. Katharine .'; - ler Hirter. of Lcis Ar ?:l. - s. t club's , cjAiejri to t h rece - .t t nial conyerttlon cf the r;enertt I'. - S - eration" cf Womcn - s Club?, fcH in Lo Anclea. , - The i.T.ckvill V,"omw'i Club b - ,' puMinhed its r.ew calendar, w' - ' h outlinesia prcram of d - , t i:r - i:. s Thft r - riry tiur.f ior I ft com nsr vnt officer . are: - ITe.'S iert. H'.ISh MnntfTlf TV: Vico.rrei;. dent, f - I?, j'. n. vrilrr - Ie;.eecteirv. 'Mrs. - 1. - A. I'ickard. Jr.. an. tr - tirer, Mrv. J. s. McFaddin. Tfi.M.' ar thirty - four active members. i - The i - eyroour Tuesday Clnij Published a handsome new ye., r book printed on heavv cre.. - co'"rl Paper and bound In brown stiff paver bearing - the c'tib m - .. pram and date In col l. The rv.,j; Is tied with brown silk cord. Tr officers are: Iresident. Mr.. Ar - - . A. BH.; - ,j first vice - president, y.y Harriett; Montgomery; cnd - presiden.t, Mrs. Mil1red nr?r; n - cordlnsr secretary. Mrs. Mary l'. - .!v, eecretarr, Mrs. i:ihl Conner; i treasurer. Miss Mvrt'c Bennett; proeran commitlec, rrrs Rva Pre it, Mrs. 2o W. Carter ( Mr. Vyz Resiner. The peneral ?. - ject for: rtudy this year is "Out Changing; Literature." Tha rew officers cf the Frbfiy Ptudy Ciub, of Vedersbnrfr. ar - I resident. Mrs. ITattle IT. Overfiel ! - vice - president. Mrs. Minnie n. P r - bam: record in? ecretar'yKMrs. Oi - .',a S. Diee;: corr c on d i n j - ssecreirv Mrs. ?fiid M. Gooklna;. treanin - ! - Mrs, vhs Reed, ani parli' - en? ir - lan. Jlr. - ' HV F. Phillips. Thi - , vr the riub;tviii pursue a nlftilan''')"i course t - i study. Wavtland' C1.H Tear The sftth anm!il year' b rf the V.'a v - 1 3 r - d Derartnent Ciu't s a very complete compl!ntI"n t r - .!?es. The - officers .u - Pres'.Jfr.i, Mrs. C. A. inl?er; f:r - l vice - president, Mrs. M. !f." G' - . - rr ley: fTri - if - "rt.. - - (., Is n c nj e : reenrrims: . - - - - r.' t r''. - i r. 1. - rtr Msvn;.r r - y secretary, Mrv. Thnnias A .' financial secretary, Mi Speticeri treasurer, .Tr' l!anfa ;. Jfre. - torH. Mrs. C, eon, ! l - 'lorence Cowan! ert V, i - t T11 s, 'r. l"rar.,' Me. :h:trl T - . - - ani ; Dil'.mar;.? - '; : - c ; r - ' nents sr: I.!ter?!jt e. I - ' ef i r. e C,' AT - ' l'erre. . ,j.e r r .1 rt r - i er - . t n ;ir. 1 ,1'ir 1 i'un seven circief its nwn - ;officers. 1 ?.rr. Cscsr ?r. rute - rU re t ynnoll.: prei '"it of ih 1 r. 1 - eaerati - jn ft Club, ha - ,' c:j" l - - l'rr "f the I - .. tr ? of f (r rf the Mate FM.rMi. - t fr 1 rtur? lar. to confer f.bout f?t'' arrare - ementa ' for th" t' rrfv - ini',;ii .: n vent ' nf th f, - - r ' '' f - rn '1 i The T';;ref ArM Cluh. c opened f - n year'4 prf, .rJ 1 n 1 n eve - tn - v , r, eerve.l I t the Ci - .rrh rf t a r rcc m rt ,r - ;T.i' r u n t - 1' i ' r. ' r. r - - . v - r , - ri V, : ; . - i't: ai - rrc - r .j: r'er.f. ; : : rivn t v ' ) . r e w vp ir I Tf - f - ! ?u , P r e 1 . ; r i . Mr.. A I rn - . T ' a f - o Ti : : r , i" U e n i. i t - t - . r t f ' - Tior.' mv. '.' ft t ' rrtin I' I - " U V - .' !r", V,. J. i. - sr' l'i. f - an v - ( rr, 1 - - ok . 1 t !. r ' i , 'r. . . 51. Vji. Mrs. c. r . ..1 t iiisr c - . f K' e r !) e t M. ; r '.jr.' ta rv. Trs. ; ; t rt 1 t f re!n.,ior K - ir'tuv, 1 ' - '.'It: rr repor,er. '" . f v.e w - . ; i - !iii - if ' s. p. ,:. .'vr. . - , - f l; t.ri - - - . , .s. L'.ll! sn - .in t f - r t v f r. r rt . v - . - a ' ; . . t r " , W r - . - A ! rt - ti w i 1 ;i Mrs. (ir. - trs .i rt - - li L." I - n t Ci - e.l V. - 1 - . - . 5 - n - s t Pe r n - '.e - .t: o i - 'tv, rf t'. - r'.z I Clve - s La I '. e 3' Mra. I , t ' - 1 Ct ; - ! C 1 e r. .n - - ti. - ,sr '.','( , . r t ? - t st t: K. I., : ' ' . X e 1 - i rt i : rf I. r - - . at l.i ! 1 t '. re 1 1 - 4 t i.o i V T ' . t X . : r - .il 1 we ftt t.'. - t J 1 - 1 a k r r. ' 1 !! - . : ; . - e - 1 "re t - r ?Uf; r - i,!; i ": 1 rt, ' - . Hi ' T t r i. r ! j I 5 I u - 1 J : i. :,ir.f - CI J - ' T ti CO 4 are; vrlil ?f.'v - stcry ":f.i. rev 1 ' ; a - - 1:. D. : r: Mr. 71. f - jj T. 1. ', Z tarv. Mi. Mra. J. A. ec re I r. . 1 1; rt V ! - - i ien ' r ' - . - Ws; e i " t : : t - - . .A G. W. ' i.'.riii; : - i;owlter: 'r. J. If - 1 r ? ; 1 r 1 - '' yram : - .;; - mi t tee, ,"eer,ey. ' r1". All M ' - . a ill. G :ii I'e. - . rl iiA - iiey; r. - - m p tee. ; Mary It. ; .'e, rr - ; ; - i c y ? e rv f - 1 a 1 1 - y t of rs. i - dent. M ri e t ' t - r relau;. z - r ' nH '. Yy t ! - f - r the f ; ; - . 0n G ill rav i - : : C. A. 1 v i ! :t 1 the M . r.: - - '.u - Meier, i next m ' ' llrn. l,e The r;i Club, cf: take t tt t i J.Trn. - i'i r e - : r ! " , e e - r e t . r - j urer, "' Mrs. 1. leader. - ; y.rn. 1 T e : : be rer r - ' tb - n c ?' v re ; ler I Wi ii J 1 Co - - .r.ty . r. Jen til fctrow? an ! f. 1 11 ? ' 1 vi " ! Pr' - r c " 1 'res i X en t'a t! V 'tlr - - at tr, cou .or a , 'o;; u, t i i - - r a c v r i c . - rej r t..!' I o ' v : ! rv i I t I v - r 1 1 a r, i ; r, 1 f 5 - J. ' ; i ! : . r at . , i an ir.f r - urn y . atten - 5" v. r' ; , - - 4ts ' - 11. C f 'a l;'r - ' c: :! U : c : t 1 t 1 , ) Ci 1... ? Hi .'8. - rt - . r -

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