Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 19, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1949
Page 4
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4—.NAUOATrCK NEWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY, OCT. 19, 1949 Kvwy Waning idacpt Sunday) by fHB NAtJOATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUOATOCK. CONN. S»8 and SSW All aa Moond claai matter at tba pout offlo* to Namatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advano* IMoeta ...tUO 1 Y «*r N«w»pap»r Pub. AM*D W, K. Dally N«w»pspw Pub. Aarfn Coon. N«w»pai»r PubU»h«r» A»'n WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1»*8 Built For Speed? In Beacon Falls Town Court the other night a driver arraigned on a charge of speed- Ing on the nearly complete four- lane highway through the town came up with the defense that 'he thought the new road has been "built for speeding." The court saw neither humor nor logic in. the defense and promptly Imposed 5»- : lat -fine. The campaign currently under way In Beacon Falls to halt and prosecute all motor vehicle laws violators, with particular emphasis on the speeders, must be continued without relaxation if the new highway ia to be a traffic cure, rather than a curse. A new highway, fetching •wide and clear and far is a natural invitation and sometimes a challenge to- the reckless driver to step on the -gas. Authorities of Beacon Falls have displayed keen perception of their knowledge of the dangers naturally associating themselves with a super highway. Their decision to start now, even before the road la complete, with a program of rigid enforcement of speed limits will pay untold dividends in life and property. For the sake of traffic safety, for the''protection of cautious pedestrians and drivers, arid also for the benefit of the reckless, we hope that the state and local police assigned to patrolling the new highway will compile, if it be necessary, a record of enforcement and arresta that will gain state-wide attention. - Thus will Beacon Falls remain a" community of traffic safety for pedestrian .and motorist alike— •in spite of the hazards related to super-highway travel. Total War No one will disagree with Rear Admiral Oftaie, a member of the long parade of naval officers tes- -.ifying before the House Armed Services - Committee, that indiscriminate atom bombing would be "ruthless and barbaric.". It is not in the American tradition, as the admiral says, to press a policy of "random manslaughter of men, women and children In the enemy country." As for the military effectiveness of strategic bombing — whether "area" or "pin-point" bombing — there is evidence to support Admiral Oftsie's thesis that bombing alone does not .win wars. German bombers, for instance, failed in the Battle of Britain.. American and British mass air attacks did-not crush German Industry. Also, fighter escort — which would limit the range of the Air Force's "intercontinental" bomber—was proven a vital and necessary deterrent against prohibitive losses. In the Pacific, especially at Midway, there is expert opinion that it was the "tactical" carrier-based plane which won the day, not the "strategic"' land- based bomber. Similarly, and as the admiral points out. the island of Iwo Jima had to be captured at great cost to provide an emergency landing area and fighter escort fields for the "strategic" B-29s operating against the Japanese mainland. Admitting that •jAir Force claims were excessive, that strategic bombing couldn't win the war alone, what was the substitute for it? Wasn't it a necessary- part of the "grand assault" on Germany and Japan? No one weapon or tactic, no one arm or service,' can of itself secure the decision. As Tor the morality of strategic bombing, the admiral's argument in one which, well might bf directed against war . itself — against organized bloodshed as ah .Instrument 'of policy • among naticnsl . . War is both > immoral and Inhuman, and it should follow that all its weapons and tactics—not just one — should be considered similarly immoral and inhuman. . But until the policy of war is scrapped, the emphasis will continue to be on the means to achieve victory. ond most populous country on earth. That accomplished, the communists would not only have most of the people but some rich resources, including the prolific oil fields of Asia. It is an indictment of Moscow's policies that Nehru is making this visit to the West. His policy is peace and non-violence. He wants most of all a prolonged period of peace to develop the resources of his country and lift his people, millions of them in miserable circumstances, to an acceptable standard of living. Nehru is turning to the West because it stands for the things he wants for India—freedom and a vigorous economy. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Reilly of Meadow street, returned from a brief vacation at Atlantic City. Mrs. Clarence Isbell, of Platts Mills, was attending the three- day state Baptist convention at the Asylum Baptist church in Hartford. 20 Tears Ago Mr. and Mrs. F.- Alton Clark, of New Haven road, returned from a visit with friends in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Harold R. Perry left on a business trip to Pittsburgh, Pa. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. If a bride displays all her wedding gifts, should she leave the cards attached to them? A. This is entirely optional. She must be careful, though, to have a complete identification of each gift before removing the cards. Q. Is it always necessary for a man to rise when he is being introduced to another man? A. Yes, this is common courtesy. •Q. Is it all. right to sign a letter, "Your humble servant"? .-• • A. No; this is a. closing that was used many years ago, but it is obsolete now. ..'-.-'•• Look And Learn 1. With what does the science'of eugenics deal? ' . . • : 2. What place is considered ' by most people as the financial center of the United States? '•'"•' 3. What' English queen had 17 children? 4. Who was the only explorer to fly • over both the North and South Poles? " , • -' 5. In what literary masterpiece occurs the line: ''This is the forest primeval, The murmuring.pines and the hemlocks"? •THE CLOCK Don Swanson, Fuller street, likes his radio and TV ntudlen In Hartford. ..he attends classes nights .and finds the daylight hours Jong. Naugatuck residents interested in dancing will note that Martha Graham, the world famous modern dancer, will make her first appearance in this area when she and her company present a dance concert Oct. 31 at 8:40 o'clock in the New Britain High school auditorium.. .it's to be a part of the Teachers College of Connecticut centennial celebration, and will give people a chance to see "Miss Hush" in person. Mae Rooney was among those witnessing the Yale-Cornell football game last Saturday In Yale Bowl... Improvement Is noted In the condition of Dick Sklb- Inskl of Waterbury, brother of Mrs. Rudy Anderson and well- known here, who's been having a siege of Illness lately. Answers 1. Influences that improve inborn or hereditry qualities of a race or breed, especially of the human race. 2. Wall Street, in New York City. 3. Queen Anne; 16 of them died in infancy, while the 17th died at the age of 11. 4. Richard E. Byrd. 5. "Evangeline," by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It required a million years to gouge out the "Grand Canyon. Sometimes it looks an if the international politicians can get lower down than that in two months. Mrs. Margaret McAvoy of Ward street was among 150 piano teachers throughout the state to attend a lecture - demonstration given Monday night in New Haven by Dr. John Thompson, renowned musician, who has added 10 supplementary books to his present method books... in a three hour lecture teachers were instructed In their use...a social with refreshments followed... accompanying Mrs. McAvoy -was Mrs. Gladys Keating of Meadow street. Frieda Annenberg writes her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sol Annenberg, from Florida, where she has been for the past several weeks, that all's well and she's having a wonderful time. - Lois Grabowskl is still receiving praise up Union City way for the fine,decorating job • she did for the dedication ceremonies' of the Polish-American Club.. .others who worked hard getting the new addition ready for' the affair, were Walter Jagello, Joe Warren, Vic Vitalis, Cap Furs John Kncienski, Joe Gesseck and Frank Polakowski. Tom F.ecley, freshman member, of^ the Naugatuck Fire Department Is no rookie .. he has been a member of the NaugatucJt Hose; Hook and Ladder Co. f or some time and knows his Way around at a flre.| Bids received in a neighboring community 'for installation of a police radio system indicates the approximate cost for a system in the borough would be about $3,500...the telephone system with the green blinker light arrangement costs some $2,200 a year for rental.. .police are looking forward to a radio appropriation come April... a town of Naugatuck's type and size could make good use of a modern communications system. BUI Leuchan, Sr., of 11 New street has been confined to his home for the past few days with ah infected finger on his right hand.. .he believes the infection resulted from an Insect bite received on a recent trip to the Mohawk trail.. .after lancing by the Dr. considerable Improvement was noted. The Connecticut Aviation Newsletter of the State Dept. of Aeronautics tells us Naugatuck is one of the 25 Connecticut towns to have air-markers installed .during this year.;.. its air statistics are also noteworthy. ..they show a considerable drop In airman licenses and aircraft ' registrations... the latter dropped 95 planes to a Sept. 1949'total of 549 compared with 644 last September. . .licenses dropped from 3,415 to 2,434 in the same one year period, dropping 981 fliers from the rolls. The Dayton Palmers leave the borough next, week to take' up residence in Bloomfield, where they have purchased a Cape Cod type home... they'll be living on Park avenue in that town .'.'.Mrs. Palmer makes note of moving from Riverside Drive" to Park avenue. Our wishes for many more years of married bliss to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sternlak of Sara- Hota, Flo,, who are observing their third wedding anniversary today... the couple left the borough about a month ago for the southern city, where Frank Is attending Ringllng Art school... Mrs. S. is the former Florence Zmyewskt. AftNUtant Borough Clerk Mrs. Teresa Wllcnx in currently on nor «econd week of annual vacation. .She took the first a month or so ago. Mrs. Gladys Feltman Is very busy theae days giving -Jeanne Brennan an assist in the town hftll Assessors office i ,\ , Al| property ownters are re'raiiidedVthat starting Thursday and- antiljNov. 1 they must at somei'tir&B' the town'hall ,'and slgfi property lists... and this' means "*, all /veterans, regardless of'^JjetheiTihey are eligible for .exemp'ttons... many vets have failed fib"'sign lists in. the paat arid have been penalized: . '','•• ' -' •'•. .: Last, Wednesday, a' day off if or parochial school children, • iiaw .Freddie JDaly and.,Some 'bt. his pals playing a game' of football. ... The game lasted until 'about 9 o'clock when Freddie/ reeeiyed one of the "prettiest"'black.eyes ever seen on a boy- tils age... He's still a sight io behold:'. Police are clamping down. on those who park illegally In 'iihe Oak street-Maple street area... in addition to creating a parking problem, violators 'In .that area created a.driving hazard... all day park era in the area make it tough for residents there to find a parking place... Apparent satlnfuction In 'the new type double-parking '"'•• meters Is seen In the fact -that every other pole on Division street has been removed.. .one new meter does the work of two old ones. POKER WITH THE JOKER Nehru's Visit A man now looked upon as the key figure of Asia is a guest of the United States. He is Jawa- harlal Nehru, prime minister of the Union of India, a man responsible, next to Gandhi alone, for India's independence. Nehru is the key figure of Asia because communism, now completing the conquest of China, is ever on the move. It will, if it can, move westward through Indo-China, Slam and Burma and finally infect India, the sec- WALTER WI^CHILL In New Yoirk THE BROADWAY EXPRESS .'.- Celeb* About Town: Mary Garden, the Toast of Testeiyear, kissing. Pat Moriaon backstage at "kiss Me, KaU",... Irene Bordonl, •who <somes out o'f retirement for the operetta, "Lady from Paris," looking-like an ingenue at Ruban Blflu... .Atomic .,bomb boss David Ltlienthal and his pretty dghtr Nancy, pausing for an A (Tom) ic Collins at the Stork.... Joan O'- Dwyei;, njece of. the Mayor, and his bride-to-be, Sloan Simpson, window-shopping, along Madison ....Barrister Jerry Geisler (the Runyon iFund's counsel in the Far West—for no retainer) at the Ma- combo/.. .-Erich Remarque, the author, ,a.»A hte'.wlfe, ditto,.. .The Archbishop of; 'Nanking (Paul Yu- Pln) in the Ambassador remarking-: "China Is fullof Lidices!"... Sister Kenny, the Angel, refusing to luncheon at a swank restaurant and Insisting her grou\aj dine In the 57th Street Automat..'. .Elliott Roosevelt spiking the talk of reconciliation. Salliea In Our Alley:. Leonard Lyons Is back.from another hurried trip" to Japan and Hawaii.... In Honolulu,. loveJy Mrs. Duke Kahanairooku (nee Nadine Alexander of here), introduced him to the Chief: of Police: "This is Mr. Lyons', the New York colyumjst. Toy. must have heard 1 of him".... "Of -course," was the Darling Uanta retort;, "every Sunday night, Flash-Flash!"... ..In Gilmore's they were-gabbing artxmt a recent 'premiere at which the first-nighters seemed better behaved than usual, h'ey were. to quiet," said a wit, "you could hear the critics snore." recording, of' "TwiMghf.. .N. Katkov's novel', "A Little Sleep, A Little Stulmber" (Doubleday). . . Benny Goodman at the Roxy And the swlngy-thlngy (what a march!* called: "I've Got a Lovaly Bunch of Cbcanutii!" Broadway -Popcorn: E velyn Knight winged in from the coast to a hoap Oh D. C:) where her sister has pneu....Kay Lehman (of ex-Gov.' Leharian's family) weds next June. .He's from India, serving his ihterhshllp at Presbyterian Hosp.. .. '.Ellialbeth Tayior, 'didn't refuse to return the engagement ring to jilted Bill Pawley, Jr. He told her to keep it Betta St. John, the darling of "S. Pac.," and playwright Edw. Trzclnscki are ding-ding. His play, "Stalag 17" (his experience In,a German prison camp), is due on Broadway this winter... .A rich Park Avenuer has a rieW- career. Trailing Bea Lillie around the country. Big gee- wiz!.. Following an Item here the cast of "Mr. Roberts" finally got a raise after a year of terrific prosperity. They were told: "Please don't tell ybtir troubles to Mr. Wlncftell". /M: Berle's "Leave Them Laughing" fllm will have its preview in" Lindy's (very soon) at 3 ayetn. Mldtown Vignette: We were telling Hearst ave Bob Consldlnc that the Runyon Committee rarely encountered helpers or donors, who did it For Publicity or personal gain.... The very f ew who had propositions (such as a "plug" in the ipaper or on the air) were 'rozen stiff by the committee's terrible glares. This week a stranger walked Into the office of the Fund's President 1 (Dan Parker) at ;he Daily Mirror... "If you try to *arn ijjy najne-.throng*- the bank, you-.will; ^ak'e.,.ail' .the; jpy : out'qf doing this";. .'.And so 'saying, he placed a bank draft oh Dan's, desk 'or $20;<X». .-•'-, Memo* of a Mldnlghter: One of jibe- town's moist popular sports, ijmtefs-may-inherit Matt Winn's ttirohe at Churchill •• -Downs and the Derby.'.'. :Dane Clark Is '.In town, a target,for autographcrs.:, Cornel Wilde's Cub Room playmate is Barbara Dunn, best ad for the':'brunettes. Three' dates in ' a fdw, which ; gfets your 'name iri the tispyrna.. Barry) Zanuck's ^ghtr Darrylln makes whoopee at' Eddie Condon's •'-wtyhva' double glass of mo^-ju'loB.;;«.This is' th<3 Rodeo's final ;week, don't miss it!: .: .Do ! es Guy Lombardo know a midwest maestro, calls himself Gyle Otn- Bardo...:.Jolly pi' England has- a quiz iprogra'm cnlled: "Have a Go" .. ;Harry Delniar, • the producer, and Louise Andre were quietly sealed a month ago. New York Novelette: They met elcrht years ago In the cast of "My Sister Eileen".... One look was, enough They 'told each other How They Felt...'; And were married' soon after When the hit closed they -wont to Hollywood, two kids with a Dream Some day, they decided, they'd return to Broadway a» a man-and-wlfe starring- team. .. .Like the Lunts or- Vivien iLeigh and Laurence Olivier . .'„Even the James W**'•'< •-flBlsftt.-years isn't too ng to see" p. 1 dream come true'A. A;rid r»o this'Sunday night (on the &riny of their marriage) it'll happen.... It won't be in the thittir but it'll be the next-best-thing Theytl appear as husband and wife (on teevee) for Colgate. . , . P. S.: Joan Castle and Bill Post were divorced four years ago Orchids To: Jack Belden's new book, "China Shakes the World" (Harper's)... John Reed King's quiz-howl program (WOR'...Martin Roman's piano-magic at El Borracho...Jack Gaver's book, "Curtain Calls"... T. Dorsey's Victor Manhattan IHurals: The West Side fortune-teller, who reads "your fortune" in your eyes. Makem a fortune from showgels, et al.... The Kerricktcr known as The Watchman. Carries six watches, asks you the time, then tells you how wrong you are The neanut vendor, who often parks near the veddy exclusive Uinon Club. He wears spats. .The chorines dang- ing their tootsies from the Strand Theater windows... .The tot being carried from Madison Square Garden (sound asleep) with his rodeo cowboy whip clenched In his hand The free-for-all near the Plaza Fountain—"Screech Alley." Six members of the Ella-gentsla were slapping each other around. A nop came along—stamped a foot—and they all fled. ; The Lajtc Watch: The next Hooper's first",six' will be: Lux, Benny, Holr-ieX Godfrey, Fibber and Molly and •lOhinatown Charlie Things you prob'ly never knew: That if an .orchid's secretion cornea off on a lady's evening frock, .no amount of .cleaning will' ever remove it. .,. Dis't Att'y Hogan ass't Eugene Lelman w.eds Betty Ann Mitch'ell, Nov. 13..:.NBC chopping heads all over the^ place... .Many 'more to rollow. ...Bob;Trout celebrates his 18th year (at nrst-rate radio reporting) this week. .Welcome to The Club,. Chub.. .Isn't anyone gonna inquire about the heavy coin .spent on flve pieces of Communist literature h'eayily distributed in the 22nd Assembly Dis't for Marxantonio?! . .Federal control over antl-histamme drugs has been removed. You no longer need prescriptions for hay-fever, colds, etc The best remedy (for us.) is PBZ, a nose-drolpi. (Pyrajbenzam ine) Helps you get off to dream land....What a wonderful year for New Yorkers. Our Yankees won the Series, '^our ... Mayor's getting married and our Communists are going to jail From- The News: "The first mention of the Mayor's new heart interest crept into one of the columns and was quickly denied". .Yes, we know. NEHRU LAYS WREATH ON FDR GRAVE INDIA'S MIIMI MINISTER Jawaharlal Nehru places a wreath on the grave of President Roosevelt at Hyde Park. Hi Y,Jri the teckgrouad (L to r.). are: Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Nehru's daughter; Mme. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, hie sister, and Mrs. Eleanor RooWtvelt. . <J*iemation«t) Household Scrapbook Butter Butter can be creamed quickly by heating the mixing bowl with scalding water. Wipe, and put in ;he butter. It will cream in much ess time than required when the gutter is put into a cold bowl. Rubber Plant Drop a teaspoonful of sweet oil around. the roots of the rubber plant once a month and sec how ;rcatly it will increase the gloss of the plant. Chewing Gum Chewing gum that has become stuck to clothing should be removed, as much as possible, with a dull knife. Then sponge with carbon tetrachloride. MUSIC SHOP . ... records for. children make wonderful year-round gift* . . . 88 Church St. Phone 5287 FUR PRICES DROPPED TO A NFW LOW. Compare Price and Quality Kittabllfthed 1839 NO. MAIN ST. WATKRBHBT More than one-half New York's total area is lender cultivation. COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC. REFRIGERATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls Tel. T430 Emergency Ctll 6557 SEE THE NEW 'UNIVERSAL WASHER . •• ' • 'at Gerald's Appliance • — New Low Price* — »7 SPRING'.SB.' CNION crar TELEPHONE M51 ftAMOS IRON WORKS «» RUBBER AVE3TJB Kijr««-T»fld]nr_pl All Ty»««—FortU* Sheet Mttel * 9>rn»est«l fttccl Wort — P4rt«M« Wrlilfcn F.qitp '• TEI/EFHONK «7S |J»*i Jh^dfc»»ii>ig Dependable 11 Storw . . . OPEN THURSDAY NIGHT . . . BBHT A CUTAWAY FOB THAT W« CM Ftt HIMM^TMI Bfc IMBIMBO'S »S«f£* Vtam All »r 8MO jlL ratal »>„ Wrtr. Paw t.g«M SANTOS GENERAL REPAIES Radiators, Batteries Machine*, Baby Carriage* Blcjrcle*. Soldering MOWERS SHARPENED 4flO Robber A»e. Phone «W7 NEW fN(iUNl) b IARGF.ST PEfKOltUM SIORAIJF TERMINAL BUNKER "0" Fuel Oil per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone *' 6-3541 Naugatuck Fuel Co. CHURCH STREET Tel. 5236 FRED'S HI-WAY GB1LLE 601 South Main St. Regular Dally Dinner OOc up OATERINO FOR WEDDl^GO SHOWERS, STAG PARTIES, Etc Banquet Room, Cocktail Lounge Full liquor License BUTKU8 Atlantic Service Station Fern and Chestnut Ste. NOW OPEN! ! Atlantic Top Grade OU Second-to-none S0c-35c If It's Anything for Your Floor Call ARRAY FLOOR OOVEWNQS M Diamond St. Tel. (BIB ARROW'S LINESMAN *' " - •' •'•••*. scores three ways! Ensemble designed, the. shirts, ties.arid handkerchiefs harmonize so beautifully together that a man couldn't want-anything more pleasing to wear. The shirts feature .the ultra-fashionable new Candy Stripe patterns ... . in elegant colors and in Arrow's best-looking collar styles. $3.65 The ties mate up beautifully with the shirts in color, pattern and fabric, and they knot and drape like a dream. $1.50. The handkerchief! 651 add the final completing touiii S«e them here today At rite Men's Depr. . . . Main Floor

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