Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1949 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1949
Page 17
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Tuesday Evening, Oct. 4, 1949 Logansport Pharos-Tribune 17 By Alfred Andriol* By Alex Raymond KERRY DAKE— RIP K1RBY— WE'KB {SETTING SOMEWHERE, iANOy' THE BLOOP ON THE GLOVES IS THE SAME TVPE AS THAT ON FLASH CARSON'S SCARF.' THEX MAV HAV6 BEEN WORM By THE KILLER/ MISS FAIN! UALBRIE IS \ SONEJ HER BED HASN'T 6BEN SLEPT IN! '//// 0AH-UN6S? OH, MISTER, PLEASE KELP ME/ MY MOTHER'S AWFUL SICK IN THE CITY, AND I'VE MISSED HE BUS! REX MORGAN. M.D By Dal Curtis By Hank Leonard MICKEY FINN— LOVERS' QUARRELS HAVE OCCURRED SINCE MAN WAS PLACED ON EARTH, JUDITH ....AND GREAT POETS HAVE RECORPED THEM / LISTEN TO THIS R4SSA66 ' "SUSS YST mf BLOOC AO iavofjt totes IT CUMOT 8f THEN TTUr fjSM TAMf/H? AIT OH, STEFAN, I FEEL IT... EVERY WORD OF 1T...3NCE JERRV LEFT TAKE THIS PAD, AND WRITE EACH WORD/ IT VYIU cawfoer >ou TO RE.4D THEM IVHEN VDUS HEART IS HEAVY/ 10(i CAN ALWAYS SET T f GUESS WONDERFUL PRICES / YOU'RE RIGHT, FOR THINGS, FLOSSIE 1 MRS. FINN .' -UNTIL YOU REALLY WANT TO SELL THEM.' / WELL ,VOUVE SEEN IT ALL,MR.BLAATZ/ WE'RE ASKING HUMPH JANP JUSTAOHtCAR GARAGE .< LL GIVE YOU •8,000 Si FOR IT/ AND NOT A PENNY MORE' z Mve Autstey at£0/ BOBBY flOJU. By Mattin Links I BUZ SAWYER— By Roy Crane ."It's her mother's chocolate whipped cake—I know it is!" CEIN AND BEAR IT- By Lichty A WANE, .PAPA 1 . MAYBE IT'S THE POCTOR POS6IBI.Y HE WILL RETURN TOMORROW. POSS1BW MEXT WEEK. THE DOCTO'B HA6 GOME TO THE CITY, PAPA. THERE IS NOTWINS WE CAM DO. REMOTE IKOIAW VILLA&E OF IXTOPAL. NO TRftlWS, NO KOM>5/ OMLY A ROUSH AIRSTRIP IW THE STEAM- INS JUNGLE. HERE'5 WHERE YOUR AMERICAN CHIW* GUM COMES 1=BDM, SAWYER. THE CHICLE'S GATHERED IN THE JUNSI.I, BROUGHT HERE, FLOWN OUT. M T NO. ASK IF "N V (YOU ONE is THE) ^3 » \AS<. STRICTLY BUSINESS— By McFeatton MARY WORTH— By Dale Allen OUR BU5INE55 15CONSISTENT, HERE! LET ME GIVE YOU A SAMPLE SHALL IHAN6THI5 AGAIN,MARTY? AYE, BRIDGET!- -THOUGH IT'S HAR-RRDLY DECO-, R-RATIVE! OF THE CORN THAT'S KILLING LITTLE ABNER— By Al Capp New Watermelon Varieties Ripen Quickly, Taste Fine DURHAM. X. H. (UP)—Two new •watermelons, only slightly larger than a cucumber, have been BUWCT YOO.'. r Tl ONLY DONE YOU'VE #ONE_ J ME DUTY r^\ THE. WORLD WILL NEVER BE IT/;' y-r-;; /^ AS A -^—< THE. SYME.^- FOR TUPPENCE. JMIT BARRISTER.':'-] I'D KICKYOUP FAT FYCE/:'/-^",' y YOUR BLOOMINJ'FVCE WON'T NEVER BE THE ^ SYME,.'.'' ) await -your S work oPP your ercam on US.V we in tuilt fo' it, 1 /'- «« IQfVS* it.' 5r^ "I got an advance Irom my boss—^but not in my pay envelope!" ELLA CINDERS— By Charlie Plumb JUST ANSWER AND HANS UP AS -SOON AS YOU CAN SNITHOUT ASOJSiNG SUSPICION.' DO you KNOW the IDS5NTITY OP THE A\AN WHO CAME FOS. TREATMENT OF A SHOULDER WOUND S ' NO.' IS HE AC\\EO, ANO AR£ YOU TALKING TO ME UNDES THE THREAT OP BEIN3 SHOT IF YOU SAY TOO /V\UCH 3 Do YOU THINK; HS SUSPECTS THAT THIS IS A POLICE CALL AND THAT WE'RE COMING cor». u», KiMe nurvus trmtCATE, IM" "For once you're RIGHT about my cookin*, darlin*. It IS ivpf saurHiistl" IS wet sawdust! STRICTLY RICHTER— By Ricbter oped at the University of New Hampshire. Seeking a melon that would ripen in August, the horticulturists developed these two varieties that ripen about 65 days from plant- time. The new varieties have named the New Hampshire ! Midget and the Merrimac Sweetheart. ' "The flavor is delicious, the flesh color beautiful, and the melons will fit in the refrigerator," said Assistant Marketing Specialist Norman F. AVhippen. TOO GOOD TO WASTE GIRAFFES OS VIEW MEMPHIS, Tcnn. (UP)—Poky and Dot. the giratl'es at Overtoil Park Zoo, have about as much privacy in their new home as fish in a bowl. AVhen their old wooden building .burned park officials had the new one constructed ot glass. "You can turn around now. Coach. Our side eot the baJL'.' DOTTY DRIPPLE— By Ruford Tun* NOT SUPP06CP TO BE 15 MY HAT OM STRAIGHT ? JIGGS— By George Me Man us AH.'l PSQWISED MASGIE I'D 8= HOW= EA!^1_V-SO I'LL CLO5E UP-MAGQE SAID SNr=D CAUL UP AT SIX-AH' IT'S JUST six KJOW- MA/' THAT'S TH' PWQNJS - THAT'S MAGGIE NOW - .' WE TIE'S LOCkEC" IM/.' -AND THE COMSiM-WION IS IM MV HUM-I-JOT AT TWS OFFICE.' I'LL SIT UP FO2 MM IP IT TAKES

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