Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1949 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1949
Page 11
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GANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRAE Tuesday .Evening, Oct. 4, 1949~ Logonsport Pharos-Tribune II Pharos-Tribune Joins In Celebration Of National Newspaper Week By Introducing Revolutionary Method Of Making Newspaper Cuts All Pictures of the Various Logansport Safety Patrols Appear ing on This Page Were Reproduced in the Pharos-Tribune's 0 wn Engraving Department. At Jefferson school, uatrolboy members arc shown above: Front . left to right: John Arnold, Donald Hlte, Timothy Holcomb, Thomas Jlfckael, Pat Crook and Joe Kellers (captain). Back row. left to right: Pkllllp Archer, Bonald Albright, Bill Collins, Charles lybrook, Robert Orr and larry Fryc. Members of the RIley-FranVHn schoolboy patrol arc pictured above. Trout row. left to riehl: Llovd Cuntaghw, John Cramer, Ronald Adnir,— ~ Robert t'lOBSe. Donald Angle, John O'Keefe, left t» right: Emory Gordon. Robert. Kroner, Don l?inltli. Carl Morock. Carl Wamlrei and Joe KieslW Vuiirth row, left tfl right: Frank .Inllan. >ormnn Apt. Jerry Gibson. Daniel Clawson, Robert Wild and KonaM Million. Fifth row, left to right: Warren Crockett, Bobert Boughtou, Bill Foreman. Tom Barnes rml Jim-Chin. in sciiooiooy parroi arc pictured above. Front row. left to right: Llovd Adalr, Jimmy Thompson, and Harry Elliott, Second row. left to riglit: D'Keefe, Donald C lawson, John Watson and Charles Shrock. Third row, Kroner, Don ! ! :nith, Carl Morock. Carl Wamlrei and Joe Kiesliiig. A milestone in Hoosicr journalism has been. set by the Pharos- Trlbune with the installation and operation of the revolutionary Fair. childs method of making newspaper engravings—the art' of transforming photographs into engravings for newspaper printing. This remarkable engraving machine pictured above is the first one in operation in any Indiana newspaper. It Introduces a new method in making newspaper engravings by etching the plctnrcs into a plastic material instead oi the usual zinc or copper plates. Photographic prints are locked onto the cylinder at the right which is scrutinized minutely by a tiny beam from a photo-electric cell. The light energy is transformed into electrical energy and a small stylus etches every detail ot the picture onto a plastic surface which is locked on a cylinder at the left, ffhe stylus is electrically heated and actually burns the engraving into the plastic. Under this new method it is possible to take a picture, develop and print the negative and make the cut within 60 mlnntes. Under the old zinc method of making engravings approximately two hours time Is required to make the engraving in addition to the time consumed for developing' the negative and making tlic print. Pictured standing beside the Pharos-Tribune engraving machine is Tictor Jose, staff photographer and engraver. The 'Fairchllds method of making newspaper engravings has been tested by thirty selected eastern newspapers for the past year, but not until last Angnst has the machine been available in the mlddlcwest. The Pharos-Tribune ever endeavoring to give its readers n better and more complete newspaper is first in adopting tills revolutionary and successful engraving device. The machine has been in operation since August 10. Since that time more than two hundred local engraving's have appeared in the columns of the Pharos-Tribune. Banielljcbsters force of patrol !,oys are shown above. Front row. left to richt. are: Fred Morgan, ™ *\ f rr l * " sher " 1I(l , Ke£nt l ' !ls;u> - Second row, left to right, arc: ,1oc Jiitchell (lieutenant) «n S 'rr J ° hl lvn» 1 ' lllnl » BCII " IC Sl " ith lini ' *""** 1IorlIC} - Thinl ro ^' lc " *<> ™™, ««s 'Bo* SwJgUt; Hill Tom Williams Ramond Lohninir. v «nrr vn»» - ' Jack Hill, Tom Williams, Raymond Lohninir. John Paso and B»b David (captain) Directing patrol safety work at St. Bridget's school is the nbove-putiired eroii]> tront row left to _ l Tat Casalini (lientennnt), Sanry Walls, Susan Hrndricks and Mary Kjthrjn »e.uer second row left to right: Joan Rolcwitz (captain), Jndith Wagner. Joan Tocco. Cha'rlotte Gill and Madilene Cira' Iklrd row, left to right: Bnehy Grant, Thomas Medland. Tom Fitzgerald and Donald Casalini Fourth Pictured above are members of Ilic Longfellow schoolboy patrol. Front row. left to right, are: Hilly Ciirithcrsf Bob Julian (lieutenant), Ronald Morris. Second row. ieft to right, arc: Lance Freehafer. Stephe* Klein and James Robinson. Third row. left to riglit, are: Karl Howe, Ronald Jones, Lawrence SaniK<» s and Jack Fairman. Fourth row. left to right, are: James Johnson (captain), Dick Lcydct and Bradley Shart*. - T«rk H^l • V Ol if ^H" 1 ?*-. Scll ° 01 illclu ' lcs fllc °«»«iW """"H UndeaHoiileft I. : Jack Heine, Ivelyii Bacr, Virginia Elmore (lieutenant), Xanej Jackson. Vn.dr.i hcott and Jim Green. Second row, Icit to right: Thomas Short. Sh irlcy Culn. Eltabeth Korm-kt. t linda AnnstronS Judy Johnson nn«l Patricia Ann Gibson. Third row, left to right: Ira Eancc (caplaln). "oeTroter, ™& Pasclicn. Ueorge >alfagcr mid Thomas Uildcbrand. ' AI "" er ' •"• Washington's school safety patrol follows: Front row, left to right: >'orman Warner and Richard Chambers. Second row, left to right: Richard Wilde and Harry Smith. Absent from the picture were Larry Hcrishman and James Hipsher. " .. In charge of patrolboy safety at St. Joseph's sc liool are frcnt row, left to riirht: Bernard \ The patrolboy group at St. "Vincent is pictured above: Front row, to right: Bill Marocco, Fred Sabatini and John Geyer (lieutenant). row, left to right: Robert Hope. Thomas Cloutier. Vincent Barrett. Thomas Brenner and Gcoree Bechler Second row, left to richt: Jim Hayes. Tom Keefc, Ed Baumann (cap- Mitt row, left to right: Jack Wolfe (captain), James Gill and Teddy Hasseit (lieutenant). ' tain), Joseph Aronc, Jr. At Tipton school, the abovc-pictnred gronp directs patrolboy activities. Front row. left to rteht. V.«j°r* e ^.™ n Jll ^f't 1 * ni. O t llklJn -i"? B J,V r , PJa ** <^ en *enant). Back row, lef^ to right, are: E. Pr - ^ . . - — --„ __ % — _ _ .^,...... w/ . J^«,«K • vi ii , IVTl L t.\f l.lKlllq tlLVf JC*« *•" Dockendorf, manager 01 the Chicago Motor Club, sponsor of the patrolboy service: Phillip Xolt«s (ca»U!m>. Tom Smith, Jack Samuels, Jerry Stllwell, Fred Flowers and Clor4_B*b«soB, poUce traffic sergeant.

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