Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 17, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1949
Page 7
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CORDUBOY SPORT COATS All Colors — Sixes 36 to 44 $17.50 COfiDTOOY PANTS Sixes 2 to 42 — $2.95 up MBRUSKI Employment Help Wauteu—female LADY DESIRES BABV SITTER— At home. Call 6641 after 4 o'clock. tor Sale Honaes lor Sale MAlfi ST. TtlL. SH07 Open Fri. Tffl 9 SCULLY, Florist Flower* for Every Occasion 4*0 BAU>WXN ST. Waterbary LEO T. SCULLY, Prop. PHONE WAT. 6-7280 PROSPECT 1 NOW VACANT Jl'ST COMPLETELY HEXOVATED— Spick & span. Ready to move into is this S room house. Good heating system, modern kitchen & bath with built in tub ami shower. Situated on a lot lOOxSOO, on good road less than 3 miles Irom center of Naugatuck. Low taxes. N-O-T-E—This home can be used as a 1 family house or 2 family house containing 2 nice 4 room apartments. A dandy buy at $10.900. LESTER E. YOUNG, INC. REALTORS - INSURANCE 20 East Main St. Tel. 5-1157—3H031 or 3 LEWIS CARROLL The Dealer on Ike Square CENTER BQUABR — COKNEB PKOSPECT It irNlOS HTHKETS Barclay Tile Board Chrome Trli* Door Prunei ITIaduw Sent A Framv* Painti Floor Sanders tor Bc*l TELEPHONE MS* BUTKUS \tlantic Service Station Fern and Chestnut Sts. NOW OPEN!• Atlantic Top Grade Oil Second-to-nona S0c-35o For Sale Houses For Sato REAL ESTATE FOR SALE MEAT AX» -VEGETABLE business 100% location. Sacrifice. U-FAJI1LY I10VSK—On So. .Main St. 13 rooms, all conveniences I-FA'-MILY HOUSE-G rooms, 2-car garace. Price is right. Terms See Us First When Buying or Sellim; Heal Estate. JOHN G. GKABOSKI AGENCY i>9 Rubber Avenue Nmigatuck ror Sale Houses for Bate' L*lst Your i<ro|i«rly (or • The A, tt. llurtlno Co. Real Estate Aud Appraisals 20» E. Maul St. Phoii»»i-JJSb Wtby. F. *, BBAZ1CK1 — Real iiatatt, — 17« PROSPECT ST. PHONE) B428 MODEUX 4-IlOOil bwinalow in A-l - L: "'ee level lot, price only Just two- miles Irom Onion City. 5-ruom house, all modern' Improvements, 3% acres ol land, i>oml. BEACON FAlJ,S-Pinesbriflge, vacant, brand-new modern f.-room home, large level lot, priced reasonable. Call A. SHEPL.EY, 2433 or 5144. PATSY LABBIO1.A Beal 1C s tutu Phone Is'ang. 8458 or Wthj 6-8848 FOB 8AI.E-J mmll... 4-5-6-7 roo.-n houses. J7500 and up. JOHN BEALY. Church St Phone b03i. WALTER A. NORWASH. Agy. INSURANCE REAI.TOR 20» Church at Phone 47S4 N-wt FOB SALE—New C room up ta date home, 2 rooms unfinished, all improvements, garage. Good home lor G I. ALSO—8 room 1 family house, 15 years old. Sun parlor ami sleeping porcn. Nice home for a large family. PATSY LABRIOLA Real Estate Phone NauK. 3458 or Wtby. 6-224!) BYBOLLYIj HEAL ESTATE 48 Spring St. Tel. 3-26SJ Waterbury. Conn. Buy or Sen • B. JOSEPH HAI.PEELN, Broker Insurance, Lots. Bern] Estate 2« E. Haln St. Tel. «.igs* Wtbj. FOR SALK—4 acres, hay land, brook, large barn, $6,000. Oxford. MADORNO REALTY FOB. SALE—4 lamlly house on Orchard Terrace, In excellent condition. V"efy good investment. Priced iur Quick sale. F. A. BRAZICKI Real Estate Phone 5425 BARGAIN SKEKEHS ATTENTION— Owner leaving town. Any reasbiialile offer considered. Attractive 6 room home in good neighborhood. Excellent condition. Garage. HW, oil fired heat. 2 extra lots, landscaped, Iruit trees. By appointment. A. R. MART-LNO CO., Waterbury 3-3285 or 3-10CO. James ofioor« —Real Estate- Phone 36 58 Root and Boyd, Inc. • Realtors Insurance l74_Grand St Phone 4-3161 Wtby, -_ . . Wanted to Buy (V ANTED—Gooo 2 lam'.Jy house, 5 or ( rooms on each floor preferred. 7 hav< a cash customer waiting Jor fuel) t listing. HENRY M. MURPHY ".'' ' Real Estate and Appraisals Telephone 3-4032 Watepbury;' 'i Land for Sale FOR SALE—2 building lots oh Hazel Ave. Size 70x140. Call 3740; FOR SALE—f-.nvt.ral buildms lota of New Haven Ra. Reasonable. Clfc water. Phone Harry Schrolt*.. «*8f alter t p. at. For Rent 7u Wanted To Rent —Veteran, wife '& chili] Drastically in'need ol 3, 4 or fi unfurnished rooms. Call 0411 alter 5 p. in. WANTED—Middle-aged working couple desires 4 or 5 unfurnished - rooms. Call 2632. . .. 7b Stores For Sent FOR REXT — Offices lor professional /WTHSAW \\ BUT HE INSISTED. IMBECILE? \ us SAID HE WOULD COM6 WITHOUT MC, «R. Tel. 2C91, Seymour man In Naugatuck. Tel. 3-9S6G," Wtby. COME R1SHT IN, MY BOY. I WAS JUST \ IF YOU OON'T 5AY1NS HOW SlfiPlAtfl YOU'RE HERE. ) MIND, RARSTAIH, WE CAN HAVE A 6AME OF CANASTA.^/ I'P KATHEE LOOK OVER TUP BANANA PUMIATION. I TOMORROW, w BOY. IT WILL Bf MORE PLEASANT IN THE COOL [ OF THE MORNING. GOOP! ' BUT TD 5TILU LIKE TO LOOK AROUND A BIT NOW. V'. • CONFOUND THC WULE-HEADIC? MEDOLSR1 SAKES ALIVE!.' I'M GITTIN' WOBBLV IN TH' KNEES •• MV .HEftRT'S FLIP-FLOPS- 00V UPS IS PUCKERJN' UP--- i I J DONf TMKVK VOU REflirZE HOW ROMA6NETIC VOUR PATCHWORK TIE ReeilY IS. MR. TVLER HfllNT NO excuse!/ TARW ME LOOSE!! PHONE'S A-RIN6IW LOOK HT THE TIE MR.TVtER OH i PLEASE FORSlUe ME FOR KISSIN6 VOL), MR.1VLER-- BUT I OUST COULDN'T HELP (VWSELF DURN VORE HIDE, GAL!! DON'T LET HAPPEN I HfllN'T GOT TIME FER SICH FOOLISHM6NT Z MOPE VOO'VE FORSNEN ME FOR TAINTIN3 LA&T NISHT, MR. CORRISAN — IT WA5 JU6T ONE OP THOSE TRICK* THAT PHOTOGRAPH* OFTEN PLAV — ' OF COURSE, FROSTY! AND BY THE WAY- «AtR." MAS NO PLACE AMONG SOU DO LOOK LIKE A1V DEAP HUSBANP, BUT EYES WERE BROWN,,. AND HAIR \WA$N<T A* PARK A& \OUR$...XOa'RE TALLER TOO! NE-AB-BV,., ESS-HEAO', IT BURNS ME UP WHEN I THINK OP ALL THAT DOUGH AROUNP T.OO A. ow ALBERT LAKE — SHUT UP- flUD TIE ONE OF THOSE Bid MINNOW^ TO /W LIME I ,'. SAV, POP YOUR PLUS UP TO THE ECXSE OF THAT FLOATING , NAME TH& TWO UNBEATEN FOOTS AU. TEAMS IN THE OKAV.'SO ALL. WE I/ STOP DREAMING GOTTA DO IS KNOCK \VOU KNOW W6 WBSrVlUE AND ) DON-TPLAV7HEKV 1 WE'RE STATE /WE ilCOKJE OFF CHAMO.: so we CHALLENJSE 'EM.'. A GAMS. LltCE THAT- COULD LE"AO TO BLOODSHED/' MBMBST2. THE- jr pcAcriCALLV ENDED IM ^—i A laior.'/ FoecSET ir. ANO VJESTVILLE,NATC|J.' -l , HERES A KISS '...WE'RE OU OJR WAV'.! HURRY! VCOVS OMUy MWOUTESTOGET SCHOOL !! , MfTiS VSUTH R3R , JOMlOR'. THEY CU1 GET TO SO400L Ik] IHOEE MW4UTES '_BUT THE RETURM TRIP •\TAKEK THRst HOURS" WATCH THE OAR,GENTLEMEN ANECALU "WAITER", *EE.' NOW IT SERVES •SMORGASBORD! HMM—: A BOX THIS TIME. A6 SOON AS THE" WAITER* DISAPPEARS INTO THE MOUN- lN, IT NWILLBESAFE TO INSPECT TPE BlU-OFFARE/y DO XOU XVE5.BRADFORD MEAN> For Itoonw lu jfant BEST-,,Fulcn(«l»«A - rooms. Centrally located. Phone.«806: 348 High, for KOB BEST-Single roiito «f. UHl . V rwau entrance Jt lavaiory. Central ^location • AU«. S, Clroasman, 410 No' 1 Main St Union Glty, ,'••>-. . -.... ••• ; - - , wlck and Volla . lhe ^ ee 'lns Cftid; 1 IndiiBtry. Doiena ol dlllorent: assoctments to „ select i,° m W 3 . Z ' 9r ' **• 22, 'or »U •J'S.lbV 1, 15 lor SOc,- 12- for 50c, * Speclua boxed assortment '/or .chll- BETTER CARDS^LOWER PRICES V 213 Church fit. Naugutuck Kh - . CAJBD8 Should ,be ordered now.' Sample . -to aelect . up fmprlnted.,w;ith name. Better values— Ix>wer; pMces. Ydur round card chufh Church lib BiulneM AH THtBHTX! ; At Tne . _, IVHI.E 8P-A H»Te» ^0^1 *iio». 48*4 12 Beacon Palls Phone 743« , rl .. 851 No. Main-St. ; ' Tet 3-18»4 Wtbv aowns-i« we r glrli FORD ._ Ckirch Rtren Dependably BTOBE. lltv * Asphalt Dflve^ayB 3' f Veers > 0 p a , 94 Reymond SU Phon J DRESSMAKING abrt Alter»(lo» 9 done Mo a a ie 4 7P |?n n ^ 4 k MrB - LOU ' 8e , A ' OA»Dfl*lWO_ Loan for sale—Also build atone walls I Paul Martin, Seymour. «a«0 WALTER 'OKOSKI Electrical Contractor Industrial _ Cpmmerclal — IV>nieat!c Beacon Fails Pliyne 400«, Na Visit O«r Soda Frt»«aln a AM°T,?m P - •"• B * Cept un »y CAMPUS — Church Street RILBEBT'N ACCTIOS •a Mon- Autpmut|ve Uo tlon. Chrysler Cony. -, « &H. Good condl- L between' 5.4 7 'p. m. AntomotlTe 18 . Larce BeleoUui ol New and Used Auto-Parts;;ajl»0 New and Used Tiros Hyerrti(Kjr'« trued Otori and Part. 6S9 No. HWbraide 8t. T«l. 6*0*92 • Oiwn Buhdjiy- MornhycB 1 ' 1 - ' I - ''""'" " •• .'••- «i' IP i i' >.T". .•^—. Conihictinre T»l( Mlf BulUMn* M»ten«l, Brick. Bind. Concrete Sand; Ixwra PRano J648 or'3364 < Marlanu tenit A. fitone The Wtby, Remdy-Mlkei do'noret*. Co, V4 Benedict St. T«l.: 3-418S Wtb^ BBDICBBTB—-BtrwcUi^- Beauty £!• TriipklAc—-Uoven W-UKKLV TBIP8 to New Tork. New Jerney, and New England. T. W. . .Wtb, a- PLOOB 8AMPLF.S-8 ft Phllcp relrig- efator, Eleclromaster range, -Hotpoint apartmsat site range at reduced prices. Watts Electric Straits Turnpike Tel. 3-4570 Wtby. 50-Inch Pebble weave, last color *ml ;washable. (1.49 per. yd. L,;& C. FABRIC CENTER 48 Grand St. Opp liadley'a SOLID i OAK-Breaklast Be- $43,60. Naugatuck Furniture Co. IS Hbuth Main St. Phone 8711. AIN-f I^O—p.DDteiti and; beaut«y s your., home at a reasonable) price. Cafl Naug. ,6001- -••••• HE8* IHVE8TMENT ]s to paint Jfour proporty. Call ; 4071 lor free estl- niate». -Wi- Vi _, ,_ J. HUGHES intlnf — Paperhinginir 15 South View Ht Phone SS»1 ISTKIUOtt PAIWTIS& AND PAF£RUANaiMO Phone Joseph San Angelo—7170 MARIANO BROS, Painting;, paperhanglng — Exterior A Interior. Full Innur%nce Coverage. Telephone U61 24» Poultry—Egj» UNION CITY POULTRY MARKET CHICKENS—Fresh killed or frozen FHESH EGGS—Fr«e Delivery. : : 75 School St. Tel. 2691-C42T Peed * TtfCI 1R7S T^ A B EB .-MOTOR SAL1E5S. ' 1678 ThomastomAve. Tel, D-016!> Wtby. -i, ^ "*?'• ' »-ld<!A. n d' Fender jRe»»lr " l '°» "»A;l.K^-lt« CadllliMj Hydroma- llc Sedan. Excellent condition throughout. A r«u buy; Complete^ VeiSSK! Packard Waterbury, Inc. "«*an sal A Safe Place ta Buy" ' .-. „ Hubbell'li b*rrtoe Station 195 Rutb«r Ave. . Phorie 4947 All Model a and Sixes EEICKSON MOTOiW 9 Rubbet- Ave. Pbone 4831 - Btudebalter Car« HOTCHJSJSS ST. OAftAGE DODGE Phone 8747 i«?fV BJEE MOTO « T«l. Wtby. time BTOWS ATE. l or WatertOwo ISM 1>allerB. HOMKS , MODBRN complete wH# _ tuba at Ryder. Reasbnat>le'~"pHceii! Time payment plan up : to three years. Bank rates. 'Trailer tul OH. service, parts,- accessories. Obon a. m, to-9 p m. dtttlV. R Co. PosU Roa* MUIo*4, »_„„, , „ mile east 61 Mlllord Center)' Mid *2939. , • : • ' ' • .. " " Autu Piurto" Hartford. Exl^* Autollf. *-Arir«troiig - - - '..Batterf'' • - • ... . ~ . ill No.. Mate flt . Tet' 1^414 Wtby. *OB WKW-UieV, A atoo odd »od hurd-to-« your U. 8.;^ Royal TlriT aislrlbutor! U. 8. • Rubber- Co. employen discount certificates t*r tlrw. honored Here'. .36 Jan>»r«on .Sy, Wtpy. Ptipne 8-lUl. - „ " "•" *•** •* .. *'A UXO • „ Vflr m.. „ v^^t^nrr • . m WatertowiK Avie. i- WOiy. »-«341 Body and Fender Work — -.Complete 1 Auto Painting T- Wh«)»l A" -™ ? . E-ynamlc Wheel Ba' . Joe's Service Ration IT" 1 Brldfte Ri ; ;T > hnne i»70' WANT; , FOB BEST. BB8UI.TS WOOD — Well seasoned hard vood stov» or 11 replace lengths. Great Oak Farm Phone 5049 OfMce & Other Equipment USED SDl'KH MAEKKT*— Cash regis tors. Excellent condition. Very reasonable. Trades accepted. Solomon's Sales &» Service. 37 Cooke St. 4-0743 Merchandise Hotuehold Articles V8ED ~uiFBToBBATORS FOB SALE—fit AND UP A&BBOFIIY- APPLIANCE UNIOS CITY TBt. 14(1 Venetian Blmda <Cu»ton>-Made). Slip Covei-». Made to order. Free Estlrnrito : — Phone ' 68B«. SAFFB.V.N-S .BO8TOS 8TOBE • 4 riKCK— Solid T«i-Bxmx m»plt- room «ult», $184.50. Oak vllle Furniture Co.. 164 Main St.. Oakville. Tel. Wtn '124. ' Waterburyr Branch. -6J5 Baldwin «u TeL « 'S8»*. TJ»« our 'FOB SAX.E — Kitchen &' bedroom. Reasonably priced, 320 scott st .;••..' • . S. PC. 'B1.OKBE. BJB»BOOM SUPTE— Floor sample value I39G at $18$. HAD* — •' ANNEX. 1Q3 Meadow St., Wtby. POll ' SALE — Used rolrlgerator "Frlgldalre". A-l condition, porcelain, & washing machine, "7 Chestnut 81. or phone 6958. . . ' FOB 8AtE-Whlte QoRllty.conil), gaa & oil , BtoVei Good cortdltlon. Cull 6302 after ivSO,?^.;!!!. t : .' - vory bed,. 6hest ol^ drawers,' vafilty' & bench, night table. Very reasonable. Call 2154,;' 234 High St. 2«a Clothing SAIJ5—Metfs sul'ts, size 36 to 38 in good condition, also. Kaveral overcoats. ':Mrs>, S. Qroasman, 410 No Main St., Union C'Uy. Article* Frr Sale S.15W1— See' the lovely materials I have MrB. Ruth 'Pllskln. Phone 5895. ' ' . .. !Who need furniture; 'Electric Refrlger- uluj-a. Combination Hanne.s, Television ! SetH, l^tdlofi, pr anything (or your home YOU' DON'T NRED A PENNY1 ! ' -W.E TRUST YOU ! ! ' . • Start maklnK payinent» -when you : receive . your> thHd'rance rebate. ITour selection. 'delivered Immedl- ' ately or. af a later <late>. It you ane etitne housekeeiiing . i «tiy (ill means see * -.. Albert's G. X;. .Home Outfits . Albet-t s V. B. 'Home Outfits' Albeft's "V. J. Home Outfits : 3 ROOMS B-EAUTIPUL BRAND : NEW FURNITURE COMPLETE WITH EITHER A NEW VS4p "WESTJNOHOURB" OR i "PHILCO" ELTSCTKIC RBFRIGBRAT.OR ONLY *«88 J<<!8 J4S8 $488 $488 Phone Watet-Bury 4-3144 a s k tor Mr Albert lor appomtmen.t If yoli cannot x^K during the day, any evening up- pojntment glajdly rtttfie '40 Years ol Hotiewt Dealings' . A— Lr— B— Si— R— T's ««C-7* So Main St, Waterbury Closed Mon- Opeif Thnrs Bv* Till 9 MUSIC .;.'. jecordm for-children iriefke Wondptj4; jear-rpund glfU ,!. : . 88 Church St. Phone 5287 % * ulf A t 'T EEFRIGBBATION ' NEWS (CONN.). per. 17< l»«9— fjtO Merchandise Article* ror Sale FOB-S*lB--DlnlnE room set. relrig- eratpr »nd -Bt«jVfi. Reasonable. Tel. 4«21 afWr 7 p. .^-_- STEEL, SINKS -—iv-jxl 1 ' **' inch> Be!o ^ Cost ..'TOWER APPtlANCE 28« No; Molrt 8t. . Phone 4-1294 Wtby. 4« VA«—Opens to a bed. Reg. t,o!SLY AHpO FURNITURE CO. •"»* St: Call 4-6292 Wtby. '•v;,»w»——v».... Cedar Chests, blonde mahogany .or majile. ., RICpAIUJO TPURNITURE CO. 487 Ws*t Main St. Tel. 4-6292 SHOtlLDEB PADft-Embroldery, trim- mlnis. Buttons. Largest In state. .Reliable Factory, 37 Scbvlll 8t Wtby. THE llABKESlj SHOP •«, GruM «l. Tel. 4.7»8* Wtby. leather Handbafit H Shuoder Ba«« FAX. I. FURS. — Full acock. Little Business Service 87 ServliWltendere* ASD 1'AltLOH *w, fow d l £• A1 *° el *«t«Ie«l w«rk. ED' TE> x CWrts - IJ.»s Ciaunng s«<fic« OBDElia TAKES tor Slip Cover* Drapery, Spreads, Material unown. Tel. E T ely. Huutick, Ho&ter'i Co.hi.atu,. Storm WMowt iDKitatloi, BoollBf, <mi.— ' BBMCUiB COl RAY MELBOURNE AT*. pointed ^Dd repaired -' "nnn J ypea °' "»aon w:ork. OPOK Phone 6-0267. HOLLAND FURNACE CO. .."°t Air Furnaces. •* Main St TeL 4-1001 W«»v SffEET .CIDEB— Made fresh dally from soundjapples ,at Schildgen'n Cider Mill, New Haven Road. sob HiulotU Reconditioned Pianos, used' only In our BtudioB. Come In and take your j»tefc.tC?00 each; Well known makei , «Uch <IB Huntington, Milton, Gulbran*en, Chandler and Graber. ' MKCOA MUSIC COMFAJCY Bank 8t Tel. S-2I4B Wtby -KN1 .Good Thincs To Eat bushel & up. Mac's, Cort- 0»nds, Delicious, n other varieties. oAlso »pple .older, 75c a gal. \v F. 19111s. Benson ltd., Middebury. Tel. 4-8280, Wtby. ROMA PASTRY ,- B01 MOKTH MAIN ST. FJjiest Italian-American and Erencl Paatry in all New England. Also Spu- raonl, Oelatl and ic cream. Everything made on premises. Special attention given to wedding Parties, o'ji prtcea-.ure the lowest, but our mer chandlse definitely the best We deliver and ship anywhere in the U. s. Tel «»terbury 6-2117. CHWKEN-Roasters Broil- "f 8 .- Fryers. Delivered Naugatuck & .vlcin. Irom larm.Cajl Woodbury 178-2. education , Central ' vlllg Scho ° 1 ' 2l! » West Waterbury. Animals ttogn. Cat* * Pete pupplen Hour months old: Tteasonable CTiii-' smith - Tei - « u Waterbury. ««ks; Ca) .Business Services S.7 BuaineM Serviceg Rendered H.- o •». • Autolfte Service all' Battery & Electric Co J^uUbar Av.e. - ., P ho p e 3113 •*•' Asphalt Driveways omit. Crut stone. We are equipped lor any job. Anywhere. Tel 4-5424. Wrtnr. M0}« r CESSPOOLS-SEPTIC TAXK» Cleaaed, in.^led _ Drali. £?»?„, »~.ADjinmif, Aujvrhere. Proamtfr- SCOTT SAjriTATIOJT SEBVltl K A I, A MA ZOO o , Salee and Service Savings St. Tel 4-C5S8 J - ^.M- ELECTRICAL „ _ Wiring and Repair » Barnum Court. Pho»es3294-BSH 35a MattreMe* *»y good old MATTHEW r«Bie> an Imersprhut P g,.| to HEW fcl " Mattresses Remade 1 Day Set vice— Work Oiiaraat«* * — Stanleys Mattre.J Phone 4-9279 Waterbur Rugs. DraueH and slip Covers KIEVMAN CLEANERS li-g^rgJL- 8 ^^ P«QD» >m — - ^_ 'S BEE VICE and OABAOB 9» Bobber Are. fit. MM — Front End Work -* "SRTiw- PHTLCO BEFBIO EBAT OH $232.50 Cn._*t With Freezer Lnokm $86 POW»' — $tJ5 W eek TO N Y'S Poultry-Market 300 JOHN STREET Tel. 2691 Finest IJve I'oultr>', Freeh Kill«4 and Droued to Your Order. BROILEBS, FBYERS, BAKERS, ETCX In All Blxea. FRESH EGGS at AM. TDfEft FRED'S HI-WAV GRULLK Ml South Brain 8t • R>>rular Dally Dinner Mo m i: OATERINU FOR WEDDRVCO SHOWERS. STAG PARTIES, Etc HanqiMtt Room. Corktall Ix Full Liquor Uonne 84BI ^^ „ \, ,,rono . 15 Churol, g t . Tei. MM Prlda^ Till « SEE THE WEW UNIVEESAL WAfH«B • . ' • •* .. ,.,-,- " Gerald's AppKance •• . •— .N:**' tow ; pi|o«» -^ '-. \tn SPRING ST. tlNTOH C1TT TELEPHONE A codfish lays a million eggs, The helpful hen lays one. • But the codfish does not cackle To inform what she has done. And ife> We sc<Jrn the codfish, while The helpful hen we prize. Which indicates to thoughtful minds It pays to advertise. One Ad in The Naugatuck Daily News Will Cackle Fo>r You Nearly 5,000 Phone 2228 Today

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