Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1949 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1949
Page 16
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16 Logansport Pharos-Tribune L Late Market Reports INDIANAPOLIS LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 4—(PMA) —Livestock: Hogg 10,000, rather low, 150-280 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Oct. 4— (USDA)— Livestock market: Hogs: „ . . .. , —=-. salable 12,000; market Ibs. barrows and guts weak to 2oj s]ow . 50 cents to a 00 lower on butchers: closing mostly 75 cents to 1.00 off; sows 25-50 cents lower; top 19.25 sparingly; practical top 19.00 for choice 230-270 Ibs.; most good and choice 220-2SO Ib. butchers 18.50-19.00; 190-220 Ibs. 1S.OO- 1S.75, lighter weights scarce; few 170-190 Ibs, 17.25-18.25; sows under lower, mostly 18.75 down; 165180 Ibs. 18.25-18.75; Wg weights scarce; sows tully steady, most 300-500 Ibs. 16.00-17.75, some 18.25; big weights around 500-600 Ibs. 15.50-16.00. Cattle 1800, calves 500, fairly active, good and choice grain-fed steers strong to 50 .higher; year- j 400 lba 425-525 Ibs lings and heifers slow, steady to; odd head heavier sows an low as 15.00; good clearance. Sheep: salable 3,500; nothing done on laijibs; bidding 1.00 lower; fed yearlings and sheep steady to weak; medium to good yearlings 19.00; native ewes 9.50 down. Cattle, salable 8,000;. around steady; cows slow, steady j tras 70 percent A and over, unquot- to weak; bulls fully 25 cents high- j ed; 60 to 69.9 percent A 57 cents a er; vealers steady; stock cattle i dozen; standards 47-4S; current re- firm; four loads choice to prime j ceipts 46-47 dirties 40; checks 1250-1370 Ib. fed steers 34.50-34.S5; | 391/0. top 34.S5; choice 1050 Ibs. Colorado | Potatoes: Arrivals 61; on track yearlings 34.25; most choice steers 1376; total U. S. shipment Sol. Sup- 32.50-34.00; good and choice fed ] plies moderate; demand moderate; yearlings 27.50-34.00; 'market steady, firm undertone for weak, 3 loads -high good and average choice near 1200 Ib. steers 31.00, 2 loads frigh good near 1075 Ib. weights 31.00; 'few loads low good to average good 850-1050 Ibs. 28.00-29.00, high good kind to 30.00; medium to low good' •hort fed steers and yearlings 26.00-28.00; medium and good fed heifers 25.00-27.00, common and medium 800 Ib. heifers and steers 17.00-23.00; cows firm; good .beef cows 16.50-17.00, common and medium 14.50-16.50; vealers strong to 1.00 higher, choice 28.00-31.00, com- pion and medium -20.00-28.00. Sheep 1,500 fat lambs steady to •9 higher, good and choice mixed .-weights 23.50-24.00, medium and gocd 21.00-23.00, common 17.5020.00; medium and good fed 96 Ib. yearlings, No. 1 pelts, 18.50 •laughter ewes 6.00-7.00, llght- S.OO-S.50. steers and medium to low good steers 19.5027.00; good and choice heifers 26.50-27.00; good and choice heifers 26.50-31.00; good cows 17.00-19.00; common and medium beef cows 14.25-16.50; canners and cutters 12.00-14.50; medium and good bulls 17.75-19.50; medium to choice vealers 24.00-2S.OO. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, Oct. 4—Produce: Live poultry: 40 trucks. The market steady. No changes. Cheese: Twins 31%-33: single daisies 35-36%: longhorn 35 1 /4-37; processed loaf 34V.-36 1 /.; Swiss 46-4S. Butter: 835,116 pounds. The mar- best stock, wide range condition. \ Track sales (100 Ibs): Idaho • Russets, U. S. one, ordinary to fair, ; some showing field frost, size A, washed, 3.40 to 3.50; Idaho stand- lards, washed, 2.90 to 3.10; Idaho j utility, washed, 2.45 to 2.70; "\Vash! ington Russets, U. S. one, size A, i washed, 3.50 to 3.75; Colorado Mc- iClures, no sales reported; North Dakota, and Minnesota Red River i valley district, "Warbas, U. S. one, 'size A, washed, car 2.40: Pontiacs, | U. S. one, size A, washed, 2.50 to 12.60; Wisconsin Triumphs. U. S. ' one, size A, washed, fair condition, J2.00 to 2.15; Chippewas, U. S. one,. '. size A, unwashed, 2:20. choice butchers $18-19; good to choice ?17-1S; bulls: choice $2223.50; good ?20-22. Calves: receipts 250. Market slow and about steady. Choice $2730; good 524-27. Sheep & Lambs: receipts 400. Market active and steady. Clipped lambs: good and choice ?23-24; sheep: choice wethers ?9-10; j choice ewes 39-10. ! Hogs: receipts 1200. Market j slow and off 50c. Heavies $16.25| 17.25; mediums $17.50-18.50; but| chers S19.25; Yorkers $17.25-18.50; | light lights and pigs §14-50-16; | roughs 113.50-16.50. CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE! CHICAGO. Oct. 4—Grain range: ; Open High Low Close WHEAT— i Dec. 214% 214% 212% 212"* , Mar. 214% 214Ts 213% 213'i : 209% 209% 20S% 20S 3 /s 193% 193% 192% 192% ket steady. 93 score 61% cents a calves: pound; 92 score 61%; 90 score 59; good and choice fed steers S9 score 54. Carlots: 90 score 59%; heifers moderately active, S9 score 55. 500; and steady to 50 cents higher; lower Eggs (browns and whites): 6,938 grades very uneven averaging | cases. The market unsettled. Ex- IAST BUFFALO MARKETS EAST BUFFALO, Oct. 4—Llve- Jtock market report as compiled fcy the New York state department •C agriculture and markets: Cattle: 100; market fully steady; «n« lot of good 700 Ib. New York •Ute heifers sold at 24; beef •ows 14-16; fat dairy type 13-14.50; good dairy type heifers for slaughter 17-18; good wsighty sausage tails 18-1S.50. Cattle: 200, market steady. (food and choice handyweight cal- ytt 29-30, with a few selects at 31. Hogs: 150; demand slow, market ireaker; early sales 25-50c lower: good and choice 170-270 Ib. truck hogs 19-20; 270-370 Ibs. 1819; good sows under 500 Ibs. 1618; heavy sows 14.50-16. Sheep: 100; market steady. Good •nd choice lambs sold, from 2313.50; top quotable at 24; good and choice handyweight ewes 8-9. PRODUCE Elpcn Meat Market FllOB« 34SS Tjgs , .45 Spring lamb* 20.00 Veal calves 23.00 Heifers 20.00 Steers 20.00 Third Street Market Fhone 3705 Eggs 43 Veals 23 Lambs .10 Veal hides .16 Beet hide* .09 Swift & Company Flutae 4193 f"d roosters .15 Keg 42 Leghorn hens 19 hens 21 Sixth Street Produce ttcM 8329 Booster* II Kfgs 42 Leghorn hens 19 Heavy hens 20 Logoniport Grain Phone 3441 No. 1 .... ......... 2.08 Wheat ...................... 1.75 , cwt .................... 1.60 .. ....................... 54 Producers' Stockyards Phone 3296 10fo250 ........ , ......... 1S.50 to 210 ................ 18.25 ISO to 200 ................. 18.00 140 to 180 .................. 17.00 S50to2SO ................... 18.00 ISO to 300 .................. 17.50 •00 to 400 ........... 16.50-17.50 gows ................ 14.00-17-25 Stags .................... 11.00 Boars ...................... 9-50 ( TUISBAT OSLT lambs ..................... 23.50 Calves .............. . ....... 30.00 Ewes .................. 4.00-S.OO Bucks .................. 3.00-5.00 Jack Hawkins Pfcone 44S4 Z20 to 240 18.25 240 to 260 ; 18.00 200 to 220 18.00 260 to 2SO 17 280 to 300 17.50 190 to 200 17.50 SOO to 400 16.50-17.50 Sows 16.75 down Stags 12.00 Boars 9.50 Veals 26.00 Duffey Stockyards Phone 3o9« ZOO to 210 18.75 210 to 220 1S.50 220 to 240 18.25 240 to £50 17.75 S50 -to 260 17.25 S60 to 2SO 16.75 SSO to 300 16.25 ISO to 190 17.25 ISO to 200 1S.OO Bows 16.00 down CLEVELAND LIVESTOCK CLEVELAND, Oct. 4—Livestock: Cattle: receipts 200. Market active and firm. Choice to prime $28-32.50; good $25-28: heifers: choice S24-2G; good $23-24; cows FINAL GRAIN REVIEW CHICAGO, Oct. 4—Commission house selling and scattered liquidation upset wheat futures on the Board of Trade late today but other grains continued a steady to firm tone. December led the decline in wheat on selling prompted by a reduction of a cent in the Commodity Credit Corporation's buy- ling price at Philadelphia. Deferred j showed some resistance but Jills* was down a cent from a seasonal high of fl.93% bushel reached earlier. May July CORN— Dec. Mar. May July OATS— Dec. Mar. May July RYE— Dec. Mar. Julv 122 122% 121% 121% 123% 123% 122% 122% 123% 123% 122% 122M, the American Red Cross will at- j lend a regional meeting for Red I Cross staff members _at 9:30 j o'clock Wednesday morning, October 12. at .Purdue university. The local Red Cross offices will be closed on that day. Responsibilities of field directors at military installations and the relationship of field director's work to honie-'service-in the chapters will be discussed at this meeting. 6S 6S 63° 66 63 s s 57% 141V, 148% 146i<i 246% 152% 153 lol!i 151U 147 Vs 148% 147 14S SOYBEAN'S— Nov. 232 : 233% 231U 233 Dec. 231% 233% 231% 233 Mar. 231% 233 231% 233 May 228% 230% 228% 230 July 227 227% 226% 226% i Files $3,000 Damage Suit j A $3,000 damage suit was filed • Tuesday in the Cass circuit court ! by Arthur Gall against the city of ; Logansport and the National iBank' of Logausport as trustee un- j der the last will of J. Abner Sey: bold, deceased. i The plaintiff alleges that he suf- Tuesday Evening, Oct. 4. 1941 ftred a fracture of the right foot and a sprain when he stepped in a hole in the sidewalk in front of 319 South Third street on.June 12, 1948, and asserts that the injury is permanent. The complaint charges that the injury was due to the negligence of the defendants. The suit was filed through Attorney Norman Kiesling. Joan Koch to Attend ARC Regional Meet Miss Joan Koch, office assistant for • the Cass county chapter of PORTER HERE THURSDAY Ed Porter, representative ot the Social Security Administration, will be at the local State Employment office from noon to 2 o'clck Thursday to answer questions con- j cerning the benefits,or obligations j [of local residents under the So- { progranj. i Than fcs, This is the kid who stood at the crossroads just a year ago in need of aid and understanding. In one direction lay the crooked lane to Gangland and State's Prison. But you helped start him on the other road—the straight path to Good Citizenship. Red Feather dollars-found a wholesome environment for the kid, where for the first time he knows affection, security, intelligent guidance. It was a bargain buy. A criminal cos,ts a lot rnore than that. This year other kids need the same help. Remember all those youths when you're asked to give. And remember the others, too— the aged, the ill, the handicapped, to whom your Red Feather dollars will bring healing and comfort and courage. Thanks, Mister! Thanks for what you did. Thanks for doing it again. COMMUNITY CHEST MANY CAMPAIGNS -"ONE SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO, and EMPLOYEES Suit Dismissed Due To Defendant's Death ~ The suit of Russell Oatess vs. William Oatess for appointment of a guardian was dismissed Tuesday ' by the plaintiff in the Cass cir! cuit court due to tlie death ot the- I defendant on Sept. 2. | The case had been brought here • on a change of venue from Fulton countv. Duroc Boar & Gilt Sale! 5 Miles Northwest of Logansport Wednesday Night, October 5th - 7:30 P. M. Farmers and 4-H Members, this is your last chance to buy boars and gilts from the Nationally known sire Ace Model, the boar -with many achievements. We are offering 20 boars and 20 gilts. Buy at your own price! Auctioneers, Ralph Riuebart, Walter Koon Clerk Wilbur Zieg Lunch will be served from 5 o'clock on by Shiloh Ladies Aid. LEE DAWSON AND SONS Phone -S023S Logansport, Ind. ClOSING OUT FARM SALE As we have bought town property and are selling our farm, we will sell the following at public auction, located 6 miles southwest of Peru on' the Cass-Miami County line, or one mile north and a mile and a half east of Onward on | THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1949 i. 11:00 O'clock A. M. 23 HEAD OF CATTLE—Consisting of S cows, four to seven years old, gentle and giving good flow ot milk; 4 heifers with 5 heifer calves by side; one 2 yr. old heifer; 4 fat yearling calves; one full blooded Brown Swiss bull calf, 6 months old, can be registered. HOGS—Two sows with eleven pigs. 14 SHEEP-^S ewes; 6 ewe lambs. 2 HORSES—A team ot work horses in good shape. 200 CHICKENS—150 Barred Rock pullets, 4 months old; 50 laying hens; S young ducks and some rabbits. HAY AND GRAIN—200 bales of clover hay; 175 bales of bean hay; 100 bu. oats, 6 acres of corn in field. IMPLEMENTS—1 steel wagon with ladders and grain bed in good condition; 1 steel wagon with gravel bed; 1 Black Hawk corn planter in good condition; 1 disk; 1 cultipacker; spike tooth harrow; corn Bled; 3 breaking plows; 1 corn plow; 1 corn sheller; mower; hay rake; hog oiler; manure spreader; lot of small tools; and some junk. 1 Fvooder house, 10'xl4'; also 3 extra good hog houses; hog tank. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS—1 extra nice 8 piece walnut dining room suite; 1 occasional chair; platform rocker; 1 good blue studio couch; straight chairs; telephone stand; white range (oil) with built in oven; curtains; 3 lace table cloths: other linen ware; dishes; coo'.cing utensils; 1 lot good canned fruit; oil lamps; milk buckets; milk strainer; other miscellaneous articles. JAMES BRYANT TERMS .OF SALE—Cash. Not responsible for accidents. Grume Auctioneer. Lunch will be served by Ladies Aid. CLOSING OUT SALE As I haw sold my farm and quitting fanning, I will sell at Public Auction at the farm located 1 mile south of Twelve Mile, on WEDNESDAY, OCT. 12,1949 BEGIXXISG AT 10:00 O'CLOCK A. M- 2 HEAD OF IIOESES—1 pair of sorrel mares, 7 and S years old, weight 3400 pounds, sound and good workers. 30 HEAD OF CATTLE—13 head of milk cows: 6 registered Ayrshire cows, 7 grade cows: 6 yearling cattle, been on feed 60 days; 2 tieifers, will freshen in the spring; S calves; 1 registered Ayrshire bull, 2 years old. 70 HEAD OF HOGS—4 sows, will farrow by day of sale; 1 Spotted Poland gilt, will farrow soon; 1 gilt with 10 pigs, 2 weeks aid- 1 Spotted Poland China male hog, 3 months oid: ~>3 shoats, weighing from 70 to 100 pounds. These hogs are vaccinated. H HEAD OF SHEEP—14 ewes. CHICKENS—200 New Hampshire Red pullets laying now; SO New Hampshire hens, 1 year old. TTJUKEYS—3n broad breasted young turkeys. . DUCKS—6 white ducks. laiPPLEJTEMS— Case S. C. tractor, on rubber, with starter and lights and cultivator, recently overhauled; Case 5 ft. combine with pick-up attachments,- used 1 season; Case 2-row corn picker has picked less than 100 acres; Case 13-disc drill with fertilizer and grass seed attachments, on rubber, like new; Case 7-ft. power mower, bought new in July; Co-op Manure spreader, on rubber, like new; Case side delivery rake, nearly new; rubber tired wagon, with rack; Bradley 7-ft. tandem disc; 2 section spike-tooth harrow; John Deere corn planter, with fertilizer attachments; 5-ft. International mower: cover for tractor; farm harness; 2 unit milking machine; Booder house, 10x12 good; extension ladder; milk cooler, with motor, 1 year old; metal corn crib, 1 year old; 50 ft. endless belt; International l-/i ton truck, with grain bed and rack; li-i horse electric motor; creair, separator, with motor; power lawn mower: 1 John Deere corn, binder; 1 Papec ensilage cutter, used very little; other 'things cot men-. tioned. COHX IV FIELD—45 acres of good corn in the field. GRAIX—250 bushels of good corn; S75 bushels of good Clinton oats HAY—1042 bales of mixed, hay. STRAW—600 bales of wheat and oats straw. HOUSEHOLD GOODS—Frigidaire, 7 cu. ft., like new; 2 Philcc deep freezers 5 cu. ft.; Tappan bottle gas stove, table model, like new; Chrome breakfast set; Thor electric washer, with double tubs: I Eureka electric cleaner, with attachments; dining suite, water fa!! ! design; china closet;, buffet; table and 6 chairs; knee hole desk with j chair, water fall design: 2 piece living room suite; lounge 4 chair; occas- j ional chair; overstuffed rocker; coffee table; end table: round stand; radio stand; table model radio; 4 floor lamps; 2 table lamps; rug 12x15, good as new; sewing cabinet; record cabinet; 3-section book case; 2 cricket chairs; complete bedroom suite; chest of drawers; 3 single beds, all with, innerspring mattresses; kitchen electric clock; porch glider; metal chairs; canned fruit; bedding; pictures; odd chairs; clothes hamper; carpet sweeper; library table; cooking utensils; dishei and other things not mentioned. This is an exceptionally good lot of. household goods. TERMS—CASH—Sot responsible for accidents. Lunch served by Ladles of the Community Club. MR. and MRS. HENRY J. WAGNER i CEUME and XURDEX, AncU. £. SKI»EB, Clerk.

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