The Argus from Fremont, California on August 8, 1966 · Page 12
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The Argus from Fremont, California · Page 12

Fremont, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 8, 1966
Page 12
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Page 12 Monday, August 8, I960 THE ARGUS Television Timetable Ch. 2-KTVU Oakland Ch. 8--KSBW-TY Salinas Ch. 3--KCRA-TV Sacramento Ch. 9--KOED San Francisco Ch. 4--KRON-TV San Francisco Ch; 10--KXTV Sacramento Ch.. 13--KOVR-TV Socramsnto Ch. 5--KPIX San Francisco Ch. II--KNTY San Jos* Ch. 7--KGO-TV San Francisco Ch. 12--KHSL-TV Chico -BEST BETS TODAY- MONDAY 7:00 p.m. 4 ASSIGNMENT FOUR-(coroO--"Shepherd of the Streets"-follows Reverend Donald Stuart on his 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. · rounds through San Francisco's Tenderloin area. 8:30 p.m. 9 SPECIAL--FRENCH FUTURE--"French Eyes On the Future" --an evaluation of French achievements in space technology, atomic energy, aviation, and electronics. 9:00 p.m. 4 JOHN DAVIDSON SHOW--(color)--Guests are Jimmy Boyd and Mimi Dillard. Comic Ridisrd Pryor presents "Rumpel- stillsXIn" as a grade-school play. 10:00 p.m. 4 RUN FOR YOUR LIFE--(color)--"Keep My Share ol the World"-- Greek millionaire has troubles dating back to the war in spile of wealth and building car capable of breaking land-speed record. M O N D A Y AUGUST 8 6:00 O Rhyme and Reason O Sunrise Semester O A.M.--Dunbar 6:25 O Farm Dateline ® Focus on Farming 6:30 O Profile O Employment Study CD Summer Semester 6:55 £0 News 7:00 OQQ8 Today Shew O News: Jim Anderson (E Weathervane f£) Cartoonland 7:05 OD News: Mike Wallace 7:30 O News: Mike Wallace QD Diver Dart 7:45 £0 Beany and Cecil 8:00 OCDCB Ciptain Kangaroo Q Girl Talk 8:15 JBQ Cartoons 8:25 Q News 8:30 O Gypsy Hose Let G) Discovery (Q8 Jack La Lanne 9:00 dOa Eyefiaess GOCBCB I Love Lucy O Movie: "Hills of Home." '48. Lassie, Janet Leigh, Tom Drake Q) Hocus-Pocus © Movie: "Arabian Nights." '42. Jon Hall, Maria Mpntez 9:15 (D Buckaroo 500 '· 9:25 BO News 9:30 GOO Concentration GC0C0 Tne McCoys Q) Hocus-Pocui 9:50 O Religion Today 10:00 Q News QUO Chain Letter O(D(D Andy of Mayberry O Life of Riley Q) Leave It To Beaver 10:30 O@ Jack La Lanne Showdown Dick Van Dyke O Luau--Bill Gordon CD People's Choice , 03 Dart Shadows 11:00 Q Romper Room QO Jeopardy: Art Fleming OCJ 03 03 Love of Life OCDQD Supermarket Sweep 11:25 QB News 11:30 BOOOi Swingin' Country OCDE Search for Tomorrow OfDCE) Toe Dating Game 11:45 OQ303 Tne Guiding Light 11:55 BOB News AFTERNOON 12:00 B Star Performance Guest: Dick Powell OG Today at Noon: News OO8 Let's Make a Deaf QGDE News BCD Donna Reed O People Are Funny 12:15 © Today In Agriculture 12:25 BOO News 12:30 B News BO@ Days of Our Lives G OCDCB As the World Turns OCDCB Father Knows Best 12:35 B I Want To Know 1:00 B Divorce Court BO The Doctors OO031B Password OCDCE) Ben Casey 1:30 BO Another World QOCBC0S House Party 2.-00 B Movie: "Red Stallion." '47. Robert Paige, Ted Donaldson BOO You Don't Say GOOD® To Tell the Truth OfDQD Newfywed Game 2:25 GOOD News 2:30 B Movie: "Flight From Destiny." '41. Thomas Mitchell, Geraldine Fitzgerald Mitch Game GOOD® Edge of Night OfDCE) A Time For Us 2:55 OfDfQ News: Woman's Touch 3:00 O The Millionaire GOQ3G3 Secret Storm OCDCB General Hospital 3:25 B New 3:30 B Captain Stlellite O Mayor Art O The John B. Tucker Show. OCDCE) The Nurses B Movie: "Carolina Cannonball." '55. Judy Canova, Andy Clyde Kb Gypsy Rose Lee (0 Movie: "Die Daring Young Man." '35. James Dunn, /rlae Clarke 4:00 B Movie: "King of the Wild Horses." '47. Preston Foster, Gail Patrick BCD Mike Douglas Show BCD Dark Shadows Q Time For Music ©8 Captain Delta 4:15 O Friendly Giant 4:30 BO Rocky and his Friends O Rawhide. Eric Fleming, Clint Eastwood QCD Wiere the Action Is O Whafs Hew 5:00 B Sup*TMla O Movie: "The Big Store." '41. Marx Brothers. Tony Martin Q Science In Our World CD Marshal Dillon GDtBO Cartoons 5:30 B The Three Stooges BO Traventure Theater O Zane Grey Theater O Twilight Zone Widower acquires robot B Supe'man O Local Issut (QCD News CD Onie and Harriet ©8 The Cisco Kid 6:00 BO Cartoon Cut-Dps BOO Kuntley-Brlnkley News GOfDCBCD News O Portrait in Music 03O Walter Cronkite ' 6:25 O Leave It To Beaver 6:30 BO Yogi Bear BO News BO03O Witter Cronkite-News . B Whafs New OD Lawman QJ Outer Limits © News--Bob Young 6:55 OB Sports B Superman 7:00 B You Asked For It O@ Assignment Four-"Shepherd of the Streets" B The Rifleman. Circus marksman comes to town . Q News. Roger Grismby B Walt Disney's World of Color O Com me Vrventles Franca'rs tB Beyond The Limits 03 Marshal Dillon CDS America 7:15 Q News. Peter Jennings 7:30 BO Movie: "The Gun Hawk.' '63. Outlaw hunts Killer of town drunk. Rory Calhoun, Rod Cameron BOO Hullabaloo. Guests: Gary Lewis, Bobby Rydell, Noel Harrison, the Mamas and the Papas BfEHB To Tell The Truth OfD© 12 O'clock High. "Angel Babe" is a bomber with 3 personality who doesn't want to quit O USA--Poetry 8:00 BOO John Forsythe Show- John's plan for relaxing are sho when visiting leader In exile comes lo the school. GGDQ3 I've Got a Secret O Zorro O Kileidnscope 8:30 QO8 Dr. Kildire. Doclor feels he must prevent patient from making TV appearance QOCGCB Vicjlion Plijr- housa. Despite efforts to support family, dental student must accept financial support of scatterbrained wife BID© Jesse lames. Jesse sets out for California hoping · to be not so well known O French Future. Documentary of present day France 9:00 QQ@ John Davidson Show. Guests: Jimmy Boyd, Mimi Dillard, Richard Pryor, King Cousins GOODfBG *nd Griffith Show. Ople ii writing story of historical local battle OfDGD Shenindoih. Shenan- efoah wants to find aging gunlighter 9:30 O Hollywood And The Stars. 'The Oscars: Moments of Greatness." QQD(B(3 Hazel. Hazel gets auction-fever and becomes landowner OQHE) Peyton Place Q Movie: "Touch and Go." '55. Jack Hawkins, Margaret Johnston. Man quits job and emigrates to Australia O City 8«j( 50 Q Radeiuel Reports :OD Q News -BEST BETS TOMORROW- TUESDAY 8:30 p.m. 5 HIPPODROME--(color)--Host Trinl Lopez introduces the Dave Clark Five, Eruo Stuartl, Les Medlnas, aerialisls, the Roberts Brothers' lions, and Richiardl Jr.. magician. 9:00 p.m. 9 AMERICA'S CRISES--"The Religious Revolution and the VoW"--Bishop James Pike is Interviewed in this program about.the efforts of the churches to reach the young people. 10:00 p.m. 5 CBS REPORTS--"An Essay on Bridges"-documentary of the history, styles and tore of daring art of building bridges from the first bridges of centuries ago to the present. 11:30 p.m. 7 MOVIE: "Ballad of a Soldier." '59. Russian movie about the young solider who Is granted a leave as a reward for valor in battle, and meets and falls In love with girl on the train. Vladimir Ivashov, Shanna Prokhorenko. Sounds Of FM GOO Run For Your Life-"Keep My Shire of the World." Rossano Bunt, Greek millionaire: needs a.driver GCBfB Talent Scouts. Guests: Agnes Moorehead, Barbara McNair. Shelley Berman O (DODO The Big Valley. Aging saddle tramp is welcomed to ranch because he killed father's murderer Jy all but Heath. James Whitmore O Creative Person (return) 10:30 O Highway Patrol O American Perspective 11:00 O Movie: "An Act ol Murder." · '48. Edmond O'Brien, Fredrtc . March. A judge faces the problem of mercy killing ' OOOOQSfDfB NewJ 11:20'O Mere firiffin Show. Guests: Gilbert Price, Ronnie Martin, Renee Taylor 11:30 QOO8 Tonight Show. Guest Host: Sammy Davis Jr. ' O@ Movie: 'The Bridal Path." '58. Bill Travers, George Cole. Story of clan that permitted marriage between cousins (0 Movie: "Message to Bar- oil." '36. Wallace Beery, Barbara Stanwyck 0) Movie: "By the Light of the Silvery Moon." '53. Gordon MacRae, Doris Day Q3 ZineGrey (0 Harry S. Truman 12:00 (0 The Cheaten 12:50 O Movie: "A Bedtime Story." '33 Maurice Chevalier, He!en Twelvetreei 1:00 OO News Beauty Judge Needs Practice By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) -As e were walking along the idewalk en. route to a movie e passed a young woman of leasing countenance and pro- ortions. I w h e e l e d a r o u n d a n d atched the fair damsel until tie disappeared into a drug- tore. "Control yourself, Old Paint," my wife admonished. "If you top to ogle every girl in sighi e'll miss the last feature." "I'm not ogling," I repliet ndignantly. "I'm practicing." There are many importanl ivie duties that newspapermen jccasionally are called upon to erform. One of these is erving as judges at beauty ontests. Uniquely Qualified Sponsors of such events ecognize that newsmen, beinj rained as observers am disciplined to objectivity, an miquely qualified to hand dowi ;agacious and impartial deci :ions. KXKX* H.I XCIM . . . . . »!.» KTK «.; KLOS* . . . . »J4 KKff , . . 10!.) KStO' n.l KJAZ- n.1 KOIT n.l KPFA »«.! KSfR' Kt KKHI tl.1 KRON Its KEAR »7.J KPCM J7.7 KAIL n.l KCBS 11.1 KNSK HJ KEEN* . . . . 100.1 KTIM IM.t KPEN* 101.1 KTUX' 1I1J KDFC- 1W.1 KPAT Itll KOO |».7 KFOO' . . . . t«.« KFMR* . . . . IMt KB US' . . . . tu.j KFRC 1M.1 KMPX 1 . . . . IK.f KUFY' . . . . 117.7 ·McftijUx HUM AM Radio Timetable K1AY KFAX 1IM KLOK Ill* Kite 11» KYA UH KDIA Hit KEEN . . . »;» KPAT . . . . . l«« S'. -. -. ·. ·, 185 E K U H Y' -. ·.: -. · i£ Classic A classic pose in ft classic setting is assumed toy Mexican actress Ana Bertha Lepe, photographed in ancient Rome's Forum. She's in the modern Italian capital to work on a film, Besides that, appointing a ewsman as one of the judges usually a sure-fire way to get ublicity. Having never been one to lirk my duties as a citizen, 1 ill soon be heading for Tells, enn., to help select the queen f the 1988 West Tennessee 'kra Festival. It is a heavy esponsibility. Because of my deep-sealec edication and devotion lo okra Housing Decision Pending WASHINGTON (UPI) --Th, truggles to eliminate discrimin lion in housing and to get thi lation's airline service back t normal head for showdowns in he House this week. In the third week of it: ongest debate over civil right: egislation, the House is expect d to vote on a compromis measure that would ban discrimination in the sale o rental of about 23 millioi existing homes and apartments Administration leaders br ieve they have the votes t iass the legislation on a ro call vole, now that il has beei amended to exclude owner occupied single family home* and small apartment buildings With both spokesmen for fiv najor airlines and the slrikin international Association Machinists (IAM) pessimist! about the chances of negotia Jons achieving a new contrac .he House Commerce Commi ee was prepared to fry to ge :ast floor action on a Senate massed resolution giving Con Ijress and the President a join ·ole in ordering the striker jack to work. Rep. Barley Staggers, W.Va., chairman of the commi tee, urged the two side Saturday to meet all weeken lo try to break the impasse, t said that if they did not, h group would expedite action c the resolution "with cverythin at our command." In the Senate final action expected on a bill to establis uniform standards for stai unemployment insurance pr grams. Part of the bill was approve last week, but member rejected pomm.|(leg - approve amendments which would ha' set a 26-week minimum-on II duration of jobless pay benefi in all the states and put ceiling on benefit payments. Other major action schedule this week includes: Champagne For Charo A champagne toast is offered to bandleader Xavier Cugat and his 21-year-old bride, Charo, after the couple were married Sunday at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. The ceremony was performed by Tas Vegaa Justice of the Peace James Brennan, and was the first wedding in the new $25 million resort hotel am terribly anxious that it be presented by "the best queen mssible. If I should make a rong choice in this contest, I ould never forgive myself. Over the years I have picked uite a bit of okra but I have ever before picked an okra ueen. Therefore, I have gone ilo intensive training to repare myself for the assignment. My first task was to get fixed early in my mind just what ualities an okra queen should ossess. Ideally, I decided, she ould be green, fuzzy and piny. However, in looking over the holographs of contestants in lis year's festival, I did not ee any girls who fitted thai escription. The next step was to practice ooking at pretty girls, both to tiarpen my perception and to evelop what is known as an mperaonal squint. In other words, I wanted to e certain I could scrutinize the onfestants closely wilhou reating the impression that 1 was leering at them. It was while working on my quinting technique that irv wife and I had our misunder landing. She still insists that tad too much glinl in m; qulnl. But that is a small price i lay for the advancement o }kra. Theatre Guide -- TODAY AT YOUR LOCAL THEATER -- DEL MAR" ALAMEDA Midget Race Car Stolen A Fremont man today i waiting for police to find a mic get racer stolen from his hom at 34327 Fremont Blvd., some- ime Saturday night or Sunday morning. Charles E. Slason, 50, report ed to police yesterday mornin. that a quarter midget racin, car, black with white letterin and black upholstery was take from the stand it was parke on in his driveway. The race is valued at $300. Caused A Cold GRAZ, Austria -- Recently Graz court sentenced a farme :o a f!2 fine, because he gav his neighbor a common cole He dumped a bucket of wate over him on a SOUTH BAY RADIO ft T-V COIOH-T.V. -797--1736 »«r CjWfcr · (Call Thtntcr lor Starting Time) HAYWARD mmm\ A I Eait Mlh ot !4»th Ave. AL Phone 357-4400 "THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING" Jonathln Winter! -- Car] Reintjr "CARRY ON ClEO" Amanda Barrie -- Cidney Day I toil I4th il. I Euclid Phon. 632-2556 "ASSAUIT ON A QUEEN" - Color Frank Sinatra -- Verna Li!i "THE CROOKED ROAD" Robert Ryan--Slewcri Granger R!TZ I ALAMEDA 3317 Centra Phone 5H-4O3 "TORN CURTAIN" - Color aul Newman-Julie Andrews "THE MONEY TRAP" Glen Ford -- Rita Hayworlh ALVARADO ALVARADO ALMA LLANERA 1 i31115 Union Blvd PhH» 471.612 -- Color -- Flar Si[veslr« Ton! Agullar . -- "MtERCOLES DE CENIZA" Maria F*l1x -- Ailuro De Cordova BERKELEY BERKELEY Shalli/rt al Hall Phone: a46-43f Excluitve Eoitbay Showing "BORN FREE" -- Ella The lion Virginia McKcnna - Bill Traveri "THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS" goiulind Ruuell -- Hayley Milli CALIFORNIA "ASSAULT ON A QUEEN" - Color Frank Sinotra -- Virna Liii "10 IIHLE INDIANS" Hugh O'Brien -- Fabian OAKS Jirr Solono al Thi Alamid Phoni 526-183 'WAIK DON'V RUN" in Color Cary Grant Kullon -- Samanlhu Eggar U /% Unlvcritly - Shatfu .C. PHONE 83.S16 -AROUND THE WORID UNDER THE SEA' Uoyd Bridgei -- David McCollum "SECRET SEVEN" - Color ' Tony Runell - Kelga line CASTRO VALLEY Chabot 2S " e "lS.S'.*a 'PATCH OF BlUE" - Academy Winner Sidney Poitler -- Shelley Winter! "INSIDE DAISY CLOVER" Natali. Wood - Christopher Plummer Alio Award Winner - "DOT I LINE" FREMONT CENTER rremorrf al Foot pn°n» 793.303 "ASSAUIT ON A QUEEN" -Color FranV Stnotra -- Virna li*i "CROOKED ROAD" Rob«rl Ryan -- Stewart Granger LAKE MERRITT Grand Lake Grand-MacArtn Phon. GL 2-35! "AGONY AND THE ECSTASY" CharTlon Helton Rex Horn ion Dian« Cilenlo PARKWAY CINEMA EXCIU$IV£ ENGAGEMENT "DEAR JOHN" Jnl Kulle - Chriitina hollln Swediih Made Firm ADULTS OVER IB YEARS ONLY ILIVERMOREI 225 " Million phon, sai-5540 "WALK DON'T RUN" - Corv Grant Jim Kullon -- Samanlho: £ogar "MAN IN ISTANBUL" Horn Bucholi - Sylvia Kailina H331 Million Phone 392-0420 "TOBN CURTAIN" - Color Paul Newman -- Julie Andrew! "CHARADE" - Color Cary Grant -- Audrey Hepburn I OAKLAND I 'aramounr Bdwy ° "LT. ROBINSON CRUSOE"-Cnlor Dick Von Dyfce f- Nancy Kwan "DUN APAIOOSA RUN" _ Ditney Short Subjecl tjfVVIC T7th St. I, felegrcph KV^AIC . PhoJi. 83J-33II 'WHO'S ArRAID Op VIRGINIA WOOLF' ElUabelh Toy lor Richard Burton George Segal -- Sandy Di FOX OAKLAND"""-' Phon. TW 3-2303 'AROUND THE WORLD UNDER THE SEA' Lloyd Bridget -- David McCallura "SECRET SEVEN" - Color Tony Runall -- HcFgo Line TOWER Tll«9raph at 111 SI OL 3-BCT22 "SLEEPING CAR MURDER" Exeluiivc. Engagement . Srmone Slanoret Yvel Montand 647 fail 12th Si Phent 835-5566 "DUELO DE PISTOLEROS" Emilio Fernondez -- Lull Aguilor "El MUNDO DE LAS DKOGAS" Julio Aldama - Olivia Michel ART ADULTS ONLY-OPEN ALL NIGHT "IKE NOTORIOUS DAUGKTE8 OF FANNY Hill" Filmed Tn Explicit Color Pluj Second Top Feature SAN LORENZO! Phsne 27i-467 "BOY DID I GET WRONG NUMBER Bob Hope -- ElVe Samrner -- Color "VIVA MABIA" - Color BrTgette Bardol -- Jeanne Moieau LEGITIMATE THEATRE SAN FRANCISCO CURRAN PHONE 673-4401 NOW - LIMITED ENGAGEMENT "HAIF A SIXPENCE" DicV Kalltnan -- Anne Roger! Smash Broadway Kit Evei Br30; Mali. WeiJ. Sal. 2:30 TkVetl Now Available SAN CARLOS Circle Star Theatre ' AUGUST 9 THRU AUGUST 14 THE INCOMPARABLE "MAURICE CHEVAlltR" Singing Kli' world romoui long* Twi Ihru Sat. B:30 - Sun. I P.M. NO MATINEES - TICKETS AVAILABLE OAKLAND WOODMINSTER FOUR NIGHTS ONLY Rodger! B, HammerileTn'! "OXIAHOMA" AUGUST 12, 13, 19, 20 Performanco al 8:30 P.M. TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE VINE Weil lit-S»oth O Slre.l ttant 447-2545 LT. RO JIN SON CRUSOE" - Color Dick Von Dyke - Ncuuy Kwan "RUN APAIOOSA HUH" Diiney Shorl Subjecl DRIVE-IN MOVIES IHAYWARD! Hayward Motor Movies f. Txinyien-MliiTxi Ilvd.-Ml.3973 "IHE RUSSIANS ARE COMING" Jonothin V/infert -- Eva Marie Saint "DUEL AT DIABLO" - Color Jamei Garner -- Sidney PoilTer DRIVE-IN MOVIES I OAKLAND Airport Auto Movies 9th Av». Nr. Airport Fhon* M9-32 AROUND THE WORLD UNDER THE SEA" Lloyd Bridge* -- David MeCalJutn "SECRET SiVEN" - Color Tony Rimpll -- Helga Line COLISEUM DRIVE-IN NImlli al Hiih - Phon. S34-741I "ASSAULT ON A QUEEN" - Color Frank Sinalra - Virna Liii "HATA8I" - Color- John Wayn« - Red Bulfoni SAN LEANDRO OAKLAND 14lh . 150th Av. DRIVE-IN Phorui 351-7030 "WALK DON'T RUN" - Cory Grant Jm Hut ton -- Sa ma nlJi a Eg gar "BABY THE RAIN MUST FAIL" Sley« Mcau»«n - ICQ Bern;A Stadium Auto Movies £. Kin . tHlh AVI. Phon. 151-7039 "TORN CURTAIN" - Color Paul Newman -- Julie Andrews "THE IAST 5UNSEI" -- Color B«k Hudson - Ki.k Oouglai ·1. FREMONT Fremont Auto Movies mom Blyd., NImlli Fiwy. 793-3900 'WALK DONT RUN" - Cory Grant Jim Htillon -- Samantha Egaar "THE SILENCERS" _ Color Dean Martin - Slella Slevor.1 Nimitz Auto Movies OH Nmiu Freeway.Durhom Rd. 656.9500 In-Car Kealeri "ASSAUIT ON A QUEEN" - Color Frank Sinalra -- Virna lili "PSYCHOPATH" Patrick Wymark - Mar s arel Johnion San Ramon Auto Movie 7500 Dublin AVI. 828.1700 IK-CAR HEAIERS "TO2N CURTAIN" - Color Paul Newman - Julj« Andrew! "MADAM X" - Color Long Turner -- Jolwi Foriylhe AlAMEDA I ALAMEDA DRIVE-IN rVebilei-Alomidct Tube Phone 523-9344 "PARADISE HAWAIIAN SIYIE" Eiv.i Preiley - Suionna Leigh . "THE PSYCHOPATH" Palrick W,,mark - Morgar.l Johnion Island Auto Movie Nexl to 1h, Tub. Phon. 525-72W "STAGECOACH" - Color Ana Moigrel -- Red Bulloni "FLIGHT Of THE PHOENIX" Jean Paul BVmondo - Colherir* SpaaV Flea Market Sun. 8 AJH.-5 P.M. SAN AUTO MOVIE Niaili fr... . Ohh Rd. . CY 5-SOCJ 7HRE6 FEATURE PROGRAM "THE PARTY'S OVER" "BIOOD AND HACK LACE" "IHE NAKED X1SS" UNION CITY UNION ,,, " *·'' I "« - Nl«ln Fr.«woy-Al.arorlo Cut-Orf "TORN CURTAIN" - Color Paul Kevrmon - Julie Andrew! "[1ST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER" George c. Scol t - Dana V/ynfer

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